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tv   News 4 New York at 5  NBC  August 26, 2015 5:00pm-5:30pm EDT

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>> alison come in, just bouncing happy, just to start her day. >> reporter: today alison and the rest of the morning team were celebrating a special occasion. photographer adam ward was preparing to make a move with his fiancee, the producer of the morning show. she had just accepted a job producing in charlotte, north caalrolina. >> alison had brought in balloons and a cake, it was a day of celebration. it was just an ordinary day. we were so happy for them. she had gotten another job. soon after and they were going to get married. >> reporter: the day, which started as a celebration, ended break. alison parker and adam ward shot to death as they delivered a report live on the air. it was a feature piece on tourism in the area. hours after the news, their co-workers vowed to keep reporting on the situation as painful as it was to them. >> they did great work every day did. and i am going to miss them both. >> so many of us thinking about the folks in that newsroom. alison's boyfriend took to facebook to tell us adam and every morning. he said the team is a family and
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together. shiba? a museum that focuses on journalism and the news media is paying tribute to alison parker and adam ward. their pictures are now posted at the museum in washington, d.c., in front of the journalists' memorial wall, a wall that honors reporters and photographers from all over the world who have been killed in the line of duty. >> the purpose of the memorial is to say to the world, look, you may have issues with journalism and journalists as they do their job, but never forget, haere are hundreds and thousands of people risking their lives every day to bring news. and tragically, some of them die in that process. a posting on the museum's website, adam ward had proposed to his fiancee at that same museum. she is from new jersey, and we'll have emotional details 5:30. and be sure to tune into holt. new details on the shooter, plus stephanie gosk reports from the victims worked. that's tonight at 6:30.
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in other news now, we have breaking news. officials are reporting a new case of legionnaires in new york city. the victim is a 77-year-old woman from east orange and is presbyterian hospital. new york presbyterian says it is taking precautions. her family claims the woman had never been to the bronx. the center of the most recent legionnaires outbreak that killed 12 people and injured the new york state health department is investigating. and take a good look at this surveillance video. the police want you to find this -- they want to find the person seen here stabbing a heights. it happened on west 184th street yesterday afternoon. news 4's marc santia is at the scene with details from the marc? >> reporter: and chuck, that teenager was just hanging out on the stoop with his friends. he was talking when he was attacked from behind, stabbed in the back. stabbed twice in the back. and left to die on the front stoop of this washington heights apartment in the middle of the day. >> he was just holding his back. >> reporter: after being
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stabbed, the 15-year-old ran to this building and into an apartment where the resident tells me off camera he grabbed towels and quickly applied it to the teenager's back and then called 911. >> they were just consoling him. >> reporter: see this guy in the red hat? police believe he's the slasher that attacked the 15-year-old. news 4 spoke to a neighbor who told us the teenage victim is a good kid. >> i saw the guy who got stabbed, he was sitting on the stoop. >> reporter: sheldon rogers stepped out of his apartment into the chaos, calling it unusual for this neighborhood. >> i was a little nervous, yeah. i was a little scared. i have lived here for about five years now, and i haven't ever really seen anything like that. >> reporter: right now the teenager is still in the hospital. he is expected to recover from his injuries. a reward is being offered for any information that leads to the arrest of his attacker. live tonight in washington heights, marc santia, news 4 new york. >> marc, thank you.
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that sunken fishing boat reported missing just 24 hours ago has been pulled from the jersey. but tonight the fisherman missing. search crews will go back in the waters tomorrow. brynn gingras has more. >> reporter: dive teams entered the waters off the coast of sandy hook, just underneath the surface in the channel, authorities believe they found the el heavia. a 40-foot fishing trawler that capsized. joe managed the market where the boat docked. >> i was on my way home when i got a phone call one of our boats went down. and i said none of our boats are out. and then somebody else suggested to me that maybe the el jeffe was out and so i turned around and came back and sure enough it was out. >> reporter: brandon identified the boat's captain as tom anderson. among fishermen who have worked this sea their entire lives, anderson was considered a rookie. >> he was learning as he went. he would go crabbing in the
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wintertime, he would go gill netting in the summertime and come pot fishing and lobster pot fishing. but other than that, he was just -- it was all a new experience for tom. >> reporter: witnesses say the boat took on water tuesday afternoon and went under. it took rescue teams nearly a day to find the sunken vessel while bri like this was located in the waves. those who witnessed it go down tell me they believe anderson never made it out of the hull. >> tom is just a nice guy. i've known him about three years. happy go lucky. >> reporter: and friends tell us anderson was believed to be in his late 50s or early 60s, usually went out on the boat on his own. and friends also say that he loved being out there to make some extra money. in bell ford, new jersey, i'm brynn gingras, news 4 new york. wall street's wild ride continued today, only this time the roller coaster ended on the up side instead of down. the dow jones industrial average gained more than 600 points. not enough to make up for all of
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the past week's slide, but a significant rebound, nonetheless. the nasdaq and the the s&p 500 also posted big gains today. the rally followed reports that china is taking steps to stimulate its slumping economy, including an interest rate reduction. the dow posted a gain actually of 619 points at the close. the nasdaq up 191. the s&p 500, gained nearly 73 points, all approximately 4% higher than yesterday's close. wall street's best day since 2011. still ahead on news 4 new york, at 5:00, the prison break captured the nation's attention. tonight, a firsthand look at the killers in upstate new york. and the new delivery service amazon is offering. the specific item it will bring to certain customers in as fast as one hour. and janice is here. >> almost perfect weather across the tristate area today. low humidity is still with us. will it stick around, though, for the weekend? when things will heat up and the latest on erica, coming up next.
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new at 5:00, a bridge inspector is dead following this accident in west hartford, connecticut. you can see the truck dangling over the edge of the exit 43 on ramp to i-84. d.o.t. officials say the inspector was standing between
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the truck and the bridge railing today, retracting the truck's arm when the truck tipped over and crushed him. police have closed the ramp and are asking drivers to slow down and look for other routes. a fight breaks out on board a jetblue flight that had just landed at jfk. >> the passengers were getting ready to exit the plane when a woman in a window seat tried to climb over the woman next to her and that's when the punches started flying. news 4's checkey beckford has more for us. >> reporter: chuck, those women are being held at the port authority police station after that brawl that sent people on that plane scrambling for cover after police say one of the women unleashed pepper spray inside the locked cabin. in all, six people were treated for breathing injuries, one had to be taken to the hospital. now police say this all started around 8:30 this morning on flight 960 arriving from terminal 5. a 61-year-old woman seated by the window was climbing over a 62-year-old woman in the middle seat next to her, apparently making her way toward the aisle.
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when the woman in the middle pushed the first woman off her, she was punched in the face. police say a male passenger tried to intervene when the first woman pulled out an eyebrow razor and slashed him. he only had a minor cut. then the woman who was punched pulled out pepper spray and let it loose on her alleged attacker. subsequently, others in the plane, as well. the women were arrested. right now jetblue is directing all questions to police. at this point, it's unclear how either of the women got the plane. york. the nypd hopes to catch three men wanted in a violent home invasion in brooklyn. you can see as soon as somebody walks out the door, the three suspects make their way in. it happened on sutter avenue near union street in late july. the suspects pushed their way into a family's apartment and then tied up a 13-year-old girl and her parents with duct tape and threatened them with a gun. >> it's just sad.
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it's just really, really sad. i feel sorry for the family that it happened to. >> reporter: the suspects made off with $3.500 in cash, jewelry and electronics. the 34-year-old father was taken to the hospital. the man who shot and killed 12 people inside a colorado movie theatre officially begins his life prison sentence. james holmes seemed unfazed as a judge formally sentenced him to life in prison without parole today. the judge called holmes an angry quitter who gave up on life. 11 of 12 jurors wanted to give holmes the death penalty, but it had to be a unanimous decision. french prosecutors say last week's foiled attack on a high-speed train was a planned act of terrorism. authorities say alleged gunman ayoub el khazzani watched a video on his cell phone moments before. he told investigators he found the weapons and decided to use them to rob people on the train. five passengers wrestled him to
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the ground and subdued him until police arrived. we're getting a closer look at the escape route two convicted prisoners took this summer. this is video of a walk-through by authorities retracing their steps. david sweat and richard matt descended three levels and went through a series of tunnels before they claimed out a manhole. matt was shot and killed after a three-week manhunt. sweat is back in custody. amazon is expanding its liquor business here in the u.s. but you need to live in seattle to use this service. prime now customers will can now get one and two-hour deliveries of beer, wine and liquor. customers need to pay $99 a year for amazon prime and download the app on their phones. amazon has not said which cities may get liquor delivery service next. this next story might have you craving sweets. >> well, a mom has the newest flavor of one coney island gelato shop.
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you can get your hands on chocolate mac arain, the flavor at coney's cones. thank 28-year-old ariane. she won the contest to create a unique flavor. almond, chocolate chip, chocolate and coconut. it's a treat that this young daughter really appreciates. >> i like coming here. thank you for winning the contest. >> chocolate macaroons have always been a family favorite of ours, so we decided to enter in a chocolate mac arain flavor and it won. >> more than 100 entries in the contest. she won a $50 gift certificate to coney's cones and tickets to luna park. >> great idea. everybody is -- >> i was just saying to my husband today, my birthday is next week. i said you know what, i would love to spend my birthday at coney island. i think we might be going now. >> there you go. >> a unique new reason to go. >> ice cream, gelato, always gets me. >> the weather is perfect, as well. >> it sure is.
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and as it gets hotter this weekend, you're going to want something nice and cold and flavorful, like gelato ice cream and maybe something else really cold like a frozen drink. nonalcoholic, of course. maybe. all right. so here's a look outside -- the day was not one of those stifling days. it was a gorgeous day for the tristate area. and it's still like that out there right now. our views from our top of the rock camera. mostly sunny skies and 82 degrees in central park. down just a few degrees from the high of 85 today. low humidity was the key and we talked about that over the last several days. it stays that way tomorrow, too. newark at 85 this afternoon. 84 at laguardia and 83 at bridgeport and islip for today. next few days are very comfortable. low heat, low humidity. it starts to warm up as we get good around here. it's just going to get muggier and warmer into the mid to upper 80s saturday into sunday. a few more clouds on sunday. there is only the slightest chance there might be a shower or thunderstorm but they would be very spotty and very isolated if we get any.
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right now, 79 staten island. 82 in oceanside. great day at the shore. 79 degrees in long branch. 80 in islip. of bridgeport, 82. and you're in the 60s in monticello. 68 degrees, the current temperature. and tonight back down into the 50s for you. by 9:00, you'll be right around 60 there. newton at 63 and asbury park in the 70s. overnight for tomorrow morning, more 50s north and west, and 60s elsewhere. during the day tomorrow, we'll warm up to about 80. mainly in the 70s, for the high temperature. so a little bit cooler tomorrow. in terms of the daytime highs. and then once again, look at monticello at friday morning, flirting with the upper 40s. feeling like fall for just a few days. because it does warm up. tropical tracker shows erica. this is tropical storm erika headed towards the northern leeward islands. a little fuzzy, the cloud dimension here. it still has top winds of 45 miles per hour. still moving pretty rapidly towards the west, towards antigua. just east of antigua by a little under 200 miles.
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so this storm will continue acking westward and start to make the turn once it gets towards puerto rico and the and friday. moving over the turks and caicos sunday. still possibly a category 1 storm for south florida on monday afternoon. a minimal hurricane category 1, but a hurricane nonetheless. haven't seen a landfall hurricane in south florida in about ten years. so right now watches are in effect for the turks and caicos dominican republic. we have the warnings in effect around san juan, the virgin islands, antigua and bar buddha. expecting as much as 8 inches of rain there, and quite a bit of wind. 81 is our high tomorrow. sunshine through the weekend, a chance for a few storms tuesday, and then the 90s return. details coming up in a few minutes. back to you. rjt all right, janice, thank you. much more ahead as we continue on news 4 at 5:00. >> does this look like a place you would like to live? it is the house of the future designed by some creative
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college students. a special feature you just might like, up next. and coming up at 6:00. you saw it first on 4. former mayor guiliani's comments on the homeless in the city. >> i didn't need a task force. debate. hear what new yorkers think streets, next at 6:00.
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are you ready for it? >> i am. >> we're about to take y y into the house of the future designed by some forward-thinking students. >> the goal was to build a home that could withstand storms like sandy and conserve energy, as well. john chandler shows us what students in brooklyn came up with. >> reporter: welcome inside city tech's dura house. >> diverse. urban. resilient and adaptable. >> reporter: when complete, it will look something like this. think of it as a house of the future. and it still needs a little work. >> the screw heads will cover this. >> reporter: under professor alexander's watch, some 60
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undergrads are finishing the home for the u.s. department of energy's solar decathlon. >> it's sustainable through solar power. >> reporter: shantel is the project manager. >> great. >> reporter: beautiful day to sit outside. >> yes. >> reporter: she is proud to say this home could hold up in rough weather. >> we were devastated by hurricane sandy. so if we're going to design something, we want to make sure that it's going to be resilient against future storming and weathering. >> reporter: and that's when you step back and realize this design came from the brains of college students. >> to go from having to draw it to see it manifest live is an amazing experience for them. once this home is complete, the team would ideally love to see it donated who needs it, say a disvabld veteran. and we would also like to see it here in brooklyn, not just this home, but this concept become a part of the community. >> best case, the city says great design, we want to build a whole complex of these. >> reporter: now that's laying quite a foundation.
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john chandler, news 4 new york. >> it would be fun to see it when it's finished. >> yes. smart kids. david is here with what's new at 5:30. >> we have to tell everyone again to check the bridge. bad bacon is making people sick. now 2 million pounds being recalled. what you need to know is coming up. plus this -- >> reporter: he's been called the red light robin hood after posting this video online of himself tampering with red light cameras. i'm sheldon dutes in suffolk county. coming up, that man tells us why he did it. and we've got new details about the tv journalists killed while on live tv. next, what we have learned about the photographer killed and his fiancee who was at the station when this all unfolded.
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right now on news 4 new york, average bush ambushed on live television. horrified viewers heard gunshots and screams as two young journalists were killed. they are being remembered as people who could brighten up a room. >> who investigators are saying is responsible. vestter flanagan was with wdbj, going by the name bryce williams on air. flanagan killed himself hours after the attack on two former colleagues. >> the woman from the local chamber of commerce, vicki garner, survived the shooting.
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she was hurt, but after emergency surgery, she is in stable condition tonight. >> reporter alison parker had just turned 24. after the shooting, an anchor at the station revealed they had recently moved in together and talked about getting married. >> photographer adam ward was 27 years old and engaged to a wdbj producer, allison ott, at the tv station when her fiance was killed. and sydney long spoke with her family today. >> it's very devastating. a great loss to the family. >> reporter: your heart is broken for your niece. >> yes. and for adam. >> reporter: john banchore can't imagine the heart break his niece is feeling. melissa ott worked at his farm stand as a little girl but quickly developed a love for news. >> she enjoyed being around the news, and she really excelled in it so it's just tragedy. >> reporter: it was in the same news hour that her fiance, adam ward, standing behind the camera of this interview with his reporter before shots rang out
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that melissa posted her emotion on facebook, writing, quote, definitely feeling the love this morning, during my last shift at wdbj-7. will absolutely miss my 7 family. as a producer, she was likely watching tv monitors when a former disgruntled reporter took aim at her team and her fiance's life and alison parker. >> we're hurting bad. we don't know the complete outcome of everything, but she was close, so our thoughts and prayers are with her. >> reporter: that's when his phone rang. melissa's parents rushed to roanoke to comfort their daughter. >> they said adam got shot and they were on their way to see what was going on. >> reporter: banchore spoke about the balloons adam surprised melissa with at work to celebrate both their last days on the job. he says melissa's family loved adam. >> they have come and visited and we have had dinners and everything together. very nice guy. he put melissa on a pedestal. he was very good. very nice to her.
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very kind, gentle man. new york. >> and you can count on news 4 to bring you new details as we learn more about the journalists killed, and next at 6:00, our chief investigative reporter, jonathan dienst, has an update on what we have learned about the gunman. we're following breaking news right now in brooklyn, where a person has been struck by a truck in the midwood section. dennis protsko is in chopper 4. what happened? >> reporter: that's right, very serious accident, david. chopper 4 first on-scene, first live pictures here of this accident on east 22nd street, just north of ditnus avenue. a pedestrian struck by this box truck. we're getting word it's possibly a 4-year-old victim here on scene. nypd here already on scene. we understand the victim has been taken from the scene, to a local hospital in unknown condition at this hour. but that at this point, serious enough that an accident by nypd. the box truck here still on-scene.
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