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tv   Early Today  NBC  August 19, 2015 4:00am-4:30am EDT

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thought it was information. dozens of jobs every hour. four helicopters have been making drops here all day long, hammering this hill with water but the blaze is still on the move. this is it where the fire is burning, steep canians yons and the perfect fuel and typography for this to grow. and these are among 40 families who lost it all. >> i had a lot of stuff and stuff wasn't that important. some things, my grand pu's porch swing, i can't ever replace that. >> and north of los angeles, this entire community threatened. and 7,000,000 acres up in smoke, more land than the entire state
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of vermont and help from as far as new york arriving. cash strapd california paying for 4,000 inmates, low level offenders to help, while in idaho, the conditions are unpredictable. this firenado erupting. and firefighters brave for more daechgerous dangerous days ahead. and rosy o'donnell says her missing daughter, chelsea, has been found. he said her daughter had last been seen august 11th and that she had stopped taking her medication and in need of medication attention and then she tweeted an update that chelsea had been found alive. it took time and a whole lot
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of loblobbying. and the fda has approved the so-called viagra pill and it's designed to help women with a severe lack of sexual desire. opponents say it has a few benefits but the fda is making it tough to get. they want doctors to be trained to dispence it and keep track of pa patients. back in july, we first reported that ashley madison, the marital infedealt site was hacked hacked. they reportedly posted the stolen customer data online. some 22,000,000 users going back to 2007 and even included people who paid $19 to have their personal information scrubbed from the site.
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and those calling themselves the impact team said time is up. we have explained the stupidity of them and their members, and everyone gets to see their data. it was said to be posted on the dark web which is only acceptable through what is called a toure browser. and they spoke to three sources that say this data dump is quote the real deal. and a close encounter caught on camera. a seal jumped out of the water, followed closely by a great white shark and the little guy manages to get away. entire incident was filmed by the conservancy. speaking of activity, tropical storm danny, becoming a hurricane later this week, what?
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>> it's that time. >> we haven't said hurricane in a while. >> no, we've had a relatively quiet season as far as land impacts. and this storm is well out in the atlantic. so, that's the good news. we have about seven days to watch this before it approaches any land areas. and approaches the lesser sometime monday. if there's any threat to portau au porto rico we won't know. and as far as the radar goes, this morning, we had bad storms yesterday, illinois was the target area and wrigly field saw quite the storm blow through and look at this scene. in the upper deck of a baseball stadium when the strong thunderstorm rolls through with strong gusty winds like that.
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they were protected but an interesting vantage point of the storm. st. louis is all clear. now we're watching oklahoma, arkansas and as this front moves east, lot of rain, little rock, texas, and tennessee. everyone has a chance of isolated shower or storms s storms. that's your national weather, now a look closer. the air mast is very soupy out there. and if we get any severe weather today,mic michigan is the most likely place. the humidity remains but the extreme heat in the east, for now, appears to be over. kids of parents going back to grammar school, we have a frightening story for you. and after violence at movie
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here are some stories making news this morning. the white house has hired the first ever openly transcender staff member. they are in the office of personnel and also the first out transgender person to work in the massachusetts state house where she worked to get equality rights passed. drug resistant headlights have now spread to 25 states. the superbugs are rezishant to most over-the-counter and in the wake of recent
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shootings at movie theaters, regal sin cinemas is checking bags. and a customer found a hidden bag inan orange county starbucks bathroom. and they called police. the suspect turned himself in after media outlets published his photo. they found footage of seven people and he's being charged with peeping tom offens. and just ahead, uh-oh, as a former league rushing leader goes down during practice. and yet another fight for the dallas cowboys this preseason. sports is next. what happened to your hair? i got it. walgreens has all you need to keep it all under control. from a little touch-up... come on, guys! to finding that perfect finishing touch... to making memories at the touch of a button.
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35 feet down off the east end of oahu in hawaii. why are we here? well, look at that. it looks beautiful but actually that's a coral that's dying and they're trying to track them all over the world. it's an immense task. we'll have that story coming up on "today." now back to you. in sports, twins, yankees
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back at i again. and he retired the first 13 batters he faced. and yankees down. alex rodriguez launches a ball deep to center for a grand slam. and yankees win it 8-4. and last night, they had 15, ending their six game losing streak. nats win big. and michael jordan returns to hitz court to testify over the use of his image. and he's suing a defunct grocery store chain for using his image without his permission. he says that his image has been meticulously protected so young people will know of his achievements. now they need to decide how much the owners should pay for the
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wrong doing. and sean mccoy hurt his hamstring. it's not looking good for the bills. in les than three weeks, all running backs have sustained injuries. we've seen j.j. watt jump, tackle and now throwing it back and forth a couple of times. not exactly sure how high the upper deck is but watt was accurate and boy, did he make it look easy. well, the cowboys and rams had a joint training camp session. and dez bryant was involved in another training camp incident. he take as punch to the face when a brawl breaks out. this was the second fight that day. and practice did not continue. >> "early today" is brought to
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housemaid famish by 80s classic "t hahe goonies." it is now off limits. it was a big local tourist attraction but they say recently things had got. so out of hand. pp . caused the owner to tarp up the house and post "no tress passing" signs. and the contract was signed in hamburg, germany in 1961 and expected to sell for up to $150,000 and there's more beatles memorabilia, including an guitar and autographed copy of their first copy of "love me do." and creating tandem productions with norman lear and they created a string of hits. he was 89.
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well, jimmy fallon and taraji p. henson played family feud and one of the answers was so mean. >> name a reason someone might cancel a date. >> sick. >> what was number three? >> my question is who looks in the mirror saying too ugly, i'm not going on this date? oh. got it. >> oh, my goodness. have you ever canceled a date because the person was ugly? >> maybe if it was a blind date. maybe you looked ugly and had a big pimple or bad haircut. not you. >> i thought you were t king about me. wobut there were those days though, trust me. all right. i'm betty nguyen, you're watching "early today."
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cascade. now that's clean. leading the news in it telegr omh, nato launches -- bu aria and roam in aia. this comes as tensions are heightened between the u.s. and russia. and they in the new york times, admiral dysays no reason to bar women from seals.
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the and he's scheduled to attend events and meetings reerated to the gamed in orland a o events and meetings reerated to the gamed in orland a o rlando. a skaflledding collapsed has left seven dead and several injured. the cause is still unknown and under investigation by state a authority authorities. a veteran is channelaing his inner forest gump. running from california to georgia to raise m aey to return a u.s. naval ship to normandy in france. and two years after beginning this journey, he expects to make it to the east coast in another year or so.
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he's 90. 91. i love that smile on hiss face. great attitude. run. so, if you're a golfer, you might want to see this, this golf board is designed to take the place of the classic golf cart and speed up the game. the scooter-like vehicle allows you to hop on and ride quicker than the golf cart. the golf board will allow you to play two rounds in five hours. i think that is pretty cool. i think that's a great invention. i don't know ow much they cost, of course. it could solve a lot of problems on the golf course. >> and former jimmy carter will discuss his cancer. and we want to say happy
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birthday to matthew parry, aka chandler and john stamos and former president bill clinton, turns 69. keep it here for more news, weather and sports. thanks for watching "early today." . right now, a search for a
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man caught on camera in a violent attack this harlem. plus, where was rosie o'donnell's teenage daughter finally found after her mom filed a missing person's report. aur first look at the wreckage from a passenger plane that crashed in indonesia. "today in new york" start a s now. >> > good morning everybody. 4:30 a.m. on this wednesday, august 19th. i'm michael gargiulo. i'm pat battle in for darlene now who is taking the week off. in for you last week. hope you had a good vacation. >>hi did. we're calling the rest of this week pat battle rising. what do you tnk of that title, chris snoo. >> i like it. we're going with it. >> falling is more like it. always rising. alarways rising the mood around here, pat. the temperatures this morning are up there too. they were rising towards 90 degrees. we continued our heat wave. i think we falftshort of that today. ge erallery o the mid-70s across
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long island. hudson valley, upper 60s well to the north and west. the day planner, may be isolated thunderstorms, mainly north and west by noon. a high shy of 90 at 87 degrees. >> thank you, chris. we have problems for path commuters. siergnal failure means service suspended on the exchange place to -- overnight track work on the ones listed here. fastrack on the 1, 2, 3. expect delays and service changes. more weather nd traffic ahead on the 4s. a search for a man targeting senior citizens. katherine creag is in coney island this morning with more on the suspect. >> reporter: michael, they are some of the most vulnerable victims.
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as you said, senior citizens but also the elderly. this video, image you're about to see is getting away quickly because he's on a bicycle. these are images released of the suspect. this young man, a or ang to police, has been stealing jewelry from his older victims. sometimes riding by and snatching the jewelry, necklaces, gold chains off their next and bracelets. he's robbed six people between 63 a and 81 years of age since july 3rd. the latest robbery happening just days ago. here is a map as well of where the thief has struck. he's really all over the place. west 29th street. west 5th street and neptune avenue. a couple of times on west 32nd street. that's where we are. a lot of senior citizens who live around here. he's getting away so quicklyf because according to police, he's on a bicycle.
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back to you. >> sca


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