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tv   News 4 New York at 530  NBC  August 17, 2015 5:30pm-6:00pm EDT

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94 today so, you know, what better place to be than to be at the beach? >> reporter: and for those of you who think that music can make you cooler, well, we've been serenaded by a band here along the boardwalk playing christmas songs. that's right. only four months until christmas. anything that works, i guess, in a heat wave. live at jones beach tonight. greg cergol, news 4 new york. >> oh. we're talking about christmas already, greg? oh, my goodness. >> geez. >> geez is right! okay, and remember, you can track the rising temperatures with our news 4 new york app. there you can find the latest information on this heatwave and get alerts sent to your smartphone or tablet. it's in the apple app store right now. new at 5:30, mayor de blasio is calling the parade of topless women in body paint performing in times square unacceptable. it's a tricky issue, because what these women are doing is not against the law, but while it is legal, we have chosen to blur their images for this report.
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news 4's gus rosendale is in times square to explain this for us. gus. >> reporter: rob, we just got that statement from the mayor a short time ago. the mayor finds this situation unacceptable, and expects to take action and bring action forward. what that is going to be is what to watch for and it's unclear at this point. what we're talking about here is completely legal. legal but not without controversy. exact numbers are not kept, but anecdotally anecdotally, it appears more women are wearing little more than paint and posing for photos around times square. their motive, tips. there have been some reports of these models getting groped so there is public safety concern. other people are worried about children and families seeing more than the bright lights of the big city. a crackdown is a challenge, because women are allowed to be topless in new york city, especially if considered part of a performance or exhibition. >> i think it's not actually a good image, especially a lot of kids walking here. >> it's expressive. i mean, i guess that's a good
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way to be creative and use what god gave you, right? >> i have to say that it can be a little indecent. because they're exposing pretty much their whole selves. >> reporter: the times square alliance is saying in a statement right now that we are excited to work with the administration and our elected officials to explore workable solutions for times square. the statement goes on, we recognize that this issue is complicated, not only legally, but also in striking a balance that maintains times square's quirkiness without allowing it to get creepy. so the big question, how we work that balance between quirky and creepy legally from that legal standpoint, it is unclear. meantime, just from our own observation here, most people did not give these women a second look. live in times square, gus rosendale, news 4 new york. >> sorting it out for us. gus, thank you. this is new tonight. a computer breach at the irs reported earlier this year is much bigger than originally disclosed.
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the agency now says the number of potential victims has doubled to 334,000. the irs first disclosed this breach in may. the thieves accessed the system called "get transcript" where taxpayers can get returns and other filings from previous years. the irs will begin notifying newly discovered victims over the next few days. coming up, a big bump in the road for the plan to raise the minimum wage for fast food workers. >> and then a pair of robbers pull a sword on a store clerk get a taste of their own medicine instead. we'll show what happened, next. coming up on "nbc nightly news," our team is covering the western wildfires, and shows us up close why the military has now been summoned to help. over the weekend, donald trump revealed to us his immigration plan. tonight we add up the numbers to see what it would really cost. and amazon's ceo fires back at an unflattering depiction of what it's like to work for the company as we hear from former employees tonight.
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caught on camera. check this out. a couple crooks in pittsburgh tried to rob a store with a machete or sword. they hassled a customer and things got real when the store clerk refused to be robbed and pulled out his own even larger sword. after a brief fight, the cashier chased those robbers out of the store. the two thieves are still on the run. nobody was hurt. new york chain restaurant owners have filed an objection to governor cuomo's proposal to raise the minimum wage of fast food workers. the national restaurant association says it's unfair the wage hike to $15 only applies to franchised restaurants. they also argue that the move would bypass the state legislature. the letter comes ahead of a possible court battle over the wage hike, which could affect some 200,000 workers across the state. okay. what would you do? what can you do if there is an
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incorrect charge on your credit report? better get baquero. >> coming up, news 4 consumer reporter lynda baquero has what you need to know. plus this. i could hear the crunching like that when he bit down on it. >> nearly mauled to death by a bear. what this man says helped save his life. and our social pic of the day. beating the heat at the pool in central park. plenty of folks looking for a way to cool off as the city officially entered a heat wave today. many thanks to linda balme for this pic. >> if you have an interesting pic, send it to our website, or use the #nbc4ny. when you post to twitter or instagram. and it may be selected as the social pic of the day.
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coming up on news 4 at 6:00, a suspect in a murder in a long island wedding finally faces the victim's family after nearly 20 years. why it took so long to get him to court. and a popup by a legendary performer. can you still get tickets to get close? all new tonight when sibilia and i see you at 6:00. >> thank you. new information tonight on that deadly weekend crash along the state parkway in westchester. police have identified the victims. the four-vehicle collision killed a 2-year-old as well as la dell mulvaney and her daughter kathryn. the toddler was a passenger in an suv that went airborne and landed in front of oncoming traffic saturday afternoon.
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another car hit by the suv. oscar pistorius is set to be released from prison friday after serving just ten months of a five-year sentence in the death of his girlfriend. pistorius was convicted and found guilty of culpable homicide. upon release, he'll have to wear an electronic monitoring device. prosecutors pushed for a murder conviction against pistorius. a california man has quite the story to tell after nearly being mauled to death by a bear. larry epe z says he came face to face with a black bear. the retired marine yelled at it, hit it on the head with a plastic flower pot, but that didn't stop the bear from attacking. that's when his pint-sized yorkshire terrier jumped in and started barking and distracted him long enough for him to get away. >> i jumped in the van to get to the hospital and when i walked in, i was covered with blood all over me and they go, oh, my god,
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what happened to y ? and i said i just got attacked by a bear. >> wow. look at all those injuries, as well. he needed stitches for several deep cuts and had to get rabies shots. his dog, the little cute yorkshire terrier there, he's okay. the bear didn't even touch him. >> wow. one problem solved, but it leads to a new problem. better get baquero. here's lynda baquero with the good lesson about credit reports. >> that's right, rob. when we first met jack two years ago when he had trouble with a home alarm company, he had cancelled his service and returned the equipment, but he continued to be biltd. led and the amount crept into the hundreds of dollars. we fixed that issue, but it reader its ugly head when he recently tried to buy a car. with a car that was more than ten years old, jack was eager to buy this new one, especially after hearing about an incentive. >> as advertised, 1% interest rates on new and secondhand cars. >> reporter: so he signed up for
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an auto loan but was surprised to see an interest rate, 4% for the purchase. jack asked why. >> he says you have a black mark on your credit from experian. >> reporter: two years ago, jack was getting bills to the tune of $300 from adt security services. they continued to charge him for service, be even after he had cancelled and returned the equipment. but after news 4 got involved, adt immediately corrected the billing problem and actually issued jack a rebate check for money they owed him. >> so i called adt and they said our records are fine. everything is cleared up. >> reporter: instead it appears everything didn't get cleared up on jack's credit report from ex person. >> so i put in a complaint, what's going on? no one got back to me. >> reporter: it wasn't just about getting the report adjusted. it was also about trying to qualify for the lower interest rate on the car loan. >> i mean, i'm a senior citizen now. age 65. and i'm on a fixed income. >> reporter: every penny counts. and we were able to help once again.
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we contacted experian and problem solved. experian told us the adt collection has now been deleted from jack's credit report. they also remind consumers to check their reports from the three major bureaus. remember, you can get one free copy a year from each of the agencies by going to and instructions for disputing any information can be found on that report. always good to check. rob, back to you. >> sure is, lynda. thanks so much. to get in touch with our consumer investigative team, send an e-mail to better get baquero at or call us at 1-866-news-244. if you think stepping out in the steamy temperatures is bad, imagine working outside like these guys. it was business as usual for these construction workers on the west side. hard-working guys. we spotted them pouring concrete on 52nd street. hopefully they are drinking lots of water. >> yeah, it's so hot.
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imagine tarring a roof in s weather. >> i can't get that song heatwave out of my head. like a heatwave >> that surprised me we didn't have one last year. i recall last summer feeling pretty hot. >> last year we had a handful of 90-degree days. and so far this year we've been close. we've had two days but never that third. but today does make three consecutive days of 90-degree readings in central park. the good news over the next few days, temperatures do start to go down. tomorrow, instead of being in the mid 90s, we're in the upper 80s. but you factor in the humidity, and it will feel like the 90s tomorrow by the time we get to the middle of the week, it will feel so much more humid as southerly winds continue to bring in low-level moisture and it will feel tropical. temperatures do drop over the next few days and then a comfort will come through late thursday and that brings us a chance of thunderstorms later thursday into friday. and right on into saturday morning. but right now it is still very warm outside. 90 in astoria.
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95 currently over towards harrison. same number in morristown. 90 towards danbury. northern fairfield county. for the most part, all is quiet, except for one isolated shower now into western monmouth county. lots of action, though, into the ohio valley, and the great lakes. all connected to a front that's sitting right here, and eventually that front will make its way into the region. that won't happen until thursday or friday. otherwise, high pressure sitting on top of us, keeping things very warm. this high, though, will start to weaken over the next few days and as a result temperatures do start to drop. but with the southerly winds in place, it will only get more and more humid. now if you're stepping out this evening, no real issues. maybe just a stray shower. otherwise, we'll have a couple clouds around, and by 11:00 p.m., still very warm with temperatures right around 80 degrees. as we head towards wednesday, that's when temperatures are down into the mid 80s. but it's really humid outside. maybe a spot storm north and west, but a much better chance of storminess as we head towards late thursday into friday and
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early saturday as that cold front comes through. and since it will be so humid outside, these thunderstorms could produce some real downpours. so here's the extended forecast. 89 tomorrow. feeling more like the 90s with the humidity. then we're cooling down, then some storms thursday and friday. and the weekend, even though it's still pretty warm, it's much less humid on the back side of that front. that's your forecast. back to you. >> loving it, steve. >> you said it best at noon. we're going to be begging for these days in six months. can't complain too much about it being too hot. >> let's enjoy it, shall we? okay. so this is hope work for the new york yankees, a time for the organization to honor and give back to the community. >> coming up next, we meet the first recipient and show you the special surprise for this team who lost his mother in june. south carolina church shooting.
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today marks the start of the seventh annual new york yankees hope week. a way for the bronx bombers to reach out and give back to those in need.
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>> today the team is honoring a 19-year-old who lost his mother, a new jersey native, in that massacre in a charleston church. bruce beck is here with more. bruce? >> reporter: shiba, sometimes from horror comes a hero. and new hope. and never was this more apparent than in the wake of a senseless tragedy that occurred in charleston, south carolina, that threatened to tear apart a city. on a june night like so many others, the tranquillity of a community was shattered by a gunman who opened fire at a church, killing nine parishioners parishioners. among the victims was native sharon da-coleman who left behind three children, including son chris who made national headlines in the days following the massacre with his message -- >> i just say love is always stronger than hate. so we just love the way my mom would, then the hate won't be anywhere close to what love is. >> reporter: today as part of the yankees' hope week initiative, the team flew chris
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and his two siblings to new york, and surprised him on the "today" show where he got to meet some players live and in person. >> you saw alex rodriguez coming forward, did you light up? >> i lit up more than times square. that was amazing. it was a blessing. >> for one week we get to step out of the baseball field and go into the community and share with some pretty amazing lives. >> something that we look forward to doing every summer, and we're really excited about it. i know we have some really special people, some special stories. >> reporter: chris then visited one world observatory and had lunch with the team before being whisked up to the stadium for tonight's ball game with the twins. and you're going to a ball game tonight, right? >> going to the ball game. get to see the yankees play. >> reporter: how cool is that? >> it's awesome. i've never been to yankee stadium. it's my first. >>. >> reporter: chris' remarkable experience didn't end with tickets. another surprise was in store for the 19-year-old college baseball player.
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he was invited to take batting practice with the bronx bombers, and he did it under the watchful eye of manager joe girardi. chris just completed his freshman year at charleston southern university, but i don't think he ever expected to be in the batting cage next to alex rodriguez, mark te teixeira and carlos beltran. hope week continues through friday. hope stands for helping others persevere and excel. rob, shiba? >> and they did all of that today, bruce. thank you. >> what a great story. great kid, too. >> what a way with words he has. bruce, thanks. and thank you for watching. >> stay right here. the news continues at 6:00. live, from studio 3c in rockefeller center. this is news 4 new york. now at 6:00, the heat keeps creeping up and the city gets its first heatwave of the summer. how long will it last? >> plus, looking into the face of a suspected murderer.
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the victim's family confronts an alleged killer in court nearly 20 years after the crime. and from the campaign trail to the courtroom? donald trump's day at jury duty. good evening, i'm sibilia vargas. >> i'm david ushery. chuck is off tonight. it is official. new york city is in its first heatwave of the summer. >> temperatures hit 95 in central park, making this the first wave in the park since 2013, although most parks have experienced a few heat waves this year. it didn't stop people from enjoying strawberry field and the boat basin. >> and people are escaping the heat at coney island. city beaches fairly busy. and we have a few days to go before we get a break, especially with the return of higher humidity that's going to make things feel even more uncomfortable. storm team 4 meteorologist steve villanueva is here with details. steve. >> it certainly was a warm one today in the park. we did hit 95 degrees. that is a new record. it does tie the record set back on this date.
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also newark tying the old record at 97 degrees. elsewhere, very warm, as well. bridgeport and both laguardia coming in the 90s. islip a smidge cooler at 88 today. right now in the city, we're at 89 degrees. 86 white plains. 93 over towards morristown. you factor in the humidity and right now it feels like 92 in the city. same number, newburgh, and 93 towards poughkeepsie. as we head into tomorrow morning, when you first wake up, feeling like the 70s, even the 80s in. and even though temperatures tomorrow a little cooler, you factor in the humidity and it's still feeling like the 90s. when do we finally cool down? we'll talk about it in a few minutes. >> see you then, steve. no refuge in union square, even in the shade but the park was busy. most people passing through hopefully on their way to somewhere cool. marc santia is in queens to see how people are dealing with the heat there. >> reporter: if you're working
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in or walking through the city, the accessory to have today, bottled water for this heatwave. flowing out from green point, big blue distributors, a sought after source for bolted water, sports drinks and cold beer by the pallet load. >> as much water as possible. >> reporter: that's not just a business motto. the owner practices what he preaches, making sure his crews stay safe during the heatwave. >> all our employees we keep cold water for all of the time. >> they're keeping an eye on any problems that might develop with power cables that serve the different neighborhoods of new york. >> reporter: con ed is geared up to make sure this heatwave doesn't affect power for millions across the city, and you play a role. >> we might ask people to take extra conservation steps to make sure the power keeps flowing. >> reporter: for those taking a break from the ac, beaches across brooklyn, a sought after oasis, as people tried finding
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relief from coney island to the rock aways. here 5-year-old zahra went for a watch walk clutching her favorite doll and mom made sure she was clutching juice. to queens, where 1-year-old peanut and other pets head out into the heatwave under the very cautious eyes of their owners. >> i'm very concerned about her lungs. that's the difference. small dog, take her out and the air quality is not as good. >> reporter: we just talked to con ed a short time tago. they tell us right now they only see a handful of outages but still stress conservation. for example saying for dinner tonight use the grill or microwave instead of the oven. live, marc santia, news 4 new york. >> thank you. you can track the heat with our news 4 new york app. get alerts sent to your smartphone or tablet. it is available in the apple app


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