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tv   News 4 New York at 530  NBC  August 26, 2015 5:30pm-6:00pm EDT

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bit. this is a dead end street so the box truck not traveling that fast along the road, but, again, east 22nd just north, closed down for the accident. the investigation, of course, as we get information. dennis protsko. the search for a missing connecticut couple has led away. investigators confirm their search of an ash landfill. no word on what, if anything, was found. no one has seen or heard from the couple since august 4. police have named the couple's son kyle a person of interest. an update tonight in a deadly shooting in yonkers. detectives are reviewing surveillance video for potential witnesses. they also identified one of the victims as 33-year-old kenneth hill, who was killed. someone opened fire in broad daylight yesterday, also injuring another man and police say the shooter targeted them.
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new at 5:30, new apologies from a long island man tonight arrested for tampering with red light cameras. >> you save our taxpayers, you save innocent people a lot of money. >> police busted 42-year-old steven ruth after he posted videos online, apparently showing him in the act. news 4's sheldon dutes got his side of the story. sheldon. >> reporter: and shiba, steven ruth felt that people and drivers at intersections like this one were being unfairly ticketed by red light cameras, even though they were stopped. so he posted a video online, showing everybody how he used an he can extended pole to move and tamper with cameras like this one. steven ruth is getting used to his new nickname. >> the red light robin hood. >> reporter: where are they calling you that? >> i'm assuming, it's fighting for a good cause. >> this is the government taking advantage and it's going to stop. >> reporter: police arrested ruth after he posted this video online. it shows him using a pole to move a red light camera away
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from an intersection. and ruth isn't shy why about he allegedly took matters into his own hands. >> people are making full stops and still getting tickets. you make a right after you make a complete stop and check that no one is coming on the left and you're still getting a ticket in the mail. it's abusive. each ticket is $80, but if you don't pay right away, it goes up to $105. >> congratulations! you're doing the right thing. >> reporter: not everyone agrees. joe mccarthy says there have been serious accidents at the intersection near hawkins avenue and the service road before the red light cameras went up. police say ruth tampered with the cameras at the same intersection yesterday. >> number one you're an idiot for doing it, and number two for putting it on youtube. i don't think you're a hero at all. he'll get what he deserves. >> the purpose is public safety. they're placed in specific locations where there has been high rates of crashes. and therefore tampering with these cameras, it's a crime.
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>> reporter: and ruth is facing class a and class b misdemeanor charges. he is expected to face a judge in october. reporting live, sheldon dutes, news 4 new york. >> sheldon, thank you. coming up, what governor cuomo is saying to underage drinkers seeking fake i.d.s. >> plus, preserve, protect and shake down. >> i take your i.d.s or i take your car. it's not registered. >> coming up, a cop caught on camera pressuring a driver to buy tickets to a fund-raiser. what his boss is saying about the video.
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a police officer had the tables turned and is in trouble after conducting a traffic stop. >> you buy these or i take your car. because it's unregistered. >> a man posted this video online, showing the philadelphia police officer who pulled him over, and on it you could kind of hear him say there he won't
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impound the driver's car if the driver buys tickets to a police-sponsored event. the man bought $30 worth of tickets and the officer let him drive away in his unregistered car. >> it's just not good. at all. there is nothing about this that's good, period. and i'm not going to remotely try to justify any of it. he's a police officer. and that position alone -- i mean, this should tell you that this is just not what you do. >> tens of thousands of people have already seen the video online. the officer is now on desk duty pending an internal investigation. as students head back to college this fall, governor andrew cuomo has a warning for them. don't buy fake i.d.s online. not only are they illegal, but cuomo says buying them on the web could put you at risk for identity theft. the governor says buyers typically hand over their personal information. today the governor reminded underage students that the effects of identity theft can linger for years, and that it's not worth it in the long run. coming up, a big recall that may have you think twice about your breakfast menu.
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and then at 5:55. >> it's just over the top. a flashy house at the jersey shore is attracting lots of attention and has some neighbors seeing red. >> i don't know what they're complaining about. >> reporter: i'm ted greenberg. why the owner believes he's actually helping his neighbors. but first, our social pic of the day from dirty jersey. this is on 12th avenue knew near the high line. i like the shadows. >> yes. if you have an interesting pic you would like to share, send it to our website, or use the #nbc4ny when posting to twitter or instagram and it may be selected as the social pic of the day.
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coming up, a killer on the loose. police are hunting for the shooter of a cab driver. we're live at the scene. and why a group of families said their loved ones removed from the level of the september 11th museum. when we see you at 6:00. we're following breaking news right now in manhattan where a kayaker who overturned in the hudson river near pier 40 was just rescued. dennis protsko is over the scene. >> reporter: good news here by fdny picking up an overturned kayaker out of the water off pier 40. the kayaker within the last ten minutes basically rolled over his kayak. he luckily -- you could see right there in the center portion of your screen. he did have a life preserver on, but could not get back into the kayak. we understand a person in a row
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boat came up alongside, lending assistance, fdny got here a couple minutes after. luckily, no injuries. that kay ker pulled out of the hudson river here near pier 40 in the last five minutes. good job by the fdny. reporting live, dennis protsko. back to you in the studio. >> thank you. a consumer alert to tell you about tonight. kraft heinz is recalling 2 million pounds of oscar meier turkey bacon products. the turkey bacon was made between may 31st and august 6th. but the packages are b ng recalled because they could possibly spoil before the best when used by date. has more details of which products are being re ncalled. this explains it all. when you load up your smartphone apps, you're also putting heavier demand on your phone's battery, raising ihe risk it will run out of juice, and quickly. better get baquero for the special apps that can help keep your phone charged up. here is consumer reporter, lynda baquero.
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>> with so many apps on our phones, espcially those that use navigation, it's easy to see your battery go from 100 to 0 in no time. what do you do? >> i put my phone on airplane mode and that helps me. and then i also lower down the brightness. >> always turn off, what is it -- all the apps if you're not using it. >> turn off the applications and shut it down. >> reporter: so here are some apps to help. many consider battery doctor among the top battery managers. battery doctor shows how much more life you can get out of ur smartphone's battery bw choosing and closing certain apps and function. you can also see how much time is left and how long it will take to fully charge a batterrs android. android users want to consider juice defender.tcthe app works by turning on or off features that burn battery life such as screen brightness, wi-fi. juice defender also offers
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preset brofiles for diffeinnt levels of battery power management. the basic version is free. battery saver pro is an option for windows phone users. it tells you whether you have enough battery power to perform certain tasks like play a game or watch a movie. will tell you how much battery power you can save by shutting off certain phone features like wi-fi or bluetooth. the app is free. lynda baquero, news 4 new york. >> and to get in touch with our consumer investigative team, send an e-mail to better get baquero kt or call us. time to get our forecast. and hale is meteorologist janice >> hi. it's almost september. next week. and this morning was feeling like it. if you're anywhere north and west of the area, you're in the 50s this morning. and maybe you had to wear long sleeves on your way to work or school. the 50s made it all the way down to belmar. 59 degrees for you. 67 in the city. >> and 55 in danbury. this afternoon, just delightful. 82 at belmar. many temperatu s in the low to
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mid 80s from the city to danbury to morristown. 70mes around monticello with clouds. the pollen report is not that great, because there weed pollen is way up and so is rag we . this is the time of year for those two to be very, ver high. so if you're one of those allergy sufferers, probably not feeling that great, despite the weather. right now it's around 80 in jersey city, sheepshead bay. floral park at 81. very comfortable. s in southern westchester county. stanford at 76. across long island, upper 70s to ound.80 degrees from the jersey shore inland. pretty much the same, as well. 76 in parsippany. 80 in toms river now. 60s towards high point and hunter. a few clouds over the catskills and poconos, so a little cooler there. the clouds moving in, rotating around a big low pressure system over canada. rain showers back farther to the west and the great lakes, but no rain showers for us here. that's the latest with tropical
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storm erika, holding on, almost tropical depression. the tracks take it generally in the same direction until it gets to the southern bahamas and then it splits apart, so still a lot of uncertainty about south florida right now. but it's time for south florida to be prepared. in the meantime, if you're traveling towards the northern leeward islands, northeastern caribbean to puerto rico, the northern dominican republic and turks and caicos and southern bahamas all under tropical storm watches and warningssnow for the storm. hour. pretty much hold on to that -h strengthen o rishe weekend. 81 degrees for tomorrow for our high temperature in the city. and we're looking at another great day. 80 on friday. low humidity stays with us until and that's when it starts to feel muggy again and temperatures approach 90 degrees. but should be dry. it's time now for this week's wednesday's children. you're about to meet a young man who loves the yankees and his sister, a big fan of the movie "frozen.e they share one thing. a dream oo stay together.
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terrell and michlle are family. we spent time with them at build a bear where they created some furry friends. >> give some high fives. >> they picked up that special bear, went through the process of making it themselves. ial sh so they could find . >> reporter: terrell wants to be a baseball player when he grows up. so naturally, i he picked out a yank bear. are you a fan? >> yes. >> reporter: who is your favorite player? >> jeter. >> reporter: michelle loves the movie "fro n" and chose to create an elsa bear. she also loves to sing. >> reporter: the brother and sister are doing well in school. >> are you excited to dress it? >> reporter: terrell loves math d physical education, while michowelle likes technology.
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terrell and michelle love each other dearly. it's important that they stay together. >> yes. >> reporter: that's a friendly brother-sister tap, i gues she likes you as a brother? >> yes. >> reporter: it's also important they remain in contact with their biological family. >> because they have great families. it's just that they're not able to care for them. they want to be a part of their life. >> reporter: why do you feel good about having each other for brother and sister? >> because we like each other. >> reporter: because you like ch ther. yes, they do. if you're interested in adopting terrell and michelle or any of our wednesday's children, ntact he new york city children's services parent recruitment hot line. 212-676-wish. david and shiba, back to you. >> janice, thank you. coming up next, the nightmare next door. >> take a look at a house that has some neighbors feeling blue.
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why there ay be no way to get this homeowner to take down the bright blue li ts.
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one ian's idea of art has a few neighbors at the jersey shore less than thrilled. they say the blue lights outside his house attract a lot of unwanted attention. ted greenberg tells us the city has no say in the matter. it is new tonight. >> spinning lights. >> reporter: when the sun goes down -- >> it looks like a nightclub. >> reporter: the lights come on. >> some people could say it looked like a bore dello. >> reporter: and this
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elaborately decorated home known lolley as the blue house -- >> some neighbors can see the blue lights shining in their homes. >> reporter: has some seeing red. >> i think it's a little over the top. >> it's been attracting a loteof people. >> reporter: including an uptick in traffic, along with artwork and unique, even presidential statues. >> it does create an intrusion into the neighborhood. >> they should thank me, because their house isn't g ng to get robbed. >> reporter: zach has added to the display over the last few years. >> it's just something i do. >> reporter: but the home was recently thrust into the spotlight after some neighbors voiced their displeasure to city leaders. at least one says he's been unable to sell his house because of the spectacle. >> i don't khow what they're complaining about. they can go anywhere. if you look out your window, you're going to see them. and they're on timers. they go off at 1:30. >> reporter: there is apparently not much the city can currently
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do about the home's dispy.y, because at the moment, margate has no laws regulating this kind of residential lighting. >> we're studying other ordinances in other communities that might have been faced with this same scenario to see what the proper thing to do is to help the neighborhood out. >> i get some compliments. >> reporter: he says lots of people tell him they like what he's done. but clearly not everyone here is glowing about his surging creativity. ted greenberg, news 4 new york. and that does it for us. we thank you for watching. stay with us as the news continue haat 6:00. live, from studio 3c in rockefeller center. this is news 4 new york. > now t 6:00, shocking tragedy on live tv. two journalists killed during a live broadcast their friends and loved ones were watching. new information coming into our newsroom. two new cases of legionnaires' disease in new york city. and police are hunting for the killer of a father of ten
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who was gunned down behind he wheel of his cab. good evenin i'm chuck scarborough. >> i'm shiba russell. sibilia is off tonight. the horror for viewers who saw it happen on live tv is eclipsed only by the pain friends and loved ones are going through tonight. >> two young television journalists, alison parker and adam ward, were gunned down during a live broadcast this morning, killed by a former co-worker who slowly and calmly lked up to them as they were doing an interview. he then took aim and shot them. holding a pistol in one hand and his cell phone in the other. recording the gruesome act. >> the killer identifiedbrs vester lee flanagan posted the sick video on websites, twitter and facebook, before shooting himself. and he left behind a manifesto, claiming he suffered discrimination and bullying at work. chief investigative repanter jona an dienst begnns our team coverage. >> before the shooting, he allegedly claimed he was a explode. and this morning, he took years of anger and his years of
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blaming others to a violent extreme, sneaking up from behind and repeatedly shooting at two former co-workers shot after shot, from very close range. five hours after it started, it ended with a gunshot. killer vester flanagan, seen being wheeled away after shooting himself in his get-away car. this after police say he targeted two former co-workers newscast. flanagan even filmed the shooting himself, and posted gruesome images online. this one image of his video just before he opened fire. reporter alison parker killed along with her regular the w an they were intervwewing, injured with a gunshot wound to the back. >> police call yo r local police -- >> reporter: flanagan had anger issues and was fired just eight months after he was hired. the 41-year-old subject to angry outbursts and accusing co-workers of being racists. the day he was fired, police we called to get him out of pthe building.
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a suicide note sent to abc news, he praised past mass killings like virginia tech and columbine, and says the racist shooting in charleston and a black church was why he acted now. why did i do? i put down a deposit for a gun on june 19th. the church shooting in charlest on happened on june 17th. >> this gentleman was disturbed in some way of the way things had transpired at some point in his life. it would appear things were spiralling out of control. >> reporter: shock across the local virginia area where the shooting happened. and across the nation. all the way to the white house. >> this is another example of gun violence that is becoming allutoo common in communities large and small. >> reporter: friends o athe suspect say they're sad the one-time aspiring repenter who would at times cover as one-time news man. >> he's not the kind of monster,
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not the one i knew.oevidently something snapped in his mind. i don't know. >> after fleeing the shooting scene, police tracked him using technology, including license plate readers. several patrol cars followed him and closed in. he drove off the highway into a ditch and shot himself in the head. now the investigation on into how long he had been planning his murderous rampage. >> jonathan, thank you. it is nearly unimaginable to think of the families and loved ones of those two young journalists watching television when they were gunned down. reporter alison parker just turned 24. and had just startnd a serious relationship with a co-worker nine months ago. photographer adam ward was 27. he was engaged to a producer at the station, who was in the controldroom watching the live report when he was murdered. news 4's ray villeda joins us now with more on how the two young journalists are being remembered. >> alison parker and adam ward


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