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tv   News 4 New York at 5  NBC  August 17, 2015 5:00pm-5:30pm EDT

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heights with the latest. andrew? >> reporter: such a very troubling case. e e'dena hines lived with her boy friend and in the early morning hours sunday right by that tree this violent incident took place. a stabbing. and the boyfriend, according to police, was ranting and raving things about an exorcism. a solitary flower pot left at the spot of unimaginable violence. 33-year-old e'dena hines, the step granddaughter of actor morgan freeman, stabbed repeatedly steps from her home on western 162nd street. >> i'm just so sorry, you know, that this has happened to her and him. >> horrifying. >> reporter: neighbors like emily battle, stunned. >> my heart sank to hear that someone was killed, as i was sleeping, was like horrifying. >> reporter: police arrested hines' 30-year-old boy friend,
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lamar davenport and charged him with second degree murder. according to one witness, he shouted as he afakd ttacked her. >> i cast you out, devils, in the name of jesus christ. >> reporter: hines had recently returned to new york after a couple years in nashville. she wrote on her blog, my dream has come true and it's just beginning. life can make you want to give up or walk away. sometimes it gives you the strength to appreciate when you do get your happy ending. the acclaimed actor wrote in a statement sunday, the world will never know her artistry and talent and how much she had to offer. her star will continue to shine bright in our hearts, thoughts and prayers. may she rest in peace. >> in front of our building, it just reminds us this kind of violence exists. >> reporter: back live now, you can see that tiny little plant placed as a small token here at the scene on 162nd street. as for the suspected killer, lamar davenport, he is right now being evaluated psychologically,
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just a few blocks from here at columbia presbyterian hospital. we're told it's possible that he'll be arraigned from his hospital bed later this week. live in washington heights, andrew siff, news 4 new york. >> thank you. we do have a horrific story to tell you about, because police need your help. they want to find the man they say broke into a staten island home, snuck into a 7-year-old girl's room and raped her. this happened in port richmond. lori bordonaro picks up the story from there. >> reporter: on the lookout, residents of this port richmond neighborhood searching for any sign of daniel nieto. the 32-year-old accused of raping a 7-year-old girl inside her bedroom. >> i don't know who he is. and it's terrible that something could happen to a little girl. >> reporter: police say nieto snuck in through an unlocked back door august 6th, raped her and took off. >> i have daughters, i have grandkids. and that's horrible. >> reporter: the girl told her
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family about the man who they found in an abandoned building next door. she didn't mention the rape allegations until the next day. by then, nieto had been released from custody, charged with criminal trespassing. he's 5'2", 125 pounds. we showed his picture to people in the neighborhood, but so far no one seems to know who he is. >> that's him? no? no. >> reporter: daniel nieto has one prior arrest from 2009, but his record is sealed. police are asking anyone who may know where he is to call crime stoppers 1-800-577-tips. in staten island, lori bordonaro, news 4 new york. new at 5:00, details released about a deadly six-hour police standoff in warren, new jersey. the somerset county prosecutor says this man, john reno, scott and killed heidi erickson in their home yesterday. reno also killed erickson's brother in the driveway. reno barricaded himself in the home and shot at police.
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he shot and killed himself in a wooded area behind the home. health experts are joining the city council tonight to answer questions about the deadly legionnaires outbreak. how well did the city handle it, and what can be done to prevent something like this from happening again? ida siegal is in mont haven with a preview. >> reporter: and that public hearing is expected to get started in just under an hour. the fear of legionnaires here in the south bronx is very real. and so tonight the city is offering yet another opportunity for people to come out and ask their questions. this also comes as the governor announces this afternoon emergency regulations on the state level, part of which would require buildings with cooling towers to register with the state. that would be a mandate. also, those towers must be tested and inspected within 30 days. they're also offering a tip line phone number for anyone in the public to use if they have questions. all of those regulations are to go into effect immediately. you might remember, the city
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passed legislation last week, requiring, among other things, that buildings undergo quarterly inspections. we're told the state has worked with the city on these new state measures, and that the mayor signed the new city legislation tomorrow. tonight, we are expected to reiterate the same good news from last week, which is that there are no new cases or new cooling towers with the legionella bacteria, and the numbers are the same. a total of 12 people in the impact zone have died, and more than 120 people have been infected. we were also told last week 14 buildings in total within that impact zone had the legionella bacteria in those cooling towers. and, again, the city legislation requires that all buildings and -- with cooling towers be inspected been 30 days. there is a big rush on that. again, this meeting gets started at 6:00 tonight. live from the south bronx, ida siegal, news 4 new york.
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>> thank you for those late details. now we head to thailand. at least 18 people are dead, more than 100 hurt. it happened at the height of the evening rush in thailand's capital, bangkok. a bomb was planted on a motorcycle and it exploded inside the shrine, a popular tourist attraction. the neighbor is full of five-star hotels and upscale shopping malls and they were packed at the time. of so far, no one has claimed responsibility. good news for your evening commute. new jersey transit and amtrak riders, it's going to be a lot easier getting home tonight. trains were delayed up to an hour this morning because of a switch problem and disabled train in the hudson river tube caused issues as well. and then there was this. a vehicle fire in the north tube of the lincoln tunnel caused serious backups this morning. so if you found yourself stuck in this, this morning, this is why. and, again, it's all clear for the ride home. >> good news. stella.
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still ahead, reporting for duty. donald trump reported for court. you think there was a scene there? oh, yes. we'll tell you what he had to say, next. and monitoring the search for survivors in the wake of a plane crash in indonesian. and we have learned nearly a half million dollars in cash was on board when it went down. find out why. and the snl announcement that has a lot of people buzzing tonight. the comedian who will be hosting a show this season, marking a true comeback.
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new at 5:00, showing up for jury duty. donald t ump just left a lower manhattan courthouse a short time ago. >> the republican presidential candidate was one of 80 jurors summoned today and was neither questioned or chosen but you better believe it was a scene out there. kathryn creag was there for his arrival. >> reporter: as donald trump made his way out of his limousine, hundreds of cameras clicked, reporters shouted questions. i asked him -- mr. trump! what will happen if you get picked for jury duty? >> it will be very interesting to see. >> reporter: the front-runner in the republican race for president could barely move as he tried to take the stairs into the court's building. trump signed autographs.
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he let tourists take his picture. >> how do you feel? >> i f l good. >> i've worked here over 30 years, i don't think i've seen as many press people. >> reporter: trump spent the weekend in iowa, where he gave specifics on his policy regarding mexico. in an exclusive interview with chuck todd on "meet the press," he talked about increasing visa fees for mexican ceos and diplomats so mexico can pay for a border wall. he would increase the importations and end birth right citizens hip. >> we have to keep the families together but they have to go. >> what if they have no place to go? >> we will work with them. they have to go. >> reporter: while trump's comments ay be creating more controversy, his long-time chauffeur supports him. >> he's a great guy. he's going to make a great president, i'll tell you right now. >> r orter: fellow potential jurors jurors thought the timing of the campaign and jury duty -- >> while it's prette funny tha coincides with the campaigns and debates, i would be very surprised if he actually ended up on that jury.
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>> reporter: kathryn creag, news 4 new york. and while trump served jury duty, fellow republican candidates held soap box speeches at the iowa state fair. candidate scott walker was heckled by pro union protesters during his speech but walker said protesters don't intimidate him. bernie sanders is preparing for his first presidential fund-raiser in chicago. tonight we're learning new details about a plane crash in indonesia. we now know there was about $470,000 on that flight yesterday. that cash was to be given to villagers in a poor part of the country. search crews believe they found the wreckage from the plane. they are still going to try to find any survivors. 54 people, including infants, were on the flight. >> so sad. tonight the national guard has been called in to help with more than 100 wildfires burning in the west. one of the worst is in washington state, where tens of thousands of acres have already burned and dozens of buildings have been destroyed.
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evacuation orders are in place. the u.s. forest service is combatting the wildfires. an earthquake rattled residents in the san francisco bay area. the u.s. geological survey says 4.0 magnitude quake struck north of piedmont this morning. no one was injured ut people felt the ground tremble in downtown san francisco and east bay. experts say it's -- it was a sharp jolt followed by a couple of gentle rolls. it's not clear yet if the shallow quake caused any damage. we want to update a story that a lot of you are tweeting about. heartbreaking irony in maryland for a man who tried to make sick children smile by playing a super hero. lengthy robinson dressed as batman and visited kids who were ill. tonight many are mourning his death after he was hit by his own bat mobile. this aired this past weekend. police say a car rear-ended his custom lamborghini after he
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stopped on a highway to check on his engine. that vehicle then struck and killed him. nbc has announced the first three hosts for season 41 of "saturday night live," and tracy morgan is returning to studio 8h. the former snl cast member will host the show. morgan has been out of the public eye since a devastating accident in june 2014. he did send out a tweet earlier today sharing his excitement wiurth the words "stoked to be go ing home." by the way, the other two hosts are singer mileyyoyrus and comedian amy schumer. going to be great. want to give a thank you to everyone who participated in our ear the shelters event saturday. >> we were counting down the weeks, right? and this special event was such you. we're happy tootell you that more than 1,000 animals now have loving homes. the aspca on the upper east side tells us saturday was a there. >> nbc stations across the country took part.
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nearly 18,000 animals were adopted nationwide. >> and be sure to tune in this saturday night at 7:00 for our clear the shelters special. nbc's natalie morales will share success stories from this eincredible event. for more information, head over to all right. as we said, it's pretty hot out there, but maybe cooler in a couple hours. and definitely cooler because of this. legendary musician stevie wonder will serenade crowds in central park at 7:30. fans are already gathering. he's had a busy day, by thtoway. he played two other popup concerts and performed in washington, d.c. this morning, then in philadelphia this afternoon. these shows are promoting his fall tour. a lot of pictures from chopper 4. he'll be back in new york november for a stop at madison square garden. >> what a show it's going to be. so many hits. it's incredible. hits keep coming. we were liste ng to some, right? >> yeah. somebody had -- think wet!ould run to the concert and get back oufor the show? >> we'll be sweating, too. right?
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there. it was a hot, hot day today. temperatures were in the mid 90s. with the humidity it felt more like the upper 90s across the tristate area. whenever it does get this hot, you do tend to get a lot of ozone in the atmosphere as a result. we do have an air quality alert tonight. rea and tomorrow since it will be another warm day, this has already been reigeue today for tomorrow, 11:00 in the morning to 11:00 at night. you want to take it easy during the height of the day. otherwise now in the park we're at 88 degrees. 90 into elm hertz queens. still very hot inland from newburgh through us is sussex. cooler for long island and connecticut thanks to the winds coming in from the southwest bringing in some of the cooler ocean air. but you factor in the humidity, and right now it feels like 91 in the city. feels like 94 in poughkeepsie,
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feeling like 95 into bridgewater. we're tracking one isolated thunderstorm into western monmouth county near upper free hold north of interstate 195, pushing towards -- it looks like the southeast towards homson and midwood. otherwise everybody else is dry. with a mix of sun and clouds. off to the west, out in the atlantic, i should say, off to the east right here, we're watching a -- at least the potential of a tropical system. just a cluster of thunderstorms now. but the national hurricane center gives you about a 50/50 chance to become a tropical st . if i does, it will be dandy. and right now all of the computer models taking it towards the lesser antilles, obviously something we'll watch over the n'st couple days. he ise for tomorrow another i warm day, just not as hot. 89 degrees. notice we start to cool down as we head owards wednesday, thursday and fgiday. t the humidity actually starts to go up. so it's going to feel very, very tropical across the area with a od chance of thunderstorms late thursday into saturday morning. that's your forecast. back to you.
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>> all right, steve. thank you. still ahead, strap hangers, you need to prepare for a rough ride. >> work begins on four subway lines and some say it's adding more than an hour to their commute. how long is it going to last and how you can get around it. that's coming up next. and coming up at 6:00. he fled the country after a 1999 shooting at a long island wedding. now this murder suspect faces charges. >> sorry for the pain i caused the family. >> see what's next in this developing case at 6:00.
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take a live look now at the george washington bridge. drivers, heads up. the lower level eastbound lanes close each night this week from 9:00 p.m. to 5:00 the next morning. construction crews removing temporary platforms used for the upper level deck installation. and queens subway riders get ready for some rush hour headaches that will last for the next few weeks. >> work is being done on the e, f, m and r lines and some say adding as much as 90 minutes to
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your commute. >> marc santia reports on the slow down and what you can do to get around it. >> reporter: e, f, m, r will be running s-l-o-w. you can expect crowded delays on the queens boulevard subway lines starting today, smack in the middle of weekday rush hours. >> sometimes when i get home, i can't do anything. straight to bed. >> reporter: an extra hour and a half. that's the extra time carmen rodriguez says she now has to factor in because mta crews are rebuilding sections of the express track. >> this really is a big impact. it's a pain in the butt. >> reporter: the reason for the pain? the express e and f trains have to slow down at 10 miles per hour through work zones, and that will have a domino effect, reducing the number of trains, and frequency. >> due to construction, there are so many problems with t si train. >> reporter: construction is expected to hammer business for hussein's newsstand as riders have to give up more of their
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time to factor in delays, this man who commutes every day says it could be worse. >> wake up a little earlier, get here on time. it's new york city. you have to adapt and adjust. >> reporter: work is scheduled to wrap-up on the e, f, m and r september 4th. why this time? why right now during summer? the mta says it's simple. because historically, this period of time has the lowest ridership on the rails. in jackson heights, marc santia, news 4 newryork. >> and we have all the transit issues and waysch aedund t posted on o check it out to avoid a jam. >> rob schmidt has a look at what's coming up at 5:30. >> times square, you can see them out there. >> all right, rob, we have an issue with your misk. but there are topless women in body painful posing for pictures. is this freedom of expression or
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flat out lewd behavior in the family-friendly crossroads of the world? coming up, we'll tell you what the mayor's office is saying about that. and it's official. we're in the throes of a heat wave. how new yorkers are beating this august scorcher. >> baffled, busted, broken? better get baquero. >> coming up, a false charge on a man's credit report had been haunting for him years, until he called better get baquero. >> consumer reporter, linda better get baquero, coming up on news 4 new york.
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right now on news 4 new york, the big apple is baking. soaring temperatures give new york city its first official heatwave in more than two years. it is sweaty out there. >> yeah. >> we have been seeing three straight days with temperatures above 90 degrees in central park, since july 2013. >> hard to believe, really. but today the heatwave became official pretty early on. at 11:20 this morning, central park hit 91 degrees with the heat and humidity combined. it felt hotter, closer to 100 degrees. >> also an air quality alert in effect until 11:00 tonight. long island, the lower hudson valley and much of new jersey. >> and like any time temperatures get this high for this long con edison asking everyone to cut back on power they use. let's get to steve villanova for
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how things hot got today. >> it was really warm today, rob and shiba. in central park, we hit 95 degrees. that ties the old record set on this date. so we didn't break the record but did tie it. in newark, 97, also tying the record there. otherwise, most areas north and west of the city were in the 90s. cooler for long island. and for the south shoro, fairfield county, because the sea breeze brought in slightly cooler air from the ocean. right now we're at 88 in the city. still at 95 in morristown. 88 i white plains. you factor in the humidity, feeling like 91 in midtown. 93 newburgh. 94 up in poe kip ski ughkeepsie poughkeepsie. it stays warm all evening long. 11:00 p.m., in the 80s, maybe a spot shower. when do we cool down? we'll talk about thatewhen we come back. >> thank you. a dip in the ocean, a fantastic way to beat these high temperatures. news 4's greg cergol is at jones beach with all of the beach-goers tonight with much more.
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greg? >> reporter: well, shiba, believe it or not, we're actually feeling a cool breeze right now here at jones beach. and that's the very reason a lot of people told me they fled here today to escape the heat. new york state park officials say that they have seen good crowds during this heat wave. but they tell me the beach is not the escape of choice for most new yorkers when the mercury boils over. in recent years, in fact, folks have been choosing their air conditioned living rooms or their backyard swimming pools as the best places to stay cool. the bottom line, expect no cord crowds at jones beach during this heat wave. there should be plenty of room on the sant if you make the trek here to avoid the heat. >> i opened up my front door and i was like, oh, my god, it's hot. i'm going to the beach. >> you want to be right in the heatwave. that's why you go to the beach. see a few people. >> this is the best breeze you're going to get. better get close. >> i thought it was going to be


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