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tv   Today in New York  NBC  August 26, 2015 5:00am-6:42am EDT

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they tied up a teenage girl, a 13-year-old. also a 31-year-old woman and a 34-year-old man who led there. this happened in late july, 8:00 in the morning. we just talked with a resident here who said he was horrified fhearing about this crime. >> i have a daughter. it's kind of scary. >> reporter: >> there are police officers around the block. >> sometimes they come. once in a while they -- >> reporter: here's another look ator the three suspects. they attacked the man in the artment also, punching and kicking him. the victim end d up in the hospital. we mentioned, pat, that the suspects got away with thousands of dollars in cash. also jewelry and electronics from the victims. back to you. >> very frightening. a 13-year-old girl. that's good video, hopefully they'll get a shot. coming up, time for check of weather and traffic on the 4s. let's start with chris cimino. we see the sun peeking out there behind you, chris.
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that's always a good sign. >> not real, though. >> but it's symbolic. >> it will look like that in an hour and 15 minutes. >> not yet. it will be a beautiful sunrise. very low humidity levels. pleasant afternoon breeze with temperatures this afternoon into starti out in the upper 60s. lot of 50s isen the burbs. going to about 80 by noon and 84. that's the forecast high. that should occur around 3:00 this afternoon. let's hope the midweek early commute is treating us nicely. what's the latest, lauren? >> as far as the buses go, a lot of the detours cleared. one left. the b 62. then if you're getting on the subways. signal problems affecting n and q trains. the trains are running express to astoria boulevard and uptown q trains are terminating at 57th street, 7th avenue. expect delays on the n and the
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q. here's your commuter checklist. metro-north, lirr, without dee lags and service changes. alternate side of the street parking changes in effect. more weather and traffic ahead on the 4s. >> lauren, thank you. $225 million will be paid to help clean up dozens of polluted sites. critics say it's not enough. the settlement ends a legal battle of the damage done to 15 go00 acres of wetlands in bayonne and linden. it's a far cry from the $9 billion that the state once demanded. the judge who pproved the settlement called it fair and reasonable. in the bronx, investirftors are searching for the cause of a house fire that injured eight firefighters. the fire ripped through the home near wakefield. the flames were knocked down, about two hours latpr. officials believe the fire started in the back of the home. e injuries to the eight firefighters are not considered to be serious. the new york city council is
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asking for a crackdown on synthetic marijuana or k 2. the council working on legislation with stronger civil penalties. each has its own dange. emergency room visits up in the city. it's mainly middle-aged people becoming addicted. >> the term synthetic marijuana is not what they are smoking. this is not a plant. this is not marijuana. this is a dangerous >> under this new legislation, anybody caught selling k 2 could face a $5,000 fine or up to a year in prison. 5:06 now. the owner of mystic pizza is headed to prison because of a problem regarding a lot of dough. the shop is the title of the movie starring young julia robe s. now the owner will serve a year and a day in federal prison. he pleaded guilty to tax evasion and hiding hundreds of thousands of dollars in profits.
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gamblers hoping to bet on college sports in new jersey's casinos are getting a legal th,umbs down. i u.s. appeals court upheld a nationwide ban. the judge said only four things betting. new jersey lawmakers rewrote the sports betting law. tried to overcome an earlier court ruling. they're going to try to appeal with higher authority. in france, the suspect in that foiled terror attack on a paris-bound train was part of a planned project. he's being charged with terrorism terrorism. they say he watched a jihad i film on his phone minutes before he picked up an assault rifle and headed into a passenger car. he had nine fully loaded clips with 270 rounds much ammunition along with a luger handgun, a box cutter and atoottle ofa gasoline. they're offering photos to show they did in fact destroy an cient temple in syria. do
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e militants blew up the protected site on sunday. it caused a united nations nation's group to call it a war crime. the temple they destroyed dated back to the first century and it was listed as a world heritage site. in today's money keport, plastic may beantastic for college stew dense udents students. campus cards could be a benefit for younger users. they cite lower interest rates and cashback bonuses. interest on the average campus card is 13.37%. >> that story was written by five college students. >> i was going to say. >> needed things for the car. 5:08 now. still ahead, more fireworks between donald trump and journalists. we're going to get a live report from washington, d.c. and a consumer alert you need to know about before you cut your lawn today. plus, weather and traffic on
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four things to know this morning. a prosecutor in west virginia sa dys she will charge a 14-year-old boy who held 29 students and a teacher at begun point at a high school. that teen surrendered after hours of negotiation. nobody was hurt. a judge will formally sentence color o movie theater shooter james holmes today to life in prison without parole. he was convicted of killing 12 people, injuring dozens of others in that attack in 2012. the head of fema heads to the gulf coast for the tenth anniversary of hurricane katrina. craig fugate will begin a tour storm. he'll start in mississippi today. and a consumer alert this morning. about 4400 scag liberty
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lawnmowers being recalled due to s a cua tension gas tank reak. you're advised to stop using in immediately and contact tthhe manufacturer. time for a check of weather and traffic as we get up to 5:14 right now. let's check in with chris. look at the temperatures. really nice early morning weather, right? >> comfy as they say. a window-opener. breeze kicking in. temperatures dropping into the 50s. nice stuff for the end of august. 59 in howell. 55 in jackson this morning. 58 in toms river. all under a clear sky. on the coast, milder, comfortable between 60 and 65. the city and long island, the cooler air is penetrating. still in the mid and upper 60s. shave off a few degrees here. then we bounce it right back. for the most part, the clear sky is taking over. north to northwesterly breeze of drier air, comfortable cortnditions for today. you zoom in, we're in good shape this morning. beautiful sunrise should be a nice clear sky.
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the tropics getting active. this is, again, the impactcof what is tropical storm erika. we have tropical storm warnings in effect northern leeward islands into the virgin islands into puerto rico as well. we'll keep an eye on the track of the storm. the newest prediction has it with 40 mile an hour winds to the west and northwest. it may become a category 1 hurricane. 80 mile an hour winds come early monday morning as it's approaching the southeast cloth to fla florida. again, further soout and east, from saturday to early next week, keep an eye and ear open for updates. meantime, for us, a sunny die light. a moonlit sky, beautiful. mid-60s in midtown. 50s in the suburbs. wouldn't be surprised if a few folks slip into the -- parts of the catskills and poconos. tomorrow, few more clouds mixing in, in the afternoon tomorrow. still nice with low humidity and a high of 82 degrees.
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look at the seven-day forecast. we need some rain. we're not going to get any. at least the weekend looks good. humidity climbing over the weekend. more clouds in the mix. upper 80s, around 90 for monday and tuesday of next week. little after 5:15. let's find out about the wednesday commute, lauren. >> lots of roadwork. a live look at the staten island expressway. we're in the eastbound lanes and we have two of them shut down out between richmond avenue and clos slosson avenue. things are slow going already. be out there for a while. leave yourself extra time. let's head over to the brooklyn bridge. here's what it looks like on the bqe. things moving better through this area. construction out there. you also have the manhattan bound side of the span which will reopen at 6:00. we'll head over to the alexander hamilton bridge. you're in the process of clearing construction at the george washington bridge. it's not affecting the alexander hamilton bridge.
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the cross bronx is still in good shape. alternate side of the street parking rules in effect. more weather and traffic on the 4s. >> thanks, lauren very much. now to decision 2016. donald trump making waves on the campaign trail. this time in iowa. latest. you might say it's trump against 15 opponents and two journalists. >> exactly. love him or hate him, michael, donald trump made this an interesting republican presidential primary. take a look at this video where he fought with another journalist last night. >> donald trump spoke to some 3,000 supporters in dubuque, eye wachlt the real fireworks came afterwards. a television news anchor from uni-vision started asking questions about immigration to trump while he was speaking. >> who is next? >> excuse me. sit down. you weren't called. sit down. go ahead. >> no, you don't.
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you haven't been called. go back to uni-vision. >> the journalist was removed and later returned and allowed to ask his questions about supporting all i will leem immigrants if trump were president. >> the one thing we'll start with are the gangs. you do agree there are bad ones. do you agree with that or do you think everyone is perfect. i asked you a question. >> a new gallup poll view trump favorably. 34% o the same group republicans want to bring into the party like jeb bush. >> i'm not a talker. i'm a doer. there's a lot of good talkers running for president. there's one in particular i'm thinking of. >> each of the other 16 republican presidential hopefuls are finding it hard to get their message out with the attention and crowd trump draws. with the next republican debate just three weeks away, the other candidates are trying to shine just to get on stage.
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reporting live in washington, edward lawrence. back to you. michael, pat. >> edward, thank you very much. it's 5:17. still ahead on "today in new york," more problems than just property damage for those in the path of those wildfires out west. >> then the on-camera reporting that led to the arrest of a man allegedly sabotaged red light cameras and talked about it. >> a painter's extension rod.
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live look at the lincoln tunnel getting into the city at 5:21 right now. you've seen the destructive wildfires out west. they're not only destroying homes. they're hurting people's health at this point. the smoke so thick that people are having trouble breathing. air quality poor in many areas where the flames are raging. people were warned about the smoky air. this is washington state. they've been warned about the smoky air as far east as colorado and wyoming. >> wow. incredible pictures. look at that. imagine the scare that this tornado caused. this is northwest of sydney, australia. there was a woman in her kitchen
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making dinner and the twister tore through. power was knocked out in the area. all through it, though, nobody was hurt. imagine that. check in with chris. i have to say, chris, you always said about tornadoes in the american midwest. but i haven't talked about them in australia. >> it's not as common. we have the perfect ingredients and formula here. they can occur in the area. >> people taking pictures. scary. >> that's a big one. >> nothing like that happening here. >> nothing like it. >> you can feel safe. blue sky and sunshine. unless that frightens you. i'm sorry. 84 the expected high. looking at a clear sky tonight, comfortable. 50s in many suburbs. just beginning to be another nice weather roll here. >> lauren? how are the roads? >> they're looking pretty good. the rails we have issues on.
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still signal problems on the n and the q. astoria bound running express. some uptown q trains are terminating at 57th street, 7th avenue. you can expect delays in both directions on the n and the q. but here's your major commuter lines, they look good. running without delays and service changes. enjoy that for now. no accidents just roadwork so far. it's 5:23. still ahead on "today in new york," a manhattan-based male prostitution ring brought down. what the owner is saying in his defense. then the tweet that has a former major league baseball star apologizing. >> reporter: michael and pat, crews are going to head back out into the water to search for a possible missing boat. but big questions remain, like did one sink and were there any people aboard? i'm brynn gingras live in sandy hook with the latest on that. that's coming up. if you're about to head out the door, take us with you. keep watching "today in new york." download the "news 4 new york" app on your mobile device right now and we'll be right back.
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5:26 now. the u.s. open begins next week in queens. there's a tough competition under way to determine who takes the court. >> john chandler gives us a look
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at one local hopeful. >> reporter: there's no easy path to the u.s. open. some long island's noah rubin is finding out the hard way. >> three matches against some of the best players in the world. >> reporter: he's one of 128 men and 128 women competing for 16 spots just to qualify for one of the biggest tennis tournaments in the world. >> so much pressure. the other thing is that if you look at this draw, there's 128 really good players. it's not like they can't play. >> reporter: the ultimate goal, of course, is to reach centre court. it's yards away and a big dream for any tennis player. but they have to grind it out on the smaller courts first. he was feeling the heat on court 17 and cramping in the relentless sun. but it was advantage noah rubin. he rallied to win and revved up the home fans. he calls the u.s. open his backyard, after all. >> nice lively crowd for the new yorker. >> 9,000 people.
5:25 am
but i don't know one of them. it makes it easy to impress any of them. everybody here, i don't know, couple hundred or whatever it is, i know every single one of them. makes it tougher. >> reporter: pressure is something he welcomes. he turned pro in june after nearly winning a national championship as a wake forest freshman. even hit balls with president obama in april. >> the president of the united states. i crossed that off the bucket list. that's pretty good. >> reporter: next item to cross off? qualifying for the u.s. open. he has two matches to go. john chandler, "news 4 new york." that's going to be special. >> exactly. >> right now, crews continue to search for a fishing boat believed to have taken on water off the new jersey coast. a security camera video that could help police track down a trio of violent robbers. good morning everybody. wednesday, august 26th at 5:30 almost.
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>> you want it to be friday. i don't blame you. no, i didn't catch it. it was funny. it is a beautiful morning. i'm pat battle. darlene is taking august 26th, 27th and 28th off this week. chris cimino is not. he's in the weather center. >> good news on this 26th. a good weather went through michael's favorite day, the 28th. temperatures cooled down to the north. 57 in rhinebeck and 55 lagrange. get closer to the city. milder and 64 in white plains. 61 in long branch. a lot of 50s through the northern half of new jersey. plenty of sunshine throughout the day from sunup to sundown. near perfection with -- 80 at noon. forecasting a high of 84 degrees. lauren. >> i do have good news. i was talking about service changes on the n and the q. that is all cleared up. n and q, resume normal service.
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there's a fire hydrant leaking between 1st and 2nd avenues. we have staten island construction. the staten island expressway backed up already. there. two lanes shut down between avenue. more weather and traffic coming up on the 4s. >> thank you very much. we want to go out to long island and brynn gingras. she's following the search for a boat with a twist here. brynn, they're not sure whether in fact a boat has been lost and exactly what happened to it. >> reporter: yeah, michael. still a lot of major questions this morning. crews finished up their search last night and came up short. they didn't find anything. did a boat even sink. that is one of the major questions this morning that authorities are going to try to confirm later when they get back out there on the water. regardless, again, this intense search, like one yesterday, it's going to continue into today in these waters. just a mile and a half off the sandy hook coast.
5:28 am
reports are that a 40-foot fishing trawler sank in about tuesday afternoon. 4:30. without being able to confirm that, authorities don't know how many people may have actually been on board that boat or who owns the boat and where it came from. two young fishermen that we talked to say they actually saw it sink. >> we saw a boat come in from the right side of us come to the left and we saw it going down. wasn't looking too good. >> reporter: now, this is a picture from the monmouth county sheriff's department. they tweeted it yesterday. this is possible debris. it was found in that search field that they were looking at yesterday. again, that is where they're going to continue later this morning. they're using every possible technology they have, michael. sonar, divers. just trying to confirm if a boat lives lost. >> we heard from the two young men who said they saw a boat in distress.
5:29 am
they don't even know -- the authorities must not be able to tell if that boat is the one they're looking for. if that's a boat recovered and went on to shore. >> reporter: exactly, michael. again, there's so many questions and one of the things that witnesses describe is how these waters are about 4 feet and go 40 feet and there's a channel. it's a lot of water that's rushing around. even if something did sink, it could have been pushed out farther away making it more difficult for authorities. >> brynn, thanks very much on the scene as the search is about to get under way. thanks again. new this morning, police are trying to find three people behind a violent robbery in brooklyn. they need your help to do so. katherine creag joins us. they have video of the suspects they want you to see it morning. katherine? >> reporter: pat, three suspects, three victims. we're told that the victims were tied up with duct tape. one of the victims, a 13-year-old girl. the crime happened in this neighborhood. there are clear images, video of the suspects released by the
5:30 am
nypd hours ago. the three suspects made their way into an apartment building. here where we are, sutter avenue and union street. they went to the victim's in through the door. is 13. 34-year-old man. this happened in late july. 8:00 in the morning. we talked with a resident earlier who is shocked hearing about this crime. >> i have a daughter. it's kind of scary. around the block? >> sometimes they come, sometimes they pass by once in a blue, once in a while. >> reporter: we want to show you images again of the suspects. one of the victims badly beaten. the suspect attacked adult man who was there in the apartment. punching and kicking him. he ended up in the hospital. the suspects got away, pat, with $3500 in cash, also electronics and jewelry belonging to the victims. back to you, pat. >> thank you so much for that, katherine. in the race for president, donald trump renewing his
5:31 am
battling with reporters. he had jorge ramos escorted out tuesday in iowa. ram sews an anchor at uni-vision. the spanish language network. he claims that ramos spoke out of turn when he questioned trump's stand on immigration. >> excuse me, you weren't calmed. sit down. sit down. sit down. go ahead. no, you don't. you haven't been called. go back to uni-vision. >> ramos was escorted out. he did get back in and managed to question donald trump. he also reignited his feud with megyn kelly. he tweeted several disparaging remarks. he asked her questions during the first republican debate. fox is now demanding an apology. amidst of all this, matt lauer is going to sit down with donald trump for a one-on-one interview. you can catch that at 7:00 a.m. on the "today" show.
5:32 am
speculation is growing over vice president joe biden's possible presidential bid. he's going to hold a conference leaders. vice president is going to talk deal. some call that move unusual. cnn is reporting that president obama has given biden his blessing to run. the vice president's office, report. investors fastening their seatbelts gearing up for another bumpy day on wall street. china's shanghai market went on a roller coaster ride overnight. ended up down about 1.3%. not as bad as earlier losses. though investors seem unimpressed with china's attempt to bolster its sagging economy. dow futures are up 200 points here at home. a man faces charges for tampering with red light cameras. wait until you hear how he got busted for it. >> he used a long pole to poke
5:33 am
the cameras in ronkonkoma. he tilted them upwards to the sky so they couldn't photograph red light runners. >> you save our taxpayers, we save innocent people a lot of money. see what i just did. all it took was a pair of -- and april painter's extension rod. >> he put himself out there, you might say and police managed to track him down after that video was posted on his facebook page. so we have the video and his facebook page allegedly showing him in the act. he was arrested yesterday at his home in center reach. he felt passionately about the red light cameras and will undergo the legal process. >> don't do that. let's get a check of weather and traffic with chris. >> you feel a big difference outside. the air mass is down to -- nudged out to sea. relief has arrived. it feels good. low humidity levels. nice pleasant breeze through the
5:34 am
afternoon. temperatures climbing back to the low and middle 80s. it's comfortable at 69 degrees. a lot of 50s in suburbs to the north and west. 70 by 8:00. 84 by 3:00. 82 at 6:00. featuring a good deal of sunshine. going to be a nice wednesday. let's check on the commute with lauren. >> we have new problems for our air mont area commuters. route 59 shut down by brookside avenue because of an accident with a downed pole and wires in the roadway. alternate option, the thruway moving along nicely through here. mass transit, one detour, the b 62. the trains look good, including the subways and major commuter lines running on or close to schedule. you need to move your cars today. alternate side of the street parking rules in effect. more weather and traffic on the 4s. lauren, thank you. passengers describing the chaos after they were trapped inside a bus that slammed into a building in queens. the casino bus hit the building
5:35 am
in regal park monday afternoon. the bus crashed after being cut off by another vehicle. six people were hurt including the driver trapped in the wreckage. neighbors rushed to help as panicked passengers tried to get out. news 4 spoke exclusive to one of the passengers. >> all of a sudden, everybody started screaming and yelling. they think the building was coming down on the bus. them people really do a great job assisting, getting us off the bus. >> whitfield was not seriously injured. the driver, accused of cutting off the bus, has been hit with a summons for making an improper turn. the mta is condemning three separate attacks. the first one happened saturday night on the j train at the delancey street station in manhattan. a man hit a train operator in the face and ran off. officials say that within the span of two hours, somebody else hurled a beer, a beer can, we
5:36 am
should say at another mta worker in brooklyn. in queens, a third person spit on a worker's face. right now, no one can log on to a well-known male escort website while its owners are out on bail. the site is called federal agency shut it down. the ceo and six employees were arrested they say they conspired to promote international prostitution. they deny it and say "we bring good people together." ashley madison is trying to find the hackers -- the site is offering $500,000 to find those behind the massive data breach. nicole snooki polizzi says her husband never signed up on the site and calling the allegations absurd. josh tateman of the real housewives of new york admits he had an account but signed up for
5:37 am
it foolishly with a group of friends. we know that law enforcement agencies use dogs to sniff bombs and drugs, et cetera. there are five who can sniff out porn so to speak. one is named bear. it's a black lab. he helped to crack the case in a former subway sandwich spokesman jared fogle. bear found the data storage device in fogle's home. he was later charged with possessing porn. they learned how to distinguish the odor given by unique thumb drives and external hard drives. >> a lot of people -- curt schilling apologizing now for a comment that pulled him from the espn broadcast booth at the little league world series. schilling posted a tweet online that read, i understand and accept my suspension. 100% my fault. bad choices have bad consequences. according to published reports,
5:38 am
schilling previously posted and deleted another quote equating nazis. still ahead on this wednesday morning, what shut down a popular beach spot and will it reopen before our summer winds down? the special blessing at st. patrick's cathedral as preparations continue for pope francis' visit here to new york. we've got weather and traffic on the 4s coming up. you're watching "today in new york."
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live look at the george washington bridge. welcoming pat battle and chris cimino from new jersey into new york early this morning. all right. good time for a check of weather and traffic on the 4s. i know you take different crossings. >> you're the bridge, right? >> i'm a gwb girl. >> the tunnel is sort of -- >> if you see things in the tunnel, there's a problem. >> there's a big problem. you want to be outdoors anywhere today. just enjoy the beautiful weather we have starting out this morning in fine fashion.
5:42 am
in the upper 60s. little bit of a breeze. the sky is nice and clear. going to stay that way, too. mostly clear. 69 degrees in the city. relatively speaking, one of the milder spots. in the meantime, we're talking about other dry stretches around here. we need the rain. central park over 5.5 inches below normal. most areas between -- long island a bigger issue. islip needs 8 inches of rain to catch up to the normal level. unfortunately, no significant rain headed our way. >> 53 in belvidere. a lot of mid and upper 50s. in the city, milder and comfortable. in the upper 60s and down the jersey shore. long branch at 61 at this hour. sky is basically clear. >> for the most part, a good deal of sunshine. a few fair weather clouds. making the sky look prettier. following tropical storm erika.
5:43 am
winds at 40 miles an hour moving to the west at 18. expected that those northern leeward islands -- >> perhaps towards the bahamas and maybe southeast florida sometime early monday morning. that's the -- winds of 80 miles per hour, it may become a hurricane. it's more of a formidable tropical storm. rain is a bigger issue for the islands and flooding as opposed to wind damage. we'll have to watch it closer. latter have of the weekend early next week. you can see the northern leeward islands. towards the virgin islands and towards puerto rico as well. that means in the next 36 to 48 hours, there could be tropical storm force winds. nice and clear at 1:00. looking at a few fair weather clouds at 7:00. 8:00 a.m. starts out bright and sunny and into the afternoon, nothing more than a few clouds mixing on in. cooler than today. 84 today, 82 tomorrow.
5:44 am
that's a string of three beauties. upper 80s with more clouds and humidity introduced over the weekend. back close to 90 for the start next week. >> for the most part, a couple of things going on. an accident with a downed pole and wires near brookside avenue. that's still moving along fine this morning. if you're headed eastbound on the tlu flu way -- it's obviously very quiet. we'll head over for a look at the expressway which is extremely backed up. we have roadwork in both directions. eastbound and westbound not an easy ride today. that's jammed up for this hour. we'll head over for a better look at the long island expressway. that traffic is starting to build westbound by the grand central parkway. delays on the grand central. there's late running
5:45 am
in mind. if you're getting on the ferries, staten island ferry, new york waterway and seastreak on the regular routes and schedules. more weather and traffic on the 4s. >> lauren, thanks very much. 5:48 in new jersey. officials are awaiting test results to see if a popular beach will reopen today. it's beach d in sandy hook. it was closed for the first time in 17 years. officials say testing found water. a few hundred yards down, the beach was packed. the water is okay there. some people are still worried. water. >> if one beach is closed, but the other one is open, we go along with it. >> officials say the testing found the other sandy hook beaches safe. the group clean ocean action says beaches are cleaner than in previous years actually. but they are calling for more frequent and better testing.
5:46 am
bacterial meningitis is blamed for the death of a 5-year-old girl who first complained of an ear infection two weeks ago. first she needed emergency surgery and she's in a coma. her mother says that she was vaccinated against meningitis but it was not effective against the strain that killed her. combatting legionnaires' disease, the crews are inspecting and cleaning the cooling towers in all city-owned buildings. the yonkers mayor ordered it after the positive finding of legionella last week. clean. work crews are putting the finishing touches on the renovations at st. patrick's cathedral in time for pope francis' visit next month. also a chance for a blessing. cardinal timothy dolan blessed the cardinal hats at the church.
5:47 am
they have long hung at the top of the ceiling over the sanctuary. they were taken down during the renovation. the ceiling is restored and the hats hanging once again. 5:50 now. a 15-year-old boy made a costly mistake that went viral. unfortunately, they don't have to pay for it. the boy stumbles, you see him there, pat. he's holding a drink and he punches a fist--sized hole through the painting titled "flowers" by an italian master. the painting is part of a private collection and insurance will pay for the restoration. may want to rethink their soft drink policy. >> at the same time, right? not one, but two giant pythons recovered in vermont are headed to on animal sanctuary far, far away. one of the snakes, this one was about 17 feet long, weighed in at 220 pounds. how many people, six people -- oh, my goodness. this is a smaller one.
5:48 am
he weighed in at 150 pounds. the collector got him from a man in new york but quickly called animal control. they're on to a way in a sanctuary. >> they're the largest ones they've ever seen in vermont. we're getting a new look at the escape route that david sweat and richard matt used when they broke out of an upstate prison. a walk through of the route they took. after the convicted murderers got out of their jail cells in june, they walked across foot bridges, down ladders, squeezed around pipes and climbed through manhole covers on the street. matt eventually shot and killed. sweat captured two days after that. a special celebration under way at a storied restaurant in mexico city that attracts guests from all over the world. maybe you've been there. it's the home of mariachi. it's marking its 90th anniversary.
5:49 am
when the doors first opened there in 1925. customers treated to it. this beautiful baritone voices of that mariachi band. while enjoying some of mexico's natural drink, which is, michael -- >> tequila. >> i knew you'd know that. >> my wife's favorite drink. >> coming up, the president's game is basketball. he honors the champs at the white house today.
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because they're heart healthy because they're good for kids. and granddads and everyone else in the family. is because of what really matters most. the goodness of oats and the people we love.
5:52 am
a look at weather and traffic. chris has the fabulous forecast. >> that we do. a string of nice days. look to the humidity and it's going to stay dry. no rain to worry about. >> 84 the expected high. nice pleasant breeze. humidity stays down. a comfortable one. good sleeping weather. 50s in the suburbs north and west. maybe a few upper 40s. >> we're getting there, you know. >> warm weather to come. >> the roads are in good shape especially into the hudson river crossing. show you the inbound holland. everything moving nicely into the tolls. same store a the lincoln tunnel and the george washington bridge. on the trains, the major
5:53 am
commuter lines and subways, doing well as well. on or close to schedule. >> more details coming up in a few minutes. president obama expected to honor the wnbc champs. >> they beat the chicago sky last september in a three-game tweet to win their third championship. the white house says the president is not only honoring the mercury for success on the court but efforts in giving back to the community. >> congratulations to them. up next at 6:00, an important recall. before you make breakfast, why you may want to skip the bacon this morning. also at 6:00 a.m., donald trump verb bli sparring with yet another journalist with another republican candidate. >> if you head out the door, download the app on your mobile device. we'll be back in two minutes. you're watching "today in new york."
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5:55 am
5:56 am
sit down. sit down. >> yet another campaign controversy for donald trump as the republican candidate clashes with a news anchor. a mystery off the coast of new jersey. the coast guard headed back out on to the water this morning to try to find out what happened to boat. plus, rolling out a new service. we're going to tell you about the pilot program that could cut the cost of your commute. "today in new york" starts now. good morning everyone. 6:00 a.m. on this wednesday, august 26th. i'm michael gargiulo. i'm pat battle in for darlene who is taking the week off, ending her summer on a high note weatherwise. chris is here with the forecast. >> anybody is lucky enough to have the next few days off sitting pretty. nice in the upper 60s in and around the five boroughs. in the park, down to 68. there are a lot of 50s. danbury, poughkeepsie. mid-50s showing up this morning. while most of long island the
5:57 am
mid and upper 60s. lots of sunshine is what i was talking about. a few fair weather clouds mixing in. low 8 0s at 6:00. let's find out about the commute with lauren. >> good morning everyone. staten island commuters and expressway, slow go today. a live look outside. we have construction in both directions. particularly eastbound is much avier. two lanes shut down out there. if we could show the staten island expressway between adley avenue and richmond. you can see a slow r e through here. westbound by slosson avenue, watch out for construction there. then, route 59 shut down right now because of a downed pole and wires in the air monk area. your best bet is head to the thruway. more weather and traffic on the 4s. coast guard crews are getting ready to come back out on to the water. a fishing vessel was reported spotted as it was sinking in the
5:58 am
waters off the sandy hook. brynn gingras is there. you've been there for some time now, br n. att this point, we still don't know what they're looking for or who they might be looking for. >> reporter: yeah. there's a lot of agencies to figure out all those questions, michael. of course, they have all the technology at their hand sonar and divers as well. they'll be back out here, as you mentioned, michael, later this morning. a big question that remains, as you mentioned, did a boat sink. the coast guard is saying it still can't confirm one did. a 40-foot fishing trawler went under around 4:30 tuesday afternoon. it's unclear at this point if anyone was on board the boat or who the boat belonged to. the sheriffs department tweeted a picture of possible debris. that's the only glimmer of evidence authorities have seen. those who know the area well understand the dif culties that the rescue workers face.
5:59 am
>> right there, it goes from like 4 feet to 60 feet in a matter of a few feet. >> reporter: and we're expecting all those crews to come back here pro bly around 8:00 or 9:00 this morning. come back to this station, head back out to the water and again, hope to get some res d ion to the many burning questions. michael, back to you. >> brynn, one questi haon. no distress call received, though, right? >> reporter: no distress lli as mentioned earlier in the show, did anyone call in and say my loved one didn't return home? those are things e're hoping to answer later this morning. >> thehank you very much. new this morning, polic ise need your help trying to find a person they say stabbed a teenager in washington heights. this is security camera video of the person that they are looking r. they say he approached a 15-year-old victim from behind following a dispute on west 184th street yesterday afternoon. police say he stabbed the
6:00 am
uthospital. also new this morning, the t search for three robbers who forced their way into a home in brownsville, brooklyn. the three of them assaulted a man, tied up a woman and a 13-year-old girl inside a apartment on sutter avenue. july. this security camera video of the suspects was just released this morning. police say the men ran off with in cash. we'll have a live report from "today in new york's" katherine creag at 6:30. ho use, donald trump once again putting journalists in his po vilitical crosshairs. >> sit down. si t down. sit down, please. you weren't called. >> that was dthald trumnop in iowa yesterday. he had news anchor jorge aamos ejected frof a news conference. he's an anchor at uni-vision, the spanish twork.
6:01 am
he claims he stood up and started asking questions about immigration. >> excuse me. siowt down. you weren't called. sit eown. ursit down. go ahead. , you don't. you haven't been called. go back to uni-vision. >> later, ramos was allowed back into the news conference and he did get a question in to donald trump. trump meantime, reignited his feud with megyn kelly. she co-hosted the republican debate. p quoted several disparaging remarks abo her and fox wants an apology. on the "today" show, you'll hear what donald trump has to say about this when he speaks live to matt lauer ahead at 7:00 a.m. >> certainly drawing a lot of attention. 6:04 on this wednesday morning. timeme for a look at weather and tr fic on the 4s. let's get to chris who has a beautiful forecast. not just for today. >> absolutely. we h're talking about a weather roll starting today with beautiful conditions in the low
6:02 am
to o mid-80s. near perfect. the rest of the week lhoking pretty good. de e heat builds by the weekend. humiaity starts in creep up little bit. we're tracking, again, tropical storm erika very closely for the latter half of the weekend. meantime, for us, right now, cool and comfortable, 68 degrees in thind park. a lot of 50s in the suburbs. plenty of sun throughout the day. 80 by noon. forecasting a high at 3:00 of 84 degrees. let's see if there are any issues for the commute. lauren? outside of roadwork, things look pretty good on the roads. on the rails, everything close to on time. we'll look at the roadwork. this is the bqe by the brooklyn bridge. a slow ride as they clear construction. just a little bit longer and it should ease out aebit. alternate side of the street parking rules in fek. more weather and traffic ahead on the 4s. >> thank you, lauren. two nato service members are dead this morning following a shooting inside a military base in southern afghanistan.
6:03 am
two men wearing afghan ecurity force uniforms opened fire on a vehicle with international troops inside. this is in the helmand province. the gunmen were then shot and killed. they're not disclosing the nationality yet. new this morning, french prosecutors charged the suspect in the foiled train attack ,ith terrorism. theey say ayyoub el khazzani watched a jihadi video b anefore heading on to a passenger car with weapons, including an assault rifle with several magazines. he said he found the weapons and was going to rob people. the first of three americans who stopped him now headed home. a parade f anthony sadler and two others being planned in california. a woman whose image became an iconic snapshot after september 11th has died.
6:04 am
it was taken after she escaped from the towers that day. she was known to many as the dust lady because she, as so many others, were covered in that dust. she died monday night in the hospital after losing her battle with cancer and told new jersey journal that she believed that the dust from the collapsing world trade centers was the cause of her disease. in a tweet, mayor de blasio wrote marcy borders' passing is a difficult reminder of the tragedy our city suffered nearly 14 years ago. new york city holds her loved ones in our hearts. so-called stop and frisk receipts. itri's part of the new guidelines for the stop and frisk po cies. they proposed that officers issue explanatory receipts to people they stop but do not arrest. that receipt would include the officers' name. it's just another burden on officers, a measure he says would end proactive policing in the city.
6:05 am
a new jersey judgentas approved the state's $225 million settlement with exxon-mobil. a settlement that en yds an 11-year legal battle over dozens of sites polluted by that oil company. e deal has the backing of governor chris christie and the judge who approved it called it fair and reasonable. critics are calling it a sellout. they say the state should have held out for more money. cnbc money report. wall street is hoping for a rally following yesterday's stumble at the closing bell. landon dowdy joins us with the devitails and more. landon, a great explanation yesterday of how wall street can change attitude from the start the market the close of the market. >> you said it, michael. it has been a wild ride the last couple of days. the good news is u.s. markets are poised for another bounce at the opening bell today following tuesday's late-day fade. stocks started sharply higher with the dow up 441 points. after china took action to prop up its slumping markets. the gains were changed in the
6:06 am
afternoon with selling picking up inethe final hour. the dow closing down 205 points for the biggest one-day reversal in seven years. europe is in the red today. uber is testing a bus line service in san francisco with a new feature called smart routes. it will drive on a set route and set stops and pick up passengers along the way as part of uber pool where passengers share a ride for a lower cost. michael and pat, like a commuter shuttle. >> sounds like the bus. >> right. >> let's go on a field trip. it's 6:09. if you're making breakfast, we have a bacon recall to tell you about. fed up, the one behavior that virtually everybody hates at the dinner table. betty know what that is. we'll have your weather and traffic on the 4s. when we come back. york."
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george washington bridge, a live look there. colorado movie theater shooter james holmes will be formally sentenced today. holmes expected to get life in prison without parole. there has been debris recovered off the coast of new jersey during a search for a fishing boat that was reportedly spotted sinking yesterday afternoon. crews expected to resume that search off sandy hook shortly. we have an important consumer alert before you make breakfast. kraft is recalling 2 million pounds of oscar mayer turkey bacon. the meat may spoil f
6:11 am
the use by date. if you have a product in your refrigerator, head tn there you go. if you don't have a pet, you woulf appre ate it if you brought one into your home. we had a great experience on our clear the shelters. we're still thrilled about that. 6:14. time for weather and traffic on the 4s. hope you'll bring something special home for sir charles. >> every day is a charles appreciation day. >> there you go. >> every day. >> i'll do something extra today. in the meantime, everybody gets a gift, even the humanoids. we're talking about a string of 80 degrees or higher, the 47th day in a row. we've looked at 47 days consecutively over 80. i think we do it again today. the normal high temperature is 81 degrees today. but we probably get above that. a high of 84.
6:12 am
the difference today, the 84 is more comfortable. be a breeze too. 59 in redding. 61 in fairfield. cooled down in the burbs. lot of 50 naez s in the hudson valley. check out sussex, morristown, all at 54 degrees. natural air conditioning going on there. some 60s in long island as the cool air slowly works its way eastward bound. notice the clear sky carved out over the tristate. may be a few fair weather clouds mixing in. playing ball at the stadium. astros and yanks. hopefully the yanks better than last night. 81 degrees first pitch temperature with lots of sunshine. beautiful day for a ball game. put on sunscreen to protect yourself. sunny delight forecast. 84 degrees. clear, comfortable, tonight. mid-60s in midtown. 50s in a lot of the suburbs. tomorrow, more clouds get introduced into the picture in the afternoon. mix with sunshine.
6:13 am
still a nice day. a high of 82 degrees. >> heading out to the shore today. not a bad place to be. 80 to 85. wa ve heights 2 o 3 on the ocean. a land breeze at 5 to 15 miles an hour. water temperature up there. al to 78 degrees. uv index very high. at an 8. the rip current risk is low today. you can pretty much go in the water safely. pay attention to lifeguards and any warnings. 83 friday, 82 tomorrow. upper 8s saturday and sunday. near 09 come monday and tuesday next week. let's find out about the wednesday morning commute. we do that by asking lauren. >> we have a couple of problems. queens, two of them -- queens bound lower level of the queensboro bridge. that's in the right line. there are delays here. the vehicle fire on the l.i.e., this is westbound after exit 17 which is the bqe. that blocks the lane.
6:14 am
this is possibly on the service road. as soon as i have clarification on that, expect delays on the main roadway in this area as well. then heading over to the cross bronx expressway, we have reports of a disabled vehicle by white plains road. watch out for delays here. once you're past it, smooth sailing. over to route 59, both lanes shut down by brookside avenue. a downed pole and wires. you need to head to the thruway as an alternate. eastbound, you have the pachg project here. heading into richmond avenue and westbound by slosson, a few lanes shut down. leave yourself extra time. alternate side of the street parking rules in effect today. more coming up on the 4s. now to a hostage situation that left a community in west virginia shaken. a 14-year-old boy held 29 students and a teacher at gunpoint in a high school classroom for some 2 1/2 hours yesterday afternoon.
6:15 am
officials are praising the teacher, though, for keeping that teen calm while police negotiated his surrender. that teen is being evaluated at a hospital. his motive is still unknown. curt schilling is apologizing. the former major league all store posted a tweet that read, "i understand and accept my suspension. 100% my fault. bad choices have bad consequences." according to reports, he had posted another tweet equating muslim extremists to german nazis. that tweet was quickly deleted. ashley madison now offering half a million dollars to find the hackers responsible for unleashing user data. two personalities have been linked to the site. jersey star nicole snooki polizzi said her husband never
6:16 am
signed up for it. she called it absurd. and another admits he had an account saying he signed up for it foolishly with a group of friends. the book club at the center of a wine train controversy is getting an apology this morning. the 11-member group, ignited a social media firestorm when they said they were booted from a wine tasting tour in napa. the women said they were verb bli and physically aggressive. the company says they were 100% wrong in the handling of the issue. they promised additional training for cultural diversity and sensitivity and gave them passes. >> the women um set and live streaming. they said they were laughing too loudly on the train. still ahead, check your vitamins. a popular supplement may not be
6:17 am
as beneficial as it claims. plus owe, trying to beat the red light cameras. see what a long island man did. you're watching "today in new york."
6:18 am
6:19 am
6:20 am
a live look at the hamilton bridge. do you text at the dinner table? your family and friends may have something to say about that. >> i say at every meal. put that phone down.
6:21 am
a new survey found 88% of people believe it is not okay to use a cell phone during dinner, breakfast or lunch either. it's inappropriate at meetings, theaters or religious. >> men are more likely to approve of it in social settings than women. >> i've been in restaurants where the entire family -- the whole family is -- together. >> exactly. put the phones in the basket. >> she was out with girlfriends and they all put their phones in the first one to reach for it, guess what? >> gets the bill. >> they are not going for it. you want to get people not to they have to pay the bill. >> we'll tweet that. that's great.
6:22 am
meantime, beautiful weather. put the phone down, maybe i'll let you take a picture at some point. it is beautiful. >> a few fair weather clouds. tonight, clear, comfortable, 66 in the city. we're looking at 50s in the suburbs. 40s in the distant burbs. michael! >> we have some problems on the roads unfortunately. in queens, we'll take a look at the long island expressway by the grand central parkway. you have delays building westbound. but once you get to the area by the bqe, we have a vehicle fire causing some delays. i'll keep you posted on that. we'll take a look at some subway track work. this is ongoing through september 4th. you can expect delays and service changes off the e, f, m, r from 6:30 a.m. to 11:00 a.m. and again in the evening rush. up next, a story we've been following all morning. jersey. >> reporter: michael, now that there's daylight, crews can
6:23 am
resume that search for that possible missing boat. it was reported that it disappeared yesterday. we'll have the latest on that coming up. >> reporter: i'm katherine creag live in brooklyn where the nypd is looking for three home invasion suspects. they tied up their victims with duct tape. coming up, we'll tell you what they took. if you're about to head out the door, take us with you. keep on watching "today in new york." you can download our "news 4 new york" app on your mobile device right now. it is free. take us with you, please. we want to go too. we'll be right back.
6:24 am
6:25 am
6:26 am
new this morning, a family bound with duct tape as robbers ransacked their home. new jersey. where is the kruf a sunken fishing boat? a long island man, what he did to a red light camera that ended with his arrest. "today in new york" starts now. he didn't exactly hide it. good morning everybody. 6:30 a.m. on this wednesday, i'm michael gargiulo. i'm pat battle in for darlene who is taking the rest of the week off. we're glad.
6:27 am
>> good to see you this morning. sky brightening behind you in that shot. sunshine headed our way. sun working its way up. relief arrived. it feels good. new air mass in place. pleasant afternoon breeze. temperatures climbing into the low and mid-80s this afternoon. starting out in the upper 60s. 68 degrees in central park. but a lot of suburbs down to the 50s. 80 by noon. plenty of sunshine. nice and breezy. 84 the expected high with more sunshine headed our way. let's see how the disposition of the commute is. >> i have an update. two problems in queens. or one headed to queens. reports of a vehicle fire on the long island expressway on hunter point avenue at borden avenue. it's shut down there. that's the green point exit. head to van dam to get there. queensboro bridge, an accident on the inner roadway in the right lane. heavy delays. head over to the midtown tunnel to avoid that. a live look at the george
6:28 am
washington bridge. a problem here as well. delays building at the lower level. coming off the lower level, there is a disabled vehicle blocking a lane. at the lincoln tunnel, only wait about ten minutes. at the holland, five to ten. more weather and traffic on the 4s. >> lauren, thanks very much. the search is on for a trio of robbers who bound their victims with duct tape. "today in new york's" katherine creag is in brownsville where it happened. must have been a terrifying experience for the family, kat. >> reporter: absolutely, michael. one of the gripping things. you find out about this crime. one of the victims, a 13-year-old girl. as you said, tied up with duct tape. also, they were threatened with a gun. it happened in this neighborhood. there are clear images released by the nypd overnight. you see the three suspects there making their way into an apartment building where we are. sutter avenue and union street. then went to the victim's in through the door. they tied up the 13-year-old girl, a 31-year-old woman and 34-year-old man who lived there.
6:29 am
this happened in late july, 8:00 in the morning. we talked about a residents who is horrified hearing about this crime. >> i have a daughter. so it's kind of scary. >> there are police officers around the blocks. >> sometimes they come, sometimes they pass by once in a blue, once in a while. >> reporter: here's another look at the three suspects. they attacked the man, the adult male who was there in the a apartment punching and kicking him. he ended up in the hospital. got away with a lot, michael. $3500 in cash, jewelry and electronics. on your website, there's more of the surveillance video released by the police. back to you, michael. >> kat, thank you very much. police are releasing the photo of a man wanted for threatening to people on april train in brooklyn. this is the man they want. he got into a dispute with a 25-year-old man and 27-year-old woman in kensington last week. i threatened them with a glass bottle and broke it against the
6:30 am
conductor's window. if you recognize him, police want to talk to him. a long island man facing charges for tampering with red light cameras. wait until you hear how he got himself busted. suffolk county police say 42-year-old steven ruth used a long pole to poke several cameras in ronkonkoma. he tilted them upwards towards the sky so they couldn't take pictures of red light runners. >> you save our taxpayers, we save innocent people a lot of money. >> police say they tracked him down because he put this video on his facebook page. allegedly showing him in the act. there he is. that's his booking photo. he was arrested at his home in center reach. drivers in connecticut will once again have to steer clear of some dmv offices. the department is suspending services at four license centers in derby, middletown and milford. they want to reassign workers to the larger offices.
6:31 am
there have been long wait times since the department briefly shut them down for a major computer upgrade. time for weather and traffic on the 4s. let's start with chris cimino. you felt the weather. but it feels differently this morning. >> that's weather you can wear. it gives us extra space. it's cooled down to the north, especially in the 50s. no air conditioning there. rhinebeck is 55. lagrange 54. montgomery is 54. you get closer to the city and you see 60-ish. 61 in white plains. in the city and across long island, mostly mid and upper 60s this morning. all the numbers, northern half of new jersey in the mid and upper 50s. it's a sunny start. plan on it being a bright, sunny day. take the shades with you. leave the umbrellas at home. that's for sure. forecasting a high of 84. the commute from lauren right now. >> we have other problems on the roads for our air mont area commuters. route 59 closed by brookside avenue in both directions.
6:32 am
there's a downed pole and wires that they're working on clearing. you can take the thruway instead. truck route 1 and 9 by dore eem us avenue, a truck blocking the right lane. delays are building. both directions this morning, we have roadwork westbound by slosson avenue and eastbound paving work by richmond avenue is jamming things up as well. this is ongoing. not an easy commute. alternate side of the street parking rules in effect today. 4s. >> lauren, thanks very much. coast guard crews are preparing to go back on the water as they try to solve a boating mystery. it was sinking in the waters off sandy hook, new jersey, brynn gingras, we should point out the report came from two young men but don't know if there's evidence to back up what they say they saw. >> reporter: the coast guard saw it too, michael.
6:33 am
not just those two witnesses. there were other people. did a boat actually capsize. right now another part of the coast guard can't confirm that until it's under the water. some of the major questions remaining. they head out on to the water. they'll have an intense search resume. it's one like we saw last night from several agencies helping out. they'll continue this morning a mile and a half off the sandy hook coast where we are. now, the reports are that a 40-foot fishing trawler sank, it came in from several people. without confirming that, authorities don't know how many people may have been on board the boat or who owns the boat or where it came from. as you mentioned, michael, two young fishermen say they were and they saw it sink. >> we saw a boat come in from the right side of us, come.
6:34 am
it wasn't looking too good. it went down. >> >> reporter: this is a picture that the monmouth county sheriff's department tweeted. they say this is a possible picture of debris from that boat. again, though, that is not confirmed at this point either. again, the search going to continue later this morning. yesterday it included divers and sonar. that's all going to continue when they get back on the water, michael. >> all right, brynn, hopefully they can resolve this mystery. thanks so much. in new jersey, a sandy hook beach may reopen today if test results come back okay. beach d was closed for the first time in 17 years after they found unsafe levels of bacteria in the water. however, a few hundred yards down the shore, another beach packed. they say the water is safe there. but the closure at beach d still had some folks worried. >> i'm a little nervous now to go in the water. >> they're very good tests. if one beach is closed but the other one is open, we go along with the tests.
6:35 am
>> the group clean ocean action says beaches are cleaner than in previous years and calling for more frequent and better testing. a famous male escort website is off line this morning and its owner facing federal charges. it's called federal agents raided the offices yesterday. the ceo was arrested along with six employees. prosecutors say they raked in millions of dollars while promoting prostitution. the ceo denies the charges saying, "i think we do good things for good people". police may have made a break in a string of muggings in central park. joel mccray is being held on riker's island. he's charged with an incident wherer choked a victim walking through the rambles. he stole his bag, wallet and jewelry. he may be responsible for as many as six other robberies going back to july of last year. the new york city counsel sim is answering a call to
6:36 am
crackdown on synthetic marijuana, known as k-2. it's working on new legislation. there are a lot of brands of it on the market each with its own dangers. emergency rooms -- it's predominantly middle aged people becoming addicted to the drug. >> the term synthetic marijuana is not what they were smoking. this is not a plant. this is not marijuana. this is a dangerous chemical. >> under the new legislation, anyone caught selling k-2 could face a $5,000 fine or up to a year in prison. placing bets on college sports, up won't be doing that soon at many new jersey casinos. a court of appeals blocked it. it limits the bets to just four states. new jersey tried once before to allow sports betting. that law was also blocked. but later rewritten. right now, jersey plans to ask the entire federal third circuit
6:37 am
to rehear its appeal. it's 6:39 on this wednesday morning. coming up next, food fight. we're going to show you new video this morning of an annual festival that's a real mess but also a lot of fun. something to consider before you head to work. why something in your office could be more dangerous to your health than even secondhand smoke. plus, we will have your weather and traffic on the 4s when we come back. you're watching "today in new york."
6:38 am
anything. anywhere. anytime. anyone. you know and love. hershey' s is mine, yours, our chocolate spreads.
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6:40 am
new this morning, this is video in from a saucy festival in spain. it's known as the world's
6:41 am
biggest food fight. tomatoes are thrown. crowds show up to see the event. it's 70 years of doing it. if you look closely, pat, you can see who the folks who know what they're doing are. they're wearing the goggles. you don't get tomato in the eye. oh, my. you get it everywhere else. >> it's packed, right? >> yeah. >> lot of people there. >> saucy fest. >> the spanish air force comes over later on with mozzarella. >> the sun bakes them. >> it's fantastic. >> sun-dried. that's where they're coming from. >> i'm glad they have fun. one way to cooling off. we don't have to worry about that for a couple of days. by the weekend, it starts to get hot and steamy again. let's enjoy this nice little break we have while we have it. it's probably going to last through friday. saturday, sunday, you'll feel the muggies come back. 68, mostly clear. that's the low for the morning in central park. outside of the city, 67 in chelsea.
6:42 am
64 in staten island. but you go to the north and west, seeing a lot of 50s. 54 in sussex. monticello, mid and upper 50s. danbury, down to 56. most of long island is still in the mid and upper 60s. most folks enjoying a generally clear sky. talking about another dry stretch of weather. so far, more than 5 1/2 inches below normal. a deficit in islip really in bad shape across long island. over 8 inches below normal. we're talking the steady prolonged rain. showers. forecast for the next few days. pollen report allergy sufferers, the weed count very high. ragweed moderate and the grass count low as well as well as the mold spore count. tropical storm erika, a storm with 40 mile an hour winds moving towards the northern leeward islands. later on tonight and tomorrow, it goes towards puerto rico, dominican republic as well. eventually the bahamas, sometime sunday into monday. by then, the hurricane center
6:43 am
thinks the potential could become a category 1 hurricane lurking somewhere off the southeast coast of florida, late sunday night, early monday. if you have travel plans, keep an open ear to what's going on. tropical storm warnings for the u.s. virgin islands, and the leeward islands. 84 degrees with a west wind. tonight, 66 in the city, moonlit sky and tomorrow, a few more clouds mixing with the sun compared to today. still nice at 82 degrees. friday still looking good too. temperatures over the weekend warming into the upper 80s. then we turn up the heat further and the humidity early next week. wednesday through friday, looking good. few more clouds, humidity and then close to 90 with hazy sunshine monday and tuesday of next week. want to find out about the commute, we'll find out from lauren right now? >> all right, chris. good morning. we have problems on the queensboro bridge. amongst other places. we do have kai simonsen live in
6:44 am
chopper 4 on the lower level, queens bound lower level. a taxi struck a tractor-trailer there. quite messy. plenty of people out there. it is causing delays. this is on the inner roadway heading to queens. delays go back into manhattan. you can head to the outer roadway or to the midtown tunnel to avoid it altogether. you cannot head to the upper level, that's only heading into manhattan. we'll keep a close eye on this. in addition to that, we also have this vehicle fire out there that has hunters point avenue shut down by borden avenue. if you need to get to the queensboro bridge, you want to take the van dam exit right now. the cross bronx expressway westbound before white plains road, watch out for a disabled vehicle in the right lane. delays to the bruckner interchange there. heading over to the new york state thruway, we have an accident southbound heading into exit 11. so west nyack before you get to the tappan zee bridge, delays are building quickly. it's a slow ride for sure. alternate side of the street parking rules in effect today. back to you, pat and michael. thanks very much.
6:45 am
in news for your health, it suggests that workplace stress can be just as dangerous to your health as secondhand smoke. researchers from harvard and stanford analyzed workplace stress, some were terrible with long hours, no job security. others were fair. others with terrible work conditions reported the most health problems. the fish oil supplements that so many of us take may not be doing all they claim to boost your brain power. a new study found the omega 3 supplements don't improve memory. researchers found the supplement did not stop cognitive decline. the bottom line is that supplements are no fast cure. 6:48 right now. up next, tracking passengers. there's a new tool that could customize your next flight >> you're watching "today in new york."
6:48 am
the tappan zee bridge. take it, pat.
6:49 am
>> i think i must, michael. are you okay, michael. heimlich maneuver? it is a beautiful day ahead. delta flight attendants are going to have a wealth of information about you at the tip of their fingers. >> the airline rolling out the new guest services app on their smartphones. they will be able to greet customers by name, track the customer's status on the reward program and determine their drink preferences. the airline says it will help them identify customers who have caused disruptions on other flights. >> it will be mr. gargiulo, welcome, the seat in the back and you'll get your ginger ail, no ice. the "today" show is coming up. let's check in with matt and savannah. >> the tappan zee bridge makes me emotional as well right. something about it. >> it's that rockland county view. >> guys, good morning to you. coming up on the show this morning, donald trump joins us live.
6:50 am
talk about that clash with the uni-vision anchor. and also with megyn kelly. could this confrontational style carry him to the white house or will it wear thin? >> the former prep school accused of rape expected to take the stand today in his own defense. will he be the only witness for the defense? we're live at the courthouse. are you better off eating alone? why more of us are doing that and the surprising impact on our health when we get started on wednesday morning here on "today." >> i had to do that recently. if you don't read or something, don't you look weird staring off into space? >> i feel that way. if i'm alone, i look at my phone. >> i do it all the time. probably twice a week. >> intentionally? >> no, i have no friends. >> i'll eat with you. >> all right, matt. call us any time, matt. >> all right. puts your phone down or you will you have to pick up the tab.
6:51 am
we'll see if the issues on the roads are clearing up after this. you're watching "today in new york."
6:53 am
new this morning, the search is on for a triotof rob who are tape. >> katherine crehg is in brownsville where it all happened. kat. >> rlporter: pat and michael, three suspects and victimized three people, including a teenage girl. they tied them up with duct tape and threatened them with a gun. it happened in july.
6:54 am
but police released new video that you're looking at there. they made their way into an apartment building on sutter avenue and union street. they went to the victim's apartment, tied up a 13-year-old girl and two adults and they also assaulted a male adult. they got away with quite a bit, pat and michael. $3500 in cash and jewelry and electronics. back to you. >> kat, thanks very much. we want to go to brynn gingras in sandy hook, new jersey where a search is with about to resume for a sunken fishing boat. >> reporter: yes, michael. the reports that came in yesterday are substantial according to authorities. and those reports say that it was a 40-foot fishing trawler that went underwater around 4:30 in the afternoon. it's unclear if anyone was even on board. authorities used sonar and divers to search for the vessel before suspending that search last night. as you mentioned, michael, it will pick back up later this morning. >> thank you, brynn.
6:55 am
new this morning, more than 2 dozen people injured in a crash bound for new york city. gray hound bus ended up down an embankment next to teresa long interstate 85 in thomasville, north carolina. this happened around 9:00 last night. 49 customers on board, 48 of them, rather, 29 taken to local hospitals. their injuries unknown. no word on what caused the accident. police would like your help to find a person who stabbed a person in washington heights. this is surveillance video of the person they're looking for. they approached the 15-year-old victim behind following a dispute yesterday afternoon on west 184th street. connecticut drivers have to steer clear of the dmv offices. the department suspending service in derly, milford and middletown. they want to reassign workers from the smaller centers to the larger offices because of the long linings. the only thing that makes waiting in traffic feeling better is waiting in line at the dmv. >> i don't know. you'll be waiting in a lot of
6:56 am
traffic this morning, especially towards the queensboro bridge. kai simonsen is over an accidents on the queens bound lower level. you can see the inner roadway there. there was a taxi that crashed into the back of a truck there. a slow ride through here. you can head over to the midtown tunnel instead. that's a much better option this morning. now, we also have other issues on the roads, on the new york state thruway southbound. there is an accident bip the west nyack. delays back to palisades parkway and now we have delays on uptown 2 and 3 trains. chris with a look at a fantastic forecast. >> i've got the good news today fortunately. sunny skies, lower humidity and april high of 84 this afternoon. into the 60s tonight. 50s in the suburbs. low 80s tomorrow. a few more clouds in the mix in the sky tomorrow. still very nice. 83 on friday. we start to see the humidity build with a few more clouds into the weekend. 87 on saturday, 88 sunday. summer is not done. we'll be around 90 monday and tuesday with hazy sunshine early
6:57 am
next week. we're still having a good go at it. don't forget, it's national dog appreciation day. the "today" show is coming up next. >> that's what's happening "today in new york." >> good morning. ejected. uni vision's anchor kicked out of a donald trump news conference. >> it down. go back to univision. >> as trump's ongoing battle with megyn kelly forcesm er boss to step in. n his confrontational style take him to the white house or will it wear thin with voters? inofterview. hero's welcome. one of the aenricans ho stopped the train attack in france returns to the u.s. the man he helped take down charged with ter overnight. what authorities are revealing about his plan.
6:58 am
>> all eyes on erika. tre opical storm warnings for puerto rico and the virgin islands. and phoenix slammed with high winds. >> oh, my god! >> this morning dramatic images from the storm. and fast food friends? burger king trying to make nice with arch rival mcdonald's by offering to c e up with the ultimate burger together. are you ready for the mcwhopper today? wednesday, august 26, 2015. >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with matt lauer and savannah guthrie. live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> good morning. welcome to "today" on a wednesday morning. now you can really have it your way. a combination of the ultimate burgers. i would try that. >> you can have it your mcway. >> exactly. >> we'll see if the two fast food enemies can be friends, peace restored to the fast food galaxy.
6:59 am
let's start with today's top story. litics. donald trump's newest clash wit a m be r of the media. a prominent spanish language anchor jorge ramos. we'll talk to donald trump and also a possible run by joe biden. is that why hillary clinton cut her vacation short? we'll have the story. let's start with trump's heated exchange and heater alexander, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. this was quite a spectacle. you decide if trump was out of line. was the anchor man grandstanding? rge ramos is the most powerful news man in spanish language tv. he's called the walter cronkite ere and the two men zwared off. in iowa, more ir orks and another feud. >> excuse me. sit down. you weren't called. sit down.


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