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tv   Today  NBC  August 30, 2015 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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a fan fell from the upper deck. >> witnesses say the man landed headfirst two sections below. very close to where the families of the players were sitting. >> he just came down like a thud on to the concrete steps. >> several people jumped into action, including this surgeon sitting nearby. >> we did cpr basically until the paramedics came and put him in a neck collar on a board and took him away. for about ten minutes or so. it was pretty nerve racking. people were pretty much in shock. >> cell phone video from another witness shows the victim later being carried out on a stretcher. the man fell to his death in the seventh inning. many didn't realize what happened and the game went on. >> i saw the commotion. i thought it was a fight at first. >> major league baseball has been looking closely at fan safety after one woman at fenway park was struck by a broken bat and another hit by a foul ball at chicago's wrigley field.
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>> according to, the 60-year-old fan was an atlanta braves season ticket holder who was yelling at alex rodriguez when he lost his balance and went over the railing. this is the third death at turner field since 2008. >> that is n.rrible. our other top story. the execution-style mired of a sheriff's deputy in texas. authorities investigate whethend the deputy was targeted simply because he was in uniform. jacob ras cone is in houston for us. >> reporter: carson, this community is in mourning and coming together to heg . it's reigniting a nationwide >> we pray. >> amid the national conversation about questionable police shootings, this seemed disturbingly clear. >> darren would have given that monster the shirt off his back if he asked for it. did. >> reporter: hundreds of people
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gathered to honor deputy darren goforth. many who knew him -- most here did not. >> the callousnessmof what >> reporte goforth just finished filling up with gas. surveillance cameras captured what happened next. >> six to eight shots. an officer is down. >> reporter: investigators say shannon miles shot him in the back and kept shooting even after goforth was down. charges. he has a criminal record but according to the sheriff, dchbt know his target. >> why did you feel it was important to show up today? >> i want to demonstrate that all lives matter. >> the unprovoked killing brings race back into the spotlight. >> it doesn't matter about black and white. it's coming together of people that really matters. and that's what the focus should be about. >> reporter: goforth is remembered as a hero and leaves behind a wife and two children.
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his wife spoke to a family friend. >> all the language that i know is inadequate for what i want to express. my husband was an incredibly intricate blend of toughness and gentility. he was always loyal, fiercely soif. >> reporter: the comt'nity has planned a wa to hlnor the deputy from a nearby christian church to the gas station later tonight. as police say they will release more information about the suspect in a possible motive tomorrow. carson? >> jake on rascon on the story for us. dylan is following a weather triple threat. deadly high winds from the relsmains of tropical storm erika hawaii still. >> good morning, erica. there's a lot going on. the storm in the pacific deaths. a 36-year-old man was killed when a tree fell on his car and a 10-year-old girl was killed at tree limb.
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wind gusted up to near 90 miles per hour. there were half a million peopleftwithout power at one point yesterday during the storm. this is the moisture that's streaming in. it's producing really heavy rain. the worst of the winds are over. this is more of a winter time storm system you'd see that when the winds gust that high, there are no leaves on the trees. sole it was a different situation to get this big of a storm when the leaves are still on the trees and it causes a lot of the trees to topple. we should see gusts up to 45, 55 miles per hour. tropical storm erika is no more. now we have heavy rain moving through miami this morning. we could see as much as 3 to 5 inches of rain in parts of florida. we could see areas of flooding when you get the heavier pockets of rain. that's the concern. because of that, flood watches in effect. today and tomorrow, we could see on the southwest coast of florid up to 3 to 5 inches of rain. also want to point out, a category 4 hurricane ignacio in the pacific. it's going to stay well to the
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north of hawaii. but we have 20-foot waves and rip current out of this storm. it's not going to get this close and downgrade to a category 1. >> dylan, thanks. a new poll shows donald trump is still the party favorite and hillary clinton's considerably. chuck todd is the moderator for meet the press. let's talk trump. for months, people said it would be near impossible for his candidacy to last this long as a republican. the new l comes out of likely gop caucus-goers in iowa. the numbers are still strong. dhuk this seems to be more than a summer fling. >> they're very strong. the most significant number may not be trump's. it may beaben carson at 18e. what do trump and carson have in common? neither one held elective office. they're part of this outsider coalition. the two of them together cobbling together nearly 50% of
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the electorate by themselves in iowa. this anti-establishment sentiment in iowa is huge. i think the most important number in the poll, 75% of iowa republicans say they have an unfavorable or unsatisfactory review of republicans in congress. they are mad at their own party. that tells you why carson, they're attracted to the outsiders like trump and carson. >> chuck, let's break down the democrats extracting from what we can figure out from the poll, you look at hillary clinton not great for her. lost nearly third of supporters since may. bernie sanders gained a little bit. only 7-points deficit there. she was very aggressive and apologetic over the personal use on the e-mail server thing. can she survive the scandal? can she slow it down? >> well, the good news for her in this poll. 61% of iowa democrats said the e-mail controversy was not an issue for them. this isn't an issue among democrats. however, you get the sense among
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democratic elites that they're nervous. that her numbers look weak in a general election. that's why the chatter of joe biden isn't going away. i think you can't ignore this. bernie sanders number. it looks very similar to the rise of barack obama eight years ago in iowa. >> chuck todd, thanks so much. we'll be watching when your exclusive guest is wisconsin governor scott walker. american pharoah's racing career may be over this morning. the wwner says his horse, he may retire it after saturday's shocking defeat at saratoga springs. nbc's gabe gutierrez has more this morning. gabe? >> r soorter: this stunned the racing world. american pharoah won eight consecutive races. he's the most significant american race horse in decades. now his run could be over for good. >> it was a stunning upset.
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>> teen ice is -- teen ice has won the travers. >> triple crown winner american pharoah was in lead of the final moments of the traverse stakes. until keen ice rallied from behind and beat the odds to overtake the champion horse. >> american pharoah defeated by keen ice. >> i see the horse starts slowing down, started coming back to me. i thought we had a chance to win the race. >> in june, american pharoah became the first horse in 37 years to sweep the kentucky derby, the preakness and the belmont stakes. a quest for greatness that began last may with a victory at the kentucky derby. >> then two weeks later with another triumphant finish at the preakness. >> american pharoah opened up a two-length lead. >> it capped off with a triumph at the belmont stakes, the toughest leg. longer than the kentucky derby and the preakness. >> american pharoah is finally the one.
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>> alas, saratoga retains its reputation as the graveyard of champions. roll away is the only horse to have won the trich will crown and saratoga trafers stakes in 1941. today, no one would argue that american pharoah retains his place as one of the greatest in racing histories. >> going into the race, there were concerns that the travel schedule would take a toll. he had flown nearly 18,000 miles during his winning streak. >> he was jet lagged. >> gabe gutierrez. he's flown about 18,000 miles in the last week, i think. >> thanks. let's go to sheinelle with the amazing rescue of a hiker. >> missing for nine days, has been found and is being treated for nonlife-threatening injuries this morning. 62-year-old harwood fell and injured herself hiking in a remote area of the sierra nevada mountains on august 20th. she crawled for two days to
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reach a stream. rescuers found her when she blew her emergency whistle. a surfer says she's still in shock but uninjured after a very close call with a shark. 54-year-old eleanor dempsey shows what's left of her surfboard after a 7 or 8-foot great white shark chomped a chunk out of it saturday in central california's morro bay. area beaches expected to remain closed today. beaches in san diego will be checked for safety today after another close call with a shark. a startled group of kayakers shot this video saturday of an 8 to 10-foot hammerhead shark circling them. what experts say is a very aggressive manner. the shark followed the kayakers to shore. a tragedy for broadway. the death of a groundbreaking actor. kyle jean-baptiste fell four stories to his death from a fire escape in brooklyn, new york city, on saturday. he made history this summer becoming the first black actor
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to play the lead role in broadway's "les mis." he was also the youngest to ever do that. dr. albert sacks made famous by awakenings, died. he was a celebrated neurologist who books explain the strange workings of the human brain. robin williams played him in awakenings. sacks died of cancer. he was 82. the new york giants lost a pre-season game to the jets. but the worst fumble wasn't on the field. it was in the booth. the play called pour bob papa to hand the cake to analyst carl banks for his birthday. automatic first down for illegal use of hands. >> hey. >> fumble. >> wow. >> can you do the five-second rule? >> sure. >> cake that didn't hit the ground. >> dig into that bad boy. >> a cake is a cake. it's still a cake. >> i'm with you. sheinelle, thanks.
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dylan is back with a quick look at the national forecast. >> both corners of the united states will see more rain. florida and the pacific northwest. in the middle a hot one. temperatures back into the 90s. in the northeast, the humidity will start to build. watch out for a couple of pop-up thunderstorms. that's a look at the weather across the country. here's a peek out your window. good morning everyone. hazy, hot and humid on this sunday. temperatures soaring into the 80s. near 90 degrees. lots of sunshine. clouds filtering in by the end of the day. it's going to be a great beach day. get outside and enjoy it get ready for the heat. overnight, down to 73 for a low. it's a muggy night ahead. take a look at the seven-day forecast. a heat wave. low 90s tomorrow. mid-90s on tuesday. lots of sunshine. lot into the weekend. and that's your latest forecast. >> thank you, dylan. up next, two years after her infamous twerking performance, what does miley cyrus have
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an event an event not suitable for your children. the anticipated mtv video music awards. countdown, hours away. >> this year's host, miley cyrus is promising a show raw unlike any other. gadi schwartz has more. >> it doesn't get more unpredictable than wrecking ball miley cyrus. if the promos are any sign, this is miley's psychedelic party and she's not holding back. the vma's have been the wildest awards show on tv. >> it's not designed for parents or adults. this is a show designed for teens and youth. >> madonna and britney's unforgettable kiss. lady gaga dressed in meat and least you forget kanye interrupting taylor swift's big
9:16 am
moment in 2009. >> i'm really happy for you. i'm going to let you finish. beyonce had one of the best videos of all-time. >> if swift wanted revenge, kanye west is set to receive the vanguard award. >> it would be funny if she interrupted his speech. >> swift's monster hit bad blood is going up against beyonce's go pro dance party 7-eleven. kendrick lamar's black and white and uptown funk by bruno mars. the show setting the stage for live performances, including justin bieber, expected to perform his three-day old single what do you mean. all hosted by miley cyrus, the most famous nudist on the planet who last week went on the jimmy kimmel show sporting pasties and threw on a disguise to ask people what they thought of her. >> you think she's lost her mind in the hollywood madness. >> she doesn't really care what anyone thinks as mtv hands her
9:17 am
the reins to the rowdiest show on television. gadi schwartz, nbc news, los angeles. >> of course, we're lucky to have a resident expert here. i don't know any of that stuff. >> it's far different from your mtv. i've been to ten vmas. trl was at the height. if mtv were a high school, you have that freshman high school of 'n sync and britney spears. eminem. radio city music hall. he comes down. there's a controversial part of the song here. he happens to be rapping, talking about me. he has this awkward -- he gives me a high five, diss fred durs. teen fodder for months. this is the night where you remember rage against the machine, they lost to limp biscuit.
9:18 am
i had a live microphone. these were the wild days of mtv. they had no idea what was going to happen in a live show. >> carson's stories are much cooler. >> how much time do we have? i've got stories for days. >> listen to you talk all day. >> i'll start a podcast. >> we're going to get more stories in the break. >> then there's this one time in 1999, chris rock was hosting. he was so funny. >> puppet team, america's got talent. they're as crazy as the vmas. they'll be performing live on the plaza. to perform. three-quarters of what it takes to replace it. what are you supposed to do, drive three-quarters of a car? now if you had liberty mutual new car replacement, you'd get your whole car back. i guess they don't want you driving around on three wheels. smart. p with liberty mutual new car replacement, pwe'll replace the full value of your car. see car insurance in a whole new
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this is "news 4 new york" now. good morning. it's 9:26. 75 degrees this sunday morning. august 30th. as we take a live look at the brooklyn bridge. i'm gus rosendale. we start with heartbreak on broadway.
9:24 am
one of the rising stars died in a tragic fall. more from midtown where this young performer was making history. >> reporter: even though kyle jean-baptiste was making a name for himself here at the imperial theater, he made history in the theater world this summer when he became the youngest and the first african-american to play jean valjean on broadway. he was just 21 years old and he was cast in that leading role shortly after he graduated from college. his career came to an end this weekend. baptiste died early saturday morning after police say he fell from the fourth floor fire escape at his mom's bed-stuy apartment. >> it's tragic. this is such a great show. obviously, there's a lot of great talent. >> at the curtain call last night, the cast had the audience give a standing ovation to honor kyle. at the imperial theater, sheldon
9:25 am
dutes, "news 4 new york." en>> police charged a 68-year-old driver with dwi after a wild crash you have in the bronx. video shows his car jumping a curb and slamming into a market on tremont avenue. a woman who was pinned under the car was in critical condition but is expected to recover. a quick check of the weather. warm and muggy and get used to that word. hazy, hot, humid. the theme as we move along into the days ahead. staring down another heat wave heading towards labor day. summer not done with us yet. i'm gus rosendale. pat and i will see you at 10:00. go roam sleep in sleep out star gaze dream big wander more care less beat sunrise chase sunset do it all. on us. p get your first month' s payment r plus five years wearr and tear coverage. p make the most of summer...
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t with volvo.
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you are so beautiful you are so beautiful mel b we're back on this sunday morning, august 30th, 2015 with the mother/son puppet act. as you're seeing here to win over judge mel b.'s heart has captured. >> they're here with us this morning. welcome ira and his mom miriam. nice to have you both with us this morning. >> great to be here. thank you for having us. >> a big part of this -- mel b. was tough on you the first time around. then you came back and i feel like you did win her over. how are you feeling about the relationship right now? >> i feel really good and really strong.
9:28 am
i think me and mel have a nice future together. >> tell me about the song you're about to sing. >> we're doing a little song that we've chosen. it's all about ice cream. yeah. cue the music, please. >> i've been really trying, baby, trying to hold back this feeling for so long and if you feel like i feel, baby come on whoa come on we're all sensitive people with so much to give i love you since we got to be here
9:29 am
let's live understand me, sugar i ain't going to worry i ain't going to push i won't push you baby come on, come on come on darling stop beating around the bush yeah let's get it on yeah thank you let's gets it on thank you so much. >> thanks, guys. >> good job. >> i had four chairs turn on the voice for that. >> very impressive and best of luck to you this week. america's got talent airs here right here. >> thank you. >> you're welcome. >> on tuesdays and wednesday nights. >> impressive. >> ira and miriam a tough act to follow. a lot to come in this sunday half hour.
9:30 am
a half hour of interesting stories, including a look at the iconic plastic bricks that have generations. the lego. we're going to take you to lego headquarters in a tiny town in denmark for a tour of a tiny museum. >> erica herself. >> harry smith is here with forgotten stories of katrina. ten years after the hurricane, torso many lives and businesses apart. we begin in london where hundreds of sailor, many of whom are amateurs are preparing to risk their lives for a 40,000-mile around the world endurance yacht race. nbc's kelly cobiella is at the port of london where they set sail later today. good morning, kelly. >> reporter: good morning, erica. a little bit loud because we're hearing the opening ceremony for this massive event. this marina filled with ordinary people about to do something extraordinary. when you look at the crews on
9:31 am
these boats, 40% of the people on these boats have never stepped foot on a sailboat before entering this competition. they are way out of their comfort zone about to race 24 hours a day in extreme weather living on top of each other below deck. race officials call this an endurance test like no other. >> it's a death-defying race around the world. through brutal weather and treacherous seas. if they live through it, the rest of their lives will never be the same. amazingly, in order to sign up, no sailing experience is necessary. in this race, attitude is everything. all walks of life, physical abilities and ages are welcome. this 68-year-old texan is the oldest woman in the competition proving that retired doesn't necessarily mean too tired. >> you're never too old to do anything you want. you just have to have the spirit.
9:32 am
>> she's a little dynamo. i'll tap into it with a big punch. >> if you can take it, you can make it. >> as her team's rigor, linda regularly gets hoisted up the mast, nearly 100 feet in the air to make crucial repairs to the lines and sails. >> she's so happy to be up there. >> little linda is full of surprises. >> as a fun way to strengthen her core muscles, she recently took up pole dancing. her mostly male crew came along for one last lesson. relishing a few final laughs before facing the seriousness of the high seas. as they prepare to set sail for what may seem like an impossible journey, sailing legend and race founder sir robin knox johnston thinks american poet shell silver stein may have said it best. >> listen to the muscles, charles, listen to the impossible. [ inaudible ]
9:33 am
listen close to me. everything is possible. anything can be. i love it. >> reporter: so the final goodbyes are being said right now. the last few teams getting on their boats. in just a few minutes they'll leave this marina, sail under the iconic tower bridge here and out into the open water. guys, next stop, brazil. >> wow. >> sounds fun there. they're doing a nice job of talking over the announcements behind. that sounds exciting, kelly. thank you very much. sheinelle is back with a another look at the headlines. >> we start with a 60-year-old man who is dead after falling from the upper deck at the braves/yankees game saturday night. the victim was a braves fan and was heckling alex rodriguez when he lost his balance and fell over the railing. this is the third death at turner field since 2008. a texas man is under arrest and charged with the execution-style murder of a sheriff's deputy. as authorities investigate a
9:34 am
possible motive, his colleagues are suggesting the national spotlight on police behavior may be to blame. and beach-goers in california are on alert after kayakers came face to face with an aggressive hammerhead shark saturday. the same day surfer narrowly escaped a great white shark further up the coastline. there you go. sheinelle thanks. >> dylan has a final check of your sunday weather. dylan? >> good morning, guys. we are trying to check things off people's bucket list here. to be seen and get on tv on the "today" show. now it's official, right? >> yes, i can die happy. >> wow, that's huge. >> doing awesome out here on the plaza. it's a little breezy in new york. it's still very nice. we're looking at the heat to build. the jet stream is going to move in as we go through the next couple of days. look at how hot it's going to be through bismarck, 98 degrees today. drop down into the mid-80s on monday and low 90s on tuesday.
9:35 am
that heat is going to start to spread to the east. chicago will approach 90 degrees by the time we get to early next week. we're also looking for that heat to build in the northeast as well with highs staying in the 90s for several days in washington, d.c. we'll be dealing with another heat wave. heavy rain through florida. we have showers and thunderstorms. 3 to 5 inches of rain. that's all the remnants of erika. we have scattered thunderstorms in the middle of the country and more rain and wind. that's a look at the weather across the country. here's a peek out your window. >> hazy, hot and humid. temperatures soaring well into the 80s, near 90 degrees. lots of sunshine. clouds filtering in by the end of the day. pop-up storms. going to be a great beach day. get outside and enjoy it. overnight, down to 73 for a low. a muggy night ahead. taking a look at the seven-day forecast. a heat wave. mid-90s on tuesday. lots of sunshine. hot into the weekend.
9:36 am
it took 88 years, but you finally made it to the "today" show. this is your first time in new york, right? >> yes, it is. >> what do you think? are the buildings taller than nebraska? >> yes. >> don't look up for too long, you get a little dizzy out here. >> 88 years, very cool. thank you, dylan. just ahead in our sunday stories, we'll take you to legos headquarters in denmark and show you what started as a smallwood en toy company. attack against isis and homegrown terror. we'll tell you more about that after these messages.
9:37 am
9:38 am
. back on a sunday morning > back now on a sunday morning with an intentional effort by -- sheinelle has more on an effort to create new content that will make a difference. sheinelle? >> it's very clear that youtube does not want their platform taken over by extremists. they're quietly encouraging others to speak up and create their own content. the hope to provide a positive alternative to negative noise. >> their tactic is slick. message is dangerous. isis is all over the web. >> that's how they recruit people and spread their message. they send out 90,000 tweets. that's a low estimate. per day. >> per day? >> there are several videos coming out a week. >> when you talk about a
9:39 am
battleground, you think drones and troops. not internet. behind the scenes executives at youtube realize isis was winning that war. >> what did they do? >> they literally said we need you to come to our l.a. studio and help us figure out how you and everyone else can battle extremism online. >> according to kaleem, youtube invited 100 prominent muslims. he was one of them. >> it was really cool. it was like activists and well-known scholars and entertainers and musicians all in one room. >> he has a popular youtube channel called homegrown homies. he connects and has conversations with people all around the world. >> there's a lot of people out there that feel like i'm battling depression, i live in nebraska, i feel like i'm the only person going through this. using my platform and voice, i can talk about these issues.
9:40 am
>> there are now youtube channels like shakes and shaix where at a table, these men talk about islamic law to reality tv. >> that's a small world. >> this one called average mohammed run by a somali gas station owner in minneapolis sniemts all you young lions of islam, listen up. >> each has its own approach. >> a lot of perception of muslims around the world is we're two-dimensional characters that pray all day and we're uptight and get mad about everything. we're dope. look at me now. this is who we are. >> his youtube wants to empower contents creators like him to offer an alternative voice. >> what needs to happen for you to feel like, you know what, this is working? >> i think it already is. because people reach out and share stories. >> in the beginning -- >> adding these videos, unlike the extremists offer a more accurate reflection what it means to be a muslim. >> i realize that i know who i am.
9:41 am
i know who my friends are and i know who our people are and we're nothing like that. >> remember, peace up. >> we reached out to youtube and they declined to talk about their battle to drown out extremism. amanaly says while they're supportive and willing to offer technical support but allowing him and others to have creative control. >> fascinating story. sheinelle, thanks. up next, we take you inside the world of lego. we're going to the original home of the iconic bricks after these messages.
9:42 am
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that is legos the toy bricks that span generations are still considered to be the greatest toy of all-time. erica got lucky enough to visit fun began. >> it all began in a tiny little town and part of our visit included an inside look that few people ever get. luckily for you, we brought along a camera into the home where the idea for this multibillion dollar company was born. a place that is now dedicated to its history. >> lego is here.
9:45 am
hey, kids, look. >> for more than 50 years, iet connick plastic bricks inspired kids of all ages. >> these are from the '60s and the '70s. >> they are. >> nearly every lego set created, more than 6200 is shelved in this basement archive for safekeeping. >> we've created this archive basically for designers to come here and get inspired. >> she's the director of the lego idea house, home to the archives and upstairs to a private museum, open only to employees and the occasional guest. >> lego is a combination of the danish words for play well. >> he was a modest carpenter who saw modest success selling wooden toys in the '30s and '40s. the plastic bricks of the '50s made him a worldwide success. >> he looked at the whole and
9:46 am
complete assortment of toys and then he took out the bricks and said okay, let's owe made here at the building in denmark where lego was founded. >> seven days a week. >> pumping out lego bricks all the time. >> each lego piece, there are more than 2500 shapes has its own mold. but dooint n't try to get too close. >> trade secrets. >> they can keep many things close to the vest. in 2003 sales slumped 30% and continued to fall in 2004. critics talked of a brand stretched too thin. >> we were not good at listening to consumers and shoppers. it might sound like a simple challenge of going back to focusing on the core, but not
9:47 am
necessarily that. >> today lego is the world's number one toy company. >> everything is awesome! >> 2014 sales helped by the lego movie were up double digits. fe.rrari in the top spot. lego was named the most recognizable brand recently. while the success is welcome, it's reminder of how it got here that's most important. >> it's about learning through play. >> it started with the first bricks in the '50s. bricks that still fit the lego mold today. >> i couldn't go without bringing you something back. sheinelle here's a picture frame for you. >> carson, i made these this morning. ur business card holder and two guys to help. dylan, since you're out in the cold, i brought this for you. your own snow mobile. >> i realized that i didn't pay attention to your story because i was distracted by this. >> i'll send it to you later.
9:48 am
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this morning on sundays hurricane katrina, ten years later. >> we spent a lot of time on the ground after the deadly storm. among them, harry smith. >> good morning everybody. no i one piece, no docum tary or book can ever tell the whole story of katrina. we went back last week to look at a few of the places we've been anti-and we connect with something that meant a great deal with us. >> it wasn't so much a hurricane as a state of mind.
9:52 am
if you were in the storm zone, it was about the only thing you thought of for months and years. its didn't come and go. stayed and in many ways. ait stayed. >> the gulf of mexico roared out of there, storm surge almost 30 feet. nobody had heard of a 30-foot storm surge before. wiped out just house after house after house. as you can see, there's not a rush to rebuild here. >> when many people think of katrina, they think of new orleans. but mississippi got hammered. hurricane-force winds went halfway up tckhe state. days after the storm, ernest ulric got his gulfport restaurant open again. his gumbo is second to none. >> it's like it lit up. we rolled up our sleeves and we got to cooking. >> is that says a lot about us
9:53 am
right here. i mean, the gulf coast, that's all we did. >> this is the big bridge. that was destroyed in katrina as were hundreds and hundreds of houses and businesses around here. it was wednesday night, early thursday morning, there's a tap on the window of the car. we were asleep in the car, no place else to stay. it was two local businessmen, said we're pre notty independent folk around here. we don't count on the government for much. but where is the cavalry? >> nowhere was the cavalry needed more than in new orleans. en the levees failed, the city became a cruel example of agony and anarchy. e cavalry did come, th gh. by air. in acts as brilliant as brave. nearby almost every home in st. bernard parish was flooded.
9:54 am
that wasn't the worst of it. >> when the flood f om katrina got to st. bernard parish, one of the tanks here at the old murky 'ol refinery ruptured sending oil out -- 25,000 barrels. a year later we stood in front of a woman's home. she couldn't stop crying because she felt like, while0her house was uninhabitable, she was being suffocated by red tape. >> in the weeks and years that followed, we saw countless acts of kindness and almost as many crew-ups. remember the trailers t t leaked toxic fumes. have mercy. the poor were hit the hardest. new orleans lower ninth ward exemplified that. and for years it felt like a neighborhood that was left to die. no more. tanya harris lives here. a friend told her she can see
9:55 am
the change. >> because it was just vast emptiness. she said now when i'm across the bridge, i'm -- [ inaudible ] i see houses, i see children, i see traffic. life is in this community. >>. amazing stories from being down there. gulfport, there's an organization called the north carolina baptist men working on all these houses. we said do you need any help? they said yeah. two things. you don't have to be baptist and you don't have to be a man. >> we'll take anybody. >> great. >> tune in to meet the press this morning. chuck and his guests will address the trump effect and that exclusive interview with scott walker. that does it for us on a sunday morning. see you back here on "today" tomorrow morning. have a great day everyone.
9:56 am
9:57 am
now on "today in new york," a bright broadway star gone too soon in a tragic accident. plus, a major development in the investigation into that deadly bombing at a shrine in bangkok. >> the baseball fan that takes a deadly fall from the stands in atlanta. "today in new york" starts now. good morning. welcome to "today in new york" at 10:00. i'm pat battle. >> i'm gus rosendale. a lot going on this morning and a lot in the weather department as well. we're staring down another heat wathve as we head towards labor day. raf is tracking the numbers for us. >> that's right guys. also trahoing the humidity on the rise. yesterday was hot but comfortsable. the m ugf giness is back today. humidity returns today. we are watching the potential
9:58 am
for another heat wave to develop over the next knew days. and re0ord heat for august. two more days in the mghth to go. we'll be at least in the top five hottest on record. it's getting hot outside already. lots of hazy sunshine out there from new york city east towards fire a island and the hamptons. itsd going to be a mostly sunny start to your day. that will continue through the afternoon. right now, 77, it's mild and muggy. especially after will you have time. today's temperatures in the 80s. 89 is your high today. well above average. continuing that trend we've been on. it's hot at 6:00. 87 degrees. and a little sti"ty. a slight chance for a shower or storm north and west of new york city. the possibility for a heat wave coming up as we start september. that's in just a few minutes. pat and gus, over to you. >> thank you, raphael. >> we begin with a dark day on broadway after it lost a rising star to a tragic accident. >> "today in new york's" sheldon
9:59 am
dutes joins us from midtown about this young talent already not only was kyle jean-baptiste's broadway debut but he had the lead. he described it as a dream role. >> reporter: kyle jean-baptiste made history in the theater world this summer when he became the youngest and the first african-american to play jean valjean on broadwa he was just 21 years old and was cast in the leading role shortly after he graduated from college. but his promising career came to an end this weekend. baptiste died early -- late friday night, early saturday morning when he fell from the fourth floor fire escape at his mom's bed-stuy apartm t. it appears to be an accident.


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