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tv   News 4 New York at 5  NBC  August 24, 2015 5:00pm-5:30pm EDT

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echoing the sentiment of staying calm and staying in the markets for the long haul. always consult with your own financial expert with questions. ahead at 6:00, we dig deeper into why this volatility is expected to last for quite a while. reporting live, gus rosendale, news 4 new york. >> gus, thank you. new at 5:00, panic at the jersey shore. an amusement park there, a ride caught fire and one worker being praised for saving riders of this. news 4's marc santia raced to the kingsburg amusement park as soon as the call came in. he's there with the story for us. marc? >> reporter: and chuck, that's the ride. that's the gravitron. riders stick to the wall. you can see the charge on the ride. tonight, a quick thinking park employee is being praised. >> i saw the smoke. >> reporter: with thick, black smoke billowing from the ride at kingsburg amusement park, concern quickly spread. >> we were all freaking out, because we thought everything was going to catch fire.
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>> reporter: there was only one question for debby holmes, and she needed an immediate answer. >> my mom, my grand mom. that's the first thing that comes to your mind. children. >> reporter: no one hurt, no one on the ride. for this grandmother, a prayer. >> we started praying and thanking god there was no child that got hurt. >> reporter: the amusement park owned and operated by a new jersey family for 111 years, a spokesperson telling news 4, their park employee started up the ride for a test run, prepping it for the day, when -- >> he smelled something. he alerted our mechanics, and the mechanic went to go get the necessary tool, and in that short period of time, there was a small electrical fire. >> moments later, a fire tore through the ride. black smoke filled the air. the park was evacuated and kingsburg amusement employee was being praised. >> he did a great job. you know, he noticed that something was not right, and he alerted the necessary people within our organization. >> safety first for the people
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here at the park. earlier today, the park was evacuated. right now, though, riders are being allowed back into the park. no word on when the gravitron ride will be up and running again. as of now, police are still investigating. live in kingsburg, marc santia, >> thank you. you see this teen right here? tonight. accused of shooting a pellet gun outside gracie mansion, hitting an officer assigned to protect the mayor. ray villeda is in lower manhattan where the teen is ray? >> the mayor just spoke about the incident about an hour ago, shiba, saying that he has complete faith in the nypd. michael row bits key, the suspected shooter is expected in court tonight. he used a pellet gun to shoot an detail. the 19-year-old was led into a police vehicle today. investigators say he fired a pellet gun at an officer outside of gracie mansion sunday night. of the female officer is part of
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the mayor's security detail. the pellet hit her as she got out of a car on east end avenue. he was quiet this morning after being questioned by police all night in the 19th precinct. meanwhile, his friend, also taken into custody after the shooting, was all smiles in front of cameras. >> i'm literally surrounded by paparazzi. >> reporter: the teen is not charged as of now. but police say she was there when the shot was fired. the teens were quickly discovered just over an hour after the shooting at a residential building across from the mansion. now robitski is charged with a deadly weapon. the mayor said the officer is doing well. >> i have tremendous faith in the nypd. and i think my security and my family's security is being handled very well. i obviously was concerned for the officer. i spoke to her, and she's in fine shape. so i guarantee the nypd is going to take care of that situation. >> reporter: the mayor was not home at the time, but was somewhere else in new york.
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again, robitski is exp ted to go before a judge tonight. live in lower manhattan, ray villeda, news 4 new york. new at 5:00, a man accused of sending a nude picture to rosie o'donnell's daughter faced a judge. it was live streamed into the courtroom from the ocean county jail. last week, chelsea o'donnell was reported missing. she was found at a home tuesday. he was arrested friday after police searched the 17-year-old's phone and found inappropriate communication from sheerer. >> the picture that's been painted about what's happened here, he is clearly and markedly different. we're looking forward to the chance to presenting that evidence. >> reporter: sheerer is charged with child endangerment and distribution of obscenity to a minor. a review hearing is scheduled for tomorrow. emotional moments inside a colorado courtroom today. survivors and family members of those killed in the aurora movie theatre shooting testified in court. this as the man convicted of killing 12 people and injuring
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70 others is formally sentenced to life in prison. leeann greg reports from centennial. >> i believe the only regret this murderer has is being caught. >> reporter: an emotional day in court. family members of victims of the theater shooting describing incomprehensible grief. >> i cannot describe the number of hours i have wept or the horror or heartbreak that sees me each time i think of how i will never get to see my dad again. >> reporter: the prosecution plans to call about 100 people to testify about how the crimes committed by convicted killer james holmes have impacted their lives. >> i think that the defendant should get the max sentence and think about what he did every day. >> reporter: holmes was automatically sentenced to life in prison without parole on first degree murder charges, when a jury earlier this month failed to agree on the death penalty. the hearing today is on the other 140 charges holmes was convicted. the gunman could be sentenced to
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thousands of years in prison. one grieving family member took issue with the judicial system. >> if someone could explain to me the value of insanely long sentences, that would be helpful, as it's supposed to make the victims feel better. >> reporter: the judge sharply responded by explaining why this stays of sentencing is necessary. >> the system says that the defendant must be punished for each and every crime that he committed. >> reporter: the defense also has an opportunity to call witnesses. no word on whether holmes will take the stand. he hasn't so far in the trial. leanne gregg, nbc news, centennial, colorado. and still ahead as we continue for you, a traffic alert tonight, and this is going to impact a lot of you. we'll fill you in. and two cars swiped from a bronx parking garage. how police say the crooks pulled this off without breaking a window or even hotwiring them. and have a iphone? there is a problem with some that apple says it needs to fix. we'll tell you what's wrong. and janice is here.
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>> a weekend and lovely day today. now some thunderstorms are marching our way. i'll let you know when to expect the rain, coming up next. yoplait. the smooth and creamy yogurt your whole family loves. yoplait original with no artificial sweeteners, no artificial flavors, and no
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high fructose corn syrup.
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we're continuing to follow that breaking news out of queens.
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a tour bus crashes into a building in rego park. six people are injured. the driver in serious condition. emergency crews are on the scene working to stabilize the building before the bus can be removed. and this whole operation could take a while. we'll continue to keep you updated. >> that stabilization is going to take a while, obviously. considerable structural damage by the impact. tonight investigators want help tracking down thieves who swiped two cars from a bronx parking garage. >> unbelievable story. all it took was to distract a lot of attend ants to get the keys. john chandler shows us the suspects. >> reporter: this whole scheme was nothing if not bold. two men distracting the parking attendant here at this garage and then driving off with a pair of cars. it's something that long-time customers here say just doesn't happen. this is surveillance from 6:00 a.m., august 17th, on that monday morning. the lone parking garage attendant is distracted and the
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office is empty. watch as this man rummages through doors, finally grabbing car keys. he leaves. eventually driving off with a 2013 range rover and 2012 honda civic, captured here on camera. >> totally unusual. never heard of anything like that happening before. >> reporter: dan eisenberg has parked his car in this garage for at least two decades, alongside everything from par porsches to pontiacs. he says everyone uses this garage and rarely has there been an incident. >> we've had occasions of people coming in and wanting car keys off the hooks. they never gave it up. and they locked themselves in. 20 years. >> reporter: never had a problem. >> never had a problem. >> reporter: until last monday morning. now a range rover and honda civic are missing and police are looking for two suspects. and if you have any information at all regarding this crime, police are asking that you call crime stoppers. in the bronx, i'm john chandler, news 4 new york.
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a veteran louisiana state trooper died this morning from injuries he received from a gunshot wound trying to help a stranded motorist. authorities say senior trooper steven vincent was shot by kevin dyingle whose pickup truck was stuck in a ditch. he opened up fire with a sawed head. charge. state police say the trooper did exactly what he was trained to do. >> he did everything right. everything we teach them, everything we talk to them about. he was simply trying to do. nobody wore this badge more proudly. >> one of the drivers who pulled over to assist was recognized as a hero today. he tackled the suspect and handcuffed him and then used trooper vincent's police radio to call for help. in washington, nearly 4,000 people volunteered to fight what's being called the largest fire in the history of the state. fire officials are looking for people who have been firefighters or who know how to operate the equipment to build fire lines.
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the complex of wildfires has spread to over 400 square miles, and threatens more than 5,000 homes. officials fear the fires can burn for several more months. new at 5:00, an unsavory situation out of queens housing complex. we're told sewage is flooding the first three floors of the south jamaica houses. a tenant shared this photo from inside her apartment. it also houses a community center. a spokesman says the city has taken little action to fix this problem. we did reach out, but so far have not heard back. a major construction project promises to put a new roof over thousands of new yorkers' heads. work is now under way to replace roofs on all 26 buildings at the queens bridge houses. the complex in long island city is home to more than 7,000 residents. the project kicks off a $300 million initiative to fix the roofs of nearly 70 buildings across the city. >> we do not accept the status
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quo that has pervaded for too long in nicha that residents had to put up with things like leaky roofs. i don't spep that. residents deserve better and we'll give them better. >> work will take close to two years to complete. the replacement project also includes the parkside houses in the bronx, and the albany and sheepshead bay houses in brooklyn. if you use a george washington bridge to get into there is a construction project you need to know about. the port authority is closing the lower level eastbound lanes from 9:00 p.m. to 5:00 a.m. during the week. so drivers will need to use the upper level of the gwb to get into the city during the overnight hours. >> always something. >> always something. >> especially on the roads. >> yeah. >> you know, today was nice, it was warm. >> it was nice. >> the weekend was spectacular, yeah. we had great weather and now we've got a front coming. that's going to help drop the humidity. but before that, bring some thunderstorms to the area. tomorrow. we're tracking it right now.
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i'll show the latest in a second. right now we want to see the live view from our top of the dock camera. a little hazy, muggy. the pollution levels building, of course, with that. we do have that air quality alert in effect until 11:00 tonight for parts of new jersey. because of the ground-based ozone and pollutants. partly sunny, 83 degrees. so it's comfortable. the humidity is not too bad. it's a little bit worse tomorrow. but not too bad out there right now. the 83 feels like 83. but it was 87 earlier today in central park. average is 82. so we remain above average across the area. no 90s today. but that's coming later into the weekend. 87 in central park. 86 in newark this afternoon. 84, bridgeport, laguardia and islip today. so pretty comfortable in most locations. mugginess is starting to show up in spots. and a chance for thunderstorms in parts of the area tonight and during the day tomorrow. but there will be a gorgeous stretch of weather going into the weekend as the temperatures warm up to near 90 by sunday. we've got sunshine after
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tomorrow, stretching into early next week. right now it's in the 80s in ramsey, bloom field at 82. 83 in white plains. valley stream, 82 degrees. long bridge, mid 80s, morris town, warmer there. 79 in monticello and montauk. 70s approaching eastern pennsylvania. pike county and portions of sullivan county, as well. and it looks like you'll see some storminess to the north and west tonight over parts of pike county and up towards monticello. that's where we're going to see the heaviest rain situated tonight. so you could get more than an inch-and-a-half of rain here in monticello between 9:00 p.m. and about midnight from those cells coming in. you'll get the front first. and then it moves through the city in the morning, but watch out around parts of the jersey shore around 5:00 near barn i gut and ocean county. tropical downpours. the city will be just on the edge of this front. it is going to stall out right over the city and parts of connecticut and the jersey shore
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around 11:00 in the morning. and then the storms form from the city north and east during the afternoon and could be a couple severe storms in spots over long island. after that, dry and look at the cool temperatures come back. 50s north and west by wednesday morning. and here's a look at the possible rainfall totals. you can see the spots, monticello, barnigut, danbury, an inch or more of rain between now and this time tomorrow. in the meantime, the air quality not so great ahead of this front. so through 11:00 this evening we still have the air quality alert in effect for parts of new jersey. and there's that area where there will be a slight chance of some severe storms tomorrow, parts of connecticut and the eastern end of suffolk county. we'll be tracking it for you. increasing clouds this evening. yes, some fog in spots, and a slight chance of a shower or thunderstorm, especially north and west. but by late tomorrow, it's starting to clear out, and we've got sunshine to clear through monday, with 90 degree heat coming next week. chuck, back to you.
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>> if you want a job at chipotle, they're hiring. they announced plans to hire 4,000 workers for its first ever national career day. the new hires will fill positions at chipotle, as well as staff at 200 new locations. the company plans to open this year. those interested can register online at national career >> that food is delicious. >> you like chipotle. >> i love chipotle. >> there's an opening there, you know. still ahead, the baseball return that has the met fans very excited tonight. >> also ahead, a $380,000 reward now being offered in the ashley madison data breach. this as a couple of deaths are now connected to the hacking. and coming up at 6:00. on news 4 exclusive. former mayor rudy guiliani sounds off about the homeless. next at 6:00.
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the mets finally get their captain back tonight. >> david wright returns to the
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game for the first time since a serious health issue. >> bruce beck is in philly where the mets play tonight. bruce, mets fans are really happy about his return, right? >> reporter: shiba, david wright is back. there's no question everyone is excited. after a 131-day absence, the captain returns to the lineup. he will bat fourth tonight, for the amazans. he has been out of action since april 14th, battling spinal stenosis, a narrowing of the spinal column that causes discomfort in the lower back. david spoke to the media just 30 minutes ago. >> david, what are your expectations? >> well, my expectations are the same as any time i take the field. i expect to go out there and perform and help this team win. these guys have done a tremendous job and put us in a position, you know, to be in a playoff hunt right down to the stretch.
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and i'm very fortunate and thankful to everybody here to kind of accept me with open arms coming in it, and, you know, just excited to be back, excited to take the field again. and, you know, very thankful, it's something that there was a lot of question marks three or four months ago. and i'm glad i was able to get to the point where i am now. >> reporter: wright is joining a team that is in first place in the national league east. by five full games over the nationals. coming up at 6:00, we'll hear from manager terry collins, who talked about what it was like tonight to pencil into the lineup card number five. chuck and shiba, back to you. >> just great, great news, bruce. thank you. and especially so close to september here. >> you bet. >> yeah. david ushery is here with a look at what's new at 5:30. we are continuing to follow breaking news you've been talking about. a buzz bus into a building in reego park. and a 2-year-old rescued from smoke and flames. up next, the firefighter who
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saved the little boy describes the dangerous search inside a burning brooklyn home. and a big problem with a bad batch of iphones. what's wrong with them? how to tell if yours is affected and how you can get it fixed. all that in the minutes ahead.
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have a tip for new york's biggest i-team, call 866-news-244 or e-mail news 4 new york begins with breaking news. >> now at 5:30, a tour bus crash in queens. six people hurt, including the driver.
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crews say this scene is going to take a while to clear. new information coming in from minute. >> a lot going on. right now let's go to news 4's dennis protsko, over the scene in chopper 4 for breaking details. dennis? >> reporter: that's right, linda. looking down at the scene here, wood haven boulevard in the northbound direction where this bass was traveling and made a right-hand turn on to 63rd road around 2:30 this afternoon. somehow lost control, taking out the side of this building. a three-story building, two bottom floors very heavily damaged. and as you mentioned, six people here in total injured. five on the bus injured, including the bus driver. also one inside the building, all taken to local hospitals at this hour in unknown conditions. as we bring you back out, still a lot of action going on at the scene. we understand that fdny and structural engineers on scene making a determination if the building is stable enough to take this bus out of the building. and as we stand right now with all that activity going on and a lot of emergency vehicles in the area, we have a good portion of
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wood haven boulevard that is closed down in the northbound direction at 63rd drive. also southbound wood haven boulevard actually open at this hour, getting by without much trouble. again, we do have delays on the southbound wood haven boulevard coming from the l.i.e. and a section of 63rd avenue and fidget street closed due to the ongoing investigation. dennis protsko. david and linda, back to you in the studio. also tonight, plucked from the flames. >> a firefighter rescued a 2-year-old boy trapped a boy in a home in brooklyn. tonight he's in critical condition. an air conditioner plugged into an extension cord sparked the flames early this morning in marine park. kathryn creag explains where the boy was found. >> very chaotic scene. people yelling that the baby was still inside. >> reporter: lieutenant victor ma lukis described how dramatic detail how a mattress burned nearby and he desperately
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searched for a 2-year-old boy. >> i took a chance and went into the room and as the mattress was burning or what i could feel was a mattress and a bunk bed, i swept the top of the mattress to room. there was nothing on the mattress at that time. >> reporter: fire broke out at this home on avenue p in morning. neighbors described what they saw. >> just thick smoke when i got here. and it was just a lot of chaos. >> reporter: the lieutenant on his hands and knees kept searching for the 2-year-old and finally found him in a pile of clothes on the floor. >> as i was searching the floor, i came across the lifeless infant. surreal. i have kids of my own. like anyone else, you hear that, and your sense is just -- everything, your adrenaline goes up even more. >> reporter: we talked with the father of the 2-year-old who says his son is in a medically induced coma and doing much
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better now.


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