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tv   News 4 New York at 11  NBC  September 2, 2015 11:00pm-11:34pm EDT

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>> we hear about it on the news. we hear oh, it is contained, it's okay now. now all of a sudden it's in our building. >> reporter: the city emphasizes that this cluster is not part of an outbreak. in fact, it is not at all related to the previous outbreak according to the city. however, they are testing five additional buildings and they don't have those test results back just yet. reporting live from the mel rose section of the bronx, ida siegal, news 4, new york. >> thank you. pay attention to this advice as you get ready for your day tomorrow, dress light. this heat wave is about to get more intense. so far we've felt straight days, four of them, of 90 plus temperatures. and tomorrow could be the hottest yet. storm team 4 meteorologist steve villanueva is tracking the heat. >> today, day four of this heat wave in the park, we made it up to 91 degrees.
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that's the same reading towards newark. cooler for la guardia coming in at 86 degrees. still very warm outside. 78 degrees in the park. 7 on the island. 75 in long branch. cooler from sussex to marstown with temperatures in the 60s. tomorrow, 91 degrees. forecast in high midtown, factor in the humidity, feels more like mid 90s. maybe a late day storm as a cool front approaches. there's the front right there as it makes its way across the region and will pineally start to cool things down. what does it look like for the holiday week end? well talk about that in a few minutes. >> all right, steven, track the heat. the news 4 logo in the corner, select the weather tab. there you find the latest forecast, interactive radar and any alerts you need to know about. >> okay, take a close look at your screen right now. this is the sketch of a rapist in brooklyn. police say he raped one woman and tried it rape two more all in the span of just three hours.
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news 4 checky beck ford is there with information police want you to know to help get this guy off the streets. checkey? >> reporter: police just found out about the third attack this afternoon. that's why they've been here throughout the day canvassing the neighborhood, showing people that sketch you just showed us. they believe the suspect lives right here in the neighborhood but they want him to know they are here as well, keeping watch over people here mp they even put up the spotlight to help deter the suspect from hurting anyone else. women walking are now forced to look over their shoulder after learning a brutal rapist who police say uses his t-shirt to two other women. >> we have to be diligent and pay attention when we're walking. >> reporter: police say they believe the suspect lives in this area. this shows him running away after attacking a 19-year-old victim. they say he followed her, told her he had a gun then dragged her into an alley and raped her.
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soon after he was seen on this video he followed another woman on east 100th street and told her to come with him. he ran off when she refused. >> it could be my sister, my aunt, my cousin. >> reporter: but now, neighbors are finding out the twisted crime spree started three hours earlier when he followed a third woman for two blocks then threatened her with a gun. when she questioned if he really add weapon, he again ran off. >> new york city police department and your community needs your help. >> reporter: a crime stoppers van parked a half a block from where the rape occurred blared information about the suspect while detectives canvassed the neighborhood. >> scary to know that we never had anything like that. >> while his face is hard to make out, worried neighbors hope someone will recognize the blue and white hawaiian shorts the suspect was seen wearing similar to the ones in this picture and help get him off the streets. >> it is so disgusting.
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and tell him, st me, if i do see you, you're in big trouble, buddy. >> reporter: police say at this point it is unclear if the suspect had a gun or just said that to scare his victims. crime stoppers is offering an award for information leading to an arrest. checkey beckford, news 4 new york. >> checkey, thank you. if you ride the railroad, no doubt today had you think about moving. a power outage crippled the commute for hours. it got ugly real fast. these are the images as thousands were stuck with no service in or out of penn station. how did they do it? some squeezed into jam-packed subways. others sat. no matter how they chose to deal, one thing is for sure, everyone was late this morning. >> my commute from long island which normally takes me an hour took me three hours. >> how late were you this morning. >> 1 hour 20 minutes. >> your boss was understanding? >> kind of. not really.
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>>. >> this is all because of signal problems west of jamaica. good news is repairs have been made but be warned, the mta said there could be more delays if the quick fixes don't hold up. we will keep you posted on this, an eye on this during your morning commute tomorrow. tune in to today in new york beginning at 4:30 a.m. for any alerts you need know about. >> radio transmissions convey the urgent effort to save the victims. >> we got another injured victim coming out. >> all four members of the family lost their lives. not from the fire, but from bull pepts bullets. 35-year-old shane is thought to have shot his family before shooting himself. >> what happened. >> he and his wife had a big argument over the weekend p. there is no record the family had any history of domestic
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violence up till now. >> they are working with clues. but the manhunt for suspects who killed a police officer in a chicago suburb. tonight hundreds attended a ceremony in his honor. >> with all of the support and prayers from all over the nation are truly appreciated by me and my family. >> he was known as g.i. joe. lieutenant was shot while chasing three suspects on foot. federal state and local officers are on case. back-up officers found him dead yesterday. his revolver and other gear gone. he was planning on retiring this month after 30 years on the job. six officers charged in the death of an african-american man in baltimore will be charged separately. freddy grey, 26 years old, died of a spinal cord injury last april. charges go from assault to second degree murder. the assault refused to take the
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prosecutor off the case. prosecutors claiming she unjustly spoke out against the officers. grey's death kicked off days of protests and riots. >> today the president locked down all of the votes he needs for the iran nuclear deal to survive in the gop controlled senate. senator of maryland became the 4th 4 34th to support the agreement. that gave it enough to override any vote to kill the accord. it is widely opposed by most republicans and a number of democrats who believe the united states made too many concessions to iran. >> coming up, uber drivers join forces. the lawsuit that could end up costing the ride hailing company a lot of money. >> another hazing incident involving a high school football team. we were talk together parents and players who were there. that's coming up. >> and a slice of royalty, how
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much one woman paid for a slice of queen elizabeth's nearly 70-year-old wedding cake.
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new at 11:00, allegations of hazing at a high school football camp are being blown out of proportion parents say. >> the team's season is suspended indefinitely. michael george has more. >> after an emergency school meeting over a claim of hazing parents are left with even more questions. outside susan wagner high school parents and football players are trying to find answers. the falcon's football season was put on hold before it began after allegations of hazing. >> we need to know.
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we need to get their practicing. their first game is this saturday. >> the school sends a letter to parents, saying there was hazing, claiming their child was hit with a broomstick, written on their body with a permanent marker. there was never a police report. rios said he doesn't see it. and claim the hitting never happened. >> the bee bee gun happened, but no one was hurt. >> everything is on hold until the investigation is complete. >> kids should be punished. >> i don't think it is hazing. kids have been doing this since the beginning of time. >> parents haven't gotten information.
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just a letter saying in part we have a zero tolerance policy for any type of misconduct. any of those involved will be held accountable. parents want those involved punished but also want the team back on the field. >> to punish the whole team doesn't make sense to me. >> michael george, news 4 new york. >> the falcons were scheduled to play saturday. parent were told that game is cancelled. and now it is not clear when the team will play again. the alleged hazing incident is still under investigation. >> the bronx high school damage and explosion will be ready for classes. student will return next week. officials say a worker testing a gas line lit match that caused the blast on august 20th. blew out walls and windows of several classrooms on the sixth floor. the city says that damaged rooms will be sealed off. >> the new school year is off it a contentious start in one community. because one child has been told he's not welcome. a suffolk county family says
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their son is denied to west hampton beach middle school because he has down syndrome. several showed up to show they are angry at the district for excludeing aiden. >> you're not welcome here, what kind of mentality is that. >> aiden's parents are taking the school to court. they filed a lawsuit in hopes of getting him in. national down syndrome society says every public school should accommodate one student with that genetic disorder. the school is not commenting citing the lawsuit. a federal judge in california cited a class action. the cite claiming uber drivers are independent contractors instead of employees with full labor law pro techs. uber says it only applies it a limited number of drivers and is planning to appeal it. >> you might remember dean jones from your childhood.
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he he started in lots of moves in the 60s and 70s. including "herby goes to hollywood" and "that darn cat cots cat ." he had been battling alzumer's and was 88 years old. >> a giant group yoga session all dressed in white. practicing downward facing dogs and yoeg why poses on yellow mats. the session was sponsored by women's active wear line lolai. there was also a musical performance. >> chuck was practicing his -- ammmmmm. >> you gave me instruction. >> yes, i did. >> they got it today and it is going to be quite warm again tomorrow. but good news as we head into the holiday weekend, we are finally will see some cooler air
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and dryer air as well. meaning less humid air. but tomorrow is another scorcher. tomorrow should be the fifth day of this heat wave. we are back in the low 90s. feeling more like mid 90s when you factor in humidity. so the heat and humidity will continue tomorrow. there's a cold front coming through late tomorrow and behind it we will see slightly cooler air and much less humid air. it will be much more comfortable by the time we get to friday and as high pressure builds in as we head into the weekend, boy, it will be spectacular with plenty of sunshine. right now in the park we're at 78 degrees. 77 at jfk. 76 in the bronx. north and west of the city we see 60s from mars to sussex and towards dan berry as well. high pressure in control. today brought us plenty of shines. this is the front. tomorrow it'll drop down into the region and late in the day
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it may bring us a shower or thunderstorm. woerj otherwise, southwesterly winds continue and bring in that warm front. things will cool down as we head into friday. for saturday, boy, that's the nicest day i think this weekend because the humidity will be very low, very comfortable. and it is nice and comfortable at 81 degrees with plenty of sunshine. by sunday, back into the upper 80s and monday labor day, right around the 90 degree mark. right now forecasting 89 did you we can easily hit 90. if we do hit 90, that could be the start of another heat wave. we will be in the 90s by the time we get to the middle of next week. on the meantime, tonight we are clear, mainly patchy fog early tomorrow morning. by late tomorrow afternoon you see that front approach ppg that's where we have a shower or thunderstorm. then as we head into friday morning, we do start off with lots of clouds. and a couple of showers around. but then we good partly sunny during the afternoon hours and much more comfortable with
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temperatures in lower 80s. tonight we see a mixture of 60s and 70s. generally clear but we could have dense fog. as we head into tomorrow, back to the low 90s. feeling more like mid 90s with the humidity and the extended forecast looks like this. super comfortable. friday, saturday. but then it warms up again as we head into sunday and monday. next week back into the 90s for maybe another heat wave. >> all right. >> all righty. >> what is coming up in sports? >> flushing, mets and u.s. open, plenty of reason to watch and admire the mets handiwork. eyes set firmly on october. but they just need to make sure matt harvey makes it there too. at arthur ashe, serena had quite the test. >> thanks, guys. justin bieber is my guest tonight. talk, perform, maybe a drum-off. simon and freestyle with the roots. do not change the style.
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a question for you.
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how much would you pay for a slic md,e of 68-year-old cake? in britain somebody paid close to 800 bucks for one. this isn't just any old cake, queen elizabeth's 1947 wedding cake. at auction house sold the royal dessert today still in its original wrapping. we don't advise that the cake is thought to be edible because of its high alcohol content. >> i don't care if there is alcohol or anything in there. i'm not having it. you should have seen john's face. >> what happened there? i don't know. that's pretty disgusting. >> royal hangover. that's what i say. >> oh, good one. >> okay. >> we'll be right back with john chandler and sports.
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another good night for the mets with a special moment. >> is there anything more exciting than an inside-the park home run? i don't think so. >> maybe the mets thinking about october. leading by of 1/2 games entering the night. that gives them time to skip starts protecting their arms this september. steven starting sunday officially. tonight, harvey came out on fire. striking out the side in the
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first, all swinging on just 12 pitches. looked great. and for once harvey got run support too. down the line and down on ground and just makes a mess of things. going over the wall and tejada off to the races. seizing the opportunity. look at him. he a he motoring like sister christian flying around the bases for a two-run inside-the-park home run. mets s first since 2010. harvey wasn't his best. giving up four runs. but pitched into the seventh. beneficiary of some offense. this got out of there in a hurry. cespedes in the blink of an eye with a hem run. eight homers in 13 games for yoenis. their lead currently is 7 games. daniel murphy left with a quad injury. it'll be examined tomorrow. doesn't think it serious at the moment. losing mark teixeira is a blow for the yankees.
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15, 20 and 13 are the bombers run totals in three games since friday. today, offense at it again. home run derby at fen ray park. greg bird, john ryan murphy, carlos beltran all going deep. then in the third, what's gotten into see steven drew connecting on a three-run shot. that's number 17 for the suddenly red shot drew. in the fifth, getting in on the act, launching one into the bullpen in right. and bullpen made it a little bit interesting. but hang on. 13-10. bombers stay a game and halfback of the blue jays. in hockey, devil's captain bryce salvador retires after 13 seasons in the nhl. serena williams had early trouble with kiki burtons of the netherlands. check out this point here. serena with the lucky net bounce. burtons can't converse and chuck's a racket here in disgust. must have been the racket's
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fault. serena escapes, that's a huge moment. second set, more of the serena that we're used to seeing. here in near court, ridiculous four-hand winner and knowes it too. took the second set 6-3 that quest for calendar grand slam lives on. two matches down. five to go. venus williams and nadal are also through to the third round at the u.s. open. football reminder here. giants wrap up their slate tomorrow night. giants and pat from foxboro. our coverage with bruce beck on the side lines begins at 7:30. can we go back to tennis for a second at the u.s. open? it is hot out there. cocoa vand way -- maybe the heat is getting to her. maybe the rack set getting to her. 23-year-old american destroyed the racket. lost 6-2, 6-1. i hope that made her feel better. and i hope she had another racket.
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>> i hope she had another racket. >> we'll be right back. we thought we' d be ready. but demand for our cocktail bitters was huge. i could feel our deadlines racing towards us. we didn' t need a loan. we needed short-term funding. fast. our amex helped us fill the orders. just like that. you can' t predict it, but you can be ready. another step on the journey. will you be ready when growth presents itself? realize your buying power at
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and that's it for news 4 new york at 11:00. "the tonight show" straight ahead. >> today in new york begins at 4:30. see you tomorrow. >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- justin bieber. salman rushdie. and featuring the legendary roots crew. >> questlove: 321, brevard! >> steve: and now, here he is,
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jimmy fallon! [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: i'm can feel the love right there, tonight! welcome, welcome, welcome, welcome, welcome, welcome, welcome, welcome, welcome to "the tonight show," everybody! you're here. this is it. this is what it's all about. i can feel it. [ cheers and applause ] i'm your host, jimmy fallon. you guys, we have justin bieber on the show tonight. [ cheers and applause ] we also have author, salman rushdie on the show tonight.
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[ cheers and applause ] they plan to spend the whole show googling who the other person is. it's very interesting. [ laughter ] let's get to some news, here. i saw that in an interview with cnn, former vice president dick cheney said that he has no plans to endorse donald trump. when asked if he'd have a a change of heart, cheney was like, "yes, every week." [ laughter ] actually dick cheney said that he would support donald trump if he does in fact win the republican nomination, but not beforehand. [ light laughter ] cheney's learned from experience not to pull the trigger too early. [ laughter and applause ] [ gunshot ] >> steve: my face! >> jimmy: sorry, man! [ applause ] oh, and this week lindsey graham, i love lindsey graham, he qualified for the next republican debate when he managed to get at least 1% in three different polls. [ laughter ] this is the most relieved lindsey graham has been since


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