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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  November 18, 2016 7:00am-9:00am EST

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good morning, america. breaking news, donald trump names michael flynn as national security adviser according to a senior trump transition official. he's also set to meet former rival mitt romney to discuss secretary of state. the transition kicking into high gear as the president-elect holes his first face-to-face with a head of state. blizzard warning. the season. shutting down highways, sparking deadly pileups and delaying flights. creating a travel nightmare. less than a week before thanksgiving. now more cold and snow in the forecast. terrifying road rage. the chilling 911 call. the woman behind the wheel, she said she was attacked by a stranger. >> he's right behind me hitting me. >> did he hit your car? >> yes. >> her incredible escape from
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the family of four stranded for days when their van gets stuck surviving on halloween candy. but no cell phone to call for help. how they were finally found. good morning, america. happy friday. we're less than a week out from thanksgiving and so all eyes on the weather and that first snowfall of the season for millions. >> yep, the middle of the country, seeing major weather whiplash. a 60-degree swing. some guys golfing, that to this weather which makes you want to curl up under the sheets and ginger will have more on that. >> it could affect a lot of thanksgiving travel. a lot of work for donald trump holed up in trump tower. officials confirmed former general michael flynn has accepted an offer to serve ago president-elect's national security adviser. that is a key position for a
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military intelligence. a general who is also courted controversy inside the government and on the campaign trail. >> we're set to learn that he met with mitt romney. we have the latest developments in washington. >> reporter: these are key posts in any administration, but as for mike flynn, he has been with trump from the beginning. two senior trump transition officials confirm that lieutenant general has accepted the offer to be national security adviser. a controversial figure flynn roused support at the republican national convention with the infamous lock her up chant against hillary clinton. >> lock her up. that's right. yeah, that's right, lock her up. >> reporter: and in his book "field of fight" dmrin writes "i don't believe all cultures are morally equivalent." trump also extending an olive
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romney, transition sources telling abc news the two will meet this weekend and that romney is under consideration for secretary of state. the meeting coming after months of mug slinging from both sides. >> he's blaming the members of the american public for suckers. all we get is a lousy hat and he gets a ride to the white house. >> did you ever see a guy like this? he didn't like it when i said he choked like a dog. he choked like a dog. >> reporter: thursday the president-elect also sending out a memo about his meeting with alabama senator jeff sessions saying while nothing has been finalized he has been unbelievably impressed with him and his phenomenal record. >> well, i'd be honored to be considered and, well, mr. trump will make those decisions. >> reporter: but critics immediately pointing to sessions' past allegations of racist behavior. one lawyer he worked with said
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say to white folks. sessions denied the allegation. away from cameras overnight the president-elect also having his first face-to-face meeting with a world leader meeting with japanese prime minister abe who told reporters after the meeting that trump is a leader who i can have great confidence in. and this morning donald trump implying he's delivering on his campaign promises to keep jobs in america. my friend bill ford, chairman of ford who advised me that he will be keeping the lincoln plant in kentucky, no mexico. but ford tells abc news it never planned to relocate the entire plant. robin. >> so that is not clear but what is clear is general flynn being the national security adviser. you have known him for many years. what do you make of this selection? >> reporter: he is considered highly skilled when it comes to
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helping to shape u.s. foreign policy. the military in all aspects. he will have trump's ear all the time and this does not require congressional approval. robin. >> all right, martha, thank you. >> more on this now from matthew dowd, also john cohen, national security official in republican and democratic administrations, also worked with general flynn. let me begin with you, as martha pointed out the general had had great successes in iraq defense intelligence agency head early and has courted controversy. >> yeah, good morning, george. yes, general flynn is smart, he's intelligent. he's experienced. his military and intelligence experience will serve him well in the role of national security adviser but he's very intense and very forceful. particularly when he's advocating his ideas and he has been known to be somewhat dismissive of the ideas of others. he will have to be very open,
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national security adviser to the new president. >> yeah, the job of national security adviser generally seemed to be an honest broker among the various cabinets. let me go to you, matthew dowd. mitt romney, interesting he'll come in for a meeting with donald trump to talk about the possibility of secretary of state. whether that turns out to be true or not, even talking about it, a little boon for president-elect trump. >> yeah, and i'm not surprised that mitt romney would sit down with donald trump. i think if hillary clinton had romney would have sat down with hillary clinton if asked. he loves the country, has to unite. i would be surprised if mitt romney gets an appointment or even takes an appointment but a meeting is good. general flynn, this is a guy unfiltered and very much in the mold of donald trump, shoot from the hip. i'm reminded of donald trump's appointment so far with steve bannon of the kenny chesney song, "all my friends are
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he seems to be assem blink a pirate brigade. >> senator sessions. we talked about those allegations of racism that caused him a judgeship 20 years ago and served in the senate 20 years since then. how serious will those be in his confirmation if he is chosen for a job like attorney general? >> the senate gives great deference to the appointments of the president. it's his privilege to make the cabinet the way he wants it. in a problematic for president-elect trump in this appointment in this, it is a question the country is very concerned about diversity and how appeals are made and what happened in the campaign and again senator sessions could have a real problem getting approval by the senate. >> and, john, you served in national security positions during transitions as well and seeing something of a break of protocol. he met with the japanese prime minister yesterday and had dozens of phone calls but not
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seen many unusual things during the course of this campaign in the early stages of this transition. but this is a very important thing to remember, this administration will be taking charge of the government at a time when we are facing significant threat as broad and significant threats at home. they'll be need to be ready day one to ham a crisis. the minute the oath is administered they own any crisis that impacts the united states. >> thanks very much. much more on the transition this michael. >> thank you, george. now let's turn to phillip mena who drew the short straw in the middle of the first snow of the season in sioux falls, south dakota. good morning, phillip. >> reporter: michael, good morning. yeah, that first major snowstorm of the season has arrived here in sioux falls, giant stockpiles of this rock salt about the size of a three-story building at the ready. of our 500 tons of this will be used today to help keep those
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winter is finally here. up to a foot of snow falling in wyoming and colorado. much of it touching down at rush hour. the slick roads and poor visibility leading to dangerous driving conditions. at least two people died in accidents on i-70 near denver. the freeway shuttle down in both directions. this 15-car pileup caused by a mix of snow and sleet. massive delays international airport. >> we were delayed until 4:00 and then they canceled it and said we'll have to wait till the morning. >> reporter: in wyoming, dozens of accidents as drivers fought to stay on the road on interstate 80. the snow started falling here about an hour ago and it is not letting up. up to ten inches could fall today as this storm heads east. michael. >> all right, thank you, phillip. stay warm and be safe.
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>> blasting the east. can you see this out of sturges, south dakota. roads look like this for so many folks and a lot of people hit the road today and air travel for thanksgiving because they have next week off. a big deal with the storm blowing through. blizzard warnings or parts of western minneapolis driving along 94 to fargo. that will be travel not advised. don't do it. give it 24 hour, aberdeen and snowfall, not just a couple inches. some will get 6 to 12 inches of snow in northern minnesota wind gusting to 30, 40 miles per hour and probably west of them you have that blizzard warning, just a real quick look at the cold, the chill is no joke. feels like 5 in denver. remember when we were talking 80. >> out there golfing and all that. okay. whoo. what a difference. >> distant memory. >> thank you so much. now to an alarming confrontation with an arizona police officer caught on camera. the officer seen scuffling with a woman and then pumping her. he now says there is more to the
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pierre thomas has more. good morning, pierre. >> reporter: good morning, robin. today an arizona patrolman has been placed on administrative leave after yet another controversial police encounter, as you said, caught on tape. the video is jarring. an officer punching a woman in the face during an eviction. >> hey, you can't hit a girl like that. >> look again in slow motion. a direct blow to the face. >> punched in the face two times, i was choked. it was just a brutal attack. apparently has no history of excessive force claims marisa morris resisted arrest kicking and kneeing him in the groin before he hit her. something she denies. the case now under investigation. >> we became aware of this incident primarily through social media. we immediately became concerned. >> reporter: overnight authorities releasing clips from the officer's body camera showing the moments following the tense exchange. but not the entire encounter.
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turn his camera on when the exchange started to get heated. >> i didn't do anything. >> reporter: the kasem bombic of the overwhelming prevalence of cameras and smartphones placing police under more scrutiny. it's become reflex to pull out their phones and record interactions with police. like we saw here in alabama last november when college students reached to are their cameras in unison and later recorded police beating them. back in the arizona case you can the woman. >> i got it on camera. >> reporter: it's a complicated case. a classic he said/she said and now police under the microscope must make a judgment call as to whether the officer broke the law. >> hope they get to the bottom of it. all right, pierre, thank you. let's turn to dr. besser and there's a huge mumps outbreak on some college campuses. thousands of cases across the country this year and dr. besser, mumps seems like a childhood illness.
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>> that's right. >> why so many outbreaks? >> this is a big increase, but the vaccine doesn't protect 100% of people. if you get two doses which is what you should get, that's going to protect about 88% of people. if you only get one dose of the vaccine that will protect about 78% of people. so that means on college campuses a lot of people who are still at risk of the mumps and college campuses are disease incubators, i have two kids in college. one had mumps, the other one is always they're living in crowded quarters and sharing secretions and water bottles. it's a place where diseases tend to spread. >> what are the symptoms? >> telltale sign is that swelling of the cheeks, loss of the jawline because your sal varley glands are inflamed. fever, body aches, all those viral symptoms and most recover fine, though there are some who will get some swelling of the brain, rarely you can get swelling of the testicles. if you're pregnant it can affect
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and get two doses of the vaccine and if you're sick stay away from people for five days and try not to share the stuff. you know, campus, there is a lot of the sharing and kissing. there's risk. >> a lot of the kissing. >> might not stop the kissing. >> i know. i talk to my kids. there's no way. it's not going to happen. >> you know what, you'll be answering everybody's questions on twitter. have any questions just ask dr. besser. he'll have the answer for you. >> what are you going to do. >> thr bus. >> okay. it's on you now. >> thanks for that transition. good morning. just hours before president obama arrives in peru the secret service has released pictures of its biggest counter fifth cash bust ever. look at that. $30 million in fake bills linked to a criminal organization in peru along with printing presses. 48 people arrested. peru, by the way, is the top producer of fake american currency. nearly 200 square miles have now burned as those wildfires
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parts of georgia haven't seen rain in two months. air quality is so bad there, children are being kept inside during school recess and people with asthma are now being told to close their windows. a dramatic call for help in maryland as a woman was mauled by a bear. she was walking down her daughter's driveway when she was attacked. the bear was apparently protecting its cub. the woman survived by playing dead but you have to hear this 911 call. >> please come now send someone he's broken my arms and my legs. i can't move. and i'm bleeding. and i'm gonna die, please hurry. oh, my god, here he comes. please, dear god, no, please dear god, no, hurry, sir. >> ah, she suffered a broken arm, she needed 70 stitches but she's is recovering thankfully. in business news volkswagen is cutting 30,000 jobs as it tries to recover from that emissions cheating scandal.
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billion to settle claims in the united states. and finally, if you want to play hooky from work and call in sick, we have the results of an important survey for you. a research firm found the best time to call in sick is 6:38 a.m. on a tuesday. that's when your claim of illness will be found most credible not on a monday or a friday because that's too close to the weekend. the best excuse you ask, stomach problems. nobody wants those details. december are the most common months to call in sick so just be careful. >> you just ruined that for everybody. >> i know, really. should have told us that off camera. >> 6:38 is a little late for us. >> it would like 3:38 for us. >> okay, thank you, amy. we move on to that family of four in washington state found safe and sound after they went missing for days. it all began when their car got stuck and abc's neal karlinsky has the details on how they survived. >> reporter: 48 terrifying hours
7:17 am
family van on this remote washington state logging road came to an end with this 911 call. >> i found the people in the woods, the mcalisters. they're from grays harbor. they've been gone a few days and have two babies. >> reporter: jason and melissa mcalister along with their 2-year-old and 8-month-old daughters vanished on tuesday. this morning jason says the family van got stuck in mud while trying to go around a fallen tree on ace stranding them. >> got dark on us and so we spent a night on the side of the road after i made a shelter. >> reporter: he says they survived on leftover halloween candy and rainwater. had no cell phone and turned the van's engine on and off in shifts to keep warm but preserve their gas. thursday morning, they heard on the radio that people were out searching for them so jason says they left a bread crumb trail of white pieces of paper behind seen right there as they hiked
7:18 am
called 911. >> yeah, search and rescue has been looking for you guys for a few days. >> and you said they're dehydrate fwld yeah, a little bit but they look pretty good really. >> reporter: this morning the family of four is waking up at home healthy and thankful. >> everybody is good. god is great. and happy to be alive. >> reporter: for "good morning america," neal karlinsky, abc news, seattle. >> a lot of gratitude there. >> rightfully so. >> ginger, you got thanksgiving travel. >> we're about to do our own temperature tumble. look at new york city, 60s today, snow blowing through north of the city. the temperatures are going to go right with it. let's get to the weekend getaway
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kevin: stubborn clouds of my continuing to wither away, leaving us with mild temperatures in the 50's to lower 60's. tomorrow, this system approaches. morning. that will be the leading edge of colder air building in. after highs in the lower 60's today, highs in the least to lower 40's starting on monday. you know who's pumped about the cold and snow? a picture from vail, colorado. breckenridge open tomorrow. >> where i learned how to ski. >> we can go back today. coming up new clues in that
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26-year-old after a night of partying in the city. what we're now learning about their past. we have the chilling 911 call from the victim of violent road rage. her car slammed as she pleads for help. >> he's flipping me off. >> we'll hear more this morning on "gma." my kids. my job. taking care of everybody. everyday. my mom. my kids. my job. yes. when i'm at work. when i'm at home. i could just really use some help sometimes. hey we hear you. that's why aarp helps family caregivers... with resources and connections to experts to help make your life easier to manage. because we get it. if you don't think "this is right for me" when you think aarp, then you don't know "aarp".
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save 10 when you spend 50 on groceries at target. >> now, from wmur news 9 -- erin: good morning to you on this friday. i am erin fehlau. making news tilton-northfield , fire crews responded to a first-alarm garage fire around 1:30 this morning. it happened on forrest road in northfield. when crews arrived on scene, they saw flames coming from a garage attached to the house. investigators say the residents were working on a vehicle in the garage when the fire happened. it tk crews from three departments to get the flames under control. no one was injured. new hampshire is joining 41 other states in suing two companies, saying they blocked a generic version of a drug to treat opioid addiction. the lawsuit claims the two companies worked together to switch suboxone from a tablet version to a film in an effort to delay generics from entering the market. the attorneys general claim that move has led to artificially high prices for the drug.
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>> now, meteorologist kevin skarupa with your stormwatch 9 forecast. kevin: a lot of sudden today -- a lot of sun today. clouds continue to decrease this morning. not much of a wind. light out of the northwest to reinforce the cloud cover. there should be a good northern areas into the afternoon. temperatures today are allowed to jump from current levels, which is chillier than yesterday . we will continue to work up into the 50's to a few lower 60's by later this afternoon. light wind and sunshine. from there, changes over the weekend. sunshine through tomorrow afternoon. clouds increase tomorrow night. eventually, the next system arrives in the way of rain showers sunday morning. that front eventually starts to
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welcome back to "gma." you are looking at trump tower and that breaking news about donald trump's white house team. he has chosen former general michael flynn to serve as national security adviser in the white house. also learned that former rival mitt romney set to meet with trump this weekend possibly in consideration for secretary of state. >> and a blizzard warning as millions see their first snowstorm of the season shutting down highways sparking deadly pileups. more snow in the forecast. that's right. less than a week before thanksgiving. you guys are going to make me do this? >> ah. want me to read this? and the carolina panthers beat the new orleans saints taking it 23-20 in a tough battle. that was cruel. >> so close. >> i know but how about cam newton -- >> may vic the shoes.
7:31 am
zebra stripes with fox tail on the back. he usually wears a fox tail in his postgame press conference. between him and antonio brown and odell beckham jr. they do great things with their shoes and sometimes pay tribute to whatever the cause is, so shoes are now the new fashion thing for these guys. >> they're the new fashion thing. >> i need a tail on my shoes. >> we'll move on. murder mystery right we're learning more about two men charged in connection with killing a 26-year-old on the upper east side and linzie janis is on the scene with the latest. good morning, linzie. >> reporter: good morning, george. police say they now know how joseph comunale was murdered and believe they know who did it. the question they are still working on this morning is why. overnight two men in court charged in connection with the murder of 26-year-old joseph
7:32 am
partying in new york city. >> this is from a missing persons to a murder mystery. >> reporter: james rackover with a long criminal history and 28-year-old lawrence dilione now facing charges of hindering prosecution and concealing a corpse. >> 15 times in the chest area he was stabbed and also there is an effort to burn his body. >> reporter: police believe his body was removed from a luxury manhattan high-rise where blood-stained luggage cart. >> appears to be bleach on that as well. >> reporter: police say one of the suspects helping them to find the body believed to be comunale's in a shallow grave 55 miles away in new jersey. >> a disturbing crime scene. >> reporter: investigators say comunale met rackover, dilione and three women at a nightclub. the group going back to rackover's apartment in the early hours of sunday morning. >> motive is undetermined right now.
7:33 am
me to say anything more. >> reporter: rackover shares a name with prominent new york city jeweler jeffrey rackover whose clients reportedly include oprah and melania trump but the two are not related. >> he actually let this young man change his name to his name. you can't adopt somebody over 18 but he let him change his name. >> reporter: friends say jeffrey had been helping the troubled florida man whose name used to be james bodouin clean tragedy for the young man killed and for james whose life will never be the same and for jeffrey rackover who thought he had this son he never had. he can't believe what occurred. >> reporter: police say they are still trying to determine exactly what happened inside that apartment building. both men still face murder charges and neither are cooperating. george. >> okay, thanks. let's talk to dan abrams right now. and so the body pretty gruesome story just found on wednesday
7:34 am
arrests moving pretty fast. >> it seems pretty clear they had a suspect already targeted. meaning that he was reported missing as of monday. i think they knew where he was. they knew who lived there. they found possible suspect. suspects then at least one of them leads them to the body. they then find the body, you know, 100 miles away from where this allegedly happened and that's i think why this investigation is moving so quickly but trying to assess exactly who was the most culpable one right now. some charges filed but they're going to try to turn one witness against the other. >> i think they may. i think they want to know who did the stabbing, right? i mean, the theory right now is that this was some sort of fight. some sort of incident that led to this stabbing. so the question is going to be with more than one person in custody, i think they're going to want to know who is the stabber and who was there who may have helped, who may have helped conceal the body, et cetera, and what authorities may
7:35 am
they may want to try to cut the deal with the less culpable person and say, all right, we'll still charge you. you'll still serve some time but we'll be able to get you out a lot earlier if you're willing to help us and testify against the other person because that person could be a critical eyewitness. we don't know that to be the case right now but in these kind of cases that tends to be what happens. >> okay, dan abrams, thanks very much. >> so much going on there. now to more on former fox news leader roger ailes. he was pushed out of his job as you know after being accused of sexual harassment by some of the nek' all of those accusing him were in such high profile positions. abc's elizabeth vargas is here with one woman's story of what she claims happened. good morning. >> good morning. laurie luhn worked for roger ailes for more than two decades. rising to director of booking at fox news. she says for much of that 20 years she was sexually aha rased and intimidated by ailes and zhu cupped to his demands for sexual favors.
7:36 am
but now sharing even more of it exclusively with us. tell me first of all why you decided to speak out. >> elizabeth, i think that i went through such hell for so many years i finally felt safe when i saw that other women were speaking up. >> reporter: for decades laurie luhn was one of roger ailes' closest associates. they met when she was 28 years old. working on george h.w. ailes already a powerful media consultant. >> i wanted to meet him. i wanted to work for him. i was so exit haved. i introduced myself to him on the elevator. >> reporter: ailes invited her for an interview with his firm. >> i think he wanted to gauge what kind of person i was. if i was insecure, if i was looking for a daddy figure. >> he was sussing out your vulnerabilities. >> absolutely and i was real insecure. >> reporter: he offered her work
7:37 am
according to luhn, it became clear what he wanted when he asked her to meet him. >> he came to town periodically and expect me to do whatever he told me to do. >> like what? >> he said that i needed training. >> you needed training? laurie says ailes told her to trip down to her lingerie and dance for him. >> he would have me get down on my knees and tell m going to do whatever i tell to you do at any time, do you understand that? >> she says ailes instructed her to perform a sex act on him. >> i didn't question it and that's the big -- that was his big thing. don't ever question anything i ask you to do. >> according to her that was no aberrant incident. it continued off and on for more than 20 years. laurie too afraid to tell anyone. you know people hearing this
7:38 am
>> it's not like i was able to go and consult or cry on the shoulder of some friend, i was completely isolated. i was isolated in the workplace. >> what did you think would happen to you if you complained or tried to refuse? >> have you ever seen roger ailes when he's unhappy? it's not a good sight to see. it's pretty scary. >> toward the end of laurie luhn's tenure at fox news she filed a complaint against roger ailes allegin million. roger ailes is releasing hi statement to us saying ms. luhn is someone i once regarded as a friend and a person who i helped for many years. the story she is telling fabrications built on half-truths and outright lies and i can only assume are opportunistically intended to thrust her back into the limelight at my expense." we will have much more on
7:39 am
eventually suffered as her relationship with ailes unraveled. >> oh, my gosh. quite an hour. all right. good to see you, elizabeth. thank you. you can see elizabeth's interview tonight on "20/20," part of her special report on sexual harassment at 10:00 p.m. eastern on abc. michael. >> all right, thank you, robin. coming up on our big board a thanksgiving travel alert. airlines are expecting a record number of flyers. what you need to know before you head to the airport. and a big change is coming to
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when you get your coupon and spend $75 at toys"r"us, you get a $10 gift card to use in december. uhm, beatbo... there's a rabbit behind me isn't there? i think bunny is the preferred nomenclature.
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and get a $10 gift card. toys"r"us ...awwwesome! it's time for the big board. more on today's top stories starting with this thanksgiving travel. airlines expect above average number of travelers and david kerley is at reagan national with more on how the tsa is getting ready for the crush. you spoke to the head of the tsa. >> i did, yesterday, george, he
7:42 am
those long, long lines we had in the spring? two and three-hour waits. a lot changed since then acc according to the tsa administrator and hired an additional 1,400 officers and convert another 2,000 to full time. so he says he's now at the staffing where he says he can handle the lines. but as you mentioned a little bit earlier, they're expecting a record 22 million folks to dom clue checkpoints like this between now and the monday after thanksgiving. >> well, that's a lot of people. david, they a money from congress. but after this year, what happens? >> reporter: yeah, that's really where they were able to do some hiring and the airlines had been ponying up with a lot of money too so it's a lot of fingers in the dike to keep everything running like it is now without long lines so the big question is what does happen? the airlines say they'll stop spending the money next year. congress, what will they do? the administrator told me they're talking about it but
7:43 am
>> you got news out of o'hare, second busiest airport in the country and workers there voted to strike. what kind of impact did that have? >> yeah, this is needless to say leverage for the union right before one of the busiest travel days so these are airline workers who clean the cabins and do other things at the airport threatening to strike over the holiday weekend. the airlines say if that happens, they'll just bring in additional people. they don't expect a major impact on chicago but if t the entire system. >> thank you. now to big news from mcdonald's. they announced they're expanding table service to all of its u.s. restaurants so standing in line for your big mac at the golden arches could soon be a thing of the past and nick watt is at a mcdonald's in california right now and, good morning, nick. nick, why the big change for mcdonald's? >> reporter: michael, burger joints are going fancy pants.
7:44 am
menu, artisanal buns and order on your smartphone app and mcdonald's, the big daddy, granddaddy doesn't want to get left behind so made these changes in 500 restaurants so far. you no longer have to stand in line to pay and wait for your food. right now we got it in southern california, new york, florida, coming soon to i believe san francisco, chicago, d.c. and if it works, if we like it to all 14,000 mcdonald's across the country. >> how will you don't order from your table, do you? >> reporter: no, you order from this. a $60,000 kiosk, egg mcmuffin, thank you very much. make it a meal, pay here and take this bluetooth kind of zapper thing with you to your table so they know where you're sitting and then your food is delivered to you. they've been doing it already in australia and europe and apparently customer satisfaction is up and also, ah -- >> that's the quickest delivery
7:45 am
thank you very much. you see, this is part of the service. they'll bring you ketchup, apparently in europe and australia they're loving it. also people are spending more money because when you can customize your own sandwich you get a bit carried away. >> what's the tipping policy? >> i believe we ordered food for you as well. maybe even for david kerley. >> really. >> david too? >> well, yeah. >> all right. >> you know both. you guys enjoy your breakfast. thanks to everybody and mcdonald's for taking care of breakfast. george and i are going to love this. coming up in two minutes this incredible story of this young woman and how she escaped that terrible road rage. plus, we gear up for black friday. how do you gear up for it? we'll tell you how to tell a deal from a dud.
7:46 am
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case of road rage. another driver chased a woman for miles while she begged a 911 operator for help. abc's kayna whitworth has more. >> a guy's hitting into the back of me trying to kill me on the road. >> reporter: this morning an arizona woman says out of nowhere she was the victim of violent road rage. >> oh, my god. he's in the middle of the street. >> reporter: fatima tsouli says she was driving in scottsdale when she said this man, seen before slammed in the back of her car and started following her. >> he's right behind me hitting me. >> did he hit your car? >> yes. twice. >> reporter: tsouli says he hit her car seven times. >> oh, my god. >> reporter: the 911 operator tri tries to keep her calm for eight minutes while trying to get her help. >> ma'am, i need you to take a deep breath and calm do you know so we can help you. >> reporter: tsouli pleading to other drivers for assistance,
7:49 am
>> there is a black sedan that crossed over the line and is driving completely erratically speeding, passing people and almost hit a head-on collision with a car that it forced off the road. >> reporter: police finally catch up with the suspect, but he takes off. eventually crashing into another patrol car. this morning, the 25-year-old is facing multiple charges including driving under the influence, reckless driving and aggravated assault. he has not yet enter a be alive. >> it was 25 minutes of pure torment. i could have died. i could have lost my life. >> reporter: for "good morning america," kayna whitworth, abc news, los angeles. >> when you hear something like that. >> wow. >> think the other drivers were doing all they could to help. coming up, those black friday bargains, we're just a week away but are those savings really deals or are they duds. michael, you'll go one-on-one?
7:50 am
>> hoping up about natalie wood, his famous leading ladies. >> a lot more. >> all right. just press "clean" and let roomba from irobot help with your everyday messes. roomba navigates your entire home.
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>> now, from wmur news 9 -- erin: good morning to you. it is now 7:56. a judge is expected to make a ruling today in the case of two school districts that are filing an injunction to stop a possible bus driver strike. the superintendent of the timberlane and hampstead school districts says once he found out that drivers in belmont could cause a chain reaction strike that could potentially impact 33 districts, he turned to the court system. local 633 says drivers won't strike until at least monday, november 28 at the earliest, and they would give plenty of notice to schools. the family of a nashua man who was killed this week in jamaica is asking for help in bringing him back to the u.s. 33-year-old christopher leite died after he was struck by a bus. he is survived by his three children. christopher's family created a "go fund me" page to help with travel and funeral expenses.
7:57 am
the family says any money left over will go to his three children. outside we go. this morning, we are seeing temperatures hovering around or the in goffstown, but we are in for a nice day. kevin: still some lingering clouds at north early this morning that you can see a top washington, looking down into the valley. otherwise, sunshine early this morning and what should be a beautiful day for mid-november, beautiful day for mid-november, with temperatures in the 50's to sunshine through the day and a light wind out of the northwest. another one tomorrow before the next system approaches, increasing clouds saturday evening. temperatures jump quickly this morning and level off in the 50's to lower 60's this afternoon. likely 50's to near 60 saturday. from there, things start to change. the increase in clouds for both
7:58 am
start to come in and may change over to wet snow up north or west. scattered snow showers kick in with a brisk wind later sunday. that is around through monday
7:59 am
8:00 am
good morning, america. it's 8:00 a.m. we have a blizzard warning in the midwest less than a week till thanksgiving and the first major snowstorm of the season is shutting down highways delaying flights and now the cold blast is barreling towards the northeast. ? deals or duds? are those black friday bargains really saving you big bucks? we're breaking down the secrets of the ? spoiler alert. who got away with murder? it's finally revealed who is under the sheet on prime time's hottest show. now the actor here live first on "gma." ? all that and it's mickey's birthday. and they're here to say -- >> all: good morning, america.
8:01 am
happy birthday, mickey. a big party coming up. we have the ultimate feel-good friday story. like that's not enough. the students who stepped up in a huge way to welcome back their teacher who is facing breast cancer. this was a total surprise. the song they sang and they'll join us later. >> we'll have her join us live and we can't wait to talk to her. >> you know, we're also continuing to celebrate our mission pawsible. we got so many great success stories. we're up to like 3,600 dog adoptions but sometimes older dogs get forgotten. the statistics are pretty incredible. a little upsetting. we want to change that so we'll tell you a story about that coming up. >> looking forward to that. the morning rundown from amy. >> good morning. we begin with breaking news from trump tower. several new developments this hour. president-elect donald trump has chosen his national security adviser, transition officials say retired general michael flynn has accepted trump's offer. flynn left the military two
8:02 am
criticized the obama administration's policies fighting islamic terrorists and also called for closer ties with russia. over the summer at the republican convention he led the "lock her up" chant against hillary clinton. president-elect trump will meet this weekend with mitt romney. the two have been harshly critical of one another. during the campaign romney called trump a fraud and trump called romney a loser and now he's considering him for secretary of state, sources an adviser say trump is absolutely openly naming formal rivals to his cabinet. also breaking news, senior officials on the trump transition seem say alabama senator jeff sessions has been offered the position of attorney general. no word yet if sessions has accepted. meanwhile, newt gingrich says he will not be serving in the trump white house. he had been mentioned for several positions including secretary of state. well, president-elect trump is taking credit for a decision by ford to keep producing its
8:03 am
con twitter trump wrote i worked hard with bill ford to keep the lincoln plant in kentucky. i owed it to the great state of kentucky for their confidence in me. ford promised to keep it open even if they decided to move suv production. a blizzard warning in effect in the plains as millions face the first significant snowfall of the year. up to a foot has already fallen in wyoming and colorado. the storm is blamed for at least two deaths on a highway and 20-vehicle pileup that closed interstate 70 in colorado. meanwhile, in the south, no relief for the crews fighting dozens of wildfires there. 190 square miles have burned in the drought conditions and some fires could burn until spring. the smoke casting a haze over tennessee, north carolina and georgia. forcing people to breathing problems to stay indoors. and history was made in space travel overnight. american astronaut peggy whitson took off on her way to the international space station
8:04 am
at age 56 whitson is now the oldest woman to travel in space. and finally, definitive scientific proof of something that already knew and so do lots of other women. guess what, women can multitask better than men. researchers using brain scans found that women can easily do more than one thing at a time like just, for example, answering the phone while checking e-mail while holding the baby but the test showed men who faced those same needed to mobilize extra brain p powers naturally. yes. >> like superheroes. >> exactly. we're sheroes. >> i'm not even trying to get in trouble. >> i'll represent. that's right. >> yes, dear. >> a good way to start the weekend. yes, dear. >> thank you, amy. how about a little "pop news." >> hi, robin. happy friday, tgif and it is a moment in american pop culture that will always be remembered.
8:05 am
he celebrated his 45th birthday. remember that curve hugging dress she wore? it's making headlines. the stunning gown which was so tight it had to be sewn on to her body put on the auction block. it went for $4.8 million. >> oh, come on. happened at julian's auctionness los angeles. the lucky buyer ripley's believe it or not, believe it or not, so you can all enjoy it. the dress has 2500 hand sewn crystal, million. the final sale price makes it the most expensive dress ever sold at auction surpassing another marilyn iconic dress, that white number -- >> that blew up. >> in "the seven-year itch" that went for $4.6 million in 2011. >> 9.4 million between two dresses. ripley's dit but like you said everybody gets a chance to enjoy it. also in "pop news" this morning, an amazing art discovery. this painting that you're about
8:06 am
martially completed has finally resurfaced about to hit the auction block expected to fetch up to an estimated $2 million. i guarantee you it goes over that. it was discovered in the private california collection of a woman who worked for kahlo in the '50s and was believed to be a gift from the artist's husband as a thank you. the woman now in her 90s took it to california where it hung unnoticed for 60 years. the discovery so ser has been protecting her paintings forbidding their export. "the girl with a necklace" was paymented by her when she was 22. said that kh wlchlt o probably kept it until her death. all that making it more desirable. >> priceless. >> i'm excited to see where that trades and then he's back. my man, john mayer releasing his
8:07 am
this one is called "love on the weekend." i believe it was written for u. john and i, the first line of his song has us saying tgif. listen up ? it's a friday we finally made it i can't believe i get to see your face ? >> i can't believe i get to see your face too, john. the singer unveiling the song during a facebook live yesterday. it's a great song, check it out. also saying that with the 2017 release of his album the search for everything he has m >> than he's ever put out in one year. mayor calls it a mix tape of everything that inspires him and all the styles that he's made before and that sounds pretty darned good to us. tgif. >> anything else you want to say to john. >> hello, john. how are you doing? no, i'm good. i'm good. >> we're good. thank you, lara. coming up before you jump into that black friday rush, are the bargains worth it, which
8:08 am
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8:12 am
we are back now with that black friday rush. it is a famous time of the year for great bargains but are some of those deals really just studs? becky worley has the answer >> reporter: black friday, tv ads and deal sites tout the best prices of the year but gadget review site the wirecutter says hold on. deals on quality products aren't as plentiful as you'd think. >> we found that somewhere under 1% of the deals were actually worthwhile. >> reporter: they say the top rated items aren't as likely to be discounted. they also point to price inflation that can take place around the holidays to make discounts look bigger.
8:13 am
if you look back it was being sold for $80 less last august. tvs, though, are a different story. >> in terms of products that give people some of the greatest discounts on black friday and someone's always looking out for it's tvs. you can get good discountses on great tvs and great discounts on good tvs. >> reporter: also apple products. they rarely go on sale but can be discounted on black friday by 10% to 15%. so how do you weed out the good di first, research. read reviews in advance. then use a deal aggregator site like and let you search for the lowest price and use this site,, crazy name to track price over time. if you find a lower price in the past hold on. odds on it'll go back down in price sometime after black friday.
8:14 am
i talk to my contacts at amazon. they say their holiday lightning deal, flash sales that come and go will be the lowest price on that item in the last 365 days guaranteed. but if you want alerts on them, you need to use the amazon app. add an item to the shopping list t has to be on your list and if it gets a price cut, robin, you get a notification in realtime. >> becky, you are in the know shin >> i'm shopping for you. >> you have a great weekend. thanks, beck. >> you too. coming up, that "how to get away with murder" bombshell. the star who was under the sheet, spoiler alert, is here live. ? blame it on the night ? coming up, "gma" puts a little love in your heart sing-along brought to you by subaru. take a good look around.?
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8:18 am
it's our way of saying thanks so you can give a little more this holiday. kohl's. ? oh, yeah, that is mickey's birthday celebration getting started out here. i learned some dance moves. i'm right next to mickey. it is a good morning, america. but first we
8:19 am
expected today after a chilly start. temperatures in the afternoon working into the 50's to lower 60's. it comes to the light wind and sunshine, even where you had thicker cloud cover out west end up north. we are at least expecting partial sunshine into the afternoon. another warm day with temperatures in the 50's with sunshine tomorrow. light rain showers develop sunday, the leading edge of colder air. all right. now to screen legend robert wagner. 'written a new book about the golden age of hollywood called "i loved her in the movies." we sat down and talked about his six decades working with so many famous leading ladies including stephanie powers, one of my favorites shows, "hart to hart." welcome, my friend? thank you. >> 60 years in the business which is amazing to me but i want toic that you back.
8:20 am
favorite shows "hart to hart." [ applause ] so, did you have any idea that show would be such a hit. >> the chemistry worked with stephanie and myself and the audience has picked up on it and it was a great time for us. we all had a wonderful time. >> i thought you two were really married. i was all over the show but in this book, "i loved her in the movies," this is i guess a love letter to all the women that you worked with. actresses you had a chance to work-related with. you did a screen test with marilyn monroe but not only did you do a screen test, is it true -- but outside of the screen test is it true you bought a cadillac from her. >> yes, i bought her car. sensational car. but, you know, marilyn, i mean we were all kids together. but she was a terrific lady. i mean, she was wonderful and lots of fun. joyous person, had a great sense
8:21 am
she was terrific. and i liked the car. >> that was a good car. what was the color. >> black leather. black seats, yeah. it worked. >> very fortunate to meet all the women you talk about in this book and one -- everything was not always great. there was a tough period for you when your wife, natalie wood, drowned in a boating accident and this is what you say. you say when natalie died i thought my life was over. how was it to deal with >> well, it's always with you, michael. you know, it's always -- it was a tremendous loss for all of us. we have her memories and that's the most important. >> where did the idea of this book come from? >> it really is a tribute to all of these wonderful women and they all gave us so much over the years and i was so fortunate to be able to work with many of them and know a lot of them. >> do you think the women have
8:22 am
comes to equality in the business? >> i think a little bit -- i think a little bit. i think it's difficult, you know. it's a business that's run by mostly men and i think when you become successful and you become an object, you know put upon so much, it's hard to separate all of that. >> i want to play a little game with you. okay? play a little game with you. you starred with so many trailblazing amazing women, so i'm going to throw out a name and give me the first word that comes to mind. [ applause ] remember this is morning television. first thing that comes to mind. elizabeth taylor. >> you looked in those eyes and i mean it takes a lot of concentration to keep going, you know what i'm saying.
8:23 am
okay, sophia loren. >> you know, she's got that wonderful warmth about her. you just feel it. you know, have you ever met her. >> yes, i have. >> how did you do? [ applause ] good, huh? >> just like that i mumbled. and last but not least, audrey hepburn. >> i just adored her. everybody that met her just thought she was the best. and she was. she was very, not just thank you for being here but thank you for writing this book. >> you're welcome. [ applause ] >> looking for a great read this weekend "i loved her in the movies" is out now. all right, lara. >> thank you so much. michael, i'm here, michael with a mystery guest and the moment that you have all been waiting for if you have not watched last night's episode of "how to get away with murder" yet, we have a spoiler alert.
8:24 am
want to know who was under the sheet. take a look. >> can i help you? >> the d.a.'s office. can i take a look? >> no! no. why wes? he's here right now in times square. give it up for alfred enoch. >> thank you. >> why did it have to be wes? >> you'll ask to ask the creator. it wasn't my choice. >> we finally found out who was under the sheet last night. when did you find out it was you? >> must have been about two months ago. i got a call from pete's assistant, pete is the show runner and she just said cow
8:25 am
>> did your heart stop beating. >> i had this moment of really saying and thought, this is it. it's been fun. it's been great and he was very nice and he kind of broke the news to me and, yeah. >> it is a show where crazy things happen. people do die so did all of you sort of anticipating i could be next? >> i mean, i hope they're not. i hope everyone else -- the weight is lifted and now we're safe but i mean it's called "how to get away with murder." you never know. >> you never know. >> how long you'll remarkable for you as you guys all come on to "gma" a lot and it seems like such a family, in fact, let me read you this. i thought it was sweet. aja and emmy saying i have to call my parents now because i know they'll be devastated. it hurts us too. talk to me about that camaraderie and maybe to say good-bye. >> i haven't. there's still the miss interest of what happens to wes in --
8:26 am
>> exactly, the kind of what happens between leaving the police station and him ending up dead. >> yes. >> so i'm still there and i'm still working with everyone so that's kind of nice but i mean that was the thing that hit me first of all. i mean we've been working together for three years and it's a real -- it's a family as you say and that -- i hadn't seen what aja had wrote but that's the really hard thing, the job has given me search in so many ways but working with those people day in and day out fantastically comtt people and the cast and the crew, the writers, it's been a pleasure. >> and it has been a pleasure to watch you. you have been captivating on camera. i love the show. >> thank you. >> i'm glad to know we will have more of you for the rest of the season. >> yes. >> "how to get away with murder" comes back january 19th an
8:27 am
>> now, from wmur news 9 -- erin: good morning to you. the new hampshire supreme court is upholding the sentence of a prison inmate convicted of second-degree murder. thomas milton was sentenced to more than 30 years in prison. prosecutors say he was part of a white supremacist prison gang when he beat another inmate to death in 2010. in his appeal, milton said unfair light during his trial. state climatologists are warning that even if we have a snowy season, the current drought conditions will last until at least march. experts say once the ground freezes, any precipitation, whether it's rain, ice, or snow, stays on the surface. that means the deeper groundwater supplies won't be replenished. because of that, the state climatologist says people need to continue conserving water
8:28 am
temperatures over the next couple of days continuing to warm up. we have a couple of systems and a more active pattern starting to kick in early next week. for the time being, the last clouds up north continuing to slowly lose coverage. a long day yesterday with the overcast there while the rest of us were enjoying sunshine. sunshine today and tomorrow. the next system arriving sunday morning. temperatures are going to jump quickly this morning and level off in the 50's to lower 60's. it will feel good through the afternoon. we will drop to near 40 tonight with mostly clear skies. one more day of this tomorrow, temperatures in the 50's. clouds increase saturday night. rain shower activity a possibility early sunday. cooler air will rush in. temperatures in the afternoon will start to fall sunday after highs in the 40's. this is the new air mass we are going to see in place. a brisk wind starting later
8:29 am
8:30 am
? [ applause ] come on, george. you can do it. >> you can do it. you can do it, george. >> try it. >> you know what, that george stephanopoulos, he always likes to make an entrance. that's our george. >> totally. >> [ applause ] >> yay! love it. >> ready to dive into the friday topic. >> yes. >> here's what i'm bringing to the table. when you were in school or studied were you somebody who crammed or did you take a nap and just figure you knew it already? how did you do it. >> i was a napper. >> i was a napper. >> you were a napper? >> napper. >> all night studier.
8:31 am
would study. she didn't study up until that point. >> i cannot confirm nor deny that. >> here's the thing there's a study at duke medical school in singapore and this study said you should sleep on it. instead of cramming, you should take a nap. they did a study with real students. >> where was that study when i was in college. >> but they did a study with real students and found that the students who took a nap compared to the students who crammed, the ones who took a nap did a little better. >> be ready to perform. >> we heard churchill was one to take a nap. >> he took a lot of naps. >> and einstein as well. >> the power of a little catnap is remarkable. we all know it. with this schedule, don't you feel -- if you can catch a 20-minute window, it changes your day. >> 20 or 40. i'm thinking like two hours. >> then i'm dead. that's too long. >> raise of hands, who is able to nap during the day? who are nappers here?
8:32 am
are you napping for? >> hey, the study they did did not say you had to be an adult to get a nap. my man is like i'm just ahead of the curve. but that's it. everybody, take a nap. don't cram. >> thank you, michael. [ applause ] >> public service announcement. >> okay. it's friday and we love these types of stories especially on fridays. we call it our feel-good friday piece. there is a schoolteacher third grade teacher in florida. she got a surprise of a when she returned to school. she was facing breast cancer and had to take a lot of time off from school and she came back and just see what was waiting for her when she came back to school. ? this is my fight song ? ? nobody else but me ? ? to me ? >> the entire school came out
8:33 am
with her class there in florida right now. good morning, everyone there, good morning. [ cheers and applause ] >> yes. looking good, jill. you have your friend linda who coordinated everything. another third grade teacher there. >> yes. >> so, okay, jill, when you came back and you saw that, what was going through your mind and your heart when you saw that reception? >> oh, my goodness. robin, it was so overwhelming anything like that. and i just was overcome with emotion and to see the entire student body out there all in pink, all of the staff members at rowlett, it was just overwhelming then they started singing and put it over the top. i couldn't believe it. >> those beautiful little voices. linda, how did you do this and how did 900 students keep a secret like that and how did you come up with this idea? >> well, it's incredible. when jill was first diagnosed,
8:34 am
shock, i mean she's a 35-year-old vibrant, beautiful woman and we just couldn't believe it. and everyone, everyone wanted to do something, but, you know, you're helpless at that point. you know, you just don't know what you can do. so parents and staff and kids, we sent cards, teachers donated some of their sick days. >> that's beautiful. >> so she wouldn't hav t and we had meals sent to her family and -- but the kids, you know, they wanted to show their love and just all of our admiration for how strong she's been. >> she has certainly exhibited that and how are thing, jill? how are you doing? >> well, good news is i'm cancer-free. >> yes. >> very excited.
8:35 am
happy to be back at work. >> you're back at work. >> happy to be back at work. this is where i want to be, yes. this is definitely where i want to be. >> well, and you can tell that they want you there so i don't know, i know it's kind of early there. can we hear a little rendition? can we hear a little bit from the students. can we hear a little from the song. you guys want to sing it one more time? >> hit it. sfwhoets this is ? prove that lie life song ? [ applause ] ? ? be strong my fight song ? ? and i don't really care if nobody else believes 'cause i still got a lot of life left in me ? >> thank you. thank you.
8:36 am
? >> oh, man. little knee socks. >> really getting into it. >> people that are going through their something to have that kind of love and support means everything so it just gives us an example what we all can do to help one another. >> that was fun. >> thank you, robin. >> feel good friday. >> want to feel good again? >> oh, yes. >> we all love dogs. did you see the difference it made in all of our yesterday. our statistics, we like to do it regularly. come to mean so much to us, this mission that we're on to get dogs adopted and call it mission pawsible because we love a pun but we are serious about it and want to reveal to you now our new number. very, very proud of this. our forever homes are now adding up to, drum roll, please. 3,702 dogs. [ applause ] those are some of the pictures there. but you know there's one group
8:37 am
easy to find hopes for. those are the senior dog, dogs that hit three years old, all of a sudden their chances of finding a home go down dramatically and we want to try to change that perception and change your mind on that. take a look. ? these three are part of my family. everybody, meet cocoa, age, 5 or 6, harry, maybe 13 and dandy, timeless. all rescued when they were full no puppies for me. i actually like the idea of giving a second chance to adult dogs who wouldn't need all the training a puppy requires. you want to go for a walk? give me a hug. my new friend and fellow dog lo lover erin stanton couldn't agree more. she owns two already and has become a champion advocate for older dog adoption. >> the staggering statistic when dogs hit 3 years old their adoption chances really plummet.
8:38 am
age. it was her 17-year-old rescue susie that inspired her to create susie's senior dogs, a nonprofit and social media sensation with more than 500,000 followers and posts profiles of elder di dogs in need of loving homes. >> are you ready? christie who spotted 10-year-old bourquet on her instagram but was initially skeptical. >> he had almost no hair and it was all wiry and seven pounds and now he weighs 13 pounds. >> reporter: once a new york city stray, this little guy now has a new leash on life. >> he has a total love for life. he loves to play. he loves to roughhouse. he's not geriatric. >> how does that feel to know that you have rescued 700 dogs? >> well, the easy part in my opinion is writing about them but the day that they go home, it's the adopters, 700 people who opened up their heart to a
8:39 am
>> erin compiled her favorite success stories in "susie's senior dogs" where she highlights human dog matches and advocates for elderly dog adoption. think people are worried about medical. >> the thing, you know that i always say, just like humans, not all old dogs have medical issues. another myth is that they're not going to bond to your family because they're already formed. i in fact think an older dog is more grateful. somehow innately though know. through it all both have the same message when looking to adopt keep an open mind. [ cheers and applause ] keep an open mind. that's all we ask. we have two senior dogs here from the humane society of new york. they could really use some homes full time. they are wonderful, wonderful dogs. so much love to give. housebroken. they're done. they're ready. all they need is you and you can check the humane society of new york city and any of our participating shelters across the country on our website,
8:40 am
like dating. have an open mind. don't judge a book by its cover. >> just like dating. >> it is. >> just like dating. >> you never know. so and a dog like this little mitzi and perry, they could live to 18 or 19 years old so don't think, oh, i don't want to get attached and then i'll be sad. they have many years of love to give so i know i'm begging. i am begging so just please consider adult dogs. >> no shame. no shame in our game. we've all been waiting for. mickey mouse, big day. >> wow.
8:41 am
8:42 am
8:43 am
? huge dance party in times square all to celebrate mickey mouse's birthday. we have a special surprise for him just minutes away. we also, though, have a programming note. don't want you to forget t p.m. eastern for the american music awards. jay pharoah is co-hosting. gigi hadid and bruin mow mars is opening the show then monday morning we'll break down all the big moments all coming up on
8:44 am
50's >> wow. michael, this crowd, though, they are on fire. let's head up to you. >> all right. it is a celebration. mickey's birthday and a huge dance party all over times square from his first movie "steamboat willie" to "fantasia" and mickey has been making his way across the world to we're about to give you a glimpse of his tour and a preview of his video. >> both: happy birthday, mickey. >> happy birthday, mickey. ? ? just keeps on getting better ? ? the music ? ? you will remember ? ? we won't let it change not a
8:45 am
>> come on. [ speaking a foreign language ] ? the whole world ? [ speaking a foreign language ] mickey. ? we got the sunshine ? ? get up the music take you away ? ? we got a feeling this way ? ? the sunny day feel the whole world say ? [ cheers and applause ] >> big celebration, everybody. boy himself. it's the world's most famous mouse, mickey! [ cheers and applause ] ? we got a sunshiny day ? ? get up things are going my way ? ? feeling this way ? >> whoa. happy birthday, mickey. happy birthday. amy and lara. now, we have some special friends here to help you celebrate. they're all from generation on and they are kids and teens who
8:46 am
communities so thank you very much for helping us out. [ applause ] and, you know, we have a big surprise for you, mickey. we're so happy it's your birthday. come on, guys, bring it out. [ cheers and applause ] >> now, that's one heck of a cake. great job with the cake. now, everybody, we want toel birthday, okay. on the count of three, let's all say "happy birthday, mickey." one, two, three. [ chanting "happy birthday, mickey" ] [ applause ] >> your face. >> we got to say happy birthday to mickey and we got to say thanks to buddy's bakery for the
8:47 am
started and thank you, everybody, here for celebrating. you guys are good party people. and coming up, a feel great sing-along that will put a whole lot of love in your heart. we all need that so stay right there and we'll be right back. [ applause ]
8:48 am
8:49 am
for nine years running subaru donates a portion of sales to charity during the holiday season. by the end of this year, they will have given nearly $90 million and they call it -- they call it the share the love event. >> a lot of love to share and as we head into the weekend we want to share the love with you. our viewers and everybody in our studio audience. we are joining us with the charitable group subaru supports for a sing-along to their theme
8:50 am
heart. we'll have the lyrics on your screen. if you're at home, grab your spouse, anybody, and join us in and to lead us off the new york city children's chorus right here in our audience. [ applause ] ? think of your fellow man lend him a helping hand ? ? put a little love in your heart ? ? you see it's getting late little love in your heart ? ? and the world will be a better place and the world will be a better place ? ? for you and me you just wait and see ? ? another day goes by still the
8:51 am
heart ? ? if you want the world to know we won't let hatred grow ? ? put a little love in your heart ? ? put a little love in your heart ? ? and the world will be a better place and the world will be a better place ? ? for you and me you just wait and see ? ? wait and see ? ? take a good look around and if you're looking down ? ? put a little love in your heart i hope when you decide ? ? kindness will be your guide put a little love in your heart ? ? and the world and the world will be a better place ? ? and the world
8:52 am
and see ? ? put a little love in your heart put a little love in your heart ? ? put a little love in your heart ? ? it's up to you put a little love in your heart in your heart ? ? put a little lov heart your heart ? [ cheers and applause ] "gma" puts a little love in your heart sing-along brought to you by subaru and the share the love event going on now through
8:53 am
8:54 am
8:55 am
she was at the center of the star, gretchen carlson. you've heard what everyone else has to say about her. now it's her turn. gretchen carlson speaks out, emotional, raw. >> did you blame yourself? >> on the sexual harassment she says she faced from men from the time she was crowned miss america. >> before i knew it he was on top of me and his tongue was down my throat. it was shocking experience. >> to her life today. >> do you feel like you've won? >> the powerful exclusive tonight at 10:00, 9:00 central
8:56 am
amas sunday night on abc. please join us monday for all the red carpet, the behind-the-scenes moments, from music's big night and considering adopting perry and mitzi. >> have a great weekend. >> yes. >> now, from wmur news 9 -- erin: good morning.
8:57 am
ruling today in the case of two school districts that are filing an injunction to stop a possible bus driver strike. the superintendent of the timberlane and hampstead school districts says once he found out that drivers in belmont could cause a chain reaction strike that could potentially impact 33 districts, he turned to the court system. a lawyer for the teamsters union local 633 says drivers won't strike until at least monday, november 28, at the earliest, and they would give plenty of notice to schools. the family of a nashua man who was killed this week in jamaica is asking for help in bringing him back to the u.s. 33-year-old christopher leite died after he was struck by a bus. he is survived by his three children. christopher's family created a "go fund me" page to help with travel and funeral expenses. so far, it's raised more than $27,000. the family says any money left over will go to his three children. outside, we are saying sunshine. clear skies right now. kevin: yesterday stuck in the
8:58 am
still clouds in far northern areas and sheltered valleys, but we should continue to scour that out through the day. a mild afternoon with sunshine. 50's to lower 60's this afternoon. 50's to near 60 tomorrow with sunshine. next system approaching. it is plenty cold enough for snow on the backside of that system. i am pretty sure a contrast in the temperature and the weather's today and tomorrow with sunday and going forward. 50's to 60's this afternoon with sunshine. night. there will be rain showers sunday morning. that is the leading edge of cooler air that eventually starts to arrive later in the afternoon. as the winds pick up on sunday, much colder air moves in. that is around for a good
8:59 am
9:00 am
>> announcer: it's "live with kelly!" today, from the series "shameless," william h. macy. and from the new film "lion," actor dev patel. plus, gelman's mom is in the kitchen cooking up her family favorite gravy as we wrap up our "live's homestyle thanksgiving another day at the cohost desk. all next on "live!" ? ? [cheering and applauding] and now, here are kelly ripa and ryan seacrest! [cheering and applauding] ? ? >> kelly: oh, hi!


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