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tv   Today  NBC  August 4, 2015 7:00am-10:00am EDT

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circus became such a disaster. >> for the second day in a row weather turned outdoor fun into tragedy after a severe storm blew down a circus tent in lan lancaster lancaster, new hampshire. about 100 people were inside the tent watching the walker brothers circus around 5:30 p.m. when 60 miles per hour winds, one inch hail and lightning caused the tent to come lass. >> white fields groveton jefferson respond mutually to lancaster fairgrounds. circus tent collapse. minimum of radio traffic, please. >> police not releasing the names of the deceased. described them as a young hand and a young girl. both spectators here to see the show. at least 15 victims were taken to four area hospitals. the national weather service had issued a severe thunderstorm warning for the area during the time of the collapse. >> we'll be looking at the construction of the tent and how it was set up.
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these are fairly substantial structures when they're put up and we haven't had any issues in the past. >> the accident comes just one day after a man died and more than a dozen were injured when high winds caused a tent to collapse during a sudden storm at a festival in the chicago suburbs. now here in new hampshire today they're still trying to learn the seriousness and magnitude of the injuries suffered by the spectators and perhaps circus performers as well. we reached out to the operator of the circus, walker brothers international based in florida. so far nothing from them. no comment or response to what happened here. matt and savannah back to you. >> ron, thank you very much. >> from dangerous storms in the east to raging wildfires out west, crews are being pushed to the brink of exhaustion battling the rocky fire in northern california and conditions there are not helping. nbc's joe frier has the latest for us this morning. good morning. >> good morning, savannah. this fire now burned about 100 square miles.
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right now 13,000 people remain evacuated. every time firefighters begin to slow it down the flames seem to shift into something unexpected. >> the rocky fire is devouring newer in new territory this morning after leaping over highway 20 in multiple spots. >> thihi is not what firefighters wanted. the flames now burning on the north side of highway 20. >> the flames are unpredictable. whipped up by winds in one direction one minute and another direction the next. >> today i saw three or four different heads from the fire and each one was kind of leaning a little bit different direction. >> a lot of fire activity. very active burning. >> from a helicopter flying over the scene you can see miles of charred land. an area at least twice as large as san francisco. >> a lot of firefighters have expressed they have never seen this in their career. it's burning with great intensity. >> down below rick sanders is the only one in his neighborhood yet to evacuate.
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he stayed behind to defend his home of 30 years which rests flames. >> it has been almost this close before. close. it's pretty hot fire. >> probably scariest one that i think i've seen. >> his home is among 7,000 structures still at risk. wildfires are burning across the drought stricken west with more than 20 major fires in california plus others to the north in washington and oregon. but it's the rocky fire now 7 days old that won't be contained burning too close for comfort. our team experienced the fires erratic behavior firsthand yesterday when the flames jumped over the highway we were well over a mile away but then we heard on the scanner the fire could be heading toward our direction in just 30 minutes time. prompting our team to quickly
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evacuate as a precaution. matt and savannah. >> it can just shift on a dime as we saw there. thank you so much. >> let's turn to politics now. voters were given a taste of what they can expect in thursday's first republican presidential debate. during a candidate forum in new hampshire last night. but the most talked about contender, donald trump wasn't there. nbc national correspondent peter alexander is in manchester. he has more. hi peter. >> reporter: good morning to you. this is the end of the political preseason. the 2016 regular season kicks off thursday night. just two days from now but here last night 14 republican rivals in this first primary state tested out their best talking points trying to nail down that job interview but among those missing, donald trump. >> ahead of thursday night's debate the pregame warm up. 14 republican candidates sharing a single stage in new hampshire. but donald trump skipped the forum touting his front runner
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status with a press release instead. >> will you attack donald trump? >> no. my goal is to let people know what i think. >> should donald trump have been here? >> it would have been nice but, you know, i'm sure he had something more important to do. >> the two hour forum played out like political speed dating. the gop contenders saving their best barbs for president obama and the clinton. >> she lied about benghazi. >> i have been dealing with this crowd for 20 years. i'm fluent in clinton speak. when he says, bill says, i didn't have sex with that woman. he did. >> the latest republican turning to a stunt to distinguish himself. >> in texas we cook bacon a little differently than most folks. >> cooking bacon on the barrel of a machine gun. >> machine gun bacon. >> and now more red flags for hillary clinton's campaign. the new nbc news wall street journal poll shows nearly half of americans have a negative
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view of the former secretary of state. after almost 25 years in the national spotlight clinton is trying to reintroduce herself once again with ads focussing on her late mother dorothy, her inspiration. >> when i think about why i'm doing this i think about my mother dorothy. >> still up in the air whether joe biden will jump into the race. sources telling nbc news the vp is still undecided. on tap today a private lunch with the president. no word if 2016 is on the menu. so where was donald trump last night? he said that he wasn't here because he thinks he's not going to get the local newspaper's endorsement and he thought that 14 republicans was simply too many for a proper forum but matt he says that he's a nice guy and he will be there thursday night but he will only attack if someone hits him first. >> peter alexander, peter, thank you very much. let's bring in chuck todd. nbc's political director and moderator of meet the press. good morning to you. >> good morning, matt.
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>> have the latest bloomberg poll on the republican side. you factor that in with the four most recent other polls and you get a clear sense of who is is going to be on stage on thursday night. what jumps out? >> well, the fact that donald trump's lead continues to grow. he really is consolidating at least sort of the anti-washington support inside the republican party and it really is just eclipsing everybody. by the way, matt, it does look like the 11th spot right now is where rick perry and if you believe fox and they'll speak to their ten cutoff he wouldn't make it but they don't like the idea of decimal points deciding 10 and 11 so more likely there will be an 11th podium thursday night. >> when you get donald trump standing in the center of the stage that makes that person a juicy target. what is the risk reward for another candidate taking him on directly? >> well, look, the risk is if you attack him, he will counterpunch. he said it.
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he said it to me on sunday. that's what he does. but he did say he doesn't plan on going on the attack first. and i think that that is sort of an interesting decision that some of the candidates make. some of the ones in low single digits are incentivized to go after him because they want the moment or the tv highlight but if you're jeb bush or scott walker and you're playing the long game you probably don't want to get into a food fight with him although the moderators will try to set that up and that will be the most sense moments of the evening. particularly bush versus trump. >> imagine a nascar driver mentally preparing for a race knowing one of the drivers will be drunk. that's what prepping for this debate will be like. those are his words and not mine. let's move on. let's take a look at numbers from the latest nbc news wall street journal poll. these are favorability numbers for jeb bush and hillary clinton.
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>> i want you to understand something about jeb bush compared to mitt romney. very similar candidacies. they're the establishment pick. mitt romney was that guy four years and already jeb bush has higher negative ratings at this point in time in the campaign than mitt romney did. mitt romney barely got the republican domination when there was this antiestablishment uprising and they went candidate shopping and ended up with san toir torum. he may have all the money in the world but right now he's in think. >> on the hillary clinton side her numbers? >> her numbers, she has higher negatives, lower favorable ratings right now than at any point in time did barrack obama. so you have the two dynasty candidates and they're in a worst position for hillary clinton than barrack obama ever was during his 8 years and for jeb bush already at a worst
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position than mitt romney was at this time and he struggled to get that nomination. the two dynasty candidates in an anti-washington atmosphere they're struggling more than ever before. >> chuck, thank you very much. >> let's turn to tamron in for natalie and an arrest has been made in the shooting of a police officer. >> yes we van update on that. good morning, everyone. the man suspected of gunning down a memphis police officer is in custody this morning after an extensive manhunt. police say 29-year-old tremayne wilbourn turned himself into federal authorities in memphis on monday. he's facing first-degree murder charges in saturday's shooting death of officer sean bolton. he was shot multiple times after coming across a drug deal taking place in a car that was parked illegally. >> an outbreak of legionaires disease claimed the lives of several people here in new york city. more than 80 people have been diagnosed with the disease which is caused when water
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contaminated with a certain bacteria is inhaled into the lungs. the bacteria were discovered last week at a bronx hotel and in some hospital equipment. some frightening moments in the netherlands monday when two massive construction cranes fell over on to a group of houses. the two heavy machines were lifting part of a bridge when they toppled over on to nearby residential buildings and a couple of businesses. up to 20 people are believed to be injuried in that accident. safety officials are still investigating it. >> and at least five cars were damaged by an unmanned run away garbage truck near pittsburgh. the driver and another trash collector stepped about 10 feet away from the truck when the brakes became disengaged. they were terrified surely. thankfully no one was injured but that's what you call a bad day at work. for the first time this morning we're hearing the dramatic
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details from a man that tread water for four hours off the coast of new jersey. >> hoisted to safety in the dead of night. lucky to be alive. after falling overboard this man had been swimming for four hours, 44 miles off the coast of new jersey. >> the boat went this way and i fell right out. >> freezing cold without a life jacket praying for a miracle. >> it was a big thunderstorm. giant bolts of lightning and just waves that were huge. >> what started as a fun day of fishing with a friend turned into every sailor's worst nightmare. >> by the time i came out of the water i saw the boat and it kept going. >> man overboard. >> the wind was so bad a. it was blowing me back or it was blowing the ship away from me. >> nearly drowning he says he swam about ten miles. >> i coughed water out of my lungs so many times and all i would have had to do was just take one breath of water and it was over.
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>> numb from the cold and cramping up thoughts of his family were what kept him alive. >> i just couldn't picture the next day somebody coming to tell them that i'm not going to be home anymore because i knew it would ruin their lives. >> i almost lost my whole world. i love him more than anything. >> finally reunited with his boat his friend threw him a lifeline and then this daring coast guard rescue air lifted him to the hospital where he made a full recovery. >> i'm just happy to be here. i really am. >> i bet he is. it's an incredible story matt and savannah. without that coast guard video a lot of times people don't believe it's humanly possible for you to survive in those conditions but there it is on video with him being rescued. >> physical stamina and mental stamina. >> thinking about his family kept him alive. >> thank you. >> good news for the folks down in florida. >> they need some. they have been looking at some places double digit amounts of rain.
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this is live right now newport richey, florida and look at the flooding and the river is actually still rising. they have not reached their crest yet. look at what they got yesterday in the tampa area. i mean, it was crazy. some areas picking up 5 to 8 inches of rain. the good news is, its over. okay. the heavy rain is just about done. they'll see some scattered showers. you can see them right now but the good news is its just about done. we're going to be looking at these showers and thunderstorms moving through. we have flash flood watches until about 8:00 tonight. heavy down tps pours this afternoon. some will be out tomorrow. some areas 3 to 5 inches. we have a front pushing through and heavy thunderstorms move through quickly. those will move and then we may see another round of showers and thunderstorms later this afternoon. 38 million people at risk for these storms. fast moving, damaging winds and hail later this afternoon. we're going to get to your local
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you' re unpacking already? yeah, help me find some mugs. sure. (beep) hey... o.k. they' ll do. wake up to the mountain grown aroma of folgers. the best part of wakin' up so, where do you want to start? i think this is a pretty good place. is folgers in your cup live storm tracker. quiet in and out of the city. a few showers in the suffolk county. things begin to improve. clouds give way to sun at times. just an isolated storm north and west this afternoon. very warm day. breezy and less humid. a nine comfortable tonight. good looking day tomorrow, middle 80s. low humidity.
7:16 am
clouds take over thursday, 82. rain and wind takes over friday and saturday. sunshine by sunday. that's your latest weather. >> thank you so much. coming up an emotional plea. amy schumer opens up to john stewart about her new mission to curb gun violence. >> plus could the death of cecil the lion bring a game to big game hunter. the new crack down on airlines to deter hunters.
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good morning. 7:26. it's 69 degrees. a powerful storm passed through our area this morning left thousands without power. pictures from frost valley road show a tree and downed power lines blocking frost valley road. we also found downed trees in port jefferson. at last check, the electric company had 35,000 customers without electricity. take a look at how the storm damage is affecting the more than commute. >> the downed trees there affecting the roads.
7:25 am
service us is spented between port jeff and smithtown. so you should be die go from there. they're still working on clearing that downed tree from the tracks. right now d trains are on the m line between 36th street in both directions. can you expect delays in both directions. then we have one hour delays on departures at laguardia that is due to low visibility and runway maintenance. jammed up southbound because of an accident at 79th street. back to you. >> thank you. ents recently rated their care experience at over 3,500 hospitals nationwide in a survey conducted for the centers for medicare and medicaid. only seven percent received five stars. including four of ours. learn more at
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showers winding down. well east of long island now. spotty showers left across portions of new jersey and throughout monk rning hours. clouds should give way to sunshine much it's a warm one. gets breezy and then humidity comes down. look for high temperature of 89 degrees. nothing but an isolated storm. comfortable tonight. low humidity. increasing clouds thursday. not bad at 82. wet weather, rain and wind friday, friday night and early saturday. darlene? >> thank you. coming up, a new trend in noninvasive plastic surgery gets put to the test live. stay tuned.
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[ cheers and applause ] 7:30 on a tuesday morning, august 4, 2015. that's breakout star charlie's
7:28 am
new hit "marvin gaye." he said his mom turned him on to marvin gaye when he was a kid and he's loved him ever since. >> that's your jam. >> i love marvin gaye. >> and you like this song. >> i do but marvin gaye is my favorite recording artist ever. they will record it live next hour. >> severe weather is blamed for another deadly tent collapse during a circus performance in new hampshire. two people died, 22 injured. sunday a man was killed when a storm brought down a tent at a festival in chicago. >> the fight against california's largest wildfire burning out of control north of san francisco. crews reported some progress, but flames jumped a containment line late on monday. evacuation orders in place for more than 13,000 people. >> the death toll has risen to 7 from an outbreak of legionnaire's disease in the bronx in new york city. hundreds packed a tent last
7:29 am
night. 80 cases diagnosed including 23 new cases in the last five days. >> coming up, want a new look but fear going under the knife? one of the hottest trends in cosmetic surgery, the liquid nose job. we'll show you what it is in a live procedure. >> live procedure. >> all right. looking forward to that. we'll begin this half hour with amy schumer's emotional plea after the shooting during her movie "trainwreck." this is a public call for tighter gun control laws. she joined her cousin chuck schumer. kate, good morning to you. >> the night a gunman opened fire in the lafayette theater the comedian tweeted her heart was broken. she's taking action, joining her cousin, new york state senator chuck schumer calling for new measures to prevent those with mental problems from getting access to guns. >> i was, like, legit heartbroken.
7:30 am
to get the news. >> reporter: amy schumer discussing her agony and new activism with jon stewart. >> you want to act. i wanted to do whatever i could. yeah, this has been in the works. >> reporter: the interview coming hours after she joined her cousin chuck schumer in calling for measures to force states to turn over the right records so better background buyers. she choked up talking about the women who were shot dead. >> i'm not sure why he chose my movie but it was personal for me. unless something is done and done soon dangerous people will continue to get their hands on guns. we know what can happen when they do. >> reporter: after the shooting in lafayette the daughter of a teacher who survived the sandy hook massacre wrote an open online letter to schumer urging her to take up the cause.
7:31 am
sarah clemons called her this generation's epitome of what it means to be a strong, powerful, self-aware champion, adding we need your help. schumer tweeted, don't worry. i'm on it. you'll see. it's not the first time schumer has taken on the gun issue. months before the shooting there was a fake commercial contrasting getting birth control pills with easy access to guns. >> no refills? i have to go through this again next month? >> see you then. >> can i have a gun? >> yep. >> reporter: her voice on the issue turning from parody to pledge. >> i can promise you these will not be my last. >> amy schumer expects a backlash from gun owners. an nra spokesperson said they haven't seen the legislation senator schumer is proposing. it sounds lieg existing law that the nra supported adding we
7:32 am
agree people who are add judo indicated mentally ill shouldn't have firearms. she's wading into a controversial issue, obviously. >> getting a lot of attention as well. kate, thank you so much. >> there is new fallout over the controversial killing of cecil the lion in africa by an american dentist. several airlines announcing their planes will no longer be used to ship certain animal trophies. could this be the beginning of the end for big game hunting? gabe gutierrez is at an animal sanctuary in locust grove, georgia. good morning. >> reporter: there are two lions here and other exotic animals. these are amazing creatures. now there is an international debate over whether big game hunting should be outlawed completely. this morning the global backlash against the killing of cecil the lion is growing. united and american airlines
7:33 am
banning shipment of hunting trophies just hours after delta announced a similar ban. >> i don't know why anybody wants those trophies. i just don't. if you are not going to eat it, why kill it? >> reporter: zimbabwe is seeking the extradition of walter palmer, the minnesota dentist accused of killing cecil. palmer maintains everything about this trip was legal and properly handled to his knowledge. now a second american doctor from pittsburgh is in the spotlight for a trophy hunt. his guide has been arrested and charged with hunting without a permit. on social media mounting outrage against big game hunts like rebecca francis and kendall jones who posted pictures of kills. one critic writing wonder how people like rebecca francis, and kendall jones live with themselves. >> this is not a story about good and bad guys. this is how humanity wants to interact in the long run with
7:34 am
nature. i think this is a historic moment. >> reporter: a 2009 report by a conservation group estimates tourists kill 105,000 animals in africa every year, a business that generates about $200 million. advocates sabaning big game hunting would be a knee jerk reaction and a mistake. >> the fastest way to threaten a species is to quit hunting it. there is value on the animals because people want to pursue them and they are willing to pay money to do it. the money goes into the conservation of the animal. >> reporter: for now zimbabwe has suspended big game hunting but has not banned it outright. overnight nbc news reached the hunter accused of helping the minnesota dentist kill cecil. that local hunter defended the hunt and reiterated he felt he did nothing wrong. matt? >> gabe gutierrez, thank you very much. >> let's get a check of the weather from mr. orange seersucker himself, looking dapper.
7:35 am
>> it's warm out now. nowhere near as bad as what we got for our friends in california. the drought continues and really the part of california is hard hit. tulare county where much of our growing takes place. 5,000 families are without running water. the wells have run dry and they have no way to refill. right now as far as drought is concerned more than 35% of the state is in exceptional drought. the big problem is there is so little rain that's fallen since january 1. for example, fresno has only far. 40% for the year in los angeles. san francisco, 22%. as you might imagine that's why the wildfires have been running rampant. as you saw in joe fryer's report we had firenados. nature creates a vacuum.
7:36 am
super heated air rises rapidly during the wildfire. these are generally thin. they are tall though. about 100 feet going into the air. they can really generate rapidly. rest of the country, a risk of strong storms in the central plains and along the northeast coast into the midatlantic states and wet in florida. nowhere near as bad as they have been seeing over the past 21 days, 20 have had heavy rain. thank you very much. the heavy rain moved east now. showers and storms are exiting. clouds giving way to sunshine at times. nogs more than a spot shower north and west of the city. very warm day in the upper 80s. turns breezy and humidity come down too. clearing skies tonight. 50s and 60s in the suburbs. tomorrow, a good deal of sunshine and warm with low humidity. high temperature of 86. low 80s on thursday. rain and wind friday and saturday. finally, is the sun returns by
7:37 am
sunday. and that's your latest weather. >> coming up, a disturbing scene in kentucky. a police officer handcuffing a crying child. this led to a lawsuit. >> we'll have the story and shift gears and ask the question, why are we always so cold in the office? coming up next, finally scientific proof that, yes, air conditioners are, in fact, programmed for the guys. we'll get into this issue. >> what's your point? >> we're freezing. look at tamron. she as goosebumps. >> that story (music) imagine - these kids won't have to remember passwords or obsess about security. for them, every screen is meant to be touched. and web pages are meant to be scribbled on, and shared. they'll expect their devices to listen to them. and talk. and sing. and tell a funny joke. and as they grow, and
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we are back with the issue of the war over the office air conditioner. >> we don't have an issue. >> we do. >> this side of the room. >> we have to have hand warmers at this desk because it's so cold. a lot of people are having the issue at their offices. men think it's fine, women are freezing. now we know why. there is a new study and jenna wolf has been looking into it. what's going on? >> we have been arguing about it for decades, hundreds of years. it's a big conversation. it's 100 outside but you find yourself carrying a sweater, two sweaters and layers to work and a blanket when you get there. the men can't relate but your female co-workers know what we are talking about. a new study getting to the root of the reason for the great office temperature debate. >> hot enough for you?
7:42 am
>> turn up the a.c.? it's blazing. >> there is no relief in sight. >> hot town, item summer in the city. >> you need long sleeves, a blanket and a blazer. >> just in case. >> it could be a hundred degrees outside. it feels like the north pole in here. >> this is at your desk throughout the summer? >> sometimes there is shivering. >> reporter: an old formula may be to blame for the tussle over office temperatures. a new study says the temperatures in many office buildings are determined by an outdated and inaccurate model developed in the 1960s based on the resting metabolic rate of a 154 pound 40-year-old man. fast forward and half of the work force is female but the thermostats haven't budged. the great air conditioning debate isn't just in your head. finding that in general females prefer a higher room temperature
7:43 am
than males in home and office situations. that's 77 degrees for a woman. compared to a cool 71.6 for men. >> women tend to have lower basal metabolic rates and burn off energy slower. they burn off heat more slowly and are colder. their arms may be out. they may have skirts on. men wear layers with jacket and suits. it's more likely the difference will be pronounced. >> reporter: it's a battle of end soon. >> there is truth to that. we are wearing short sleeves and shirts. >> we have to dress like them to be comfortable? >> we have to take off the jacket to dress like you. >> the delays love it. >> "magic mike". you money there are suggestions
7:44 am
from experts to keep cool without spending a ton. turn your thermostats up. every degree above 78 saves you 2% on your energy bill. every degree below costs you an additional 6%. avoid putting tvs and lamps next to your thermostat. you will pay more there. and maintain your air conditioning. cleaning filters helps improve it 15%. >> we save money. >> you are more efficient. >> so better? >> absolutely, yes. >> the better gender. glad we had the talk. >> we have known that. >> but nothing will change. >> thank you, jenna. nice to have you here. looking for a date? we have the top five cheesy pick-up line that is work. tamron has heard every one of them. >> right. are you my thermostat? i want to turn you up.
7:45 am
>> >> did "frozen" help china land the winter olympics? carson explains after this. >> it's close. >> are you cold? >> yeah. i sure had a lot on my mind when i got out of the hospital after a dvt blood clot. what about my family? my li'l buddy? and what if this happened again? i was given warfarin in the hospital but i wondered if this was the right treatment for me. then my doctor told me about eliquis. eliquis treats dvt and pe blood clots and reduces the risk of them happening again. pnot only does eliquis treat dvt
7:46 am
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7:47 am
flonase controls six. so you are greater than your allergies. flonase. six is greater than one. this changes everything.
7:48 am
7:50 now. we are back with something curious tied to beijing's selection to host the 2022 winter olympics. carson? >> if you see behind me this is when they announced it. excitement in the room on friday. beijing announced the host city for the winter olympics in 2022. as part of the bid beijing submitted ten official songs, one of those songs that sparked discussion online is called "the snow and ice dance." lend me your ears and listen. >> sound familiar?
7:49 am
>> a lot of people, that sounds like another popular snowy number. take a listen. >> it's the same song. >> okay. good, matt. a lot of people think that. people posted memes. watch this. one of the memes saying intellectual property never bothered me anyway. >> hilarious. >> we reached out to disney and the organizing committee from beijing. do they sound like the same song like matt said? or is it different? weigh in using # same song, # different diddy. we'll see what you think. >> # same song. >> just ahead, are you worried about yo-yo dieting? the surprising health diskry but first your local news and weather.
7:50 am
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america runs on dunkin'. good morning, everyone. 7:56. it's tuesday morning. it is august 4th. i'm darlene rodriguez. 69 degrees outside right now. we're getting a look at the damage caused by this morning's strong storms. new video shows downed trees in the village of head of the harbor in suffolk county. more trees were knocked down. some were left leaning on homes. others blocked roads, taking down power lines with them. the electric company says more than 38,000 customers are without electricity. let's take a look at the storm damage and how it's affecting the morning commute. >> thank you. we still have the port jefferson branch suspended in both directions because of a downed tree on the rails out there. you have service restored between smithtown and huntington.
7:55 am
everything moving fine west of there. and then if you're getting on the subway, delays and service changes on four, five, six, d and n. talk about accidents. one northbound at the cross bronx rams block twoz lanes. one southbound at 79th. one south on the harlem river drive. back to you. >> all right. lauren, thank you so much. we'll take a look at the weather right now. it is tuesday morning. we're looking at cloudy weather with some sun. isolated shower to the north and west. 89 is the high tonight. mostly clear. 72 degrees. tomorrow, sunny, warm, low humidity, high of 86. thursday, cloudy with a high of 82. friday, rain and wind, 76 degrees. coming up, megan trainer performs her new single and we'll have a local update.
7:56 am
[explosion of fireworks] [crowd cheering] [sounds of tennis rackets hitting tennis balls] [crowd cheering] [tennis racket swing hits tennis ball] [crowd cheering] [player yelling] [tennis racket swings hit tennis balls] [crowd cheering] a day of destiny.
7:57 am
7:58 am
7:59 am
on the song options there. you have "long hot summer," "good thing" or "once in a lifetime." let us know which one you want to hear. >> he was looking at your behind right there.
8:00 am
the top stories. >> hey. there good morning, everyone. safety officials are investigating the collapse of a sshgous tent in new hampshire monday night that killed a man and a girl. more than 20 others were injured. the tent came down as a storm moved through the area with large hail and 60 mile-per-hour winds. the tragedy came just one day after a man was killed when the tent blew down in a music festival in chicago. the northern california wildfires have jumped over the bigst barrier, highway 20 in several spots. shifting winds keep causing the fire to change direction. it already burned 100 square miles of dry brush and destroyed two dozen homes. there are 20 major fires burning in california with others in washington state and oregon. a kentucky sheriff's office is facing a federal lawsuit after two children with disabilities were handcuffed at school for misbehaving. john yang has the story which includes video that might be
8:01 am
difficult to watch. >> reporter: the aclu says the video was taken by school personnel at an elementary school in covington, kentucky, outside cincinnati. >> that hurts! >> reporter: the sheriff's deputy can he seen handcuffing a boy's harms behind him above his elbows. the suit filed monday says he was an 8-year-old third grader diagnosed with post traumatic stress zrord and attention deficit hyperactive disorder. he was sent to the vice principal's office last november after having disability related difficulties obeying his teacher. >> do what we asked you to or you can -- >> yes. >> the suit says the boy had swung his arm and attempted to strike him with his elbow. >> we don't think handcuffs at the biceps are the way to treat an 8-year-old child even if the child is emotionally distraught. >> they allege that he
8:02 am
handcuffed a 9-year-old girl with adhd at another school after she didn't obey a teacher. >> children with disabilities should not be handcuffed. especially when their behavior is related to their disability. >> the sheriff's office declined to comment because the litigation is pending. he didn't respond to telephone messages. civil rights advocates question why police are dealing with young students, even those without disabilities. >> instead of treating things like garden variety discipline, they treat them like law enforcement problems. and it leads to the kind of inappropriate response that we saw here. >> reporter: the could having ton school district which is not named in the suit declined to comment on the incidents as a federal court is now being asked whether it violated his constitutional rights. for "today," john yang, nbc news, chicago. dramatic video shows two police officers saving a man's life with just seconds to spare. vehicle appeared to get stuck on
8:03 am
train tracks in sunnyvale, california this is on monday. deputies responding to a nearby call saw the driver still in the car. they drags him out just before a train came through and struck the car. the incident caused train delays but the driver had only minor injuries. a giant minion caused traffic mischief in ireland. this is a true storey. i'm not prafrpging you here. it broke loose from a fair ground and toppled on to a busy road. the 40 foot tall character had to be deflated before it could be removed. nobody was hurt or injured in this. but one city council member who wasn't laughing called it a despicable breach of safety. you get it? >> i get it. >> i like the hair though. good hair. >> can you imagine the 911 call, we have a giant minion in the road. >> nice minion. >> all right. thank you so much. we've all been there, try to lose weight, you dron a few poun, you gain them back, drop a few more, gain them back. we've been there.
8:04 am
>> how is that yo-yo dieting impacting your health? chanel jones is here with new findings. >> good morning. >> the american cancer society has new research that says yo-yo dieting feared to be a risk of cancer is not linked to the disease which may mean a sigh of relief for half of american who's say they are trying to lose weight. channing tatum danced his way to stardom in "magic mike" but he says soon after the film he packed on the pounds and he has a name for it. >> me and my wife like to call it i am very fappy. that didn't last long. magic mike two ment he was dieting again. this time he lost nearly 30 pounds. it's an all too familiar weight loss story. >> most of us are yo-yo dieters. nearly 90% of people cannot keep off the weight exhibitly that they lost. >> being overweight as well as obesity is a well studied risk factor for cancer.
8:05 am
studies in animals and humans suggested there may also be a link to cancer from yo-yo dieting or weight cycling. by definition that, means losing ten pounds or more and gaining it back again. the fear was that the stress on the body caused inflame mags and immune system challenges linking it to kaerns. but the upside, the american kans er cancer sow side says no risk. yo-yo dieting is not associated with overall cancer risk. >> this is good news for people who are trying to lose weight or if we tried to lose weight and failed. try again. it's always better to try and lose some weight and keep it off than not try at all. >> reporter: the study which fald more than 100,000 people for close to two decades is the largest and most comprehensive study of weight cycling and cancer risk conducted to date. still, cautioning many who think this is a green light to yo-yo dieting. >> a solution is manage your expectations, try to lose a smaller amount of weight and keep that off. it's better than going back and forth.
8:06 am
>> reporter: and while hollywood has a longs hist histories of stars dieting for movie roles, nutritionists say set modest expectations. >> losing weight is one thing, keeping it off is harder. >>al thoet american cancer society says there is no link between yo-yo dieting and cancer. nutritionists suggest a steady course of diet habits. aim for a modest weight loss f lowering calories, do it slowly. change your overall lifestyle, meaning activity levels and listen to this what, when, and why you eat. >> that's good for a lot of us. thank you so much. coming up next, is apple trying to end voice mail? here's another question. does anyone besides matt lauer leave voice mail messages anymore? we'll get into all of it on "trending." >> and the surprising celebrity splits that have just been announced. and one star who is fighting back against his own divorce rumors.
8:07 am
carson, new barbershop quartet here. we have our friend megan trainer and the new it song called "marvin gay." al is not a part of it. don't worry about that. he'll do his neck of the woods thing our eyes, they have a 200 degree range of sight. which is good for me. hey! and bad for the barkley twins. take care of all your most important parts with centrum. now with our most vitamin d three ever. you can help children all around the world grow up strong, thanks to walgreens partnership with vitamin angels. when you get vitamins here... you change lives everywhere. i need to look for a used car. but i just keep putting it off. it's daunting. what if i make the wrong choice? it's like, if i buy a t-shirt and then change my mind i can return it. but a car? you don't reeeaaa
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8:11 am
is apple trying to kill voice mail? okay. >> i hope not. >> the company isn't commenting this morning. business insiders say, yes. the website is reporting that apple's testing a brand new service. it would add siri, not carson's siri but apple's siri transcribe the voice mails you leave. then it will be sent to your phone but as a techt message xt message so can you read it instead of listening to it. the feature could launch next year. what do you think about that? >> i like to hear people's voices. i can tell are they angry, good mood? i derive a lot from the human voice. >> and siri makes a the love mistakes. bring home the apple and then kill the banana. what does that mean? >> plus if, you're driving in a car, it's better to listen to a voice mail as opposed to have to read a text message. >> that's true. >> i do love the idea. if i get voice mails, i mean you left me voice mails that i never checked that are still there.
8:12 am
because i think you are already -- >> why would you target me. >> because you're one of my only friends that leaves voice mails still. they might be like eight seconds. i know it's like it's matt, give me a call. so anyway, it's interesting. >> end of voice mail, interesting. what if jet lag were a thing of the past? air bus won a patent for an ultra rapid air vehicle. get this it could fly at more than four time the speed of sound and in that way it could cut the trip say from new york to london from 7 or 8 hours down to just one. >> isn't that just -- >> that's not going to happen. >> you're weightless the entire time. but it's cool. >> how do you feel when you get there? >> who cares? >> maybe you feel great because you were only on the plane one hour. maybe your face is like this. >> non-invasive surgery. >> right. >> all married except one. let me ask this question. how does this group feel about pickup lines? >> if they're good.
8:13 am
and if they're -- >> if they're delivered well. >> not only can they be cheesy, rarely do they work. but the dating experts get this at writing gleys extra gum said they found the five pickup lines that work. we're going down the row here and try them. we'll share them with you. al? >> okay. i think there is something wrong with my phone. you could try calling me and see if it rings? >> i think that's good. >> that's a five out of ten. >> you believe in love at first sight? or should i walk around you three or four more times. >> no. zero. >> okay. >> that's cute. >> maybe it was my delivery. >> i thought it was cute. hi, i'm doing a survey? what's your name? what's your number? you are free next saturday? >> any time a girl uses a pickup line, it's better. >> cheesy. >> right. >> who cares? >> how about this one. i forgot my phone number, can i have yours? >> yes, you can.
8:14 am
that works for both of you. >> i like this one. all right. feel this shirt. you no he what it feels like? that is boyfriend material. >> that will work. >> that's good. >> cheesy. it's cute. >> it's dorky and cute. >> hey, how are you? i'm carson. nice to meet you. can i buy you a drink? isn't that a pickup line if and of itself? >> yeah. it's cute when you say something a little charming. shows you have a little -- >> i'm on television every day, can i buy you a drink? is that better. am? >> i like the boyfriend material. that's adorable. >> all right. grab your hankies. morning. >> so personal. this is terrible. why do you do this to me. a lot of celebrity spits. gwen steph annie and gavin have divorcing. they met in 1995. their band is no doubt and bush, they toured together. monday the pair released a statement saying while we have come to a mutual decision we'll
8:15 am
no longer be partners in marriage, we remain partners in parenthood. they've been together 20 years and were married for 13 of those. wishing them the best. meanwhile, reba mcentire and her husband have been together for 26 years and on monday they announced their separation. he was reba's manager and blake shelton shelton's manager. in a statement reba said they will continue to work together. wishing them the best as well. now one couple wants you to know they are not splitting up. will smith and jada pinkett smith, rumors are swirling about their marriage for a long time now. but on facebook, will said we are not getting a divorce! count them. that is 13 exclamation points. he added, i promise you if i ever decide to divorce my queen, i'll tell you myself. she said my king has spoken. it's awful that people have to go on and defend themselves and set the record straight. finally, billy joel in a different split, a proposed
8:16 am
tribute to him is dividing a community. bill sli from long island. some politicians want to rename a stretch of highway billow y joel boulevard. some law makers are actually against it. you might be wondering why. that's because billy joel is still alive. they think that honor should be for people who have died because it's a way to remember them when they're gone. what do you think about that? >> i think let them have it. >> give them life while he with enjoy it. >> that will be great. >> he's billy joel. >> i agree. why wait? there you go. that is your "pop start" today. >> thank you. let's get that weather. >> all right. let's show you what we got going on for today. we're looking at heavy showers and thunderstorms firing up in the midsection of the country. pretty good boomers moved through this morning. moved through the northeast. we may see more fire up again later on today. afternoon temperatures, the heat continues down in texas. dallas going to continue well above 100.
8:17 am
and southern california on into parts of the desert southwest, temperatures in the one teens. cooler weather making its way through the great lakes. we have a risk of storms through the northeast and northern florida. the sunshine continues along the west coast. they would desperately love to get some pretty good rain. nice tropical rain could bring al, thanks very much. temperatures generally between 70 and 75 around the five boroughs after a rain-cooled morning and generally upper 60s to the north and west. clouds thinning out especially west of the city. showers exiting. a sprinkle here or there the next hour or two. look for increasing amounts of sunshine going into the afternoon. could be a uponup storm north and west of town later today. high 89, breezy, less humid through the day. 86 tomorrow. clouds roll in. 82. rain, wind, friday, saturday,
8:18 am
sun by sunday. savannah? >> al, thank you. now to our summer of secrets and the newest trends in plastic surgery. this morning, noninvasive options for people who hope to slow the aging process. today's erica hill is here with what you need to know. good morning. >> savannah, good morning. cosmetic procedures have come a long way. as the options grow and change, so, too, does the clientele. many people now inspired to give it a shot because the results can come that much quicker. it's an ever evolving quest for the fountain of youth. >> i just want them to pop more. >> i wanted to feel rejuvinated. >> i want to keep things up as much as i can. >> keeping up has become much easier thanks to new procedures that offer the look of a nip and tuck without the knife. lance now in his 60s opted for treatment two years ago. >> they insert a heated needle under the skin and burn the underlayer and it retracts the skin and gives you a face lift.
8:19 am
>> ivy wanted her waist back. diet and exercise weren't working. liposuction scared her. this is her tenth treatment with vanquish. it uses microwaves to sap your fat. i'm ecstatic. i'm buying pants two sizes smaller. >> plastic surgeon has seen a rise in patients looking to take advantage of these nonsurgical options. >> more and more what patients are really looking for, things with little down time. >> and some with botox brow lift are temporary. >> i feel like in case i don't like it or if i want more. so it kind of gives me that option. that's what made me fall in love with makeup. kit transform you. i'm hoping this can do the same. >> dermatologists say manufacture the less invasive quicker options are increasingly attractive to men. >> as men tend to age and gravity kicks in, kind of takes away some of the youthfulness and their competitiveness.
8:20 am
that's where a lot of the appeal for men is going to be. >> earnest park is here for his first treatment to slim down his treatment. the injection was approved about it fda in late april. >> lose a lot of weight. the chin doesn't change at all. the doctor told me that is more of a genetic things that has anything to do with losing weight. my father's gift to me. >> it breaks up fat cells for good. most patients require two to four sessions. non-invasive treatments can add up. many require multiple sessions which can range from hundreds to thousands of dollars each. for these patients, the pricetag is worth it. >> for the most part, i think people are fairly realistic. they want to look like a rested version of themselves. >> we asked the doctor about side effects for the treatments. they both said the risks are might be mall but can include bruising and swelling and one more tip that really stood out, they say the after photos looked too good to be true, chances are they probably are.
8:21 am
>> yeah, that's a good piece of advice. thank you so much. i asked for the cindy crawford and this is how it turned out. one of the newest noninvasives is the injectable nose job. and here to show us how it's done live is a board certified dermatologist. and our brave patient this morning is jay valerio. good morning to both of you. >> first explain how this works. rhino plas ti and nose job is a big deal. this is to try to, i guess, see how you like it, try it out for size? >> exactly. it is totally reversible. i'm doing it with juviderm. it is used on label over here. it is used all over the face. it's a filler. so jay, if you want to lean back for a second. >> how you are feeling before you go under the not knife? >> i'm brave. >> i have to tell you, i'm looking at your nose. i don't see you have a big problem with your nose. >> thank you. >> he just has this notch right here, savannah.
8:22 am
so what we do is we just in jekt ject right here. it takes the notch out. >> now this is reversible. >> this is totally reversible. you see how -- you see how it's here and then it's indented on that side. and then we'll smooth it and give him a second. you can see the results already. and it definitely hurts. we tell patients all the time that we want them to, you know, try to hang in there with us. it doesn't bleed a ton as you can see. that's a good thing. if matt is watching at all right now, that's a very good thing. but the bottom line is that it's totally tolerable. people can move their noses. so it lasts for at least a year. and it's pretty cool. >> but if you don't like it -- >> then we can take another medicine it to and that eats up
8:23 am
the juviderm and take it out. >> so in a way, there is not a risk. how expensive is it? >> it is $750 a syringe, depending on what part of the country you're in. it takes at least one syringe. >> not much down time. we'll see how it looks at the end of the show. jay, hang in there. you're being very, very brave. >> very brave. >> we'll see the results later kathie lee and hoda will show you how a chin injectable works. we'll do that live too. >> are the needles done? are they done with the needles? >> nope. we're still at it. we're holding each other up. jason segel is here. how often do you tease a segment by saying i'm mad at him? i'll explain that.
8:24 am
good morning. it's 8:27. i'm darlene rodriguez. we are following breaking news in brooklyn. a giant sinkhole in sunset park. kai simonsen has more from chopper 4. kai? >> reporter: yes, unusual morning. corner of fifth avenue and 64th street here in sunset park. a large sinkhole formed in the street here. the area, you can see as i come out with the camera, taped off. fifth avenue is shut down through this area. no word on the cause of this sinkhole. no injuries reported.
8:25 am
live in chopper 4, kai simonsen. what's traffic looking like? >> suspension on the port jefferson branch between port branch and stony brook. restored between smithtown and huntington. improvements. delays and service changes on the 4, 5, 6, dmplt and parkway, accidents. and messes down the henry back to you. a check of weather. kploud cloudy, isolated shower to the north and west. 81, the high. tomorrow, sunny, warm, low humidity. high of 86. thursday, high of 82. coming up on the "today" show, fitness tips to help you get rid of that belly fat. stay tuned.
8:26 am
8:27 am
8:28 am
8:29 am
back now at 8:30 on tuesday morning. the fourth day of august, 2015. nice morning here in new york after some storms rolled through overnight. >> and just ahead, we are in for a treat. charlie is here and going to perform his new hit "marvin gay." >> plus, we're used to seeing jason segel making us laugh, he's taking a serious turn in the new role. we're lucky enough to catch up with him. >> also in the house today is matthew mcconaughey's brother.
8:30 am
you'll meet him once and never forget hip. him and his buddy butch made real money and now they want to help invest in your next big idea. we have a new show. they'll tell us all about it. >> it's really cool. >> meantime, natalie is making her way to rio this morning. tomorrow, we're going to celebrate a year out from the rio opening ceremony of the next olympic games. be joined by our athletes tomorrow on "today" and we may even try a few sports. and natalie is going to give us a tour of rio. that's tomorrow right here on "today." >> i get excited every time they play that song. let's get a check of the weather. >> let's show you what we got going on today. we're looking at strong storms possible this afternoon in the northeast. also in the mid plains. sunny and warm through the southwest. more rain down in florida. nowhere near as heavy as they've been seeing. we're also looking at some wet weather tomorrow in the mid-atlantic states and coastal u.s. look for some showers through the northern plains. western third of the country still sunshine.
8:31 am
and the heat is on and continues throughout texas with bright sunny skies. a little bit cooler in the al, thanks very much. clouds giving way to sunshine now. we'll see a mix of clouds and sun the rest of the day. a spot shower north and west of town. very warm, upper 80s, gusty wind lowering humidity through time today. tonight comfortable. clearing sky. low 70s in the city. 50s, 60s in suburbs. nice day tomorrow for early august. low humidity, arm 86. clouds roll in thursday. lower 80s. no rain. rain holds off until friday and wind with that. rain friday night, saturday, better sunday. >> i want to show the nice people at this end of the plaza. get your weather any time you need it. go to the weather channel on cable. show those people, jimmy. >> thank you very much. jason segel known for come by roles in things like "forgetting
8:32 am
sarah marshal" and "how i met your mother." you're about to see him like you never did before. he plays the late author david foster wallace in the movie "the end of the tour." it's based on a real life road trip he took with a writer from promotional tour. >> if we ate like this all the time, what would be wrong that? >> it would be wrong like besides your teeth falling out and getting fat. >> none of the nourishment of real food but it is real pleasurable. >> it's like seductive commercial entertainment. >> but what about good seductive entertainment like the first "diehard." >> jason segel, good morning. >> good morning. >> what's wrong with you? >> how do you mean? >> the last time you were here, we talked about your children's book. i asked you about your favorite roles. then i said anything big coming up for you? >> yeah. >> you said nothing about what could be the role of a lifetime. >> yeah. >> why were you holding out? >> well, for "today." >> this is it. premier it here? >> yes.
8:33 am
>> this movie is -- people are lining up to review this movie. and i could spend the entire interview reading you the great reviews. let me pick one. i think huffington post says it best, it's early but let's prep his oscar campaign just to be safe. >> well, that's very sweet. what i hope more than anything is that people see the movie and pick up david foster wallace. his writing really moved me. i think he did the same for a lot of people. >> i think it's important to note that there was a time in your career where you were making a lot of comedies and making romances and those things. you consciously said there is something else there out there for me. and i want to try other things. did you immediately get a good reception and start seeing scripts like this? >> well, i'll tell you, i think it speaks to the power of a decision. i'm not really a hippy dippy kind of guy. i just reached a point in my life 34 years old where i just felt like what i was putting on screen wasn't really reflective
8:34 am
of what "was thinking b and i said to myself that things that i liked of my work were things that really reflected how i was feeling. and "forgetting sarah marshal" is how i felt at 24. a breakup feels like everything. and at 34 years old, i'm thinking how i'm going to spend the next 50 years in a way that felt good to me. and that's what this move write is really about. how we want to spend our time and what's going to make us feel satisfied. >> it's an extraordinary role. the writing is beautiful. the delivery between you and jesse is amazing. foster wallace. he committed suicide back in 2008 in his mid 40s. he's very concerned throughout the course of this movie how he'll be portrayed in this article in "rolling stone." how do you think he would feel about the way he's portrayed in this movie? >> well, i learned a while ago i don't think it's ever smart to try to guess somebody else's mind. when i try to guess what somebody else is thinking about, they're always thinking about me
8:35 am
which is probably not the case. but what i do think is that the movie is a real extension of the themes of his writing of infinite jazz and speech he gave "this is water." it was a speech he gave to the kenyan commencement class. it talks about how we want to spend our time, what we want to think about, what's going to make us feel good when we go to sleep at night. >> can you do a movie like this and get all the attention you're getting and will get for this role and then go back to some of those other roles even if it's how you feel at that time in your life? >> yeah. i don't feel limited by any genre. but what i want to do is movies that you walk out of the theater and want to have a conversation about. and i also want to do things that make me scared. last time i was here i was talking about my book "nightmares." it occurred to me that i'm telling 10-year-old that's the only way to achieve your dreams is to face your fears. i can't say that to kids and not do it myself. >> that's a good way to look at it. you can make up for the fact that you didn't reveal this to
8:36 am
me last time by mentioning me in your oscar speech. somewhere after relative and people like that. >> okay. that sounds like a fair plan. >> jason, fabulous. >> thank you so much. >> congratulations. >> and the end of the tour opens in select markets this weekend. then nationwide on august 14th. up next, two guys looking for the next big thing. investors club. but first on a tuesday morning, this is "today" on nbc.
8:37 am
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8:39 am
get you a stool there. >> there you go, bud. >> if you want to get to know me and look through the soul, have a beer with him. >> rooster, butch, good morning. >> good morning. >> can i call you rooster? >> you better. that's what i answer to. >> okay. just curious, is that a beer right now? >> yes, ma'am. want to see it. >> kind of, yeah. maybe after the interview. i want to make sure -- i want to make sure i do this professionally. how did you get at this tv show? you're both very successful. you made tens of millions of dollars. and now you're looking to invest with regular folks. how did this turn into a tv show, rooster? >> we've been doing it the long time. and charlie and jason and henry came down and visited. we knew them before. they came down to visit with us about our life. and it's sort of a condensed version of what we do. we're all about the person. >> but is this to make money or is to help the little guy or a little bit of both? >> a little bit of both. we were interested in people.
8:40 am
and we like to learn from younger generation and trying to pass on some of the things that we learned along the way. and have some fun with it. >> people say it's like "shark tank" but it's boots not suits. and you kind of put the contestants through the wringer a little bit. >> oh, yeah. >> you're trying to look into their soul or something. >> well, we like to put them on a level playing field. >> okay. >> you know sitting across a desk and stuff they're nervous and whatever. and when we take them out and put them to the test, it's equal. >> yeah. >> and you don't have a board room. you have a clubhouse scene. >> right. >> a lot of beer drinking. >> got to have that. blame it on your mistakes. >> so have you sunshine good talent this season? i mean are we going to see the next big sning. >> we got one that is already sold. >> really? >> and one -- like five times better than it was. you know, there some good stories. we didn't know we were going to do this good. >> butch, i saw the first episode actually tonight's episode.
8:41 am
they present an app, like a computer application. >> yeah. >> is that something you knew a lot about? >> no, we didn't know anything about it. but, you know, hey, like i said, we're going to teach the young people something we know and they're teaching us. >> now rooster, your brother is matthew mcconaughey, did he give you any advice about stepping into the spotlight? >> he said, man, just be you. >> yeah. >> that's all he ever said. just be you. >> has he seen the show? >> i don't know. he's in thailand. the last time i saw him he was in thailand in a pit way bunch of cobras and i haven't heard from him since. i'm getting a little worried about it. >> yeah, i guess so. do you like his car commercials? >> oh, god. dang right. did he all them himself. >> really? >> yeah. >> okay. >> we're all real good about rolling stuff. >> you mean making snn. >> no, rolling whatever it is, the boogers they make of him rolling stuff in his hand or whatever. >> i have no idea what you're talking about. should ski?
8:42 am
should i ask? >> no. >> what is the difference between what you guys do and what happens on wall street or here in new york city and the financial capital of the world? butch? >> you know, it's down home common sense investing. we don't get too technical about it. we just try to find out what the person is really about. and just go on, go at it with a real down to earth, honest answer. >> it's great to you have guys. the show is called "west texas investors club." it premiers on cnbc tonight. rooster? >> you want a sip? >> i don't want the cigar. >> i'll take a sip. >> is that a miller lite? yes, it is. >> you better believe it. coming up next -- >> we're going to give miller lite another freebie. >> you'll get a freebie by sa van yachlt. >> a special live performance from meg yab trainer next.
8:43 am
8:44 am
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8:45 am
2015 has been a very big year for singer-songwriter charlie puth. his song climbed to number one. the video more than 750,000 hits on youtube. >> he is on tour with megan trainer and is featured on "marvin gaye." great to you have here. we love listening to you rehearse all morning. it's been fun. are you surprised as as loit z s a lot of people of how fast this is happening? >> i was on the beach a year ago mr. matt. i thought i should go to l.a. and wrote a song and this is the first song i wrote. i met you at a party. i almost didn't go to that party. >> i almost didn't go either.
8:46 am
>> how amazing is that? >> that's cool. >> take us to the party. who had to convince who to be on charlie's record? >> well, my friend -- well, my friend miles was telling me i have to go to this party. i met you. and then you were really excited -- i remember you being really excited. i was having a piz yachlt you were texting me a lot. you had a lot of emotion. >> he played me the feature song. i was like he's amazing. so i said you should listen to mivenlt here it is. we went back and forth. i said we have to work together. >> whatever happened, it worked out well. >> are you going to perform "marvin gaye"? >> yes. >> ladies and gentlemen, "marvin gaye." you got that feeling that i want just like they say it in the
8:47 am
song until the dawn let's get it on you got this sing size to ourselves don't have to share it with no one else don't keep your secrets to yourself it's time to show and tell there's love in your eyes that pull me closer they're so subtle i'm in trouble i would love to be in trouble with you let's marvin gaye and get it on you got that feeling that i want just like they say in the song until the dawn let's marvin gaye and get it on you got to give it up to me
8:48 am
i'm screaming mercy, mercy, please just like they say in the song until the dawn let's marvin gaye and get it on >> and when you're with me all alone. i'm like a string without a cone i'm like a dog without a bone i just want you for my own i got to visit, babe there's loving in your eye that's pulls me closer it's so subtle i'm in trouble but i'd rather be in trouble with you let's march let's marvin gaye and get it on >> like they said it in the songs. until the dawn
8:49 am
let's marvin gaye and get it on let's marvin gaye and get it on you got that feeling that i want just like they say in the song until the dawn let's marvin gaye and get it on you got to give it up to me and i'm screaming mercy, mercy please just like they say in the song until the dawn let's marvin gaye and get it on just like they say it in the song until the dawn let's marvin gaye and get it on [ applause ] >> charlie puth and megan trainer. thank you very much. more music later.
8:50 am
8:51 am
we're back now. birthday wishes from willard scott. hey, willard. >> when it comes to action, new york is the place to be. that's why our gang is today on nbc.
8:52 am
this is the lovely ethel goldstein and she is from the bronx in new york. there used to be a farm over there. 107 years old today. and she loves to make apple strudel. this is selena anderson from glenmora, louisiana. 105 years old today. she's the oldest person in town. that's no u.s. wish her a happy birthday. wish everybody in that town a happy birthday. here is a good man, ralph shower. he is from cincinnati, ohio. they make good hotdogs and wonderful chili in that town. 100 years old today. he's a handsome man. and he helps jewish veterans from world war ii. how about that? take a look at big bob sujerland. he is from jupiter, florida. another great town. and he is 100 years old today. his passion in life is to play golf. he can't beat it. that's it. we hate to give it back but it's
8:53 am
yours, new york. take it away. >> thank you. >> okay. we want to turn back to that injectable nose job we showed you live in our last half hour. remember this? the process took the doctor about five minutes. all right. jay, our patient has had a couple minutes to recuperate. now we can see the results. how are you feeling? >> feeling great. >> did you take a look at your snefl. >> i did. i like it. >> you see a difference? >> wow. yeah. >> stay still right there. just straight ahead. look straight ahead. >> yeah, right there. >> i do see a difference. >> it's here we did. this side was easy. this side was more complicated. there was scar tissue here and then right in the bridge. and so just makes him look even more handsome. >> you made me blush. >> you said your wife and kids are excited about this? >> yeah. absolutely. my daughter said she wanted to be here today to be on tv. she wanted to be famous. >> did it hurt? >> no.
8:54 am
it was pickley. >> can you still smell is the question? >> yes. >> what? >> back after your local n good morning, everyone. it's 8:57. 70 degrees looking at the grand central parkway on a tuesday. i'm darlene rodriguez. a major cleanup needed following this morning's powerful thunderstorms. trees and power lines torn down across long island.
8:55 am
a look now. a live look of some of the damage in setauket. pseg is working to restore power to more than 42,000 customers. a look at what it was like to be driving through this morning's storm. video posted online by a viewer showing rain pouring down with flashes of lightning near cedar beach in mount sinai. a check of weather today. cloudy, some sun. isolated shower to the north and west. 89 the high. tonight mostly clear. 72 degrees. tomorrow sunny, warm, low humidity. high of 86. the "today" show is coming right back. just ahead, an encore performance spr from singing sensation charlie puth. stay tuned. feel like a kid again with dunkin's new cookie-flavored iced coffees.
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network is here. get out of the past, get fios. . this morning on today's take, hip-hop royalty, ice cube is here straight out of compton into our studio.
8:58 am
then singer, charlie puth sings his big hit and find out which colleges will be best in the country. all that and more next. from nbc news, this is today's take with al roker, and tamn are hall, live from studio 1-a in rockefeller plaza. >> oh, yeah. let's enjoy this a little bit. welcome to "today." it's tuesday morning, august 4th, 2015. we've got a great crowd. >> and lunch money lewis will be here next wednesday. >> and nattily, by the way, making her way down to reno, where the olympics will be held one year from now. >> and she made this drink which is like fire water and she said she has something to deliver to
8:59 am
us, i think tomorrow that, i mean, going to grow hair on your chest and none of us have that. it was ridiculous. >> i think there was a floater on the top. >> it was lethal. so, she's warned me -- >> i heard that phrase because when i heard floater on the top. >> south beach -- >> i just had a completely kind of and that's not the kind of drink i want. >> nobody wants that drink. >> speaking of floating on top of new jersey. >> wait until you see this video a fwie was rescued and had to tread water for four hours, 44 miles off the coast.
9:00 am
he apparently wasn't wearing a life jacket when he was on his boat. here's what damian and his wife, robin said about his four-hour ordeal in the water. >> the wind was so bad, it was blowing me back. i coughed water out of my lungs so many times and all i had to do was take one breath of water and it was over. i just couldn't picture the next day somebody coming to tell them that i'm not going to be home anymore because i knew it would ruin their lives and i love them too much for that. >> i almost lost my whole world. i love him more than anything. >> you saw in that video, the coast guard air lifted him to the hospital and he made a full recovery. he falls off the boat, his friend is still in the boat, doesn't know how tooperate it, can't go get him.
9:01 am
a boat spots him, they finally get around the pick him up and through really difficult thunderstorms, and tough conditions, the coast guard plucks him out of there. >> he was talking about lightning and wavess all around him. >> that was the hardest part of my swim training and to tread are for that amount of time. and he said without thinking about his family, he would not have survived. that was the light at the end of the tunnel. amazing. survivor instinct of a different kind kicks in with the women of the today's take. but every day, joe, one of our colleagues gives us heaters for our hands to stay warm in this studio. >> is it that bad? >> that was a sigh you gave me. oh, here it goes. so there's proof now that women
9:02 am
in the work place aren't just complaining about it being cold. the formula that office buildings use, according to a new study, says that temperatures are from an out dated, anthing ant quated model -- >> flor nalt inated. >> think don draper. so, it's based on the metabolic rate of a man -- >> back then, there were a lot of men working in the office. >> absolutely. depending on the sector, there's obviously still more men insecters. but the temperature around 71 degrees and women feel more comfortable around 77 degrees.
9:03 am
you're a meat meteorologist, that's a big difference. >> i don't think you need to be a meteorologist to figure that out. >> but six degrees. >> six degrees of kevin bacon. >> so, they haven't reset -- >> right, so it question is do you think -- like, today, every office building, should they reevaluate based on this study and bring it up to 75? >> for every degree above 78, you're saving 2% energy. there's an economic and a climate cost to this. which, of course, is a good thing to do. >> and we want our planet to be great for years to come, so let's crank it up. >> in hot places, it's always over air conditioned. you go into a store or
9:04 am
restaurant, it's freezing cold. i'm for air conditioning, but there's a point where it's ridiculous. >> and bejing, who will host the 2022 winter olympics, one of the songs china used in the bid, causing a little controversy. it's called the snow and ice dance. listen to the song "the snow and ice dance." okay. >> it sounds like a frozen song. let it go. let it go. >> this is "snow and ice." >> sing it, adeen ina. >> now, listen to "let it go." >> this is a different song? >> same song.
9:05 am
let's go to #same song, #different ditty and what a shock. same song, 94%, 6% different ditty. >> this is like the blurred lines battle. come on, this is too easy. >> you know robin thicke is like, i paid millions and the chinese people are getting to play -- >> and the song seeps into your head and you realize you've stolen it from someone else. >> you've written it note for note. >> adina needs to get paid for that song. >> you should see the where they have elsa singing, and it's word for word. >> all right, we have some heavy thunderstorms move through early
9:06 am
this morning and we're going to see another line develop later this afternoon from new england through the i 95 corridor. and they're fast movers. most danger will be winds and damaging hail. weave arer er 've also got more storms thundering down in florida. tampa, almost 4.4 inches of rain, that breaks a new world record. and heavy down pours and then guess what, florida? sun comes out tomorrow? yes, the sun will well, this morning storms moved offshore. things are quieting down. clouds giving way to breaks of sunshine. showers north and west later this afternoon. a very warm day. upper 80s. humidity comes down, breeze
9:07 am
kicks up as the day wearses on. clears skies tonight. good sleeping weather, and lots of sunshine, comfortable day at 86 tomorrow. clouds take over thursday. lower 80s. rain and wind for friday. only in the 70s. that rain winds down saturday morning. better day, sunday, lower 80s. >> who's that? >> 154 pound man. >> you just said that is a slight built man? >> a pally pocket. >> i don't know what the arverage is but that seems fine. >> so, you're 165. i guess i don't know what 154-pound man looks like. >> okay. 155. mike, real quick. >> okay, you're 166? >> 155. >> well, you look the same as this one. i know a man who carries his weight on the mic and in the movies. >> that's it top five most
9:08 am
excited i've been. the rap group that changed music forever and now his life is moving to the big screen with his son in the lead role. straight out of compton, we'll catch up i thought activia was for big digestive issues. until i realized our body handles a lot. 1,100 meals a year... 730 rushed snacks... add 300 stressful decisions... no wonder our digestive system sometimes acts up. so try the activia challenge! enjoying activia twice a day for 4 weeks may help reduce the frequency of bloating, gas, discomfort or rumbling. it works or it' s free! it's from daddy. sfx: dad's voice i love you baby girl. duracell quantum lasts longer in 99% of devices so you can always be there.
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hi. need an appraisal? yeah. we do. vo: when selling your car, start with a written offer, no strings attached. carmax. start here. on his own, this man, ice cube, is one of the greatest rappers of all time, and formed helped form one of the most influential acts of all time, nwa. >> now, ice cube's life is hitting the big screen in "straight out of compton" a biopick he produced, starring
9:12 am
his son, as a young ice cube. >> i got a baby on the way and a house i just paid for, i mean, you gave me your word. >> cube, would you just calm down. i'm just trying to give you what i want. >> now, i been done the work, i gave you the product. when a man does his job, he's supposed to get paid. >> ice cube, good morning. that is powerful. >> oh, i'm very proud. >> what are more proud of, the way this picture turned out or your son stepping up and doing this? >> my son. it's like a father, you're happy when your kid step up and i'm so proud of him and then i look and it's a movie about our group and i'm extra proud of that and so i'm proud on a thousand diernt levels. >> i was watching the movie last night.
9:13 am
i'm a huge fan of yours and i was listening to "death certificate" in my office today. but what did nwa tap into at that time. rodney king, yes, but it was before that even. what was goy ing on? >> i think we were speaking for a lot of people who felt voiceless and we were being brutally honest and a lot of entertainers at the time were having to put on masks and put on the goody tooshys image to be famous and there were a lot of people who loved and respected that. >> i remember when you left the group and people thought, what is ice cube thinking? in fact, in the opening of that album, you play all of these things that people were saying about you on the radio. so, how willing were you to put
9:14 am
it all out on the table? >> i mean, we couldn't show everything because you're trying to shove ten years into two hours. >> that means part two is coming out? >> i hope so. but it was really all about showing our blemishes and as much as we can to give people a sense of what it was like in the time and we didn't just want to show the music or the group. we wanted to show why did we do that type of music, the environment we came from. so, we tried to display everything and i think we did a pretty good job of weaving everything in and out. >> your son looks like he has a little height on you. i asked you earlier how much did you weigh, you didn't answer. why? >> a real man don't answer how much he weigh. >> i'm not for a real man. when you came from 340 to this, you know.
9:15 am
>> nothing wrong with that. >> ice cube, thanks so much. "straight out of compton" and it opens up august 14th. up next, break out star, put on a great show with meghan trainor, playing their song "marvin to the superhero legends, and the rubik's bros. to the sweet talkers, the sky walkers, and the dance-off pros. yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah find your pack. be yourself. kohl's. some people may think subway doesn't have enough flavor. i'm here to help 'em think differently. you know that sandwich you always get? i can make it even better. you ever try this toasted with monterrey cheddar? you know what, why not. ok how about we
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helps seal in nutrition. acts like a glossing treatment with every use. nutrigloss. new from l'oreal advanced haircare. the thing is people think boys are loud and immature and don' t care about feelings. but they' re wrong. thanks. kleenex. someone needs one. . charlie puth helped with the cors of one of the hottest songs.
9:19 am
>> and now charlie and meghan trainor are hitting the road together. >> and first, a look at how it all started. >> and now, charlie puth. singer, song writer, producer, he was first discovered on youtube after posting covers of popular songs. his fame ski rocketed this year when he co wrote and sang "see you again", the song shattered records, scoring the most spotify streams in a single day. and climbed to number 1 on bill board top 100 and even collected two video music award nominations and he's produced a song featuring stevie wonder and keith urban. now, charlie is rocking the
9:20 am
nation with his first ep "some type of love." they told us, make sure puth rhymes with truth and i said because he is the truth. how does all of this feel? >> that made me feel really good about myself, that intro. it is amazing. i like the dig holes on the beach. that's my thing and i was thinking while digging said hole, maybe i should go write a song in l.a. and marvin gaye was the first song i wrote. >> we need to go hangout in the sand. >> musical sand. >> were you shocked that your song was chosen for the "fast and furious" song track?
9:21 am
9:22 am
>> i wrote it forjw very unusual for me, because songs usual atake a little bit longer to write but -- i was just thinking to myself, what would vin diesel's last text message be and it was like, i'll tell you all about myself when i eventually see you again, whenever that is. >> are they all going to come in 10 minutes? >> no pressure on my album that will come out later this year and hopefully people will like it as much. >> and charlie will be back a little later singing his hit song "see you again." me and you, and you and me. no matter how they tossed the dice. it had to be. the only one for me is you. and you for me. so happy together! now there' s a rewards program that lets you earn points at one place and use them at another. introducing plenti.
9:23 am
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9:24 am
a live look at the tappan zee bridge and the hudson river. 9:27 on this tuesday, august 4th. good morning. i'm michael gargiulo.
9:25 am
this morning's powerful thunderstorms left behind damage on long island. chopper 4 over port jefferson about 20 minutes along. several parked cars covered by fallen trees. also downed trees blocking roads and at last check nearly 40,000 pseg customers without electricity across long island. a check of weather because of this. cloudy, some sun and isolated shower to the north and west. 89 for the high. tonight mostly clear, 72. tomorrow, sunny, warm, low humidity. 86. then thursday, cloudy with a high of 82. friday, rain and wind unfortunately. 76 degrees. 70s saturday as well. coming up on the "today" show, a new show called "difficult people." another local update in 30 minutes. see you then.
9:26 am
9:27 am
taking a look at the headlines, an outbreak of legionnaire's disease has now
9:28 am
claimed the lives of people in new york, and more than 80 people have been diagnosed with the disease and it's caused when a bacteria is inhale under to the lungs and it was discovered in a bronx hotel and some hospital equipment. new study by bank finds mortgage rates have declined and now average at $1,847 on a $247,000 loan. and sharing is a good thing unless you're talking about an amazon prime membership. they say new subscribers will only be able to split them between two adults who must authorize each other to use their debt and credit cards, it may be trying to spur people to get their own.
9:29 am
and delta airlines announced it would no longer accept animal trophies, it comes after a dentist killed a well known lion, cecil in zimbabwe. and beanie babies has created a cecil lion babe beanie baby and it will go on sale at the end of september. let's get the weather from mr. roker who's standing down stairs. >> risk of strong storms in the central planes and along the northeast coast and wet weather in florida but not as bad as itser been and more sunshine out west, especially california, they need that rain desperately. and more sunshine out west. the showers and thunderstorms stretch from the plains and clear out in the northeast.
9:30 am
got rain in the midatlantic coastal region. look for sunshine and clouds left over. showers dissipate shortly. then an isolated shower this afternoon. a bulk of the day, mix of clouds and sunshine. breezy, warm, upper 80s. clearing, comfortable tonight. 72 in the city. 50s and 60s. suburbs, tomorrow nice looking day. sun and clouds. low humidity. low 80s increasing clouds thursday. bulk of the day dry. wet weather friday, wind and rain through friday night, early saturday morning and drying later saturday into the 70s. back to the low 80s come sunday and monday. and that is your latest weather. thank you, al. fficult decisions to make. choosing a college. >> princeton today is out with
9:31 am
the 380 best colleges. and here is the senior vice president and publisher. good to see you. let's start out with great financial aid category. princeton university? sgla . >> we've all heard of it but sticker price down to $11,000. >> and a university of richmond on the smaller scale. >> only 1% of all four year colleges treat everybody fairly when it comes to financial aid. and $39,000 average gift aid. >> and let's move to the best classroom experience. a very small engineering school in massachusetts. >> we're looking at four different question. how good are their teachers, the physical structure of the class and do you actually show up to
9:32 am
class and awesome school academically for students. and where is this? >> it's part of the clairemont college in los angeles, awesome place, big favorite of mine, only 1200 students but 8-1 student to faculty ratio. >> best career services goes to clemson university. >> and it's a big school but 71% of all graduates will have an internship or cooperative experience before they graduate. making them anung most employable students after they graduate. >> and without illinois, there's no me. >> it's a fabulous place. business and engineering and it's staffered by a full 20 full time staffers at illinois.
9:33 am
>> and number one party school on your list. >> yes, you can work hard and play hard. >> and alma mater, vanderbilt. >> margin is wise from in the classroom to outside the classroom. they say national makes it for their experience and the wrfrl faculty. 9.5% rate this year. >> in the middle of a great american city. and rice university, happy kids there. >> awesome spot academically. >> and let's move to best campus food. bowdoin college i understand they have lobster on the menu. >> they do. they have a down east lobster bay and they specialize in local produce grown in their own
9:34 am
organic garden. massachusetts. >> and 22,000 students, 18 calf fe ves and it is spectacular. food? >> you go for the food, you stay for the classes. up next, special guest, jenna wolf to help you get rid of that belly fat after th no student's ever been the king of the campus on day one. but you're armed with a roomy new jansport backpack, a powerful new dell 2-in-1 laptop, and durable new stellar notebooks, so you're walking the halls with varsity level swagger. that's what we call that new gear feeling. you left this on the bus... get it at the place with the experts to get you the right gear. office depot officemax. gear up for school. gear up for great.
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9:38 am
back now with my tuesday trend. i wanted to focus on a problem area for a lot of women. the lower belly pooch. a lot of us carry extra fat there, whether you've had a child or not. and i begged my buddy, today lifestyle fitness correspondent because your bod ea y is amazing.
9:39 am
some of us work out a couple -- maybe one day a week. and talking with my producer, she said people will say, you're fit. someone tweeted me a few days ago, are you pregnant? true story. that was so rude but you can have lower body fat around the middle middle. >> we collect fat and gain weight differently. but this is a very popular place for women to gain weight, you're genetically predisposed to have fat collect here. when you're stressed out, extremely stressed out, your body releases the fight or flight energy and normally the stress goes away and the but when it
9:40 am
doesn't, you get it here. this is some of the breakfast you had this morning. and then don't think that just citrus fruits is the only thing with vitamin c in it. peppers, straw buries, salmon. >> now, i have a t-shirt that says sugar addicate but this is what i had for breakfast. >> you say you're addicted to sugar but that's a really smart, fantastic meal right there. if you ever feel ploet bloeted. >> we work out our diet. do what you can, that's what i tell myself. i hate the gym. >> i know you do. we're going to start sitting in a chair.
9:41 am
we're in a desk all day long. move your back all the way to had back of the chair. lift your left leg up off the chair and left and lower your leg a little bit. anytime you lift your legs up here, cameron, you're going to really engage this lower region. >> i ride my bike home pretty much every day from work. i get a little cardio but i want more power into my tummy. >> so anytime you lift your legs, you're targeting here. i call these the apple pickers. you put two little weights in your hand, if you want to run. now i want to give you another move. this is a slow mountain climber. everything we're doing is targeting right here. we're engaging our core this way.
9:42 am
don't let your butt go too far down or sag. and try to touch your right elbow and your left knee to your left elbow. see if you can knock out three sets of 20. you're targeting your core and this area right in here and the lower ab region. >> do five at a time and mix it with something else. >> and charlie puth performs his hit, see you again, after this.
9:43 am
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9:46 am
clearer. ask your doctor about stelara . the toyota concert on "today," brought to you by toyota. singer song writer, charley puth's song "see you again" has hit the charts. >> and stayed at the top 100 for 12 weeks. >> and here he is again, mr. charlie puth. it's been a long day without you my friend and i'll tell you all about it when i see you again you've come a long
9:47 am
way from where we began though i'll tell you about it when i see you again when i see you again i can't believe so soon that you have to go i can't believe when i needed you the most way back over and hear those words give me all the strength i need give me all the -- it's been a long day without you my friend and i'll tell you all about it when i see you again
9:48 am
you've come a long way from where we began i'll tell you all about it when i see you again when i see again oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, how do i breathe without you feeling so cold i'll be waiting right here for you so give me all, give me all the strength i need give me all so threat light guide your way hold every memory
9:49 am
as you go and every breath you take will always lead you home it's been a long day without you my friend and i'll tell you all about it when i see you again we've come a long way from where we began oh i'll tell you all about it when i see you again when i see again
9:50 am
oh, oh, oh oh, oh, oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh >> what great song. charlie puth, thank you sir. we're back in a moment.
9:51 am
9:52 am
this is hello. >> we're going to be here. we're always here for you. >> and that's the executive producer a. >> and cathy lee make as an apeerps in one of them allegedly. >> but i'm not difficult. >> why show up if you're not going to be difficult. are you sick of this? >> are you tired of this?
9:53 am
9:54 am
9:55 am
we're going to help a live look and beautiful look of lower manhattan. 9:57 on this tuesday, august 4th. good morning. i'm michael gargiulo. a giant sinkhole. chopper 4 over the scene at fifth avenue, 58th street, sunset park. look how deep. no word what caused the street to collapse. it did not swallow up parked cars in the intersection. streets across long island covered with trees as a result of powerful thunderstorms. the damage in setauket. trees tore down power lines there. pseg says 40,000 customers without electricity. brookhaven and smithtown, the areas hardest hit. a check of weather. cloudy, sun, 89 for the high. mostly clear tonight. 72 tomorrow. sunny, warm, low humidity, high 86.
9:56 am
thursday, cloudy high 82. friday, rain, wind, 76. saturday, leftover rain. coming up on the "today" show with kathie lee and hoda, guys tell all. answers to all your burning questions. back in a half hour. join the millions who have already switched. we switched. and now, we're streaming netflix. who knew time warner cable's internet was so fast! mom switched. and now, we can watch our favorite shows together, on demand. i switched. so i can connect to the internet just about anywhere with my free twc wifi hotspots. join the millions who switched to time warner cable. for $89.99 a month, you'll get 100meg internet, and hundreds of hd channels. you'll also get unlimited calling to the us, mexico canada, china, and now india. call today. i switched. now i have a free app that lets me watch tv whenever i have the time. for $89.99 a month you'll get tv, internet and phone. and if you call now, there's no risk, no contract, no catch, no kidding. i switched to time warner cable and knew exactly when they were coming.
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thanks to their one hour appointment window. switch to time warner cable today. and now, for a limited time, you could get a $300 reward card. call today. . >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with kathie lee
9:58 am
gifford and hoda kotb. live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. out on the road -- >> that's hoda's song on the verge of the rest of her amazing life by owl city. we had them the other day, didn't we? >> we had owl city on, yes. they're great. >> it's cbs news day tuesday, august 4. >> slow down, summer. please slow down. >> we have a fun show today. we always have a great time with this actress who doesn't mind be called difficult, comedienne julie clowser. >> i saw some clips, i know you were in one of them. it's so funny! billy eichner and her together have crazy chemistry. >> amy poehler is the producer of it and they have a lot of leeway. they have a lot of leeway. what should you do if you say i love you and he doesn't say it back? our guests are here to tell us
9:59 am
all with special actor travis van winkle. if that's his real name. >> they're not great dancers, but all right. you'll love this, there's a non-invasive cosmetic procedure. if you're worried about your under-the-neck business. >> well, it's a little invasive. you get injections. >> but if you want to get rid of the under your neck -- >> like the double clin. or triple, you know who you are. >> it's called chai bela? a couple of people are getting prepped for it. we'll watch this procedure on the air. would you ever do anything like this? >> of course! [ laughter ] i wish they'd asked me, i would have done it this morning. dagon yes. >> they inject something and it melts the fat way way. so last night in central park it was one of those great nights. "beautiful" the musical was performed live.


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