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tv   Today  NBC  August 19, 2015 7:00am-10:00am EDT

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marginal risk from del rio to detroit. we have enhanced risk storm threat, damaging winds and super cells throughout much of michigan. we'll be watching that. we have the fourth tropical named storm. we have danny. 1440 miles east of the lesser antilles, moving west at 14. this thing will be out over open water for a while. it's not going to be until early monday that it approaches the leeward islands. it continues on this path. there is going to be risk for parts of the caribbean and still way too early to tell whether it affects the united states. we are going to continue to watch that as well. >> al, thank you very much. three men are presumed dead in alaska where torrential rains triggered landslides that buried part of the coastal town of sitka. emergency crews raced to the scene, but unstable terrain forced them to put the search on hold. officials plan to reassess the
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situation later this morning. >> the story we are following overnight could spell trouble for millions of users for the cheating website ashley madison. hackers claim they have followed through on the threat and posted personal information of some of the site's clients online. justice correspondent pete williams is following this. good morning. what can you tell us? >> reporter: the hackers call themselves the impact team. they appear to have followed through on a threat last month to make the data public, if the site didn't shut itself down. based in canada it is a dating website called ashley with the slogan "life is short, have an affair." late tuesday an enormous amount of data was posted on what's called the dark web which can't be found with conventional browsers like google. the data includes millions of names, addresses, credit card numbers and amounts paid. data that stretches back several years. many users may not have used their real names.
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in a statement the website says the data dump is an act of criminality and an attack of free-thinking people who choose to engage in lawful online activities. authorities are investigating the computer attack and studying the data to see if it was, after all, in fact, stolen from the website. the hackers say they don't want money. they wanted to embarrass users. >> we'll see if they have. thank you. the manager of a motel near seattle is being hailed a hero in the wake of a powerful explosion that levelled part of a building injuring a gas worker. others made it out thanks to very quick thinking. jacob rascon has the story. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. it looked like a bomb had been detonated. firefighterses toed into the air, shattering windows of nearby businesses as dozens of
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guests escaped just in time. >> let's all head on over. >> reporter: it was a close call for guests on the street tuesday night, evacuated from their rooms minutes before a gas explosion levelled a large part washington. the manager made the quick decision to sound the alarm after getting a call about a fwas leak. >> i said, okay. this could cause pandemonium, but my gut told me to and i'm glad i did. >> en route motel 6. engine 2 will be evacuating the motel 6 at 3400 street. >> reporter: guests were immediately evacuated. 30 minutes later the explosion blew firefighters back 20 feet. those on the scene said it felt like a shock wave. >> the building collapsed. my car was pushed by the force. >> reporter: remarkably, no
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guests were injured but a fwas company employee suffered second and third degree burns. he was air lifted to a seattle medical center in critical condition. firefighters battled the blaze overnight. police are investigating just what caused the explosion. the injured gas company employee remains critical this morning. the red cross is assisting guests who were displaced as many credit the manager who pulled the fire alarm was a former volunteer firefighter herself with saving lives. matt? >> jacob, thank you very much. now to politics. hillary clinton getting fiery amid criticism over her e-mails as secretary of state. this is a controversy she's blaming republicans and the media for keeping alive. nbc's kristen welker is on the trail. good morning to you. >> reporter: savannah, good morning to you. secretary clinton is about to start a slower week filled with fund-raising and down time. after campaigning in las vegas on tuesday it's clear that e-mail issue isn't going away
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and could be getting to her. >> i do want to be the champion for every day americans to help each and every one of you. >> reporter: under mounting pressure, hillary clinton launched a heated defense of her use of a private e-mail account as secretary of state tuesday. the issue that continues to threaten her second bid for the white house. >> what i did was legally permitted, number one. first and foremost. i did not send classified material. and i did not receive any material that was marked or designated classified. >> reporter: in exchanges that often became testy, clinton insisted she hasten tone anything wrong. >> in retrospect this didn't turn out to be convenient at all. i regret that it's become celebre, but it doesn't change the facts and the facts are stubborn. >> reporter: clinton tried to laugh off a question about whether she wiped her private server. >> you were in charge of it. you wiped the server.
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>> like with a cloth or something? well, no. i don't know how it works digitally at all. >> reporter: this comes as forensic experts are examining clinton's private server. two sources familiar with the prods tell nbc news, analysts are optimistic they can recover at least some of the data though they have determined it was wiped clean as previously reported when the account was deactivated. investigators are working to determine whether classified information was mishandled. the mounting questions giving republicans fresh fodder. >> it is concerning. it shows in competence competence on her part to not know this was important information she needed to protect. >> the fact that she's not been forthright in explaining the situation is also a problem. >> reporter: clinton walked away tuesday as questions about her e-mails were still shouted out. the nagging political problem she can't turn her back on. according to a new cnn poll just out, it shows hillary clinton is
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the strong democratic front-runner leading bernie sanders by double digits. for the first time her number has dropped below 50%. in a general election match-up donald trump is catching up, now just six points behind her. all signs the e-mail issue could be taking a toll. savannah, matt, back to you. >> kristen, thank you. in the republican race an interesting scene in new hampshire today. duelling town hall meetings, miles apart, involving front-runner donald trump and his gop rival jeb bush. katy tur is in derry where trump is scheduled to speak. good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning. trump will get here later tonight. it is no accident that he picked today of all days to come back to new hampshire, trying to steal all the air out of the room and steal the spotlight. it will be a big day here in new hampshire. an education summit later today that will be attended by a number of candidates including carly fiorina, chris christie,
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jeb bush, scott walker, john kasich who will be having a town hall later today. so will jeb bush. frankly, just one county over, just 20 minutes away. trump has been sparring with bush every chance he gets. often unprovoked, trying to slam him on immigration an the military. trump seeing and treating bush as his biggest threat right now. all while bush is annoyed at having to answer questions about trump and said trying to refer to him as the big personality in the room. bush is having no choice. he has to respond to him. responding specifically to the immigration plan on monday. forced to comment on it saying it was unrealistic. trump will try to sell the plan to voters today. you can bet he's going to try to steal the voters, reporters and all of the attention from the other candidates, especially jeb bush. matt? >> katy tur, thank you very much. members of the media will be jumping county to county this afternoon. >> which is convene yept for
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them. >> tuesday the fda approved the first drug to boost sexualle desire in women. the female viagra works differently than that. the pill will be marketed under a different brand name and will carry bold warnings about possible side effects. doctors will be required to talk to patients about it before writing a prescription. >> natalie has more on the fires out west. >> another gruelling day for crews battling # 5 wildfires burning in washington state and idaho. a group of fires in northern idaho scorched 90 square miles and destroyed 42 homes. in chelan, washington, flames burned through grass and timber. nearly 1,000 people remain under mandatory evacuation there. the search is intensifying for the man accused of bombing a shrine in bangkok, killing 20
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people and possible accomplices. police released the sketch and are offering a reward for information leading to the suspect, apparently the same man seen in a video leaving a backpack at the downtown shrine authorities believe contained an explosive device weighing more than six pounds. police believe the man didn't work alone but is part of a network. authorities released pictures showing the wreckage from the indonesian passenger plane that crashed in the remote eastern region over the weekend. all 54 on board were killed. officials said more than 70 rescuers reached the crash site tuesday after being hindered by rugged terrain and bad weather. a frightening construction stent at a new mexico hospital left a worker dead and seven injured. the scaffolding outside the medical center in rio rancho buckled and collapsed. three construction workers being treated for life threatening injuries.
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investigators are trying to figure out how it happened. incredible video of a close encounter between a shark and a seal. this happened off the coast of cape cod. look as the shark jumped out of the water to grab the seal, but the seal managed to wriggle out of the way. the encounter was captured by the atlantic white shark conservancy. videos like this are important to studies on great white sharks in the atlantic ocean. you want to make sure they are far off the coast of cape cod. >> the beach is right there. not good at all. >> the core strength of seals and sharks. very strong. good abs. doing their crunches. natalie, thank you. mr. roker. >> let's look at the rest of the country. we look for wet weather up and down the midatlantic coast through florida. the heat continues out west. smoky conditions through the pacific watch as these magnificent creatures take flight,
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soaring away from home towards the promise of a better existence. but these birds are suffering. because this better place turned out to have a less reliable cell phone network, and the videos on their little bird phones kept buffering. birds hate that. so they came back home. come home to verizon and now get 12 gigs for $80 a month plus $20 per line. verizon. come home to a better network. muggy mid 70s out there right now. cloudy sky for the most part. we will get in breaks from the clouds, hazy sunshine. it's going to be a very warm, sticky day. not as hot as the last few. watch for isolated thundershowers and storms. same thing tomorrow high of 84.
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numerous thundershowers friday. coming up at 7:30 we have a rare firenado. you have to look and see why it's rare. >> all right. >> interesting. >> good tease. >> thank you very much. oscar pistorius is expected to leave a south african prison friday, ten months after his trial. jeff rossen is there. >> reporter: good morning to you. the countdown is on. oscar pistorius spending his final 48 hours behind bars in this prison in pretoria. friday he'll be released and placed on house arrest. this morning we are getting exclusive new details about his life inside. plus the prosecutor's new push for a new trial. it is one of the most notorious prisons in the world. known for violence and gangs. but oscar pistorius is reportedly isolated in the
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hospital wing, living in a tiny six by eight-foot cell with a bed, sink, toilet and cupboard. pistorius said to be so paranoid the prison food could be poisoned he eats canned sardines and baked beans. he's allowed outside only an hour a day, getting another hour in the weight room. >> he was a vip prisoner. everything was free for him. he could do whatever he wants. >> reporter: boswell said pistorius got special treatment beyond usual perks for good behavior. he was an inmate there at the same time as pistorius. >> how can you get your own gym alone? why the cell that we are in, we were never given curtains but his cell was prepared special. >> reporter: why do you think it happened? >> because he's got money. it's oscar pistorius. >> reporter: the family denies he's getting special treatment and prison officials didn't respond to requests for comment. it was a trial that kapt viet captivated the world. the olympic hero, shooting and
7:15 am
killing his model girlfriend rhee eva reeva steenkamp. pistorius claiming in court it was an accident. he mistook her for an intruder. the judge believed him convicting him of involuntary manslaughter. >> you shot and killed her. take responsibility for that. >> reporter: now prosecutors are filing their official appeal saying the judge made a mistake. in papers filed this week the court not only approached the circumstantial evidence incorrectly but also incorrectly excluded relevant evidence . and pistorius should have been convicted of murder, calling it inescapable. kooung do you think it's possible the prosecution could be successful? >> there is a great possibility they could succeed and he could go back to prison. >> reporter: when pistorius is released friday he will reportedly go straight to his
7:16 am
uncle's sprawling estate a few miles away. in south africa many call it mansion arrest. we'll be covering it all. back to you. >> put your lawyer hat on. are there other systems around the world where a guy can be convicted, serve time in jail and be tried again for evidence in the same crime? >> in other legal systems the prosecution has a right to appeal. it's something we don't do here. once a defendant is acquitted or has the appeal the prosecutor has no right to appeal. meaning you can't go back to jail after that. >> we'll keep eyes on that one. coming up, emotions running high at the trial of a former student at an elite prep school as the accuser faces her alleged attacker in court. this morning a representative for her family speaks out in an exclusive live interview. plus, delivering on a deadline. why the post office is getting into the same day shipping game. first, this is "today" on nbc.
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good morning. 26 minutes after 7:00 on this wednesday morning as we take a live look there at the tappan zee bridge. it is august 19th. i'm pat battle. police trying to catch a man who attacked and robbed a woman in harlem. >> authorities released video of the violent assault that happened in the early morning hours. on security video you can see a 24wa-year-old victim being tailed o-by a man that she doesn't seem to realize is right behind her. she was then thrown to the ground, robbed and assaulted by that man, holding on to her purse the entire time as the suspect kick and punches her. she refused medical ttention. they are on the hunt for a man between hilate teens and early 20s. back o you. for a look at the kmorng commute. we have a closure here westbound in the branchburg
7:25 am
area. if you are out to the lincoln tunnel video, avoid it. inbound, there's a 30-minute wait. same as the george washin on we also have a delay out at the -- deegan. avoid that area. we'll be right back with chris's forecast. cloudy start out there. some hazy sun peeking through later on. warm, muggy yes, we don't get to
7:26 am
90 today. 87, high. scattered storms again tomorrow. it's humid throughout this seven-day forecast. 81 on friday. that's the day of heavier showers and storms and then we go back to the scattered and isolated pattern sat, sunday, and morning. coming up on the "today" show, see why coral reefs off the coast of hawaii could be weeks from dying out.
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patients recently rated their care experience at over 3,500 hospitals nationwide in a survey conducted for the centers for medicare and medicaid. only seven percent received five stars. including four of ours. learn more at 7:30 now on wednesday, august 19, 2015. it's wednesday but that's a friday level crowd. they are all here to s the british girl group lil mix. we'll get to them next hour. >> let's look at what's making headlines this morning. overnight a powerful explosion levelled part of a motel in washington. a gas leak was reported. the building was evacuated when the motel' manager pulled a fire alarm. officials say a gas company employee suffered serious injuries in the blast.
7:28 am
>> the search is on hold for three men missing and feared dead in the wake of powerful landslides in southeastern alaska. officials say the ground is too unstable after more than two inches of rain fell in hours. >> the eyes and ears of the political world will be on new hampshire tonight when donald trump and jeb bush host rival town hall meetings. bush is set to speak at an education summit. trump announced plans to hold his own event at the exact same time a couple towns away. >> we begin with another story out of new hampshire. a closely watched trial there. today the teenager who said she was assaulted by an older classmate at an elite prep school is returning to the witness stand. we'll talk to a representative from her family in a moment. first fwab gutierrez has the latest. >> reporter: more emotional testimony expected after the alleged victim broke down on the witness stand on tuesday.
7:29 am
both the defense and prosecution re vealing detaie of a school tradition at st. paul's that appears to have been around for decades. this morning 19-year-old owen labrie is set to face his accuser in court again. >> do you see owen in the courtroom today? >> yes, i do. [ crying ] >> reporter: we are not showing her face and disguising her voice. a trial that rocked one of the most elite boarding schools. labrie is accused of raping the then 15-year-old freshman last year as part of a tradition called the senior salute where older students sought to have intimate encounters with younger ones before graduation. >> what kind of tim would msomeone expect to spend with someone if they received a senior salute. >> it could go from showing them a cool place on campus or taking them some place to trying to have sex with them. >> reporter: the girl testified she initially rejected labrie's
7:30 am
invitation. >> i thought his intentions were really, really wrong. >> reporter: but later reconsidered after a friend of hers vouched for labrre. >> it made it feel more genuine that somebody had taken the time to then seek me out. >> reporter: labrie watched tuesday as jurors toured the campus building where the attack allegedly took place. he pleaded not guilty to multiple charges of sexual assault telling police he didn't have intercourse with the girl and the enc nter was consensual. many romantic messages suggest the accuser was willing to meet up with his client. he argues the senior salute could refer to hugging or kissing, not just sex. >> it was a source of pride for girls at the school to be asked to participate with a senior in a senior salute. >> reporter: in his initial interview with police labrie denied the tradition had anything to do with it.
7:31 am
>> was it part of a senior salute? >> i'm pleased that the case has gone in the way it has. looking forward to my opportunity to ask questions of the complainant tomorrow. >> but was it part of the senior salute or not, sir? >> reporter: mr. carney said his client has decided to testify during this trial. for his part, st. paul's said the current allegations about our culture are not em ple ma blematic th our school. >> the executive director of justice served a group working to decrease sexual violence. good morning to you. >> good morning. >> it's been a year since this incident. now the accuser who is now 16 years old sat in court, has begun to tell her story with her alleged attacker right there in the room. how is she doing, how is the family doing? >> both her and her family are holding up.
7:32 am
they are actively asking for privacy at this time. there's been a lot of media attention to the case unfortunately some people threatened to reveal the victim's name. they aregspeaking out to let everyone know this is a tough time for them and their family. they want to focus on getting justice in the case. >> it's not easy to go to court, pursue a case. many rape victims te side not to do it because of the spectacle of it. what is this young woman's mindset as she face it is process? what is she hoping happens here? >> i think she's hoping for an opportunity to be heard, for the state to present evidence in this case and to get justice. she has shown great courage in the face of a lot of adversity to speak out, go through the process. it is challenging on her and her family. it has really distanced them from the community in which she grew up in. it is a tough time. she's staying strong, doing what she needs to do and getting on the stand again today. >> the defense attorney in opening statements portrayed a different picture of what
7:33 am
happened here. he also said she knew what she was getting into. he said there is a text message exchange, for example, between the two individuals after this incident where the defendant writes, you're an angel and she writes back, your an an -- you're an angel yourself. is she ready for cross-examination? how does she explain that? >> we won't get into the facts of the case now. that's for court and for later today. like many survivors, she has faced a lot of adversity in coming forward. she's ready to explain the actions she took. she's from a small community. there was a lot of pressure. it's someone she knew that had committed this against her. she has the opportunity to plain herself today. we are going to let the jury decide in this case what's occurred. >> there's been a spotlight on the school, the alleged culture at that school. do she and her family feel the school turned a blind eye to
7:34 am
this kind of behavior? do they feel the school bears some responsibility as well? >> i think at this time the focus is mostly on making sure the perpetrator is accountable. but there is concern, i think, more broadly about the culture at that school. there's been scrutiny in the media about it. there were traditions that were known by members of the community and i think more could have been done. at this time the focus is getting through the trial one step at a time. >> how has she been treated since this happened? does she feel people are taking sides? >> unfortunately that's the case. in a small town, a small community when these cases arise people choose sides. there's been a lot of effort from the defendant and his side to garner support financially or otherwise for his cause. it really hats s pushed the family out of the community. they are no longer at school or liing in the area. but they have strong supporters. they are supporting each other and doing what they believe is
7:35 am
right which is speaking out against sexual violence. >> laura dunn, important days in the trial. thank you for your time. we appreciate it. >> thank you for having me on. >> let's take a turn and get a check of the weather from mr. roker. >> we have shown you firenados. fascinated by them. we have one that's kind of rare. is there anything you notice differently from this than what we normally see? if you look closely. bob yager? >> it's spinning the other way. >> you're absolutely correct. normally it spins in a counterclockwise direction. this is in a clockwise direction. why? we don't know. but it's very rare that that happens. bob yager, head of the class. all right. this is in idaho. you can see it's brutally hot there. we have air quality alerts, smoke, red flag warnings. the problem is the temperature readings. it's 13 degrees above in yakima.
7:36 am
medford, 101. 102 in redding. burns, 93. in the midwest, 10 to 25 degrees below average. the low pressure traging in colder air from canada. oklahoma city, 27 degrees below average. dodge city, 16 below average. cooler conditions thursday indianapolis to shreveport. by friday, spreads cincinnati as far south as birmingham. al, thanks very much. looking at plenty of humidity headed our way. not as hot today but still humid. we could see a pop-up shower or thunderstorms this evening. especially west and northwest of the city. 84 tomorrow with a scattered storm or two, especially north and west. everybody runs the risk of showers and thunderstorms, leftover showers and storms scattered around saturday,
7:37 am
sunday, and monday as well. it. 24/7 weather channel on cable, online. savannah? >> coming up, rosie o'donnell opens up after her missing daughter is found safe. >> up next, need something delivered today? the big change that could be on the way to your local wherever it is you want to go, all you need to see is the next 200 feet. that's how life unfolds. a leap of faith. [growl] even if you can't see it, your destination is out there. so just keep going. and you'll get there... ...200 feet at a time. the corolla. toyota. let's go places. i'm like a boxer in a ring. a small boxer. you don't expect much... and then, wham! i hit 'em with huge creamy goodness! alright round two! bring it, girlfriend! rich, creamy, 100% natural cheese. mini babybel. snack a little bigger.
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7:42 am
and so is the postal service. if you think of the postal service as a quaint snail mail company. >> the birthday present has come at last. >> reporter: today's usps is taking it up a notch, ramping up same day delivery including groceries, fresh fish and bottled water. while dreams of flying drones for faster delivery, am ston is already using the postal service for same-day rush shipments which is offering to do it cheaper than u.p.s. or fedex. >> customers should have as many options as possible to get the server vis they are looking for. >> reporter: the usps has its work cut out. e-mail and the internet cut by 20% first class mail volumes. the post office's bread and butter. online shopping and package delivery are booming. now same-day rush tlifryes. in a statement the usps tells
7:43 am
nbc news it is all about enhancing the customer experience and increasing customer convenience. >> we believe the services we are uniquely capable of providing make the postal service both viable and necessary in the future. >> reporter: what's next? the new post master general wants congress to approve shipments of alcohol, illegal since the days of prohibition. the agency still has big financial problems. buried under congressional requirements that prepay billions in retiree benefits. last year posting a $5.5 billion loss. >> the postal service is coming through with a bold initiative. will it turn the tide as quickly as they need to do so remains to be seen. >> reporter: the postal service gets no taxpayer dollars but because it is a quasi government agency u.p.s. and fedex are complaining about an unfair pricing advantage. 1200 cities already get same-day
7:44 am
sunday package delivery from the post office. same day grocery deliveries are under way in san francisco, l.a., the bronx in new york. delivery for is really nothing new. already am ston relies y -- amazon relies on the postal service for 40% of deliveries and now looking at same-day deliveries. back to you. >> i'm addicted to same-day delivery. i will admit it. coming up next, blame the quarterback or the receiver? not the little receiver. he's so cute. the pass from a presidential quarterback to a young fan that didn't go so well. >> the kid ran the wrong pattern, i'm telling you. >> you big
7:45 am
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all right. we have shown you the video. now the back story behind the botched pass and catch on the campaign trail. tamron? >> this is why viral moments are made. marco rubio made a campaign stop in des moines, iowa, tuesday. s toed around the football with kids in the area. that's fun. other than some incomplete passes all was going beautifully until this unfortunate incident. don't worry, the little boy is oak but a gif was born and the tweets were quick to follow. you see there, boink. igor bob it is ic writing marco rubio's campaign is spiralling out of control. that's an al joke. brett friedman saying it's the
7:49 am
worst florida sports performance since the rose bowl. and this brady bunch moment. he said the qb always gets the blame. but thread the needle. he hits the kid in the forehead. supposed to land here. >> extremely catchable pass. >> what? >> the kid needs to make the catch. >> the kid needs to turn around. >> are you trying to have people -- >> enjoy your hate mail. we (music plays) people are both soft and strong, which is why our products are too. and we believe in value, so we give you 60% more sheets than charmin ultra strong. angel soft. be soft. be strong.
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7:53 am
good morning. it is 7:56 as we take a live look there at the brk lynn bridge. 78 degrees on this wednesday morning, 19th of august. i'm pat battle.
7:54 am
a man suspected of attacking a young girl in her staten island home is in custody. daniel neato was found in east brunswick, new jersey. he's accused of sneaking into a home and sexually assaulting a 7-year-old girl. he's expected to be extradited back to new york city. scammers emailing phony toll violations to easy pass customers and asking for credit card information. and for a look at the morning commute, here's lauren. >> watch out for a disabled vehicle new jersey commuters out in garden parkway. we still have 22 shutdown westbound out at the bramplingberg turn bike and also this disabled vehicle on the major de. gan out by yankee stadium. checking your weather forecast. it's going to be muggy today. scattered showers.
7:55 am
87 for a high. maybe some showers tonight. 73 tomorrow. really humid and saturday, looks okay, still some scattered storms and coming up on the today show, some lucky viewers compete for a once in a lifetime trip with al roker. we will have another local update for you here in half an hour.
7:56 am
[explosion of fireworks] [crowd cheering] [sounds of tennis rackets hitting tennis balls] [crowd cheering] [tennis racket swing
7:57 am
hits tennis ball] [crowd cheering] [player yelling] [tennis racket swings hit tennis balls] [crowd cheering] a day of destiny. it's 8:00 on "today." coming up, safe and sound. rosie o'donnell's taught found after the comedian issues a desperate plea to find her. her disappearance is bringing a major health issue into focus. then, move over tinder. the buzz is all about bumble. >> the woman has to make the first move on bumble. >> reporter: we'll tell you about the new apps putting women in charge and the brave new world of digital dating.
7:58 am
and get ready to fly with little mix, the british sensations are about to take the plaza by storm with a live concert , "today," wednesday, august 19, 2015. [ cheers and applause ] >> we're here for little mix on "today." >> black magic! >> we're for you, little mix! [ cheers ] >> this is on our new york bucket list. >> we love little mix! [ cheers and applause ] >> all right. we're back now. 8:00 on a wednesday morning, the 19th of august, 2015. and it is a steamy one out on the plaza with a big crowd here for the british sensations little mix.
7:59 am
>> yeah. we have a great little mix crowd. they are singing along. just met a gal who came from boston. got here at 9:00 last night. she's right here in the front row. al is packing his bags for an ep ic adventure. >> we are taking two people from this crowd on a 50-hour, $50,000 trip of a lifetime. we have a lot of folks who showed up with their passports in hand. who's going to make the trip? we are making it interesting by putting three teams through a series of challenges in the next half hour. a couple of the teams may have met in line. >> going on vacation together? bringing people together, al. >> maybe there will be a love connection. >> we'll get to that coming up. can i point your attention to this week's issue of "people" magazine? in a beautiful spread in the
8:00 am
and her mom named savannah. what a beautiful little picture there. >> celebrity cribs. >> let's get a check on the top stories. natalie, good morning. >> good morning once again, everyone. at least 50 million people are bracing for severe weather with a risk of heavy thunderstorms from texas to ohio. on tuesday, heavy rain and high winds hit parts of kansas. in nebraska, dangerous lightning. last night, heavy rains poured down on the field and the fans of chicago's wrigley field. torrential rains in the streets in charleston, south carolina. more in the forecast coming up. officials are searching for three people missing and presumed dead in a land it is slide in sitka sitka, alaska. it is described at a sea of trees and mud. search crews have been hampered by unstable terrain. investigators are trying to find out what caused a gas leak
8:01 am
during the night in a motel in bremerton, washington. the explosion demolished part of the building. the motel manager pulled the fire alarm to get guests out before the blast. fire officials say three people are unaccounted for. a gas company worker who had gone to the scene was critically injured in the explosion. the 17-year-old daughter of rosie o'donnell was missing for more than a week and is now safe following an online plea from rosie. chelsea was found tuesday in new jersey. we get more now from stephanie gosk. >> reporter: rosie o'donnell has no shortage of followers on twitter or friend s on facebook. after a week and she couldn't find her 17-year-old daughter she reached out on social media for help. twice on twitter, pictures of which he wille -- chelsea and her puppy. on facebook, concerned fans left hundreds of comments. and a link to her website with a detailed description.
8:02 am
her daughter was last seen at the family home in a suburb of new york city. chelsea was wearing a black sweatshirt hoodie, dark ripped jeans. she left home with her 6-month-old therapy dog named bear. the message said chelsea stopped taking her medication and is in need of medical attention. o'donnell reported chelsea's disappearance to the police on sunday. >> at this point there is nothing giving us any indication that she's in danger. >> reporter: in a statement, ro the publicist said chelsea, like millions of people, lives with mental illness. it's been a difficult road. by evening, good news. >> went to a residence, spoke to a subject. good old fashioned police work. recognized something wasn't right. he was acting nervous. the officer advised him that we believed she was there and we weren't leaving without her. >> reporter: she wouldn't answer questions but o'donnell stepped out after the ordeal to express thanks. >> thank you. >> reporter: the story has a happy ending.
8:03 am
for a flurry of hours on tuesday, it shined a light on a troubling national problem. up to 3 million children who run away every year. for "today," stephanie gosk, nbc news, new york. >> glad she was found safe and sound. matt? >> natalie, thank you very much. just in time for the school year there is a new warning about head lice to worry about. researchers at southern illinois university suggest lice populations in at least 25 states have twop developed resistance to over-the-counter treatments. dr. natalie azar is an nbc news contributor. gooth good to see you. >> good morning, matt. >> lice second only to the common cold for school children. this will get attention. are these lice a different variety or they have become resistant? >> not a new variety. this researcher has been following the problem for 15 years. it is not a new thing. the newer study that this researcher has done has
8:04 am
illuminated the problem more clearly. >> does it mean they are immune to treatment or just resistant? >> not necessarily. that's the important distinction. having a genetic variation that might make you immune doesn't mean the treatments might not work but they might be less effective. >> how do you know your child has lice? >> intense itching and the feeling of creepy crawly. you need to look at the child's scalp. what's more effective than just visualizing is to have the hair go be wet and go through with a nit comb and you can see a live louse or egg s. >> how do you go about treating this? >> the first recommendation we all still are going to make is you can still try the over-the-counter. the resistance is to the most common over-the-counter remedy which is a chemical compound
8:05 am
called pyrethroid. follow instructions carefully. i would go immediately to the pediatrician or a pediatric dermatologist dermatologist. you may need to move to a prescription topical therapy. >> some people have home remedies. >> yeah. >> i can tell -- >> my reaction. >> not a fan. >> some of them potentially could work. there is the idea to suffocate them with lotions, mayonnaise. none of these are necessarily well studied or regulated. >> last one, it was a few months back. the american academy of pediatrics said it is okay for students to send kids to school even if they have head lice. >> in spite of the fact. >> that freaked out parents. >> i know. >> is that still the recommendation? >> it is. the idea here and specifically the a.a.p. recommended with lice or nits. the idea is even if you have a nit or egg in the hair, if it is further away than six millimeters from the scalp, so on the hair shaft but further
8:06 am
away from the scalp it may not be indicative of an active infection so the kids should be allowed to go to school. this is a difficult thing. kids miss out on camp, school activities. it's difficult emotion ally for the family to deal with. >> dr. natalie azar. thanks. appreciate it. up next the story behind this unusual sign. why states are doing away with mile marker 420. natalie, why? never mind. and a new spin on digital dating. the new app putting women in the digital driver's seat. and little mix live on the plaza. i need to look for a used car. but i just keep putting it off. it's daunting. what if i make the wrong choice? it's like, if i buy a t-shirt and then change my mind i can return it. but a car? you don't reeeaaa eeeeeaaaaaly know until you've driven it a few days. i just want to be sure.
8:07 am
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8:10 am
>> all right. back now at 8:12. it's trending time. >> your kids ever ask for help with math homework? >> oh, yes. i hate it. >> i hire a tutor. >> so hard. >> a lot of parents are more nervous than the kids are. a new study suggests you just let the kids figure it out on their own. this is from the university of chicago. researchers found that your kids will pick up on your anxiety when it comes to math and they, too, will become anxious. also, kids whose parents help with math parents ended up learning less than those kids who do it all by themselves which i think comes from the journal "duh." >> makes sense. >> wow. you're on your own, josh. >> my kids ask for math help. i'm brutal at it.
8:11 am
i get nervous and they go, dad, back off. >> that's interesting that your anxiety is contagious. makes sense. >> sure. >> speaking of school, parents have been looking forward to this time of year. kids headed back to class. hear what a reporter in los angeles got from a little kid when she asked him about it. >> your mom? >> no. >> no? oh, don't cry. >> she said -- >> do you miss your mom? >> no. >> no. >> aw. >> just watching him crumble. poor little guy. >> it just hit him. >> in keeping with marco rubio, tell him to buck up. get tougher. >> the kid should have caught that pass. you know the website yelp? you get to review everything -- restaurants, bars, doctors, beauty salons. now you can review the federal government.
8:12 am
>> uh-oh. >> if you are stuck in a tsa line or rubbed the wrong way by the irs, you have a new place to complain. officials say they will respond in real time and though they are not worried about the onslaught of mean comments. can you review congress? things like that? >> have they been on the internet? >> social security number. >> i think you guys are terrific. >> i feel bad for the poor people who sign up for this job. >> how about people talking about a thai restaurant. how do you think the federal government will do? it's scary. are you familiar with the real means behind the number -- >> bad thai? >> you have probably never used yelp. >> he's never seen "star wars." come on. >> thai didn't come to mind.
8:13 am
>> could be sushi, foie gras. >> people from thailand. >> i order thai food all the time. you read the yelp and that's the worst pad thai, it was like licking the ground, blah, blah. >> somebody's been complaining. >> i have been reading yelp reviews in my continuing search. >> my bad. go ahead. >> you know the number 420? >> i do. >> do you know the deeper meaning? >> explain it to everybody. >> people think 420 is code for smoking pot. >> it's a thing. stoners around the country have been stealing highway markers like this one in colorado. it says 420, ooh. oh so officials in idaho decided to debt creative. they are sick of it and now it's 419.9. >> smart. the thought was it was the police code for smoking marijuana. people would say we have a 420 in progress.
8:14 am
i think that's not true. >> april 20. >> those people. yeah. >> this is interesting. the supermodel insisting all women are 10s and stephen colbert's moves like jagger. >> let me first tell you about that thai restaurant i was at. first up, heidi klum isn't finished getting back at donald trump. we told you yesterday how he dissed her saying heidi is no longer a 10 and we showed you her joking response video declaring herself a 9.99. now in a new interview with access hollywood, heidi is serious. >> i was just making light of the situation. because it was kind of funny, i thought. i just thought make it even more funny. really, the whole entire situation about women isn't really funny to put a number on women. we do many things. in my book, every woman is a 10. >> strong words from heidi.
8:15 am
she said she has no idea why trump dragged her into his campaign in the first place. the goonies, an '80s cult classic so much so that fans are still swarming the home 30 years after the release. i love this timing. it's a big time tourist attraction in as tore i ya astoria, oregon. before you travel there the owner is fed up with visitors. she lives in the house and wants fans to back off. she covered it in blue tarps to keep fans away. the city has put up a sign that says access closed to the goonies house. >> let that be a warning. >> finally stephen colbert is set to take over "the late show." but did you know he was once in a boy band? stephen fronted a rolling stone cover band. he played the role of mick jagger. on howard stern he showed off his moves like jagger.
8:16 am
brown sugar how come you taste so good >> the dance is good. wow. brown sugar just like a young girl should >> okay. that's enough of that. >> stephen admitted the band "a shot in the dark" buzz bad. but colbert giving -- enough of that. >> i was looking to have an example. but i couldn't pull is off of what people say about thai food. they feel strongly. >> anybody there slam a czech restaurant or anything? >> i'm sure if you yelp it. a check of the weather. >> hopefully nobody yelps our forecast. first of all, the fourth tropical storm -- named storm of the season. about a week early. 144 miles east of the lesser antilles.
8:17 am
also severe wather. 50 million people under a risk today. the greatest risk through chigan. damaging wind gusts, isolated tornadoes possible. we'll watch it closely. and we've got a frontal system that will bring in cooler air and, b, strong storms stretching into the northeast by thursday. we'll watch that. rainfall amounts anywhere from one to two inches. in parts of the del marva peninsula could see two to three inches before it's over in the next 72 . . . warm, sticky morning out there. even north and west of the city in the low and mid-70s. 78 in the park. mid to upper 70s in the park. some breaks in the clouds to allow hazy sunshine to breakthrough. 87 for the high. watch out for a pop of showers or thunderstorms, specially north and west of the city. muggy, 73.
8:18 am
better chance for showers and storms. beme heavy friday. more of the same to start the weekend. and that's your latest weather. savannah? >> al, thank you so much. now to more of our summer of secrets andn exploration of digital dating. overnight a hacking grohi th released personal details of users of ashley madison. that's setting new scrutiny on ethics within the online dating industry. ronan farrow has a look at one area of criticism and a potential solution. good morning. >> good to see you again, savannah. is is an issue i being raised by the potential leak. a lot of early reports suggest ashley madison users are overwhel ngly male. no surprise there. one stu said almost two-thirds of dating app users are men. a new wave of press criticized that saying tinder creates an essential male-driven hook-up culture putting skroots any on a new generation of apps designed by and for women.
8:19 am
apps like lulu, siren, and bumble. whitney is no stranger to the world of digital dating. >> as technology takes such a leading role in our lives it also sets young women u for huge risk of being bullied and facing all sorts of very scary treatment. >> reporter: she cofounded the popular dating app tinder but left in 2014, filing a sexual harassment lawsuit later settled out of court. she set out to found a new kind of dating app -- bumble. think tinder with a feminist twist. >> the woman has to make the first move on bumble. >> reporter: wolf said letting only women start the conversation is the answer. >> men are iven this expectation to be the hunter. we want to inspire change with w women f breel about themselves when they date. >> reporter: it's a response to digital dating scene critics say is superficial, impersonal,
8:20 am
and often male-driven. >> it feels like a tinder-style dating is more male-driven and that women are going along with it. >> reporter: dan slater literally wrote the book on the rise of digital dating. >> i spent three years researching my book on on line dating. i met maybe one female execu ve at an online ating company and that was a p.r. person. >> reporter: behind the scenes at bumble in austin, texas, whitney wolf wants to see it change. how much of a difference does bumble's approach make? the company pointed us to these popular users to make their case. >> the girls are serious because they have to reach out to you first. >> you can't necessarily tell bumble was created by females but it feels safer for me as a girl. >> reporter: for some of the men, kicking back while women make the first move is their idea of a perfect world. >> i can see women becoming confident, able to go up to a guy in a barer oh restaurant and say, hey, i think you're a good-looking man. can we have a chat, have a drink? >> reporter: some fundamentals
8:21 am
never change. >> a lot of hot guys. i was pleasantly surprised. >> you're attracted to them as well. >> some of the new apps like bumble actually only allow women to initiate conversation. what kind of impact do you see it having? >> zero. obviously the goal is to put the power on the female side of things. i don't think it works at all. >> reporter: he says real empowerment comes from apps sharing more data with users of both sexes like how often your digital suitor logs in and how many users they are chatting with. until then, an old fashioned love and the digital kind, slater says there are no silver bullets. >> all a dating site can do is put you in the same room with someone with some of the same interests. you have to get out there and meet lots of people. >> reporter: white ney agrees digital problems and solutions begin in the real world. >> by taking a real life issue and solving that you end up
8:22 am
solving online issues as well. >> bumble has not been immune to bad press hitting other dating apps. a recent critical vanity fair article questions whether the approach change it is fundamentals of digital dating culture at all. whether or not bumble has the answer people agree they are onto the right question. this is something every dating company is after -- how to empower women. >> it's interesting. through the series i have the same thought which is, yes, maybe there are problems with digital dating but aren't these just problems that happen in the regular world as well? >> just reveals what dating culture is rather than just digital dating culture. >> it's been interesting and educational. learned a lot. >> so now you can sign up. >> well, i'm married. that's a different site. >> getting ahead of myself. >> let's go to al. >> thank you so much. coming up, the ladies of little mix cast a spell on rockefeller
8:23 am
plaza with their performance of
8:24 am
their hit "black good morning. 26 minutes after 8:00 ononhis wednesday morning. still holding at 78 degrees. as we take a live look at the georgu washington bridge moving nicely on this wednesday morninn. i'm pad battle. in the news, police trying to stophe man who has been robbing senior citizens indooney island. police say he approaches his victims on a bicycle, snatches their chains or necklaces, has robbeded at least six people between 63 and 81. thathurime spree started back on july 3rd. thmoe most recent robbery happened last thursday. for a look at your morning commute, here is l,auren scala. right now, we haveexelayme on downtown 6 trains and expect some possible delanes on the newark and royal transit. northbound on the deegan still jammed up because of a disabled vehicle.
8:25 am
an accident on the bqe blocks two lanes weatherwise, muggy, maybe some showers. tomorrow, really humid. another chance of rain. same for friday and saturday as well. temperatures holding in the 80s. coming up on the "today" show, little nix performs on the plaza and tells us all about their next album. we'll see you back here with another local update in half an hour. caring about the things that make each of our clients unique... ...that's what makes riverspring health unique.
8:26 am
8:27 am
it is now 8:30. >> it is. it's a wednesday morning, the 19th of august, 2015. we have a special midweek summer concert featuring the british girl group little mix. they are getting ready.
8:28 am
>> we are looking forward to the concert. the ladies will stick around for an exclusive live stream and acoustic performance across the street hosted by hoda. >> we owe keeping little mix busy. they are taking over our "today" instagram and snapchat accounts as well. go online. stare at your phone. and if you see the magnetometer behind us, we are ready for al's epic adventure. we have a friendly adventure to see who joins al on the trip of a lifetime to an unknown mystery location. >> 50 hours. >> $50,000 worth of vacation. a once in a lifetime action. >> they brought their passports and they are leaving today. >> i believe some of the tehms may not have known each other before today. >> right there. >> they met in line. >> great. >> i love it. we'll get to the epic adventure. how about a check of the weather?
8:29 am
>> let's see what's going on a far as the forecast. wet weather on the east coast, midatlantic states to florida. cooler weather back behind the front that brings a slight risk of strong storms back to texas look for the sunshine to continue in the southwest. more rain midatlantic states into the northeast into the gulf co, t as's wel weather headlines for today. another steamy day. not as hot as the past couple. some pop-up showers and thunderstorms, specially inland this afternoon and early evening. the heaviest rain this week comes our way on friday. here is your seven-day forecast. showers and thunderstorms more likely. some heavy on friday. leftover showers and storms saturday. isolated storms on sunday and monday as well. there you have it. >> ready? >> i'm ready.
8:30 am
>> this is a little involved. bear was. >> going to be fun. >> it's time to kick off al's epic ed den adventure. it's a 50-hour, $50,000 vacation. the only catch -- the flight leaves in a few hours. >> as we said, it is all for travel channel. they have a new show, 50-50. we have been scouting for willing participants all morning. in a moment, meet the "today" fans willing to drop everything and run away with me. just for a trip. that's all that happens. first, we want to say hello to the host of 50-50, samantha brown and chris g rundy. >> hello. >> it's so exciting. we have been d ng it for six months. it is amazing. ambushing people on the street. they are ou their way to w k. we say come with us. >> they go for 50 hours. do they have any choice of ac tivities at the destination? >> absolutely. we have two things for them at any moment. they choose and we all do what
8:31 am
they want to do. anything they want. boom. >> sailingm scuba dive. >> jump out of planes. >> playing it safe is what we do. >> that's day one. >> what's been the most exciting location? >> we ambushed a couple and took them to south africa. they had three hours' notice. you have ten.minutes to pack a bag if you go. bring your passport and you're on the way. >> sounds great. again, two viewers will be lucky enough to join al, chris and sam on this 50-50 trip. they have to earn . we have narrowed it down to three teams who have to compete in three events. al, let's meet the competitors. >> here they are. ready to play. first of all, we have shamin and claudia. how you guys doing? they live in new york. they have been best friends for 20 years. did you know each other when you were 5? that's fantastic. all right. next we have team b, naomi and
8:32 am
sara who met in grad school. how long have you known each other? >> about four years. hearts on. have heart, will travel. and team c, alexandra and david anthony who met two hours ago standing in line. >> we bonded over our travel experiences and we are ready for another one. >> that's gutsy. >> everybody has passports in hand. right? >> ready to go. >> what do you need to do to win the trip? >> welcome to the travel zone. ready? we have three competitions. savannah will be helping team a. tamron on team b and natalie is the ringer for team c. walk us through the first challenge. >> first challenge is what the beep. someone from each team must put on a lovely vest. here they are. you have to put the vests on. in one of the many pockets is a metallic item that won't fly
8:33 am
with the f.a.a. everybody step through. >> claudia, come back here. assume the position. >> we'll start on this side. >> okay. put this on. >> you have 30 seconds to find the item. >> that's the offending, actionable item and come through. until they stop beeping and identify the item they are still in the game. once they find it they get a point. ready? don't start looking yet. >> go through. >> are you ready? one, two, three. go. >> go! come on. >> go back to find the item. >> dump it. come on. try again. go through again. >> all right. let's see. >> come on. you can do it. >> got about 15 seconds left. >> go through again. >> still beeping here. still beeping. >> go through.
8:34 am
>> you guys have to go back. >> go through. >> did you get through? >> he beeped. >> david got through here. we have a beep. >> okay, guys. nice job. >> team c gets a point. >> all right. you found the correct item. you have one point in the overall competition. alex, nice job. way to go. that brings us to the second challenge. this is a contest we are calling master packer. pretty simple. you see the suitcase in front of you. each table has the same items. your job is to fill the suitcase so it weighs 50 pounds but not over. the closest to 50 pounds without going over will win the next challenge. stand in front of your tables. what's up? >> if you put it all in and they weigh after. >> as soon as we are done. >> you can want weigh along the way.
8:35 am
you have 30 seconds to pacactlk a bag. it doesn't matter if it closes. >> you don't have to zip it up. >> team a, b, c. ready? >> three, two, one, go. >> remember, team c already has one point. >> there is an iron. you don't want to go over. >> teams are trying to get close to 50 without going over. >> we have the teams. first team going. >> ten seconds left, guys. >> you have five seconds. four, three, two, one. step away from the suitcases. everybody step away. savannah, why don't you have your team put the suitcase on the scale over here. al will read it out. >> i feel good about this. >> this one cost a lot of money at check-in. >> 36.7. >> okay. 13.3 pounds to go.
8:36 am
team b, put your suitcase on the scale. >> come on. >> good luck. >> 15. >> 15 pounds. >> we're in it. >> are you serious? >> no, no. no way. >> 15.6. >> no way! try it on that scale. >> weigh it on the other scale. take it off for a second. >> this is working out well. >> i don't like that. >> that's not 15 pounds. definitely not. >> good thing you have a lawyer on your side. >> 34.9. >> okay. >> this one's 36. 34.9. >> bring the new scale over here. >> all on the same scale. >> no way. >> okay. david, put it on this scale here. if it is more than 36.7 without -- it's 30 pounds. this team gets the point. >> team a and c tied.
8:37 am
>> listen, don't worry. if you win the third challenge it's all tied up. step through. >> okay. >> come on, ladies. >> make your way here and listen up. the next game we are calling connecting flights. >> you can do it. >> let's spin around to see this. john, come on through. behind me you see boards. we are going to flip themle in a second. there are two columns. in one there are airport codes for cities. three-letter codes. the other column, cities and towns. your job is to match the correct code with the correct city at a certain airport. do you understand? >> okay. >> i will get out of the way. we'll flip over the boards. first team to get them right gets the point. three, two, one. go! >> match it up. >> got it? >> stop the clock right here.
8:38 am
>> done. [ buzzer ] >> wait a minute. >> two labels for that one. >> we're done. >> correct. >> that's correct. >> absolutely correct. >> we have the winners over here. team c. >> all right. >> alexandra and david. >> team a. >> no. >> let's go over this. charles de gaulle, paris. south africa, johannesburg. kansas city, nti. chicago, ord. >> o'hare, right. >> and beijing, pek. do you know what that mean s? >> are we going? >> you win the trip! >> our winners. >> everybody come over this way. come on down. come on through. come on through.
8:39 am
>> let's go! >> first of all, for our runners up who did a magnificent job we have a one-night stay anywhere in the world for you at the four seasons. there you go. congratulations. you guys were terrific. david and alexandra, come on over. we want to tell you where you're going. are you ready to find out? here we go. ladies and gentlemen, you are going to abu dhabi! we are leaving this afternoon on etienne air, abu dhabi. are you ready? >> have you ever been? >> no. >> never, never. >> it's almost 7,000 miles to abu dhabi. i hope you've got warm weather clothing to pack. look at the forecast. over the next several days for abu dhabi, ladies and gentlemen. here we go.
8:40 am
it's going to be toasty. feels like temperatures approaching 120. so it will be a lot of fun. >> what activities are on the agenda? >> i can't even begin to tell you. do you know buggy racing, the grand mosque in abu dhabi. so many cool things. can't wait to travel with you. >> i'm so happy. >> we are going to see you guys starting tomorrow. >> you met this morning and here we are going to abu dhabi together. >> live on the "today" show from the grand mosque. >> coming up next, a concert from little mix on the plaza. first, this is "today" on nbc.
8:41 am
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all new emergen-zzzz. a natural way to power down. with melatonin, plus vitamin c and other antioxidants. to work their magic while you sleep. don't just sleep, revitalize. new emergen-zzzz, power down to power up. >> announcer: the toyota concert series on "today" brought to you by toyota. [ cheers and applause ] >> welcome back to "today." little mix has ruled the british
8:43 am
music charts with "black magic" off their album "get weird" which is due out later this year. here they are to perform. ladies and gentlemen, little mix. all the girls on the block knocking at my door. >> want to know what it is make the boys want more and he loves you but he ain't got time come and get it at a knocked down price hey full of honey just to make him sweet crystal balling just to help him see
8:44 am
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8:45 am
repeat after me take a sip of my secret potion i'll make you fall in love for a spell that can't be broken one drop should be enough boy, you belong to me i got the recipe it's called black magic take a sip of my secret potion i'll make you fall in love for a spell that can't be broken one drop should be enough boy, you belong to me i got the recipe it's called black magic all the girls on the block knocking on my door want to know what it is makes the boys want more i got the recipe now you belong to me take a sip of my secret potion i'll make you fall in love for a spell that can't be broken one drop should be enough boy, you belong to me i got the recipe
8:46 am
it's called black magic take a sip of my secret potion i'll make you fall in love for a spell that can't be broken one drop should be enough boy, you belong to me i got the recipe it's called black magic falling in love falling in love falling in love hey falling in love falling in love falling in love falling in love falling in love [ cheers and applause ] >> little mix! we'll get more music and talk to the ladies. first, this is "today" on nbc.
8:47 am
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8:48 am
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8:49 am
this has been a big week for little mix. they performed with taylor swift, picked up a teen choice award. ladies, good morning. i should say happy anniversary. this is the fourth anniversary of when you got together as a group. >> thank you. >> we are big fans, best day ever. it will be emotional. >> very, very emotional. >> do you feel you still remember the moment when it was suggested maybe you would be better as a group than individuals? >> i remember it so well. it was meant to be. we got together and clicked straight away. we have had the best time of our lives these past four years all thanks to our fans. thank you very much. >> i love reading about how you put together your latest album, "get weird." due out later this year. you had another album and you all got together to listen to it. you realized this isn't the
8:50 am
album we want to put out. >> we're such perfectionists. we went back to perrie's house and listened to the album and said, it's not good enough. it didn't fit together. we got back in the studio , wrote a new album. we feel this is our best yet. >> feels like the one? >> 100%. >> we love having you. we know you'll be back later. talk to everybody in the next hour. thank you very much. >> thank you. >> we have a great crowd who came to see you. we're back with more music. first, this is "today" on nbc.
8:51 am
8:52 am
back now with some birthday wishes from our friend willard scott. willard. >> always a pleasure to work with smucker's, especially to salute birthdays. we've got them for you. this is laverne mayfield from cedar falls, iowa. another great town. 100 today. 18 grandchildren. how about that? i'll bet christmas is fantastic in that house. this is beatrice, single it is ton from eastpointe in the great state of michigan. all along the shore. beautiful. 100 years old today. for 40 years she sang in the church choir. how about that? this handsome dude is wayne carr from imperial beach, california.
8:53 am
plays the saxaphone. 100 today. we wish him a very happy birthday. this is james granger from beloit, wisconsin. he is 100 years old today. his big thing is making fruit cakes every christmas for lots of people. i like fruitcake. some people don't. i love it. we hate to give it back but it's yours, new york. take it away. >> willard, thank you very much. guys, what's come up? >> chiwetel ejiofor, talking about his new project. >> and little mix will join us some more. >> more music. >> and you're headed to -- >> abu dhabi! yeah, our contestants will join us later on.
8:54 am
8:55 am
>> have a safe tr since 1961, pearle vision has provided the neighborhood with expert eye care. that was dr. stanley pearle's vision and we still proudly carry on his legacy. today, doctors like
8:56 am
lisa hamilton perform eye exams that can help detect diabetes. because we care for you... and your eyes. this is genuine eye care, in your neighborhood. this is pearle vision.
8:57 am
this morning on "today's take," singing sensations little mix working their "black magic" on our crowd. then the place where special families find comfort. a story that will tug at your heartstrings. plus, award-winning actor chiwetel ejiofor is here. all that and more coming up right now. >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today's take" with al roker, natalie morales, willie geist and tamron hall. live from studio 1a in
8:58 am
rockefeller plaza. welcome to "today" on wednesday, august 19, 2015. willie is on assignment. i'm al with natalie and tamron. natalie picked our morning jam "bright" by echosmith. >> can't really hear it. >> they appeared on "today." >> i love this song. the message is beautiful. >> natalie already throwing shade that she picked al's ep ic adventure team winner. we are going to abu dhabi. >> they are all winners. >> if ever in the next year i have a child which might happen, you're raising my child. >> wait, wait. don't bury the lead. >> you're the most fierce competitor i have ever met in my life. my kid would be a straight a student, kicking butt in sports. you are the most competitive --
8:59 am
in a great way. >> let's back up. within three months you may have news for us? >> i didn't say three months. >> you said "within a year". >> within 12 months. >> meanwhile our executive producer is like, come on. let's get the bets going on. >> i can't wait. >> imagine the contests. name tamron's baby. >> no. >> who's the baby daddy? >> moving along. >> this is too good not to see again. presidential candidate marco rubio stopped in des moines, iowa, yesterday. tossing around a football with kids in the area. what could go wrong? >> oh! >> that's just rough. one more time. >> oh! >> and look at this. this isn't the first time this happened to him. take a look. he should have known --
9:00 am
>> marcia. >> marco, marco, marco. >> it's always the qb who gets the blame, he tweeted out. >> the little boy is okay. >> you're the kid's mom. you're there. turn around. receive the ball. >> how can you catch with the back of your head? you don't have eyes in the back of your head. >> it was a good throw. >> it was not. >> the kid -- >> perfect spiral motion. >> straight down. goes long. >> it was an accident. >> the kid's fine. he got back up right away. >> he has his arms open. he's like, i'm getting a ball from a senator. >> look. the kid's not a football player. that would have been me. >> would have taken you down.
9:01 am
no kid of mine does that. >> my kids make a lot of mistakes but they learn. >> did bloomingdale's make a huge mistake that potentially benefitted customers? it does seem too good to be true. there is a glitch meant for a bloomingdale's loyalty customers. they were given gift cards but in incorrect amounts. sometimes you go in. you spend $100, they give you $15. >> or 10,000 points. >> you're a valued customer. >> it's like a $25 gift card. >> buzzfeed is reporting customers who earned 10,000 loyalist points under the program which was about $25. they were instead given $10,000 credit. >> where was my card? i didn't get mine. >> you can't shop morel loyally. >> $10,000. >> one customer reportedly went on a shopping spree.
9:02 am
he was asked to return a $10,000 pair of bloomingdale's diamond earrings, a $5,000 watch, louis vuitton bag bought with the store credit. >> that's more than $10,000. >> he kept it under. he got the earrings -- >> you said $10,000 earrings. >> that's $15,000. >> they owe him $5,000. >> no. he owes -- >> well, the gift card -- if they gave you $10,000 you could only use $10,000. >> maybe they were on sale. >> maybe that's the value. bloomingdale's told him he'd get a $100 gift card if he brings the merchandise back and be banned from the loyalty program if he refuses. i will take the hit. i'll say, okay. >> moving on. >> i'll go to macy's. i'm sorry. >> bloomingle dale's statement to nbc news, we'll be banned. the company caught the mistake last week and is reissuing replacement gift cards with correct amounts. the company is in contact with customers and apologized to
9:03 am
those affected. he spent it already. >> what's interesting is you know when you see something like that there is a glitch. do you take advantage of it or report it? >> it's not like my bank account. you hear people go to the atm machine and you went from $200 to there's 200,000. >> so he thinks jackpot. >> it happens all the time. >> he fist rst bought a tie over a certain amount. they took out of $10,000 they credited him for the tie. so he was like, oh, this is $10,000 for real. it's not just -- you know. so he kept racking up the charges wunts charge s once he got the first purchase. >> maybe they can find common ground. face it. the mark-up on the items, i will get technical here. >> oh, wow. >> the mark-up on the items was probably a lot. >> on the upside bloomingdale's
9:04 am
is getting publicity. >> exactly. >> chalk it township a mistake. >> the airlines do it all the time. >> the airlines had glitches and allowed customers who hit the jackpot to go. >> wrong tag, the wrong price. i'm like, are you sure? they have to give you the price marked. >> i'm one of those people. i don't think i would take advantage. i would think there's got to be something wrong. eventually it will catch up to me. >> i'm sorry. >> not bad. >> incredible, incredible video to show you. this is a 16-year-old cheerleader angel rice. when you see this you will be like, what, your mouth will fall to the table. this is a little over a year old, this video . it's just now going viral. she performed five double twists, four passes, goes back. but wait. not over yet. she goes back again. are you dizzy yet?
9:05 am
i am. i'm about ready to throw up watching this. amazing. can you believe it? she should be in the olympics. she's competed in national, international trampoline and tumbling. i don't know the school she's going to or cheers for. she needs to be in the olympics. this is a floor exercise beyond most floor exercises i have seen. >> incredible. >> man. i think her father's name was meineke. she has shocks built in. >> amazing. >> wow. >> we have been talking about my epic adventure with the travel channel. two viewers, $50,000 trip as part of 50-50. six fans grabbed from the crowd. we had a competition. boom, alexandra obey and david
9:06 am
grabbed the golden tickets you guys met waiting for this. >> hit the line at quarter to 5:00, talked about places we have visited throughout the world. bonded and here we are going to abu dhabi. >> have you ever been? >> never. >> never. >> always wanted to go, but never thought i would. >> what's the first thing you will pack? what's the one thing in the suitcase? >> comfortable shoes. >> a bathing suit. >> it's 120. >> feels like 120. >> al has amazing adventures planned for you. >> can't wait. >> it's going to be great. >> we'll go to supermarkets and -- >> are you cooking? >> visit a factory. no, no. we have amazing stuff. >> nice. thank you. can't wait. >> looking forward to hanging out with you guys. >> likewise. >> take lots of selfies with al. >> we will. >> be thankful it's not her. she snores. you would be on the plane with her --
9:07 am
[ snoring ] >> that's you, al. we have video. >> i heard it from somewhere. let's see what's going on. tropical storm danny. fourth tropical named storm of the season. a week early from when we would normally see it. moving west at 14. it has time to go before it approaches the lesser ant dts i illes. makes its way to the caribbean. we are looking at wet weather up and down the eastern seaboard. northeast staying dry. storms in michigan and the western third of the country. awfully toasty. smoky conditions in the pacific northwest, interior sections as going on. a muggy day out there. travel humidity builds up scattered showers and thunderstorms this evening. inland, high of 87.
9:08 am
scattered in the evening. sp ty shower overnight. very muggy. 73. tomorrow, very humid conditions. it is sticky, 84, the high, with inland showers and thunderstorms. we stay in the low 80s over the weekend. we stay with the risk of scattered showers and thunderstorms into early next week. that's your latest weather. >> thank you, al. coming up, four ladies who are one of the hottest acts around. little mix have come to the plaza to share it all with the fans. we'll hang out more with the this isn't just the start of school, this is the new year. find the styles and brands they'll love for every big moment. where? famous footwear.
9:09 am
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9:12 am
now they are out with "get weird," their third studio album. perrie edwards, jay thirlwall, leigh-anne pin knock and jesy nelson are little mix. good morning. >> good morning. >> what was it like out there rocking the plaza? >> it was incredible. >> yeah . >> so many mixes. so much to talk about. we loved them. >> your message is about girl power, empowerment, getting up there, being independent and getting weird. >> right? >> i think that's why we love what we do. >> just having fun. >> there's nothing weird. give me one weird thing about you. >> oh. >> we can be extremely weird. >> everybody's got a little bit of weird inside of them. you want to let it out. >> be free. >> someone doesn't like sandwiches. >> me . >> not even grilled he's?
9:13 am
>> ew. >> sandwich phone bia? >> is that butter on bread? >> you could use mustard. >> oh. >> that's worse. to this day it's your fourth anniversary as a group. >> it is. >> happy anniversary. >> it's strange for us though. we thought we were together longer than that. feels like 20 years. >> forever. i can't remember my life before you. >> oh. that's so sweet. >> that's the way we fee >> natalie and i are of a certain age. aeound the time we were teenagers it was the spice girls. we were in our 20s. they were huge. for my niece who is 16 and the other 9 you are their spice girls. to nat's point it's a message of empowerment. you don't sing about heartbreak. you sing about bringing the mixes into the mix. >> we want to give the young fans, especially the girls, confidence. that was missing in the industgy for a while.
9:14 am
that's what we wanted to bring to the table. >> you guys are the breakout tists of the year at the teen choice awards. [ cheers ] >> so cool. fun. >> it was the most scared we have been. >> the only time we, get scared is back on the x factor. this was terrifying. >> why? >> it was such a huge thing for us. >> wrae >> yeah. >> it was our first time at the teen choice awards. >> crowds around the world screaming your name and this was y iour moment. >> it was a massive deal. seeing the mixes there was amazing, too. >> first award we have won as well. >> congratulations. >> many more to come. >> you guys will keep on going. that's terrific. little mix, thank you so much. we hey will be back singing
9:15 am
"wings" later on. yay! [ cheers ] >> and "scandal" starkerry washington speaking about her post baby body. what she's saying that's got everybody talking. before earning enough cash back from bank of america to buy a new gym bag. before earning 1% cash back everywhere, every time and 2% back at the grocery store. even before he got 3% back on gas. kenny used his bankamericard cash rewards credit card to join the wednesday night league. because he loves to play hoops. not jump through them. that's the excitement of rewarding connections. ap oply online or at a bank of america near you. after trying brookside chocolate, people talk about it online. love at first taste. i would liquify it and bathe in it. curse you, brookside! your nefarious plans have succeeded. nefarious? are we still talking about chocolate? ookside. talk about delicious. after trying brookside chocolates, ar at fitgirl.kayla posted: sexy lips. chocolate. purple heart.
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9:19 am
that caused a huge outpouring of concern on social media yesterday. you probably heard rosie o'donnell's daughter chelsea was reported missing. she's okay. the comedian tweeted last night shelle see has been found and is safe in police custody. thank you all for the help. this after an alarming few days a. spokesperson said chelsea ran away and was last seen by the family august 11. the 17-year-old left home with her therapy dog. she's safe at this point and her family is helping her. just terrifying for a parent. imagine that. >> absolutely. >> "scandal" actress kerry washington welcomed her first baby daughter in april of last year. judging by her figure you would never know it. the 38-year-old appears on "self"'s september issue. she opens up about the post baby body and said she isn't trying to go back to the prepregnancy figure. in the interview washington said i'm focused on not being back to anything.
9:20 am
she said, my body is the site of a miracle now. i don't want to be premiracle. washington did, however, stress the importance of finding time for fitness adding i try to get it in so i can be back with my kid early. i have to take care of myself in want to. it's important to have rest days. but in the long run if i don't work out for three days i feel worse, not better. >> i like that. >> powerful message. >> absolutely. >> especially in hollywood, six weeks later she got her body prebaby back. >> puts pressure on noncelebrities. why am i not losing the weight like she did? it's pressure. >> you brought life into the world. that's a miracle. >> absolutely. enjoy the time with your baby. she's not the only actress peeved by hollywood's weight and labels. melissa mccarthy can add
9:21 am
designer to her resume . her collection will aim to fit women of all sizes without using the plus size description. saying 70% of women are a size 14 or above. that's technically plus-sized. you are taking your biggest category of people and telling them you're not worthy. i find that strange. she went on to say i find it bad business. it doesn't make sense, numbers-wise. it's like if you open a restaurant and say, we are primarily going to serve people that don't eat. in an interview on she said i have been every size and i know i don't lose my sense of style just because i went above a size 12. >> good for her. >> she's my favorite. >> it's a theme of girl power. >> keep it going. >> one more? >> one more. supermodel heidi klum is responding presidential candidate donald trump saying she's no longer a 10. the mom of four and judge of merica's got talent" on nbc didn't appear too offended but
9:22 am
did stick up for women when she appeared on "access hollywood". >> really the whole entire situation about women really isn't funny to put a number on a woman. we juggle so many things. i feel women who support their families, who have children, make their lunches, drive them all over the place, work at the same time. we do so many things. in my book, every woman is a 10. >> amen, sister. i ju saw her out with her children just managing the kids li fke a brilliant mom. i love her. coming up, he stunned
9:23 am
audience now at chili's, new smoked chicken burritos for lunch. make it a lunch combo. then tap, swipe, a go. hi
9:24 am
ti's 9:27 on this wednesday, august 19th. the nypd has announced they have caught a man that escaped from police. they were looking for 25-year-old austin stevenson since sunday. he was arrested fortress passing when he shoved an officer to the ground and ran off. still has handcuffs on. he was found just before 7:00 taken into custody without incident.
9:25 am
the weather, muggy, scattered showers, 87 for the high. tonight, spotty showers. 73 tomorrow and very humid. another chance for wain, high of 84. iday, heavy storms. 81 are to the high. scattered storms on saturday. 82 degrees. coming up on the "today" show, soap opera ledge gend, susan lucci. we will have another update. we hope to see you then.
9:26 am
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9:28 am
obese or over weight adults with type 2 diabetes. all those on the drug were asked to step up physical activity and eat a low calorie diet. those on the drug lost more weight, especially those given the highest dose. a new march of dimes study found shorter women may be more likely to give bit prematurely. researchers looked at 3,000 women and their babies and found a mother's height helped shape the environment in which a baby grows during pregnancy and that taller women have more room to allow a baby to grow. almost half a million babies are born prematurely in the u.s. every year. as the new school year begins here is something parents of 4th graders shouldle know. beginning this school year all 4th graders and their families can get into national parks and other federal lands for free as part of the every kid in a park initiative announced by president obama this year to get children outdoors. and video of a utah police officer is now going viral.
9:29 am
officer bryson lisdrop often stops in at the same store. one day he cut loose and danced forgetting about the surveillance camera. he's doing the popular whip dance. it ended up on the department's facebook page. he said he may never live it down with the other officers. they will play it on a loop over and over again. let's go to al. can you do that dance? >> i don't know. that's a very arresting da e. i'm sorry. thank you so much. you know on the al's epic adventure we are traveling from new york, jfk to abu dhabi almost 7,000 miles. it's a 13-hour flight. when we land, a little warmer than here in new york. it's going to feel like 118 both friday, saturday and sunday. not only is it heat but it's not a dry heat. the rest of the country, wet weather makes its way into the upper midwest into the
9:30 am
midatlantic, southeastern coastal states into florida where they need rain. showers and thunderstorms central texas into the midwest. the western third of the country, warm and toasty. look at all the clouds this morning. hazy sun, mixed with clouds. high temperature of 87. while not 90, a steamy one. pop-up showers and thunderstorms later this afternoon and evening, specially in the inland areas. stays mainly cloudy. 73, the low. very muggy overnight. mostly, the showers stay northen and west of the city. leftover showers and storms into the weekend. and that's your latest weather. >> he's one of hollywood's most talented actors and it's easy to see why. who can forget his oscar nominated performance as solomon northrup, the free man forced
9:31 am
into slavery in "12 years a slave." >> now chiwetel ejiofor is delivering a new memorable performance playing a nuclear war survivor who thinks he's the last person on earth. >> until he meets a woman. although they don't share the same beliefs he needs to convince her they are there for the same reason. >> it's about rebuilding. maybe god, your father, put this here for us. so we can start again. >> good morning. this is a fascinating concept. i don't think one a lot of people want to think about. tell us about it. >> it's exactly that. post apocalyptic landscape, nuclear fall out and john loomis thinks he's the last person on the planet.
9:32 am
he travels around and finds a valley protected from the nuclear fallout geographically. on it is ann played by margo robbie. they develop a friendship, relationship. beginning to find each other, feel each other out, possibly a romantic one. he's taking it quite slowly in a way. he's worried about a bad relationship. which wouldle suck. >> where do you go from there? >> i'm leaving you. >> where are you going to go? >> good luck. >> really? okay. see you later. you'll be back. >> tlts a love here is a love triangle. enter chris pine. the third person in the mix. it is fascinating and leads to a whole what would you do in this situation? it makes you think. >> it is interesting. i love the idea of doing a film just about the interpersonal relationships of two or three people.
9:33 am
but have the really epic themes. i was thrilled to get on board. >> how do you prepare for that? do you tell your friends, everyone, don't call me for a few weeks. i need to absorb loneliness? how do you prepare for that? >> in a sense we were lucky. we went out to the south island in new zealand to shoot the film which is gorgeous. absolutely beautiful place. also pretty remote. so we ended up with the cast and crew in a small unit, small group. quite unplugged. it was hard to get -- you wouldle have to walk half a mile down the road. two feet from the box if you turn at an angle you can get one bar on your cell phone. by lunchtime everyone is marching out. so it kind of had that unplugged feel anyway. quite a remote feel which i think was really good for the film. >> when you to something like that with such a small cast, does it stretch different
9:34 am
muscles acting-wise? >> yeah. i think it does. we have to get really sort of -- we have to think about the script intensely. the director is brilliant. we were able to work together in a detailed form. there is nothing else to hold onto. you're working on characters. that's the tension. the dramatic tension is built between these few people and their story together. >> it's thought-provoking. >> i'm still thinking about it. >> i'm still thinking about the ending. >> i'm the first dead guy. i'm gone. >> not worried about a bad relationship? >> just surviving. >> we're keeping you. you can cook. "z for zack hariah." up next, a hea sooo, you're all set to book a flight using rewards miles from your airline credit card. but then the illusion begins. the flights you really want - surprise - they're not available because they cost a ridiculous number of miles.
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9:38 am
now to our hope to it series and a program offering comfort to cancer patients. >> for so many fighting the disease where they get treatment is far from home. they are burdened with where to stay and how to pay for it. >> there are great places offering cancer patients a home away from home.
9:39 am
>> keith and ann johnson are checking into this hotel not for a leisurely weekend away but for a dose of comfort and care. >> i have squamous cell kars gnome. >> he originally had cancer of his tonsil. it showed up last summer in his tongue. >> reporter: it was a shocking diagnosis for keith. he's been living cancer-free for 18 years. >> scary. we were pulled out of our jobs. so then you have the finances and what's going to happen. >> reporter: doctors successfully removed the cancerous tumor from keith's tongue but this father and high school media teacher lost his ability to eat and speak clearly. keith also needed advanced radiation treatment called proton therapy. >> we were driving from minnesota to houston to get treatment because the treatment wasn't available at the time when we needed it. the only option was to travelle to md anderson.
9:40 am
>> reporter: one thing they didn't need to worry about, the cost of a hotel room for five weeks. >> $12 a night. unbelievable. >> reporter: this reduced rate was made possible by a program called hotel keys of hope. a partnership between extended stay america and the american cancer society. >> they stay with us for a week, for three weeks. we look after them while they are having their treatment. >> we have met some really great people. >> reporter: so far they have helped over 7,000 cancer patients and their caregivers with free or reduced rate rooms. dupree gainey is one of them. >> i can't go to work right now. i have to go to different doctors for treatment. good that someone can help like this. >> reporter: they have free temporary lodging for cancer patients going throughout patient treatment called hope lodge. >> we have our 31 hope lodge facilities across the country.
9:41 am
they provide 999 rooms for cancer patients. >> reporter: peter wine burger made this hope lodge in new york city home. he has a rare blood cancer called mds. >> i'm a firefighter, black belt, never in a hospital, never sick. all of the sudden i have this rare, really serious cancer. >> reporter: in may peter had a stemle cell transplant and is required to stay near his hospital. >> i have been affected by the fact that i'm not home with my family. and that essentially i have had to establish a temporary home here for almost four months. hope lodge is decorated in a home. it take as lot of emotional strain off of me. >> reporter: it also helped his wife samantha. >> here we can sit together. he's not in a hospital gown. doesn't have machines and everything. >> we do board games, watch movies. it's better than the hospital. >> reporter: families supporting
9:42 am
their loved ones with all the comforts of home. >> being able to spend time with him has been fabulous. >> such a great program. we are happy to report next year extended stay america plans to double the program and the hope lodge is in the process of expanding with seven more lodging facilities for cancer patients. so necessary and so important to have loved ones close to you when you are going through some so difficult. >> coming up, we'll have lit what do a nascar driver... a comedian... and a professional golfer have in common? we talked to our doctors about treatment with xarelto . xarelto is proven to treat and help reduce the risk of dvt and pe blood clots. xarelto has also been proven to reduce the risk of stroke in people with afib, not caused by a heart valve problem. for people with afib currently well managed on warfarin, there is limited information on how xarelto and warfarin compare in reducing the risk of stroke. i tried warfarin before, but the blood testing routine and dietary restrictions had me off my game. not this time. not with xarelto .
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>> announcer: the toyota concert by toyota. >> a huge crowd turned out this morning for british girl group little mix. >> now they have one more song for their fans. here they are performing one of their biggest hits, "wings." [ cheers and applause ] mama told me not to waste my life she said spread your wings my little butterfly don't let what they say keep you up at night we, we can't touch the ground i can't hear a sound but you keep running your mouth, yeah walk on over there not too proud to care
9:47 am
oh, yeah your words tonight mean a thing i'm not listening keep talking all i know is mama told me not to waste my life she said spread your wings, my little butterfly don't let what they say keep you up at night they can't contain you these wings are made to fly we don't let nobo bring us down no matter what you say it won't hurt me no matter if i fall from the sky these wings are made to fly hey, hey i know we're going to get there some day
9:48 am
i don't even care oh, yeah your words don't mean a thing i'm not listening keep talking all night long mama toldle me not to waste my life she said spread your wings, my little butterfly tonight let what they say keep you up at night they can't contain you these wings are made to fly and we don't let nobody bring us down p.m. no matter what you say, it won't hurt me no matter if i fall from the sky these wings are made to fly i don't need no one say hey, hey, hey i don't hear no one saying hey, hey, hey keep on watching
9:49 am
i don't want to hear them talking, boy i don't want to hear them talking, boy your words don't mean a thing not listening thai just like water off my wings mama told me not to waste my life she said spread your wings my little butterfly don't let what they say keep you up at night they can't contain you these wings are made to fly we don't let nobody bring us down no matter what you say it won't hurt me no matter if i fall from the sky we don't let nobody bring us down no matter what you say it won't hurt me no matter if i fall from the sky these wings are made to fly
9:50 am
[ cheers and applause ] >> thank you, little mix. back in a moment. but first, this is "today" on nbc.
9:51 am
9:52 am
al, you're packed. ready to go? >> just about. i'm really excited. we'll take the two folks we plucked off the plaza. >> dade and alexandra. >> more tomorrow morning. >> up ex in, kathie lee and hoda hang out with emmy winner susan lucci. >> plus emily ratatowski and her new movie. >> and the three hottest hair
9:53 am
9:54 am
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9:55 am
a bat tested positive for rabies. they are reminding residents to stay away from any wild animals and make sure the pets are vaccinated against rabies. it gives theater--goers goers a chance to get two tickets for the price of one. muggy, scattered showers, 87 for the high tonight. tomorrow, very humid, another chance for rain, high of 84. friday, heavy storms, 81. staet saturday, 82. scattered storms. the high of 83. coming up on the "today" show, kathie lee and hoda. model turned actress or actress turned model. we will have another update in 30 minutes. hope to see you then.
9:56 am
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blinds to go. blinds for life. >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb. live from studio 1a in rock fell plaer saa. . >> verge. >> that's owl city singing "verge." >> it's winesday wednesday. congratulations you've made it to hump day. >> we have a great show, you
9:58 am
know who's here? >> la lucci. >> sue soon lucci. >> do you know how long she waited to hear "emmy award winner"? >> starring in "devious maids." >> right up her alley. and you can't pick up the newspapers without seeing pictures of this girl. 24-year-old emily rat cow ski has been everywhere. burr baring it all in "blurred lines" to starring opposite ben affleck "gone girl." she's gorgeous. >> she has another movie. she always wanted to be an actress not a model. >> she said she did theater before modeling came along. then before you call a contractor you want to wait for lou manfredini
9:59 am
he's got info about shingles and a damp basement. there's nothing that you can't ask lou that lou can't do. you know who sells the best? lilliana. >> no, this is the cutest. >> so far? >> yes, look at this dress. is it sleeveless? >> it has little straps, off the shoulder. >> so cute! >> you always make me feel so good on a wednesday. >> because you bring your a-game. >> what do you have? >> we're mixing it up. instead of doing fashion luxe for less, one thing people are excited about is home lex for less. so we'll show you how to do an entire living room with accessories under $50. this is an example of the cute items. >> three accessories under $50? >> yes. >> not together? >> no. >> we look forward to that


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