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tv   News 9 at Five  ABC  November 23, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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jean: i'm jean mackin. meteorologist josh judge is here with what you can expect. josh j.: yes, it's going to be a little trickier tomorrow, but not too bad. could have been much worse, as looks like a lot of the precipitation we'll be seeing during the day tomorrow may hold off for a while, particularly into tomorrow night. here's a look at the current temperatures, it's chilly out there, upper 20's to lower 30's in northern new hampshire and all throughout the 30's to near 40 degrees at the here's what's happening, the skies clearing out around the mountains where it's been cloudy today and where you've had had a lot of sunshine we've got clear skies, so most of the state will go clear over the next hour or two and for a good portion of the overnight hours as well. but when we widen the view, can you see what's heading in our direction, that is a mix of precipitation and it pulls in tomorrow, and you could see a couple of spotty rain or snow showers during the day tomorrow. temperatures will be similar to today, mostly in the 30's.
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you see. we're going to take a look at future cast, but i'll tell you, it will be minor nuisances tomorrow, shouldn't be all that bad if you're traveling. more coming up later. josh: the day before thanksgiving is typically the busiest travel day of the entire year. new hampshire highways saw a steady flow of traffic today. shelley walcott spoke to some people trying to make it to their holiday destinations and she joins us from the hooksett rest stop with more on that. there's lots of traffic out on the highways this evening. but the people that we spoke with today say it's actually moving pretty smoothly. of course today is the day that millions of americans are heading to their holiday destination. the department of transportation says the most crowded time on the roads is actually right now. then it will be busy again throughout the day on sunday. the d.o.t. is asking people to keep an eye on the roads tomorrow, though.
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right around the time that many of the stores are opening for black friday shopping. but as for the here and now, drivers we spoke with have no complaints. >> there's been a steady flow of traffic, but at least it moving. it's not like trying to go through bogues during rush hour where it's stop and go. it's been pretty nice, just flowing along. so people have been a bit more consider at, i think. slow >> a lot of out of state plates, so obviously a lot of people are coming up here. reporter: so the department of transportation officials say last year saw about 257,000 cars on new hampshire highways over thanksgiving weekend. and they're waiting to see if we reach that same number this year. shelley walcott, wmur news 9.
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traffic is moving around the rest of the state. live pictures of 93 in windham. josh: peggy james joins us now with a look at the commute. >> hi, josh and jean. looks like a lot of people decided would be a good idea to leave early, so things aren't too bad on most of the major highways. we have a crash the plaistow on 125 at the wal-mart intersection. otherwise, though, 93 is busy the state line up to manchester, no trouble on 293 north or southbound and cruising right along through the hoob set tolls and up to concord. nothing in your way on 101 west bound and the everett turnpike is lighter than normal as well. the spaulding turnpike is busy but moving without trouble. from the wzid traffic network, i'm peggy james for 95.7, wzid.
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could put a damper on travel plans for millions of americans and it could lead to delays at major airports. aaron tells us what the t.s.a. is doing to keep the secure lines moving. reporter: some 50 million americans are packing highways and airports this holiday weekend. more than half are flying the this thanksgiving. an increase over last year. today alone there are some two and a half million passengers at demand is so high, airlines are adding 74,000 seats each day. preparing for the big crowds, t.s.a. hired 1400 new officers and converted many part-time workers to full-time. they also rolledded out automated screening lanes at airports in new jersey, chicago and los angeles, just in time for the holiday. officials say the new technology decreases the time travelers spend going through security while still making sure they're safe. >> this is a partnership between the airlines and airport
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a good thing and we're finding out it is a good thing on both security effectiveness and efficiency. reporter: winter storms in the middle of the country could mean delays or cancellations at airport as cross the nation, but since so many people are traveling by car this weekend, slippery roads could bring traffic to a krawm. departures are staggered. but everybody seems to come back at the same time. so sunday is expected to be the busiest day of the holiday weekend. the only way to avoid the crowds is to travel on thanksgiving, that's exp busy of the next few days. jean: you can get current traffic conditions, live radar and the latest forecast anywhere you go, just downlow the wmur app from the i tunes or google play stores. josh: tonight the state attorney general's office is investigating a serious assault that occurred in the town of went worth. police could be seen at two locations today, but they are
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edge. amy is live in plymouth. reporter: we're her at the plymouth police department, about 15 miles away from the tiny town of wentworth where this early morning assault happened. the leader of the homicide division is staging his investigation from here, he tells me that this has been a difficult investigation and it could be some time before details are released. the main focus for investigators today was this home van arrived around noontime. the road has been blocked off all day. there is a second location on buffalo road about two and a half miles away that had police activity today as well. wentworth is a tiny town of about 1,000 people. word of the assault spread quickly this morning. a man who says he's the victim's son in raw told us he found out this morning as hes with getting off his overnight shift at
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makes her uneasy and something alerted her dog last night. >> the dog was barking continuously, kept nosing over the neighbor's house, and i don't know what was going on, but there was a lot of noise. reporter: clearly more questions than answers at this point and certainly a tragic start for the holiday weekend for a local family. live in plymouth, amy reporter: in lebanon police are investigating the death of a man after his body was found along the connecticut river. someone reported seeing the body this morning. the medical examiner's office will do an autopsy to figure out how the man died. jean: tonight a family is grieving after a 72-year-old man was hit by a car while trying to retrieve a gas grill from a roadway in rochester. it happened yesterday evening and tonight the driver police
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d.u.i. charge. andy hershberger is live in the newsroom with more on the circumstances. reporter: state police say while they are still looking into exactly what happened, they are calling this crash tragic and sad. state police say the crash happened mere near the top of an on ramp to the spaulding turnpike in rochester where 72-year-old kenneth long of sanbornville and his son were hauling a gas grill in the back of their pickup. >> a gas gri travel lane, or the on ramp rather of the interstate. father and son get out to retrieve the grill and unfortunately the father was struck by a vehicle. reporter: that vehicle was driven by 351-year-old eric grabowski of middleton. they arrested him on one count of driving under the influence, but that's the only charge he's
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scene. grabows sc i was released on bail, police closed part of route 16 for about four hours while they investigated. >> we're investigating all fact torgs of what caused the accident, obviously the impairment angle on the part of of the driver, we have a pretty good sense of where the crash happened in terms of where in the roadway, but that's all part of the investigation at this point in reporter: grabows sc i will appear in court on december 7. jean: making picks for the trump administration. josh: two women or the list, we'll tell you the role it could play in the transition. >> turkey with a side of tension, i'm aixa diaz in
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battle with family over this year's election. mike: we're live in lincoln at loon mountain where the ski season has just begun. >> the president of u.n.h. says he won't tolerate hate crimes on campus. reaction from staff and students coming up at 5:30. josh: now that the recounts are complete, what the state
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josh: we have breaking news from wall street, another day of records. the dow closed up 58 points to move further above the 19,000 mark, and the s&p 500 rose a point. both are new highs. but comparatively speaking the nasdaq is in the tk, five points. jean: tonight two women are on the list of president-elect donald trump's cabinet nominees. josh: he's tapping south carolina governor nicki haley to be ambassador to the united nations, ask betsy devos to be the secretary of education. sally kidd is live in washington with what else makes these picks significant. reporter: josh and jean, both nominees have accepted the offer and both positions will need to
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president-elect donald trump has tapped prominent charter school advocate betsy davos as his secretary of education and south carolina governor nicki haley to serve as u.s. ambassador to tuns. >> it's clear in the nomination of haley that donald trump is at least willing to consider people who did not kiss up to him on the campaign trail. she was quite critical. reporter: in a statement, mr. trump calls davos a passionate who will reform the system and bring school choice to all families. he says governor haley is a proven deal maker and one of the most universally respected governors in the country. >> she is the youngest governor in america, she is the daughter of indian immigrants, widely regarded as being very sharp and approachable. reporter: but some say she lax sufficient foreign policy experience.
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congressman pomp yoa >> there's a lot to do and there have been indications that the plan or the goal is to get all that done between thanksgiving and christmas. reporter: the nomination of devos is drawing some criticism. the nations largest teachers union says she is out with what works best for students. devos tweeted that the status quo in education is unacceptable. jean: thanks, sally. a campus police officer in michigan is in critical condition after after he was shot in the head. 29-year-old officer rose was on patrol last night when he radioed in that he was about to interrogate a suspect on a bike. rose was investigating possible thefts of navigation systems
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other officers arrived on scene and found officer rose injured on the ground. right now his condition is described as very grave. josh: four boston police officers are recovering right now after a violent confrontation overnight. boston police say the officers were investigating a report of a man with a gun in dorchester, when the officers asked the suspect to get out of his car, police say he accelerated toward them at a high rate of speed, dragging two of them down the street. the other two the car. police are looking for a suspect driving a silver chevy with connecticut plates. josh j.: today we saw a lot. sunshine out there, certainly wasn't warm, but at least it wasn't cold and a good travel day for sure. a look here at your unofficial high temperature showing 30's in much of the state. but southern new hampshire most places reached the lower 40's
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shining. the high temperature in concord was 41. the average 45, so a little below average, not too far and hard to believe it, but the report high for today is 73 degrees from back in 1931. the win has calmed quite a bit. winds from 6 to 16 miles per hour, so that win will continue to calm a little more as we go through the evening hours as well. now to your current temperatures and as y cooler than our highs, but still a seasonably chilly, either side of 30 degrees in northern new hampshire and mid to upper 30's everywhere else. get ready for those kinds of temperatures the next couple days. clouds did hang around in the mountains today, but they're retreating now. so we will see a period of clear skies tonight. anyone traveling this evening,
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allow easy passage of the roads at least from the weather point of view. can't do much about the traffic. there's a look at the weather system to our west, this is going to dominate our weather the next several days. so get ready for on and off again conditions that could interfere a little bit, but i think a good portion of the state sees rain over snow, especially the southern half of the state over the next few days, and the warmth, where is it, it's down south and even down south to their normal standard. sites a colder outbreak around much of the nation. not deep arctic outbreak but certainly cool. everywhere else around the nation is fairly calm. and over the next few days as it heads toward us we are really what it is and all it is out there in terms of the weather. pacific northwest sees a few
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here, we've got clear skies this evening, but clouds thickening up overnight and early morning. here's the tricky part, tomorrow, very spotty precipitation. you could see a passing snow flake or two anywhere in the morning, shouldn't be a big deal at all. so much of the travel should be just fine. tomorrow afternoon you could see mixed showers popping up. most of them though likely wait until late. this is 6:00 and you notice rain snow in northern new hampshire, off and on through the overnight hours of thursday into friday. of course this is black friday and you're going to see mixed rain and snow showers around off and on through the day on friday and into part of saturday as well. so you can imagine that's going to cause some delays or minor disruptions here and there, but a lot of it will be in the form of rain over snow, the keepings will be in the mountains and parts of central new hampshire.
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into about saturday, then warmer for next week. josh: thanksgiving also brings the start of the ski season to the granite state. jean: that's right. so you know loon mountain opened for the winter today, and that's where we find chief meteorologist mike haddad, you know he would be out there for today's weather wednesday. looks like you're seeing the snow, mike. mike: that's right. the stars are out, but we've got snow behind us because of the magic of the snow machine. i'm joined by manager greg bosnick. thanks for inviting us on opening day. >> thanks for coming. mike: tell us about number 50. >> this is the first day of our 50th season. we were founded december 27, 1966 and we have come a long way since then. mike: the snow guns are blasting behind us, but that's good news. tell whus they get fired up and how many trace you have already. >> we fired up sunday afternoon, it's been going nonstop ever
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trails right now. we had the top half of the mountain open today and we're hoping to go top to bottom on friday. reporter: many are thinking because of the drought that there may be an issue in terms of water supply, getting the snow guns blasting, but you told me a moment ago not much of an issue. >> we're fine, we're in a much better position than the southern part of the state. over the last month or so we've seen a big uptick in rainfall so we're doing fine. mike: so you're dpping to get more top to bottom. >> that's right, top to bottom and we're open every day for the rest of the season. mike: we have an important we'll talk about at 6:00 for saturday, but until then hope these sounds keep going. that's the word from loon and the sound for loon, great news for skiers, top to bottom on friday. live at loon in lincoln,
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jean: mike out there in the elements already for ski season. giving back this thanksgiving. josh: next, the seacoast food pantry that needs your help making the holidays happen for a lot of families in need. jean: new at 5:30, some black friday deals are already under way. we have all your shopping tips
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jean: breaking news on the investigation in wentworth that we told you about. the attorney general's office has just announced that a man found at a home on atwell hill road died after he was taken to the hospital. he has been identified as 60-year-old todd downing. he died of blunt force injuries and is a victim of homicide. minutes. josh: tonight the spirit of giving takes us to the seacoast family food pantry in portsmouth. jean: it serves more than 1100 people each and every month. the pantry's new west road location has created a market-type atmosphere for those in need. the organization needs donations, things like healthy cooking oils, beans and proteins, all help is welcomed especially this time of year. josh: as we gather with loved
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may not be the only thing you fight over. after a contentious election season, emotions could run high among family members of different political views. aixa diaz spoke to a therapist about avoiding tension to go with your turkey. reporter: we spoke with a therapist who says he's seen several patients who are anxious about getting together with family for the first time since the election. the holidays can be stressful enough. add politi t fast. >> family gatherings in general make people anxious and nervous. reporter: this licensed psycho therapist says this thanksgiving could be extra tense. >> it's really soon after the election. reporter: to avoid meltdowns at mealtime, he says try practicing empathy. if you and a loved one voted for different presidential candidates, have a dialogue, not a debate. >> when people feel really strongly about a certain situation or a certain
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behind that that's driving that. reporter: if you don't want to talk about the election, ask your family personal questions that focus on their day-to-day lives, like how's your new job or how is your vacation. if you're really anxious about thanksgiving, call the host ahead of time to discuss setting boundaries before everyone arrives. if that doesn't work, plan an exit strategy. >> this is the script that i'm going to say and tell everyone why i'm leaving. and give yourselfer reporter: if you do anticipate engaging in political talk over thanksgiving, he recommends doing so before everyone has too much to drink. jean: all probably a good idea. in politics at the table. josh: standing together, that's what the u.n.h. president wants students to do. jean: the increase of hate incidents on campus that has the school condemning the acts. and wild turkeys making a
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josh j.: rain and snow headed toward the granite state.
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>> you don't really think it happening here. jean: tonight the stern warning from the president at u.n.h., the incidents of hate that he says will not be tolerated. josh: we're just hours away from the stores opening for black friday. what experts say you should do to get the best deals of the season. jean: and giving his last turkey pardons, the lucky birds that president obama won't let go to a thanksgiving table. like we do. now wmur news 9 at 5:30. jean: all right. right now drivers heading to their thanksgiving festivities are lucking out weather wise, with clear skies across the state. that may not be the case tomorrow. welcome back, everyone, i'm jean mackin. josh: i'm josh mcelveen. meteorologist josh judge is here now, and could we see some snow tomorrow? josh j.: certainly looks like some areas will see a little bit.
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the roads it would be very minor. i don't see major problems with with traveling for much of the day tomorrow. temperatures in the 30's primarily. skies are clear. so absolutely no trouble traveling tonight whatsoever. but then we're going to watch this system off to our west, pushing on in. you can see there's rain and snow along with this system and it's going to begin, the very beginning process at least of moving in during the morning hours of tomorrow. so as we go through the morning tomorrow there could through the midday hours as well. the yor push of -- the major push of precipitation would be late afternoon into the evening. we'll talk more about that and show you future cast as well, coming up in the full forecast a few minutes away. jean: here's a live look at the road conditions right now, 93 in wind ham moving right along. in hooksett traffic also at a good pace.
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just a few sections of slowdowns, so you need to watch for traffic slowing down or braking in front of you. but other than that seems to be moving along tonight. josh: hate on campus will not be tolerated, that's the message tonight from the president of the university of new hampshire, he sent a letter to staff and students because he says the school has seens an increase of hate incidents on campus. kristen carosa has speak with several people here in campus who say they had no idea this was even going on and they say they are relieved it's being addressed. the weather from u.n.h. president mark huddleston is just three paragraphs long, but the message is stern. >> it's nice to see that u.n.h. is stepping up. reporter: according to the school, several students, faculty and staff have experienced acts of hate. the letter says the attitudes
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stab together and say not in our house. this staff member is pleased the issue is being addressed. >> if people feel like there's an issue going on they have a place to go and seek out some information and advice on what to do. reporter: they have seen hate incidents in person including racial slurs, spitting, bullying, as well as vulgar statements made on social media and e-mails and voice u.n.h. student brandon rule says he hasn't witnessed any hate incident on campus and is surprised that it's going on. >> i don't really see it, but based on the e-mail it is happening. reporter: he says he isn't sure if the letter is enough to tackle the issue but says it's a step in the right direction. >> every university is the ideal environment for there to be intellectual debate and
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important to have a certain set of ground rules about how those discussions are going to happen. reporter: the school is asking for all hate incidents to be reported. if any student feels as though they're in danger, they're asked to call u.n.h. police. kristen carosa, wmur news 9. jean: a new update tonight about a potential school bus strike in new hampshire. that's a s again. union represent itches and first student officials will meet for another round of negotiations next friday, december 2. and that means there will be no bus service disruption before that time. reporter: the american red cross is honoring the dedication of everyone in law enforcement and it's all part of the law enforcement memorial blood drive. this is a critical time for the
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>> so we have asked people to come out today to give the gift of life, if you will. and a donation of blood in memory of those fallen heros. josh: he says it's important to give blood this time of year, especially with the increase of traffic accidents. so are you hitting the stores tomorrow? still to come at 5:30 -- jean: we have the best deals to look for and when you should shop. josh j.: there are changes on the rain the next few days. josh: plus making a comeback, how new hampshire's wild turkey population is doing years after the bird was overhunted and nearly eliminated altogether. jean: and a presidential pardon, the turkeys getting the chance
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josh: an uncharted record territory continues for the dow jones, picking up 59 points. s&p picked up a couple. while the nasdaq is down five. gas prices nationally 2.13. in new hampshire, same thing. thanksgiving is tomorrow, and many stores are starting black friday deals early. jean: shoppers have all kinds of
5:40 pm
reporter: it's not just turkey eating that peaks on thanksgiving. according to sale trackers, so does the holiday weekend discounts. retailers are offering store only door busters like this 49-inch tv from best buy that's $250 off, at 199. eve than online door busters, will have this 60-incher for $398. some say that's the lowest price ever. may not be as plentiful as they seem. >> we found that somewhere under 1% of the deals were worth while. reporter: the tv's are an exception. >> can you get good discounts on great tv's and great discounts on good tv's. reporter: also apple products, they rarely go on sale but can be discounted on black friday by 10 to 15%. when it comes to one of this year's hottest is to -- these interactive hatching eggs
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your kids asked for. reporter: and a toy that retails around 60 bucks can even be found going for upwards of $200 online. so do your homework before you shop. you can use sites to fine the lowest advertised prices. if you don't want to give up your turkey day to shop, abc reports the second best day for deals all year long is just around the corner, cyber m angeles. josh: as sales of new homes slipped last month, americans went out and bought existing homes in a faster pace than a decade. low mortgage rates have helped spur home sales. the commercial department says that sales on new homes though fell almost 2%, once again existing home sales through the first 10 months of in year are nearly 13% higher than last. jean: the government want smart
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used by someone driving a car. the voluntary guidelines unveil today are designed to help reduce distracted driving crashes. regulators want auto makers to make info tainment systems easy to pair with smart phones. president obama giving his last thanksgiving pardon. josh: next we introduce to you the two turkeys that won't be served for dinner tomorrow. jean: you think you have a lot to cook? in sports we'll check out the menu for the football team. tom: at 6:00 tonight, breaking news out of wentworth, the attorney general's office just confirmed a man is dead after he was found badly beaten in a home. we'll have all the details just coming in. and hitting the road, highways are crowded tonight with thanksgiving eve travelers. the trouble spots to watch out for, next at 6:00.
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jean: president obama has pardoned his last national turkeys. take a look at these two, named tater and tot from a farm in iowa. the white house asked americans to take to twitter to vote for which turkey should receive the pardon, and the winner goes to team tot. tot was honored with the title of national thanksgiving turkey, and tater, namedded the alternate.
5:46 pm
turkeys and they were hunted heavily. for 50 years there were none in the granite state. josh: paula tracey takes a look at the effort to bring them back. reporter: 25 wild turkeys were reintroduced along the connecticut river valley in westmoreland in the 1970s and now there are more than 40,000 across the state. there are two hunting seasons and the bird can also be entertaining to watch. but now they're repopulate another species. bobcats were once wiped out from new hampshire, after a decline in their favorite prey, rob it's. now the predators feed on squirrels and turkeys. the state considered adding a bobcat this year, but ultimately rejected it. bow and arrow season for the birds runs through december 15, and some may end up on the table tomorrow. for more on turkeys and bobcats,
5:47 pm
>> i'm thankful for the people that have been around me and supported me and affected my life from mom and dad to everybody in this university who has given me an opportunity to do what i love. >> much to be thankful for in sports, including u.n.h., they are headed to holloway commons at 2:00, with 150 people on the guest list, 100 pounds of turkey, 75 pounds of prime rib, 100-pound of potatoes, 60 pounds of butter nut squash, stuffing, green beans, salad, cranberry sauce, mac and cheese, rolls, a large vat of gravy. pumpkin pie, cheesecake with strawberries. go wildcats.
5:48 pm
fourth and it's really fun. we're up here and there's literally nobody else on campus. it's a good time to, one of the last times we'll be with these people, so it's good to spend time with my best friends. >> you're with kids that have become an extended family over four and a half, five years and it's fun to see the freshmen to great to be playing on thanksgiving day. >> one of the turkey trots for tomorrow, the wobble and gobble fun run, get it, pi, 3.14. it begins at 9:00 a.m. at lafayette regional school. bode miller's turtle ridge foundation is the sponsor. josh j.: seasonably chilly now,
5:49 pm
today made the travel day easy and that will continue to be the case with easy travel tonight as well with clear skies and nothing really happening or to worry about this evening. temperatures will be dropping of course it will be on the chilly side. but we will see those temperatures in the 20's and 30's, dropping a bit and then tomorrow near not going to head upwards a lot more than they are now. clear skies now. and much of the day saw the clear skies aroun mountains. a perfect of clear weather will be around this evening, no problems as i mentioned for traveling whatsoever. we are obviously keeping our eye on this weather system, you know there's plenty of rain and a little snow with this system as well, so there could be mixed precipitation to go here. let's tell you how this all happens because we start with clear skies this evening, then that system moves in and approaches during the day
5:50 pm
the following couple of days. all the warmth is well to our south. so certainly we're not going to deal with any warmups immediately. there's the system, nothing else happening around the nation, a few showers in the pacific northwest. so anybody you know that's traveling or if you will be, all the action will be here in the northeast for the next few mainly clear skies tonight. then clouds overnight into early tomorrow morning will be thickening up, like you see right here. as this finger of flurries continues to pof through the state, a spot or two sees a dusting, but that's about it. it will be a largely dry, cloudy day with with the chance of a little snow spitting at you here and there. then much of the precipitation
5:51 pm
set or just after it. some snow to the north and central new hampshire likely as well, light periods of snow, it could cause dustings to an inch or so in some locations, and in southern new hampshire largely changing to rain for when this batch rolls in late tomorrow into tomorrow night. as you see, mixed showers off and on right through the night into friday. wake up early, black friday morning there could be some showers, although largely they could be rain or freezing rain, but in the northern half of the state they could be in the form of snowr largely changing over to rain showers at times, and it continues into friday night and saturday as well. so obviously a few days worth of scattered showers. the bulk of which will be rain. if you're in the northern half of the state, at times you could see some snow mixing in. so keep that in mind for some slick travel. tonight no problems, down boo the 20's. for tomorrow, your high temperatures, won't be all that
5:52 pm
but the showers tomorrow will be very spotty, probably snow first through the midday and early afternoon hours, then starting to mix with rain later in the day and evening. but again much of the day dry tomorrow, and most of the precipitation holds off until around sun set or after into the evening hours, and off and on right through about saturday. sunday we clear out and then we start to get milder for next week. josh: so it's an annual tradition in dover. jean: coming up, this otherwise get to celebrate the holiday. josh: then the scaffolding is now gone, we'll have the latest update on the golden dome at the
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afoot and light-hearted i take to the open road. healthy, free, the world before me, the long brown path before me leading wherever i choose. the east and the west are mine.
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josh: welcome back. about 350 people who may not otherwise get a thanksgiving meal were treatedded to one today in dover. jean: this is the 8th annual thanksgiving celebration put on organizations. everyone is treated to a holiday feast and given a visa gift card and a warm fleece blanket. and look at this, the kids got a toy from santa and mrs. clause. they were on hand visiting all the way from the north pole. also plenty of music and great food. >> it really is the beginning of the holiday season. it really starts the season well, and everybody is going to leave this place with a smile on their face.
5:56 pm
giving back. jean: organizers cooked 200 pounds of turkey for the meal. josh: the smithsonian will display the first bucket used in the first ice bucket challenge, it will be part of an exhibit of giving in america. it helped -- i remember the ice bucket
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5:58 pm
josh j.: as we get ready for the holiday we also prepare for our next winter-like weather system. tom: record breaking travel as thanksgiving destinations, how roads are looking at this hour. jennifer: breaking news out of wentworth, the attorney general's office confirming one
5:59 pm
beaten. the details we're just learning. >> there's a difference between having a political discussion and making it partisan and divisive. tom: his party may hold the majority in concord, but tonight governor elect sununu is making a promise to those across the aisle. >> no one covers new hampshire like we do. now wmur news 9 at 6:00. jennifer: right now travel on new hampshire's roads is smooth for the most part and skies arel tomorrow. good evening, everyone, i'll jennifer vaughn. tom: i'm tom griffith. meteorologist josh judge is here with what drivers can expect heading into thanksgiving. josh? josh j.: yes, it's going to be a little trickier tonight next few days than what we saw today with beautiful sunshine and clear skies out there, like what you see right there. temperatures in the 20's and 30's at the moment. here's a look at the clouds that retracted even away from the mountains, it's mainly clear at
6:00 pm
clouds looming, about to pof in just to our west. along with it comes some rain and even some snow. one of those wintery mix type situations for some parts of the granite state on the way. tomorrow it will be cloudy, but the mixed snow and rain showers will be few and far between during the daytime hours. you could see some snow, flurries or flakes during the morning or midday hours, the more mixed precipitation of rain and snow should hold off until late in the day and into tomorrow evening. we'll show you that on future minutes. jennifer: tonight the state department of transportation says the crews did pretreat the spaulding turnpike with a brine solution today from exit 9 to 18 to help with those slick conditions. d.o.t. saying it will be closely monitoring the forecast and the road conditions and will head out as needed. for more out how traffic is moving now and what drivers are saying, we check in with shelley walcott. reporter: there's a lot of


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