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tv   Early Today  NBC  August 3, 2015 4:00am-4:30am EDT

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bat from home plate when he was accidentally hit in the head by a batter taking practice swings in the on-deck circle. kaiser was wearing a helmet at the time and it happened during warm-up for the national world series congress baseball game on saturday. the bj's team of southwest kansas announced his death. they learned of kaiser's death after their game on sunday. president obama is calling it the biggest important step we have taken to combat climate change. he will unveil his plan today. it's an initiative aimed at limiting the amount of carbon that power plants cough up during the year and the white house released this video. >> power plants are are the biggest single source of the harmful pollution that contributes to climate change but as of now no amount of how much that plant dumps into the air. think about it. >> the senator and presidential
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candidate ted cruz railed against the decision yesterday. speaking before conservatives headed up by industrialists and charles and david koh kh. >> senator cruz, is the president exaggerating? >> is there a different word than exaggerating that i might use. here are the facts. if you look it the satellite data in the last 18 years, there's been zero recorded warming. >> just two weeks ago being, the american meter orologists said this is the second warmest year on global warming. there are reports that beau biden was encouraging his dad to run for president before he died of brain cancer.
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now josh alcorn will play the groundwork for a potential presidential bid as the biggest week for the 2016 so far gets started tomorrow night with a republican debate. tracie potts is with us now. it is crunch time and a lot of jockeying for the last few spots. >> reporter: exactly. a new nbc news/"wall street journal" poll that says when you average all of the national polls, the cutoff for that is 5:00 tomorrow night. take a look. in the latest national averages donald trump respects on the top with 19% support and then scott walker a jeb bush and rand paul and ben carson and marco rubio and huckabee and cruz. the bottom gets sort of tricky. you have chris christie and john kasich, but in our poll you also see rick perry close to those two.
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those three are really sort of jockeying for those last three spots. over the weekend, we heard from all of those candidates with kasich saying he would really like to be there, considering it is his state. chris christie says the rank doesn't really matter once you get on stage. rick santorum who hoping to get the tenth spot argues it's very early in the campaign. you mentioned vice president biden considering a run. that report initially coming out from "the new york times." not clear yet but they do report he may make a decision by september. >> getting interesting. thank you very much. one person is dead and 15 others taken to local hospitals after severe weather uprooted a tent at a festival near chicago. witnesses say people sought shelter from hail and heavy rains in the huge tent but a massive wind gust blew it into the air and sending it crashing down on the crowds. rescuers were cutting holes to trap people trapped underneath.
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the investigators call it a tragic accident. there is new outrage over a big game hunting. another american big game hunter is accused of illegally killing a lion in zimbabwe. wildlife officials are accusing pennsylvania doctor and bow hunter january seski of illegally killing another lion back in april saying his guide, quote, hunted without a quota and a permit. nbc news has not been able to reach seski for comment. meanwhile, zimbabwe's government is seeking to extradite water palmer the dentist who killed cecil, the lion. it's unclear whether they will demand the same of dr. seski. the empire state building stole everyone's attention over the weekend. the iconic structure known for stunning light displays was lit up saturday with a live projection called the coffee and aimed at raising awareness about the world's endangered species.
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cecil was on the site. a tornado cell. look at that. something straight out of a movie. the tornado kicked up debris and reportedly destroyed a few barns in its path. thankfully, only barns in its path. >> the visibility was amazing on that video. >> it was almost beautiful, right? >> the white. the funnel was white and the tornado didn't have a lot of debris on the bottom and didn't have a lot of dust and dirt. >> thank goodness no one was injured. >> exactly. as far as today's weather, that cold front that caused, unfortunately, the festival, the tent to collapse with the thunderstorm and that tornado will cause problems today. along the southeast coast from the carolinas down through georgia, not a beautiful beach day. that cold front has turned into a stationary front down there and a lot of rain with that throughout the day today. now, the more humid air is out ahead of this cold front and we will see additional strong storms. a few still going this morning. indianapolis and columbus, this line to the south and may nak it
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down into instant. as the cold front plowses into the hot and humid air, the state of ohio and pennsylvania and all northern half of new york city state back up to maine, isolated tornadoes and wind damage is the greatest threat. as far as the hot weather goes, it continues. it's not over from texas still in the 100s and through the southeast and mid-atlantic and not comfortable. easily, heat index 100 to 110. that is your national weather. here is a closer look at your day ahead. so with the areas that don't get the thunderstorms, will be very hot today. all the way back up to hartford and new york city and philadelphia included and warm and muggy day and very hot from mississippi back to texas. florida still stormy. north florida been getting a lot of rain and got some this weekend and continues today. >> raining down there but the heat is on for the rest of us. one of the summer's most popular food is being recalled. triple crown winner american
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pharoah wows them in new jersey. did tom cruise deliver at the box office? you're watching "early today."
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don't just sleep, revitalize. new emergen-zzzz, power down to power up. welcome back, everybody. a florida man is facing charges this morning even though he tried to hide his identity from sheriff's deputies. video from inside of a patrol car caught the 20-year-old man trying to chew off his fingerprint fingerprint! can you believe it? he was arrested for allegedly driving a stolen mercedes but a fingerprint scanner was still able to identify the man despite his desperate attempt. a russian pilot was killed after a hospital crashed at an air show on sunday. the chopper was performing stunts when it suddenlily started falling and spinning out of control and crashing to the ground. the cause of that accident is under investigation. so it's grilling season, right? but before you fire up your next cheeseburger, kraft is recalling 36,000 cases of american cheese singles. a piece of the thin plastic
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wrapper has a chance of sticking to the cheese and creating a choking hazards. a united states marine who lost both legs in combat has biked more than 3,000 miles across the united states. he started in california and finished in arlington, virginia. >> you go through the small towns and big cities and really just to see the patriotism warmed my heart. >> the journey helped raise money for other injured marines. a bride and groom are reliving their memories after a car crash wiped away some memories. nine days after the wedding the bride was in a bad accident and lost five days of her memory so the couple started over. with donations, they had another ceremony almost the same as the first. that is one to remember. days after closing their takeover with directv, at&t is
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offering new customers hd and dvr service from receivers and wireless lines and ten gigs of shareable data for $200 a month. drones and lasers to deliver broadband to people who have no access. the drones have a hundred foot swing pan and fly three months 11 miles above the earth. wall street expecting another strong month for auto sales. just ahead, comedian bill murray has a memorable american pharoah moment. it was a heart stopping nascar close call at pocono. we have details in sports as "early today" continues. [ horn honks melody ] well, well. if it isn't the belle of the ball. gentlemen. you look well. what's new, flo? well, a name your price tool went missing last week. name your what, now? it gives you coverage options based on your budget. i just hope whoever stole it knows that it only works at so, you can't use it to just buy stuff?
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this morning, on "today" actress jessica alba is feeling the heat. her parents are complaining that the all natural sunscreen created by her company does not work. the nationals have won 18 of their last 21 games and started with these two fans dressed as umpires who had fun mimicking the home plate um. jordan zimmermand gave up three home runs in the span of five pitches. the mets won 5-2 to complete their first three-game sweep of
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the washington nationals since may of 2009. gentlemen! we are burning daylight! riders up! >> actor comedian bill murray calling the horses to the pad okay yesterday at the haskell invitational. when it came down to the stretch -- >> they come to the wire and it is a rousing return for a living legend, american pharoah who wins by three! >> the triple crown winner won by two and a quarter links returning $2.20 for a $2 win bet. that's all! but it was a 1.1 million dollar payday for american pharoah and his earnings have soared to 5.5 million. a terrifying scene rat pocono. did you see that?
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brad keselowski missed his mark during a pit stop and hitting two of his own crew members. one of the tires went flying causing keselowski to serve a penalty for an uncontrolled fire and fortunately, no one was injured. he finished second despite that penalty. wow. dez bryant and tyler patmon get into a little skirmish yesterday during training camp. talk about little? i think it was big there. it happened during a drill. words were exchanged and punches were thrown! helmets were taken off! both players said, they got a little overheated. you think? that has since been squashed and over with, thankfully. more than 50 dogs competed in the tenth annual surf dog competition and all proceeds donated to the san diego hue mane society and the spca. my goodness. dc shoe company released a video yesterday of robbie madison
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surfing on a motor bike. have you ever seen anything like this? nearly two years madison focused on surfing on his motobike. those are two things i never thought would measure. early today is brought to you by just for men mustache and beard. the look you want. just ahead, who made big bucks at the box office this weekend? plus, we are getting our first look at the next "zoolander." you're watching "early today."
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welcome back, interesting weather week ahead. a strong cold front and by the time we get to tomorrow a lot of the severe storms will be out of the picture. just isolated storms as we get into areas of the northeast. today, very hot and humid. as we get toward tuesday, much cooler weather arrives in the great lakes of chicago and northward. betty, as we head toward the end of this week, new york city will struggle into the 70s so big changes this week. >> get ready. thank you, bill. it is the box office, "mission impossible" number one earning 56 million opinion "vacation" bringing in under 15 million and ant-man was in third place. bobby brown's sister left the concert.
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outside, she talked to reporters implying there is a feud between the houston's and the brown's. >> they had just gbegun. this is going to be a long drawn-out thing. i told her whitney what going to haunting her from the grave. >> bobbi will be bury today. snoop dogg was carrying over 400,000 in cash while board ago private plane and he was stopped. the maximum amount a person can travel with undeclared in the eu is just under 11,000. italian police received about half of that money and snoop dogg was later allowed to proceed to britain and his lawyer called it an administrative infraction and said the rapper will have to pay a fine. >> his street credit is so much higher down there. carrying half a million. >> amazing. norman lear spoke about a
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remake of "country day at a time." it will center around three generations of latino women. steven hawking tried to help derek understand sequel title in "zoo "zoolander." >> no, "zoolander ii." >> i'm betty nguyen. this is "early today." geico motorcycle, great rates for great rides. when you fall in love, everything is brighter, bolder, more intense
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revlon ultra hd lipstick while traditional lipstick is wax-based, our unique gel formula delivers lightweight, high-definition color in one smooth swipe. revlon. love is on. leading the news on harman crisis and
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army rescues 178 people. the nigerian captured and cleared several camps in the northern state. of those three, 101 were children and 67 were women. according to amnesty international a hundred girls i kidnapped by boko haram. lamborghini is a regular site in this neighborhood. but residents complain their drivers make too much noise especially at night. they plan to introduce a public space protection order and prevent the revving of engines and loud music. secretary of state john kerry is in qatar with talks with official from the persian gulf whose countries are suspicious about a nuclear deal with iran. it comes on the heels of meetings kerry had with officials on sunday in egypt.
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testing for the waters in brazil will athletes will complete in next year's olympic games. it comes after sewage and waste were reported in the water where the events are scheduled to take place. explosions at two churches rocked the community of las cruz, new mexico, over the weekend. they say an improvised explosive device exploded just after 8:00 a.m. sunday at this church and another went off another church three miles away went off. the police and atf are all investigating. a florida man has quite a tale. ben chancesy was on a paddleboard when he made the huge catch. he spent 20 minutes wrestling with the seven foot goliath grouper before he was able to measure it and release it. chancy told nbc news he had never even been on a paddle board before this day.
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anyone you could surf from paddle boards. >> how do you get a 20-pound fish and not dip a paddleboard? we need to big deeper. president obama will address the mandela washington fellowships which is a flagship program of the president's young african leaders initiative. it is to provide them through training. happy birthday to tom brady! he turns 38! marriage stewart is 74. martin sheen is 75 today. i'm betty nguyen. thanks for watching "early today." hope you have a good one!
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. right now, enough is enough. call for action following an outbreak of violence in brooklyn. >> a wild scene. several people run down in a chain reaction crash in a local neighborhood. this morning, speculation that vice president joe biden is getting closer to making a big announcement. "today in new york" starts now. good morning everyone. it's almost 4:30, it is 4:30, monday morning, august 3rd. i'm darlene rodriguez sghiefrmts i'm michael gargiulo. chris is off. raphael miranda is here with the forecast. it feels better this monday morning than last monday morning.
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>> the humidity. yeah. we had a fantastic weekend, it was dry, comfortable. the humidity starts to creep back. it's 77 degrees. it's a warm start to your workweek. mostly clear skies. it's going to be another hot one. temperatures flirting with 90 degrees. there's a slight chance for a shower or storm late this afternoon, especially in evening. we'll talk about the timing of the storms coming up in a few. right now, lauren scala has a look at the early commute. not the greatest morning for the roads. the belt parkway, westbound out by exit 5, there's an accident shutting down two lanes there. then heading over to 78 westbound tlrks a tractor-trailer fire out there by route 173. one lane getting by. watch out for delays through here. we'll have more weather and traffic on the 4s. >> lauren, thank you. today a call for change. a casket will be placed outside of brooklyn borough hall, part of a response to an outbreak of
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violence in the borough. "today in new york's" brynn gingras is in east new york where nine people were shot this weekend. >> reporter: that shooting overall, the commissioner says that crime is down. but there's more of a police presence at least on this block. the community wants more. they're not seeing enough. here's one reason why. look at this surveillance video. two shooters caught on camera. the flash even of their gunshots recorded. the images may be grainy but these are the two men responsible for shooting nine people at a house party early sunday morning. over the weekend a 46-year-old man was killed in ft. green and a 20-year-old man gunned down in a playground in the bronx. back here, a mother pleaded for justice for her son who was killed on saturday. >> i'm tired. but i'm knot going to let my son's death be in vain. because they shot him down like a dog in the street.
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that, i'm not standing for.


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