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tv   Today in New York  NBC  August 7, 2015 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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to do. i can totally make that pledge. if i am the nominee, i can pledge i will not run as an independent. >> he buys and sells politicians of all stripes. he's already -- >> mr. paul -- >> he's already hedging his bet on the clintons. if he doesn't run as a republican, maybe he supports clinton or maybe he runs as an independent. >> okay. >> but i'd say he's already hedging his bets because he's used to buying politicians. >> well, i've given him plenty of money. >> rand paul stirred it up with chris christie. new jersey governor took paul for his opposition to the patriot act and laws that collect massive phone records. >> paul wanted to collect more records from terrorists instead. >> that's a completely ridiculous answer. i want to collect more records from terrorists and less from other people. how are you supposed to do -- >> get a warrant.
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get a judge to sign the warrant. >> senator -- >> senator christie make your point. >> senator, when you're sitting in the subcommittee blowing hot air about this, you can say things like that. when you're responsible for protecting the lives of the american people, then what you need to do is to make sure that you use the -- the way it's supposed to work. >> as you can imagine, social media weighed in immediately after the debate. donald trump was the top trending gop candidate on twitter. but he told reporters, darlene, that he felt questions were tougher than everyone else's. we're going to hear from the other candidates in the next half hour, including what jeb bush had to say about his apparent family pipeline to the presidency. tracie strahan, thank you. >> meanwhile, seven other gop hope fums took part in the happy hour debate. they include george pataki, louisiana governor bobby jindal and lindsey graham of south carolina. some of them zeroed in on democrat hillary clinton and
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fellow republican, of course, donald trump. >> i talked about donald trump from the standpoint of being an individual using his celebrity rather than his conservatism. >> hillary clinton lies about benghazi, lies about e-mails. >> when hillary clinton tells you i've given you all you know you need, that means she hasn't. >> all seven are hoping to gain in the polls and jump into the top ten. could get them into the next big gop debate. that is on september 16th. it is in california. coming up on the "today" show, gop candidates donald trump and marco rubio will be live with their takes on yesterday's debate. that, of course, ahead at 7:00. 4:35. time for weather and traffic on this friday morning. let's check in with chris cimino. good morning. >> a nice finish to the workweek. the rain we're worried about, moving out to sea, good news passing underneath us. even the clouds are staying to
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the south and east of the city. more cloud cover south rather than north and west. a good finish to the workweek. high clouds mixing with the sunshine as times. especially south and east. mostly sunny with low humidity today. the high temperatures reaching back into the lower 80s. hopefully she can neighboring to the traffic wall without tripping. here's lauren scala. >> it's tough every day. there's fastrack maintenance or a little longer on the r. that should be brapd wrapped up for a while. no r train service between 95th and 36th street. you can pick up the d, the n or shuttle buses. we have overnight track work on the 1, 4, 6. a, e and f. alternate side of the street parking rules in effect. the next update on the 4s. >> see you in a bit, lauren. thank you. senator chuck schumer announces that he cannot support the nuclear deal with iran. he is worried that iran will pursue atomic weapons after the
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tenure limit of the agreement. schumer is a powerful democrat and normally president obama's ally. elliottening he will also came out about the -- >> hope to vote on a resolution to derail it. 100 have been sickened by the legionnaires' disease and the death toll risen to ten. all buildings with cooling towers are order today disinfect their units. governor cuomo says the cdc is sending a team to the bronx. dr. howard zucker says a briefing is planned next week. >> the epidemiology, who is infected when. >> city officials say cooling towers responsible for the outbreak have been disinfected. the order for all other cooling towers to be cleaned is out of an abundance of caution. police are looking for a man who allegedly fondled and
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threatened to rape a woman in green point, brooklyn. police say the victim pleaded with him and offered him money to leave her alone. this video allegedly shows them walking to the atm. authorities say that the woman gave him $20 and he took off. more rowdy behavior from the superheroes in times squares. this time spider man got into a scuffle caught on cell phone video. >> you know what you are -- >> the video shows spider man in a brawl with a civilian who only gave his first name as matthew. the two ended up on the ground, bumping into people leaving toys-r-us. matthew started the fight by harassing the character. matthew insists that's not the case. >> spider man was harassing a lady and her child. he was telling her to give him tips. the lady said no. he yelled at the lady and i stepped in and said why do you want to do that to a female.
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do it to me. >> last time spider man was arrested after allegedly punching an officer. charges were later dropped. moving on to a commuter alert. tunnel that carries the ac lines between brooklyn and manhattan will be shut down this weekend for repairs. this is only the first of 40 weekends that crews will be working on that line. "today in new york's" sheldon dutes is in brooklyn heights with what you need to know. >> reporter: kerr ir, good morning. the signs are already up on high street letting passengers know they have to plan another way around because of the closures. this is one more way that -- reminder, i should say, that people -- the effects of sandy. they will not be running between brooklyn and manhattan because of sandy-related work. the storm surge damaged the tunnel and crews will be working
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through the weekend to make much-needed repairs. because of that scheduled work, we want to show you how riders will be impacted. any riders who use the subway stations at high street, fulton street, chambers, canal and spring street will have to plan an alternate route. a and c trains, kerry, will be running on the f lines. at j street in down down brooklyn to west fourth and manhattan. we have a fum ll list to help you plan your travel at have to get used to it. thank you. an emergency room will be available on long beach, long island for the first time since hurricane sandy. the department of health gave the facility the final approval late wednesday night. it's scheduled to open monday at 9:00 a.m. the city was without an emergency department since 2012 when the medical center flooded during sandy. 4:40 now. the end of an era for late night tv.
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a star studded goodbye to jon stewart. local carpenters nailing down special preparations for the poem. of course, weather and traffic on the 4s straight ahead. you're watching "today in new york."
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four things to know this morning. the anniversary of michael brown's death in ferguson, missouri, begin today. one year ago sunday, the 18-year-old unarmed brown was shot and killed by a police officer. deliberations continue today in the sentencing trial of james holmes. holmes, of course, convicted of killing 12 people and injuring
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dozens more in a colorado movie theater shooting. starting today, best buy will be the first national retailer besides apple to offer customers the chance to purchase an apple wafrp. it will be available online and in about 100 stores. president obama begins his vacation today. he'll spend 17 days with his family on martha's vineyard with no planned public appearances. 4:43. almost 4:44. we're at the end of the week finally, chris. >> here we are at the end of the week and a good weather trend continuing. carrying us into the old port weekend. one of the nicer summer weekends. no rain to worry about. roads are dry, going to stay that way. comfortable too at 73 degrees in the city. that's the warm spot. once again, the city holding on to the heat from yesterday. a little bit more than the suburbs have. down to the 50s and 60s. we're looking at temperatures now. expected to get back into the low 80s this afternoon. the high clouds are exiting to the south and east.
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nice day ahead. weekend is a winner. next chance of shower or thunderstorm activity is tuesday. 71 in chelsea. in staten island this morning, notice you drop off to the suburbs. it's 57 in morristown. 55 in sussex. 54 monticello. still a cool start in much of suburbia. not as chilly as yesterday morning. there goes the clouds and the rain passing well to the south of us. that's a good trend. we have higher pressure building in from the north. you can see the bigger picture where it's moving to the east than the north. may be high clouds around. especially south and east of the city. we should be in a fair amount of sunshine north and west especially. just a few more clouds further south. it's going to filter out to something. heading out friday night, not a problem. looking good into our saturday. just as nice. lots of sunshine around. afternoon clouds build in north and west at times.
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again, no rain on sunday. kind of the same scenario. slight possibility late sunday afternoon north and west. could be a shower. for the most part, a dry weekend and a dry friday. 83 the expected high. you can start your weekend today. a light east, northeast wind at 5 to 15 miles an hour. most folks between 80 and 85 at the coast or the inland spots. friday night's lows, upper 60s in the city. good sleeping weather. north and west, numbers closer to 60. not as chilly as the past few mornings have been. 83 today, 84 tomorrow. 85, lower 80s on monday and then there's that threat of thunderstorms on tuesday. looks likely right now. quickly. wednesday clouds giving way to sun and a comfortable thursday. high of 81 and plenty of sunshine. the friday morning commute, how is it rolling along, sflaurn lauren? >> all lanes shut down 32. avoid that. roadwork.
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the l.i.e. is shut down westbound between exits 61 and 60. you can head to the service road to get around that. heading over to the fdr, we have roadwork there as well. southbound from 23rd to houston, two lanes shut down here. we'll take a live look at the george washington bridge where all traffic is being hauled there after the inbound upper level tolls. they can clear construction. watch out for delays there. head to the lincoln in the meantime, the lincoln and the holland tunnel both in good shape. alternate side of the street parking rules in effect. we're learning more about the man behind the attack inside a movie theater. 29-year-old vincente montano was a homeless man with a long history of mental problems. he brought propane and lighter fluid into the theater with him wednesday and may have wanted to set off an explosion. he slashed a man with a hatchet before being killed by police. a bronx woman hit by a manhole cover that came crashing
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into a bus spoke exclusively to news 4 about the bizarre accident. she was riding the bx 11 bus when that manhole cover broke through the floor. the cover hit her in the leg. look at that. left her with bruises and a swollen ankle. that's crazy. she described this frightening incident to us through a translator. >> wasn't expecting that. she feel that one of the tires explode. >> it's not clear what caused that manhole cover to explode. the mta is thankful that nobody was seriously injured. five teens who jumped into the water off long island after their boat caught fire. >> victims are in the water, they do not have life jackets on and they are blowing an -- >> it happened around 9:30 wednesday night in the great south bay near the entrance to snake hill channel. tom clark, the owner of the boat, got a call from his son cody who said the engine was smoking.
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>> as soon as he said fire, i got excited, obviously. i said just put on life jackets right away and get in the water. >> that's exactly what the young men did, spending the next half hour in chest deep water. it was one teen's quick thinking that likely saved them. he used his iphone flashlight to help rescuers track them down. they were all pulled to safety. >> amazing. in connecticut, 11th graders can say goodbye to the sbac exam. high school juniors will take the s.a.t. instead. governor malloy has heard parents' concerns that kids are being overtested. school is just too early. now a new study suggests they may be right. 80% of middle and high school students start classes before 8:30 in the morning and the cdc says that's raising teenager's health risks and hurting their grades. the lead researcher says as their biology changes, adolescents naturally go to bed
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later and sleep later. it is incredible. i remember being a teenager, my mother wondering why i was still asleep on a saturday. i have a 14-year-old and he's still asleep on saturday at 2:00. they need more sleep. >> i went to bed, that alarm always woke up. that hasn't changed. but 4:49 right now. after 16 years of snarky political satire, jon stewart said farewell to the daily show. >> i got big news. this is it. this is the final episode. >> stewart kicked off the show by pretending to report on last night's republican presidential debate, but he joked that he didn't have enough remaining candidates. the correspondents were his former colleagues and several other heavy hitters and presidential hopefuls also made appearances. stewart wrapped it all up with a heartfelt message.
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>> rather than saying goodbye or good night, i'm just going to say, i'm going to go get a drink. i'm sure i'll see you guys before i leave. >> fellow new jersey resident bruce springsteen provided stewart's last moment of zen with a special performance. stewart's successor trevor noah will make his debut as host next month. >> going to miss him. >> absolutely. the late night tv landscape or the tv landscape in general will miss him. >> it's going to be very different, that's for sure. still to come, a consumer alert. if you're an apple user, what you need to know about a security flaw that could leave you wide open to hackers. plus, trash talk from the mta. an update on an effort to clean up your commute.
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welcome back. 4:53. 73 degrees looking at the tappan zee bridge on a friday. news 4 and telemundo 47 working together to clear the shelters. >> we'd like to find loving homes for animals in shelters all over the area. in jersey city, there is a batman sighting. not the one we told you about earlier in times square. there. he's available for adoption at the liberty humane society. how about cheeseburger is up for adoption as well. >> those are cute names. help us clear the shelters on august 15th. all participating shelters cutting their adoption fees for the day. for more information, check out it's a wonderful thing. we're excited about that day. i got to go to one of the shelters in harlem and meet some of the animals. i think we've all been to shelters and fallen in love with the animals. >> continue to share the pictures.
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i'll be at the animal league that day. >> come visit and adopt a pet there if you're on long island. >> good stuff. >> temptation is there. don't let me go. weather heading to the weekend, really in good shape. looks like that storm system continues to stay to the south and east. just a few high clouds out of that. especially south and east of the city. temperature this tiechlt year of 83 for a high. low humidity. friday night looks good. mostly clear skies. 67 in the city. a few 50s in distant suburbs north and west. most of this is going to carry into the weekend, too. on a roll. >> right now. lauren? >> we have an accident on the roads. we have it on camera. if you're traveling through brooklyn on the bqe, this is jammed up because of roadwork. you can see the flashing lights on the right side of your screen we have an accident approaching cadman plaza.
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delays are starting to build already. let's head over to the lincoln tunnel. here's a good looking picture. things are kind of smooth. into the tolls on the helix. at the george washington bridge, we have delays as they're holding traffic to clear the construction. this would be the better option thank you. it's 4:55. iphone and ipad users, watch your next download. hackers apparently taking advantage much a security flaw in apple's operating system to try and steal your personal data. according to cyber security firm fire eye, hackers are exploiting a vulnerability in the ios software to install fake versions of facebook and whatsapp. >> they can pull sensitive data and upload it to a remote server where hackers look at it. we have a look at one of the hottest opening nights on broadway in years. the musical hamilton opened at
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the richard rogers theater. it's a modern hip hop look at america's first treasury secretary. it drew celebrities, sarah jessica parker, samuel l. jackson, sally field also attended. you may remember, president obama caught this show in previews. lauren scala was there too. we'll check in with her in a little bit and see what she thought. >> it's getting amazing reviews. all across the area, people are getting ready for the pope's visit in september. that's next month. michael george introduces us to the carpenters chosen to build that special, yet humble chair for this pope of the people. >> who would have guessed that a chair fit for a pope would be made in a garage by immigrants and day laborers. mexican immigrant rojas told us it's the biggest honor he's received. >> it's emotional. >> here's what the chair will look like when it's done. next month he will seat in this
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seat when he delivers a mass at maotdison square garden. >> it's more than a chair. it's the connection we have. that's what i feel. >> the first thing you'll notice about the chair, there's no gold or elaborate designs. it's a humble chair for a pope that wants a humble church. >> he doesn't like a lot of expense. >> cardinal timothy dolan came to the dawn bosco workshop to thank carpenters personally. >> good work. >> and to tell them they were chosen for a reason. >> wouldn't it be good if we could have some people who are particularly close to the heart of pope francis. some of our immigrant workers are some of our young people who are troubled. >> what happens to the chair after the pope leaves. we tried to track down the chair used by pope benedict at yankee stadium in 2008.
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we found it in the same place it was made. the gargiulo and sons -- henry gargiulo says that feeling of pride never goes away. >> oh, henry, you did that? okay. come on in. >> in port chester, michael george, "news 4 new york." >> a neat story. for a lot more on the papal visit, head to our website, special chair to work on there. it's 4:58. coming up on a.m. a.m. take us with you. watch "today in new york" by downloading -- on your mobile device. our next hour starts right now. tough talk from republican presidential candidates in their first debate. plus a major blow to president obama's iran agreement. what the opposition means for the plan. >> what repairs to a tunnel damaged by hurricane sandy mean for commuters this weekend. "today in new york" starts right now. good morning everyone.
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it's friday morning, august 7th. i'm darlene rodriguez. >> i'm kerry barrett in for michael. he has the day off. >> chris cimino is here. i was excited about friday. but kerry is going to be working tomorrow. well tune in is what we'll do. >> we'll be home. >> that's how we start our weekends all the time. we're smart. temperatures in the low 70s this morning. the weather picture looking pretty good. even today. we're rid of the clouds. they're sliding off to the south and east. temperatures have cooled into the 60s across long island. northern half of new jersey, mid-50s there. a cool start. not as chilly. pretty comfortable. the day ahead will be a comfortable one. high clouds mixing in at times. noontime, it's 80. we're focusing on a high of 83 degrees. we'll have the details on the weekend forecast coming up. the late he is on thegocommute, hopefully it's relatively quiet, lauren. >> relatively quiet. but we have a couple of problems out there.
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this is between grant street and route 120. avoid that area. then we'll take a live look outside at the bqe where there's an accident as well. that's heading into cadman plaza. it looks like one lane is getting by out there right now. delays back to the hugh l. carey tunnel. not too bad yet. we'll let you know as that changes. more weather and traffic on the 4s. >> thank you very much, lauren. it's 5:00 a.m. turning to the raucous republican debate. no holding back for the ten republican presidential candidates who won the right to face off in primetime. "today in new york's" tracie strahan has the highlights if from the first debate. >> darlene, good morning to you. the critics are saying no clear-cut winner but plenty of memorable moments from round one. let's get you straight into the action. front-runner donald trump said he couldn't promise to run only as the republican nominee and not as an independent. he also said he couldn't commit to backing the eventual gop candidate. a former florida governor, jeb
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bush, was asked by the moderator what his response would be to those opposed to yet another bush in the white house. >> we never had a debate about the budget. it was presented and we approved it. not item by item. here's my record. as governor of the state of florida, i defunded planned parenthood. i created a culture of life in our state. th were the only state to appropriate money for crisis pregnancy centers. we expanded dramatically the number of adoptions out of our foster care system. we created, did parental notification laws. we ended partial birth abortion. we did all of this and the first state to do a choose life license plate. >> of course, social media tracked the trend on the debate on facebook. chris christie was the fifth most discussed candidate during the debate. the top trending moment was an exchange between donald trump


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