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tv   News 4 New York at 530  NBC  August 20, 2015 5:30pm-6:00pm EDT

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>> he actually now is living within 1,000 feet of a school and within 1,000 feet of a universal pre-k program. so, he's violating the existing law and he's violating the law that i hope to pass in the assembly. >> senator klein is renewing calls for his counterparts in the state assembly to pass the bill which has already cleared the senate. linda? >> thank you for that update, pei-sze. if you have something that you think the i-team should look into it into, call us. breaking news now affecting the 4 and 5 subway lines. this is an update. right now there is no service between manhattan and brooklyn because of power issues affecting the signals inside one of the east river tubes. >> here is how it breaks down right now. southbound trains are stopping that brooklyn bridge city hall and bowling green stations. now, some five trains are running on the 2 line from nevins street to the 149th grand concourse stop.
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also northbound are stopping at the atlantic center. a long island history teacher has pleaded not guilty to raping a child under the age of 13. lionel harvey dodged our cameras as he left court today. the former uniondale high schoolteacher was arrested earlier this year. according to court documents, harvey sexually abused the child multiple times. >> mr. harvey denies the allegations. he maintains his innocence and looks forward to proving his innocence at trial. >> the spokesperson for the uniondale school district confirmed that harvey is no longer employed there. the child was not a student at the school where harvey taught. an orange county woman who takes care of children is now facing charges that she failed to protect them from abuse. 47-year-old kesha perry runs a day care out of her home and she failed to alert authorities when she learned four children were being abused. those victims are ages 4 to 11. perry now faces eight counts of child endangerment and is due back in court next week.
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new developments tonight in the search for a missing husband and wife from connecticut. sources tell news 4 the couple's son is now a person of interest in the case. police spent last night combing through his bridgeport home. his parents disappeared on august 4th shortly after losing an appeal in a $2 million foreclosure case. relatives say there are no indications that money played a role in their disappearance. you may recall last night we told you about the search for the family whose baby got locked in a hotel safe. tonight, we know exactly how it happened. also a deady collision between a commuter train and a car on the tracks brought the morning rush to a grinding halt. what the engineer did that may have helped prevent a catastrophe. janice? >> the morning rush around here may be a mess in some areas tomorrow as we track more heavy rain headed our way. the latest on that and the flash flood watch coming up next. lester holt has a look at what he's working on for 6:30. >> hi, linda and shiba.
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working on "nightly news" after faith, hope, acceptance and his cancer diagnosis, we looked at just what president jimmy cartser facing. donald trump stokes the flames of immigration debate and birth right citizenship. did you know gasoline is selling for as little as 2 bucks a gallon in some places? we'll take a look at how low it can go when we see you at 6:30 for "nightly news."
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a new jersey woman is outraged because of a receipt attached to her takeout dinner and this is the most clicked story on oour facebook page. that woman ordered wings in south jersey. she asked for the wings to be fried hard, but she couldn't believe the cooking instructions the employees typed on her receipt. >> i was very offended and upset and disrespected to get those words on a receipt.
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>> well, the store owner has since apologized to the woman. he said his son took the order we have new information tonight about that toddler from new jersey who got locked in a hotel safe. now, police were initially told that the child was a baby, but have since learned that she was 3 years old. it happened at a howard johnson in niagara falls. hotel workers were able to get the child out, but the family checked out before police got there. the family has since contacted police and they say they were not aware that officers were looking for them. they say the child got locked in the safe while playing hide and seek with her siblings. that explains it. the child is okay and the investigation is now closed. >> thank goodness. well, the list of accusers just keeps growing in the bill cosby scandal. >> coming up next, the new women coming forward who say the comedian sexually abused them. i'm catherine craig on staten island where the nypd are looking for two men pretending
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to be one of them. police impostures and they stole hundreds of dollars from innocent people. we'll show you how they're tricking their victims. first social pick of the day coming to us from@blacksoap. very nice. >> looks peaceful. if you have an interesting pic you would like to share, send it into our website and posting to twitter or instagram and may be selected as the social pic of the day. have a tip for new york's biggest i-team. call 866-news-244 oor r e-mail.
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coming up on news 4 at 6:00, reconstruct a tragic accident that killed four young women last month. what they're looking for. mayor deblausio appoints a task force on costume characters and topless painted women in times square. those stories and much more at 6:00. shiba? >> all right, david. new information in a deadly crash involving a new jersey transit train and a car on the tracks. the driver tonight has been identified as 87-year-old. investigators say the pennsylvania man got on to the tracks at a crossing on first street and westwood and drove along them for some distance before apparently getting stuck. new 4z s 4 michael george has more from emerson. >> this is all that is left of a
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car after a new jersey transit train slammed into it on the tracks in emerson. one of the things investigators noticed is that the driver appeared to be stuck on the tracks. evidence he tried to free himself. >> appeared to be stopped. in an area along the tracks. you could tell by the stone that was torn up. so, it appeared that the vehicle was trying to remove itself. >> reporter: the crash happened at 5:30 in the morning, just as people were going to work. there are 110 people onboard, but they all escaped without any injuries. the crash did shut down service for nearly four hours. the focus now is finding out why the driver was on the tracks. a new jersey transit officials tell us the train engineer made a split-second decision that may have saved lives. after the train hit the car, the engineer kept that train moving. so while the car caught on fire, the train didn't. and that may be why all of the passengers escaped without injury. in emerson, michael george, news 4 new york.
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today the sexual allegations against bill cosby are expanding. two new women are coming forward claiming to be victimized by the comedian. the accusers explain to the press how they met cosby and what they say he did to him. cosby has been ordered to give an a deposition the first deposition regarding the acu cusations against him. >> we expect to take the deposition of bill cosby. not the friendly father figure of his television character, dr. huxtable. >> cosby has denied the allegations against him and has not been charged with a crime. tonight, rhode island's governor has a essential request for the coast guard and it's all in response to last month's mysterious beach explosion that injured a connecticut woman. she wants all abandoned power cables buried under the sand removed. scientists say the july 11th explosion was call used by a hydrogen build up.
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they believed it was installed in the 1950s to power the coast guard's navigational lights. if you or anyone you know lives in an apartment building, listen carefully. for months a manhattan daughter waited anxiously for a hospital bed to be delivered for her ailing father. now, insurance approved it and why wasn't it delivered until she said better get bequero. >> devoted daughter amy lee has been helping to care for her husband, benny. >> he has pin been diagnosed at 75 with alzheimer's. >> reporter: they live a few floors apart and recently amy's concern over her dad's health grew. >> one afternoon after taking a nap he went to get up and instead of sitting up he rolled over and fell out of bed. >> reporter: she showed us home video of her dad's bed that doesn't have railings to help
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protect him. he immediately brought him to the emergency roop. >> the doctor wrote a prescription for a hospital bed which was approved by his health care. >> reporter: amy called the medical supply company, medstarr about the delivery. >> in the interim my bad because he did not have a hospital bed did the same thing, fell again. hit his head in the same area with the same stitches. >> reporter: when medstar tried to deliver the bed they were turned away. proof of workman's compensation coverage. >> getting the certificate of insurance and the workman's comp proof. >> right now they're saying they provide one portion of what's necessary. we're just hoping that we can get the bed before another accident happens. >> reporter: we contacted the bed supplier and here's a look at benny's home now. his new hospital bed delivered with railings to help keep him safe. >> well, medstar confirmed that the documents were finally
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approved and they delivered the eq oxuipment on august 8th. that was two days after we reached out. amy is extremely grateful to have this for her dad. we are, too. to get in touch with our consumer investigative team. send me an e-mail betterget-baquero@nbcnewyork or call. let's check in with janice huff now tracking a flash flood watch for several counties tonight, janice. >> mostly in new jersey, shiba. the view right behind you. we want to show everybody this view from the top of the rock camera. the 70th floor of 30 rock looking south towards lower manhattan and new york harbor and it looks like it is about to pour any minute in the city. it looked like that since yesterday, but it is not going to rain heavily in the city. any time soon. if you get anything this evening, it's a sprinkle. where you have to worry about heavy rain this evening, it's west of the city because that's where it's moving in from at this time. the skies look threatening now, but most of the potential for the flash flooding is going to happen over parts of new jersey
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between now and friday morning. these tropical downpours are coming back and it's because of a cold front this time that is going to slow down. it's not moving that fast. when we have slow-moving thunderstorms or thunderstorms that are almost stationary, they can cause a considerable flash flooding like we saw yesterday in new jersey. right now, we're seeing some light showers along the delaware river, new jersey, pennsylvania, up into parts of the catskills and the poconos. soy, we're not going to see much east from the city east at all tonight. like i said, maybe a sprinkle here and there. you could s m a heavy downpour around 9:00 tonight. nearandover and morris town and rock away. back to the west, that front starting to approach. it gets here in the morning. but as it moves through the region overnight, between midnight and 7:00 a.m., those pockets of heavy downpours will be falling. so, there could be a lot of heavy rain in spots. not everywhere. the hudson valley, new jersey, all will be within the confines of this cold front in the
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morning. by 8:00, it's moving across long island, moving east of the city through connecticut and then it's starting to clear out back to the west. so, it is going to be an overnight to early morning occurrence that we're expecting with the system because by tomorrow evening, we should clear out and have dry conditions. keep these things in mind. most flash floods, fatalities occur in cars. we see a lot of people trying to drive across flooded roads. at night, you're not going to know how deep the water is. make sure if you see water over a roadway, it's flooded. you can't see the road, actually. then turn around and go in a different direction. temperatures today, mid up toer 80s. another one of those muggy days across the area. even though it looked like it was threatening rain, we didn't get anything in the city. 83. 72 in monticello right now. tonight temperatures in the 70s. it's muggy, spot shower. late and overnight thunderstorms. that should taper off tomorrow morning. and then a pretty decent weekend, maybe a storm or two on
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sunday but it doesn't look like a wash out at all. saturday looks great. back to you. >> most important thing there. >> get through tomorrow and that saturday looks fantastic. they are fake cops pulling off real robberies. >> and now new york's finest are trying to track them down. what you need to keep an eye out for.
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forget stop and frisk a pair of crooks posing as cops are stopping people on staten island and robbing them. >> they stuck at least three times. catherine craig has a look at who you need to keep an eye out for.
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>> on staten island, nymd officers are looking for two men who are pretending to be one of them, two impostures posing as police men have victimized several people and stolen more than $400 from them. >> anybody that ever approached me that was a police officer that didn't look like they were in uniform, i would ask them who they were and ask them a couple questions and, obviously, ask them for their identification. >> ignore it and keep going and that if police need to talk to them, they can show their badge and show something that proves their identity. >> reporter: police released a sketch of one of the suspects and also seen in this white chevy malibu. the first robbery happened july 12th and the most recent one a few weeks ago. new dorp lane one of the suspects came up to an 18-year-old and said he was a cop and asked for the young man's i.d. the suspect then took the wallet with $50 inside and took off running. a resident we talked th said it is unfortunate that this might make someone less tru ing ofur a real police officer.
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>> a little because you don't u.know who's who now. you have young cops. so, you're not sure. you got to just be careful. >> reporter: in other instance innocence innocence, a suspect stole a woman's purse and was stopped by the second suspect who was in this car. he said he was a cop and made it seem like he was going after the thief, but he wasn't and the two got away. what's made this so scary for so many of the people around here, according to the nypd, both of the suspects have guns and at least one of them looks like what appears to be a police dio. on staten island, catherine craig, news 4 new york. >> scary, indeed. thank you for watching. >> stay right here the news continues at 6:00. >> live stromitude from studio 3c in rockefeller center. the cleanup from flash flood continues across part of new jersey, but now even more rain is headed that way. storm team 4 is on the case. plus, reconstructing a tragedy.
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investigators back on the scene of a horrible limo accident that killed four young women. mayor de blasio what he calls a growing problem in times square. evening, everyo . i'm i'm, tensive flood damage followin yesterday's storms. >> a lot more wane rain is on the way tonight that may be capable of producing rainfall rates in excess of 2 inches per hour. ja evnice huff is tracking the trouble. janice? >> that's exactly what they saw in parts of new jersey yesterday and the potential s there, agai later tonight into friday morning. is entire region of northern and western new jersey, the potential of flash flooding as those heavy downpours start to move in with a cold front that will help enhance the rain showers. we'll all have a chance of heavy rain between now and 6:00 amp,
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but the worst part moving through central pennsylvania. that is the cold front reaches western virginia overnight. you've seen light rain and steady rain up into the catskills and poconos and nothing heavy yet. you haven't seen anything heavy or along the coast and should stay that way later tonight and into overnight. chan mce of rain increase as we go into the morning hours. i'll talk more about that in a fe bw minutes. back to you. >> not necessarily good news for residents with these images from 24 hours ago still fresh in their minds. all lanes on route 22 eastbound reopened before this evening's commute, but could it be a mess tomorrow morning, again. news 4 michael george has been in scotch plains throughout the day and he's standing by with the latest there. ke snl. >> well, david, nobody was hit harder than this particular area here. and folks here just finished cleaning up from the last storm. and most of the businesses along here on route 22 got it the
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worst. an exhausting day of cleanup all while the possibility of more rain on the way. >> too much rain. too much. >> reporter: we visited the luck oil gas station in scotch plains. hit hard by wedn yoesday's flash floods. here's what that same gas station looked like yesterday. almost unrecognizable with water nearly waist deep and flooded cars strewn across the lot. >> have you ever seen anything like this? >> no, this is first time. >> reperter: workers spent the day cleaning mud off the road and everything below waist level was destroyed. >> see, everything is back. >> reporter: nexv door at the scotchwood diner he joked at thiz customers got ocean front views. powerful enough to damage the outside of the restaurant but he was one of the lucky ones. >> didn't go inside. thank god for that. very lucky. >> reporter: and route 22 is
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finally back open, again. they got it just in time for the afternoon commute. it took them all night to repave the damaged secs of this road. folks here just hoping this area doesn't get hit hard, again, overnight. we're live in scotch plains, michael george, news 4 new york. >> we could face weather-related challenges and you could track the storms with our news 4 new york am pp and get alerts sent to your smartphone or tablet. tonight city health officials say the deadly legionnaire's outbreak is over. the outbreak killed 12 people anood sickened more than 100 in the south bronx. th ae new york city health commissioner tracing io to a b strain found at the opera house hotel. they tell news 4 the results are disappointig. test now showethat the >> hotel's clearing tank is cool of the bacteria. breaking commuter news affecting the 4 and 5 subway lines this evening. still no service between manhattan tnd brooklyn because of pour issues affecting the


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