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tv   News 4 New York at 11  NBC  August 5, 2015 11:00pm-11:34pm EDT

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said monday the outbreak is slowing. >> so we will continue it see cases. we expecrit the case rate to decline and the number of cases to fall. >> legionnaire's contracted when water droplets are inhausd. the source, health officials say five contaminated cooling towers identified in the south bronx, including one at lincoln hospital. butit leaders said the sites were cleaned so why are people still dying? >> the incubation period is long, up to 14 days. because of that, we will continue to see more cases. >> but the doctor with lenox hill said most new yorkers need not worry. >> most people who get this who are otherwise well and healthy get a mild flu-like illness and are better in a few days. >> the health department said all eight who died were older with underlying health conditions. the city is requiring sites with the cooling towers to give them
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ths to how ahey will prevent this from happening in the future. those plans are due on friday. in the mel rose section, checkey bedford, news 4 new york. >> thank you. many of you are following thi outbreak and we are getting new information by the day. for the latest cases an advice fremom doctors, if you have a question you want answered, go to the nbc facebook page and post it there. >> and rescuers just suspended their search off sandy hook, new jersey for a missing swim are there. we just go this video in from the scene into our newsroom. we are told a 24-year-old man went into the water around 8:00 this evening. coast guard, national park service and nypd aviation were all involved in the search. they expect to pick up the search again tomorrow morning. >> we are closely following a movie thee tr ater attack in tennessee. the man at the center is 29 years old. armed with a hatchet and a pellet gun when he attacked
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movie patrons and sprayed others with pep are spray. this happenetid in antioch. that is just outside of nashville. he was shot by police. jay gray is there tonight. very tense moments there. >> yeah, absolutely. and theater is still locked down. the area as well. as the investigation continues here and we are learning a lot more now about that suspect. shot and killed by nashville police just after a brief showdown inside. >> it was very scary. >> everybody back up, somebody got a gun and stuff like that. >> as chaos started to unfold, two police officers were working a traffic accident just outside the hickory 8 movie theater. >> they immediately maiden try. one of the officers actually engaged the suspect. there was an encounter. he saw a gun come up. he saw a trigger about to be pulled. he disengaged. >> it happened during showing of
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the film mad max where witnesses say the suspect identified tonight as 29-year-old vincente mon tonno. >> i'm eternally grateful for the metro police department for their fast response today and the fact that no one else god injured. >> as the theater cleared, he tried to escape through a back door where he was shot and killed by the members of the nashville police s.w.a.t. team. >> when he came at them at a threatening mapper they opened fire. >> the gun he he was had was wielding was an air soft pellet pistol. he had a history of resisting arrest. he also had a history of mental problems. >> it appears this individual had significant psychiatric or psychological issues. they are reporting that he had
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been committed four times, twice in 2004 and twice in 2007. >> all part of a puzzle investigators are trying to piece together to identify a motive in the attack. >> mon tonno was carrying a duffle and backpack at the time of the attack. inside. the bomb squad say they found something that was a hoax, something looked to be explosive, inside the backpack. jay gray, news 4 new york. >> all right, jay, thank you. and watch for the latest development tomorrow morning on the "today" show right after today in new york. >> this scene in new jersey, taking apart the massive main. residents have been dealing with this mess since this morning. a boil water advisory is still in effect for cliff side, englewood cliffs and fort lee. >> reporter: chuck, people who
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live nearby l need to boil their water for at least another night. let me show you the cause of this whole mess. this giant construction crane starts back there and keeps going and going. they disassembled it piece by piece to try and get the chunks again. but as you can tell, it is a long night. >> how do you move a 30-ton slowly. this massive construction crane fell off its support on to a main street early in the morning. fortunately no one was hurt. >> thank god it happened, they did it early in the morning. >> unbelievable that something like this could happen. but the damage was already done. a 24-inch watermain under the street was crushed. that led to flooding on the streets and inside neighborhood businesses. and as many as 65,000 customers with low water pressure or no water at all. >> it is anoising. >> i went to take a shower at
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7:00 and there was no water. >> what did you do? water. >> with mineral water? >> yes. >> how much do you have? >> like i use like four bottles. >> the water was restored after a few hours but people in cliff side park, fort lee and englewood cliffs are told to boil their water until it is tested and found to be safe. >> we are drinking water and with anything we bill water. >> removing the giant crane is the biggest hurdle. it is nearly two blocks long. work went into the night. the crane is disassembled so each piece can be hauled off. the boil water order will continue until at least tomorrow night. that's how long it will take for a lab to test the water and determine it is safe to drink. michael george, news 4 new york. >> michael, thank you. search for more debris from
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flight 370 is now expected to intensify. the wing that washed up came from that plane. invest get igate ors will focus on thousands of miles of beach line in that area. it came from the boeing 777 that disteared more than a year ago on its way from malaysia to beijing. 239 people were on board. relatives of passengers and crew members are not calling today's break through closure, though. some say that there are still too many questions that remain. >> i hope they find the whole thing. we still want them back. be found. yes. >> investigators hope the wing fragment holds more clues like the speed of the plane on impact and how it broke up. >> former nypd detective is going to jail for his role on a biker gang attack. today we learned that he will
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serve two years for the 2013 assault. one of the bikers seen in this video chasing the range rover. the group pulled him out of his car and viciously beat him to the ground. his wife and child were inside. prosecutors say he didn't take part but watched without calling for help. and new at 11:00, three years since hurricane sandy ripped through our area, there could finally be help. fraud delayed claims. 144,000 claims will be opened to help pay for damages. >> i know people are tired. it's been three years. they are tired of dealing with paperwork. they are tired of dealing with fema. tired of dealing with attorneys. i would say, don't give up. don't leave money on the table they are entitled to. >>le the last day to submit sandy flood claims is september 15th.
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>> now politics and the big debate. all major republican candidates are heading to cleveland, ohio. donald trump and chris christie will also be there. other seven candidates with lower polls debate in the afternoon. >> coming up, as we continue on news 4 in new york, a surprise visit at a local waterway. a dolphin found into a new jersey river. why wildlife officials are worried it may be trapped there. >> a missing tombstone was found at a bus depot. but where did it come from? >> a possible link between processed meat and male inter tillity.
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a mystery in new jersey and you're looking at it.
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police want to know how this tombstone for an 8-year-old boy wound up at a new jersey bus terminal. >> detectives say they've called area cemeteries but nobody claimed it and now they are hoping can you point them in the right direction. >> news 4's ida siegal reports. >> the tombstone marks the final resting place. typically in a cemetery, of course. but this one is sitting in a police station because detectives can't figure out where it belongs. >> we've reached out to a number of cemeteries. they are all looking, all trying to help. but to date we haven't been able to find the cemetery where it was taken from. >> that's right. they think it might have been stolen from a cemetery. it was found at this new jersey transit bus depot in nuttily. a maintenance worker discovered it in a parking lot. no one knows how it got there. the name on the stone is max ferreira.
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the dates say 1990 to 1998 which would indicate it belonged to an 8-year-old boy. but since they can't figure out where the tombstone came from, there's no way to be a hundred percent certain. >> we're just looking for someone to come forward and say, hey, you know what, we don't mind if it is anonymous or not. just let us know he where the family is or which cemetery it came from. >> sandra getler can't imagine who would do such a thing. her own son is buried at holy cross cemetery and was born the same year as max. being able to visit her son's tombstone is essential. >> that's for family. you know. >> how cruel. >> yes. >> our photographer noticed the spelling of the name ferreira is portuguese. detectives say that's a clue they will pursue as they try to track down the family who may not known their son's tombstone has gone missing.
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in nuttily, ida siegal, news 4, new york. >> a rough two nights for some long island residents. they are still cleaning up from a storm that rolled through tuesday morning. pge says 4400 customers are still without power. they are hoping to have it back by tomorrow. but it may not be until friday. today. they cleared up falling trees that kept some folks from leaving their homes. >> can't get out. can't go anywhere. can't good to work. and it is made crazy. waiting for someone to show up and help us out. >> it's been hell, i'll tell you. >> my kids are home. i can't good to work. >> health officials are urging people who haven't had power to throw out any food from their fridgis and freezers. several town offices will also be open with chargers, water and ice. >> a study between meat and infertility. the success rate was 26% higher
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with men who did not eat processed meat, such as bacon. the men who don't eat processed meat probably have healthier diets in general. >> former presidents become ordinary citizens after leaving office. that's george w. bush showing up for jury duty at a dallas courthouse today. one potential juror said the 43rd president was personal and friendly. maybe that's because he he wasn't chosen to serve on a jury. the secret service whisked him away after a few hours. >> i can't imagine. it is not everyday you see a dolphin in a river but it happened in our own backyard. a dolphin in the south river in old bridge new jersey, residents have been lining up along the banks all day to get a closer look. the marine mammal stranding center tells tus is unusual for a dolphin to be in these waters and they are hoping it would head back out to sea at high tide. >> yeah. >> you know, i actually meant to
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ask steve when high tide was. steve, i hate to do this to you live and without warning, but do you know when? >> no, i didn't look yet. >> my apologies. >> no worries. hopefully he will find his way back to sea. i will go look that up right now. we will see a beautiful day tomorrow. today we had lots of sunshine and temperatures were very warm once again. we were in upper 80s and low 90s. temperatures in the low 80s, very low humidity, lots of sunshine. it is just a really delightful day. as we head towards friday, the storm system will approach and it moves across the mid-atlantic. between central and southern new jersey, with rain showers. and much-needed rain as we head into friday. the question is, what about the weekend? on saturday, some weather charts take it safely up but some of them are curving the storm up the east coast. if that happens, we will introduce some rain on saturday, especially towards coastal areas. but right now, queens coming in
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at 79 at jfk. 77 over into brooklyn. 74 over towards bat yn island. but north and west temperatures in the 60s. monticello down to 57 and many areas into the western zones under clear skies, dropping to the 50s tonight. we are clear on the satellite image. high pressure in control and for tomorrow, high will bring us lots of sunshine and with that northwesterly wind flow we will see a very comfortable day. but we won't see increasing clouds later in the day. as this storm system approaches. on friday, moving across the mid-atlantic. central and southern new jersey could pick up rain showers. on saturday, that's the big question, where does that storm system go? for now we will split the middle. we call it coastal clouds. so lots of clouds along the coast on saturday. lots of sunshine inland. 82 degrees. about some days looking great. sunday, lots of sunshine. daytime high of 84 degrees. if you tour tracker showing tonight we are clear. tomorrow morning, lots of sunshine. as the day gez on tomorrow we will see an increase in high clouds as that next storm system
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approaches. and by tomorrow night, showers down the jersey shore. but not tonight. coastal areas in the 60s. we will have a cool start to the day. lower 80s, lots of sunshine. low humidity on friday rain showers down the jersey shore and saturday that's the big question. where does that big storm go? will it be a nice weekend or forecast saturday? we'll know more tomorrow. >> i found it. >> there you good. >> looks like the dolphin's next chance it make a break for it is at 1:55 a.m. high tide. >> couple of hours. >> all right. we are rooting for it. >> we will send word to the dolphin. >> thanks google. >> what's coming up? >> yankees haven't been this excited for a pitching prospect in years. at the bronx, david ortiz may not be impressed with the rookie on the mound but i think he may be the only one. sharp for the pin stripes. his bats, mia for a change. and baseball's hottest team but the mets couldn't help but make
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it part themselves tonight. we will see if the six straight win is in the cards. just ahead. >> here is what jimmy fallon has >> thanks. we have a great show.
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city officials are worried that some waterways won't be done in time. but rio is kolg confident they can pull off the olympics without a hitch. >>
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. it's been exciting talking to you these days. >> it's fun. >> it's been fun, yeah. >> that's what happens when you have two first teams around these parts. yankees and mets getting it done. but yankees refuse to part with louis at the trade deadline and they believe he could boost their pitching as much as any deal could have. they called him up and echb veryone was pretty hyped for his debut. we caught up with joe gerardy this times square. >> i'm excited. you pull for young kids to come up and have full success. you realize that they get the chance it realize their dream and i had that chance too. and it is a memorable moment. >> so let's see what kid's got. makes his debut in the bronx. against the red sox. on the field. didn't take him long.
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second batter, zander bogart caught looking. teixeira couldn't pick it. that ends the inning. a double off the wall in right center. napoli scores easily with the game's first run. ortiz, welcome to the majors, kid. obliterates it. this is where you miss your spot. somewhere near the concourse. one earned in five innings. he was good. yankees trail in the ninth. mccann flies out to sent are to end the game. yanks lead in al east. now down to 4 1/2 over the jays. >> did a pretty good job tonight. >> you know, i told you, i didn't think that the surroundings would effect him a whole lot. i felt that in spring an
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training when he first came in. he didn't seem yoef whelm overwhelmed with the situation there. it is different here. they made you feel pretty good about it. >> to the mets. the mets gun willing for the sweep of the lowly marlins. looking like they are on their way, leading 4-0 in the fifth when juan just loads off david phelps. 436 feet later. it's 7-0, mets. matt harvey on the mound. seven runs, that shouldn't be a problem. harvey did his part. seven shut outinnings. mets, 8-0, heading to the bottom of the ninth. no way collins needs to bring in his closer. oh, but he did. that's what happened. and a single makes it 8-6. marlins have the winning run at the plate. but phew, getting christian to ground out to end it. mets hang on. would have been a disaster. but hey, had it all along, right? they lead in the east now two
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games over the nationals. major league soccer. red-hot red bull, north of the border, taking on the montreal impact. trailing in the 52nd minute. playing the ball, look at sand here. gets some body parts on it. he is falling to the turf. just don't touch it with your hand there. not the smoothest goal you'll see but red bulls take it as they draw level and earn a 1-1 tie. all right. that's a look at sports. specifically baseball, mets fans thought they had it in the bag. >> they had to work tore it at the end. >> take it however you can get it. >> love it. >> the suspense! >> we'll be right back.
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and that's it for news 4 new york at 11:00. "the tonight show" is straight ahead. >> "today in new york" begins at 4:30. good night and we'll see you tomorrow. >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- ice cube, mamie gummer, musical guest nathaniel rateliff & the night sweats, and featuring the legendary roots crew. >> questlove: 306, saskatchewan! >> steve: and now, here he is, jimmy fallon!
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[ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: oh, hey! oh! yes! looking good. hey, everybody, looking great. welcome. welcome, welcome, welcome, to "the tonight show," everybody. [ cheers and applause ] this is it, "the tonight show." you're here. i need you, i love you. thank you for being here, everybody. it's gonna be a fun one tonight. let's get to what everyone's talking about here. of course, tomorrow night is the first republican debate. so, everyone get ready for that. yeah. [ cheers and applause ] let's see, i'm ready, man. turn on the trump, man. [ cheers and applause ] i wanna see -- yeah. tomorrow's the first republican debate, which means donald trump's hair and makeup team should be getting started right about now. right about now. [ cheers and applause ] [ laughter ] sandy.


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