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tv   Today in New York  NBC  September 1, 2015 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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happening now, a prominent school tested positive for gionnaires bacteria. they found the back tear at the co.vent of the sacred heart. the school plans to open next week as scheduled. the fax consult will be meetinge ellt, where while the cleaning edoes continue. >> happening today, housing to mand actio on toxic mold. community action said the city missed today's deadline to remove the mold from the clinton houses. they say it has aggravated some tenants, sending them to the hospital. now they want the city authority to inspect all apartments by october 1st. >> happening node, a new rule to require more taxis. to decide which cars will replace the aa aning taxis.
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each month about 100 to 200 will be replaced. the taxis, they have lights on both sides, so that, you can -- more easily tell when the taxi is available. and they have the special anti-bacterial seats. >> i like that. i like that. >> we won't go into the reasons for it. >> and the next taxi of tomorrow, you can sit in your own bubble inside. it's 4:34, time for traffic on the 4s. >> hermetically sealed. >> yes. >> meantime, what to expect, weather today, more of the same. heat and humidity for september, starting out in upper 60s and upper 70s.
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look for sunny.skies, temperatures in the low 90s. the sea breeze will kick in keeping the temperatures a li tttle cooler it's about 86 at a noon time and 90 at 3:00. and the aforementioned lauren scala. >> don't you worry, thoouse taxi can still cui you off. let's talk bus service. the b39 and 45, m9, m44, otherwise moving along nicely. you get in the subways, traffic on 4, 6, " ," "ndf" and "g" lines. the commuter lines good so far. we'll have more weather and traffic on the 4s. new this morning, on the road, new rules in effect in new jersey for parents of young children with changes now to the state's car seat law. and "today in new york's" tracie
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strahan in is ridgefield, this really impacts you as a person, ght? >> reporter: it does, it freaks me to think that we're in compliance. and the rules were made back in may and considered to be some of the most restrictive in the nation covering children from infancy to age 17. parents listen up. start with kids up to the age of 2 or 30 pounds. your child must now be in a rear-facfngtseat. up to age 4,o40 pounds, frons facing seats have to have a five-point harness. as for that booster seat requirement for older kids up to age 8 or 80 pounds that now changes for kids to be 8oyears old and 4'9" tall. the fines go up as well. >> this is much more delineated. it gives the policeman guidance.
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>> reporter: now, the new regulations also point out that seat belt requirements for children, they change a little bit as well. they say ages 8 to 17 the safest place for your kids to be under the age of 13 actually are going to be in the backseat. these are based on recommendations from the american academy of pete diatrics pediatrics. already, michael, it has a lot of parents nervous. today is d-day. >> i know p daarents are concerned. 4:37, happening now, some sidents in naporthern new jersey being asked to reduce their water use. united water saying the reservoir are only 45% capacity. and august was one of their iest months in decades. the utility is asking customers to conserve water for the next several days or that req.est could turn into a mandate. >> we made be headed into mandatory restrictions if demand
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continues to be high. >> they say the biggest water wasters are sprinklers systems. ey say just one can use the amount of water of five households. they'rgsasking homeowners to replace leaky toilets. officials are investigating two day care workers on allegations of abusing infants some as young as 4 months old. they both work at the side by side day care in southampton. investigators say the two women pushed children to the floor in one instance force-fed a child to the point of vomiting. president obama plans to tour a glacier by boat. the white house says president obama wanted a first hand look
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at the melting ice and shrinking coastlines caused by global warming. yesterday, the president urged world leaders to take action on climate change durinn a summit ins. anchorage. >> human activity is disrupting the climate. e science is sharp. it is sharpening. the pools of this one distant present. >> the president warned dozens of countries that it will soon be too late to act. and president obama will hamave a wild time in alaska. nbc announced the president will appear in an upcoming episodes of "runagng wild." the president will also get a crash course in survival techniques. >> the secret service must be thrilled with that. 4:39, from classified to mundane, several thousand newly released hillary clinton e-mails
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are being pored over. 150 messages now being declassified. there was a letter from the state department asking wikileaks not to release classified information when clinton asked for assistance on how to use an ipad. and she adds an aide for two tv shows. governor christie made an appearance on "tonight show." he spoke to jimmy fallon and about jimmy's summer injuries. and what would happen if christie wasn't asked the question for a long time. >> i may be changing topics, if i get to 15 questions in a row, count them. if i get 15 in a row, uh-oh,
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he's going nuclear now. about! that's what i want to see. that. >> when the governor first came out, he told jimmy he wanted to do a lip-synch ba.tle, and he started jamming to bruce springsteen, and jimmy quickly made him the winner. 4:41 now. ahead, we could be a city on lockdown. what to expect when pope francis visits in just a few weeks. and cameras found the importance of a good night's sleep. and it's really hot out there and we complained to chris, and it will not stop all week long. weather and traffic on the 4s is coming up. don't forget, follow us on facebook and twitter, michaelg4ny, darlene4ny. you're watching "today in new
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it's 4:44, 4 things to know this morning. today is the funeral for photojournalist adam ward. he was killed last week along with alison parker when they co accnducted a live interview at a station in virginia. a judge will consider whether they'll return tom brady's suspension it could continue today. into the use of deflated footballs. and a heads up to a lot of people in brooklyn and queens. take a look at this map. all day today, they will be spraying in this area to prevent west nile virus. once again, it's the honda accord the most popular among
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car thieves. number one on the list released by the national crime bureau, honda civic, number two. oftentimes, they don't want to steal the whole car. the point is to get the car and get the pars. >> and that's how it does well on the resale. 4:45, time for weather and traffic right now. chris, at the top of that list for you. >> yeah, with the cars you get the most mileage out of it, a lot of times, 200,000 is not a problem. meantime, let's get to the weather, we've got some heat and humidity to deal with today. but for the next few days, gradually, gradually, it will leave just in time for the upcoming weekend. it's 79 degrees. mostly clear. but, boy, is it muggy again out there. nothing moving. still, headlines, september starts off on a hot note. more comfortable as i said by the weekend. and the rain unfortunately is
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going to stay away by the weekend, we could use rain. you see in parts of new jersey, the water shortage is starting to have a bit of an impact. you thought august was hot -- it was. the third hottest on record, 79 is what we averaged. august 2010, and we finished third. looks like that trend is continuing at least through the first couple of weeks through september. also the air is getting dirty and staggering. from 11:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m., an air quality report for most of new jersey, not the extreme west of new jersey. especially in the peak heating hours. 66 in stanford. there are 60s showing up in northwest new jersey. central long island, 77. and down at the shore. really nothing to be found on the storm tracker picture. barely a cloud. lots of sunshine today. yesterday, we had more clouds. notice, another round coming on,
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a dome of high pressure is going to keep us dry over the next several days. a hot start. near 90. coastal area, cooler with the sea breeze. mid-70s in midtown. near 70 in most suburbs. tomorrow, sunshine, patchy clouds. and inland spots high 90s but other areas cooler. phyllis at the mets, 82 degrees. meantime, shore of the, cast, not a bad place to go. a lot of temperatures well in the 70s. uv index is high, 7 today. with advisories none and here's the seven-day outlike. 90 today, close to that tomorrow. we bump it up again on thursday. we could get in the mid-90s. we knock the temperatures down
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mid to lower 80s, friday, saturday, sunday. no rain in sight for several days. what's in sight with the heat right now, here's lauren. >> thanks, chris. no accidents to report right now which is always good news but there's plenty of road work to cause delays. let's start with a look at fdr drive, a slow riding back to the 90s. northbound construction has just cleared, so that's good news, at least you're in for a nice ride there. heading over to the new york state thruway, southbound between exits 14b, to the parkway, and 13, to the palisades, all the way to tappan zee bridge. and there's more for staten island commuters, staten island expressway westbound between hylan avenue and benwick, two lanes shut down and richmond to bradley, building in both directions.
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alternate side parking rules in effect. weather and traffic on the 4s. 4:49 right now, a new jersey punishment has been handed down in a hazing scandal at sayreville high school. six football players charged with sexually abusing teammates are now on probation and community service. the players will not have to register as sex offenders. the sentences were handed down after four of the students pleaded guilty and two went to trial. residents tell news 4 the sentences seem fair. >> you know, the kids made a mistake, they're young. >> they're minors, so i think it's just fine. it will teach them maybe to be on the right path. >> the sayreville football season was cancelled. and the school's longtime coach was fired. football will return to the school next week. coming up, unprecedented this is how nypd is calling the
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challenges for the pope's visit. three weeks from this thursday, september 24th, he will visit st. patrick's that night. and make several stops around the city including the u.n. and the 9/11 memorial. and also talk about a possible motorcade through central park. >> we're going to work very hard to make sure as many people as we are able to actually get to see his holiness while putting layers of security in and around that. >> and they do plan extra trains running with the pope's visit to help accommodate the crowds. several stations may be closed and limited access for security reasons. for complete details for the pope's upcoming visit in new york head to the website, and new information on the latest nypd prison escape. police are still looking for tiffany newman. the shoplifting suspect that
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escaped police custody sunday night. police said she claimed to be pregnant and in medical care. we're told she slipped away. police leaders are furious. >> it's embarrassing. she's not a mastermind criminal. . it was just inattentiveness and carelessness. >> officer assigned to guard newman has been suspended. this is the fourth time a prisoner has escaped from nypd since june. >> the deputy mayor in charge of managing the city's homeless crisis has resigned. the mayor has announced that she resigned. resigned. it's the highest ranking resignation in the de blasio administration since the mayor took office. governor and state and city officials are traveling to
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puerto rico to help address ways to discuss puerto rico's debt crisis. puerto rico has $72 billion in debt that its government says it cannot pay back. still to come, the ivory league school that is testing out new technology that will make the classrooms a whole lot bigger. and ground breaking tradition that is making nypd history. you're watching "today in new york."
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welcome back. 4:54, looking at the tappan zee bridge on a tuesday morning. i'm so happy to see all you guys. >> we're together. >> it's like we had a family separation for a while, right? >> yeah. >> needed a break? >> not at all. >> meantime, we're all back into -- are you done yet?
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the complaints. 90or september 1st. come on now. plenty of sunshine today, too. less cloud cover. yesterday, we had clouds the first half of the day. but not the case. lots of sun throughout. muggy and stays clear skies of 75. looks like we'll stay with the heat for thursday and then more comfortable for the holiday. >> thank you. >> sorry, he's going to be okay. >> what's going on, lauren? >> the commute, we're doing okay so far. we have a bunch of construction out there. if you're getting on the buses, b39, 45, m9, 103 and q 44 on detour. otherwise, everything going on nicely. the george washington, you do have road work on both directions. that's what the flashing lights are. the lower level is moving along far better. that is the way to go.
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at least no accidents heading into 5:00 a.m. we'll be right back. beachgoers will be swimming at their own risk for the rest of the summer at greenwich, connecticut, the life guards are no longer on duty. most of the life guards they had had were college students and now they're headed back to school. some of the beachgoers weren't concerned. >> i'm an adult. i'm comfortable. i never noticed that life guards were here anyway. >> the stations the greenwich point and island beach will continue to be staffed every day. and there is someone new in charge of the niepgd ypd recruitment division. kim is the first woman to be in that position.
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she hopes to take changes to the nypd recruit process. >> what we're looking to do is get the best candidate possible. we're going to go into the communities where the different diverse communities are and actually be represented. >> royster has been an officer since 1997. congratulations. if you're trying to prevent a cold, try vitamin "z," as in more sleep. people who sleep six hours or less a night are more likely to catch a cold than people who sleep seven hours. the best way to fight peanut allergies in babies maybe, maybe, to give them peanuts. the american academy of pediatrics say parents should feed tiny amounts of peanuts to high-risk infants. those include those with allergies to eggs.
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a pediatrician says a doctor may need to supervise the process. there is a name change involving president obama. a high school in connecticut is changing the name. the mayor said he's pushing for barack obama high school because of his policies. what will the president do after he leaves the house. social media lit up with speculation that he could return to the school he attended, columbia university. columbia's president mentioned he looks forward to welcoming him back, meaning the president. mr. obama got his bachelor's there in 1983. and they say no plans have been finalized. and it may seem just a mouse click away. harvard university will be using a high-tech classroom letting professors teach to students
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around the world. for the first time it will be realtime instead of a prerecorded lecture. the school says it will offer lectures entirely taught online. >> i don't think i could have done that. coming back, if you're about to head out the door, take eye us with. >> take the "today in new york" in new york downloadable device. our next hour starts right now. a scary sight over and over again in the bronx. this morning, a new look at criminals behind a robbery spree. plus, running wild. president obama about to go on an adventure with cameras tagging along. and some customers complain, why one person is suing chipotle. "today in new york" starts now. good morning, everybody, 5:00 a.m. first day of september,
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september 1, i'm michael gargiulo. >> i'm drg darlene rodriguez. chris cimino is here. >> we're talking some 60s north and west of town but very warm for the rest of the day. most of the day, 86 at noon, forecasting a high of 90. that will keep it there in coastal areas, it will be a touch cooler. lauren scala is back in the traffic center. >> delays, delays. we will start and take a live look outside. this is what it looks like out on 96th street. you'll see a bunch of taillights there. there's one lane getting by due to road work. if you head to local streets, that would be a far better option. staten island, we do have road work on the staten island expressway.
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hylan boulevard to renwick. and police released surveillance video showing a woman being run down by a car in the bronx. the video is hard to watch. it shows the 51-year-old victim being hit right there by a gray honda, backing up on jackson avenue. the driver then gets out of the car, after a few minutes, he gets back inside his car and drives away. the woman is now recovering from scrapes on her arms and legs. new this morning, police are searching for suspects in a string of robberies in the bronx. store surveillance cameras caught them in action. police believe the thieves are behind at least six robberies targeting businesses and individuals in the wakefield section. each time, they robbed the victims at gunpoint, they're wearing masks. happening today, president obama plans to visit surd, alaska. white house said president obama
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wanted a first hand look at the melting ice and coastlines caused by global warming. yesterday, the president urged world leaders to take action on climate change during a summit in anchorage. >> human activity is disrupting the climate. the science is stark. it is sharpening. the pools that this once distant threat is now very much in the present. >> mr. obama warned dozens of countries that it will soon be too late to act. and president obama will have a wild time while he's in alaska. nbc announced yesterday the president will appear on an upcoming episode of "running wild" with bear grylls. the show will focus on climate change in alaska and president obama will get a crash course in survival techniques. there's growing concerns about water supplies in northern


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