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tv   News 4 New York at 5  NBC  August 28, 2015 5:00pm-5:30pm EDT

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with food and friendship in the past. >> i fed him a couple of times. i definitely fed him a couple times. my friend. doing stuff like that, like, that's unacceptable. totally unacceptable. >> reporter: the 28-year-old was arrested by nypd's special victims unit last night near saint mark's avenue in brooklyn, wanted for the sexual attack on a 52-year-old woman where investigators say david threatened the woman with a gun, forced her iouo a building, ratoped her and knocked out two of >> ould have been my mother, rsman. it could have been my grandmother, could have been one ther >> it's important because my mom is in that age range. and i was scared for her to be out on the street. >> reporter: sha anyway williams says she is retieved knowing david is off the street and out of their neighborhood. police sources tell news 4 david was on parole for robbery at the time of the attack. >> i'm very happy that he's locked up.
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for me. >> reporter: law enforcement sources also tell news 4, david before. he is expected to face a judge here at court. marc santia, news 4 new york. >> thank you. new information is painting a clearer picture of the man who murdered two journalists in cold and that ncludes exclusive video inside vester flanagan's apartment. more. >> reporter: shiba, even more disturbing stories about the suspect's past, this time from other sv stations he worked at over the years. this as the father of the reporter killed visited her tv station today to mourn with the news staff there. at the scene of the shooting, blood-soaked planks have been replaced. local shops reopening for business after wednesday's shooting of reporter alison parker and photographer adam ward. officials say she was shot in e head and chest.
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he in the head and side. as the community mourns, pa trker's father visited the stkation, wdbj, today. >> met the people she worked with a d the peopl that rea lly loved her. and i was -- profoundly difficult for me. >> reporter: the police searched vester flanagan's apartment, showing the killer's sparse ving conditions. the only photos, of himself from his younger days, hanging on the refrigerator. yesterday police had a search of the rental car where he shot himself and turned up weapons and ammo, a to do list and disguises. parker's dad calling for tougher gun laws and asked journalists to keep reporting on the issue. >> you've got to be with me on this. >> reporter: flanagan was f ed from wdbj two years ago after numerous angry explosions in the newsroom. he worked at other stations where he carried on the same way. >> he wanted to take it outside, and i just, you know, was stunned. >> he was the source
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f it. >> reporter: as for the woman who survived the shooting, su' continues to recor, telling her relatives she remembers aring the shot, ducking and then wincing and falling as a bullet tore through her back. the newsroome jonathan deepts dienst, back to you. > new at 5:00, a former new hampshire prep school studett has been acquitted of felony rape in a case involving an underclassman. 19-year-old owen la-brie raped a student at st. paul school two days before graduation last year. gu sexual assault charges. he baces up to sev years in prison, d must register as a sex offender. a restaurant got quite a scare this afternoon when the overhanging roof su denly collapsed. chopper 4 was above the at the ankle la sun restaurant. amazingly amazingly, nobody was hurt.
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new at 5:00, the dow closed down aout 12 points today, bringing an end to a wild week on wall reet. the wild ride beganidn monday, th a 1,000-point drop. and tonight we're just about back where we started. sue herrera joins us now from cnbc's global headquarters. you have been our go-to for all of in this week,sue. can you put this in perspective now that we have reached friday? >> reporter: yes, shiba, listen. we are all so very glad it is friday. on the week, the dow jones industrial average actually managed to gain the s&p ained just under 1% and the nasdaq gained 2.5%. go figure. the volatility really started in the overseas market, carried ovawer into our markets, as you know, throughout this week. we also got some economic data that's leading wall street to believe that perhaps the u.s. economy may be on better footing, may be stronger, certainly, than all of our european and asian counterparts,
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and i think that really underpinned the market today. there also was a sense of fatigue in the market. people were exhausted. and there actually was a term called exhaustion selling that creeped into the marke late yesterday afternoon. so i think the market has kind of -- has finished with the selling near term, but not necessarily with the volatility. i expect that to continue, because we're headed towards september and october, and if history is any gauge, those months are very difficult for the market. >> so what does this mean for monday? en the market opens? >> reporter: formonday, the call right now is for a steady because of theetay the marke finished. as i said, we may s>>rt that way, but i do think that the volatility may be back. keep in mind, a lot of traders ke august off, especially the last week or so of august. the market. and down. that was also part of what we saw this week. so i would definitely buckle
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your seatbelt, and be prepared for volatility. but right now the call is for a slightly higher opening on monday. >> all right. headquarters. we will remain patient. >> thank you. have a great weekend. now for the latest on tropical storm erika, bearing down on the mow minute can republic after heavy rain and weekend. florida is preparing for the possibility that erika could make landfall there by monday. governor rick scott has declared a state of emergency, and some relief agencies are already gearing up. >> we know he's prepared for the worst and hope for the best and hopefully that what's will happen here. we have to continue to be prepared. >> reporter: so far no warnings or watches issued in south florida. let's get to storm team 4 meteorologist janice huff with the latest update on erika's path. >> not yet, chuck, for south florida, but probably in the next 24 hours, there will be some watches and/or warnings issued for the state of florida. right now the main concern is this corridor from the turks and
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caicos through eastern cuba into the bahamas. this entire area under either watches or warnings for the storm as it heads in that direction tonight and tomorrow. right now, it is producing some heavy rain bands over the eastern dominican republic, headed towards haiti. well. so these areas have bright white clouds and even off shore, there is a lot of rain here. ropical done. and it's not even a hurricane. carefully. per hour. it will encounter some -- the land mass here, and so it will tropical depression later tonight. still heavy rain, still over cuba sunday and then moves back out over the water south of the afternoon. heavy rain, as well. and then it may make a second landfall if it stays on this florida. of but you know how quickly these things can change. this is totally different from yesterday's track.
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we have to stay updated and we'll have more in a few yminutes. ck to you. >> janice, thank you very much. as we keep an eye on tropical storm erika, this weekend marks a decade since hurricane katrina made landfall in new orleans. in a few minutes we'll have a report ten years later and his message to the children. also ahead on news 4 new york at 5:00, the mysterious disappearance of a local woman. >> get a load of what she did when she got out of the car. new at 5:30, a local family's plea to keep their daughter's killer behind bars. and they're asking for your help.
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it seemed like a typical los angeles police chase took a very strange turn. police were trying to stop a woman for erratic driving in downtown last night, and when she finally stopped her car, she officers. police didn't seem impressed and drawn. she got back into her car, but
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was quickly arrested. the woman is charged with felony evading and driving a stolen vehicle. new developments in the search for a connecticut couple missing for more than three weeks. police searched their son's home over a week ago and today a judge granted a request by prosecutors to keep the findings of that search sealed for another two weeks. police have named him a person of interest in his parents' disappearance. no one has seen them since august 4. connecticut's state attorney declined comment on this case. tomorrow marks ten years since hurricane katrina made landfall, devastating new orleans. at the time, president george w. bush was blasted for the botched federal response to the storm. today he returned to the city, to see all the progress it has made, all these years later. nbc's jay gray is in louisiana with a closer look at where everything stands tonight. jay? >> reporter: hey, shiba. yeah, and when you look closely, it's amazing the recovery effort here, really.
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especially when you consider the overwhelming devastation that littered the road home. but ten years after katrina, it is very clear, new orleans still hasn't made it all the way back yet. >> reporter: there's always been a certain style and undeniable rhythm to the city. but ten years ago, the music stopped. as hurricane katrina ravaged the leve es surrounding new orleans. more than 1,800 died in the storm, hundreds of thousands were left homeless. >> it was one of our country's darkest moment. >> reporter: at the time, many blamed then president george w. bush for what they perceived as a lackluster response to the tragedy that included an initial flyover in air force one without touching down to show support for the city. today the former president was on the ground for a first-hand look at the ongoing recovery. >> the darkness from a decade ago has lifted.
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the crescent city has risen again, and its best days lie ahead. >> reporter: business is strong. the french quarter has been revitalized. several neighborhoods are flourishing again. in fact, new orleans is the fastest-growing city in america right now. still, in some areas, things aren't moving as quickly. >> it's a lot of places in new forgotten. >> reporter: like the lower ninth ward, a community for the most part still in ruins. but if you stop and listen closely -- -- you can hear that rhythm again. >> i really miss the old new orleans, man, the way it used to go. i'm just trying to save what we do have, you know? trying to continue the tradition. >> reporter: with a song of survival. that still echos ten years after the storm. yeah, and recovery teams tell me there are still at least 60,000 homes that need to be rebuilt or repaired. many of those are in the lower ninth ward. that's the latest live here in
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new orleans. i'm jay gray. chuck, shiba, back to you. >> jay, thanks. hard to believe it's been ten years. >> time really goes -- you know? it seemed like yesterday, and i'm sure a lot of people there, you can go in areas and still see damage. >> oh, sure. >> yeah. but they're coming back. >> they're coming back, yeah. and we are watching. >> another tropical storm. >> a tropical storm creating a lot of havoc on its own as a tropical storm, not even a hurricane yet. a lot of flood ago cross parts of the northeastern caribbean and headed towards florida. somewhere in florida. because it's still rather -- a lot of uncertainty still with this storm. our view is just perfect. another gorgeous day across the tristate area. a few clouds, a little haze in the atmosphere from our top of the rock camera. 80 degrees right now in central park under mostly sunny skies, and it was another picture-perfect day with the temperatures too at 82 degrees this afternoon in midtown. 83 in newark. 70s today in bridgeport. a little cooler and the low 80s
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well. these nice temperatures are going to go away, because returning up the heat and humidity for the next several days, all the way into next week, expect a little bit of a heatwave and tracking erika. right now it's moving across hispaniola, the dominican republic on the east side getting heavy rain now. this is haiti here, getting heavy rain later tonight. winds now top sustained at 50 miles per hour. but there are gusts as high as 60, 65, enough to cause problems in terms of power outages and enough rain to cause flooding across this area. now, if we look at all the computer forecasts, they generally bring it across cuba, every one of them and towards florida. but then there are several other computer forecasts that are bringing it across cuba and then into the gulf of mexico. so they're actually starting to look closely in the houston area at the track of the storm as well. lots of uncertainty still left. so we have to keep monitoring and keep updating you and storm team 4 will always have the latest updates for you. in the meantime, temperatures
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around here are nice. 80 in harrison, temperatures in the 70s to near 80 aloss long island. 76 now in sussex and 72 in monticello. another fantastic day across the entire northeast corridor. there are some showers back to the west. there's a weak cold front that's moving through the great lakes in the next 24 hours. it just might bring a couple showers to our area on sunday. in the meantime, this evening it's nice and lovely. tomorrow we'll have some high clouds streaming through. but it's a dry day. and it starts to heat up, too. temperatures approaching the mid 80s and then sunday near 90. and like i said, one or two thunderstorms may pop up sunday north and west of the city in the afternoon and evening. and this heat just continues to soar. because later next -- into next week, the heatwave looks likely with 90-degree-plus temperatures starting on monday, and probably lasting into tuesday, maybe even thursday. moonlit sky tonight, down to 67 degrees.
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tomorrow, 87 is the high in the city. that's up there from our 82 today. and then we're almost at 90 on sunday. and we should be there monday, continuing into thursday with dry skies and a lot of heat, maybe a break on thursday into friday with some thunderstorms. back to you. >> all right, janice, thank you. feeling better means eating better at one local hospital. still ahead, how they're growing healthy greens high above city streets. and a new ban on big sugary drinks is in the works. but this time it's different. and coming up at 6:00, the i-team exposed this woman and others on the street begging with babies. now she's under arrest and facing child endangerment charges. the i-team investigates this developing case, next at 6:00.
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it's interesting. bottled water sales are set to pass soda. that's not stopping one lawmaker proposal. >> a ban on big sugary drinks. as lori bordonaro explains, this time there is a twist. >> reporter: this time, it's not a total ban. this one is aimed at minors, meaning if you want to buy one of these and you're under 18, you have to show your i.d. >> i agree with them. it's not good for them. >> that's kind of stupid. >> reporter: pouring a big gulp would be like going to the movies or buying cigarettes. anyone under 18 would have to show identification. >> we don't allow 9-year-olds to walk into an r-rated movie
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without being accompanied by an adult. it's the same concept. >> reporter: unlike mayor bloomberg's failed attempt, staten island assemblyman matthew tieton issued the bill. >> really, this is just a common sense approach to address the obesity epidemic that we're facing here in new york. >> reporter: a big concern for this father of two. >> it would be better, yeah. because, you know, it's all sugar. >> reporter: but the idea is not resonating well with teenagers we spoke with. >> i have siblings who are 13 and they always buy big sodas. >> i think it's stupid. like, if i want a big soda -- what if i'm really thirsty? >> reporter: thomas hickey believes his children can make their own choices. >> if he wants to have a large drink of whatever, juice or whatever he wants, yes, i believe that is his choice. >> reporter: the proposed bill would also require a warning label on all food and beverages that have a high content of sugar.
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staten island, lori bordonaro, news 4 new york. gus has a look at what's coming up at 5:30. the family desperate to keep their daughter's killer behind bars. how they're depending on the help of friends and neighbors to make sure that man never walks free. plus, the search for suspects after shots rang out in the brooklyn hookah lounge. and farm fresh in the middle of the city? how one local hospital is changing the way patients eat. those stories and more when shiba and i get back to you at 5:30. leave early go roam sleep in sleep out star gaze dream big wander more care less beat sunrise chase sunset do it all. on us.
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right now on news 4 new york, a man convicted of killing a young girl 25 years ago will soon be up for parole. but tonight, his family is putting up a fight, and they're asking for help. the family of kelly tina says her killer should never walk free again. >> and in it an online petition, they're hoping to keep him locked up. greg cergol spoke to the family tonight on long island. >> reporter: richard finds himself reliving the darkest days of his life. the murder of his 13-year-old daughter, kelly, in 1989. >> i don't want to go through this. it's torment. >> reporter: but he is forced to face the past, he says, to keep his daughter's killer behind bars. >> guilty. >> reporter: 25 years after his
5:28 pm
murder conviction, robert gollab is up for parole. richard has posted a petition to keep the 48-year-old in prison. signed it. >> i do not trust him. i do not want him out of prison. he doesn't deserve to be out of >> reporter: this was a crime neighbor. gallob home down the street. but he didn't acknowledge his guilt until two years ago when time. >> we just relive it and relive it. it just doesn't go away. >> reporter: kelly's childhood friend, jennifer cohen, is helping distribute the petition, but wonders why kelly's family must face this task every two years. kelly tinez would have turned 40 this year. in october, her family will testify at a parole board hearing, in a decision on robert gollab's fate should come in november. >> it's horrifying. her family is in turmoil right now. >> reporter: a turmoil with no
5:29 pm
end in sight. greg cergol, news 4 new york. tears and anguish at a memorial for the security guard shot inside a federal building in soho. family members and friends cried and held each other at a viewing today. his casket was set outside the 53-year-old's mosque at 115th street in east harlem. he died when 68-year-old kevin downing of ft. lee opened fire inside the building last friday and turned the gun on himself. police in new jersey are still looking for the driver who struck a bicyclist and drove off. it happened on route 17 in rutherford at the crane avenue split. the victim has been identified as gregory gingrich, a 32-year-old man from michigan, being treated for a fractured right leg and other injuries. the good news here, he is expected to recover. according to witnesses, he was hit by a red four-door sedan with maryland license plates and a cracked windshield. new tonight, dive teams have recovered a body from the cabin
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of the el jeffa, the fishing


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