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tv   Today in New York  NBC  August 28, 2015 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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watch as to whether it stays over water and hits land. >> it's not particularly strong in terms of the winds. it's a storm that can produce flooding rains. that's the danger too. as it goes over land, we'll watch it closely. that could shear it apart and it could redevelop closer to the southeast kroes. we're still in a winning stretch of weather. we're following the path erika. just south of puerto rico. it will make a turn to the west, northwest through the dominican republic and over this mountainous terrain. then it's planning to go up and down the eastern coast of florida. as perhaps a category 1 hurricane with 75, maybe even 85 mile per hour winds. this would be probably by monday into tuesday of next week. in the interim, back home for us, it's quiet. temperature in the city, 66. 50s in the suburbs. looking at sun symbols throughout the day. 78 by noon.
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83 the forecast high around 3:00. more on the weekend forecast in a bit. now an update on the commute. here's emily. >> last day of fastrack, chris. good morning everyone. on the 1, 2 and 3 lines. keep that in mind as you travel out this morning. also the overnight traffic on the a, d, f, g and s. another half hour before it wraps up. the commuter checklist, new york light rail is by passing park avenue. everything else is running on schedule this morning. with the buses, we have a lot of detours. again, just be aware of that as you do travel out. everything else looks fine this morning. alternate side meter rules in effect. more weather and traffic on the 4s. emily, thank you very much. as we watch tropical storm erika, those on the gulf coast are remembering hurricane katrina. ten years later. the storm that ripped across the gulf coast remains the most catastrophic national disaster in u.s. history.
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joy gray was there a decade ago and joins us again this morning. jay, i'm sure you can remember ago. >> reporter: no question. i think it's something that a lot of people in the region remember. look at the early morning hours ten years ago. the storm was on the eve of land. no mandatory evacuation in place at this point. no clue about the devastation that would follow. ten years ago today there was confusion and the beginning of what would be chaos. as katrina crashed the shoreline, new orleans and much of the gulf coast -- >> one of levees has broken and given way. >> was left in ruins. >> help us. what else can you do or say? >> with tens of thousands searching for a way out. this man said it was time to come home. >> it was very scary.
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>> he had left his town with plans to open a restaurant and bar in new york. >> when katrina happened, i felt like my world changed. >> with help from afternoon old firehouse with an idea he could be part of the cure. that's the name of this bar now, cure. something this region had been working on for a decade. >> by our nature, we are resilient and a hopeful people. >> reporter: hope that can be seen in the resurgence of city. the french quarter is back and booming. neighborhoods are restored. it's hope that can be seen in the volunteers that continue to rebuild in the areas still tattered and torn apart. >> we're going to bring everybody back and make the city that we always should have been. >> a goal that might seem out of reach until you recognize just how much has been done in the last ten years here. >> reporter: you know, the
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recovery continues. there's a renewed focused on the harder hit neighborhoods, like the lower ninth ward where, believe it or not, there's a need for as many as 60,000 homes to be rebuilt or repaired. that's the latest live here in new orleans, i'm jay gray. >> jay, could we take you back a decade. when did you realize in 2005 that this storm was going to be so destructive to new orleans? >> reporter: you know, it's interesting. because we were in biloxi where landfall basically was. it was catastrophic there. then in the next few hours moving into the day you started hear about these levees that were giving way and you start to realize, new orleans is a bowl, below sea level. if the levees can't hold, it's going to be catastrophic. we knew within a day or so there would be severe issues that weren't going away for quite some time. michael, i don't think anyone at those early stages thought it would be a decade later and we'd
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still be trying to repair and come back. >> absolutely. jay, thank you for that insight. we appreciate it. police in newark are investigating the car chase that left a woman hospitalized and fighting for her life. the chase ended when the car jumped a curb and crashed through this fence. the car hit a 79-year-old woman walking her dog. there was a car with two people inside. those two were not seriously hurt but the elderly woman had to be rushed to the hospital and is in serious condition. >> that's what i feel. she had a walking problem and she wouldn't have been able to run even if she saw the car coming. >> one man is in custody 6789 as for the dog the woman was walking, the dog said to be okay. new this morning, police looking for two suspects in a robbery in brooklyn. they released surveillance video of the men. they tied up the victim, then made off with jewelry and cash. plenty of it looks like there. investigators hope they can be
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identified maybe by their clothing. one wearing a jacket with the numbers 08 on the back and a star over those numbers. happening today, dive teams go back into the water to search for a captain. this photo was tweeted yesterday of crews out in the water. they wrapped up late last night. on wednesday, the fishing boat was found in 50 feet of water in a shipping channel. police identified the captain as tom anderson. happening today, the family of a woman hold a private viewing and prayer service for the security guard killed last week on the job. the private service will take place at the mosque this afternoon. last night more than 100 friends and co-workers remembered the father of three as an incredible human being.
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>> with all the adversities and the trials and the tribulations that we have experienced as psos. he was never shy on his duty. >> kamara worked for the same place for 16 years. co-workers say he loved his job. they started a go fund me account to support his family. it's 4:40. the u.s. delivered a serious blow to the terror group isis. security officials say a drone strike in syria killed a british national who is saying a top cyber jihadist who say he went by the name abu hussein al bertani. he tried to recruit attackers in our area through social media. he was one of the top hackers for isis. hundreds of people gathered at a candlelight vigil in virginia to remember the journalists killed during a live broadcast early this week. the vigil for 24-year-old alison parker and her photographer, 27-year-old adam ward held
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outside wdbj in roanoke. parker was interviewing vicki gardner on television when a former employee, vester flanagan, opened fire on her and onward. parker's father is gearing but is gearing up for a battle over access to guns. >> i'm relentless and i'm not going to stop until something happens. my grief which is still apparent and will be that way for a while, it's turned to anger. >> there are also -- ms. gardner survived the shooting and her condition upgraded to good. happening now, police in georgia are investigating a shooting at a college campus. a spokeswoman for savannah state university said the shooting happened at or near the student union and that one man was taken to the hospital. no word as to his injuries. the lockdown was lifted about 4 1/2 hours ago. afterwards, police searched cars
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going on and off the campus. 4:41 on a friday morning. still ahead on "today in new york," a delay of game due to a drone? the buzz in one community about that unwelcomed aircraft. then the story behind a superhero keeping watch over the streets in mexico city. and we'll have your weather and traffic coming up on the 4s when we come back. we snap it. we stack it. we smoosh it. we love it. hershey' s makes it a s' more... you make it special. hershey' s is mine, yours, our chocolate.
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time for a check of weather and traffic on the 4s. chris cimino is here. >> i was planning to go to the beach at 4:50 a.m. >> well, good luck with that. might be a little chilly. bring an extra heavy blanket. you'll get a good spot.
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this is going to be a good beach day, a good day to be out and about. comfortable, humidity levels staying down again. that's good news. maybe a breeze out to the west this morning. 66 degrees. keeping us nice and comfortable. a lot of the suburbs chillier. we break it down what to expect today. comfortable in the 50s and 60s. sunshine with us all day. highs in the lower 80s this afternoon. temperatures settle back into the 70s tonight. we're talking about nice weather. we need rain in a serious way. you can see a lot of brown lawns. normally dry in the northern half of new jersey including the five boroughs. moderate again across eastern long island, coastal connecticut. the drought not getting a break. going to stay dry. meantime, this is tropical storm erika. no real defined eye out of system yet. but it's skirting the southern end of puerto rico with strong winds and heavy downpours.
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all these different lines, we call this the spaghetti plot. towards eventually north of cuba and towards the bahamas. where it goes from there, this trend shows it further west. that would affect more western florida. some of the miles suggesting it could skirt the eastern seaboard of florida. that's what the national hurricane center is going with. we have tropical storm warnings for the turks and caicos and southeast bahamas. not a player into jamaica or cuba tas treks towards the north and east. at 50 miles per hour, the sustained winds. approaching miami sometime, it appears, early on monday. then making that turn into florida. now they've updated this track and it looks like it stays a tropical storm. as long as it stays over land and not water, it probably won't intensify any.
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still heavy rain and strong winds. they need the rain down there, but i don't know if they need it like that. for us, clear skies tonight, clear skies tomorrow, clear skies into sunday as well. a high temperature of 83 in the city. north and west, nice and comfortable too. upper 70s, lower 80s. shore points, same scenario. nice breeze out of the south in the afternoon. more humidity creeps in through the weekend. look at next week. could have another heat wave to start september. all near 90 degrees. let's find out if there's trouble spots for the commute with emily west. >> there are a couple. we have a lot of roadwork out and about. plus debris spill. this is causing delays. 35 southbound before 440, couple lanes blocked here. even though the ramp is going to be closed. to state street from 440 southbound. staten island expressway, roadwork in both directions. eastbound between richmond avenue into clove road. westbound from 4:00 to 6:00 and 10:00 to 12:00 dealing with that construction.
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the brooklyn bridgeomhis morning, you'll find delays on the bqe approaching the brooklyn bridge. that is due to roadwork. here's a live look at the george washington bridge. there's the brooklyn bridge. again, construction approaching cadman plaza. a live check of the cross bronx this morning. from sheridan expressway to webster avenue, dealing with that construction. downtown d trains running express due to track maintenance. you'll find delays. that's going to bypass dekalb avenue. alternate side meter rules in effect. more weather and traffic coming up on the 4s. >> emily, thank you very much. family, friends and fans are remember nba legend darryl dawkins. his powerful dunks earned him the name chocolate thunder. he was just 58 years old. died of a heart attack. >> shattering backboards. remember that? more than 1100 square miles of washington state have been
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scorched in the largest wildfire in that state's history. the governor calling the fire a slow motion disaster. after two years of construction, the maryellen kramer park reopens today in new jersey. the renovations -- beautiful. new dog walks, walking paths and closer access to the waterfalls. >> that's a national landmark now to paterson, great falls. >> the gender and the paternity will tell us -- one was lost sadly. we have one. recreational drone use has already raised privacy and security concerns. this week a high school football game in new jersey was delayed because a drone was buzzing too close to the players. it happened between a game between middle township and ocean city high school. at one point one of the coaches says the drone was hovering ten feet above the players' heads.
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the referee put the game for 20 minutes and called police. >> we were waiting for the lawmakers to give us some enforcement powers to regulate the use of these drones. >> just brings about a sense of you're kind of uncomfortable as a result of not knowing what the situation was. >> drone users should stay clear of stadiums, crowded areas and of course airports. the relationship between rosie o'donnell and her adoptive daughter chelsea is getting worse. chelsea, who turned 18 on monday, has decided to move to wisconsin to live with her birth mother. earlier this month, the teen disappeared for a week. she was found in the home of steven sheerer. he sent a photo of himself before she turned 18. that dangerous alligator snapping turtle has a new home this morning. it's at the holtzville ecology center where it will be fed fish, not toes and checked
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regularly by a veterinarian. a father and son found it in a stream. they're freshwater creatures. the turtle could snap off your fingers or toes. it's believed someone kept it as a pet and dumped it in the stream. it was 25 pounds when they found it. the fastest man in the world is used to sweeping the competition. this time as of usain bolt who was swept off his feet. he outran everyone to win the gold medal at the world championships in beijing. afterwards, the jamaican sprinter was taken out by a photographer on a segway. bolt sprang back to his feet. his closest competitor, justin gatlin was trying to take him out he joked. an heroic teenager from ulster county facing a tough challenge head on. battling severe kidney disease and has one wish. to become a new york city firefighter.
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yesterday, the fdny teamed up with the make-a-wish foundation for a very special event on randall's island. the teenager sworn in as an honorary member of the department in front much a group of cheering firefighters and his very grateful parents. >> he only wanted to be an fdny. so this experience has been incredible. michael will now get a chance to complete a series of training drills at the academy. yeah. he'll even learn how to use a fire hose. >> that's fantastic. >> that is. he's not batman, but one caped crusader is keeping the streets safe in mexico city. he goes by the a name that means little pedestrian. this local superhero creates crosswalks with spray paint and jumps in front of cars to protect people traveling by foot. mexico's ministry of health says pedestrians account for half of all road fatalities. >> look at that.
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>> he's trying to do what he can. >> good for him. still to come at 4:52 on a friday morning, new information about former subway frontman, jared fogle. an attorney for the restaurant chain says she told company officials long before an investigation. what investigators say may have been behind a texas woman's wild ride you're looking at there.
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more than a thousand high school students in paterson, new jersey, were treated to a free fettywat. he graduated from east side high
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before he graduated. singing hit songs, baby won't you come my way and others for the hometown crowd. it was great. looking forward to that all summer. back to school concert by the city. >> free concert. the price is right and the weather was nice. >> i think he's got occasionally to charge people to make money. in the meantime, dealing with weather conditions. almost a hint. we were talking about that being a high school thing. >> temperatures in the 50s and 60s. by afternoon, it feels like summer. 83 the expected high. nice breeze through the afternoon. tonight looks clear, comfortable. the upper 60s in the city. we start to add humidity through the weekend and a little more heat, too. it looks like a stretch of really hot stuff early next week. summer is not quitting any time soon around here. for a lot of people, that will make them happy. >> first day of school.
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what's going on, emily? >> fastrack. last day of fastrack as well. next few moments with the d train. bypass dekalb avenue. new crash on the van wyck. i'll tell you about that coming up. sinkhole opens up underneath you. look at that. this is in china. five people fell into that hole. one of them as you can see, the hole about ten feet deep. the people were reportedly waiting for a bus. still not clear what caused that sidewalk to collapse. >> police living in sao paulo over eviction notices.
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about 80 families from government-owned land. set fire to ten cars and a bus. they threw rocks at officers. the police -- clash ended when people headed to temporary shelters. officials say low-income housing will be built on that land. austrian authorities will investigating the deaths of at least 50 immigrants found on a truck on the side of the highway. an officer discovered the bodies after noticing it. they believe they were dead for days. this comes as top european officials were holding a meeting on the massive number of refugees pouring into europe from war torn countries throughout the middle east. >> indy car driver justin wilson was remembered in a special tribute on the golden gate bridge. a parade of competition cars and support vehicles crossed the bridge on thursday on a ceremonial formation. wilson died on monday after
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severe head trauma after being struck by debris while he was racing at pocono raceway. >> an attorney for the former subway franchisee says his client was concerned about pitchman jared fogle back in 2008. and that the franchisee told the fast food chain about it. cindy mills reportedly met fogle at an event and exchanged numbers. attorney says fogle allegedly began talking about paying for sex with minors. that's when mills contacted a subway advertising executive. subway says it does not have a record of mills' complaint. >> boom. >> a woman in texas caught on camera blasting through barricades on a busy dallas freeway. she drove for 15 miles with a road closed sign sticking out of her hood at one point. car parts flying everywhere miraculously. she didn't hit any other cars. we're told she's going to be okay.
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more and more people are opting for longer carleses to lower their monthly payments according to ex peerian automotive. 18% of drivers offered more than a three-year lease in the second quarter of this year. a lot of folks are using the longer terms to buy more expensive cars. the same is true for the traditional auto loans. it's averaged 5 years and 7 months. facebook reached an epic milestone. for the first time, a billion people logged on to use facebook in a single day. founder and ceo mark zuckerberg made that announcement in what else. a facebook post. he said one in seven people on earth used facebook to connect with family and friends. zuckerberg said it's the beginning of connecting with the entire world. >> all those people were at work at that time. coming up on on 5:00 a.m., take us with you if you're headed out. >> download the app on your mobile device. the next hour starts now.
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why an explosion at a connecticut gas station is being called a miracle. the search for a driver that witnesses say ran down a cyclist and just kept going. how a florida fugitive was caught red handed in the big apple. "today in new york" starts now. good morning everybody. 5:00 a.m. on this friday, august 28th. i'm michael gargiulo. i'm pat battle in for ms. rodriguez who is taking the last couple of weeks off and be back on monday. >> storm team 4 chris cimino is here. hoping it will be nice to start the weekend. a nice cool, comfortable start. in the 60s. 64 tribeca. we see 50s and 40s believe it or not. that's a window closer, i think. >> 54 in danbury. looking at a day filled with sunshine. even after this cool start, it warms up nicely. sounds perfect. 79 degrees. forecasting a high today of 83.
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almost 5:02, emily west in for lauren. let's find out how the friday commute is moving. >> an accident at exit 3. couple lanes blocked. a lot of delays. flashing lights. again, you're going to find that slowdown this morning. also, reports of a debris spill. couple of lanes taken up here. the off ramp is closed southbound 440 heading over to state street and alternate side rules are in effect. more weather and traffic coming up on the 4s. >> news coming from brooklyn. five people have been shot inside a restaurant. this happened on flatbush avenue in prospect lefferts gardens. one of the victims was shot in the head and torso and died at kings county hospital. now, these are live pictures from the shooting scene. two other men and two women taken to the hospital. we're told some of them are being treated for graze wounds. so far, no arrests have been made. but "today in new york's" tracie strahan is on the way to the


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