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tv   News 9 Tonight  ABC  October 18, 2016 1:07am-1:42am EDT

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tonight what the restaurant chain is saying about it. >> how many people will be losing their jobs? >> one dog dead and another hurt in a hit-and-run in nashua. tonight what you can do to help this family. >> most of us surge into the 70's today with more warmth on the way. a look at when rain could bring us back to reality. >> no one covers new hampshire like we do. now, wmur news 9:00 tonight. >> high school teach ser off the job after police said he tried to get nude photos of one of his students. i'm tom griffith. >> and i'm shelley walcott. he's been charged with criminal solicitation to the manufacturing of imagings of child abuse. that's felony. he's been charged endangering the welfare of a child. >> the superintendent of merrimack school says she's genuinely surprised.
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news. >> merrimack police contacted her columbus day weekend to let her known they were investigating a teacher in the district. and today they arrested 63-year-old robert todd wiley. wile write who has taught in the district for 37 years is accused of meeting and conversing with a 16-year-old girl, one of his students. it was the girl's parent who is notified police. >> they discovered some alarming material on the student's phone that had to do with the defendant, mr. wiley, pictures, texts, and videos were sent to this child. >> much of the material was very disturbing. >> he was masturbating in the videos and he was sending them to the juvenile through the internet. >> investigators also allege wiley asked the girl for naked pictures of herself.
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immediately. >> today the high school principal addressed the staff at the conclusion of the day. we used our school messengerer to alert the -- messenger to alert the parents. the high school principal will address the high school tomorrow. the superintendent calling it a sad end to a teaching career but th priority. >> we will do everything in our power to do everything support. >> wiley will be arraigned december 1st. >> new durham police want your help. a boy was dropped off at the bus stop at the intersection of old bay road and drew road and one of the times a vehicle pull into the boy's driveway. the vehicle's described as being a gray or silver g.m.c.,
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to call new durham police. >> piece of a bertucci's ceiling fell on them. investigators are trying to figure out why exactly this happened? mike has the very latest. mike: it happened during lunchtime at this popular restaurant. and right now the extent of the injuries are unknown. instead of a dinner crowd, tonight workers unless the ceiling of a restaurant where three people were hurt when a decorative picture fell on them. >> first responders rushed to the hospital in amherst street after an eight by 12 foot object fell on two customers and one employee. >> it's a decorative section of the ceiling that is right under the skylight so it kind of
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>> no one was trapped underneath it when ambulances arrive. are it's -- >> it's construct offend aluminum framing with sheetrock over it. >> the victims are two women and men. >> they were transported to local hospitals. not sure in the conditions of those patients right now. >> bertucci's is now closed into the mar fire shall's office figures out how it happened. the immediately and that the staff member was taken to the hospital. in a statement it said safety is our first priority. and we are currently working with local officials to complete the investigation and to determine when we will reopen. >> so it is unclear exactly how
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nashua fire said code enforcement will determine whether the restaurant faces any citations. mike cronin, wmur news 9. tom: we now know how many people will be affected by those layoffs within dartmouth hitchcock. 80 people will be let go. the plan includes reducing open and unfilled position and delaying new hires that are not needed to maintain clinical excellence. the affected employees find new jobs. >> a man accused of burning his own home face the judge. tyler prescott appeared in court facing felony arson charges along with reckless conduct. >> a rhode island man being held on a $100,000 bail accused of stabbing three people in
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simmons was at a home on winter street with several people he did know. they asked him to leave and then escorted him outside. >> at some point he became combative with one of them and started throwing punches. the next thing i know he had a knife and had stabbed one of them and the other two gentlemen who live in the residents came over to assist and got stabbed as well. >> looks like all the victims will be a nashua family asking for help finding the driver who hit and killed one of their dogs and injured the other. now, they set up a go fund me account to raise money for surgery. >> the mccarty's say their dogs are like family. now one is gone and the other needs surgery. the whole thing has left them pretty shaken up. >> she was -- he was my best friend.
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>> alexis mccarty remembering her dog and reliving what her family says was a hit-and-run here in nashua. >> i head deacon on the leash. yeah, on the leash. but then the leash broke off and then he ran into the street. and my dog bella followed. the car saw the dogs. and it didn't stop. >> the family says hitting the dogs and killing o accident was up to the vet she passed away. this is bella. she was the bigger of the two dogs. >> i want my dog home, you know? i was expecting her to survive. i'm waiting. i want to hear her barking, giving her kisses. she was the most friendliest dog. >> her dog deacon did survive but he has to wear this collar and has to be given his food and water by hand.
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>> to reconnect his pelvis area because it's shatter. >> all i want is for the person who has done it to have come forward. i don't hate you for it but you could have at least stopped. >> now the family has set up a go fund me page to help deacon. >> i'll be happy so we can get the money so deacon can get surgery. >> nashua police are still investigating. to find out how you live in the studio, kristen pope, wmur news 9. >> police records are raising more records about the hillary clinton e-mail controversy. the issue was whether there was any quid pro quo between the state and the f.b.i. both deny a classification of an e-mail on her private server. patrick kennedy seeming to be
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relating to the benghazi attack. the state department calls the allegations inaccurate and says kennedy was just trying to understand the f.b.i.'s decision to with hold the information. tom: on to commitment 2016, bill clinton hit the campaign trail in hanover and keene for hillary clinton. clinton started in dartmouth college where he talked about student debt a r and inclusion. clinton told supporter es they need to try to avoid complacency before election day. >> i think you have to put the pedestrian to the medal. >> this could be his last campaign ever, he hinted. >> nbc news have fired today's
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the release of the 2005 video where bush was caught in a lewd conversation with donald trump. bush he was embarrass and ashamed of the reporting. the 44-year-old is heard laughing as trump said his career has allowed him to grope women. he trump accused hillary clinton supporters and democrats of fire bombing a g.o.p. office in north carolina. and trump keeps claiming the election is rigged in the form of widespread voter fraud. the election is rigged. it's ricked like you've never seen before. the investigation of hillary clinton was rigged. it's all rigged. it's all rigged.
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russian president vladimir putin before he is inaugurated. >> tune in on wmur or you can go to website and free mobile app and watch the debate streaming. >> fighting to take back mosul. >> the steps happening right now to push isis out of the iraqi city. tom: and on the road. tonight, we follow republican candidate for the first congressional district incumbeno >> we check to see how much longer these warm temperatures stick around. >> and now to our ulocal hot shot. autumn sunset along the kank. autumn sunset along the kank. you can join the thousands of it's a great view from the top. just ask chris sununu. chris inherited a famous name
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to avoid giving them health insurance. so it's no surprise chris opposes the minimum wage because he never had to work for anything. chris sununu has no business being governor. this advertisement has been paid for by put new hampshire first and has not been authorized by any candidate. when i listen to families across new hampshire, all i hear is that washington is locked into a system where the special interests come before people. where drug company profits come before affordable medicine, and powerful corporations beat out entrepreneurs looking to grow their small businesses. i'm maggie hassan. washington won't change overnight. but sending a new senator who puts your priorities ahead of special interests can make a difference.
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shelley: iraqi forces are working to take mosul from isis. more than 25,000 troopers are slowlydv littered with explosives. they have retaken 84 square miles including nine villages. it's unclear how long it will take the troops to get to mosul. right now an investigation is underway in massachusetts after a pregnant woman and her three children were hit by a car. >> this happened this morning as the victims were in a crosswalk. officials say a car that was stopped at the crosswalk was rear ended and push into the pedestrians. five people take on the the hospital including one of the
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says a 4-year-old boy in a stroller had the worst injuries. >> he has a scape on his head and scrapes throughout his body. >> all of the victims are expected to be ok. at this point no charges have been filed. >> tonight, we continue our on the road se wrees the companies ahead of the election. and we are hitting the road tonight with republican incumbent first congressional representative frank guinta. kristen people wanted to ask. >> frank guinta greeted a few visitors out of state when he made a stop in sawyer's main street breakfast. he's running for re-election. this family is from utah. and had a question about how he would improve the economy? >> my view is to reduce taxes on everybody. be stringent on how we're spending your money.
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so we're out of balance and we're not having economic growth. >> this group wanted to know how he would work across the aisle. guinta talked about his work as a chairman of the bipartisan task force to combat the heroin and opioid crisis. >> i asked anne custer to be my co-chair that doesn't happen that often in washington, d.c. >> the former manchester mayor then moved on to a table towards the back. >> anythingn politics and policy? [laughter] >> i mean, we are in new hampshire four weeks out from an election. >> these two women wanted to know how he would make healthcare affordable. >> there needs be litigation reform. there needs to be a greater opportunity for generics to go the market. there has to be more oversight and accountability when it comes
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republican nominee. >> scares me to death to think he's commander in chief. >> i don't think he has what it takes to do the job. >> he'll be supporting donald trump but is ready to work whoever wins ms >> regardless whether it's donald trump or hillary clinton my commitment is to make sure that new hampshire gets the best representation and that we move the country in a way that's going to help everybody and regardless of who is there. regardless of who is there. >> frank guinta candidate in the kristen carosa, wmur news 9. shelley: tomorrow we'll hit the road with carol shay porter. tom: it's a good week for campaigning weather-wise. >> it's a good week for anything really. getting outside and you never know when you're going to have this weather like this again at this time of year. look at these highs. you ready for this? 79 degrees in concord amazing
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north of the natchez. all those temperatures well above the average. here's your current temperatures, sunk down into the ho 40's but it's not going to fall a whole lot more. 50's and 5060's. a rather mild night. did we set a record today? no, the record is 89. we get to 79 in concord. we get to 77. so no records but certainly that doesn't take away from the that you might not want it to be that warm this time of year. so we will see another warm day on the way because of this. this warm front is pushing in our direction and along this warm front showers have been rolling down. some downpours and even thunder and lightning in this batch of rain right here. however that is fizzling out. it's possible as this rain moves into south western parts of the state in the next hour or two that you could hear a distant
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or a shower or two during the overnight hours. you may be woken up by this, some heavy downpours. a couple of lightning strikes have been picked up in our lightning detection system. so don't be completely surprised if you hear a rumble of thunder during the overovernight hours. then this, this big bump in thee warmer air than what we had today. the interesting part of it is it will depend on how much clouds will burn away. there is all that warm though. sitting waiting in the wings waiting to move on in. a look at those showers and as they pull through, you can see the placement of them is very difficult for the computer models. you get the general idea. they push through.
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morning. as they do so, check out the clouds lirninging and -- lingering. here's 11:00 in the morning, still a lot of clouds in place. south western, southern new hampshire the first to see those clouds peel away. so it may take until mid-day or even afternoon and in areas in central no northern new hampshire before t c really soar. you could see the temperatures jump in the afternoon as high as 80 degrees in some spots. then a cold front comes through tomorrow night. random shower or two. enough warm air for a beautiful day on wednesday. wednesday night into thursday. thursday, here they come. they're rolling on in and some showers approaching an likely moving into the afternoon or
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check that out. as long as the clouds clear away. that's the wild card tomorrow. sunday shine in the afternoon and slowly sliding through the late part of the week. >> so warm. my kid wore shorts to school after all. >> don't let the clouds in the morning fool you. tom: let's go over to jamie and find out what's going on in sports. >> boston bruins on the road trying to ground the winnipeg
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>> jamie: let's start on the ice tonight with the bruins wramming up their first road trip in the year. the bruins needed a victory tonight at winnipeg to make this a winning road trip. it's the bruins at the jets. pick it up. with 1-0 in favor of winnipeg. but 19 second after they had scored dominic moore tied it up. merrimack's tim shawler picks up
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final minute, and david pass tar knack picks up an unassisted goal. already his fourth of the season. so it was 2-1 boston after two periods. brandon carlo with a drive that goes off the cross bar and in. his first career goal. zeno chara ends an empty netter assisted by tuukka rask. home opener on thursday against the devils. nba preseason late first half, isaiah thomas with a three-pointer. he was on fire. 19 points in just 15 minutes of action in this one. all of them in the first half. they were up at the break. lin goes by the celts defense. cut the lead to five points. the first round draft picks have been getting a lot of playing time. jaylen brown scores in 20
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celtics win 120-99. they're 5-1 this preseason. they host the knicks in the last exhibition game. alcs game three. the indians with a couple of home runs. mike napoli, jason kipnis. they lead the blue jays 4-2. what's amazing is they lost their starting pitcher in the first inning. jason kipnis with a cut finger. yet they still lead 4-2. they will lead the series three games to none. the indians looking to win their sixth playoff game. they could go up on the blue jays with three more outs. >> patriots are seven and a half point favorites over the steelers in pittsburgh. it might have been a much closer line if not for the injury to ben roethlisberger.
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knee. he hyper extend his knee in yesterday's 30-15 loss to the miami dolphins. the steelers said he will be out for weeks not months. they will have their hands full next game. >> we have guys that want to make plays every down. there's only one ball. so everybody has a job to do. whatever know, everybody's unselfish and we've got a lot of good football players. >> talk about a struggling football team. you're looking at them in white here. the san francisco 49ers. they lost five straight games. 45-16 in buffalo yesterday. lesean mccoy scored three touchdowns. the 49ers 1-5 this year. coach kelly's team really off to a rough start. >> they were still some
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to swarm and get around him, get a lot of guys to the ball. and you have to wrap up when you get there. we didn't do a good job r. coach kelly in his first year with san francisco, he'll need to turn it around here in a hurry. >> we do wish him the best. >> thanks, jamie. >> still to come on news 9 tonight. >> the special showing of support, one new hampshire football team did for a cheer
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tom: well, one youth football team is supporting a cheer coach. shelley: the football players walked down on the field players and the coaches each gave flynn a pink rose and a hug. so nice see the show of support, wonderful. tom: thank you for joining us for news 9 tonight at 11:00. >> "jimmy kimmel live!" is next followed by "nightline."
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