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tv   News 9 Noon  ABC  November 10, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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adam: now at noon, the first meeting of the minds. president obama welcomes president-elect donald trump at the white house. kevin: pleasant day with the next cold front approaching. what that means with the weekend concern, ahead. adam: fighting the drug crisis. new numbers and new resources in opioids. ahead of veterans day, one school gathers to honor the fallen in a special way. where this idea came from. no one covers new hampshire like we do. now, wmur news 9 at noon. [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] adam: welcome to news 9 at noon. breaking news right now, president obama is meeting with president-elect donald trump at inside the white house. good afternoon. i'm adam sexton. this meeting at the white house comes on the heels of nationwide
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violent. from los angeles to boston thousands gathered in the streets to protest the election results. abc's elizabeth hur is live in washington at the white house with the very latest. elizabeth: good afternoon to you, and yes, president-elect donald trump is in town for 2 big meetings, one with house speaker paul ryan later this afternoon, but first with president obama. this morning, donald trump left new york in style with a , ceremonial water cannon sa, president-elect. trump, at the white house, for a meeting with president obama, both saying they want a peaceful transition after a bitter election campaign. president-elect trump he's been : perhaps the worst president of the united states. president obama: donald trump is temperamentally unfit to be commander in chief. elizabeth: trump takes over the white house in january with solid republican control of capitol hill, and at the center of trump's agenda, undoing much
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with repealing obamacare. then there's his big promise on border security. >> build the wall. build the wall. elizabeth: today on cnn rudy giuliani says trump will deliver, even if it means going around congress. >> well, he can do it by executive order by just reprogramming money within the immigration service. elizabeth: trump also eager to fill that seat on the supreme court, replacing obama's long-stalled nominee, merrick garland, with a conservative justice. >> there are 4,000 political appointees that have to be named. 1,000 of those have to get senate confirmation. there's an enormous amount of work to be done. elizabeth: a lot of work ahead, and a new jersey governor chris christie is now in charge of trump's transit vision team -- transition team, and there is
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gingrich secretary of state. elizabeth hur, abc news, washington. adam: right now alive bank look at manchester this noon. the sun is shining but some cold air is making its way into the granite state. let's send it right over to meteorologist kevin skarupa for a check of the weekend forecast. kevin: pleasant afternoon with a fairly light breeze and a good deal of sunshine. temperatures in the 20's to low 30's. ahead of the next front of arrives overnight tonight, first in the north country with a few showers, and then a northwesterly breeze tomorrow, and then gusts at 10-20 miles an hour. colder air as we start the weekend. we edge up by a couple more this afternoon, with a fairly light breeze. from there, the next front approaches tomorrow morning. details on the forecast in a few minutes.
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asking for your help tracking down a hit and run driver. around 7:00 last night officers , say a car hit a 26-year-old man walking along betts road. the driver took off, leaving the victim on the ground. he was taken to the hospital with non-life threatening injuries. police are now looking for a dark colored sedan with possible front-end damage. one of 2 joggers hit by a car in bedford tuesday morning is still in very critical condition. the second victim is said to be improving and has been moved out of intensive care. police say they were hit by a 16-year-old driver. they are now looking into whether frost on the windshield may have been a factor. an update now to a story we first told you about last month. a belmont police officer who fired his gun while attempting to arrest a man is now on paid administrative leave. on october 28, the belknap county attorney's office says the officer was trying to arrest hayden moon on a warrant for failing to appear in court. as moon was escaping, he allegedly dragged the officer
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the officer fired his weapon but authorities say moon was not hit. this morning moon is still on the run. he's wanted on charges of felony reckless conduct and resisting arrest. new at noon, state police say they uncovered a meth lab during another investigation at a derry car dealership. police searched auto alley in derry yesterday morning. state troopers say they discovered the business has been improperly transferring state safety inspection stickers among vehicles that they owned or sold. while they were there, troopers say they discovered chemicals commonly used to cook meth. over on the seacoast state police say they found more than 7 pounds of marijuana after stopping a car for speeding on interstate 95. 27-year-old nicholas leone of worcester, massachusetts, was arrested after troopers noticed a strong odor of marijuana coming from car. troopers say the drugs are worth about $21,000.
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more than people have died from 300 drug overdoses in new hampshire this year. and the state medical examiner's office says more than two thirds of those cases involve fentanyl. nearly 100 cases are still pending toxicology results. officials estimate the number of overdose deaths this year could end up near 500. catholic charities new hampshire is providing new resources to help families dealing with the drug crisis. the group is sending a team of addiction counselors across the state. the first presentations will be in epping, rochester, and manchester with plans for more , in the upper valley and north country. in advance of veteran's day, bishop brady high school in concord has revealed a lasting tribute to alumni who have served in the military. wmur's ray brewer was there for the special tribute. ray: on this, the day before veteran's day, at bishop brady
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the constitution of the united states against all enemies foreign and domestic. ray: a group of st. john's and bishop brady alum who took that military oath of office gathered today for a special ceremony. part of the veteran's day ceremony at the high school. this particular day event had its genesis three years ago at the 50th anniversary celebration for the high school. we had many displays one of the displays was a tribute to the military alum and once we had that display we saw the interest develop. ray: as veterans gathered to hear from one of their own, a slide show of those who served played in the background, bringing back memories for sullivan tormey. >> my father, my uncles who graduated from st. johns and many members of my class in particular that served in vietnam. they're not forgotten. ray: william luti, who retired a navy captain, spoke about the foundation of the country built on ideas.
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the people in a very special set of documents. the right to life, liberty, to the pursuit of happiness. ray: ideas defended by those in the room, including luti's father, who served in the navy during world war ii and says the navy changed his life. >> it taught me a lot about personal responsibility. it taught me a lot about talking ray: then came the unveiling of a wall dedicated to those special alumni who have served, some of whom paid with their lives. and a chance for those present to look for their own names, which will be there as long as the school remains. part of the mission statement for the school is to engage in service to others. the alumni here hope that this wall will serve as a daily reminder of that to the students.
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news 9. adam: police ambushed. an officer is fatally gunned down in pennsylvania. and hospital concerns. and why maine medical center has temporarly halted optional surgical procedures. kevin: colder air coming in, and you notice more warfare back to the west. adam: and coming up in today's "positive parenting," what you can do to keep your kids stress-free. avid goodwill shoppers spend years
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adam: now to a developing story out of pennsylvania, where police say 2 officers were ambushed when responding to a domestic situation in canonsburg. one of those officers has died. now we know that the suspected shooter has also died. officials say the officers were met with gunfire when they arrived on the scene around 3:30 this morning. to a pittsburgh hospital. his condition is not known. the man accused of setting off bombs in new york and new jersey now faces federal terrorism charges. ahmed rahimi faced a judge in manhattan today. he is accused of planting two pressure cooker bombs in new york city in september, one which exploded, injuring 30 people. he's also suspected of detonating a pipe bomb in new jersey. rahimi has already pleaded not guilty to charges he tried to kill police officers as they
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all surgeries at maine medical center in portland are on hold because a patient may have a rare but deadly disease. the cdc is investigating a possible case of prion disease, which usually involves consumption of or exposure to brain tissue like from a cow. maine med says all surgical procedures have been halted out of an abundance of caution, while they sanitize equipment and surgical areas. they hope to resume tomorrow. people in maine are still waiting to find out whether marijuana will become legal in their state. voters cast ballots on a referendum to potentially legalize recreational marijuana. results so far show votes for the proposal holding an edge of less than 1%. but officials say there will likely be a recount. people in massachusetts, california, and nevada have already voted to approve recreational use of the drug.
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be sunny tomorrow. kevin: it certainly looks that way. we are setting up pattern where we have a little blast of cold air. adam: looking forward to that forecast. and coming up in today's "positive parenting," we're talking about the ways you can
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>> now, meteorologist kevin skarupa with your storm watch 9 forecast. kevin: one of the days of falls went on the averages. today the temperatures are starting off in the upper 20's to near 30, near the normal low for this time of year. highs this afternoon in the low 50's, close to the averages as afternoon, those may thicken up, while central and southern areas back-and-forth between high clouds and sunshine. nothing that will be giving off any sort of precipitation this afternoon. brighter skies in southern areas up north. clouds of well ahead of the next front moving to ontario.
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northwest, not certainly will lead to a cool punch of air. 40's to near 50 degrees. another couple of degrees in most locations when we have sunshine. not as much of a breeze. maybe the occasional gust higher than that. this holds for the time being. next week. the flow will be coming out of canada and there was a batch of colder air through central parts of ontario. nothing will produce any sort of precipitation. share skies in the evening.
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out of canada into the north country. this is a long upfront and as it continued to slide south it should be passed southern new hampshire by the time we get in late morning. we will start to see the wind picked up out of the northwest. it may have couple of snow showers as you get up in elevation in parts of the north country later in the day. skies will clear and the brees will remain. looks like saturday is going to be a fairly chilly noticeable wind, not as gusty as we will have tomorrow. with that will be almost full sunshine, but high temperatures will probably only be in the upper degrees of the 30's to the mid-40's at the mildest in southern new hampshire. after another chilly start on sunday with a wider with come we get brees out of the west and southwest on sunday afternoon pushing temperatures back into the low half of the 50's. this disturbance is leading south. it is a brief shot of arctic
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for the first half of next week. dip downward to start the weekend. the main theme is not a lot of precipitation. we can still use quite a bit of rainfall. not much on the docket over the next seven days. adam: thom linehan is here from unh cooperative extension. today we will b how parents can help kids deal with stress. i'm sleeping we finished an election season and people are stressed out. we hope that childhood is a relatively happy time but what are some of the big emotions that kids are dealing with? thom: stress is a predictable part of life and it was everything from predictable transitions, changing classrooms, to life events all
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adam: what are some of the indicators if we are not seeing it necessarily? thom: i think one thing to keep in mind is that kids of different ages are stressed out in different ways. young kids may look like they have tummy aches. they are not able to do anymore. also, they get irritable and aggressive. they may have a tummy ache but they also may get irritable, aggressive. one thing is the change in behavior. adolescents can show you anything from being angry, letting you know, not sleeping to not meeting.
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parents can do to help? thom: help kids recognize that they are stressed out and let them know the language that goes with it. a big thing that parents can do for their kids is help them see the difference between feeling and doing. young kids often struggle with that. they show you they are angry with behavior. between feeling and doing. adam: giving a word to it, especially for younger child, able to realize what is going on. what kind of coping strategies specifically can a parent teach? thom: the parent can give any information in an age-appropriate way. that is really important. reassuring to the best they can that the child will be safe and
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it is important to help to regulate and have the emotions and to find strategies when things get tough. adam: hopefully it all works out. thanks much for the advice.
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adam: he's been our national bird since 1782, but some folks in portsmouth gave the ball legal a facelift for a great cause. tonight dozens of brightly painted bald eagles are be the seacoast chapter of veterans count is auctioning off these brightly colored bald eagles statues painted by local artists, with proceeds providing funds and services to new hampshire military families >> veterans, when they get out, there is a difficult transition. so they actually -- they are not handing out money but they are hoping to provide services for these individuals that need
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for auction, tune in to "new hampshire chronicle" tonight. starting tonight at 5:00, one college taking a new approach to the opioid crisis. it is a convenient twist on thanksgiving dishes. how to get martha stewart's recipes delivered to your door.
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now on "celebrity page tv" beyonce, kelly rowland and michelle williams have a destiny child's reunion without moving a muscle. ?? ?? >> the mannequin challenge video that might top them all. >> then, hillary duff talks life with by friend, jason walsh. is the actress thinking of getting married again? plus, zac efron shows off his ?? ?? the actor gets carried away wishing his mike and dave wedding co-star adam devine a happy birthday. ? the best ? big stars, big hollywood. "celebrity page tv" starts now. >> coming to you from celebrity page studio with entertainment


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