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tv   Sunday Today in New York  NBC  August 16, 2015 10:00am-10:30am EDT

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we'll keep you updated on any breaking developments. a lot of news to get to this morning. one of them being the weather. it's getting pretty hot. >> all about the heat and humidity the next few days. yesterday we hit 92 degrees. back in the 90s today. it is another hot day. the humidity has been building day by day. getz more sometime steamy as the days going on. heat and humidity are camping out for the time being. a live look at storm tracker. hazy sunshine from new york city across long island as well. not much in the way of cloudiness this morning. that's not going to help. that's going to actually help the temperatures jump rather quickly heading towards the lunchtime hour. whyou can see we're up to 87 by noon. really heating things up. a high of 92 degrees again today. today is a little more muggy than yesterday, though. not quite as comfortable as it was on saturday. again, this is just the beginning. day two of 90s. we'll see how many days we'll stretch it out.
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that's coming up in the seven-day forecast. >> see you in a bit, raphael. new this morning, one of the titans of the civil rights movement passed away. julian bond passed away after a short illness. he was called a passionate and eloquent voice for the cause of justice. he's one of the co-founders of a committee and attending morehouse college. became he close associate of dr. martin luther king, jr. he served as a long-time board chairman of the naacp. he was 75 years old. new this morning, live pictures out of washington heights there where police are questioning a man in connection with a stabbing of a woman. she has died. she was found lying in the street there at the scene where you're looking at this mornin about 3:00 this morning. neighbors shocked. they didn't even hear a disturbance overnight. >> people have been here 40
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years, never seen anything like that. it's like a domestic violence taken to the streets. >> a 30-year-old man was taken into custody. so far, no arrests have been made. police looking for a handcuffed prisoner who escaped custody in harlem. he was arrested on criminal trespassing charges this morning and as they were taking him into the station house, stevenson shoved an officer and took off running still wearing those handcuffs. he was last seen heading towards lexington avenue and east 104th street. give police a call if you see him. a homeless man is accused of committing a crime at a church. this isn't the first time he's done somethi thng like this. 49-year-old victor wilson walked into the garden of the church in freeport, it was early yesterday. they say that he put rags over heads of everal religious
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sterues and allegedly broke one of the st ues. wilson was arrested and arraigned on several charges, iouncluding criminal mischief as a hate crime and aggravated assault. here in manhattan, a food delivery man in trouble for allegedly riding an electric bicycle into the holland tunnel and going the wrong way. 44-year-old young chong boo is charged with criminal trespass. he rode recklessly into traffic, ignored signs and ignored orders to stop. this all happened thursday night. police say that the man was arrested just inside the exit portal of the tunnel. fortunately, we're told that he didn't cause any accidents. also, the nypd needs your help in identifying this mystery patient. this woman was found lying on the ground on 11th avenue near 43rd street. they fou her wednesday night. she was taken to roosevelt hospital in stable condition. nobody knows who she is. police say if she appears to be about 70 years old, she doesn't speak, hasn't respond today any of their questions. but if y meou know who she is,
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please call crimestoppers. > that firefighter who was shot during a standoff on staten island is out of the hospital this morning. his fellow firefighters applauded as lieutenant jim ha"yes was wheeled out of the hospital yesterday. he was shot by garland tyree, a high ranking member of the bloods stree gang on friday. u.s. marshals had gone to his home to arrest him on a probation warrant. he set a fire. that's when firefighters responded and a standoff ensued af oter six hours. tyree came out shooting. officers returned fire and killed him. we have an update on the legionnaires' outbreak in the bronx. the health department says 124 cases of that disease have been reported. doctors, they say, have treated and released 94 people. there haven't been any new cases in nearly two weeks. that is a little bit of good news. the death toll remains at 12. no new fatalities. officials believe it's contained
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with no further reports of contaminated buildings or cooling towers. new this morning, what a rude awakening for the people in that house in ba goat a new jersey, where first responders are working to clear that huge tree. this is on queen anne road near lynwood avenue. fortunately fortunately, no one was hurtt we don't know what caused that tree to come down. fortunately, nobody was hurt when it did. >> absolutely. it's been a very busy weekend for the presidential candidates. they're stumping in iowa. it's the iowa state fair, of cour fase. one of them sat down for a one-on-one with chuck todd. he's live in washington with a preview. good to see you this morning, chuck. >> good morning, kerry. >> we're talking of course about dodenald trump. he's doubling down on comments he made about immigrants. he talked with you about rescinding president obama's executive order. he says all illegal i am granlts have to go. >> not only that. he says he would ship back everybody, including children. keep the families together.
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shin the family out of country. when i asked if they had no place to go from that their home country. he said we'll figure it out but they have to be left out of country and he'd somehow expedite some back in if necessary. also in his plan that he reveals first, he would end birth right citizenship. if you're born in the united states, he wants to get rid of that automatic citizenship. we talked about a bunch much issues, isis to saudi arabia, to the minimum wage to birtherism. we hit it. wide ranging is overused phrase, but this interview had that. we'll let people judge for themselves. donald trump, he's certainly not afraid to express his opinion on anything. >> that's what people are drawn to, really. whether people love him or hate him, peopl listen to him. just to hear what's going to come out of his mouth. he is leading the polls even with all the controversial
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comments that are surrounding hi cam. i guess the quest n is, does he have longevity? there's a certain group of people who think it's spectacle and i s not going to stick around or last. >> the hisry of protest mo yvement candidates whether on the left or the right is they do very well early in the process. maybe they win an early primary or two, but eventually ofthey end fading. to trump voters, thou , they're not going anywhere and they have to be dealt with. >> chuck todd, thank you. stick around for meet the press at 10:30 right after "today in new york." and still to come on this sunday morning, we ask and you delivered h more than a thousand local animals waking up in new homes this morning after yesterday's clear the shelters initiative launched by nbc. >> it was fantastic. and a little bit later, if you've ever dreamed of visiting a galaxy far, far away, your dream is about to come true.
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we'll tell you about the newest star wars adventure straight ahead. raphi? >> with this stretch of hot and humid weather continuing, you think it might be a good day to be at the beach. i'll tell you about the rip current risk in the shorecast.
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yesterday we set out on a mission to clear the sheltersment. >> couldn't do it single handedly. hundreds of families across our area jumped at the chance to open their homes to a new pet. more from janice huff. >> reporter: from dogs in the bronx and brooklyn to cats in new jersey and long island, it was a pet lover's dream at every turn. >> i'm looking for a little mutt. >> a kitten. >> why do you want a kitten? >> because they're cute and fluffy. >> the nbc new york team was up early for clear the shelter only to find adoptive families were
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up earlier, burning the midnight oil. here in westchester people lined up for hours. i talked to some folks who waited in line for more than ten hours just to help clear the shelters. >> she woke up and perked up and she came over to me and licked me in the face. at was the end. >> here on long island, it was a zoo here. so many people,ueo much excitement and so many families a little bit bigger. >> "today in new york's" lauren scala and new york live's jacquie reid were live on air and online talking to people who didn't want to go home without a new four-legged friend. >> she likes you. >> i like her too. she's sweet. >> i wanted a dog my whole life. it's about time to make that move. doing a good thing. get to save an app mal. this is my unnamed puppy that i just adopted. >> it's a happy ending for that rescue story. >> only about 30% of american households are rescuing. we have a lot of room to improve and really get the an mams the homes they deserve. >> i s nice to do good for
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ti the world. if i can save one lif, let's see what we can do in the future. >> it's thatdneed that drove the clear the shelters effort. thousands of shelters participated from coast to coast making for thousands more satisfied customers. contentment sharon telemundo 47, our partner. >> as you can see here, the liberty humane society, we have empty cages. that's what we're all hoping for. we want to thank all of you and everyone out there who helped us clear the shelters. janice huff be, "today in new york." >> we are so rilled. 1,025 cats and dogs and as you saw in that piece, an iguana, were adopted at shelters in our area from this one-day initiative. don't let it stop here. don't wait for a clear the shelters day. go out and adopt a pet. the shelters are overflowing. only 30% adopt their animals fr tom a shelter. both of mine are from there. >> mine too.
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>> starting a new trend. love it. pe >> weatherwise, we're trending hot. >> we've been trending hot all summer long. been a very warm summer. not the extreme heat. nothing near 100. that's the good news. we'll be back into the 90s. uh-huh. uh-huh. this should be our ninth 90-degree day. it's muggy, 80 degrees, higher humidityoahan yesterday. hazy sun in central park. we've got air quality issues today. in fact, an air quality alert day in new york city and all the counties shaded in gray like yesterday, extra pollution out there. you want to limit the strenuous outdoor activity during the hottest time of the day, especially after 11:00. all the counties in n jersey shaded under the air quality alert. nassau and suffolk county in the mix. storm tracker shows nice and quiet. from the hudson valley, new york city, down the jersey shore. temperatures are in the upper 70s to low 80s in suffolk county.
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79 in farmingville. 79 northport and 81 degrees already starting a great beach day in sayville. near 80 in newburgh. we jumped to 82 in long branch. shorecast today, yes, a great beach day. between 85 and 90 degrees down the jersey shore. waves 1 to 3 feet on the ocean. 1 foot on the sound. more breezy than yesterday. 10 to 15 miles per hour. the water temperature comfortable in the mid to upper 70s. now, there is a moderate risk for rip current today. you need to keep that in mind if you're headed in the water, especially for new york city, nassau and suffolk county be staches.ythe south facing shores, you ve that moderate risk for dangerous rip current throughout this sunday. and the uv index is 8, it's very high. baseball weather today, blazing sun, up to 90 by 1:00 this afternoon. we stay in the low 90s throughout the day along with a little dose of mugginess.
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here's a look at future tracker heading into the afternoon. quiet, sunshine and clouds. great day to hang out by the pool. 7:00 a.m. tomorrow, a dry commute and keeping it dry by tomorrow afternoon as well. we need the rain around here. especially for long island. we're not going to get any real rain probably until next weekend. 92 for today. up to 93 tomorrow. that's the hottest day. it stays sticky and warm though. tuesday and wednesday. couple of scattered storms possible tuesday night. stay up to date with the changes and the heat with the "news 4 new york" app. tap the logo in the corner and see the latest forecasts, interactive radar and how to submit a weather video. it's available in the app store right now. pat and kerry, over to you. >> very good, raphi. >> don't mind us. we're watching cute cat videos on facebook. star wars fans, you'll have a shorter distance to travel to a galaxy far, far away. >> disney announced they're
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going to incorporate star wars themed parks inorlando and in california. fans can ride the millennium falcon, witness the bat re between the first order and resistance. we don't know when the parks will open. but our harry potter has been a success. i was at universal our parent company -- down in florida. die gone alley. >> you said it was a amazing? >> fabulous. >> a local restaurant celebrating a major milestone. >> oh, yeah. if you like the spaghetti and meatballs, the anti- pasta, car line's is in the house. how are you chef? >> great, thank you. thanks for having us here.
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did you no he that 25 years
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ago this month carmine's first opened its doors in the upper west side. >> no. because it feels like it's been around longer. i was telling the chef, it feels like it's been here forever. maybe i go too often. today it is the flagship of an international empire that includes restaurants in atlantic city, washington, las vegas. been to that one and the baham das. the chef is here to tell us how they're celebrating silver anniversary and to make us an amazing salad. first of awful, happy anniversary. >> thank you. 25 years. >> after 12 years, yes. i'm director of dull u. culinary. i oversee all of the locations. >> we're grateful for you. >> it smells fantastic. it is an experience. it is an experience. >> for sure. >> so tell us how you celebrate your anniversary? >> we're celebrating our anniversary. uptown was the first location, 90th and broadway. that's 25 years. we opened the times square location 23 years ago.
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so we have a lot of things going on. we have things in all the cities that we have restaurants. we have something going in vegas, a big 25-year anniversary. but uptown, we're going to have a party on monday night we're going to have a nice get-together with some of the people that have been going there for many, many years. we want to show some appreciation to them. and then the owner of the company, has a lot of friends that are wanting to -- they're ready to celebrate. >> i bet. >> we're going to cook for them. >> we're going to run some specials also for the 25th year anniversary. if you look at our website, car mines nyc. we'll show those soon. >> make reservations now. >> we have a couple to show you. the porterhouse steak. this is 45 ounces of porterhouse steak. which is enough for us. we can deal with that. >> it has sausage on here, peppers, onions, roasted potatoes. that's a meal for 4 to 6 people easily.
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>> 40 to 60. >> speak for yourself. >> it is big enough. >> minimum, right? >> spaghetti and meatballs is a staple at carmine's. it's a favorite dish. my favorite to eat. that's one we'll do a special on. everybody wants meatballs. i think we make 9,000 meatballs a week. >> go on. >> those aren't just meatballs. those are baseball meatballs. we brought in eggplant parmesan. >> eight layers. >> we flour it, egg it and then we fly that. it's no breading on there. it's a white flour. a nice flavored egg with a lot of cheese in it. that's why kwee get so much flavor out of it. it looks big and heavy. it's lighter than you would think. >> that will still feed about 12 people. that's what i love about carmine's. it's a family style restaurant. i was telling kerry, she hasn't had the experience. she's only been here a few months. you have to go with a whole lot of people.
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>> or maybe not. >> let us know. i think you can handle that. >> we also brought our mixed satisfy food. this is red with lobster, clams, mussels, calamari. in a light red broth and we put it over pasta as well. that's another dish, four to six people. tiramisu for dessert. >> can't miss that. >> everything looks amazing. >> we're going to prepare for this today. we wanted to do something. we show our cookbook over there. a lot of the recipes are in our cook books. >> a great gift -- we've had breaking news and ran out of time. we want to get back to the plane crash. we'll make the salad. you can get the book and make it yourself. >> absolutely. sure. >> thanks for having us. >> congratulations. we're coming right back.
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breaking news on this sunday morning. we have learned that one person
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has died in a plane crash in bethpage, long island. nassau police say a 54-year-old passenger was pulled from the fiery wreckage, taken to the hospital. it was headed to morristown when it experienced trouble maintaining altitude. it crashed down on to the train tracks and right now, lirr service is suspended both ways between hicksville and farmingdale because of that accident. they'll be investigating that and trying to get the tracks back in order. literally crashed on to the tracks. >> the latest for you on the website and we'll cover it tonight at 6:00 as well. quick check of the weather. hazy, hot and hugh hide. if you're going to the beach today, watch out for rip current. especially new york city and long island beaches. dangerous current once again. >> thank you, raphael. thank you for joining us this sunday morning. see you next saturday at 6:00 a.m. meet the press is next.
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this sunday, face to face with donald trump. >> are we in a reality show? >> no, that is not reality, this is the real deal. >> my interview with the man leading the polls on birtherism, isis and his plan on illegal immigration. >> it will work out so well, you will be so happy. in four years you'll be interviewing me and say what a great job you've done, president trump. also is hillary's campaign in crisis. e-mails, sinking poll numbers, questions about trust.
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iowa voters are saying this about hillary's troubles. >> we're now down to rumors of gore and that's got to stink. >> all of it has led to talk of joe biden and the rise of this man, senator bernie sanders. he joins me live. finally, how much fried food can you get for $50 at the iowa state fair? it turns out way too much. joining me for insight and analysis this morning are jeff greenfield, contributor to the daily beast, molly ball of the atlantic, kimberly strossel, and eugene robinson of "the washington post." welcome to sunday. it's "meet the press." good sunday morning. when he first began talking about running for president, a lot of people dismissed him, including myself. but there's no denying that donald trump is completely shaken up the republican race, topping national and state polls, drawing 24 million people to the gop debate and simply dominating the coverage so far.
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i caught up with trump yesterday in des moines, iowa, for his first face-to-face sunday morning interview as a had can. i wanted this interview to be less about personality and more about substance. we touched on a lot of issues. birtherism, abortion, isis, illegal immigration and much more. let's get right to it, starting with his standing with the conservative movement. >> some of the criticism on you from conservatives is you're not a real conservative. when you hear that, some of them will argue on social policies that you're not a real conservative. is it just different brands of conservatism that's out there and you just have a different brand or do you think they have a point? >> well, i think they have a point from years ago, but they also have that same point with ronald reagan, who was a democrat absolutely with a liberal bent. and ronald reagan became, you know, not only a republican but a pretty conservative republican. not the most, but a pretty conservative republican and he's somebody that i actually knew and liked and he liked me. i worked with him and helped him. but i think that when you get right down to it, people do


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