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tv   News 4 New York at 11  NBC  September 4, 2015 11:00pm-11:34pm EDT

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the city monitors the trees. but trees in bryant park are managed by a private company. and the five people hurt we're told suffered only minor injuries, the monitors of the trees in the park, that is called the bryant park corporation. we've reached out to them but have not heard from them. the parks department is investigating why the tree fell. all right, checkey, and a plumbing contractor was seriously hurt when a tree fell on him. he was getting into his truck parked on benjamin street when the tree fell on him this afternoon. firefighters had to move the tree to rescue the man. he is in the hospital tonight. officials are working with the tree department to figure out what happened. it does appear that wind could have been a factor or the dry heat could have been a factor. let's talk to janice huff. >> there are dry trees out there, david, and looks like it
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will stay that way for several days. we desperately need rain, we're running deficits as much as 8.5 inches in long island. we could see changes coming up later next week. in the meantime, here is what to expect for thi last big weekend of summer. temperatures in the 70s at the jersey shore, for saturday and sunday. each day it warms up a bit. lots of sunshine, dry conditions, 82 will be the high. monday will be the hottest day for everybody. 70s, as weirll, in the hamptons, and 7 6 saturday, close to 80 on sunday, and low 80s on monday. and northwest of the city, low-to-mid 80s, saturday and sunday, warming up back to near 90s on monday if you're in the catskills and poconos. so hot weather will return. 're seeing signs of rain coming up next week. and we'll have more on the seven-day forecast. back to you.
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all ritht, janice, thank you. and we're getting a look at a serial mugger who has robbed five women since august. take a look. this is a clear video of the man. each time he walks behind the victim, pulls out a gun and demands their purse. one woman was pistol whipped when she refused to hand over m her purse. the mugger seems to lurk in the area near prospect park. well, last week we told you about a n case of legionnaire's disease where a person who worked pothere tested positive for the bacteria. now we learned three other areas are contaminated. po ynn gingras has more. >> reporter: just an hour and a half ago there was a meeting that wrapped up about what this means for the residents who live here. we're talking about 680 people roughly who do not have hot
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water at this point but do have a lot of questions. an impromptu late-night meeting at the melrose houses. >> we understand the concern, we hear you. we are concerned. >> reporter: the message coming out by officials after residents were told the water in their apartments tested positive for the legionnaire's bacteria. i hopetmy son doesn't get it. and not even me o anybody else around here. so that is just -- let's just say that we hope. >> reporter: late friday evening, the health department said now the water in four of nine buildings at the melrose houses tested positive for the bacteria, the addresses are 304 and 320, and east 156th street in the south tronx, that is in addition to .he other area since infected. >> have you been drinking it? >> no. >> you don't trust it? >> no. >> reporter: the hot wer in three buildings has been shut
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off ashe t cit installed these filtraon systems to rid the ntaminion. a spokesperson told me it will be all hands on deck to ins ll the systems with the goal of getting the hot water turned back o bhe e the weekend. officials say, though, the water is still standoff to drk. in >> so yes, you can drink the water, the water is safe, yes, you can take showers. you just can't utilize the water. but you are safe. >> reporter: and for some south bronx residents who have heard about legionella over and over, they are finding no reason to panic. >> but i'm not scared and if i do get sick i'm going to emergency. >> reporter: and that is the big message from officials, if you feel sic go to he hospital right now. one person is being treated for legionnaire's disease at the hospital. that person lives here at the melrose houses. but it is not clear if that person contracted the disease from this place.
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brynn gingras, thank you. and crews removed a small plane that crashed nearly 24 hou'urs after the accident. tonight, authorities identified in the pilots in the aircraft and we're learning more details as to what may have caused that pl e to go down. eric pearson and jack rosenburg e recovering from injuries, they were on routine patrol when the plane's engine failed. sources say two wires appeared tore be cut. the pilots managed to c sh land inctrees and avoid hitting people on the ground. >> the teacher arrested for allegedly crashing a drone could be back in the classroom as usual tuesday when the students head back to school. school officials are holding off on action against daniel verley, after he turned himself in after the crash. police say he had been flying the drone outside the stadium at
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the flushing meadows park. he teached at ed es at the acade of technology. he is free pending a scheduled hearing later this month. and it does look like there will be a football season at the high school after all. late this afternoon, the principal says he is lifting the scheduled games, practices and meetings. there was a suspension after allegations of bullying and hazing. however, the games scheduled this weekend are still postponed. we don't know why the president lifted the suspension. however, the not came just as an attorney for some of the team's members was preparing to ask the state supreme court to stek in. and in kentucky, the court clerk at the center of the same-sex marriage controversy is likely to spend the entire holiday weekend in jail. the judge who held kim davis in contempt says he would free er
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if she did not interfere with the deputies handing out marriage licenses, saying it violates her religious beliefs. the supporters of the bill say she is able to believe what she wishes but cannot enforce her wishes on the law. and hillary clinton is talking about the subject that is largely stealing the attention of her white house campaign. and that is the use of private e-mail for official government business. >> you know, i was not thinking a lot when i got in. thctere was so much work to be done. had so many problems around the world. i did not really stop amd think. >> it is rare for hillary clinton to do a sit-down interview, but she told nbc's andrea mitchell she is sorry that it turned into a controversy and sorry that it confused voters. bu at she did not directly ap-pologize for her decision to use the e-mail. >> are you wanting to apologize for the people of the united states in. >> well, it was not the best
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choice that people in the gogovernment knew was using a separate account. but it would have been better if i had two separate accounts to begin with. >> hillary clinton added that once the campaign ran its course, voters can be confident what she said about the e-mail is true. as for vice president joe biden joining the race, she would not comment. and on the republican side of the race, donald tr wp is making headlines for tripping up iran's choices. >> are you familiar with seilamani. >> they have been -- >> no, the bad guys. >> well, that was trump on the radio show. he later slammed hewitt for his foreign policy questions.
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>> i thought he said kurd, a -- ev yoery question, was do i know this one and that one. it was lrke he worked hard on that. >> hewitt will face trump again when he asks questions in the next gop depend. and expansion on cheese that you may feed your children. and the search for a missing college student from connecticut. >>alkem michael george with a different type of comeback story. a team of players just seven and 8 years old take the field to remember one of their own. thtiat i coming up. plus, what police say thi tsa worker did after stealing a passenger's $7,000 watch.
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the centers for medicare and medicaid services recently asked patients to rate the quality of over 3,500 hospitals. t fewer than 10% received 5 stars.
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r among them was cancer treatment centers of america in philadelphia.
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two new jersey daric worker y care workers accused of using children in fight club workers are charged with fourth degree child abuse. prosecutors say the women instigated fights between the kids in their care and shared the videos on brawls. the children did not suffer serious injuries, both women were fired from the day care. and nicholas upton's body was recovered after he disappeared in the surf earlier during a break from classes. he was a junior of george washington university and a resident of reddington. and allegations that he swiped a passenger's pricey watch. authorities say the person took the diamond timepiece that was accidentally left behind by the passenger.
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officials say that she got nervous when co-workers began to look for the watch. she destroyed it. and is charged with grand larceny and official misconduct. and tonight, his memory and spirit filled more than 100 people with everyone everlasting ve. >>ne tonight, they gathered to remember an 8-year-old boy. >> 8 is too young to retire a football jersey. but friday, jermaine jr. was honored by his teammates. his father, jermaine sr., spoke to the crowd of more than 100. >> it is pretty tough, you know -- he is going to be our to be our trophyman on the field. >> jermaine was crossing the street back in june when he was hit by two cars. one driver fled, the other stayed.
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the investigation is still ongoing. and waiting for justice is terrible for the family. >> i'm trying to make it, you know. my boy used to be with me a lot. >> jermaine's parents told us this ceremony was so important because he loved his team more than anything. >> it was very important. he loved it, loved it. >> loved sports. he loved school. hee was a wonderful kid. >>ve reporter: after the memorial we saw jermaine sr. take a moment to comfort jermaine's best friend, warren. >> what did you tell him? >> i told him it would be all right. he is going to stay with us in our heart and on the football field. >> reporter: and jermaine's fae mily has another reason to fight. they want the city to add speed bumps in the part where jermaine was killed. michael george. we have a consumer alert for you.
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kraft heinz is recalling 335,000 cases. in addition to the 36,000 recalled in late july. this recall covers one, three and four pounds packages of american cheese products with use dates from december 12th to march 2nd. and tonight, the seventh annual electric zoo music festival. the weekend show has become one of the largest electronic and dance parties in the country. two years ago it was cut short after two people died from a drug overdose. last year, electric zoo also ended early because of stormy weather. i don't think there is a threat of that, right? >> no, i don't think so, we hope to have good weather and everyone does well there. >> no, the weather will be fine into early next week in terms of all the outdoor plans you may have. now we desperately need rain, and it looks like there will be a turn in the forecast by the latter part of next week. not out there right now. nothing good to track on radar close to home. all the storms are moving west into western pennsylvania and
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the great lakes. and they will stay there. right now we're looking at mainly clear skies in the city. mostly clear, except for temperatures at 75 degrees. so it's pretty comfortable. very, very dry. this high pressure system that is over us right now will stay put for several more days. and so the drought continues around the tri-state area. we're moderately dry now in a lot of locations, including most of long island. especially through the county and back through northeastern new jersey down towards central new jersey where the rainfall deficits have been enormous in these locations. now, this is for the year. this is how far below average we are in terms of rainfall since the first part of the year. central park, more than 6.5 inches. islip, more than nine average inches of rainfall. so we all need the rain desperately. it's been very, very dry especially the last several months. and all of your weekend plans it will be nice, sunny and dry.
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the heat does return on monday, that is when we're back up to near 90. if you're on the coast you should be a little cooler though, thanks to an onshore flow. we still have the easterly flow, we may start out with clouds, sun is out, afternoon temperatures, warpest day on sunday, too, inland areas back up to 90, including the city and the humidity comes back too. right now very comfortable across connecticut and long island. 60s to right around 70 degrees. a few clouds to start early in the day. 66 in the morning, but 70s in the afternoon with plenty of sun, around the 70, in the 70s. mainly 70s to right around 70 degrees. feeling great tomorrow. temperatures start at 67 at 8:00 a.m. and will stay in the 70s to the low 80s the rest of the day. enjoy, sunday a little bit warmer. 86 still dry. little more humid on monday afternoon, up to 90. and the humidity really kicks in tuesday, wednesday, and then
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we'll see storms popping up in the afternoon. have a great weekend, everybody. enjoy. what is up? >> so the mets were in danger of losing the game lead. plus, opportunity knocks for the yankees who could pull within a half game first place of the al east tonight. and it was not what serena williams had on her mind, a grand slam on the ropes. we'll be right back with sports.
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. a giant sinkhole in russia is getting even bigger. take a look at the shot of this massive hole taken earlier this week, measuring nearly four feet across, nearly quadruple of the one last year when a mine created it. the spokesperson said it does not threaten anyone. and taking on the role of cowgirl. haley is a blue heeler bred to work with cows. but haley can also ride a bull. she travels with her owners to fairs and rodeos, along with their mechanical bull, samson. their owner says it teaches kids to build confidence. >> i am sorry, i lived in houston for a while. we'll be right back with john chandler and sports.
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mark duscherer is on the disabled list. tonight, second inning, trailing the orioles, rodriguez provides a little bit of muscle, okay, a lot of muscle. 27th home run, this one a two-run blast and the yankees are on the board. jaco dorizzi on the mounld, in the seventh, greg bird, facing. yankees are in control. only three hits off odorizzi, with the jays losing, the bombers pull the half game out of place now. also, c.c. sabathia will start wednesday against the orioles. one out on the field tonight. battling back in miami, curtis
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granderson coming home off the bat of yoenis cespedes. two on in the ninth, johnson, drops it off in the right center. tied at five, go to the 11th, tied at five. not anymore. good piece of trouble, marlins walk off a 6-5 win, the mets lead, the division falling to five games. there was concern at the u.s. open tonight with serena williams dropping the first set, all she could handle from the american. first set. 6-3, she reaches over and lobs one over her head. serena said okay, that is enough. look at this wicked backhand. serena took the second set, swept the third and now a step closer. final cut due by saturday. tonight, the giants traded for punter brad wing and cut steve weatherford.
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big blue releasing their punter, when he was healthy, weatherford was exceptional. this was tough -- for tom coughlin. the giants call him an exceptional human being. >> in terms of not only what he has contributed to the new york giants on the football field, but what he has done in the community, away what he represents. the enthusiasm, the passion, the way he touched people in all parts of life. >> the greatest fans in the national football league. the new york giants fans. thank you for embracing me and my family as your own. no matter where we go, new jersey will always be home. and i'll always be a giant. thank you so much, and go giants. >> and tom brady weighing in on deflategate.
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that does it for us on news 4 new york at 11:00. closing out the work week. "the tonight show is next". >> today in new york begins at 6:00 a.m. have a great weekend. >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- steve harvey, alison brie, musical guest florida georgia line, and featuring the legendary roots crew >> questlove: 323 los angeles! >> steve: and now, here he is,
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jimmy fallon! [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: oh, my goodness! welcome, everybody, welcome. [ cheers and applause ] can you hear it? can you feel it? the energy from home. the love. the love from this studio. welcome to "the tonight show," everybody. that's right! [ cheers and applause ] hot crowd tonight. i love when that happens. that's great. let's get to some news here. here's what everybody is talking about. you guys, this is big news. donald trump has finally signed the republican pledge saying
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that he will not run as a third party candidate if he doesn't win the republican nomination. [ audience oohs ] he signed it jeb bush. [ laughter ] but still, at least he signed it. >> steve: he signed it. [ applause ] >> jimmy: it counts. he tried. no, actually, trump really signed the pledge with his own name, but take a look at this. and this is real. look at this. he signed it in sharpie. [ laughter ] even when he writes, he still goes with the loudest pen possible. [ laughter ] [ sharpie squeaking ] "donald trump! fantastic. huge." [ laughter ] you guys see this? this week, kareem abdul-jabbar wrote an op-ed that was very critical of donald trump. while trump responded to kareem by printing out the article and handwriting a note on top of that. check this out. it said, "now i know why the press always treated you so badly. they couldn't stand you. the fact is you don't have a a clue about life and what has to be done to make america great again.


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