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tv   World News Now  ABC  November 16, 2016 3:00am-4:30am EST

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thinking, my best ideas is about how you move a country forward. >> violence broke out in at ps as thousands rallies against president obama's visit. riot police used gas and gun grenades to disperse the crowds. the president's visit comes days before greek annual anti-american demonstration. george w. bush defends nafta that trump vowed to renegotiate or get rid of all together. in his first public comments since the election, bush didn't mention trump by name, but referred to the anger that led to his victory. >> look, i understand anger. some people might have been angry when i was president, but anger shouldn't drive policy.
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from criticizing trump saying it's not helpful. >> we're learning more about the deadly shooting in oklahoma city's main airport. police say the killer ambushed michael winchester, a southwest airline employee and father of the kansas city chiefs' football player, james winchester, however, they don't know the motive. the killing set off a panic at the facility. here's more now from lauren lyster. >> reporter: oklahoma city airport, a sus penaltied gunman confirmed dead after a man tuesday. >> they just ground stopped the airport. >> reporter: just before 1:00 p.m. tuesday, shots were fired in the parking lot. >> a suspect was located. deceased. an apparent gunshot wound to the head. >> reporter: the shooter fatally wounding a southwest airlines employee, 52-year-old michael winchester. >> we're just getting told to halt operations. >> reporter: officials shutting down the airport, travelers
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evacuated, some unaware of the emergency going on. >> didn't see a thing, just kept walking. nobody acted like there was commotion. >> reporter: after the shooting, officers going car to car searching for the suspect. >> obviously, when you have a potential suspect inside a building as big as the airport and several levels of parking area to search, it's just going to be time consuming. >> reporter: all airlines at will rogers airport confirming they'll waive change fee for travelers rebooking. kendis, diane? figure out why a 16-year-old student stabbed five classmates and himself at school. they said the teenager was a straight-a student with no prior discipline problems and had not been bullied. investigators said the stabbings had nothing to do with race, religion, or ethnicity. the victims are expected to survive. a fatal boat crash was caused by mechanical failure and poor maintenance.
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crashed into a bus. all of this happening last year, and now the safety board made ten recommendations including the use of seat belts when the vehicle is on the road. dramatic helmet cam video from philadelphia showing moments leading up to a crash involving a dirt bike and police cruiser. officers tried to stop several bikers from illegally riding around city streets, and an 18-year-old dirt biker badly injured with two broken legs, a fractured skull, and had a co >> yes. >> the turtle population in peru is flourishing thanks to the work of a conservation group. >> hundreds of thousands -- >> oh, they are cute. >> look at them. the ridged backed reptiles released into the amazon jungle. more than 600,000 babies have been set free in protected rivers and lakes. >> look at that. >> part of a thirty year conservation project to save
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this particular brand is turtle is on extinction lists due to poaching and other activities. >> you like turtles. >> i like turtles. >> they are cute. >> how can you not like turtles. >> and struggling along. get to the water. >> i -- i -- ducks. >> sure. >> why not. >> random. okay. >> in china, they asked why did the ducks cross the oh. >> oh! >> thank you, jack. lots of ducks. like, 20,000. >> they all stayed in the crosswalk, law-abiding ducks. >> yes, they did. witnesses said it took the ducks two minutes to get through the entire crossing. they also stopped traffic. we're going to watch all two minutes of the crossing. >> that's a lot of ducks. >> looks like they got all their ducks in a row. >> yeah! >> someone fed you that line. >> we have to end the block quickly. megyn kelly opens up about donald trump.
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the anchor is saying about trump and about her claims of sexual harassment against roger ales. >> surprising statement of a mother of who toddler who died in the family's hot car. her words of support for her ex-husband after he was found guilty of their son's murder. remember, you can find us on facebook at, and on
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the sea in norway when a 35,000 pound hump backed whale nearly swallow him. he was out filming killer whales, and despite the shock, he says he didn't feel he was in much danger at all. he says the humped back knew what he was doing and moved to avoid him. he called it, perhaps, the most thrilling millisecond of his life. i say too close for comfort. >> yes. i will echo that. 28 people protesting against the controversial oil the sheriff says the arrests came after protesters put a pickup truck and tree branchs on railroad tracks near a work staging area that caused a three hour train delay. protests against the pipeline were held in 80 cities across the country. in columbus, ohio, an activist blobbed traffic handcuffing himself under a vehicle in a downtown intersection, and vermont senator and former presidential candidate bernie sanders joined protesters in
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this morning from the mother of that little boy who died in the family's hot car. >> she testified in defense of her ex-husband said blaming the parent will not help. here's more. >> reporter: it's clear that jurors didn't believe her, who, in court, defended her ex-husband saying, she, too, feels he accidently left their 22 month old son to die in the silver suv outside his atlanta officer in june of 2014. >> cooper was the >> reporter: harris convicted on all charges, taylor takes frustrations to facebook, so now you say justice has been served, but guess what, convict every parent this has ever happened to, and i promise two things, one, it never brings the children back, and, two, it will not prevent it from happening in the future. the problem is as a society that refuses to believe this can happen to them, and i pray you never have to walk this path. child safety experts made that point. the number of children dying
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the 1990s when cars came with passenger side air bags and parents were told it was best to move child seats to the back. car makers are working on solutions including an alarm that can sense the weight of the child in a car seat. abc news, atlanta. >> coming up in the next half hour, why your luggage may now prefer delta. why new system the airline now has in place they hope cuts down on the number of lost or mi first what megyn kelly says in her words with rocky relationship with then candidate trump. you're watching "world news now."
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the feud eclipsed the presidential campaign, of course, talking about megyn kelly against donald trump.
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details about the rocky relationship in her new book titled "settle for more." here's abc's dan harris. >> reporter: it was one of the most talked about moments of the presidential campaign. megyn kelly versus then candidate donald trump. >> you call women you don't like fat pigs, dogs, slobs, and disgusting animals. >> reporter: insults following, calling her a bimbo, unprofessional, and crazy. they buried the hatchet at trump tower. what did you say and do? >> the meeting was off the record. i'm not getting into the content, but i went over there, i walked in, and he gave he a nice greeting, hugged me -- >> hugged you? >> yes. >> reporter: kelly weighing in on one of trump's controversial moves since winning the election. the appointment of steve bannon as senior strategist and counsel to the president.
3:20 am
breitbart criticized for racist and white nationalist views espoused on the website with headlines like birth control makes women unattractive and crazy and hoist it high and proud: the confederate flag proclaims a glorious heritage. >> what do you say to the critics? >> i don't know there's evidence of that. you know -- >> breitbart headlines? >> i mean, there's absolel defenders say is he's not responsible for every single headline that we want up while he was the executive chairman. i don't know that you could tar the entire team with that brush. i'm megyn kelly. >> reporter: 12 years at fox news, she's become the most prominent and popular anchor. >> i'll ask the questions you're not answering. how is it fair? >> reporter: groomed by the powerful former fox news chairman, roger ales.
3:21 am
colleague, gretchen, filed a sexual assault claim against him, she too, was a victim. in a statement, he said i categorically deny the allegations kelly make about me. i work tirelessly to promote and advance her career as megyn admitted to charlie rose. watch the interview and decide for yourself. my attorneys restrict me from commenting further, so suffice unpunished. the contract at fox news is up next year, and the next move has everyone guessing. >> can you stay at fox after all of this? >> oh, sure, i can easily stay at fox, but hopefully go anywhere i want. i don't think anything happening this year limited that. >> do you want to say? >> i'm figuring that out. as much as i love the job, i love the three lives my husband and i brought into the world. this is my philosophy, settle
3:22 am
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start the relief. ditch the misery. let's end this. okay. we had so many joe biden memes since the election, and they are hilari hilarious. check them out, but they are also -- people are also all about joe suddenly because of a certain photo. >> huh. >> well -- >> already -- >> he was supposed to start off with the photo and ask if you could all guess, do you know who this is? >> here's the reveal. >> it doesn't work if you do it the other way around. good job. >> i always sucked at jeopardy. give the answers first.
3:26 am
>> no, i'm crying. >> joe biden. >> all right. >> so that photo, that's actually joe biden. yes. >> wow. >> it is joe biden. sorry. moving on. sesame street nails the mannequin challenge. did you see it? they got in on the challenge as well. look at that. look at the guess what challenge their are doing right now? the mannequin challenge. >> oh. >> diane. >> nice. >> which, by the way, i don't know if you caught this, but we did our own mannequin challenge yesterday. >> yeah. >> and some of you probably saw it, actually air on the show, we're not sure if you saw how it actually came together, so we decide to show you how the beautiful sausage was made.
3:27 am
everybody starts swooping into place. we had literally 40 secs to get everything ready while we read. >> that's the thing. everyone else has time to put them together, we had a few second. >> exactly. >> the wnn team falling into place. >> nailed it. >> what better way to celebrate than with fast food? it's national fast food day, so we brought selections here to celebrate with. >> yes. >> we got -- kendis is not all. >> a big gulp here. >> eat something. >> on that -- >> what is that? >> i did drink. >> mcdonald's is causing controversy experimenting with the sauce. >> i'm -- >> do you know how long this stuff has been here. >> it's a little cold, but it's okay. it's not so bad. >> i think it's been here a
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this morning on "worlds news now", mad scramble to staff the white house. the crunch is on to fill hundreds of government positions with some shakeups among the transition team. we're going to have the latest on who is definitely out and the surprising former foe considered for a top job. and as thtr ahead, so do the thousands still protesting his election. students all over the country walked out of their classes to march through the streets. see the alarming new numbers showing up in the uptick in harassment some kids face as well. new this half hour, pizza takes to the sky. >> a high flying favorite food reached a milestone. will the world ever be the same? >> no, of course not. and winter is coming, but
3:31 am
we got the right stuff, the big news on the skinny, newly announced blockbuster summer tour. don't worry, we won't tell you on this wednesday, november 16th. from abc news, this is "world news now." >> i don't know the moves for straight up -- >> i don't know. make them up. flip your hair a lot. that's how you do it, you know. >> flip the hair back >> i was never good at paula abdul dancing. either is jack. is that it? >> a little bit of that. oh, you got it. oh. the video still playing on the side of the street, and there's a move we can't replicate on network television. all right. we'll get more -- >> exciting news. more about that on the skinny, big tour announcement. >> first, we have reports of
3:32 am
president-elect prepares to fill the cabinet. >> after spending days holding meetings in trump power, donald trump tried to put rumors to rest tweeting last night, very organized process taking place as i decide on cabinet and many other positions. i'm the only one who knows who the finalists are. earlier, two top advisers on the transition team resigned or forced out. the lobbiests who consult with corporations and foreign governmentings pmg. >> the slice president-elect mike pence i booting all lobbyists from the team. pence meets today with vice preponderate joe biden as well. >> with the announcement of new hires expected any day, ben carson bows out despite running for president, he felt he couldn't run a federal agency with lack of experience. another former rival met with trump yesterday, fed cruz, not saying what, if anything, position he's call for, but called it a mandate for change. >> donald trump left reporterers
3:33 am
building in trump tower without telling them. >> the completing had dinner with the family at a steak house in manhattan, after the staff told the press he was in for the night. after dinner, the staff said they'll operate a traditional press pool in the future. meanwhile, protesters out for the zechbs straight day. mary bruce has more. >> reporter: in the nation's capital, hundreds of students put down pens and picked up a protest sign. >> we know he can't divide us with race im, sexism, and bigotry. >> reporter: taking over pennsylvania avenue, shut down the lincoln memorial. hundreds of d.c. students walking out of class to walk to capitol hill to ensure their voices are heard although most are too young to vote. many of them frustrated that those now protesting elsewhere and could have voted did not. >> you should have voted. if you didn't, you voted for
3:34 am
>> give it a chance. accept the electionment don't like it in four years, vote him out. >> a dramatic uptick in harassment and intimidation. according to the southern poverty law center, 400 incidents in seven days, four times more than an average week. this church vandalized. at the university of michigan, a community rallying around its muslim students after incidents of ethnic intimidation. >> it's just absurd and it's horrible. r including a mayor who resigned after agreeing with racially disparaging comments posted about the appearance of first lady michelle obama. the report says cases of intimidation and harassment doubled since last friday saying many, but not all of those cases, made reference to donald trump. california has the highest record the rates with over 50 acts followed by texas, washington state, new york, and florida. mary bruce, abc news,
3:35 am
democratic senator barbara boxer introduced a bill to abolish the electoral college wanting the winners of the presidential elections to be determined by the pop mu lar vote instead. clinton is currently leading the popular vote by nearly a million votes. clinton is expected to make the first public appearance since the election honored in washington tonight by the children's defense fund. clinton worked for the organization in the '70s after graduating it was cited as proof to commitment of helping kids. syria's president hopes to find an ally in trump. he said a relationship would be natural if trump follows through on the pledge to fight terrorism. however, assad told portuguese television he's skeptical an alliance will be reached. this came as air strikes followed a conversation between trump and putin on the need to fight international terrorism.
3:36 am
situation in aleppo calling for cease fire that's expected to be adopted when the general assembly votes next month and calls on syria to immediately end all indiscriminate attacks and condemns human rights violations by the government. oklahoma's main airport is open again after what police called a deadly ambush. the 52-year-old employee, michael winchester, shot to death tuesday at will rogers international airport. winchest member of the kansz city' football team. no motive for the shooting, and it caused chaos as hundreds of people held inside the terminal and on aircraft. police say the killer eventually took his own life. in utah, counselors on hand this morning as students return to a high school where five classmates were stabbed. officials in oram are trying to figure out what triggered the attack by the 16-year-old student. he was a straight-a student who had never been in trouble.
3:37 am
victims. >> and then i realized he was bleeding, like, oh, he's bleeding, he said, there's a psycho in there, he stabbed me. >> boxed the suspect into a bathroom area, not placing himself in harm's way. >> victims in critical to fair condition but expected to survive with stab wounds to the necks. the teenage suspect is now in custody. his parents issuing a statement saying they are sorry for the pain and injury he caused. to the southeast now where some activities are off limits because of the fire threat. starting campfires, fireworks, cigarettes, and parking a car off the road is prohibits fearing the hot tail pipe ignites leaves below. here's more. >> reporter: as firefighters on the ground and in the air battle the blazes that have scorched
3:38 am
>> we're coming for you. we're not far behind you. >> reporter: air quality alerts up across the region, at least 200 in tennessee hospitalized, the smoke briefly stopping some flights in charlotte's airport. watching her home. >> oh, i'm concerned. it was at the top of the ridge and now down to here. >> reporter: firefighters from around the country digging in. >> going to manage it until we have help from mother tu moving, prochlting officials to call for more evacuations in the area. eva pilgrim, abc news. a southern california where a santa monica police officer attacked by a happen inside a convenience store. the entire confrontation was caught on camera. the yufrs walking into the convenience store and heads to the back as you can see there. police say that's when the 28-year-old darrell mcintosh confronted him and bumping him, escalating from there.
3:39 am
for an altercation with that same officer. >> all right. switching gears now. look up in the sky. it's not a bird or a plane, but your pooe sa. dominos made the first commercial food delivery by drone. the company received a chicken pizza and chicken and cranberry pizza. the advantages include avoiding traffic and reducing delivery times. >> to arrive in less minutes? >> they said that, but counterbecause drivers got in accidents to get there in 30 minutes. >> so chicago cubs fans have been in heaven since the team won its first world series in sow 8 years. well, the cubs now have a little extra spiritual support. pope francis is the proud owner of a cubs hat. the chicago's archbishop sent the lid and encased baseball to
3:40 am
of the cubs win reached all the way to the vatican. they can now celebrate with us and ask for our prayers. >> it was not one of the city-like bets where, you know -- >> i don't think so. >> chicago says to the vatican, they were a fan, called each other out. holy water of cleveland won, no. it was not a swap. >> the cleveland archdoicese and ohio bet each other they'd feed a certain number of hungry families in the respective cities i they were talking smack to each other. it was fun. >> good eats in chicago now thanks to cleveland. 3500 feet in the air from the 50 yard line. the story behind the bird's eye view over steel city as the air force parachute team dropped in the steelers' game. jack watched it. >> the princess really did have a thing for hans solo. what she admitted about the real
3:41 am
the full stir ahead on "the skinny," first, a look at today's forecast. "world news now" weather brought to you by points of light. you know your heart loves megared omega-3s... but did you know your eyes, your brain, and your joints really love them too? introducing megared advanced 4in1...
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it's judgment day. back seat chefs peer inside your oven. but you've cleaned all baked-on business from meals past with easy-off, so the only thing they see is that beautiful bird. go ahead. let 'em judge. you're looking at amazing bird's eye view of pittsburgh, wings of blow. the air force parachute team honored veterans this weekend by launching themselves from 3500 feet over the steel city on to the 50 yard line of the steelers game on heinz field honoring veterans from the nation's five most recent wars, world war ii,
3:45 am
iraq/afghanistan. would you do it in. >> no. >> also high in the sky, social media frustrated by delays and ticket prices. >> with the rush about to kick in, an airline has a new system they hope set passengers' minds at ease about their luggage. >> reporter:it from this baggage tag. it looks normal. inside, there's something special. >> oh, there it is. >> that black dot there is a computer chip. >> reporter: that chip carrying your bag information sending a radio signal allowing delta airlines and passengers to track bags on an app on their phone. >> bag loaded in honolulu and automatically zooms in. >> reporter: from check-in to
3:46 am
little chip is read by a reader underneath here. when you get the green light, it extends the message your bag's on board. >> reporter: each mishandled bag costs an airline $100, a cost passed on to fliers. >> it's a game changer and it's going to drive the industry. >> reporter: delta believes it's $50 million system will cut the number of mishandled bags by 10-20%. >> you're never going to lose the bag again? >> i will never lose your bag again. >> reporter: a bag tag to fliers. abc news, baltimore. okay. can we get some peanuts for free? when we come back, the secret about ford that fisher carried for four decades. >> newest sexiestman alive. sex. the skinny's next.
3:47 am
3:48 am
tszing ing time now for the skinny starting with a little heat between princess lay ya and hans solo. >> well, it was that amazing romantic attention that brought sizzle to the famous galaxy far, far, far, far away. >> revealing a secret she's. carrying around for 40 years. >> oh, no. >> her real life three-month
3:49 am
ford saying, quote, it was so intense, it was han and leia during the week and carrie and heiron during the weekend. hot. >> she opened up in the memoir beginning the affair with the marry 33-year-old father of two after a birthday party for the director. >> no comment from ford. next, a major league 30 years after the debut of their first album, the new kids on the block announced the total package, a massive north american tour this summer joined by boyz ii men -- >> and? paula abdul! i'm so excited. >> yes. new kids recently -- ? ? active in the tour circuit.
3:50 am
tour in 25 years. >> the combined, the three acts sold 200 million records world wise. most of them to me, and boyz ii men the best selling rb group of all time. >> so the tour kicks off may 12th, the start of the in columbus, ohio hitting more than 40 cities. tickets gon saturday. ? ? next, a major announcement from "people" magazine. >> waiting for that. >> excited? >> oh, yeah. >> this year's sexiest man alive from 2016 drum roll please. it's dwyane "the rock" johnson at 6'5", he is a fine specimen. 2 245 pounds, 44 years old, nine six pack abs. >> i love this. the former champ happens to be
3:51 am
by the way, raking in nearly 65 million over the past year adding to his estimated net worth of 185 million. >> amazing. johnson tells people magazine it took a lot of time for him to become comfortable with his own skin, and these days, it's his relationships with long-time girlfriend, lauren, and their 11 month old daughter, and his 15-year-old daughter, symone, that help keep him grounded. all right. congratulations. it's gr >> cindy crawford and her husband, randy, hope to come into serious cash. >> listing their compound for $60 million, $9 more more than they paid for it a year ago. >> on a bluff, three acres, stunning views of the ocean. newly renovated mediterranean style main house built in 1944, boasts 5300 square feet of living space.
3:52 am
kitchen and media room, there's a swimming pool, spa, outdoor pavilion and tennis court.
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3:55 am
delivers mega support. first off, i am 35 years old, i am dworivorced, and i li in a van down by the river. >> it was a punch line for chris farley as the motivational the river is not a funny thing anymore. >> i miss him. there's a social media aspect attached to the growing community of americans converting vehicles of all sizes into homes. here's lauren lyster. >> reporter: this 24-year-old entrepreneur, andrew, lives in the office. >> lounge space/store front. >> yes. he actually lives at the office. it's a little tight. the founder of the clothing
3:56 am
the ultimate work/life balance. >> this is our counter space. when it's a store, it's a display case. >> reporter: home and store all in one. >> i wanted to cut costs and see america. >> reporter: the benefits? no rent for apartment or store, and and travels the country building his business. what's the thing you miss the most? >> a hot shower. >> reporter: it's not just xander and the school bus, but a growing movement of people turning vehicles into their homes issnd on instagram, more than 900,000 posts from around the country and world. in nevada city, california, 53-year-old nonprofit fundraiser, jennifer, and her father, fixing up a camper to take to the road full-time. >> it wasn't that i needed to find a new job or move to a new city, but i could take my home with me.
3:57 am
his box truck home to pay off school loans and save six figures for retirement. >> it's partly the economics of it as well as the culture appeal of it. >> reporter: downsizing lifestyle include overnight parking restrictions and the neighbors. >> when people see people living in their vehicles, they will often report them. >> reporter: that headache is worth it for people like xander. >> it's, like, where's my office toda >> reporter: lauren lyster, abc news, los angeles. >> considering it? >> that's one of the benefits, that you can get a different view -- >> oh, that's true. >> park down there by malibu and -- >> today mountain view, tomorrow river view. >> yeah. >> the anchor man down by the river. >> yes, exactly. >> don't miss our updates on facebook,
3:58 am
3:59 am
4:00 am
good morning, i'm diane macedo. >> i'm kendis gibson. here's some of the topheadlines on this wednesday morning on "world news now." officials trying to figure out what led to a deadly shooting in oklahoma city's main airport as a southwest airlines employee killed in what's called an ambush. shooter took his own details in a moment. air strikes in syria pound rebel held areas of aleppo. state television says the government operation focused on terrorism strongholds is the first offensive since russia and syria stopped air strikes last month to allow civilians to leave. >> breaking protocol, donald trump ditches the press covering his move and headed out of the pept house failing to let reporters in on his whereabouts. traditionally, at least one reporter travels with the president-elect in case
4:01 am
vice president-elect biden and vice president-elect pence today meet in washington. those are some of the top stories on this wednesday, november 16th. from abc news, this is "world news now." good morning, everybody, on this wednesday. a lot of to get to this morning. >> that's right. we begin this half hour with sad news. the killing of an airline worker at oklahoma city's main airport. >> authorities say 52-year-old michael winchester, father of a professional football player, shot to death in an apparent ambush at will rogers airport. investigators say the shooter was later found dead from a self-inflicted gunshot wound. >> it led to a day filled with chaos at the airport. here's more. >> reporter: police in oklahoma city announcing the man hunt at the city's airport is over. the man suspected of a deadly shooting found dead of an
4:02 am
wound to the head. >> we got a situation going on here. >> reporter: just before 1:00 p.m., shots fire in the parking lot. the gunman fatally shooting a southwest airlines employee, 52-year-old michael winchester, the father of james winchester. officials shutting down the airport telling everyone to shelter in place. some passengers stuck on planes for hours. the all-clear going car-to-car searching for the suspect for three hours. >> he was found in his vehicle, which is described as a red pickup truck. >> reporter: police have not yet given a possible motive, but now that he's been accounted for, the airport is resuming operations. all right. thanks to philip there. politics and the first cracks are being shown right now in donald trump's transition team, and apparent shakeup following
4:03 am
week of anti-trump protests across the country. here's more now. >> reporter: vice president-elect mike pence smiling as he leaves trump tower, but just hours earlier, one of trump's top national security advisers abruptly resigned from the transition team. former congressman mike rogers reportedly pushed out, and he's not alone. security clearance for the president-elect's oldest children. sources say it was not a formal request from trump or his kids, but it comes under new scrutiny over the blurred lines of family businesses and the white house that the trump children are helping assemble. meanwhile, trump dealing with criticism over a chief strategist. >> people didn't vote for donald trump to bring a white supremist into the white house.
4:04 am
ongoing protests. in washington, d.c., hundreds of students took over pennsylvania avenue and shut down the lincoln memorial. >> we want to let donald trump know he cannot divide us with his racism, sexism, all that bigotry. >> reporter: since the election, uptick in sbimation. more than 400 incidents, four times more than an average week. it appears trump himself is not immune to the complaints. the president-elect tweeting, quote, if the election was based on popular vote, i would have campaigned in new york, florida, and won easily. as of now, hillary clinton is winning the popular vote by 800,000 ballots. abc news, washington. >> donald trump reported top security clearance for his son-in-law. if approved, ivanka sits in on the presidential briefings, but it could take weeks before being cleared. this is just the latest in a
4:05 am
the trump name is being removed from several luxury apartment buildings in manhattan. the decision follows complaints from tenants who do not want to be associated with trump, and three nba teams reportedly stop staying at trump hotels to avoid connections with the president-elect. that includes the milwaukee bucks, grizzlies, and mavericks who are owned by mark cuban, an opponent of trump. trying to explain trump's unexpected rise. violence broke out in athens as thousands of protesters rallied against the president's visit, and riot police used tear gas and grenades to disperse the crowds. the president's trip comes days before greek leftists hold annual anti-american demonstrations. new images of an isis bomb factory in iraq. it surfaced after they discovered the rockets and motor.
4:06 am
every single room in the large warehouse was a different step of an assembly line geared to mass produce weapons. impressive images there. three minnesota men sentenced to prison for plotting to join isis, among nine men in minnesota's community who say they were part of a group of friends who inspired and recruited each other to join isis. three men going to trial and convicted of a serious charge of conspiracy to commit murder sentenced later today. isis singled out the thanksgiving day parade here in new york as a lone wolf style attack. officials say there's been no specific threat. here's more. >> reporter: with the giant balloons, huge crowds, and national tv audience, security officials have long considered the thanksgiving day parade a possible terrorist target, and now isis in a message that features a picture of the new york parade is calling on its followers to use speeding
4:07 am
>> it is very difficult to detect large gathers like parades from these types of attacks using vehicle, and we saw that, for example, last summer in nice. >> reporter: authorities say 86 people were killed in the nice attack as a man claiming allegiance to isis drove a truck through the horrified crowds celebrating bastille days. it's a situation authorities are well aware of. >> we've seen incidents where isil put out the call and people rise to the call. >> reporter: not the least because the parade route on thanksgiving day goes right past the big trump international hotel in new york city. preparations for the parade are well underway setting up the bleachers here in central park, and new york police have already visited some 135 truck rental locations.
4:08 am
attacks like the one in nice. brian ross, abc news, new york. two more suspected arsonists arrested in connection of the wildfires in the southeast. 80,000 acres scorched, and resulting smoke is causing breathing problems. outdoor activities like fireworks and campfires are ban in the danger zone. >> if you'd like to legally use pot without having a meal, head to colorado's capital,s first u.s. city to let restaurants and bars apply for marijuana use. it allows customers to use the drug inside the establishment as long as it is not smoked. patrons must bring their own marijuana. baggage charges are now extending to overhead bins. united is the first major u.s. airline to limit customers to one carry-on bag that fits under the seat. if you need to use the overhead bin, you have to upgrade your seattle class or pay to check the bag. it begins in april.
4:09 am
>> right. personal bag, they say, that's all you get. >> no carry-ones flying united economy there. speaking of travel, irish officials have a transatlantic mystery on their hands. the unusual looking solar power houseboat washed up on a beach with no one inside. it was apparently built in canada by adventurer rick small. last year, he rode a solar powered bicycle across canada. >> the houseboat seen last which he gives the houseboat to a homeless youth. no word on rick's where abouts now either. >> a lot of mystery there. interesting. >> very cool. a rescue caught on camera, a deadly head-on collision, erupting into flames, what a man did to save one of the drivers trapped inside. kids and cell phones, how much should parents know about who their children call and text? there's a growing debate now
4:10 am
we'll get into it. first, a look at today's high temperatures. "world news now" weather brought to you by united health care. "world news now" weather brought to you by united health care. approaching medicare eligibility? don't put off checking out your medicare options until 65. now is a good time to get the ball rolling. medicare only covers about eighty percent of part b medical costs. that's where aarp medicare supplement insurance plans insured by unitedhealthcare insurance company come in. like all standardized medicare supplement insurance plans, they could help save you in out-of-pocket medical costs. taking informed steps really makes a difference later. that's what it means to go long?. call now and request this free decision guide and explore the range of aarp medicare supplement plans.
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it's judgment day. back seat chefs peer inside your oven. but you've cleaned all baked-on business from meals past with easy-off, so the only thing they see is that beautiful bird. go ahead. let 'em judge. in in seattle, a downed power line caught fire after some rainy weather there. nearby roads closed while they reported. in california, a fire rescue caught on dash camera. the chp says a hyundai was trying to pass slower traffic and slammed head-on into a volkswagen. the two people in the hyundai killed, and the driver of the vw was alive, but trapped. flames all around the the only door the victim got out through was blocked by flames so an officer used his car to push the vw away, and firefighters jumped in to rescue the man. what a team effort there.
4:14 am
happened after a 16-year-old straight-a student in provo, utah went on a stabbing spree in school wounding several classmates including himself. here's the latest. >> reporter: tears and ambulances at this suburban utah high school tuesday morning. the community responding to a terrifying stabbing spree breaking out just before 8:00 a.m. >> i'm still with a patient who is stable on the south side of the school. i'm making access into the school for more critical parties. >> reporter: a 16-year-old male student, a sophomore, stabs five other students in the boys' locker room before using the knife to cut himself. >> transporting a patient from inside the locker room. two stab wounds to the neck. >> reporter: all five transported to the hospital with injuries fair to critical. a student resource officer
4:15 am
>> school would normally be underway on a tuesday morning, and now it's just lined with fire vehicles. >> reporter: distraught parents waiting outside, this student shaken by school shootings elsewhere, and now a stabbing at her own. >> i find it scary because now i don't think schools are safe anymore. >> reporter: the school facing questions on how to prevent this from happening again. >> we hate the idea of having metal detectors in the school, and yet kids' safety is the most important priority. >> reporter: we've learned one victim and a suspect rea from the hospital, and police say they don't know what the motive for the attack is yet, but have a number of witnesses and working to sort through the statements as they investigate. kendis, diane? >> lauren, thanks. grief counselors at the school later on this morning to help those students. >> much needed. >> yeah. shifting to lighter news now, a beautiful fir tree from wisconsin is on the way to the white house. dozens of local residents posed for pictures before the 19 foot
4:16 am
>> it rolls up there, and michelle obama and the young ladies welcome a tree. coming up, it's what so many kids are hoping to find under their christmas trees, a shiny new cell phone. >> before they power up, what parents need to know about monitoring their kids' cell phone use. you're watching "world news now." "world news now" continues after this from our abc stations. you're watching "world news now."
4:17 am
4:18 am
? ? oh, that messager app. >> what's instagram? >> never heard of it. trying to download the seven minute workout app. it's an interval workout. >> seven minutes? >> 12 exercises for 30 seconds, and you're done.
4:19 am
monitor, not the seven minute workout, but to control kids' cell phone use. >> it's a debate on whether and how much parents should supervise kids' cell phone events. here's t.j. holmes. >> reporter: what are teens doing on their phones? many adults will never know, but there's one who does. >> you can't hide from me. >> reporter: khristine, mom of 13-year-old and 11-year-old was so anxious to know what her kids did on their phones, she secretly installed spyware to watch them, can see anything. >> it's legal to monitor your kids, but a controversy lurks. do teens deserve privacy or secretly monitoring for safety's sake more important? >> at 11 and 13, we have to know what's beginning on in their life. >> what's the problem with letting your parents see your phones when they ask? >> i just want privacy. >> reporter: last summer, she became more secretive.
4:20 am
something's going on. >> reporter: she downloads spy software on both kids' phones. were you torn? >> nope. >> you were not? >> not one bit. my kids, i needed to protect them. >> reporter: experts say it may hurt your children and relationship with them in the long run. the author of "how to raise an adult." >> 24/7 surveillance of your kids, everywhere about, every decision, every moment is effectively saying, i do not trust you in the slightest. >> reporter: how do you tell them you trust them when you spy on them? >> wow. i hope they just know that i do trust them, and that i'm doing this just to protect them. >> reporter: using the app, she discovers she's texting someone she thinks is a teenager, but when she calls the number, she gets a surprise, it's an adult. >> she thought she was talking to a friend, and turned out that it was not.
4:21 am
still, it was a scary moment. >> went through every scenario, meeting somebody. >> reporter: she had to confront her daughter confessing about the spy ware, but she came clean first. >> she came down the stairs, like, i need to talk to you. >> reporter: beat you to it? >> she did. >> reporter: talking about the stranger she was texting, and shocked her mom was spying, she saw the other side. >> i had a lot of different emotions, like, why is she doing this, but i was happy because i knew she was protecting me. >> yeah, see, you can spy on the kids, and eventually they come around. >> absolutely. >> even if they hate you in the moment. they'll get over it. >> reading the instructions for this seven-minute workout. >> you're into this seven-minute workout thing. >> it's really, like, deep here. >> a demonstration. >> jumping jacks description. start with feet together and arms at your sides, slightly bend your knees and jump straight up as you are jumping jacks d.c. kick your legs out to
4:22 am
your head to form a wid
4:23 am
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might need this for the next segment. it's never easy to say good-bye to a four-legged family member, but a man across the pond had plenty of help. >> a surprise outpouring of kind ness tops this morning's two truths and a why. >> grab a tissue for the first truth. he asked people to join him at the baemp for the last walk with his 18-year-old dog. he underestimated strangers. thousands joined mark and walnut pouring on to the beach in cornwall, u.k. this weekend to honor walnut's last walk hours before the elderly dog was put down. they tweeted messages of support, #walkwithwalnut, and he thanks everyone for coming out, reminding us how lucky we are to
4:26 am
give us. fitting tribute there for walnut. next up, remember those word problems in your college math classes? well, for one college professor, those exercises of probability just became a lot more autobigraphical. this is a statistics professor at fairfield university in connecticut who just happened to win the lottery taking home a he said he ignored the advice of his teacher who said the odds were too small to win the lot toe, and he's an example and probability lextures saying someone has to win, so why not you? timely, why is this suddenly the most popular bird in all of china?
4:27 am
the u.s. yep. folks are flocking to the enclosure in china to look at the donald trump look-alike. the bird's name is little red and the species is indigenous to central china. what came first the chicken or the egg, but one user wants to know, so does the bird look like trump or does trump look like the bird? what do you think? >> oh, we're still trying to get over walnut. >> kendis, you okay? >> i don't know. >> it's sad. that's beautiful. the neighbors came out. that was awesome. thanks, will.
4:28 am
4:29 am
4:30 am
making news in america this morning, new moves by president-elect donald trump and his transition team. trump skirting the press overnight in new york city. his team showing signs of discord before the new administration takes shape. plus, his new tweet saying only he knows who is going to fill important jobs. the src motive after a deadly shooting shut down a major airport for hours. we have details now on the victim whose son plays in the nfl and the alleged gunman found after an exhaustive search. caught on camera. fiery roadside rescue. heroes ignoring intense flames and risking their own lives to save someone inside that vehicle. an actor on "star wars" revealing a little behind-the-scenes secret many


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