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tv   Today  NBC  August 8, 2015 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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but let's get to the top story. donald trump getting kicked out of the red state gathering after shocking comments made about fox's megyn kelly. we have nbc's kelly o'donnell with this story. >> reporter: good morning, craig. if you thought you heard it all about donald trump's brash style and unedited mouth getting him in truth, there is more. he was supposed to be a star attraction at the event, but the organizer has yanked his invitation in developments happening overnight. donald trump. nowhere to be found this morning at a key conservative convention in atlanta. the annual red state gathering. the billionaire and gop presidential frontrunner was abruptly told he was no longer welcome here. after trump made new, crude comments about the questioning style of debate moderator megyn kelly last night on cnn. >> you could see blood coming out of her eyes. wherever.
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>> reporter: event organizer eric erick erickson released this statement. >> i have rescinded his invitation. he said i am just not willing to give up being a decent person for trump. erickson wanted to have him here as a legitimate candidate. no one would suggest a female asking questions is doing it because she is hormonal. a spokesperson for trump fired back after midnight. this is just another example of weakness of being politically correct. for all of the people who were looking forward to mr. trump coming, we will miss you. trump was taking heat from rivals earlier in the day before his comments because of trump's language toward women. governor chris christie.
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>> i have a really strong, capable tough wife who would not minutes. >> reporter: i caught up with carly fiorina back stage. >> that is not helpful. >> reporter: and carly fiorina responded more specifically on twitter. saying mr. trump, there is no ex- kelly. and erickson says he will play the tape to give them context about why trump will not be here. he knows trump was part of the draw for people who paid a fee to participate. straight. donald trump will be a no show. craig. >> kelly, thank you. the republican national convention communications director joins us this morning. sean, good morning. >> good morning, erica. >> do you agree with the comments that megyn kelly was
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asking tough questions and was hormonal? >> i think megyn kelly was asking tough questions because she is megyn kelly. she is a tough questioner. people understand that. the comments made as the package last night, i think mr. trump, part of the reason he gets the popularity that he has is because he's not by his own words politically correct. what goes with that is he has to be careful with his words. there is no question, he needs to clarify that comment. >> do you renounce those comments then? >> look, i know my job is not to renounce comments or not. if he stands by them, that is inappropriate. i hope mr. trump, because he does speak off the cuff and he doesn't subscribe to politically correctness and in a way that was not thought out.
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he needs to clarify that this morning. >> at what point do these comments become damaging to the party as a whole. specifically to women and minorities. two voting blocks that republicans have been work are hard to recruit. >> we have done very well reaching out to young women and african-americans and hispanic going into the community. putting a lot of money and manpower into reaching out to communities round the around the country. it is something that chairman priebus has put at the top of his list and something we will continue to do as we go through the next cycle. from the party perspective. it is an area we are concerned with. it is an area we are continuing to do better and better every cycle with. that's going to propel us to victory in 2016. >> you are the communications director for the rnc. at what point do you reach out to mr. trump? >> we have private conversations with all of the candidates and
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staff on an ongoing basis. those conversations will continue. i think you noted before that chairman priebus has talked to mr. trump about his tone. mr. trump's style is that he speaks off the cuff. he is not someone that has run for office before. that may be part of his popularity. he is seeking the office of the united states now and words do matter. some folks have a problem with subscribing to total politically correctness, but every word you say is being scrutinized at this point and we need to be careful in how it comes across to different demographics. >> sean spicer, thank you for your time. >> you bet. an outpouring of emotion after the colorado movie theater killer has been spared of the death penalty.
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james holmes wounding 70 others and killing 12 people in the theater. with the only juror speaking out on the sentencing, she said there was one holdout who refused to put holmes to death. more on the stunning verdict from gadi schwartz. >> without the possibility of parole. >> reporter: this is the moment that james holmes learned his no flinch. no emotion from the man who killed 12 people three years ago in a massacre at the movies. outside the courtroom. >> i thought death. i think death is justice for what that guy did. >> reporter: families of the victims in shock. >> our loved ones were ripped from us and slaughtered in the movie theater. >> i will never get to say i love you, a.j. and have him hug me again. i miss that. the last moment i had with him. >> reporter: most expected the death penalty for the gunman who opened fire in a crowded screening of "batman dark knight rises" injuring 70 and murdering 12. the defense claimed he was mentally ill.
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>> the death of a seriously mentally ill man is not justice no matter how tragic the case is. >> reporter: but the evidence was damning. video of the crime scene horrific. most chilling of all, journal entries by holmes himself detailed his plan force calculated violence. only nine jurors wanted execution and two undecided. the only juror to speak out so far to explain why she would not be swayed. >> i believe it was the mental illness issue. that was it. >> reporter: and after a 65 day trial with more than 300 witnesses, the prosecutor of the case apologized to the victims. >> i asked them to trust me and to follow me and i will try to get them to a place i thought was justice. i came up short. >> reporter: families whose only hope now is to never see this man's face or hear his name again.
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for "today," gadi schwartz, nbc news, los angeles. >> juror 17 is speaking out with us this morning. she joins us for the exclusive interview. she asked us not to use her name. we have obliged. good morning, juror 17. >> good morning. >> take us inside the jury room, if you could. what was it like debating life or death? >> we were all very open with each other. very respectful. we each had opinions on many issues and there were some that were more outspoken than others in any group. all of the communications were very civil, very respectful and we got right down to business. listened to the evidence. went over any evidence that we felt we needed to go over and everyone came to their
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instructed to do. >> tell me about that one juror that would not be swayed. what was her reasoning? >> she didn't give her exact reasoning. she felt that life was swayed. >> she didn't say she was penalty? she didn't say she had lingering concerns about his mental state? she just said no? >> she just said she couldn't do it. >> how emotional was it in trying to get her to change her mind? >> at that point, we had gone over several times how firmly we stood in our position and she was at the maximum point of her position. so we at that point decided to
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end the deliberations because we were firmly entrenched in our positions for the most part other than the two still on the fence. >> what was it like looking into the faces of the victims and their families as that decision was announced yesterday? >> well, i can't speak for everyone, but for me it was definitely painful. they will suffer for the rest of their lives. those that are living and the families of those that are deceased will be suffering also forever. after we're long gone, they will continue to suffer. we just -- i personally hope and pray that life will be as good as possible for them but knowing that will be very difficult. >> juror 17, thank you so much for your time this morning.
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>> thank you. a terrifying situation is unfolding at this hour in asia. a deadly typhoon surging toward mainland china. that wreaked havoc in taiwan. a mother and her young child swept out to sea. other her child is among the many missing at this hour. nbc's ian williams has the latest from t'aipei. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, erica. taiwan is now beginning to clean up and to count the cost after a direct hit from the powerful typhoon. typhoon soudelor made landfall saturday topping winds of more than 100 miles per hour and torrential rain. sweeping across the lands and cutting power to more than 3 million people. thousands of troops and workers were deployed. the eye of the storm passing south of the capital t'aipei. this is a fast moving storm.
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it will quickly move across the island and out toward mainland china. by lunchtime in t'aipei, the power of the storm reduced just enough for people to venture cautiously back on the streets covered with debris. downtown t'aipei has uprooted trees. brought down by the sheer force of the storm. >> yesterday night, i can't sleep because the wind. >> was it scary? >> very scary. >> the glass covered t'aipei 101, the world's second tallest building, emerged unscathed. it is now threatening mainland china, weakening, but packing a formidable punch. erica. >> thank you, ian. a look at our other top
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stories this morning. >> we have frances rivera with the scary moments in the sky. >> there were the terrifying moments for passengers on two domestic flights. american airlines 669 taken off from philadelphia when there were reports of flames shooting from the engine. the crew declared an emergency and landed safely at the airport. the problem was said to be residual fuel burning off. there were no injuries reported. and another instance, hail pummeling a delta airlines from boston to salt lake city cracked the windshield and forced the plane to land at denver. that crew reported no injuries. in arlington, texas, officials are looking into the shooting death of an unarmed black college football player. police responded to a car driven by 19-year-old christian taylor crashed into the front of the dealership. taylor was fatally wounded by officer brad miller.
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the incident created a firestorm on social media. the teen was on the football team at angelo state university where he was in his sophomore year. new questions this morning surrounding the death of bobbi kristina brown. an amended lawsuit by her court appointed conservator said her boyfriend gave her a cocktail of mixed substance and put her face down in water all to be with another woman. the only daughter of whitney houston and bobby brown was found unresponsive in a bathtub. and toxic sludge from the river is heading to utah from new mexico. the river is turning that bright orange and yellow. after an epa crew accidentally released 1 million gallons of water from a colorado mine.
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you are being warned to stay away from the river. national rivers. and remembering a small town physician with a huge heart. he was known as the $5 doctor. for nearly 60 years, that was the most dr. dohner would charge patients in his hometown of rushville, illinois. it brought national attention. now word comes that dr. dohner has died. he was 90 years old. two years ago, i remember bob dodson did an interview with him when he was 88. never mind the house calls, but $5. >> i used to go to a doctor like that. dr. lewis. no matter what. >> you go in for a cold and you get a shot of penicillin in the butt.
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>> dylan dreyer is here penicillin is free with a shot of weather. >> well done. here is your shot of weather with extreme heat. ridge of high pressure. it is hot and humid. temperatures are scorching through the gulf coast states and we will see high humidity. it will make it feel like it is well over 100 degrees. it is this dividing line with the warm humid air and cooler and drier air where we see thunderstorms set up later today. we could have stronger storms move through iowa and winds up hail. quickly, i want to show you the temperatures through texas and little rock. some areas could feel it is up to thanks dylan. you can see a live look at storm tracker showing no rain this saturday morning. sunny skies right now. temperatures starting around the 70s. cooler north and west of town.
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chilly, in fact, temperatures near 80 by lunchtime. high temperature near 84 degrees. definitely want to spend time outside. clouds and sunshine tomorrow with a high of 83 degrees. and that's your latest forecast. >> dylan, thank you. >> still to come this morning, a look back at the week's biggest stories. from jon stewart's final farewell and kelly osbourne's foot in her mouth. that is all coming up on "today."
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this morning in "the download" we are catching you up on the stories in case you missed them. >> from the island at the center of the biggest mystery of all time and the perils of hitch hiking for robots. there are plenty of stories that had people talking. we begin with donald trump stealing the show in ohio. donald trump center stage at the
7:20 am
debate. >> you call women you don't like fat pigs, dogs, slobs and disgusting animals. your twitter account. >> only rosie o'donnell. >> trump did not rule out running as an independent. >> one of the sharp exchanges chris christie and rand paul. >> i don't trust preside with our records. i know you gave him a big hug. >> senator paul, the hugs i remember are the hugs that lost their families on september 11th. on the other side of the world, confirmation f m malaysia's prime minister, the airplane debris discovered on reunion island is from mh-370. the jet disappeared 17 months ago. little solace for family members of the missing. >> a tiny piece of debri means,
7:21 am
she asks. the government's team has found more aircraft parts on reunion. none of this is confirmed as being from malaysia flight 370. shots being fired righttnow. >> tense moments at a movie theater in nashville during the showing of "mad max." >> why did v cente montano take this hatchet and pepper spray inki the theater before police shot and killed him. also making headlines, kelly osbourn. >> you kick every latino out of this country, then who is going to be cleaning your toilet, donald trump? >> not only the only people. >> i didn't mean it like that, come on. i would never mean it like that. and a chatty hitch hiking robot's cross country adventure comes to an end.
7:22 am
>> to see if people would help this immobile robot across the country. after two weeks in the states, he was vandalized beyond repair. look where he went. fenway park. he saw times square and radio city music hall. my trip must come to an end, but love for humans never fade. >> funny man jon stewartin signing off one last time. after signing off with cameos. >> so long, jackass. >> you said never to say thank ityou because we owe you nothing. it is one time i have known you to be dead wrong. it is the time we are better people to have known you. >> it won't be the same without jon stewart. one thing you realize when you watched the last show how many careers he helped launch.
7:23 am
beside ed helms, i f brootesteve+ carell was on the show. >> he andyetephen colbert. >> the whole skit with stewart and david letterman is gone, too. >> nsk era. for a new generation. does that make us old? >> yes, it does. >> not me. still to come here on "today," on this saturday morning. jennifer aniston may have tied the knot in ai hollywood, but there are other celebrities who have called it quits.
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good morning. it is 71 degrees as we take a life look at the george washington bridge. a brooklyn mom and dad ended up in hand cuffs after leaving their two daughters ages 6 and 8 all alone in an suv in the parking lot. security notified police. the parents face child endangerment charges. the girls were taken to the hospital to be checked out and both of them are okay. thankfully, it hasn't been as lately. >> very reasonab. temperatures in the 80s and that's the status quo we're going the see over the rest of
7:25 am
the weekend and next week. heading outside. beach, barbecue a good bet. 84 degrees and tomorrow it's going to be dry and a av few more clouds we could probably find this weekend. 83 for your high on sunday. we need rain and going to get it mod ay night into tuesday. temperatures cooler there and looks like we bounce back nicely tuesday and wednesday. temperatures remain in the 80s i eek. no major heat on the horizon and we're going to get the rain we need. >> we need it. the grass can itown. we're back in 30 minutes with another update. right now headed back to the today show. have a great morning.
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jacoby & meyers has successfully represented thousands of clients. winning them the money they need to take care of themselves and their families. you fight the cancer. we'll fight for you. this time around, i'm going to be doing the announcement. at leaet i hope, i hope so badly she's pregnant. >> back on a saturday morning, it is august 8th, 2015.
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in three days, this video has 8 million views. th iat guy wanted to tell his wife they were going to have another baby. but she took the pregnancy test. he wanted to do the igereveal. how did it go over? we will show you in,a bit in the orange ro p> before we get there, we want to show you the great crowd on the place za this morning. we have a packed house on the weekend. birthdays and good rnings. coming up this half hour, thinking of getting plastic surgery? the important questions you need to ask before going under the knife. and find out how many vacation days you need to eat up for the new you. >> exactly. also ahead, breaking up is hard to do or i t t? we will look at all of the "a" lix,stering liossters breaking up.
7:29 am
and the trial at center age of the police officer on years ago. interest especially with the victim being a former college football player. nbc's gabe gutierrez has more. >> reporter: this video seen publicly for the first time in con,urt friday shows officer randall karrik questioned by police following the shooting of 24-year-old jonathan farreol in 2014. >> i fired again. veand in the process i was still back pedaling. >> reporter: during the trial that sta,tedu his week in charlotte, prosecutors revealed this dash cam video. farrell is seen walking out of frame and then 12 gunshots. prosecutors say officer karrick hit farrell with ten of the shots.
7:30 am
was charged with voluntary manslaughter. >> everything went wrong that evening. that could possibly go wrong. >> reporter: in 2013, farrell's fi cee told us the former florida a & m football player recently moved with her and wodyrked two jobs to put himself through school. buent that night he crashed his car and banged on the door for help. >> there's a guy breaking in my front door. he's trying to kick it down. >> reporter: the w. an told the tojuryee she was i alone wh her young child and terrified. sidewalk. kick on the door. >> reporter: the officer's lawyer said he was acting in self defense. they claimed farrell smoked marijuana earlier that day. >> this case is not about race. it never was. thdiis case is about choices.
7:31 am
nathan farrs bad choices. >> reporter: the trial is expected to last several weeks. for "today," gabe gutierrez, nbc news. >> let's go to dyl for another check of the weather. hey, dylan dreyer. >> good morning, everybody. it summer time out here, but i don't know if it gets better than this. i'm partial to this one. how do you even make this sign? >> i don't know. >> you let mom do it? where are you from? >> massachusetts. >> thank you for being here. we have another picture. these don't go together. really. this is abby from california. what is your name? >> georgia. >> let's take a look at the weather across the country. up and down the east coast, it will be a gorgeous day. not only is it warm, but temperatures are comfortable. in the 80s in new york city. it warms up inne.c. tomorrow. if you are headed to td beaches, water temperatuous are fantastic.
7:32 am
70s ain 80s. there will be a few rip currents if you are headed into the water. teobmperatur in the water in the mid-80s. we could have a slight risk of storms in the midwest. hail and damaging winds. keep an eye out for tha good morning everyone. lots of sunshine out already. you can see right down to the rsey shore a great start to your weekend. planner. tside right now, 71 degrees and cooler north and west of town. today's high tempebetu s 84 degrees. summer sun dominates through the afternoon. warmer evening ahead with temperatures in the 80s. tomorrow another beautiful day. and that's your latest forecast. guys. >> chilling with dylgn. >> that's how we like to roll. lan,fthanks. up next, jennifer aniston happily married this weekend,
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find your walk near you at in hollywood this week, the headlines. jennifer aniston's wedding to justin theroux was a welcome surprise after weeks of a-list break ups. >> we have kristen dahlgren with more for us. >> it is all about summer splits. ben and jen and gavin and gwen. the list goes on. in the place where relationships are not known for longevity, 2015 has brought break ups. just this week, rock royalty, gwen stefani and gavin rossdale called it quits.
7:37 am
it was a miracle they lasted this long. then ben affleck and jennifer garner. a pair who seemed to be almost normal. >> i want to thank you for working our marriage. >> the work wasn't enough. in the tabloids, affleck is being linked to the couple's nanny. and crooner blake shelton and miranda lambert. and zayn malik and his girlfriend. even kermit and miss piggy are no more. why is it so hard for hollywood couples to stay together? >> when we look at a celebrity, each little thing that happens with them in a restaurant or park, walking down the street. all of that is scrutinized. that has to be hard. >> reporter: for other famous pairs, the summer of break ups is forcing them to insist they are still together.
7:38 am
will smith recently denying rumors he and jada pinkett smith were splitting. and one celebrity said this is the summer to say i do. jennifer aniston and justin theroux getting married this week in a surprise backyard cereiony. >> i think the entire world is happy for jennifer aniston and justin. >> the pair has been spotted honeymooning in bora bora with close friends. there are rumors about other big time couple break ups in hollywood. there is probably more to come. >> always when it comes to hollywood. i'm sorry about the long ones. >> how about 40 years for kermit and miss piggy? >> that was just a publicity stunt ahead of the show. >> good to see you. up next, our summer of
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this morning, we wrap up our summer of secrets week about plastic surgery. if you are thinking about it, how do you know you are a good candidate? dr. steven davis is a board certified doctor. nice to have you with us this morning. >> nice to be here. >> you put out a poll asking readers about different procedures and what they could get. >> if no pain or down time was a consideration, we found 47% of
7:43 am
our viewers would choose liposuction. you can understand that. >> yes, i can. >> it is the most popular procedure performed on men and women. there is another category of 32% were liposuction. then breast augmentation and nose job and brazilian butt lift. >> okay. so dr. davis, when you hear those numbers, when someone is thinking about a procedure and they come to see you for the first consultation, what is the most important question they should ask you? >> the most important question is are any of these procedures going to fix what's really bothering me. and what happens is, i'm coming to a board certified plastic surgeon for my options. surgical or non-surgical. i want to know if any of the procedures are really fixing what's been bothering me for so long. one of the things i think is
7:44 am
tr aend. a lot of patients are traveling overseas for plastic surgery. the reason for that is they are looking for a procedure that's as cheap as possible. i think that's a big problem because what you are trying to do especially going overseas is there are so many unknowns. what's the facility? what is the doctor like? are the materials fda approved? i am treating a patient with that problem. she had an implant that was put in that wasn't approved. >> you need to figure out if you are doing this for the right reasons, but also how do you know if you are healthy enough to be a candidate? >> that is a two-part question. mental health is the number one thing you are looking for with this patient. obviously, we will check ekg and blood work and things like that. ar le they having it done for right reasons? are they doing it or someone else having it done? >> and part of the reason in the
7:45 am
poll, if there was no down time and all of these other things. we have the down time and what you have to figure in for the popular procedures. breast augmentation is less than a week. i found some surprising. years, it has shortened up because some procedures are more elegant. these can be done and within a week you are back to work. a lot of them are non surgical. >> did your readers ask you about these? >> you need to be realistic with what you are going to have, pre-and post treatment. you need to be clear of what you are doing for plastic surgery. everyone will have a different recovery time. breast augmentation, if you go underneath the muscle as opposed to over the muscle, you will have different down time. you need to talk to your doctor. >> glad to have you here to start the conversation. dr. davis and sara, thank you.
7:46 am
baby. the husband found out his wife was pregnant before she knew. how did that happen? the video is going viral. moment. nbc.
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don't you love the surprise pregnancy? well, ladies, what if your man told you you were pregnant before you knew. >> it happened totone woman. her husband gave her the shock of her life and of course posted the video with the okay. the couple has a youtube channel. nearly 8 million views so far. dylan has more for us from the orange room. >> guys, this could be the first time are a dad dad announced the pregnancy for the mom. this is sam. the video opens in the bathroom. his wife texted the other day
7:49 am
she was two days late. she says she doesn't flush the toilet in the morning so she doesn't wake up the kids. he then takes the urine and tests it and then gives the wife and kids a huge shock. >> this is a joke. the joke's on you. it's on her, right, guys? >> told you. >> what did you do? >> no way! are you serious? no way! are you serious? >> i'm dead serious. >> are you 100% serious? >> the mom never gets surprised. she usually is the first to know. sam is catching some flack online. do you think this is a sweet gesture or inappropriate for a man to tell a woman what is happening to her body. this is early on in her pregnancy. i think it is cute. what do you think? >> i think obviously they both are okay with it. at the end of the day, all that
7:50 am
matters is they are okay with it. they are the couple having the baby. my biggest concern is i'm one of those people, if it is superstitious or cautious. i never wanted to tell anybody until i was three or four months along. it's great and it's joyful, but it doesn't always work out. that can be a tough conversation. >> as long as you are okay with it. it is cute, but there is the gross factor of how he did it. >> it is saturday morning. we won't get into it. still to come on "today," shocking numbers. here is a nice segue. how many people are sexting each other these days. >> there's that. plus, new this is my body of proof. proof of less joint pain. and clearer skin. this is my body of proof that i can fight psoriatic arthritis from the inside out ...with humira. humira works by targeting and helping to block a specific source of inflammation that contributes to both joint and skin symptoms. it's proven to help relieve pain, stop further joint damage and clear skin in many adults.
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7:56. good morning. i'm carrie berry. a mom and dad ended up in hand casino. they left their two daughters, 6 lot. those parents fashion child endangerment charges. crews again will try to guide a dolphin out of the new jersey river. that dolphin within a couple hundreds yards of the south river.
7:55 am
about 6 miles or so from open water. he's drawn to jersey. >> i wonder if he has a twitter account now? >> we'll look that up for you. >> great day to be a dolphin in the river. 84 degrees and sunshine. spectacular sweek weekend. tomorrow more cloudiness. you have to watch out if you have your beach plans. today is going to be a better beach day. temperatures in the upper 70s. >> good day to be a dolphin. >> that's right. >> see you back here at 8:30. right now, back to weekend today. have a great morning.
7:56 am
7:57 am
good morning. it's 8:00. donald trump sent packing this morning over new comments some are calling crude about fox's megyn kelly. organizers in atlanta are telling trump to stay home.
7:58 am
he is no longer to speak before the group today. shock and outrage to spare james holmes life for killing 12 and injuring70 more. and deadly typhoon barrelling to the mainland china. all this today, august 8th, 2015. >> good saturday morning. welcome back to "today." that's your cue! yeah. quite the enthusiastic crowd on the plaza. >> by the way, we have the best signs this morning. they are very involved. not just the dylan sign. >> that's my favorite. >> a lot of thought and care. >> craig melvin here alongside erica hill and dylan dreyer here as well. >> we have a lot to get to on saturday morning. we want to begin with the donald trump fallout. someone within his party saying
7:59 am
the insults have gone too far. nbc's kristen welker has more from washington. >> reporter: good morning, erica. trump was ousted from the republican gathering for making new controversial comments aimed at fox news anchor megyn kelly. it is the battle brewing between the frontrunner and the news anchor contributing to his rise. it is the comment about fox news anchor megyn kelly friday that got trump tossed from the red state gathering. >> you could see blood coming out of her eyes. blood coming out of her whenever. she was in my opinion, she was off base. >> reporter: trump seemed to be suggesting kelly was hormonal during the debate. >> you called women you don't
8:00 am
>> only rosie o'donnell. >> you once told a contestant, it would be a pretty picture to see her on her knees. is that a man that we should elect president? >> what i said is what i said. honestly, megyn, if i don't like it, i'm sorry. >> reporter: after the debate. erick erickson decided to rescind the invitation to the event. i wanted to have him here as a legitimate candidate. and then trump's camp firing back. this is suggesting an ongoing fight. trump tweeted after the debate,
8:01 am
tonight. kelly, a former corporate lawyer and mom and respected fox news anchor. >> i wonder how that will play out with female voters. >> reporter: it is having a ripple effect through the republican party that it could hurt the party's outreach to women voters. we asked sean spicer about that earlier on "today." take a listen. >> my job is not to renounce comments. i think if he stands by them, that is highly inappropriate. >> reporter: now it will undoubtedly continue to be the buzz today. erick erickson has invited megyn kelly to the event. back to you. thank you, kristen. >> we are following the latest on the deadly typhoon in asia. frances.
8:02 am
>> the storm dumped more than three feet of rain in regions. wind gusts up to 125 miles an hour knocked out power to millions. the flying debris lead to six deaths and officials are concerned the toll could go higher. the issue of mental illness was a deciding factor for the jury in the penalty phase for the colorado theater gunman james holmes. the jury decided not to order the death penalty, but giving him life without parole. in a "today" exclusive, juror number 17 told craig melvin, one juror held out. >> she did not give her exact reasoning. she felt that life was appropriate and she would not be swayed. >> the attack on the aurora, colorado movie theater three years ago killed 12 people and wounded 70 others. in ferguson, missouri,
8:03 am
demonstrations are starting to mark the first anniversary of the shooting death of michael brown. the shooting on august 9th sparked an ongoing review of the use of police force. and the state of virginia is recalling all license plates with a confederate flag. hundreds of motorists will have to turn in their flags within 30 days. it is illegal to operate a car n'with a confederate flag attached to a license plate. and on an austrian mountain, two astronauts are carrying 100 pound packs to simulate the conditions. they have to wait 20 minutes for a response every time they send a message back to base. that is how long it will take communications to get from mars to mission control. here we go. in a race to mars and the
8:04 am
austrians to do what they need to do to practice. >> 20 minutes? back in the day? >> you are doing the aaaa with the flip phones. have you ever texted that way? >> frances, thanks. dylan has another check of the forecast. >> low humidity in the northeast. pretty much up and down the east coast. you go down south and that will be brutally hot. we have excessive heat warnings through eastern oklahoma and arkansas and louisiana and mississippi. heat advisories surrounding this. this is the area where temperatures are in the triple digits, but the feels-like temperature is hotter. the forecast highs over the next three days will remain very hot if not hotter in dallas. up to 105 by monday. little rock, 102 tomorrow. louisiana, 104 degrees as we go into sunday and monday. again. the feels-like temperature makes it feel stifling.
8:05 am
stay hydrated and in the cooler air conditioning. we have a chance of stronger storms near rapid city and down into parts of western kansas and also into the area in the midwest. just north of kansas city. omaha and southern iowa. this is where we could see strong storms. large hill and damaging wind gusts and possibility o good morning everyone. lots of sunshine to start your weekend. you can see no rain on storm tracker. hardly any cloud coffer ver. all sunny skies as you start. pleasantly warm. back to 80 near lunchtime. 84 degrees making it a perfect day to hang out by a pool, maybe the beach. more clouds for sunday and it stays dry. next chance of rain monday night in the 70s. forecast. >> dylan, thank you.
8:06 am
an incredible if not unbelievable who done it has gotten the rich and famous abuzz in the south of france. the mystery involves a race car driver and beautiful wife and tens of thousands of dollars in bling and what they say is gas that knocked them out in their vacation home. we have janet shamlian with more. >> reporter: involving a formula 1 driver and model wife. but it is how it may have happened that has everyone talking. it is a hot spot for celebrities and wealthiest. the french riviera. button and his wife were robbed. jessica's five carat engaging ement
8:07 am
ring. >> we have break ins with the use of gas. >> reporter: but how did it happen with the couple and several others in the rented home? the couple believes criminals may have put something in the air conditioning units to gas them as they slept. police awaiting results of blood tests on the couple are casting doubt. experts say it is hard to pull off. >> you have to give enormous quantities. to do that, the device used in an operator theater would not be able to fulfill that purpose. >> the riviera is the place for heights. including two summers ago in cannes. thieves stealing $100 million in diamonds from the carlton hotel. in this, the british driver and his wife found the house ransacked and the jewelry gone. what a ring. the police have been able to get their hands on footage from a number of security cameras.
8:08 am
this morning, they are reviewing those in hopes of identifying the suspects. guys, back to you. >> janet, i said the same thing. it's a crazy story, but wow! >> janet shamlian, thank you. dylan is in the orange room with "today's life hacks." >> we do have hacks and a family affair. we have sarah with her kids from boston. we are celebrating a 70th birthday from there. let's talk about hacks where parents are trying to stay on top of kids who are a mess. sorry kids. let's start with the summertime favorite ice cream popsicle sticks. it drips and melts and all over the hands and clothes and the kids are a giant mess. life hack number one. we have cupcake liners for the popsicles. there you go. you get the purple.
8:09 am
we have a bunch of popsicles over here. they have are super frozen. it will take a long time before they melt. that is the way to keep your clothes and hands and floors clean. let's go to legos. the toys are tough to clean. getting in the nooks. all you need to do is use a mesh bag. put the legos in the mesh bag here. throw it in the dishwasher. would you do this? >> yes. >> not the dishwasher. the washing machine. you put it on hot. it gets the germs off. and then for grimy bath toys. squeeze out the water and it is gross and grimy. all of the water that sits inside. we are not shooting this duck. it is a glue gun. you can seal the hole. i don't know why the hole is there to begin with.
8:10 am
that is the way to keep yourself clean and the kids. how are the popsicles? >> good. >> i knew that with a be a winner. >> still to come on "today," the first photos of kris and it's our song... yeah, there you go... wait! oh, no! there are thousands of ways into the complex health care system. and unitedhealthcare has ways to make the system simpler. like virtual doctor visits. what happened here? i came in too hot. at subway, we bring layers of enticingly tender turkey, irresistibly crispy bacon, and deliciously rich guacamole together on freshly baked bread for one truly amazing sandwich: the new subway turkey & bacon guacamole.
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we are back now with what's trending today. and a like at the talked about stories for the weekend. first up, everyone is talking about the republican presidential debate. many analyzing who won the debate, but the huffington post analyzed body long. donald trump's head nodding led them to create this video set to "what is love." take a look. lady don't hurt me don't hurt me no more
8:14 am
>> i love it. he needs a partner. marco rubio and donald trump. >> the pursing of the lips makes it. let's get to the survey. the people are doing a lot more than checking e-mails on the cell phones. they may also be sexting. a survey found that 88% of people sexed in their lifetime. >> sexting's hot? >> 82% admit to sexting this past year. and the american psychological association found 75% of the sexting responders ere in a committed relationship. they say it helps with greater levels of relationship and sexual
8:15 am
sexual satisfaction. >> switching gears. >> as long as you don't misfire to mom or your boss. at least you -- >> that's when you want to be careful. >> there's no bouncing back from that. that's risky. >> that's when you switch gears. show of hands. who maybe is late at times? >> always. >> i hate being the first one. >> i like to be punctual. >> i think ten minutes is safe. that's always safe. >> apparently there are people who are late notoriously, so much so, there are categories. let's see if you fall into the categories. pre-liar. you will be there, but be late. the post-liar. the 11th hour overcompensator. you are overdoing it. the denier.
8:16 am
the pre-li is almost there. there is an interesting article. >> who does this? >> how are you? it. just pretend. >> own it. >> i'm supposed to be here 20 minutes late. >> your clock's wrong. >> you are not that late. >> i am not that late. i will if i'm running late, i will text you and say i'm >> true. i'm a horrible liar. >> hugging it out in hollywood taking social media by storm. frances has that and more in the "pop start." >> let's get started with kim kardashian. she set the internet on fire again. she posted the first picture of not only her, but c
8:17 am
kris and caitlyn jenner. the occasion? that right there. celebrate kylie jenner's 18th birthday. to come together and have the image of them together. there is so much respect between the two of them. it is nice they can co-parent. up next, the coutoure cat fight on "fashion police." our sister network e announced that nene leakes will have a new host. the duo will be the first to join melissa rivers and guilana rancic. each will be announced on the instagram page. a revolving thing. >> interesting dynamic with all of them there. and finally, my little pony fans, young and old are cheering this week. they announce they are coming together to the big screen for the first time in 30 years.
8:18 am
the animated movie is set to star broadway star kristen chenoweth. she will be the new character. "my little pony" is expected to hit theaters in 2017. anything with kristen chenoweth. perfect. >> frances, thanks. we'll be right back, but first this is "today" on nbc. school starts tomorrow, and they're not ready. with staples they'll be 110% eady. notebook, folders, glue sticks. 25 , 15 , 50 . aw, now i'm not sure if i'm ready for them to go back. i'm so ready. make low prices happen. make 110% ready happen. staples. make more happen. patients recently rated their care experience at ovmaer 3,500 hospitals nationwide in a survey conducted for the centers for
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medicare and medicaid. only seven percent received five stars. including four of ours. learn more at
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that will do it for us on a saturday morning. get reiny. tomorrow we will have the magic capital of the world.
8:21 am
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ask your doctor if it's right for you. ekend. a complete forecast coming up. >> i'm gus rosendale. today in new york is next.
8:25 am
live from studio 3 c.
8:26 am
>> right now on today in new york they did not bet on this. police left their children alone in the parking lot while they gambled inside. >> and the deadly legionnaires outbreak spread spreding to a new neighborhood. >> good morning and welcome to today in new york on this saturday morning. i'm gus rosendale. >> i'm carrie berry in for pat battle. we're going to start off with a check on the weather. not a perfect weekend. >> i'm going to say eight and a half. the clouds are coming tomorrow. not a lot to complain about. it's like a broken record every weekend. we have nice, dry conditions. shows us another winner. lots of sunshine today. temperatures in the 70s. rain is on the way but not until we head back to work. we'll take a look at that in your 7-day forecast. sunshine and all the way down to tom's river. a very quiet start on this saturday morning.
8:27 am
planning the rest of your day in the 707 s now. summer sunshine through the middle of the day and the clouds try to roll in later in the afternoon but a great beach day with the high temperature of 84 degrees. best part is low humidity and comfortable. we'll take a look at your entire forecast coming up. >> they are just 6 and 8 years old but the parents of those young girls left them alone in the parking lot of a casino. sheldon joins us live. >> repmeter: gus, police tell me it was actually a security guard that found the fwirls girls in the parking lot. we were there as police escorted the parents into the police station last night they are 33
8:28 am
arrested and polic ay they were gambling inside the casin pthane left their daughters in the r. the girls are just 6 and 8 years d and a security guard topotted dthem and called police. tht e girls were hecked out and e nking just fine. we are told acs was notified. i reached out for comment and still waiting to hear bd k from them. i'm sheldon, today in new york. >> all right. thank you. keep us posted. also, happening today teens from the state department of health will be in the south bronx testing water samples and building cooling towers. this after the governor met with health officials. the number of people that have come down with the disease has surpassed 100. the first case, i should mention s been diagnosed outside the bronx. at least 10 people have died. >> new thys morning, police looking for a missing teenager from east new york and they are
8:29 am
especially concerned because he has autism. 17-year-old angelotsartinez was seen shortly before 4:00. we're told he's 5'11 and weighs 230 pounds. >> i the case o a baby found dead in a queen's courtyard has been ruled a homicide. the boy wasofoued iacrichmond hill. michael george reports police are looking into whether someone threw the child to his death. >> reporter: it's the kind of tragedy that defies logic and coilmmon sense. >> it's hard to believe that a baby. >> police say the body was found in this courtyard. detectives are looking into whet riher the baby was thrown from a window to the concrete below. the neighborhood was the one who found the baby. >> i step out and hear like a
8:30 am
book was thrown out the window. for some reason somethi op told me to go downstairs >>ed s ehe called 911 right away. ts responded but it was too late to save fhe one month old. all day detectives were at the scene trying to piece together what happened. >> it was hard for us. >> reporter: neighbors told us the family is quiet and rarely talk to others. no one's been arrested. they saw police say several adults in for questioning. the mother hopes someone can explain to her why she died. it's a newborn. ea a newborn son that's two and a half months.iseeing that, it's hosh. ?d -- horrible. >> reporter: we tried knocking on the door to talk to the family living there and n one anposwered. michael george, today in new york. >> hard to fathom. tomorrow marks one year since
8:31 am
the shooting death of michael f brown. activist are promising several other marches to remember brown. as you probably remember the police involved shooting sparked weeks of vie rent protests in ferguson. everybody who wants to have their voices heard in a peaceful manner are welcome. >> this is an appropriate way for them to do that and we uwelcome folks locally as well as around the country to note the historic moment. >> there have been several changes in ferguson since michael brown's death. they include a new police chief and all the city's police officers now wear body cameras. >> the n.y.p.d. stop and risk serious chan s. it's part of an anoupsment that comes during a blood did i week. >> an independent federal monitor is recommending if anyone is stopped on the streets of new york toand not arrested they should have dock yumation of the stop. this measure is drawing both
8:32 am
support and opposition. police investigate another shooting. this time in east flat ush in what has been a bloody week in the in the city. at the same time they're about to undergo changes. a federal monitor task with helping to improve the program says officers should handout receipts to anyone stopped and not arrested. it would include their name, rank, command and shield number along with the reason for the stop. >> the location they stop and check you and what went down. it's the safest way. >> civilians can use the receipts to help file a complaint if stopped unfairly. the guidelines are intended to make sure street stops are lawful. commissioner supports the plan but the p.b.a. blasted it saying it could get in the way of good police work and lead to crime.
8:33 am
manny gomez agrees. >>tl iithink this is going to send a chilling effect throughout t police department and the police officers will be more hesitant to stop people. >> people we talk to say they're hopeful but not holding their breath. >> i think it's ineffective. i think it may help 2% of the people who may get stopped and frisked and everybody else will still be violated. >> the new receipt measure would go into effect sfetember 21st. >> we've got a transit alert for you this morning. taking the subway between manhattan and brooklyn, going to be a real headache if you ride the a or c train. workers are going to be east river. it was a tunnel damaged by hurricane sandy but we'll have a lot of time to get use to it. these repairs a expected to continue every weekend well into next year. 40 weeks or so. the mta suggest you take the r
8:34 am
train, f train or the one, two or three trains to get around the tunnel week. we have to alternate routes posted for you. >> and the bridge is closed right now just as it was last weekend at this hour because coodnstruction workers raise the roadway. brinl expected to reopen tomorrow morning at 8:00. governor calling on the feds to dish out the money to build the new hudson river rail tunnels. the governor sent the letter friday and in it warned amtraks entire northeast system could be disabled unless washington invests in the tunnel plan. >> all right. happening today crews are once again going to try to guide a doselphin out of a shallow river in old bridge, new jersey. the dolphin is within a couple river. water. yesterday crews tried to use a
8:35 am
river. that didn't work. device. >> he's just hanging out. >> they're worried about the water quality. it's a little daisy but hopefully as the weather starts to cool he or she will move back out to the ocean. virginia. >> it was the biggest art heist in history. now the feds are hoping a new clue could bring as close as a 25-year-old boston mystery to a close. >> also, raphael joining us with trivia. >> this morning's trivia game is all about famous boats and ships. trivia coming up.
8:36 am
8:37 am
8:38 am
this is a very powerful storm battering that island nation with winds of 124 miles an hour. some areas got 39 inches of rain. that storm responsible at this point for at least six deaths, dozens of injuries and at least 3 million homes without electricity. this storm has weekend to tropical storm strength and heading towards southeast china. officials have ordered 163,000 people to evacuate. they've cancelled all the flights in and out of the region. it has downgraded now. they're going to be dealing with the clean up for a time. >> even though the winds are much lower now than a few days ago flooding will be a main concern there.
8:39 am
>> we need the rain around here. we have drought conditions in long island. no good soaking rain today or tomorrow. we have to wait a few days. that's okay with most of you who want to spend time outside over the weekend. we'll do that once again. it's been one of the best summers that i can remember. i don't know about you guys at home. we've had so many great weekends time after time this year. that trend continues again today. 72 degrees outside. mostly sunny skies. taking a look at storm tracker. very quiet picture. what we like to see on a saturday morning. no rain and hardly any clouds. temperatures warming up under thene sunshine. 50s in some spots and now back to the 60s. 71 tompkins cove. and the 50s are gone and back to the 60s. these 60s are going to quickly turn into 70s and 80s as the hours tick on. 73 down the shore in long branch. let's break it down day by day. today the better half of the weekend.
8:40 am
a few passing clouds. now, tomorrow we have more clouds than sunshine especially in the afternoon and we may see a hit or miss shower north and west of town. it's still a dry day, dry weekend weekend. today probably the better beach day of the two. the best part is low humidity. we're not talking about muggy weather for this weekend. hot and dry as the blue jays take on the yankees. 84 degrees. staying in the 80s. bring shades and lots of water. plan on drinking it if you head to the game. lots of sun and as we set this into motion, 6:00 p.m., not much going on. high pressure in control for today. it stays in the control tomorrow as well. 8:00 a.m. sunny start to your day down the shore. clouds in the hudson valley. 3:00 p.m., you see these dots. slight chance for hit or miss shower in the hudson valley. they're gone by 6:00 or 7:00. drying out again and tomorrow
8:41 am
evening is fantastic. monday. then the rain approaches monday night into tuesday. we're going to see soaking storms which we need. that will be good news for plants and other things. sunshine and clouds down to 68. mostly clear and a comfortable night ahead. 7-day forecast shows the temperatures in the comfortable zone. 79 monday and the rain arrives and back to beautiful sunshine wednesday with a high of 84 degrees. want to stay up to date with the news 4 app. tap the news 4 logo and select the weather tab. you can see the latest forecast, interactive radar and how to submit your own weather radar. news 4 app available in the app store now. carrie and gus over to you. >> 8:44 and how about the mets won their seventh game in a row. >> i'm going to be a downer. the yankees. here's john chandler. >> good morning everybody. there's two knuckle ball pitchers right now.
8:42 am
yankees faced both of them. it didn't go well either time. dickie silenced them last night starting with what promises to be a struggle. jay's offense can make you nervous. first inning red hot josh takes his 30th homer of the season. but it was the only run they gave up all night. it was good on this night. mark also joining the 30 homer club in the second inning against dickie. look where this one lands. it was initially ruled a double and they reviewed it again. take a look, the fans interfering with what happened with the ball. although, that was all the yankees would mustard tonight. jose says enough is enough and a solo shot stands within the winner. blue jays three and a half within the division. a major step for david wright in his return. he's expected to start a minor
8:43 am
league rehab assignment on monday. come back was the met's theme last night at the trop. 1-0 in the sixth when florez tries to tie it. brady sizemore, that's a lovely effort going over the wall. end of the seventh, a monster of a blast to tie the game at one just smoked that thing. mets down 2-1 in the eighth. danielle murphy gets down on the act. ties it at 2. in the ninth slaps one in the gap left center. lucas came around with a tie game at three. later in the inning. scores the game inning run and the mets come back again and again.
8:44 am
4-3 the final. washington loses to colorado. the mets lead the up to two and a half games in the ml east. have a great saturday everybody. i'm john chandler. go mets. >> i know, that's great. still ahead, a recall from a popular children's retailer. why a jacket can put your kids at risk.
8:45 am
the spinning pinwheel of death. the disappearing wi-fi icon.
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you don't need a magician to fix these things. you need fios internet. phone now for $79.99 a month, price guaranteed for 2 years. or, double your speeds for just 10 dollars more a month. uploads speeds as fast as your download speeds. the 100% fiber optics network is here. get out of the past, get fios.
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that means he's not with us. . >> hey, good morning. you know where i'm at -- talking about heirloom tomatoes. we're going to go out in the field. i know it's hot. show you how these beauties are grown. so we're out here in the field and of course, i had to pick the hottest day of the year to be out here. i want you to see how heirloom tomatoes grow. they grow on plastic and stakes. to be an heirloom you have to be seven generations of seeds back. they come in all different sizes and shapes. let me get in here and take a
8:48 am
look. here's an heirloom and here's an heirloom. look at this. a different size and shape. you look at these tomatoes and say to yourself this doesn't look ripe but it's a ripe heirloom and a green variety. sometimes they call them zebras and a different one. we'll talk about them when they go inside. this is a red one. i'm telling you they're out here and really, really good. you know what, they're terrific. let's go back inside because it's hot out here. let me tell you something, boy was it hot out here. by the way, this little guy happened to see them and show up. my grandson jake. what we're talking about is heirloom tomatoes. you got to remember heirloom tomatoes mean seven generations. seven generations back from the seed.
8:49 am
there's probably about 3,000 varieties of heirloom tomatoes in the united states but there's 10,000 world wide. we only see probably maybe 10 or 15 different varieties here. the regular tomato we get, excuse me for a minute which is really good. i did these on a show a few weeks ago with a regular tomato. it's great. why? because its got maturity in it. we're talking a lot different because of the different shapes and sizes, they're really terrific. i'm telling you they are outstanding. they are really good. what's great is they let them ripen. when you let something ripen on the vine and you cut the tomato like this, say we talk about these, no core in the center. that means it's all meat. it means there's no core in the center. there's a lot of different varieties.
8:50 am
a regular tomato, you saw a green tomato like this, you would say it's green. green means ripe. it's a green, ripe tomato. it's what they call a zebra. it has stripes on it. there's the one here. like i said, it's varieties. i'm telling you, i love it. if you see this tomato and say to yourself well, it's yellow ripe. it's ripe or isn't ripe. it actually isn't ripe. when you cut the tomato and eat it, it's terrific. kpakd be better than having a nice tomato sandwich.
8:51 am
we talked about it a couple of weeks ago. whatever varieties you see, try them. try the different varieties. they have different sizes and different colors and taste. out there, available and especially this time of year. try them. when you see them in your grocer, you probably won't see as many. go to the farm stands and help the farmers. they're the ones that grow terrific tomatoes. go home and have my pop's tomato sandwich. >> you can send your questions to pete at and
8:52 am
find him with their lesions of fans on facebook and twitter. >> we have a consumer alert to pass on this morning. it involves a jacket your kid could have hanging in their closet. the children's place is recalling 14,000 of these boys fleez varsity jackets in sizes 6 months to 5t. the jackets were sold from last december through july and consumers can return the jackets to any children's place store for a full refund. if you love to get up early, today is the day for you. it is national garage sale day. the annual who knew it was a thing. according to the website statistic, they generate more than 4.2 million each week. although the overall price is a mere 85 $0.85.
8:53 am
>> 8:55 right now. the virginia dmv is recalling all license plates with the image of a confederate flag. they dissolved the junction allowing the battle flag on the license plates. that means it will be illegal to operate the vehicle with a confederate flag on it. >> two young girls abandoned in a casino parking lot. >> i'm sheldon live in queens. coming up. i'll tell you what those parents were doing and how police were able to track them down. details straight ahead.
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welcome back to today in new 8:58. saturday morning i'm carrie berry in for pat. >> great to be with you. are we getting tired of it? >> just checking. lots of sunshine out there. ingredients coming together today. you can see this is going to be a great beach day. lots of sunshine from new york city down the jersey shore. mostly sunny skies down towards long island. forecast a bright one.
8:57 am
80 degrees for your high there. notice the temperatures are cooler for the jersey shore today. upper 70s and 80s. that's the wind out of the northeast. cool on shore blow. refreshing descent day. temperatures still warm and pleasant and water temperatures pleasant. we'll take a look at your uv index which is high today. it's an 8. you need lots of sunscreen. new york city and long island, please stay close to life guards if you're going in the water. take a look at the rain coming today. carrie, over to you. >> thank you. 9:00 and new this morning, what were two young girls doing alone in the parking lot of a casino? police say their parents left them there to go inside and gamble. today joining us live from queens, where these young girls were found. >> reporter: those girls were checked out and doing okay.
8:58 am
they were spotted in this parking lot just before midnight by a security guard. this morning, their parents are facing charges. our cameras were there as police escorted 33-year-old maria and 34-year-old in the police station overnight after they were arrested. police say they were gambling inside the resort world casino and left their daughters in the cars. the girls are just 6 and 8 years old. police told me a security guard spotted them and called police. as i mentioned, the girls were checked out and doing okay. carrie and gus, we got word acs was notified. i reached out to get a comment or statement about their investigation and still waiting to hear back from them. that's the latest. going to toss it back to you in the studio. >> thanks, sheldon. the death of a baby found in a queens courtyard, an awful story, the death has been ruled a homicide.
8:59 am
the body was found outside his families richmond hill building yesterday. n.y.p.d. detectives are looking into whether the boy fell or was thrown. police took several family members in for questioning. at this point no one has been arrested. the human fetus found at a sewer plant was miscarried. workers found the fetus. they say it was a male between 15 and 19 weeks development. no word on how the fetus ended up in the sewer system. they're now looking for the mother as they're concerned about her medical condition. >> the gunman behind the massacre in the colorado move theater will not get the death penalty. leann greg reports. >> we the jury do not have a unanimous final sentencing


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