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tv   News 4 New York at 11  NBC  August 27, 2015 11:00pm-11:34pm EDT

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grieves, the news team at wdbj continues to cover a crime that has affected them in a painful and personal way. dave wagner, nbc news, roanoke, virginia. in other news, all eyes are on the caribbean as tropical storm erika plots an unsteady course. the storm has dumped 12 inches of rain in some areas, triggered mud slides and is blamed for at least four deaths. so will it reach hurricane strength? here's janice huff. >> it won't happen for a while yet, probably over the weekend into monday. when it gets closer to florida. in the meantime, it's still a powerful tropical storm. you saw the rain and flooding that it producedinique dominica. it's headed toward puerto rico. the circulation is
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south-southwest of st. croix. top winds are at 45 miles per hour near the center. the winds aren't as intense as the rains are. it can produce up to 8 inches of rain, and in some cases, already produced a foot of rain. it's moving over puerto rico into tomorrow morning. that's how fast it's moving. into the bahamas and turks and caicos over the weekend. by sunday, it's approaching south florida and expected to become a category one storm and could make land fall anywhere on the peninsula. closer to west palm beach on monday. we'll talk about that more in a few minutes. >> you can track the tropical storm on the news 4 new york app. tap the logo in the corning and celebrity the weather app. it's available in the apple app store now. now to the woman struck during a police pursuit in new jersey. she was walking her dog when a car slammed into her. lights trailing behind.
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news 4's ray villeda is live, where a few things remain unclear. >> reporter: investigators have left the scene but the investigation is underway. here's why, police were chasing a car down clifton avenue. the car struck a woman walking her dog and went through that fence, fence. as the woman clinging to life in the hospital, the question remains, what started the chase? >> when i came down, the hospital had taken her away and there was the cop car. >> reporter: a broken fence and left behind. remains of a police chase that ended in a crash in newark. >> everybody felt bad about the >> reporter: mike saw the aftermath from his apartment. he says the 79-year-old woman lives right across the street avenue. >> carried the dog every evening and sometimes in the morning to across the street. >> reporter: a few neighbors recall the site, seeing the woman walks her dog in the stroller. >> every time i run into her, i
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either saw her with a shopping cart or with her dog in the stroller. she used to walk with that support. >> reporter: on thursday, prosecutors said the police chase unfolded in the morning. the car police were chasing hit the woman as she was walking her dog in the stroller. it also hit a car with two people inside. the two in the car were not seriously hurt. the older woman was rushed to the hospital in serious condition. >> the driver should have stopped for her. she had a walking problem, and she wouldn't have been able to run even if she saw the car coming. >> reporter: tonight, we've asked authorities multiple times about the crash. what caused this chase to begin with? still no answer at this hour. i'm told a 20-year-old is in custody, but he has not been charged yet. speeding was a factor, obviously. as far as the dog that woman was walking, he is safe. we're live in newark, new jersey. news 4 new york. >> thank you. it was an emotional evening
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for people who gathered to honor a security guard gunned down by a veteran inside of a federal building. more than 200 people attended a memorial near federal plaza in manhattan manhattan. the officer was killed last friday as he stood guard inside a federal office building. the gunman, kevin downing, then killed himself. the security guard worked for the services for 16 years. his co-workers said he loved what he did. >> with all the adversities and the trials and the tribulations that we have experienced, he never, never was shy on his duty. >> employees launched a go fund me account to support his family. also new tonight, security officials say a u.s. air strike killed an isis terror leader in syria. he is believed to have played a
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key role in the extremist' online recruitment campaign. he died in a drone strike on tuesday, sources say. he allegedly tried to recruit attackers in our area through social media and was one of the top hackers for the terrorist group. police officer foiled a sophisticated million dollar heist. the thieves broke through a concrete wall in a warehouse in hicksville. they were about to get away with $2 million until the police officer on routine patrol, saw something at the warehouse that raised his suspicions. the officer acted quickly and arrested one man. these guys knew what they were doing. >> this was a sophisticated burglary. it wasn't a couple individuals waking up and committing this crime. >> one man was arrested but there are four other crooks inside the vault who have not been caught. an alleged drunk driver faces charges in connection with a crash that killed a father and two children.
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he is now charged with aggravated vehicular homicide among other charges. he was speeding when rear ended a car last month on the parkway in long island. before leaving the scene, he ignored the lone survivor's pleas to help her family trapped inside the car. the vehicle erupted into flames, killing the husband and kids. the wife survived. he pleaded not. tomorrow, dive teams will be in the water looking for a fishing captain those boat sunk off of sandy hook. crews were out opt watt n the water. the missing captain is tom anderson. yesterday, the fishing boat was found in 50 feet of water in a shipping channel. president obama is in new orleans, marking the 10th anniversary of hurricane katrina. he got a first-hand look at the recovery efforts and worked with residents working to rebuild their neighborhoods, including the hard-hit ninth ward. he praised the local community and renewed a promise that the government will stay until all
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of the work is done. >> if katrina was initially an example of what happens when government fails, the recovery has been an example of what's possible when government works together. >> with so much work still left, estimates indicate that katrina could cost the gulf states as much as $125 billion. nearly three years after superstorm sandy stormed our shores, the city is about to pump millions to protecting flood-prone areas. you may remember scenes like this across manhattan. mayor de blasio said millions will be spent for precautions. it'll go to the tip of manhattan to the lower east side. coming up here, explosive impact. a gas station in flames. people running for safety. a driver who escaped nearly unscathed highway speeds. a driver's wild ride that had
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nothing to do with alcohol. it's not a log, it's a turtle that could snap off your toes. how this reptile made its way to our area.
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tonight, we're getting details about a terrifying crime in connecticut. a young girl says she was taken from her room in the middle of the night and raped. the girl says the attacker returned her to her home on broad street in new britain. this happened on august 16th and the attacker still hasn't been caught. >> it's disturbing from the family, the victim, and the people in the broad street neighborhood where it occurred. again, we allocated quite a resource and we're asking the public's help. >> the young girl says the man
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had short hair and spoke with an accent. he was wearing a dark colored hot with a blue logo, similar to a lightning bolt. a doctor is going to have to explain. he was arrested tuesday after complaints from co-workers after his office and at least one patient. one woman told the police that the doctor touched her breast d bit her cheek. he faces a number of charges, including criminal misconduct, sexual assault. a scary scene in connecticut. a crash sparks a huge explosion and fire at a gas station, sending people running for cover. east hartford, the video you have to see to believe. >> reporter: an explosion and then fire overwhelmed this east hartford gas station on main street, all of it caught on camera. police rushing to the scene, searching for victims. >> gas shooting out, the tires are melting, cars melting.
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>> reporter: according to witnesses, this black jeep is what caused all the damage. they say it sped across a parking lot, bolted over the grass, across a busy mainstream street street, straight into the gas station, barely missing the key i don't say ing -- kiosks, barely missing the pump. >> reporter: this man shot this video, showing the fire consuming a gas purpose mp. >> i was worried there was meone else in the car. e car was on fire. we didn't know if he dragged someone out. it was wild. >> reporter: surveillance from a nearby business shows the first moments of the crash. you can see an intense fire ball and debris scat l. ter scatter. then someone running for safety. >> emotional experience for the person working in the kiosk and those standing at the pumps. >> reporter: incredibly, no one was seriously hurt.
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the driver walk aidwar ed away with minor injuries. >> i heard someone c t l it the miracle on main street. that's what it was. >> reporter: news 4 new york. massive flames and thick, policewoman black smoke poured out. videos show the fire shooting through the roof of the building on east 13th and 3rd avenue. i began around 3:45. crews had it under control in under an hour. a father a, son found a turtle while fishing on long island. the jaws of the alligator snapping turtle are powerful enough to snap off your toes. authorities say the family discovered the reptile this weekend. now, it's not supposed to be there. the creatures are of the south, near texas and florida. the spca believes someone illegally kept it as a pet and abandoned it. tonight, janice, it's feeling crispy. >> even in the city, the temperatures are around 70 right now. this is the coolest we've seen in midtoot for the last stretch
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of days. another chilly night for us. it's clear out there, too. our weather just rema?!s fantastic around here. here's a look from the top of the rock camera view. right now, the temperature in the park is at 71. skies are mainly clear across the area. we're expecting another cool tomorrow. before the heat and the humidity return this weekend. it will be back. in the meantime, we're tracking tropical storm erika closelh there are watches and warnings across the caribbean islands and into the bahamas. next stop will be the virgin islands. they're already getting heavy rain. heavy winds and rain. then it moves toward the dominican republic. haiti is not outlined here. their government has not issued a warning yet, but they're in just as much trouble from heavy rain as theomin dan republic. the kurks turks and caicos, into the bahamas by the end of the weekend. then south florida.
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the storm tba'ks take it close to the florida peninsula, if not making a landfall. there's uncertainty in terms of a landfall. expecting it to be a categor one hurricane by the time it gets here. south florida hasn't seen a landfall in ten years. they're watching it carefully. tracks take it to the keys, and others take itnofgohore. we're going with what's happening in termstof it moving closer and possibly making al landfall in florida. more upda as to come over the next 24 hours. meanwhile, storm tracker is clear about here. our weather will be nice all the way into early next week. it'll get hot, as high pressure dominates the bermuda high. usually disappears late in the summer. not yet because we have a wave of 90s next week. then we'll see what erika might possibly bring for us if it makes it this far. je'sey shore, 60s to near 70s. you're cooling down. in the morning, 67. awesome b ch day with temperatures around 80 late in
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the day. ellenville is at 58. 55 iokrandolph. you're k loo lo woking at possibly 50s tonight. 50s in fairfield. 66 in farmingville. east port, mid 60s. great beach day for long island after it warms up around my day to the 70s. 82 in the afternoon. around the city, we've got upper 60s. jersey city, 65 in yonkers. get downside and enjoy it because there's not a pollution build up. there's fresh air for the change. that'll change other the weekend as the atmosphere becomes stagment stag stsagnant stagnant. levels will build again. 83 tomorrow. 87 saturday. close to 90 on sunday. it looks like a retch of0 that's a heat wave. more than three days if it holds, up to thursday of next week.
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>> thank you. more than 1,000 high school udentsot a back to school treat. >> the rapper returned to his hometown for a free concert. everybody, everybody >> he graduated before making it big in the rap world. tonight, he thanked the students for their support and sang a couple of his hit songs. "come my way." his real name is willie maxwell. >> the fans s mets fans are dancing like that now. >> the mets were down early tonight, but fear not. is is the amaze ing play, the envy of anyone, even houdini. daniel murphy weaving some magic. you'll see nit a it in a moment. the battle on the gridiron is
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coming up. that's next on news 4 new york. > have a tip for new york's biggestiteam? call 866-news-244 or e-mail tips nbc new
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hey terry kp! thra have a speci l! so, what did you guys think of the test drive?ati love the jetta. but at about a deal? terry, stop! it's quite alright... you know waat? w "ywant to ismake a deal with you. we're twins, so could you give us two for the price of one? pe on, give us a dea lookost ho old i am. do you come here often? he works here, terry! you work here, right? yes... ok l'satet to the point. we're going to take the deal. get a $1000 z z volkswagen\ \ reward| | ca rd on select\ \ 2015| | jetta\\\ moandels. or lease\ \ a 2015||| jetta s z for e139\\\ a month sster a\ $1000z z volkswagen\ \ bonus. we have a couplef o caught on camera stories tonight. first, severy people were injured taturday in the chinese city when the sidewalk gave way pright under them. this happened at a bus stop. chinese media says the four people fell all the way to the
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sink hole. fifth person grabbed on to a pipe, the woman at the t p o the screen. the sink hole was ten feet deep. fortunately, all the injuries are minor. a texas woman was caught on camera blasting through barricades on amous. d las area freeway. drove for 15 miles with a road closed sign sicking out of the ho at one point, and car parts flying off. she did not hit any other vehicles. police say the woman was having me sort of medical emergency. we're told she is going to be okay. >> we'll be right back.
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the mets tried to roll a lucky 7 tonight in philadelphia. seven, as in seven straight wins. the mets spotted the l-0 advantage before the offense did heavy lifting. th a runchr aboard in the fourth, travis starts the comeback with an opposite field shot off aaron.
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in the fifth, cespedes golfs one to dead center. another two-run shot cuts the lead to one. later in the inning, kelly johnson ties the ball game with the mets' 13th home run of the series. believe it or not, there was some defense in this game. what a spectacular play in the tenth, after the ball ricochets off of torrez. murphy flips it to torrez, who beats him by a step. it was tied until the 13th. it's murphy again. this time, with the bat. serving one the other way a two-run double. right now, it's 9-5 with the mets still batting. the beat goes on. the yankees were off. the blue jays lost. their lead is now a game and a half. now to football and the giants and jets. this saturday night, it's the pre preseason, but there's a lot on the line for both clubs. let's start with big blue. it's year two of the new offense.
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after closing last year with a flourish, the starters have sputtered thus far in the preseason. failing to find the end zone against the bengals and jags. with the first team expecting to get a lot ofreps, the two biggest weapons on offense think this is the week to make something happen. >> think we made some improvements last week, but still, you know, still got ways to go. hopefully, we'll be able to get into a rhythm and get in sync. >> take the next step in the right direction, as far as moving the offense along and every other aspect, as well. specifically speaking about the offense. >> the battle of new york is right here on nbc 4 new york. it's the giants and jets in the metlife bowl. coverage begins at 7:00 with local bragging rights on the line. in golf, the fedex cup playoffs are underway. this week, it's the barclays in our backyard. ison, new jersey. this is the highlight of the day.
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john peterson's first shot on the par 5 16th. the ball lands well past the hole, but cashcatches a slope and rolls downk he hill and into the cup for an eagle. peterson, the 2011 ncaa championship is even par. the co-leaders are 5 under. the group includes bubba watson. at the world championship of track and field in beijing, the world's fastest man, usain bolt, outclassed the field in the 200 meters. as he was taking his victory lap, the jamaica sprinter was taken out by a photographer on a segway scooter. bolt went down but got back up. no update on the scooter. machine. >> he's okay. >> thank goodness. we'll be right back.
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>> announcer: closed captioning provided by toyota. never miss a headline from news 4 new york. get breaking news, i-team investigations and the most up to date forecast from storm team 4 in your inbox. go to nbc new andlick on the tab to sign up. that's it for news 4 york. "the tonight show" is up next. "today in new york" begins at 4:30. good night. >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- nicole kidman, patton oswalt, musical guest, the war on drugs and featuring the legendary
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roots crew. >> questlove: 188. >> steve: and now, here he is, jimmy fallon! [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: that's a hot crowd. oh, that's a beautiful crowd right there. that's what i'm talking about. thank you very much. thank you so much. welcome. welcome to "the tonight show", everybody. here it is. we're here tonight. that's what i'm talking about. thank you very much. well, here's what people are talking about, you guys. well, the newly elected congressmen and women from the
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midterm elections were sworn in today. anget thisthis congress will be the most diverse congress ever. with 104 women, 46 black lawmakers, 12 asian americans, and two native americans. yeah. [ cheers and applause that's correct. yeah. evheenol on the t's a small world" ride were like, "pretty good." that's not bad. that's almost -- that's a lot. that's right, 104 female lawmakers. in other words, there's going to be a lot of filibusters that are like, "you know what you did." [ laughter ] just tell me. um-mmm. um-mmm. you know. as usual, vice president joe biden was responsible for swearing in the new members of the senate, and i don't want to say he gave too many finger guns, but he actuay had to twice to reload. yeah. he was like, congratulations. congratulations. congratulations. of course, president obama is in the news as well. he was giving an interview recently. he said that athletes need to
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