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tv   News 4 New York at 5  NBC  August 27, 2015 5:00pm-5:30pm EDT

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bit more about the guan,nm vester flanagan here and what he had. we are told he had two glock model 19 handguns, one of northeast popular in the world as well as a to do list and a wig. we have understood there's some positive news to report here. the lone survivor, vikki gardner, the head of the local chamber of commerce has been upgraded to good condition. that is the latest in roanoke, virginia, nbc news. back to you. >> progress, dave. thank you. ourhief investigative reporter s us now wh new infoatioon killer, his plans, and his many problems. jonathan? >> police say vester flanagan had a lot more ammunition and disguises in his car raising the question, would he have killed again olife did not corner him when they did? officials say he bought two handguns last month. and so far, there's nothing in his background that would've stopped him from legally getting a gun. after killing himself in his car, police got a warrant to search the vehicle.
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and among what they found listed in their search warrant includes on pistol, six glock magazines, other ammo, typed letters, three license plates, a wig, a shawl among other items. officials say it was a text message he sent that first enabled police to find him in the area he was in. and a state trooper using a license plate reader confirmed it. while flanagan was never committed for mental problems, wdbj fired him two yearsgo a for his angry outbursts and threats he made to fellow workers. on the day flanagan was fired, some co-workers literally sheltered in place as he apparently exploded in anger and police were called in to remove him as he was walking out, he handed a religious cross to one supervisor saying, you're going to need this. the station hired off-duty officers as a precaution for a few days. but yesterday, two years later, no one saw him coming. back to you. >> jonathan, thank you.
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and on "nbc nightly news" with lester holt, hear from victim alison parker's father in an emotional interview. the story in his own rds tonight at 6:30. another big story we're following, tropical storm erika tearing through the caribbean. watch this. >> this is the scene on the island of dominica. at least four people are dead, killed by mud slides that swept through homes and businesses. and puerto rico appears to be next in the path. this for us. >> well, goes to show th destruction a tropical storm can do it's not even a hurricane yet. and this storm is anticipated to increase and strengthen to hurricane status once it moves past the bahamas or moves into the bahamas and heads towards the florida coast. the storm now is continuing to move west. still heavy rain bands across parts of the islands. it's moving westward. next, the virgin islands and
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puerto rico, yes, you mentioned that. and also, parts of the dominican republic. now, a lot of people have been asking about haiti. the government of haiti has not issued a warning yet. although, it's pretty close and right on the same island with the dominican republic. so we're going to say, if you're traveling to haiti or have loved ones there, they need to be on the lookout, too. the storm is expected to bring very heavy rain across these islands. all the way into the turks and caicos and eventually the bahamas. right now, top winds at 45 miles an hour. by saturday afternoon, it will be moving through the turks and caicos in the bahamas and then heads toward south florida. at this time, the current track brings it right along the coast, north of west palm beach. we'll have more on the storm as we continue to track it and the changes coming with the track coming up in a few minutes. back to you. >> good enough, janice. thank you. dive teams have not recovered the body of that fishing captain whose boat sunk off the coast of sandy hook. new jersey state police tweeted
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this photo of crews out on the water. they wrapped up their efforts a short time ago and will retn tomorrow. yesterday, the fishing boat was found in 50 feet of water in a shipping channel. the missing captain has been identified as tom anderson. and now to video police want you to see tonight. a solid crew in the search for two thieves. the men struck 13 times, mostly in midtown. each time, targeting office buildings. news 4 reports. >> reporter: 13 times these two suspects have made their way into offices in midtown manhattan to steal laptops and other electronics. >> we're constantly out, you know, and i work late. so and it's frightening we haven't heard anything. >> these two women work across the street from 45 west 45th street which was burglarized august 17th before 7:00 at night. told us surveillance video was turned over to the nypd. people who work in the area wonder how the suspects are
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getting into the buildings and into the stairwells. >> we have a back entrance, a back stairwell. and the fact that, i guess, worst that we don't know in the neighborhood it's going on. it's a little scary. >> the burglaries began may 7th. another office hit, located inside 10 east 33rd street back in late july. the most recent burglary happened this past monday at 21 west 46th street. people we talked with who work in that building, this is the first they're hearing about this. >> we should know that. >> we should know that. we leave our -- a company party and we left our door open. >> the suspects strike at all hours of the day. 1:00 in the afternoon, 4:00 p.m., 6:00 at night. gotten away with thousands of dollars in electronics. >> we talked with a lot of people here in midtown manhattan who wanted to know more about the break ins. we have more information on our website. news 4 new york. well, more reason to smile
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at the closing bell on wall street. the dow jones industrial average, the nasdaq and the s&p 500 all rose today for the second consecutive day after that deep dive that began last week. analysts credit the rise in oil prices and continuing signs of strength in the u.s. economy. the dow gained nearly 370 points, the nasdaq, 115, the s&p 47, all posting gains of 2.5% on the day. still ahead, an i-team report focused on your privacy. how-to videos online teach hackers how to control personal web cams. it's happening all the time. and wait until you hear who profits from these tech tutorials at 5:30. deadly defect, the concern over keyless ignitions in more than 5 million vehicles. and ten of the world's biggest automakers being sued over it. and president obama ins new orleans as the city marks ten years since katrina. the recovery still underway.
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hard to believe it's been ten years since hurricane katrina, the worst natural disaster in u.s. history. >> tonight, president obama is in new orleans to mark this residents. men and women who vow to
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rebuild, whose strength inspired us all. >> jay gray with a story for us. jay? >> reporter: yeah, chuck, shiba, and it's inspiration still needed right now. look, many here tell you, they don't shy away from a challenge ten years after katrina, there is evidence that this region didn't back down in the face of what fema has called the worst natural disaster in u.s. history. >> in the days just after the storm -- >> in some cases, all you can see are the rooftop. >> with the region in ruins. with the world wondering how it would come back. the people in new orleans pulled together to make sure their city did. >> together, we started to clean up, sweating the heat, clearing away the devastation and putting our lives back together. >> through the french quarter, up town, university, families and businesses came back. >> i think most people that are from new orleans or had an affinity for new orleans felt like if they didn't come back that no one was going to be here
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to revive new orleans. >> today, more than half -- >> and 16 of those ---en even parts of the ravaged -- toured the area, celebrating the recovery and renewing the federal government's commitment to stay until all of the work is done. federal funds helped create this massive wall, the front line of a 14.5 billion maze of updated levees and canals. >> it includes this pump station, which has 11 bays, it can fill an olympic size swimming pool in three seconds. it is the largest pump station in the world. >> security led to progress here, after the largest and most costly hurricane in u.s. history.
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>> so much work to be done, it's impossible to get a real handle on total losses as a result of the storm. estimates indicate katrina costs the gulf coast about $125 billion if they ever do get a final tally here. shiba, back to you. >> new at 5:00. firefighters in the east village are battling a big fire high off the ground. the penthouse at 3rd avenue caught fire about an hour ago. photos and video posted on social media show the flames shooting up through the roof. chopper 4 was also over the scene, and you can see the charred aftermath. it is not clear if anyone was inside the penthouse at the time. the jury is deliberating in the case of the elite prep school senior accused of raping a freshman. the attorney presented closing arguments today. the 19-year-old's accused of attacking a freshman last year. he said he did not have sex with the girl who was 15 at the time, prosecutors say he attacked her
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as part of a tradition at st. paul's prep known as the senior salute. some say it refers to a practice of sexual conquest by graduating seniors. another new york lawmaker is obama's proposed nuclear deal with iran. congresswoman carolyn maloney says she'll vote to block the deal. the proposal would significantly curb nuclear ambitions in exchange for lifting sanctions. she says she's concerned even if iran complies with the restraints, the deal doesn't block the country from eventually acquiring nuclear weapons. emission systems are being called deadly. a class action lawsuit is targeting ten of the world's biggest car makers claiming they concealed the dangers. the suit also claims 13 deaths occurred when a driver walked away from a car assuming the ignition would shut it off and it didn't. carbon monoxide from running engines allegedly caused those deaths. 5 millions equipped with the system. if you drive the bridge, you probably know the drill by now.
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it's scheduled to shut down for construction. workers are raising the roadway to allow larger ships to pass under it. the bridge expected to close before midnight friday night and reopen at 4:00 p.m. on sunday. new details tonight on rosie o'donnell's adopted daughter. we learned that she will move back in with her birth mom in wisconsin. according to "people" magazine, chelsea who turned 18 on monday made the decision to move. she was a baby when she was adopted. earlier this month, she had been missing for a week later found in the jersey home. he is in jail now accused of sending the teen a nude photo. okay. the next time someone asks how you're doing, feel free to use the word "awesomesauce." >> that's one of many words officially in the dictionary. the english dictionary released the list of new words today. and in case you don't know, it means great or awesome. i was glad to find that out. other words include hangry.
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you're so hungry, you're angry. >> and rando made the list. and there's mkay. another way of expressing approval. you might remember that word from south park. >> mkay, i'm hangry. >> we can't help you with that. >> mkay, how about that weather? >> yeah, well, our weather's great. we can't complain about our weather. it's not great for the caribbean. south florida in the line of fire. of course, with this storm, as well. we're looking at possible tracks. these are all different forecast models that the national hurricane center puts together and make that big large area of that cone of uncertainty. and we're showing you the dominican republic and haiti. the storm is expected to move across the northern portion of the dominican republic and clip haiti, as well. and even though there aren't warnings yet for haiti, still need to be considered in warning status because the dominican republic is under a warning now. the entire island of hispanola
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has to watch out for mud slides. and in terms of florida, most of the models,f in general, bring it right along the east coast of florida. right now, it's not set to make a landfall. that could change with the next run when the hurricane hunters go in and see what's happening with the storm. this could all change again. but for now, florida is still has to be on alert for the possibility of a landfall. with this hurricane. and then, possibly sliding up the coast towards the carolinas, as well. what is that going to mean for us? well, for right now, it's still very, very uncertain around here. the storm right at this time is going to be remaining off the coast of florida early into next week. but it could possibly, some of direction. we're still in a drought situation in many areas, especially long island is under a mod ate drought level and could use some rain. nobody wants floods or anybody to get hurt, but the rain certainly would help out with our drought situation. early, though.
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today, lovely. in the low to mid-80s. up to 49 days so far. that streak of 80 plus days continue for the tri-state. more tomorrow into the weekend. talking 90s. and 70 right now in high points. pleasant across new jersey. 66 in monticello. city's at 78 and right around 80 in farmingdale and islip. a northwest flow and pockets of clouds drifting through. but that was about it mixed with the sun. nice day, warm, humid back. the heat and humidity start to climb for the weekend. so even though august is ending, september beginning, it's beginning on a hot note because early next week, we're t king 90s. so a possible heat wave for us. but not tonight. temperatures are very comfortable in the 60s. skarsdale, 40 tonight in liberty. and 53 in millbrook. it'll feel like fall tonight in the morning, that's for sure. that continues into early next week. back to you. >> i'm waiting for you to say awesomesauce. >> i wanted you to say it.
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it sounds cute. >> an italian restaurant talking about the dish. awesomesauce. >> there you go. >> yeah. still more ahead as we continue on news 4. tight security in patterson, new jersey, tonight. the performance that's drawing a huge crowd. but not all fans are allowed here. we'll have the details next. and coming up at 6:00, a $2 million bust. >> this was an extremely sophisticated crew of burglars. >> new surveillance video reveals what gave away the feed to the high station robbery.
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sleep in sleep out star gaze dream big wander more care less beat sunrise chase sunset do it all. on us. p get your first month' s payment r plus five years wearr and tear coverage. p make the most of summer... t with volvo. well, if you don't recognite the .ame, ask your teenage children, they'll know the rapper. >> it is a show specifically for patterson high school students. news 4 is there with the security concerns tonight. ida? >> yeah, shiba and chuck, the concert started a couple of hours ago. but the main event has not hit the stage yet. check out the stage i'ehind me her . there are hundreds upon hundreds
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of kids who have come out to see budding rap star fetty wap. he's actually a patterson native. he went to this high school. he's most well known for his hits trap queen and my way. is in his hometown and it is for free. you have to be a patterson high attend. and as such, security here is very tight. patterson police have secured the perimeter and searched for weapons fr all the children as they've walked into the event. as the kids were coming in. but the police director tells me that it is all well worth the effort to see the kids inspired by a guy who didn't have much starting out. like them, but did big things. >> he came back to patterson where, you know, he came from. instead of, you know, going on world tour to different countries, he came over here for us and for free, which is wonderful. >> whenever you deal with something like this, this is nothing new for the city of patterson. we deal with crowds, you know,
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upward of 75,000 for different parades and festivals. this is nothing out of the norm. >> also giving away backpacks for coall of the kids in attendance. and they'll be filled with school supplies. we'r told that was his idea to makeure that gets done. the concert goesiuntil e:00. and again, has not hit the stage just yet. the kids will be excited when that happens eventually. reporting live from patterson, news 4, new york. >> all right. thank you very much. afo davidyis here barely recovering from hearing me say fetty wap with what's new at 5:30. >> you have him on your playlist. it's okay. when we come up, people are going to want to hear the unusual defense a poker pro's putting forward now to fight claims that he cheated at an atlantic city casino on nearly $10 million. >> everyone's like hit this thing off the field. >> a drone buzzes the gridiron stopping the clock at a high school football game at the jersey shore. >> i've been coaching for 20 years.
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>> i'm ted greenberg, with the rn cans about safety that put the game on hold. coming up, hackers taking control of web cams. it's a chilling thought, but it's also big business. the i-team uncovered dozens of how-to hacker videos. who is profiting from the invasions of property?
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have a tip for new york's biggest i-team? call 866-news-244. >> right now on news 4 new rk, charges have been upgraded in this fiery wreck that killed a queens f he an his two children. pr ecutors on long island s this driver, the driver responsible was drunk and
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eeding when it happened. >> on top of that, they say he ignored the pleas to help her family trapped in the burning icar. that man's lawyer says he's aot a monster. >> pleaded guilty to charges today as they say the man who is blame for the fiery crash that killed three people last month. >> he listened silently in court as prosecutors claimed he was drunk and driving his bmw at close to 130 miles an hour when it rear ended a toyota on the southern state parkway. the fire that erupted killed a queens dad and his two kids. later displayed a photo from the crash scene showing, he sa , sharp and a friend standing near the burningomar doing nothing to help rescue those inside. >> they displayed absolutely no
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concern for the victims. he says shows sharp taking a bottle of tequila from his car and throwing it in th woods. moments later, sharp fled the crash scene with a friend, prosecutors say. >> mr. sharp was not intoxicated. his blood alcohol level was low the legal limit when he was arrested four houro later. but prosecutors say toxi lo sts can prove he was drunk when he and his friends went on a high-speed joyride. >> that's how you killed my family. >> she was the only survivor of the crash. prosecutors say she begged in vain for help as her husband and son and daughter died in that burning car. three others, friends and a relative of sharpe also face charges, including possession of fake credit cards that prosecutors say were found inside sharpe's car.
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news 4 new york. a memorial service is about to get underway for the security guard shot and killed inside a federal building in soho. the gathering is open to the public. he died last week when 68-year-old kevin downing of ft. lee opened fire then turned the gun on himself. the firm he worked for has also set up a go fund me account that helped raise money for his family. the hunt for a florida fugitive has ended in new york city. officers say they caught phillip doing what he does best, tsthaling. the 53-year-old allegedly tri bercrombie and fitch store. he escaped back on august 4th. serving a 5-year sentence for various thefts. we have new information tonight on this east village penthouse fire we just told you about. the flames are now under control, but firefighters are still on the scene trying to put out small pockets of this fire. this building is located at east


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