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tv   ABC World News With David Muir  ABC  October 19, 2016 6:30pm-7:00pm EDT

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tonight, breaking news. what we've just learned about donald trump's strategy for tonight's debate. he also plans to bring president obama's half brother from kenya. and the clinton camp tonight. what they made sure would not happen right before the debate starts. also tonight here, the massive gas explosion. we have the pict. witnesses smelled gas right before. tonight, many injured. the school shooting. suspects opening fire on students leaving class. and now, the urgent manhunt at this hour. on the front lines tonight. our team right there, the oil burning in the fields of iraq. the assault on isis. the american troops helping. and the attack elsewhere tonight, outside a u.s. embassy. this truck barrelling right into a crowd. and just in tonight, the verdict in the rape case against
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good evening. and it's great to have you with us here on a wednesday night. and the countdown is on. just a short time from now, donald trump, hillary clinton, and their third and final debate. and even before their final clash on that stage tonight, their campaign planes both right there in nevada. and let's go right to the debate hall at this hour. we have learned tonight of donald trump's plan, going into this evening. and the clinton team,sk change at least one tradition, something will be different tonight. abc's tom llamas, leading us off. >> reporter: tonight, tension so high, this tradition has been canceled. the candidates' families will no longer greet each other before the debate. at the clinton campaign's request, they won't even cross paths. this, after donald trump lured reporters into a room hours before the last debate to find him surrounded by women accusing bill clinton of sexual
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>> these are four very courageous women, and they have asked to be here. >> reporter: trump's team wanted to seat the women in the family box, so they'd come face to face with bill clinton on that greeting line. the clinton campaign trying to avoid anything like that tonight. but other trump stunts already underway. trump inviting president obama's half brother, malik obama. malik, who has a contentious relationship with his brother, is supporting trump. tonight, trump will face tough questions on his claims the election could be stolen from him. >> but they even want to try and rig the election at the polling booths. >> reporter: today, his own campaign manager contradicting him. >> do you believe there will be widespread voter fraud? >> no, i do not believe that. >> reporter: trump's daughter, ivanka, also weighing in. >> if he'll either win or he won't win, and i believe he'll accept the outcome either way. >> reporter: and trump will also have to answer to accusations that he sexually harassed and
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first time on camera, ivanka, reacting to that video, her father on a bus, bragging about groping women. >> i did find it to be offensive. he acknowledged it, as well. this tape was a decade old. he was very embarrassed by it, and he expressed that, not only to me personally, but to the american people. >> reporter: but tonight, trump is promising a brawl, including pointed attacks on clinton's health. and focusing on embarrassing material campaign from hacked e-mails. >> wikileaks. i love wikileaks. >> reporter: but now, a trap republican saying trump is playing dangerous games since clinton campaign e-mails were allegedly obtained by russian hackers. >> what i would say to our republican colleagues, some of who may be disappointed by the position i've taken, today, it's them. tomorrow, it could be us. >> reporter: trump telling me the man on that stage tonight will be a fighter. which donald trump are we going to see? we saw a much more aggressive, kind of, you were in your own element at that second debate
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>> look, there's a lot to be aggressive about. she's done a terrible job. >> a preview there from trump himself. tom llamas with us live. donald trump pays very close attention to the polls himself. you talked to him. does he acknowledge the math tonight, and the turnaround his campaign needs? >> reporter: david, as you know, donald trump's had a long love affair with the polls, but that is no more. he now says he's not believing the polls. his campaign knows they are down in several states, and how important tonight is, and david, we've just learned of two more special guests by the in the audience behind me tonight, sarah palin, the former alaska governor, and yet another bill clinton accuser. david? >> tom llamas tonight in that debate hall. tom, we'll see you in primetime. in the meantime, to hillary clinton, and new reporting here tonight. what we're learning about her strategy. she plans to take it to donald trump on two major issues, repeatedly brought up by trump. his claim of a rigged election, and what trump has said about the women who have now come forward against him.
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clinton's team says she will go there, hitting donald trump on allegations of sexual misconduct and his claim the election is rigged. clinton's chief goal tonight? staying out of the way of her own momentum. for five days, the democratic nominee largely out of sight, prepping behind closed doors with her team, knowing how much past debates have helped her in the polls. >> i think donald just criticized me for preparing for this debate. and yes, i did. and you know what else i prepared for? i prepared to be president. and i think that's a good thing. >> reporter: clinton's mission? stay calm and steady, as she did in the last debate, when trump invited her husband's accusers. "snl" marking that moment. >> four of those women are here tonight. four of them. >> no, i'll never be able to remember my facts and figures now. oh, donald, no. get real. i'm made of steel.
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>> reporter: the tension then so high, she and trump barely looked at each other. the big question this time, will they actually shake hands when they come on this stage? with or without a handshake, tonight, clinton sure to face tough questions on wikileaks and her e-mails, an issue that's dogged her this entire campaign, and she'll be challenged to present herself as a unifier. a preview perhaps? her new ad with lines lifted straight from her last debate place. that is the america that i know and love. >> and cecilia vega with us live, as well, tonight. and cecilia, we heard at the top, president obama's half brother could be there tonight. sarah palin planning on being there. both for trump. the clinton team bringing their own guests? >> reporter: they sure are, david. mark cuban, reality tv star, of course, donald trump's billionaire nemesis. he was in the front row at the
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also tonight, meg whitman, hewlett-packard ceo. she is a prominent republican supporter of hillary clinton, david, clinton's team really trying to get under trump's skin with these invitations. >> cecilia vega live in nevada for us, as well. and a list of new national polls showing hillary clinton increasing her lead after the first two debates. and unless donald trump blocks her tonight, could clinton now be within striking distance in states that have not gone republican for years? let's get right to jon karl. he's in the spin room tonight, with the states we're talking abt. jon? >> reporter: david, for donald trump tonight, the stakes couldn't be any higher. if he doesn't turn things around, he is on the verge of not just losing, but losing big. first, hillary clinton is leading in virtually all of the battleground states, solidifying her lead in states like virginia, pennsylvania and florida. and take a look at this. she's even gaining ground in such republican strongholds as arizona, georgia and texas. those are states that haven't
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states, we could see a landslide on november 8th. david? >> donald trump setting out to change that tonight. jon karl, thank you. keep it right here on abc for tonight's debate just a short time from now. i'll be joining george and our powerhouse political team, 9:00 p.m. eastern here. the final showdown between clinton and trump. in the meantime, we the turn the other news tonight, and a massive gas exmraegs. neighbors and witnesses smelled gas, and then this. explosions. you could see the people in the neighborhood then running for cover, and tonight, many injured. abc's neal karlinsky on the scene in portland, oregon. >> mayday, mayday. >> reporter: seconds after the first explosion, firefighters could be heard calling for help, some of them clearly wounded. >> mayday, mayday, mayday. >> reporter: in the heart of downtown portland, amidst the chaos, another in a series of blasts, this time caught on
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russel tunes shot that video. >> i saw the entire face of the building fly across 23rd avenue and hit the building across the street. >> we have one firefighter down across the street. >> reporter: the scale of the destruction, massive. tonight, eight are wounded, including three firefighters. the buildings had been evacuated just minutes before because of a strong gas odor. witnesses described three separate blasts. officials now reporting that a contract m line at a nearby construction site. >> you could almost feel the noise, how strong it was. >> reporter: it comes just two weeks after a gas explosion leveled two homes in patterson, new jersey, residents smelling the gas there, too, and evacuating before the blast. tonight in portland, people who saw and felt the triple blast and made it out unhurt are just thankful no one was killed. looking at the scope of the damage, it is remarkable that everyone made it out.
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who were injured actually suffered broken legs in the blast. the cleanup and the investigation are just getting started, david. >> neal karlinsky in oregon for us. we turn now to the urgent manhunt at this hour, after a school shooting. a suspect opening fire on students as they left high school. abc's adrienne bank ert is in san francisco. >> reporter: tonight, police in san francisco say they are close to making an arrest after a brazen shooting outside a high school that wounded four students. >> this is not just a random didn't come here just to randomly shoot at any of the students that are here. >> we are getting more calls from inside. five gunshots heard. >> reporter: gunshots erupting just as school let out yesterday. >> i saw people running through the hallways, i thought it was a joke. >> reporter: panicked students running back inside, the school on lockdown. >> when officers responded immediately, they thought this was an active shooter because they saw the victims inside the school. >> reporter: police believe gang members targeted the 15-year-old student who was most seriously injured.
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>> i think most of us were shocked to see this happen. >> i went home last night and i hugged and kissed my kids so tightly. i have a heavy responsibility to create safety. >> reporter: david, three of those students have been released from the hospital. and that 15-year-old girl shot in the chest is expected to survive. david? >> adrienne bank ert in california. overseas tonight in afghanistan, a deadly attack inside a coalition base in kabul. two americans, a u.s. service member and a civilian were killed, and three other americans inj authorities tonight are calling an insider attack. the attacker reportedly wearing an afghan military uniform. troops returned fire. the attacker was killed. and to our team on the front lines in iraq tonight. at this hour, americans helping the iraqis in their offensive to take out isis. and our team witnessing the oil fields on fire. abc's alex marquardt in one town just taken back from isis. >> reporter: driving towards
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scene. you can see the sky right there has turned completely black, because all across this battlefield, like right there, isis has been setting fire to oil wells for cover. this dusty road leading to a town taken back from isis just two days ago. we just heard a loud boom that felt like it was coming from under the car. it was a more or the that landed nearby. three miles from the front line, a small group of families fleeing the fighting. some with white flags. and in tanother town, the crowd gathered around the bodies of two local isis militants. >> you can see the people from the town gathered around, celebrating. many taking selfies and flashing peace signs. among them, this 16-year-old, who tells us that for two years, isis could woman to his house to arrest and execute him. he would hide in his bedroom. he and his friends not free of isis, but many other villages and mosul itself, for now,
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david, iraqi commanders tell us they are trying to consolidate and even out the front line as they advance towards the city limits of mosul. it's only then that the fiercest fights will begin. david? >> alex, thank you. we are also following a disturbing image outside a u.s. embassy in the philippines tonight. a police van, right here, plowing wildly back and forth through this crowd of protesters. several people were hospitalized. the driver telling reporters that he was trying to get away from t attacking his vehicle. those protesters wanting u.s. troops to go home. and in prague tonight, a russian man suspected of cyber attacks in the united states is now under arrest at this hour. local police cooperating with the fbi in a raid of a hotel restaurant in downtown prague. sources telling abc news he is wanted in connection of a massive breach of user information on linkedin. back here at home tonight,
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government today to help american families know the fees they're paying up front when they book a ticket. tonight, the changes, and the simple tips for you. when to book your flight to get the cheapest fare, especially with the holidays coming. abc's rebecca jarvis, taking your money tonight. >> reporter: if you've ever waited and waited -- >> this is ridiculous. >> reporter: -- to reunite with your luggage after a flight, your time might be worth some money. president obama nudgg if luggage is, quote, "substantially delayed." no word yet on why flyers will see refunds, but there are ways to save time and money as you book those holiday flights. >> you've got all these apps and tools and resources you can use. >> reporter: for example, google flights and the hopper app, which claims it can tell you with 95% accuracy exactly when to book your flight. it says it can save the typical
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>> it will send you notifications when the flights go up in price or down in price and tell you when the prime time to book them is. >> reporter: plus, there's freebird, a kind of insurance for your trip. for about $19, it will automatically rebook you, even if you miss your flight due to delays. and david, one more tip for you, remember to look at two one-way fares, not just round trip. it used to be that round trip was the cheapest, that is not necessarily the case anymore. >> all right, we're going to rebecca. there is much more ahead on "world news tonight" this wednesday. the plane crash. rescuers on the scene tonight. the plane just missing several homes. and this is news this evening about the people onboard. also, the verdict just in in the rape case against nba star derrick rose. we'll have late developments. and you have to see america strong tonight. the police officer answering the call, this mom and father carrying their toddler, he'd stopped breathing. the grief-stricken parents, and
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ask your doctor about viagra single packs. next tonight here, to growing outrage over a man arrested for walking in the street. the sidewalk was under construction. a black man confronted by a white officer, and then arrested. now, the national outrage. and here's abc's alex perez. >> it's a crying shame. he's the lieutenant of your >> reporter: packed into a city council meet, unleashing their frustration. >> if this is the protocol, then the protocol is racist. >> reporter: they're angry about that video, showing t. olson attempting to stop larnei thomas from walking on the shoulder of the road. >> you can't just put your hands on me like that!
6:49 pm
thomas was not moving. >> reporter: at the meeting, the mayor says he plans to apologize to thomas in person. >> it's one thing to sit up here. it's another thing to tell him face to face. >> reporter: but officials say the officer followed protocol, and will not be disciplined. and, david, in the wake of all this, officials say they are taking a closer look at what changes can be made to that police protocol. david? >> alex, thank you. when we come back here tonight, the verdict is in an nba star accused of rape. and then, the consumer alert. the major cell phone company accused of misleading customers. were you not getting the unlimited data and speed plans that you were actually paying for? for? we'll be right back. the things tlove to do most on these balloons. travel with my daughter. roller derby. ? now give up half of 'em. do i have to? this is a tough financial choice we could face when we retire.
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of bph, like needing to go frequently, day or night. tell your doctor about all your medical conditions and medicines, and ask if your heart is healthy enough for sex. do not take cialis if you take nitrates for chest pain, or adempas for pulmonary hypertension, as it may cause an unsafe drop in blood pressure. do not drink alcohol in excess. side effects may include headache, upset stomach, delayed backache or muscle ache. to avoid long-term injury, get medical help right away for an erection lasting more than four hours. if you have any sudden decrease or loss in hearing or vision, or any symptoms of an allergic reaction, cal help right away. ask your doctor about cialis for daily use. many men aren't aware their health insurance may cover cialis. contact your health plan for the latest information. to the index. the verdict in the rape case against nba star derrick rose. a jury in los angeles civil court finding him not liability. rose and two friends were sued by a woman for more than $21 million for allegedly attacking
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she claims they drugged her at his home. the small plane crashing into a neighborhood in new jersey. two people onboard rescued when the plane came down this afternoon. just missing several homes. the plane crashed into a backyard, landing upside down and in two pieces. the pilot and passenger were rushed to the hospital. no one on the ground was hurt. the cause of the crash is under investigation tonight. and a consumer victory this evening. t-mobile will pay a $48 million fine for failing to tell customers their plans weren't exactly unlimited. the fcc found the wireless carrier slowed the speed of service for the heaviest users, but did not tell them what triggered the slowdown. t-mobile ads now make it clear when slower speeds kick in. when we come back here tonight, america strong. the young parents, the phone call to 911, and the officer who was first on the scene. was first on the scene. it really moved us. ctor about y.
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oints on all prescriptions, it's easy to save big at walgreens. ? just stop by walgreens. ? then sit back and enjoy the savings. walgreens. at the corner of happy and healthy. when i was diagnosed with pneumococcal pneumonia, it was huge for everybody. she just started to decline rapidly. my symptoms were devastating. the doctor said, "pam! if you'd waited two more days, you would've died." pneumococcal pneumonia almost took me from them. if i had known that a vaccine could have helped prevent this, i would have asked my doctor about it. finally tonight here,
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boy stops breathing. they call 911, and you're about to see the anguish and the calm work of the officer who was the first to arrive. a police officer rushing to the scene in grandbury, texas. a young mother and father have just called 911. >> county 911, what's the address of your emergency? >> yes, yes, ma'am. my son is -- we're at kfc. my son's not breathing. >> okay. is he not breathing at all? >> he's not responding. >> reporter: officer chase first there. and when he pulls in, you see a worker there in red, the parents to the right, holding their 3-year-old who had stopped breathing. his mother carries him over. you see the officer hold the boy, and then place him on the ground, giving him cpr. the parents pacing, grief-stricken. the officer then shows braden's father how to do the compressions, how to keep the cpr going while the officer gets
6:58 pm
car. this would continue for several agonizing minutes. last night, there was braden, standing next to the officer who was first on the scene and who saved his life. his parents, grateful. a hero who answered that call. thank you for watching, i'm david muir. our coverage of the final presidential debate begins at 9:00 eastern.
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months of degrading women and vulgar insults, and kelly ayotte supported donald trump through all of it, even calling him a role model. political calculation just to re-elect herself. so, what else has kelly ayotte done to get re-elected? she's voted with the koch brothers 90% of the time, and corporate special interests like the kochs spend millions to re-elect ayotte. kelly ayotte. doing what's right for herself is just wrong for new hampshire. i'm maggie hassan,
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sean: isean: tonight on chronicle, the havana sessions. >> we get the big band in there, and they start to play. nine minutes of music. it was incredible. they were sweet, passionate, talented. sean: how a record producer is bringing the music of cuba to the post-embargo world. >> i have always been attracted to go where it was invented, and to access the cultural heritage and spirit. >> i painted and it will be 90 something degrees. at night, the do and frost sets


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