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tv   News 4 New York at 6  NBC  August 5, 2015 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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injuries. when police moved in, he ied to flee. he was shot and killed as he ran at the police, covering the back door. >> the s.w.a.t. team engaged this gunman some minutes later. there was gunfire, and the gu man is deceased. just inside the movie theatre. >> reporter: police have determined his backpack contained a hoax device. they plan to his home. relatives of passengers on flight mh-370 finally have answers. expertsahave determined that a wing fing ent thatowashed up an an island in the indian ocean came from that plane. thupe boeing 777 disappeared more than a year ago on a flight from malaysian to beijing with 239 people on board. >> it .s with a very heavy heart that i must tell you that an international team of experts have conclusively confirmed tsht
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e aircraft debris found on reunion island is indeed from mh-370. >> investigators will now analyze the wing with high-powered micro scopes for cl ues about what caused the plane to go down. and coming up tonight at 6:30 on "nbc nightly news" with lester holt, much more on both the major breakthrough in the huns attack. three people are in custody in it connection with the shooting. it killed an unborn child of a pregnant woman shot five times. fournkthers were also struck. checkey beckford is in brooklyn with details for us. >> reporter: chuck, po ce sources tell us two of the men being questerioned here at the 7-6 are believed to be the shooters who opened fire on a group of people in red hook monday night. five of those bullets struck that 19-year-old pregnant woman, t lling her unborn child. she remains in critical condition tonight.
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owfour others were injured by the say wa s possibly in retaliation for an earlier gang shooting. 19-year-old frederick maurkice named as a suspect is believed to be one of those shooters. the driver of the get-away vehicle i t also in custody, we're told. at this point, the three men have not been charged with a crime. the shooting capped off a violent three-day period. three died and 16 were wounded in seven separate shootings across the city over the weekend. the nypd says overall crime is down 6% compared to last year. but murder is up 9%. and at a national night out event last night, commissioner bill bratton urged community members to turn in people they believe are committing violent crimes in their neighborhood. in carol gardens,.heckey beckford, news 4 new york. >> thank you. detectives have released photos of the man they say stabbed a woman in chinatown. authorities say that he used sofme sort of object to slash a 55-year-old woman in the back yesterday on motte street.
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doctors treated the wounds, and she is now restingset home. the motive remns unclear. if you do recognize that man, you're asked to call police. tonight there is a boil water advisory in effect for hundreds of homes in new jersey after a construction crane crushed a water main in cliffside park. workers repairing that crane on anderson avenue suddenly noticed wateo gushing out on to the street. about 200 nearby homes and businesses lost their water completely. service has since been restored. but that boil water advisor remains in effect for cliffside work, engelwood cliffs and ft. lente. thousands of people are still without power on long island, a day-and-a-half after area. as the cleanup continues, pseg says that fewer than 9,000 customers are still in the dark. that is down from more than 80,000 at the height of the outages. in one enabled neighborhod , downed trees and power lines homes. greg? >> reporter: sibilia, just a couple hours ago, this entire
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intersection here was covered and blocked with trees, as big or bigger than this one right here. but, of course, as you can see right now, it's all clear. crews finally clearing a path for folks who for some 36 hours literally had no way out of here. brook haven highway crews w ie greeted at liberators this afternoon in a neighborhood literally cut off from the world by tuesday's storm. >> can't get out, can't go anywhere. can't go to work. it's been a little crazy, waiting for someone to show up and help us out. >> reporter: vicki's get-away has been blocked by atria cross her driveway. several dozen other homeowners have bn in the same boat since tuesday morning. in effect, trapped by the trees that fell on the storm. >> some areas look like you just took a sickle to the trees. >> reporter: brook haven's highway superintendent calls this the hardest hit community in his town. but clearing an escape path, he says, was delayed by an initial
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lack of pseg crews to remove wires from the fallen trees. >> it's been hell, i'll tell you. my kids are home. i can't go to work. i've been out for two days. >> reporter: homeowner steph auanie rogers was headed out on foot when we caught up with her, relieved when help finally arrived. >> hopefully they'll do a good job. >> reporter: others here are praying their electric power will soon be restored. patrick red co wants to avoid another steamy night in the dark. >> it's like living in the 19th century. hopefully not another night. >> reporter: and tonight suffolk suffolk's health commissioner is urging caution for folks without electricity, telling them to be cautious in terms of using food that's been in a refrigerator or freezer without power for a number of hours. again, behind me you see crews still on the scene here. pseg long island says they're hoping to get most folks with thei pfeer back by tomorrow.
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but this could linger into friday. we're live tonight, greg cergol, news 4 new york. we have an update on the story theews 4 i-team broke about allegations of abuse at a montessori school. cell phone video show teachers manhandling two children. now the parents of those children seen on that video are taking action and news 4's pei-sze chang joins us with details. >> - chuck, the parents of the children were obviously stunned and hurt to see the video. they f led the papers this morning, suing the school and its workers, and also alleging that the school administrators tried to brush this under the rug, so to speak. the suit is the first since news 4 obtained exclusive video at the center of the case. th video taken by a witness in a nearby building shows school staff roughing up toddlers in an outdoor play area. thle suit names apple mont sorry and several school employees alleging that employees did not tell parents there was video of the incidents, and that they believe the tipster who brought them the video was, quote,
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overreacting. you can only imagine the parents' collective horror when they finally saw the videos on the news. as we first told you when the story broke, apple montessori schools are exempt from strict licensing requirements that other daycare centers must comply with, pecause it is considered a private school that offers elementary school instruction. the families are seeking an unspecified amount of damages for negligence, breach of contract, assault and other charges. apple montessori has fired five of those workers since the video surfaced, including the school's director. the company runs 17 schools across new jersey. today they had no comment on the lawsuit. sibilia? >> all right, thank you. coming up as news 4 at 6:00 continues, a mystery in new jersey. a tombstone bearing an 8-year-old boy's name is found at a bus stop. and a fire quickly grew to three alarms in new jersey as it spread to three homes. and storm team meteorologist steve villanova has an encouraging forecast.
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>> this weekend, will we see some rain or will we see sunshine? we're working on that and we'll explain, coming up.
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an eerie find at new jersey transit. a worker discovered this headstone at a bus station monday on washington avenue. it's engraved with the name possibly taken from the grave of an 8-year-old child. authorities are checking with local cemeteries. the developer of this apartment complex that went up in flames in edge water promises better protection in their latest project. after long bay wants to build a new complex and install more sprinklers than required by state building codes. authorities blame the company's lightweight wood construction for how quickly this massive
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fire gutted homes in january. meantime, a house fire in jersey city spread to two neighboring houses and left nearly two dozen people homes tonight. chopper 4 was overhead when firefighters sprayed water on what was left of the charred structure on boyd avenue. it's unclear how the fire started. but thankfully no one was hurt. and coming up, when we return at news 4 at 6:00, crossing the hudson on two wheels. a sharing program in new jersey. first, here's a look at what's on nbc tonight, and chuck and i will see you again at 11:00. also a reminder here on august 15th, nbc is teaming up with hundreds of shelters across the tristate to find homes for pets in need. many have agreed to cut the costs of adoption for the one-day event. >> for more information and to find participating shelters near you, go to share your pictures by e-mailing them to
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new at 6:00, marine wildlife officials are worried about a dolphin that made its way into
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the south river in old bridge. chopper 4 was over the scene, and here's the problem. it is low tide right now, and the dolphin has nowhere to go, so we just got off the phone right now with the marine mammal stranding center spokesperson tells us that this is very unusual for a dolphin to be in the south river. they hope the dolphin will head back out to sea when the tide goes out. >> lester holt joins us with a look at what's ahead on "nbc nightly news." >> a team is in place in nashville with word on the theater attack today. you may have heard about netflix offering unlimited leave for new moms and dads. but there are other companies offering some pretty amazing perks to try and attract and retain good employees. and we're a year away from the opening ceremony for the 2016 olympics and we're down in rio with a look at that town making its own dash to the finish line when we see you coming up in a short time on "nightly news." >> all right. >> thanks a lot. city bike is spreading its
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wings across the hudson and east rivers. >> officials kicked off the city bike program this morning with its first of 11 docking stations as part of the expansion to 12,000 bikes and hundred stations. and jersey city has its own bike sharing program next month. we get the news from tracy strayhan. >> reporter: it's pretty clear that bikes are big in jersey city. but now they're ready to put the city in city bike. >> we think it's fantastic. i can't wait for them to come here so we'll have less traffic and more bikers, people will be healthy. >> reporter: enrollment is now available online for the expansion of the ride share program that's been two years in the making in that time, jersey city has added 22 new miles of bike lanes and has made space for kiosks to hold 350 of the blue bikes at 35 stations, including path train hubs, local colleges and neighborhood streets. >> the way we envision, you can pick up a bike in the heights, ride it to the general square pat station, leave the bike there, take the path and then
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with the same key access, take a city bike on the new york city side and go to your destination there. >> reporter: so the goal right now is to get 3,000 members registered for city bike here in jersey city. but since the program requires space not just on main drags, but on residential streets as well, they're already preparing for backlash. >> people are never 100% happy. and they're always going to find something to complain about, and you try to make sure that the most people realize that the forward. we think is a good thing for most of the residents. >> reporter: city bike prices will be the same. but residents think the benefits may be even greater in the garden state. in jersey city, tracy strayhan, news 4 new york. >> from bikes to something maybe a little more exciting. remember the floating skateboard from the back to the future movies? well, it is here now. >> lexus has released a video showing its hover board on the move. take a look at this. this thing cannot be used anywhere. it uses the power of magnets to stay afloat.
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much like japan's high-speed mag lift trains. that means the cells have to be in the ground beneath the board. and for this video, lexus built a skate park with magnetic rails buried underground. >> pretty neat. >> it is. >> i know you can't wait to get on it, steve. >> oh, i thought you were no. sweating bullets there, steve. >> me too. >> i'll go with a helmet. >> i'll sit on it. i'm not going to stand on that thing. >> good evening, guys. another great day today. lots of sunshine across the area. temperatures were on the warm side. temperatures, in fact, in some spots back in the 90s. as we look outside, we have some clouds right now but these start to dissipate as the evening goes on once we lose the daytime heating. back off into western new jersey, we are seeing a couple light rain showers come out of the clouds. but they're very, very spotty. 83 degrees in the city. under cloudy skies. we go mainly clear in a few short hours as we lose the daytime heating. another warm day today in the park. 87 degrees, average for this
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time of year is 84. newark, 90. laguardia airport, 91. even islip coming in at 9 today. so a warm one across the area. but all of these numbers will drop tomorrow, thanks in part to northwesterly winds, bringing us some cooler canadian air. 86 now in brooklyn. 85 staten island. 81 in the south bronx. 81 morristown and in the 70s from sussex through monticello where there was more cloud coverage today. and the clouds slowly drifting southward. spot showers moving across central new jersey. again, as the evening goes on and once the sun sets, these will start to dissipate, both the clouds and the spotty showers. otherwise for tomorrow high pressure builds in. a beautiful day with a northwesterly wind flow. temperatures come down several degrees. in fact, temperatures will be right around average as we head into tomorrow. but we will be watching this system for friday. this system will make its way across the mid atlantic states and central and southern new jersey picks up rain showers friday. the question is this weekend. some of the charts push it out to sea safely.
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other charts start to curve it up the east coast and if that happens, that means coastal areas, the beaches, will be cooler with some light rain as we head into saturday. so we're still working on that forecast. but in the meantime, for saturday, we'll just call it coastal clouds. we'll play it safe. a temperature of 82 degrees. nicer. lots of sunshine. a daytime high of 84 degrees. future tracker shows tonight we do go mainly clear once we lose the daytime heating. sunshine. and during the afternoon hours, we see an increase in cloud coverage. mainly thin upper level clouds as the storm system approaches and by the time we get to late tomorrow night, showers down the jersey shore. so for tonight, coastal areas in the lower to mid 60s. notice inland areas under clear skies, dropping down into the 50s. tomorrow looks like a great day. we're mainly sunny with high clouds later in the day. temperatures for the most part in the low 80s. there is the seven-day forecast. 83 tomorrow. 81 on friday. with some showers south of the city. central, southern new jersey. then on saturday, we're watching
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that system, doesn't move away, does it play coastal areas? we're still working on that. sunday looking great. and next week looks like another chance of rain for tuesday and for wednesday. we needed the rain, by the way. hopefully one of these days we'll get a good soaker. >> great. we're going to skate over to john. >> so the yankees didn't make a trade for a pitcher. a lot of people worried their pitching might not hold up. we have 90 million reasons -- 90 reasons, excuse me, why you shouldn't. 90 million -- feels like they're scoring 90 million. joe girardi all smiles this morning in midtown. but that high-powered offense isn't the only reason why. plus the mets rotation has a forgotten man. quietly goes about his business. still ahead on news 4 new york at 6:00
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yankees have discovered one easy solution to their much-talked about pitching problems. score runs. lots of them. how about 90 in the last ten games. that will do the trick. tonight in the bronx, top prospect luis self reno makes his debut against the red sox. last night the bombers exploded for nine runs in the seventh inning behind homers from brian mccann and chris young. yanks have scored 160 runs since july 1st, the most in the majors. 60-45, the second best record in the american league, five and a half games up in the division. this morning joe girardi was busy in times square along with appetizer mobile. a sci-fi baseball app called portal ball. a portion of the proceeds benefit the catch 25 foundation. we caught up with joe, still flying high after his team's 13-run outburst last night. >> it's been a lot of fun through this streak. and, you know, last night i'm
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sitting in the bottom of the seventh saying if we can add one or two more it would be nice to this lead. and they put up a nine-spot, which, you know, i didn't expect. i would like our guys to continue to do that, because it makes my job a lot easier. >> finally just a quick thought on your excitement to see self reno pitch tonight. >> i'm excited. you pull for kids to have success. and you realize that they get a chance to realize their dream. and i had that chance too. and it's a memorable moment. all eyes going to be on the top prospect tonight. brian mccann will sit tonight after an mri revealed inflammation in his knee. matt harvey will take the hill for the sixth straight win in miami. and with all the talk about harvey, jonathan niece is quietly having a great year. niese pitched seven innings last night, given up three or fewer runs in ten of his last eleven starts and the south paw knows it takes pressure off when you have the mets' new look offense behind him.
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>> i try and be perfect. i try to get as many outs as i possibly can. but our offense is pretty exciting. any given time during the game, they can explode. so yeah, it's a great feeling. >> is he talking about the mets' offense? i felt like two weeks ago that's what we were talking about. the mets a game up in the division on the gnats nats. >> it is exciting. >> next on "nbc nightly news" a summer day and a movie turns into a nightmare. >> we'll see you back here at 11:00. good night. there is come on the air. a deadly shootout at a movie theater in tennessee. a man armed with a gun and a hatchet goes on the attack, opening fire as police take him down then blow up his backpack.
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our team is there live. conclusively confirmed. malaysia says the wreckage found on an island d in fact come from that missing jet. what investigators are saying tonight after examining the debris. unlimited leave with pay for new moms and dads. on the heels of that stunning announcement from netflix, the amazing perks other companies are now offering to keep employees happy. and the race is on down in rio. one year from tonight the opening ceremony. we're there where a mad dash is under way even before the games begin. "nightly news" begins right now. >> announcer: from nbc news world headquarters in new york, this is "nbc nightly news with lester holt." good evening. did police in the nashville area prevent another horrific movie theater attack? what we know right now is that a 51-year-old man inside a theater and reported to be armed with a gun, a hatchet and pepper spray was shot to death this afternoon in an exchange of
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gunfire with police. one person received a minor wound but no one else was killed as police responded quickly to reports of an active shooter. the entire incident a frightening echo of what happened only two weeks ago in lafayette, louisiana and of course three years ago in colorado. mark potter is in antioch, tennessee with the latest. >> reporter: nashville police say it was just before 1:15 local time that reports came in of a man carrying a gun and a hatchet at the hickory hollow cinemas. >> countywide dispatch to all cars, we have shots fired, officer involved at 901 bell road. 901 bell road. theater. >> shots being fired right now at the movie theater. >> reporter: it was inside the theater during a showing of the film "mad max: fury road," where saw the gunman. >> he encountered the gunman. the gunman opened fire on the south precinct officer.
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that officer returned his fire and then


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