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tv   Today  NBC  August 2, 2015 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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of the swiftly approaching wildfires. one of the largest fires, the rocky fire, still remains 5% contained this morning. nbc's dottie schwartz just filed this report for us from california. >> reporter: take a look behind me. it's easy to see why 12,000 people have been evacuated. this is one stretch of the 27,000 acres that has been torched. overnight huge flames and evacuated areas in lake county, california. just hours after a firefighter was killed scouting a fire. a husband and father of two now hailed as a hero as a tight knit community of firefighters work through this difficult time. >> all kinds of things go through your head. could that have been me? >> drought conditions heavy wind and lightning making conditions even worse. >> because of the drought and the lack of water throughout california, the fuel conditions
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and the brush that is burning is what we would normally see in late august. >> reporter: in rural washington state, homeowners returning to find their houses destroyed. >> i raised all three of my babies in here, even him. it's crazy. >> reporter: in southern california it was round two in the busy cajon pass. major thoroughfare connecting l.a. to las vegas. two weeks ago a wildfire moved in so fast, it torched cars stuck in gridlock. another fire near the same stretch of highway. this time firefighters were able to divert traffic and the flames. now, the main focus for firefighters in california is up north at the rocky fire. so far 14 homes have burned and others have been saved. >> the big tanker came in, the big jet. dropped a lot of the retardant. if it wasn't for that, i don't think my property would still be here. >> still, he's packing up and evacuating along with hundreds of others as the fire continues to grow. a relentless fire season only expected to get worse.
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here at the rocky fire, fire crews have been working on this fire for several days. they only have 5% containment and the conditions are looking like they're going to get worse today. back to you. >> tough out there. gaddy schwartz this morning, thank you. to politics now. new speculation this morning that vice president joe biden may be considering entering the race for the white house. this as the gop candidates get ready for their first debate on thursday. nbc's white house correspondent kristen welker is in washington with more. kristen, good morning. you, craig. will he or won't he? one of the big debates in washington revolves around whether vice president biden will throw his hat into the democratic race for the white house and there are new rumblings this morning that he just might be giving it some thought. democratic front-runner, could hillary clinton get fresh competition? according to "the new york times," joe biden is taking a new look at a potential run. his advisers started to reach
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out to democratic leaders and donors who have not committed to mrs. clinton. one possible factor, his late son beau who passed away in brain cancer at age 46. >> beau encouraged his father to run before his death. they had had conversations about this. even when beau was sick, he still said i think you should run. >> the vice president's press secretary down played the speculation, writing, as the biden family continues to go through this difficult time, the vice president is focused on his family and immersed in his work. senator john mccain, biden's long time friend, telling kelly o'donnell. >> i sees the trust factor of hillary clinton in a steep decline. and i think that he's examined his options. >> reporter: meanwhile, the gop race is heating up too as candidates get ready to face off this week in their first debate. only the top ten candidates qualify for the primetime stage. front-runner, donald trump, a political novice tried to lower expectations.
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>> i have no idea how i'll do. maybe i'll do terribly, maybe great. >> the big challenge for the nine other candidates who will be on stage, how to respond to trump's brash style. >> what do you expect in the debate? do you expect he will be the unfiltered donald trump? >> no. i really don't know what to expect. i think there will be lofts interaction between us and the other candidates. i think it will be a lively debate. >> some of his key aides have been helping secretary clinton. clinton has broad support among democrats and polling well. democratic sources say biden would only seriously consider running if she were to stumble in a big way. that hasn't happened. biden has always said he'll make a decision the end of the summer. kristen welker from washington. thank you. chuck todd is moderator of meet the press. good morning. >> good morning. >> lot of action for a summer weekend. doesn't usually happen this way. >> this ain't august.
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>> what do your gut feelings tell you the chances are that vice president biden will, in fact, throw his hat in the ring? >> look, the problem with the trying to figure out what vice president biden is going to do is that he is unlike most other major national figures, he could say close counsel and his family members first. that truly know what's going on. past presidential campaigns, the last one was run by his sister. his niece was the political director. his sons were always with him on the campaign trail. the reporting that his family would definitely like to see him running is true. the question is what is he going to do? what you have to be careful in reporting about joe biden, there are plenty of advisers who don't have the last name of biden who aren't family members and don't fully know. what i was told is, look, joe biden is going to have a big summer vacation where the family will gather. he is still in mourning of beau. they're going to have a conversation about this. after that, we're truly going to know. the one thing you have to remember.
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when you run for president once, you usually want to do it again. his heart, i'm told, is leaning towards running. does he think he can win? >> there's one donor quoted in "the new york times" saying it's not that we dislike hillary, it's that we want to win the white house. is there a sense that vice president biden would fare better on the national stage than hillary clinton at this point? >> look, i don't think there's polling evidence that says that. that said, this week brought some new numbers out that showed hillary clinton had her lowest favorable ratings and joe pied en biden had the highest favorable ratings. they look about the same as strong and previously, hillary clinton looked like a stronger candidate. she's still popular among democrats. her problem is with swing voters, independent voters who are souring on her and do view joe biden more favorably. the question is are they viewing him more favorably because they
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don't like hillary clinton but they'd never vote for him. that's something that the biden people have to answer in order to figure out if it's truly viable for them to win. >> on the republican side, as we just saw, jeb bush told lester, it's going to be a lively debate. it's a little confusing. woef these two debates, the top ten will be in the primetime debate. realistically for the american voters sitting at home, how much are they going to learn when 90 minutes is shared between ten people? >> exactly. if it's all evenly divided, you're going to hear nine minutes of a candidate. i promise you today on the show, you're going to hear from donald trump and ben carson on my show than you hear at the debate. >> to see how they interact with each other. this trump phenomenon is going to end up being the storyline. whether it's trump himself or the way other candidates react to trump. that is, i think, part of this that makes this such april fun
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debate watch. but probably not very substantive. >> well, we'll be watching that. first, we'll be tuning in for meet the press this morning. we'll hear a lot more from the candidates and donald trump will be one of your guests. a lot to talk about there. chuck, thanks. turning overseas now. we got news overnight and rumors that cecil the lion's brother had also been killed. jericho is alive and well scientists say. kelly cobiella has more for us. >> it's been a confusing 24 hours following these lions. the park where they live is about the size of connecticut. early this morning, zimbabwe time, researchers and park rangers set out into the remote bushland searching for cecil's so-called brother jericho. >> cecil, the famous lion killed by american dentist walter
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palmer, wasn't the only one being hunted. that's jericho on the left and cecil on the right. jericho was collared as well and was believed to be looking after cecil's cubs. late saturday, volunteers at the zimbabwe conservation task force posted this on their facebook page. it is with huge disgust and sadness that we have just been informed that jericho, cecil's brother has been killed at 4:00 p.m. today. we're heartbroken. but this morning, one of the oxford scientists studying the pride said jericho is alive and well. seen him at 7:06 zimbabwe time. he posted this picture of the healthy lion. the scientist said he was with his lie onesses who had just made a kill. >> the death of one male lion can cause a cascade of effects which leads to other lions being killed. >> jericho and the cubs could face threats from other dominant male lions. for now the zimbabwe government
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is trying to protect them from hunters, banning all hunting around the park where cecil lived. >> i haven't seen -- it's been suspended. >> restrict being the kind of hunting practice by dr. palmer. >> bow hunting has been suspended with immediate effect. dr. palmer is still hiding and wanted by the zimbabwe government. >> the processes have started and we are looking forward for his extradition. >> the dentist has not been charged and has said he believed he had the proper permits. authorities in zimbabwe are looking into at least two other the park. one in april, the second in july. both are just now coming to light and may explain some of the confusion among volunteers craig? erica. >> kelly, thank you.
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sheinelle has more on breaking news overnight in the search for flight mh 370. >> yes. good morning. a piece of metallic debris on reunion island is being checked for any connection to the missing airlines flight. it was found in the french territory on the indian ocean. items are being sent to france for study. a possible wing part has already arrived at the lab. investigators will also check a suitcase for dna to see if it matches anyone on the flight that disappeared more than a year ago. in tennessee, a manhunt under way after the shooting death of a police officer. 33-year-old officer shawn bolton was shot multiple times. he died later at the hospital. authorities are using all resource toss track down the suspect. a collegiate league baseball came the time to -- >> they think of the bat boy as a member of the time. kaiser carlisle was in the middle of the excitement of
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saturday's big game. but after a batter struck out, kaiser, wearing his helmet ran out to ping up the bat while a player on deck was in full swing. >> he was practice swinging the bat. he ran right by him and he was swinging and it hit him in the helmet. knocked him down. he got back up but he went right back down again. >> the umpire rushed to his aid. ems brought kaiser to the hospital in critical condition. >> the distraught college players and kansas for the summer knelt in prayer. >> a team official tells nbc he's a tough little guy. if i was a betting man, i would put my money on him. meantime, they are asking fans to keep kaiser and his family in their thoughts. in georgia, family and friends gathered to say their farewells at the funeral of bobbi kristina brown. a long-standing feud between the families of whitney houston and bobby brown flared at the service. bobby brown's sister leola left
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the church furious that relative pat houston was speaking saying this feud isn't over. >> it's not over. it has just begun. it has just begun. >> i just told her that whitney was going to haunt her from the grave. >> bobbi kristina died six months after found unresponsive in a bathtub at her atlanta home. the president is set to announce what the administration is calling the biggest step ever to combat climate change. the white house released a video outlining the action president obama will take monday unveiling tough regulations to cut greenhouse gases. it could eventually lead to the closing of coal-fired power plants and boost the production of wind and solar power. american pharoah will be back on the racetrack today for the first time since winning the triple crown. he'll face seven other hopefuls in the haskell invitational but he's the overwhelming favorite at 1 to 5 odds. this could be american pharoah's eighth win in a row. you can watch the race right here on nbc sports.
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superstar fighter ronda rousey is still on top as you have seen bantamweight champion of the world. took her just 34 seconds to beat her opponent in brazil last night. she wants to be that one fighter to remain undefeated. her next fight, by the way, will likely be with miesha tate and then it's on to film a movie. >> girl. >> she peat miesha tate twice. >> i understand that she's running out. with 34 seconds, what did she do? >> she waved to the crowd and punched her. >> then she went to dinner. >> thanks for the 60 bucks. >> that was a workout. >> that was something to watch. so let's talk about these wildfires. nearly two dozen burning out west and primarily we're thinking of lightning and dry conditions. >> yes, you have thunderstorms without the rain. so you get the lightning that triggers the storms. then it's hot, dry, breezy. these are all conditions that spread wildfires.
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there are 2 is large fires burning across the state of california. we are going to see conditions remain favorable for fires over the course of the next several days. we have red flag warnings in effect for the high, dry winds. we also have fire danger weather across parts of southern oregon and also into idaho too. humidity is down to around 25 to 45%. that's very, very dry air. temperatures remain warm. in northern california, it's going to stay close to 90 degrees. we'll start to see conditions improve with temperatures dropping from the pacific northwest. that's a look at the weather. now here's a peek out your window. >> good morning everyone. another beautiful day on this sunshine. lots of sunshine. it's hot with a high of 88 degrees. the humidity not bad. feels good outside. a beautiful summer day on this sunday. great beach day, barbecue day, pool day, you get the idea. head outside sometime. overnight, 7 it the low. we have mild conditions. the seven-day forecast shows it's hot as we head back to work. it's muggy with a couple of storms late in the day.
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a slight chance for storms tuesday. still hot. >> and that's your latest forecast. thank you, dylan. up next here on "today" too racy for the grocery store? why some supermarkets are about to cover up the cover of cosmo. first these mess angs. messages. but it's hard to build a future if you can't see past today. that's why walmart is investing in the most important part of our company - our people. because a raise in pay, raises us all. flonase allergy relief, the only otc nasal spray approved to relieve nasal congestion and itchy, watery eyes. most allergy pills only control one inflammatory substance, flonase controls six. see the world in a whole new light. flonase, this changes everything.
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covers too racy. dylan is following this from the orange room. >> this isn't about the pictures, right? >> no. it's the words surrounding the pictures, which is racy enough. we're talking about cosmopolitan magazine. it was published in 1886 as a family magazine. in the 1906s it transitioned to a women's magazine. this is a trademark cover in 1965. this is cosmo now. they're known for pushing the envelope. headlines are racy, sexy and controversial. now two retailers, rite aid and food lion will soon place issues of cosmo behind blinders to shield minors from the content. the binders will be u-shaped that hides the headlines that appear around the cover not block out the picture. they won't cover the model and the banner at the top. this is kind of what it will look like. they can't see the words. how did this happen? it's response to a pam pain
9:19 am
campaign formerly known as morality in media. victor hearst is one of the leaders. her grandfather ironically published kos cosmopolitan magazine. we posted this question on "today".com. yes or no, we'd love to know what you think. >> i tell you that picture didn't seem like it showed a lot. >> i find it interesting what we're shielding. hey look, here you go. >> serving it right up. >> it's been -- oftentimes you put things like that behind, people want it more. >> it ignites curiosity. i had a friend who said i read cosmo all the time because it gives me good tips on women. >> we'll know. >> there you go. still to come, harry smith is here reflecting on how jon stewart has become a cultural the daily show. but first, these messages. [touch tone]
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crunchability. no artificial flavors, and it's gluten-free. and that's something even my brother ... sister can understand. mom, brian threw a ball in the house! here's the story. >> reporter: hours after this overnight shooting, police are still on scene. they've roped off all the
9:25 am
streets in this area by 1140 stanley avenue. they're going door to door asking witnesses for information. they want to know what the motive was for the shooting that sent nine people to the hospital with gunshot wounds. according to neighbors, they were woken up in the middle of the night by the sound of multiple gunshots. >> three gunshots about a quarter to 2:00 or quarter after 2:00. about three gunshots from that time and after that, helicopters circling around the neighborhood. >> reporter: police are looking for at least two males. they believe there are at least two shooters. but they're unclear who they might be. they don't have anybody under arrest. they say that the victims range in age from 19 years old to 38 years old. reporting from east new york, brooklyn, pei-sze cheng, "today in new york." today is your chance to bike and kayak through the world's largest dump on staten island. they're turning that into a park there. the weather nice for that. today, mostly sunny and hot. a high of 88. tonight, partly cloudy and mild. a low of 72. as you head into the week,
9:26 am
you'll see unsettled weather as well. some late storms perhaps on monday and tuesday. then eventually that warm weather starts to abate. hit the 88, 82 degree mark on wednesday, thursday. a nice weekend taking shape for next weekend. too soon to think about that. i'm gus rosendale.
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nine people shot in the church. what about that? hey what are you going to do? crazy is as crazy is, right? >> we are back on this sunday morning. august 2nd. 2015. oh, the crowd can do better than that. [ cheering ] >> jon stewart preparing to say goodbye this week, saying goodbye to the "today" show. amy schumer denis leary, his final guests. >> changed the landscape of newsreel i and cable television coming up in a bit, harry smith taking a look back at what has changed since stewart started that show in 1999. >> 16 years. >> meantime, on rockefeller plaza, you heard when craig asked them, we have a phenomenal crowd with us. big thanks to all of you guys for being here. lots of birthdays and anniversaries, even a first birthday celebrating here. happy to have everybody with us. we begin this half hour with a growing feud between two
9:29 am
neighbors in kentucky. this one is over a drone and whether one man invaded the other owes privacy. kerry sanders has the story. >> reporter: flying a drone. one of america's fastest growing hobbies. for others, it's sport to shoot them down. but in one kentucky neighborhood, a neighbor with a drone and the other with a gun are now in a fight that goes beyond a neighborly quarrel. >> [ bleep ]. >> david boggs captured this video of his neighbor, 47-year-old willie meredith. >> video. >> meredith arrested and charged with public endangerment and criminal mischief for downing the drone with a shotgun. meredith claims nobody was in danger when he did it and the drone was hovering, just over his six-foot fence. its camera allegedly aimed at
9:30 am
his two daughters in the backyard. >> we don't know if they're pedophiles, or isis. >> he didn't tell the truth. >> says if that were the case, then shoot it down. >> if somebody was flying in my backyard, ten feet, hovering, playing peekaboo under a canopy, i would shoot it down, too. the problem with willie is, he's not telling the truth. >> boggs says this recording of of the flight path proves he was flying above 200 feet. but neighbor willie meredith says there was more than one flight that day. >> it's an invasion of privacy. we were in our own yard. had he been flying around and never stopped on my house, we wouldn't be having this conversation. >> it's a feud over a drone in kentucky. isn't this sort of how that other feud in this part of the country started. you know, the hatfields and mccoys? for "today," kerry sanders, nbc news. quite the sight to behold in new york city. check this out. incredible images of wild
9:31 am
animals put up on the empire state building last night. frances rivera is here to explain what that was about. >> craig, good morning to you. the new york city skyline is stunning already. but even more so with these images. this was done by a couple of filmmakers trying to make a difference in the world helping to raise awareness of endangered animals. for years, the empire state building here in new york has helped honor certain occasions and holidays by lighting up the spire with various themed colors. from the fourth of july red, white and blue to the red and green of christmas and even the colors of the rainbow for gay pride week. last night the landmark building was showing these images to draw attention to mass extinction of endangered species. from a snow leopard to a bald eagle, a menagerie of animals. the exhibit, first of its kind using moving images was created by travis and louie.
9:32 am
>> we're trying to start something and get people talking and what we can do in our world and lives and our cities and do our best to conserve life. >> we're about to lose -- the biggest issue on the planet, bar none. >> the images appeared on 33 floors. they were displayed using projectors on the roof of a nearby building. one who planned a party, was a giant ape appearing to climb the floor reminiscent of another primate who is synonymous with the empire state building. another special moment of the night, the image of cecil the lion killed in zimbabwe with a crossbow. the story a tragic example of why this proo ject was conceived in the first place. one of the coolest things to see. one of the filmmakers directed racing extinction which highlights how you can help endangered animals. that's on the discovery channel this december.
9:33 am
if you think of all the things so cool, outstanding in new york city, for the three hours they were projecting those images. makes you wonder what else they'll do. >> noup that we've seen this. >> always good to see you, frances. a look at the headlines. hundreds more homes being evacuated as fast moving wildfires in northern california continue to burn out of control. at least two dozen homes have been destroyed already. one fire alone is burning 27,000 acres. all-out manhunt under way in memphis for the person who shot a police officer last night. shawn bolton was killed during a traffic stop. he was with the force since 2010. in 40 seconds, ronda rousey proved she's not to be messed out. she knocked out her opponent on saturday night. with that rousey remains undefeated in her sport. let's get a final check of your sunday weather from dylan. >> thanks, erica. good morning guys.
9:34 am
good morning once again, everyone. we've got two adorable kids here. this is your first time in new york city, huh? >> yeah. >> what was your favorite part? >> cliechling the world trade center. >> that was a long climb, huh? it's nice to have you guys here. we have a cute little man in the background. he was yelling for everybody's attention before. there he is. look at me. let's take a look at the weather going on across the country where we have a storm out in the pacific ocean that we're keeping an eye on. it's a category 2 hurricane guillermo. it will weaken before it gets to hawaii. it does look like it's going to pass awfully close wednesday night as a tropical storm. that means rough surf and the potential for flooding with some heavier rains. we shouldn't see winds that are too intense. elsewhere across the country today, we're looking at a chance of stronger storms in and around the great lakes. enhanced risk of large hail and damaging wind gusts and isolated tornado is possible. those will not be widespread. we're looking for scattered showers and storms near florida
9:35 am
and same story for tomorrow. northern florida could end up with brief flash flooding. strong storms makes its way into the interior northeast. that's a look at your weather. now here's a peek out your window. >> good morning everyone. another beautiful day on this sunday. lots of sunshine all day long. hot with a high of 88 degrees. the humidity not bad. feels good outside. a beautiful summer day on this sunday. great beach day, barbecue day, pool day. you get the why the. overnight, down to 72 for a low. mostly clear tonight. mild conditions and the seven-day forecast shows it's hot as we head back to work. it is muggy on monday with a couple of storms late in the day. a slight chance for storms on tuesday. still hot. >> and that's your latest forecast. guys? >> dylan, thank you. still to come today, our sunday stories where we share great pieces that we think you'll enjoy on a sunday morning. from how jon stewart helped shape tv news to the power of love and how one woman was able
9:36 am
to have a second wedding after she forgot the first because of amnesia. another woman hoping to change the world with one flash fundraiser at a time. we'll explain after these messages. he'll have his very own personal assistant. and this guy won't just surf the web. he'll touch it. scribble on it. and share it. because these kids will grow up with windows 10. get started today. windows 10. a more human way to do. hurry in to the lowe's summer savings event for great deals, like 25% off all energizer batteries, plus get select faucets for only $69. don't miss out on summer's biggest savings at lowe's. (ray) i'd like to see more of the old lady. i'd like to see her go back to
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to the touchdown dancers, and the long distance chancers, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah be yourself. kohl's back on a sunday morning with a follow up to a touching story we told you about earlier this year. a woman couldn't remember her own wedding because she was suffering from amnesia. >> this morning she's married once again thanks to the incred thanks to the support of her husband and their entire community. nbc national correspondent kate snow has our story. the carriage was an extra touch arranged by the groom to make sure this wedding will live in the bride's memory forever. that was the whole point. this was a kind of do-over for a
9:39 am
couple who met back in sunday school. >> that little boy that was like, oh, hey, how are things going? i was like, get away from me. you have cooties. >> how long did it take for the cooties to go away? >> six years. >> last 2014 they got married for the first time. it was also a beautiful ceremony. but 19 days later a car plowed into justice as she waited to make a left turn. >> you spent months recovering. at what point do you realize there's something wrong with your memory? >> about a month and a half rough live. all these pictures of this wedding. it was me and jeremy and all these paperwork that said justice stamper. i was like what is going on? >> you didn't remember being justice stamper? >> no, i didn't. >> do you remember how you felt? >> i was heartbroken. i was sick to my stomach. i don't know why i said it. but instantly, i said don't
9:40 am
worry about it, we'll do it again. >> jeremy knew he would need help financially to get it done. he created a crowd funding site online which got the whole community engaged. >> pick up the phone and in ten minutes i had the wedding, just about everything donated. >> saturday morning, she had her hair done for free and put on a brand new dress. >> that looks good. >> so many details exactly the same. the sunflower theme, country and bling justice calls it. >> consider this as the best gift that jeremy could give to you, the gift of giving you your wedding day back. >> their hope is if justice ever does remember last year's ceremony, she'll be able to distinguish between her two big days. but mostly, they just wanted to remember this day as a couple. >> you may kiss your man. >> after an emotional victory lap, a small reception complete with a cake cutting and first
9:41 am
dance and dreams of the future. >> one day, if lord lets us, we'll have a family. he wants six kids, but i guess we'll see about that. >> but first a memorable honeymoon. for "today," kate snow, nbc news, marion, virginia. >> such a great story. >> the best part about that story. the community came together. seeing all those folks, decide we want to be a part of this special day as well. just ahead, more people coming together for strangers. erica hill is going to show us how the idea of flash fundraising is helping to make some changes around the world. but first, these messages. we need to sell it. hi. need an appraisal? yeah. we do. vo: when selling your car, start with a written offer,
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oh my gosh, it's the guy from last night. what?! can i jump on your wi-fi? yeah, you can try it. hey! i had a really good time last night. yeah, me too. the only thing is that... the only thing is what?
9:44 am
what's the only thing? oh my gosh he's married. he's a kleptomaniac. he's a pyromaniac. he's a total maniac. hey! hey! go back to your wife you sociopath! leave slow internet behind. now get equally fast 100 meg downloads and uploads, only with fios. tea? get out of the past. get fios. call now, or go online. welcome back welcome back to today. we continue on sunday stories. in detroit this week, a major change happened in 24 hours. it's all thanks to the generosity of people from around the world corralled into one flash fundraiser online. the premise is straightforward. identify a need, figure out how much to fill that void. raise the money, give it directly to the cause and here's the thing. do it all in just 24 hours. it's the brainchild of a young woman determined to make a difference. >> for eight years, this detroit street corner hosted a weekly
9:45 am
barbecue for the homeless. an all-volunteer potluck every saturday, rain or shine. sometimes serving as many as 200 people. >> what does this barbecue mean to you in the community? it's a lot more than burgers. >> the burgers are a heen to an end. it's to build relationships sniept social entrepreneur mallory brown was first introduced to the barbecue five years ago. on tuesday, she introduced it to the world. >> it's much more than feeding the homeless. it's really a place where we come together to share a meal. it can all end tomorrow. the barbecue is losing its home. >> recent zoning changes meant the barbecue needed to move. mallory set a goal of raising $10,000 to get them a permanent home and much-needed supplies. she wanted to do it in just 24 hours. >> please donate. >> it happened in a little more than two. >> we're over.
9:46 am
we hit 10k. as quickly as the money is raised, it's put into action. >> $1,015.84. >> a form mallory successfully launched on crowd rise. >> i got another one. her flash fundraising helped to secure a new home for a family in haiti. >> outfit a community center in mexico with educational supplies. and in the wake of this year's devastating earthquake in nepal, meet essential health and sanitation needs, including new toilets and bathing facilities. all funds raised go immediately to the cause. >> how important is it for people to actually see what happens with their donation? >> it's not just writing a check and hoping that it goes somewhere good. you actually get a direct result
9:47 am
and you get to feel the emotion behind it. >> for mallory, the chance to bring this project to her hometown held special meaning. the dedication behind this barbecue represents the dedication of the city. >> with more than $25,000 raised in just 24 hours, community barbecue not only found a permanent home in this park, they were able to build a pavilion, buy picnic tables and benches, even a new grill and will now have $15,000 to keep the fire going for years to come. to christen the new home, they invited the neighbors. >> does this feel real? >> yeah, like the best birthday ever. >> if you put something out there that is good, people will support it. and this is proof. >> amen. >> it's a pretty cool concept. initially, she approached the folks and thought this is a great idea, but we're not sure you can pull it off in 24 hours. most fundraisers, you give more
9:48 am
time to. if you get this notice saying, we need to raise this much money in 24 hours, you think i should do it right now. if it's three weeks or three months away, i got time. i'll go back to it. >> it's a great concept. >> donations range. there are $5 donations and $1,000 donations. >> is this her full-time job? >> it's not. she has a business that she started doing this on the side. next stop is cambodia in the fall. >> how about that. keep us posted. just ahead, harry smith is with us to take a look back at the last 16 years of the daily show and the legacy that jon stewart leaves behind. that's right after these messages. understands the life behind it. those who have served our nation. have earned the very best service in return. usaa. we know what it means to serve. get an auto insurance quote
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turn around every now and then i get a little bit hungry and there's nothing really good around turn around every now and then i get a little bit tired of living off the taste of the air turn around, barry finally, i have a manly chocolatey snack and fiber so my wife won't give me any more flack i finally found the right snack this is my favorite part of the show.
9:52 am
this morning this morning, after 16 years of hosting comedy central's the daily show, jon stewart week. >> the show won 19 emmys, stewart interviewed some of the world's biggest newsmakers. harry smith is here to reflect on his final week as host. >> jon stewart took a half an hour late night comedy show, turned it into a fixture not only in american television but in politics and culture. >> i'm pretty sure it was one of the most asked questions of the last 15 years or so. >> welcome to the daily show. >> did you see jon stewart last night? when he went on the air in 1999, he was a skinnier, less assured version of the guy who came to own the sat ire i can airways. >> except it was never on the air. it was on cable which meant the
9:53 am
daily show was more prone to risk. less afraid of offense. >> kind of reminds me of his campaign slogan. yes we can. but should we? >> it made it perfect for an audience that was simultaneously giving up on network news and definitely not getting its news from the printed page. >> boom! >> stewart and the daily show matured along with the interview. the facts were never more available. like their grandparents, gen-xers wanted someone to bring it to them. he complied. >> the show was of course biased against hypocrisy, and the usual craven nonsense that is politics. >> what i like to call ownership over our current predicament. >> it was happiest when it was attempted to slay conservative dragons, either mythical or real. >> i need me some donald.
9:54 am
>> often, its favorite target was fox. >> i watch a lot of fox news because i hate my own head. >> along the way, jon stewart got things. yep, that was him hosting the academy awards. twice. >> look, let's assume for the sake of argument -- >> the people on the show fared pretty well too. the reporters were routinely hilarious. funny enough to get their own shows which they did a lot. television every day. i'm going to miss coming here. there are plenty of folks coming to grips the idea that jon stewart will no longer be their guide to our cultural swampland and quite frankly, they're going to feel lost without him. >> so the final guest this week, you've got same i schumer, louie ck. denis leary. still a mystery about thursday. that's the last night. >> but it's also the night of the first republican
9:55 am
presidential debate. >> how about that? >> interesting. >> lots of material there. think about it. how many people come along in life and actually change the culture. this guy moved things in his direction. >> oh, yeah. >> very powerful. >> he's an authentic guy. he's doing it by being himself. >> i always enjoyed him after there was -- i shouldn't say enjoy. that's probably not the best word. after there was a national tragedy. he had a way of putting things in perspective and making you think about things in a different way. >> walking back towards something like that. >> thank you, harry. by the way, we want to check in on the results of our survey as well. people seem to be pretty split. we asked should we place issues of cosmo magazine behind blinders to shield minors from the content? yes 51%. 49% say we want to see the dirt.
9:56 am
i'm kidding. >> that is pretty split. >> all right. there you go. >> you're not saying it. there's something going on in there. he's choosing the mute button. >> leave that alone. continue to meet the press this morning. one of chuck's guests will be donald trump that's it on a sunday morning. we'll see you back tomorrow for a little bit more of "today".
9:57 am
9:58 am
bullets fly at a party in brooklyn. we're live at the scene. strike on hold. verizon and its workers are still talking. gator on the loose in queens. folks around flushing meadows keeping an eye out for one certainly. good morning. welcome to "today in new york" on this sunday at 10:00. i'm kerry barrett in for pat battle. i'm gus rosendale. if you liked yesterday, hearing you're going to love today. storm team 4's raphael miranda with the forecast. sounds like a good one. >> that's right. that's exactly right if you loved yesterday. more to love today. more of the same sunshine and warm temperatures and low humidity. it's really the perfect combination. calling it a summer splendor on this sunday. you can see in the headlines, it's hot. expected to hit near 90 but not muggy. it's a comfortable heat. a chance for storms but not until monday. that's not until monday late in the day tomorrow as we head back to work. here's a live look at storm tracker. from the hudson valley, orange county, down the jersey shore and nassau and suffolk counties,
9:59 am
basking in that sun. here's a look at the day planner, up to 80. sunshine outside. up to 83 by noon and we're going degrees. if it were humid, the 88 would feel oppressive, but it's dry. barbecue plans for this sunday. definitely want to spend time outside. the mugginess does return. we'll look at that in the seven-day forecast coming up. back to you. our top story this morning. nine people shot at a party in east new york. >> pei-sze cheng has been live at the scene all morning. stanley avenue and crescent street. >> reporter: that's right. police spent the better part of the morning picking up shell casings and other evidence from the scene behind me. they've been interviewing witnesses to see if they could find a motive for the shooting that sent nine people to the hospital with gunshot wounds. the shooting happened around 2:30 this morning and according to witnesses, there had been a


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