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tv   News 4 New York at 11  NBC  August 31, 2015 11:00pm-11:34pm EDT

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the concern is if other children faced this. parents who can help with this investigation, you're asked to give police a call. the i-team is investigate ing day cares. the questions parents should be asking to make sure they're choosing one with great oversight and safety records. that's thursday at 5:00. breaking news. a prestigious private school is closed because of the low level of legionella bacteria was found in the cooling tower there. it's at sacred heart. the school has properly been disinfected and plan to open next week. this week's faculty meetings were moved while the cleans continued. we're kicking off september in the midst of a heat wave. as we near the unofficial end of summer, how long will this
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sticky weather stick around? here's raphael miranda. >> good evening. they have several more days to get through. today, we were back in the 90s again. central park, 91. today will be an official heat wave if we hit 90 again. it was 94 and sizzling in newark. stifling. temperatures were back to the low 90s in laguardia. today, it's quite hot around new york city. 84 in central park. we've cooled off in some suburbs. it's the humidity, the mugginess causing you to have the ac running on full blast tonight. 82 in farmingdale. it'll be a warm and sticky night. tomorrow, the heat continues. 76 as you're waking up. it's not comfortable and stays hug gi and -- muggy and hot. your commute home tomorrow will be uncomfortable.
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89 degrees. hot and humid weather. this goes on for days. we'll look at the seven-day forecast and show you when you might have release in a few minutes. >> good enough. thank you. new tonight, a series of manhole fires in brooklyn left more than 200 customers without power. chopper 4 was over one of the fires in williamsburg this evening. a total of five manhole fires were reported in the area. around bedford avenue today. crews are in the area working to get the power turned back on, but there's no word on when that may happen. the combination of heat and lack of rain is raising concerns across the tri-state. other areas extremely abnormally dry conditions. one company is asking customers to cut back. >> reporter: the plea, in some case, is calling on deaf ears.
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we've found plenty of people still watering their lawns, not having their lawns look like this. >> i really don't like the way it looks. >> reporter: david and other homeowners will have to learn to live with brown grass. >> i only water them once a day. >> reporter: united water says that's enough. the utility asking customers in northern new jersey for the next couple days. >> it may be restrictions if we see no rain. >> reporter: the reservoirs are at 45% of capacity, with barely 1.5 inch in august. one of the driest summer months on record. inside this laundry mat. >> i see a lot of people wasting water. >> reporter: united water says the biggest water wasters are
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lawn sprinkler systems. one can use as much water as five households. >> not just wasting it all the time. >> reporter: joe will keep watering the newly planted shrubs and grass until somebody tells him to stop. >> as soon as they they don't do it, but right now, nobody said anything. it's not like i'm out here three hours a day. i'm not using much. >> reporter: united water says they may have to start telling people to stop. they say there's no set date or time, but it depends on how many more days we go without rain. in fort lee, checkey beckford, news 4 new york. >> thank you. community service and probation for six football players accused of hazing and sexually assaulting teen mates at a high school in new jersey. that's the sentence handed down in a scandal that rocked the community and made headlines nationwide. news 4's ida siegel is live outside with reaction tonight. >> reporter: some people we spoke with thought the
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punishment was on target and others thought it wasn't harsh enough. around here. the majority of people didn't publicly. almost everyone is glad to finally be moving forward. the sign outside sayreville high begins this thursday. many are hoping for a good year, a better year. today, six of the seven football players arrested for hazing were sentenced to probation, community service, reigniting a sensitive subject in town. >> you know, the kids made a mistake, they're young. you don't want to see youth ruin their life forever. >> reporter: four of the players pleaded guilty to disorderly persons hazing and endangering the welfare of fellow teammates. they avoided having to register as sex offenders, however, they were given two years probation
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and 50 hours of community service. two additional players were found not guilty of the more serious charges but they were sentenced to one year probation and 50 hours community service. >> you do something wrong, you should be punished for it, regardless. >> reporter: you think the punishment is light? >> they're minors so it is just fine. it'll teach them maybe to be on the right path. >> reporter: last fall, seven football players were accused of attacking and sexually assaulting younger players on the team as part of a hazing ritual. the entire football season was fired. this year, the football program coach. >> i don't think the school should have got in trouble for it. i think the kids should have got in trouble for it because it hurt a lot of the kids that didn't do anything wrong. >> reporter: an attorney representing one of the players that went to trial said his client will appeal. there is a seventh player who hasn't been sentenced because he
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is still waiting to go to trial. reporting live, ida siegel, news 4 new york. thank you. we're following breaking news out of new jersey in lakewood, where three people have been hit by a car, including two children. this is the scene. an adult, infant and 3-year-old were all hit. it's still not clear whether they were crossing the street at the time or if the car jumped the curb. you can see items scattered in the intersection. the driver did remain n in on the scene. we are working to find out their conditions. we know they were taken to the hospital. we'll bring you more details as we get them. police are searching for a woman who escaped from police custody. she was arrested for shoplifting last night. she claimed to be pregnant and in need of medical care so they took her to a hospital. that's where she was able to slip away from officers. police are furious. >> no excuse for it. it's embarrassing.
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she's not a mastermind criminal. due to carelessness. >> this is the fourth time a prisoner escaped from nypd custody since june. two people are under arrest in connection with a burned body dumped in a queens alleyway, and a fingernail found on the body may have helped crack the case. dawn confessed to shootding and ing shooting and killing her boyfriend after getting into an argument. she had her son move the body, then they set him on fire. her son is accused of tampering with evidence. police say they found a fingernail on the body and while questioning, dawn was also missing a fingernail. tomorrow, a judge may rule on the deflategate scandal involving tom brady. the two sides didn't reach a deal at the final settlement. roj el ger goodell and brady left two hours after they arrived.
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brady is appealing his four-game suspension for his alleged role in deflategate. smash and grab. they're disruptive and well organized. what these crooks made off with, smashing through a store window and ransacking a score. the change in laws of child seat laws. what parents need to know. the tribute being planned on broadway to honor one of their rising stars who died in a freak accident.
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take a look at this. an suv was used to smash into a clothing store in illinois. once inside, the people jump out of the suv and signal to their friends to come inside.
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then, using huge black trash bag, everyone grabs clothes. they were in and out in two minutes. the thieves got more than 70 pairs of blue jeans worth $200 a pair. a teenager was killed when the car she was riding in crashed into this house on long island. the 17-year-old of deer park was killed in last night's crash. it happened on little east neck road in west babylon. a 19-year-old lost control of the car and hit a utility pole before barrelling into the house. the home was so badly damaged, it had to be condemned. two passengers inside the car were also injured. one told her mother what led up to the crash. >> she said someone cut them off, and they tried to get control and he lost control of the car. >> no one was inside the home. no one inside the home, rather, was hurt. the two paz jer ssengers remain in the
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hospital with non-life threatening injuries. the base jumpers convicted of taking a thrill seeking leap off of the 1 world trade center have been sentenced. mark the judge handed out similar sentences of community service and fines for the friends. september 25th, there will be a security challenge. you may face gridlock. it's the day pope francis will be in town, and his visit coincides with the u.n. general assembly. not only that, president obama is scheduled to fly in just as the pope is scheduled to leave. police plan to step up anti-terrorism measures during the pope's visit, but the pope's fondness for interacting with people could make their work more complicated. >> we're going to work very hard to make sure that as many people as we are able to actually get
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to see his holiness while putting layers of security in and around that. >> they plan to add extra subway trains september 25th to help accommodate the huge number of visitors expected. for complete details on the pope's upcoming visit to new york, including his schedule, head over to our website, nbc new the child seat safety law takes effect in less than an hour. two or younger or less than 30 pounds, kids need to be in a rear facing seat. 2 to 4 and 30 to 40 pounds need to be in a front seat with a five-point harness. kids 4 to 8, as well as kids shorter than 5'9", must ride in a booster seat. >> previous legislation didn't deal with that. it was vague. this is delineated and gives the police more guidance. >> police aren't going to go looking for violators but you're stopped for another reason and you're not in compliance, you can expect a stiff fine.
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some hot dogs took to the racetracks over the weekend in texas to see who would cut the mustard. the mashing ing ing docs ing ing dogs competed in a competition. the winner wiener dog took home $100 and a chance to compete for a national title. the regionals were sponsored by the chihuahua's baseball team. >> what will they do with the money? >> look, he doesn't want to come home. he likes the audience. >> all right. >> still out there. >> update us on the weather. tomorrow, we could hit a heat wave and tomorrow is also september 1st. >> i know. it's not going to feel septemberish tomorrow. temperatures expected to return to the 90s, making it an official heat wave. we had 90s yesterday. today, we're expecting low 90s tomorrow. and it goes like that for
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several days. it'll be a stretch as we kick off september. temperatures in the 80s in the city. beautiful look from the top of the rock. 84, mostly cloudy skies. we'll look at your weather headlines. this is the second day of a possible heat wave. tomorrow, we're dealing with the heat and humidity. that's what we're dealing with most of the week this week, unfortunately. if you don't like the heat, not going to be great for you. august, in the record books. this was the last day of august. this morning when you woke up, we were tied for third. this is the top five hottest augusts of all time in central park. these go back to the 1860s. quite a history here. these are the top three. we bumped this up a little today. waiting for the final averages. now, this will go down in the record books as the third hottest august, 2015, we've ever seen in central park. it sure has felt that way over the last few weeks. air quality alert in new jersey tomorrow, 11:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m. all the counties in gray,
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northeast new jersey, down the shore, limit the outdoor activity. extra pollution also with the heat and humidity. right now, still steaming. high humidity across fairfield county and long island. temperatures feeling like 80s at this hour. 85 in farmingdale. feels like 66 west of town. future tracker, heading through the overnight, quiet. this is the morning commute, tuesday, 7:00 a.m., we're rain free. sunshine cooks up the temperatures. around 1:00 p.m., temperatures flirting with 90. this is your tuesday evening commute. it's going to be another dry day. we need the rain. we're not going to get any over the next few. overnight, down to 76 in the city. that's the lowest we can do for you. 91 tomorrow. hazy, hot and humid. triple hs. we deal with the heat and humid humidity tuesday, wednesday and
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thursday should be the worst of it. friday will drop the temperatures and humidity a bit into the labor day weekend. temperatures back to the 80s and lots of sunshine saturday through monday. we can make outdoor plans. >> thanks. what's coming up in pack sunscreen for the u.s. open. williams takes a step toward history. her sister in action, as well. we'll catch up on the williams' sisters. the mets look to add to their division league. that's ahead on news 4.
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the sportier utility vehicle. broadway's imperial theater will dim its lights tomorrow in memory of kyle. the actor was killed in a freak accident friday night. >> people gathered in central park to remember the 21-year-old. he was the first african-american and youngest person ever to play the role on broadway. he died after falling from a fourth story fire escape in his brooklyn home. >> we'll be right back with john chandler and sports.
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>> announcer: the verizon fios sports desk, why settle when you can have 100% fiber optics? the fastest, most reliable internet. day one of the u.s. open, it was clear, this is the serena williams show. first match, 27 minutes. all because her opponent withdrew because of an injury. burton is up next for serena williams.
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her sister was in action at . the champ closed it out in style with a forehand winner. venus is on to the second round. top seed on the men's side, novak joke novak is cruising. the mets left fielder, the rookie goes the opposite way. it'll just sneak over the fence. tths it's reviewed for fan interference but it stands. later in the inning, granderson gives the pitcher an easy jog home. number 23 for the grandy man. that was all the offense the mets needed. eight shutout innings, surrendering four hits. he ran his scoreless streak to 16 ininnings.
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mets win, 3-1. the mets lead back up to 6 1/2 on the nationals. yankees had a chance to pull near toronto after the indians cooled the jays. yankees had bus ase runners, loaded in the fourth. ellsbury back in fenway, lines one to left, tagging up to third. jackie bradley jr. cuts him down at the dish. bases loaded in the fifth. another opportunity for the yankees. rodriguez blows away on the high fastball. 4-3 ball game. bases loaded. down looking. escapes the jam as he gets gregorius gregorius. warning track in right. that would have been ten rows up in the bronx. it's a loss. toronto also loss so the yankees remain 1 1/2 back in the al east. giants brought brown back to
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bolster the secondar for victor cruz, he has yet to play this preseason, with an ailing calf. not ruling out being on the field in week one. >> i think i'll be ready to go. hopefully come week one, i'm able to get on the practice field and run around a bit. i know coach loves the guys at practice. if you don't practice, you don't play. one, and that's the goal. we'll see where it goes. >> you won't see mr. cruz thursday night, but giants wrap up their slate right here on news 4 new york. coverage begins at 7:30. wonder if we'll see tom brady for the patriots. his deflategate still going on. >> probably not for the preseason. >> i doubt it. >> thank you very much.
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>> announcer: closed captioning provided by toyota. that's it for news 4 new york at 11:00. "the tonight show" is straight ahead. >> "today in new york" begins at 4:30. have a great night, everybody. [ cheers and applause ] >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- governor chris christie, victoria justice, musical guest gary clark jr., and featuring the legendary roots crew.
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>> questlove: 319, iowu city! >> steve: and now, here he is, jimmy fallon! [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: that's a fantastic crowd right there! a great new york city crowd. welcome, everybody. welcome, welcome,[ chee we and pplaose ] welcome to "the tonight show." this is it, guys. you made it. you're here. this is the show. [ cheers and applause ] we need you. we're here together. we're doing this. oh, my gosh. guys, i'm your host, jimmy fallon. we have a great show tonight.
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you can tell things are gonna get crazy. you can tell things are gonna gee t crazy 'cause chris christie show toed up in one of miley cyrus' outfits from the vmas last night. and you know that's -- [ cheers and applause ] that's right, last night was the vmas over on mtv. and as you might expect from miley, there was quite a few controversial moments. in fact, towards the nd of the night, miley actually let a a curtain slip to expose her breast on live tv. miley immediately apologized to her other breast. she goes, "next year -- next year's your year. this year is your year." [ laughter and applause ] ry nice. the other big story was that taylor swift presented kanye west with the michael jackson video vaeduard award. ere was little bit of a tense moment when kanye west took the mic and said the award should have been given to kanye west. [ laughter ] it's you, don't start this. [ applause ] did you see it though? he gave -- people think kanye gave a a pretty long speech when he
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got his award.


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