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tv   The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon  NBC  September 4, 2015 11:34pm-12:37am EDT

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best wishes, donald trump." [ laughter ] [ sharpie squeaking ] >> steve: best wishes. >> jimmy: best wishes, donald trump. yeah. it's not very nice, but we actually were able to get some footage of kareem's response. take a look at this. >> best wishes? >> jimmy: there you go right there. [ cheers and applause ] well, a little international news here. the president of guatemala otto perez molina resigned yesterday after a judge ruled to jail him because of a fraud scandal. but today, another judge overruled it. which means that next week, molina will be starting for the new england patriots. [ laughter ] [ cheers and applause ] i think i read that correctly. i don't know. yeah. some celebrity news. kim kardashian reached
11:35 pm
45 million followers on instagram yesterday and celebrated the only way she knows how, by establishing a a public awareness campaign to raise money to build wells in southern sudan. just kidding. she posted another selfie. [ laughter and applause ] didn't do anything good. just posted another selfie. don't worry about that. meanwhile, miley cyrus posted yet another nude instagram photo of herself yesterday. at this point, even teenage boys are like, "you know what, a little mystery wouldn't hurt." [ laughter ] this is a very controversial story. yesterday the kentucky clerk who refused to issue gay marriage licenses was sentenced to jail for contempt of court. [ applause ] she was sent to jail -- she was sent to jail for not doing her job. then everyone checking facebook at work was like, "wait, they can do that? [ laughter and applause ] wait, what's goin' on? i was looking at the stocks."
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of course everyone is exciting about labor day weekend. yeah, that's right. [ cheers and applause ] everyone gets the day off all across the country. people will be enjoying the final days of summer to a trip to the beach or a barbecue with friends. in fact, labor day is considered the second most popular weekend for barbecues. >> tariq: ha ha! did someone say grill, jimmy? [ light laughter ] >> jimmy: no, actually. [ laughter ] i didn't say the word "grill," tariq. >> tariq: i'm pretty sure you did. and all this grill talk probably has you wondering what my favorite thing to grill is. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: not really sure what's going on here, but what is it, man? >> tariq: relax, girlfriend, i'll tell you what it is. [ laughter ] [ cheers and applause ] when i'm grilling there's one chicken dish that i promise you won't bawk bawk at. [ laughter ] i'm talking about tariq's tasty meat sticks.
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they're so good they'll make you shout, "i'm going to eat this kebab like it's my ke-job!" [ laughter ] >> jimmy: what? >> tariq: that's the tariq guarantee that you can take to the bank. [ cha-ching ] all you'll need to make this is some vegetable oil, some skinless chicken breasts, garlic, black pepper, and my secret ingredient, little bit of honey. hold up, hold up man. [ laughter ] drizzle just a little and let it sizzle on the grizzle for shizzle and then this kebab is gonna make your taste buds go kaboom! [ cheers and applause ] hey, why did the chicken really cross the road? i'll tell you why. 'cause he wanted to get all up in my grill son. [ cheers and applause ] jimmy. >> jimmy: maybe i'll come over to your place this weekend, tariq. >> tariq: you're not invited.
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[ laughter and applausty] >> jimmy: and finally, this isn't good, you guys. the college board reported that this year's s.a.t. scores in the u.s. hit their lowest level in a decade. which means someday soon even i may get to brag about my s.a.t. score. 730, baby! [ cheers and applause ] 730! we have a great show. give it up for the roots right there! [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: fun show. hey, hot crowd. love you guys. quick thanks to my man kareem abdul-jabbar for doing that video for us. [ cheers and applause ] check out his novel here. "mycroft holmes," available on
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september 22nd, that's sherlock's brother. >> steve: yeah. mycroft. >> jimmy: mine croft. all the kids are playing mine croft. [ laughter ] >> steve: no, you're thinking "minecraft." >> jimmy: what? >> steve: no, you're thinking "minecraft." this is mycroft. >> jimmy: no, no, no. all the kids are playing minecroft, holmes. [ laughter ] come back again, guys. next week is an unbelievable list of guests, next week. like it's -- i can't believe it. that's what unbelievable means. >> steve: unbelievable. i don't believe it. >> jimmy: justin timberbills will be here. [ cheers and applause ] >> steve: justin timberbills? justin timberwolf. >> jimmy: he's a great guy, justin timberlake. isn't he? >> steve: oh, he's a good kid. >> jimmy: yeah. what does he do for a living? [ light laughter ] >> steve: i think he has a line of tequila. >> jimmy: tequila, that's right, yeah. he sells hooch. >> steve: yeah. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: ellen degeneres is here, you guys. >> steve: come on! [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: can we say what we're doing with ellen? we can't say what we're doing with ellen, right? all right we're not saying yet.
11:40 pm
>> steve: it's a secret. >> jimmy: something fun. and then presidential candidate donald trump himself will be here next friday. [ cheers and applause ] i can't wait! i can't wait. i don't know. should we just pay him for all of our monologues we've been doing for the past week. >> steve: yeah. [ laughter ] the gift that keeps on giving. >> jimmy: we owe him something for that. >> steve: yeah. >> jimmy: he's unbelievable for our show. [ light laughter ] gosh, he's giving me so much material. we love the guy. we have great performances, too. keith urban will be here. >> steve: come on. [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: mackelmore and ryan lewis will be here. >> steve: oh! [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: carrie underwood! [ cheers and applause ] and pharrell williams! all next week, a hot, hot, hot week! [ cheers and applause ] but it all starts tonight. next week starts tonight. >> steve: yeah! >> jimmy: that's right. [ cheers ] he's a very funny and talented man. ah, i love him so much. from the hit daytime show "steve harvey," the emmy award winning steve harvey is on the show tonight! [ cheers and applause ] steve is going to host a a special "tonight show" edition of "family feud." i cannot wait for that.
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[ cheers and applause ] i love "family feud." from the new movie "sleeping with other people," the lovely alison brie is joining us. >> steve: yeah. [ cheers and applause ] and we got great music from florida georgia line! [ cheers and applause ] oh! they're always great. every time they come on. you guys, today is friday, usually when i catch up on some personal stuff, i check my inbox, return some e-mails and i send out some thank you notes. and i was just wondering -- [ cheers and applause ] you guys are the best. i can write out my weekly thank you notes right now? do you mind? [ cheers and applause ] thank you so much. james, can i get some thank you note writing music? please james? >> steve: wow. you're going to love the way you look. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: yeah. men's wearhouse commercial. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: thank you, the philadelphia eagles, for still trying to figure out a way that
11:42 pm
you can use tim tebow. [ laughter and applause ] or, as tebow's girlfriend put it, "welcome to my world." [ cheers and applause ] what does that mean? >> steve: hey! hey! ho! oh! >> jimmy: what does that mean? what does that mean? >> steve: hey! forget about it. hoagie. [ light laughter ] >> jimmy: what's going on with you? >> steve: that's what they say in philadelphia. >> jimmy: chill out. they don't say that in philadelphia. calm it down. thank you, madame tussauds for making a wax figure of grumpy cat. [ light laughter ] or you could just wait a couple years and, you know. [ laughter ] trying to save you a little wax. >> steve: yeah. [ applause ] "that looks exactly like grumpy cat." >> jimmy: "that's because it is grumpy cat." "it looks so real."
11:43 pm
thank you, the announcement that britney spears will guest-star on the cw series "jane the virgin." when asked who she'll play, she was like, "not jane." [ laughter ] it's already cast, that part. >> steve: that part's already done. >> jimmy: that part is already cast. thank you, houston texans defensive lineman vince wilfork for wearing overalls this week on tv. [ laughter ] on a guy that big, they're not overalls. they're over-somes. [ laughter and applause ] >> steve: what? >> jimmy: why? so many other things you could wear. >> jimmy: thank you, leftover cantaloupe at the breakfast buffet, for showing me that it's possible to feel sorry for fruit. [ laughter and applause ] i'd love to. i'm full.
11:44 pm
i can't. >> jimmy: thank you, popsicle sticks for being tongue depressors that dropped out of med school. there you guys have it right there. those are our thank you notes. we'll be right back with more of "the tonight show." [ cheers and applause ] mother nature can turn in an instant; don't turn back. introducing the new 2016 ford explorer. be unstoppable. this is my fight song...
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[ cheers and applause ] >> steve: it's time to play "tonight show" family feud! give it up for steve harvey! [ cheers and applause ] >> how's everybody doing today? hey, jimmy. >> jimmy: that's right! >> what's up, questlove? all right, how's everybody doing? [ cheers and applause ] well folks, welcome to "the tonight show family feud." i'm your man, steve harvey. and boy, we got a good one for you tonight. [ cheers and applause ]
11:49 pm
okay, from new york, new york, it's the fallon family! [ cheers and applause ] and from philly, p.a., it's the roots family! [ cheers and applause ] all right, let's go. it's time to play the "feud." give me jimmy. give me questlove. [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: good luck. >> okay, fellas, here we go. we got the top four answers. you got to put your hand on the board still, jimmy. >> jimmy: sorry, sorry about that. [ light laughter ] >> yeah. >> questlove: use the other hand. >> jimmy: yeah, right. [ laughter ] all right, here we go. all right, hand on the board. >> all right, here we go. we got the top four answers on the board. we surveyed "the tonight show" audience. >> jimmy: oh no. >> here we go. what's a nickname you might call your spouse? [ ringing ] jimmy? >> jimmy: boo boo kitty. [ laughter ] >> boo boo kitty? >> jimmy: boo. boo. boo.
11:50 pm
>> no, no, don't change it. you said -- [ laughter ] >> questlove: you said boo boo kitty. >> no, you said boo boo kitty. >> jimmy: boo boo. i was gonna say boo. >> no, no. no, no, jimmy. you said boo boo kitty. [ laughter ] you said the whole thing. >> jimmy: when i was saying it, i thought you were going to stop at boo. then i kept going. >> it just came out. >> jimmy: it just came out. yep. >> boo boo. [ laughter ] boo boo kitty! [ bell ding ] [ cheers and applause ] >> whoo! >> two answers top that. you get your shot. >> jimmy: oh, sorry. >> pay attention to the game. >> jimmy: sorry, sorry, sorry. >> obviously, you have other stuff to do in the daytime. [ laughter ] questlove, two answers top it. >> questlove: i say baby. >> baby! [ bell ding ] [ cheers and applause ] pass or play? they're gonna play. >> questlove: yeah, we're gonna
11:51 pm
play. >> okay, tariq, what's up man? >> tariq: what's up steve? >> you're the dude that did the chicken commercial. [ laughter ] yeah, don't do that to us no more. out here on late night tv selling damn chicken with a a blonde wig on. [ laughter ] setting us back just hundreds of years. all right, here we go. [ laughter ] let's go, tariq. what's a nickname -- your boy's laughing way too hard at this. what's a nickname you might call your spouse? >> tariq: i'm going to say honey. >> honey! [ bell ding ] [ cheers and applause ] >> let's come over here, james. how you feeling, man? >> i'm good. good to see you. >> all right, let's go, man. what's a nickname you might call your spouse? >> sweetheart. >> sweetheart. [ cheers and applause ] >> good answer. >> sweetheart. that's a good answer. you're supposed to support each other. you're supposed to say good answer.
11:52 pm
>> oh, good answer. >> good answer. >> thank you. [ laughter ] >> sweetheart! [ buzzer ] [ audience ohs ] >> okay, we got one strike. [ team fallon mocks ] >> now, listen, you only get two strikes in this game. so this is it. >> questlove: oh, it's on me. >> yeah, it's on you, quest. what's a nickname you might call your spouse? >> questlove: i say darling. >> darling. >> questlove: darling. >> darling! [ cheers and applause ] [ buzzer ] >> oh! >> what? >> all right, it's the fallon family. you guys huddled up like you were supposed to while we were over here? [ laughter ] discussing it? >> jimmy: we're good to go. ready? >> you get past family members. okay, jimmy, what's a nickname you might call your spouse? >> jimmy: what is "dear?" [ laughter ] >> what is what? >> jimmy: what is "dear," steve? [ laughter and applause ] what is "dear?" [ laughter ] >> what the hell do you keep saying "what is" for?
11:53 pm
[ laughter ] this is "family feud." "family feud" is the new number one game show in the country today. [ cheers and applause ] we don't ask the questions. >> jimmy: let's be jealous. is jealous on the board, steve? [ laughter ] >> you ain't the only one with a hit show. [ cheers and applause ] what is "dear?" hey, let's go to question two. give me alison. give me tariq. [ cheers and applause ] all right, here we go, question two. folks, we have the top four answers on the board again. here we go. name something you might do at a concert. [ ringing ] tariq? >> tariq: i'm going to say dance.
11:54 pm
[ cheers and applause ] >> dance! [ bell ding ] boy, they're killing. [ cheers and applause ] pass or play, tariq? >> tariq: we're going to play. >> they're gonna play. way to go. all right, here we go. here we go. james, let's go, man. name something you might do at a concert. >> sing along. >> sing along! [ cheers and applause ] [ bell ding ] [ audience ohs ] >> questlove, we're rolling. name something you might do at a concert. >> questlove: unfortunately, i see this a lot. people pull out their cell phones, so. take a photo. >> pull out your cell phones and take a photo! [ buzzer ] i didn't do that the last time i went to a concert. [ laughter ] they didn't have damn cell phones. tariq, name something ?- you got to be careful. you got one strike. next strike, the fallon family can steal. they should be discussing their answer now.
11:55 pm
[ laughter and applause ] hey, man. you ain't going to mess my money up, okay? [ laughter ] tariq, name something you might do at a concert. gotta give me a good one. >> tariq: i'm going to say get drunk. [ cheers and applause ] >> drink! [ bell ding ] [ cheers and applause ] got one strike. got to be careful. fallon family can steal. james? you can't discuss the answers with him! [ laughter ] say, man, you tariq! what the hell is wrong with you? you're blatantly talking to him. have you ever seen the family do that? >> tariq: all the time. >> no! quest, there's a lot of people in the band.
11:56 pm
why is his ass out here? all right, man. damn. so, just one -- sit. okay, name something you might do at a concert. say what he told you to say. >> smoke. [ laughter ] >> that's what you said? >> jimmy: that's not fair. he shouldn't say that. >> that's really, that is cheating. >> jimmy: yeah, yeah, yeah, it is. >> it is open cheating. smoke! [ bell ding ] [ cheers and applause ] >> wow. we have a winner! it's the roots family! folks, we'll see you next time on "family feud." i'm steve harvey, ever ody. we'll be right back with more of "the tonight show" right after this. [ cheers and applause ]
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[ cheers and applause ] >> u jimmy: our first guest is the emmy award winning host of his very popular daytime show called "steve harvey." he kicos off season four with a two-part prebyere airing september 8th and 9th. please welcome my pal, stt eve harvey, la es and gentlemen.
12:02 am
[ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: ah ha ha. thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you. thank you. >> that boy got some talent. that damn tariq. >> jimmy: he's good. he's ?- >> rap, fried chicken. >> jimmy: grilled chicken. grilled chicken. he gonna fry it. >> jimmy: yeah. [ laughter ] hey, congratulations on back-to-back emmy winnings for "the steve harvey show." that's fantastic. well deserved. >> that's pretty good man. thank you. i mean, i love the show. what -- it's a two-part big extravaganza. big opening. >> yeah. the opening tuesday and wednesday, september 8th and 9th, because i couldn't do it in one show. i didn't do it in my studio. i did it in a theater in chicago. i brought out 150 women on stage, all makes ja and models. gorgeous women, from everywhere. [ laughter ] i like to say all makes and models.
12:03 am
so you know, if you like an suv or you like a smbotcar, you know, it was all there. >> jimmy: okay. we got you. yes. >> beautiful women, man. ancad they want -- i gave them the opportunity to see what men really think. and i put them in front of -- i opened up the curtain. i had 2,000 men in this theater. and these 150 women could ask these 2,000 men exactly what they thought. and it's really, really some enlightening information. >> jimmy: like what is one thing that women don't know about men and men don't know about women? >> you know what really i found out, man? women don't know how important sex is to a guy. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: really? yeah. >> you can't overstate this enough. [ laughter ] it's everything to us. stop thinking, you know, maybe. no, no, no. it's every damn thing to us. it's the reason we go to college. i went to college because i heard that you could have sex when you got there.
12:04 am
that's why i went to college. >> jimmy: all right. [ applause ] >> that's really it. you get educated. it's the reason we breathe. it's the reason that men bathe. [ laughter ] if there were no women, we wouldn't even bathe. >> jimmy: no, you wouldn't. >> you'd have flies just buzzing round your crack. [ laughter ] you wouldn't care. you really wouldwat. >> jimmy: you really wouldn't. see, i love your show. i love watching your show. and i was telling you backstage. i was in i secu for ten days. it was this finger thing and i was in there, and i was -- during the day time i'm flipping around, and there's no real shows that make you feel good. you watch shows. i mean there's good shows. mean, th judge shows, people suing each other, then people fighting each other. but i'm depressed. i'm in the hospital bed and i'm just waiting. i wanted to laugh and i wanted a good time. and i watched your show, and, gosh, thank you. i don't know how much and how big of an audience you know that you have and how many people you make feel good. but i was just in on e ward in one hospital in one place. imagine how many people --
12:05 am
>> thank you. >> jimmy: -- are just getting that gift from you. and making you feel good. [ cheers and applause ] >> thank you, man. >> jimmy: it made me feel good. >> that's pretty good, man. i appreciate that. >> jimmy: do you watch other shows? do, you watch tv? besides your show? >> i watch tv, but, you know, now i'm 58, so i used to pay attention to commercials like wii do now. noi was sitting up there the other day, and i was just, ou know, sitting there, and a a cialis commercial came on. [ laughter ] and i was sitting up there and it says, it's for men who have erectile dysfunction. now i don't have that, but at 58, i'm probably going to get it soon. [ laughter ] so i sat up a little bit. and then it says, if you have an erection lasting longer than four hours, call your doctor. why would i do that? [ laughter ] if i have an erection that has lasted four hours, i'm not calling nody. i'm taking selfies.
12:06 am
[ velaughter and applause ] thavat'sr one hour! that's hour number two! ha h oa! it's 3:30. still here! [ bleep ] ow! >> jimmy: still here! >> i'm still here, baby! four hours. i'm taking a selfie with time codes on it. [ laughter ] you've got to be kidding me. >> jimmy: no. you got to call your doctor. call your doctor. >> i ain't calling no damn body. >>s jimmy: let's talk about the family. how's the family doing? your daughter is getting married. is that correct? >> yeah, man. that's scary, though. >> jimmy: it's got to be great, right? feel good? >> it's cool, man. you know, i'm struggling with is one my twins are 32 years old, and one of my daughter my 27at-year-old daughter, got married. my twin is getting married. these are my first children ever. so, it's not the great thing i thought it was going to be,
12:07 am
because this is my rf l baby, you know wha o mean? from day one, that's the first kid i ever had. i'm going to give her to this dude. he's a nice guy, you know. [ laughter ] but i have made it clear to this dude, you are not my son. [ islaughter ] you be calling me dad and stuff. hey, man, i'm not your punk ass father. quit calling me your dad because -- he's a good guy. >> jimmy: yeah, you like him. >> i like him. but i have a small chamber about the size of your thumbnail in my heart reserved for him that's filled with nothing but pure hatred. [ laughter ] just all hate. >> jimmy: what? >> in case i have to kill him. [ laughter ] i've told him that, too. i told him that. i said it in front of his father. his father w thas there. he said, i can't believe you said that.
12:08 am
kill you, tooi [ laughter ] >> jimmy: somebody's thumbnail. >> yes. it's about that much. just pure hatred. >> jimmy: you have to have that as a dad. >> for my daughter, because i'll kill you about her. i promise you, i will. i swear to god, i will. >> jimmy: but -- >>ss and i got money. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: steve -- >> i got money. i'll have you killed. >> jimmy: no, no, steve. we're all going to end up on a a "dateline" episode. but no, that's not the point. let's go. bu ht eversthing you have. this is it. that's all the kids are now leaving, right? they're going to college. >> my last two, we dropped them off at college two weeks ago. >> jimmy: i love that. you get it, you go in. so now you're empty nesters. now you're just there by yourselves. with your wife. >> greatest day of my life. >> jimmy: no. you feel sad. >> no. no. my wife felt sad. >> jimmy: yeah, no. >> i woke up the next day, baby. it was on and cracking at my house. [ laughter ] yeah. i went downstairs and fried bacon naked. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: what? >> i'd be walking. i do everything naked. jimmy, i go down and i cook naked.
12:09 am
i open the oven naked. i just open the oven just to look in there. i just do what i want to do, man. i don't care what's going on. >> jimmy: you don't care. no. >> i brush my teeth in the living room naked. you know what i'm going to do this winter that i've always wanted to do? because we have a nice fireplace. >> jimmy: sure. >> i'm going to start a fire and no one's going to be there. and i'm going to put it out -- i'm going to see if i can put the fire out by urinating on it. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: no, no, steve. this is not -- this is not what you should do, everybody. i want to see more -- >> this is all bucket list stuff i'm do wg, baby. >> jimmy: steve harvey, all messed up. thank you for coming on the show. [ cheers and applause ] we love you, man. fourth season kicks off in a a two-part premiere september 8th and 9th. steve harvey. we'll be right back with alison brie, everybody! [ cheers and applause ]
12:10 am
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[ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: he just ruined instagram for me. that's what he did. hilarious. gotta make me laugh. our next guest is a talented actress who stars opposite jason sudekis in a new movie called "sleeping with other people," which is in theaters september the 11th. please welcome, the lovely alison brie. [ cheers and applause ]
12:15 am
>> jimmy: alison brie! came in like alison breeze. [ cheers and applause ] >> that's right. >> jimmy: you flowed in here. >> that's my rap name. you know. >> jimmy: alison breeze. absolutely, yeah. >> i wasn't sure how long the dancing was going to continue. i kind of did a finale move, and then it kept going. >> jimmy: yeah, but it was fine. it was good. he's a good deejay. >> oh, great. the best. >> jimmy: let them play, yeah. we can dance all night. we can dance while we're talking. yeah. [ light laughter ] oh, it's a faster song. yeah, it's a different -- wait, wait, no more dancing. >> sorry. >> jimmy: let's get to the straight -- >> we couldn't dance and talk, it turns out. we can't. >> jimmy: turns out you can't do that. are you a good dancer? >> i'm a great dancer. >> jimmy: yeah, you are. >> the key is confidence. >> jimmy: yeah. >> and then never watching recordings of yourself dancing. [ laughter ]
12:16 am
so it all lives in your mind, and you're like, "nailed that!" [ laughter ] >> jimmy: yeah. did you grow up -- did you go to school or training for acting and singing and dancing? >> i did. i went to school. i went to cal arts, amazing college. >> jimmy: hello. >> but before any of that, i used to -- i mean, my mom -- my parents realized very early that i wanted to do that kind of stuff, so i used to do children's theater. >> jimmy: really? >> in los feliz, california, yeah. at the jewish community center. oh, one person, woo! los feliz! [ applause ] >> jimmy: you weren't there. you weren't there. >> you were there! you were there. i recognize you! >> jimmy: how was that? how did -- because i didn't do any theater or anything growing up. >> oh, it was great. we did all the disney classics, "snow white," "cinderella." we did "the wizard of oz." but they would never get the rights to -- so they would rewrite them completely, and then they would rewrite all the music. and it was great, because everyone got a part. so they rewrote them to kind of incorporate all the characters. >> jimmy: sure. >> instead of singing "somewhere over the rainbow" you'd be like -- there is a rainbow i'm walking to the rainbow maybe i don't know
12:17 am
[ laughter ] but then "snow white?" >> yes. i was snow white. so i worked my way up to the -- you kind of got better parts the longer that you were in the program. >> jimmy: of course. >> and you got older. >> jimmy: yeah. could they afford the songs at this point? >> no. no, no, no. [ light laughter ] when i was snow white -- i don't -- there was like a little ditty about the prince and going to his castle, and of course, i totally forgot it after six years or something in this program. it's the only time i've ever forgotten the lines to anything. so i was like out on stage, it was my big moment. it was my solo singing. >> jimmy: yeah. >> and i just totally corpsed. and the piano player is kind -- kind of trying to remind me. and i just was like, stomping my foot, and just -- "i don't know it! [ laughter ] i don't know what it is!" >> jimmy: at this point, can't you just improvise? because you're like -- they're not real songs anyway. there's a dwarf and there's a dwarf and there's a dwarf and yet another dwarf five dwarfs what are we going to do six dwarfs we're going to
12:18 am
have a party an where is the seventh there's a seventh dwarf but he's sleeping dwarf and there's a drowsy dwarf there's a cranky dwarf >> slinky? >> jimmy: a slinky dwarf. >> clearly i was not good at improvising. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: a slinky dwarf? there's a slinky dwarf it's a slinky you can play with it but it's also his nose >> jimmy: oh, my god. now i get it. you can play with his nose as a a slinky. i remember slinky. >> slinky! >> jimmy: he was my favorite dwarf. throw it down the stairs it will keep going forever [ laughter ] >> jimmy: slinky, he was my favorite dwarf. >> he was a great dwarf. >> jimmy: let's talk about your film. this is "sleeping with other people." >> yes. >> jimmy: you and jason sudekis. it's a very funny, very interesting kind of relationship film. >> thank you. >> jimmy: very well shot, by the way, here in new york city. >> yes, yes. we had a great time shooting in new york. >> jimmy: was it real -- like, were you just out on the streets? just like -- >> yes. >> jimmy: really? like guerilla filming? >> we were just out in the street with crazy people.
12:19 am
but that's what's great about shooting in new york. >> jimmy: but also, it was interesting. so you and jason play characters that had a one-night stand. >> yes. >> jimmy: and now, this is 12 years later. >> yes. we reconnect and we decide that -- they both sort of have issues with relationships and intimacy. so with each other they decide they're going to take sex off the table and just be friends, and kind of see how that goes and maybe they discover true intimacy. you're gonna have to see the movie. >> jimmy: very interesting. i want to show everyone a clip. this here is a clip -- i want to set this up a little bit. >> yes. we're on molly, yes. maybe that's all you need to know. >> jimmy: okay, good. [ laughter ] they're on molly. here's a clip. here's alison brie in "sleeping with other people." take a look. >> okay, who wants to learn a a dance? [ cheers ] >> yay! okay, everybody, go out to the grass! there! naomi, put on track seven of my workout mix. >> wait! hey, lainey. you don't have to do this. it's not your responsibility. >> okay. relax. i do this for a living.
12:20 am
also, a few minutes ago, i accepted my body for the first time. >> atta girl. >> okay. >> she dances for a living? >> no, that deal with kids. >> she told me to relax, and the word lasted for like four seconds. [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: alison brie, everyone. "sleeping with other people" is in theaters september the 11th. florida georgia line performs next. stick around, everybody! [ cheers and applause ] what's the most awarded car company of the year? ranking from top to bottom. luxury cars just seem like they would be top awarded. yeah. there better be some awards behind what you are paying for right? the final answer. chevrolet is the most awarded car company of the year. really? i was just surprised. i'm interested to learn more about chevy. let's check out these 2015 chevy's. it's like a luxury car. i was shocked. i mean, this is chevy?
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[ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: our musical guests tonight were named the top country artists at the 2015 billboard music awards. [ cheers and applause ] that's right! and they're in the midst of their "anything goes" tour which runs through october. performing their latest single "anything goes," give it up for florida georgia line! [ cheers and applause ] come on alabama on the boombox baby 'bout to get a little boondock crazy what up new york y'all ready to party with your boys
12:26 am
big stars breaking out through the indigo chevy wind comin' in in stereo tail lights disappearin' 'bout a mile or so down the county road phone blowing up where you is baby sayin' baby let's do this rocket in a bottle with the fuse lit bout to lift it off i'm bout to twist it off lime on the rim of that dixie silver smokin' up a faded out 4x4 girls headin off to the river yeah victoria's secret ain't a secret no more i brought the songs and who brought the party only one way to do it up right everybody goes where eveybody knows that anything goes on a friday night get your party right it's a friday night get your party right it's a friday night baby you ain't nothin'
12:27 am
but a masterpiece swaying and sippin' that dos equis losin' yourself in the big loud beat nothin' but heat come on somebody's rockin' that bang box everybody's hittin' that sweet spot nobody mindin' that tick tock gettin' all locked in with all my friends lime on the rim of that dixie silver smokin' up a faded out 4x4 girls headin' off to the river yeah victoria's secret ain't a secret no more i brought the songs and who brought the party only one way to do it up right everybody goes where eveybody knows that anything goes on a friday night get your party right it's a friday night get your party right it's a friday night alabama on the boombox, baby 'bout to get a little boondock crazy
12:28 am
hop on it's a helluva ride 'cause anything goes on a friday night alabama on the boombox baby 'bout to get a little boondock crazy hop on it's a helluva ride anything goes on a friday night crank it up new york lime on the rim of that dixie silver smokin' up a faded out 4x4 girls headin' off to the river yeah victoria's secret ain't a secret no more i brought the songs and who brought the party only one way to do it up right everybody goes where eveybody knows that anything goes on a friday night get your party right it's a friday night get your party right it's a friday night
12:29 am
get your party right it's a friday night get your party right it's a friday night alabama on the boombox baby >> thank you guys. [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: another one, another great one. thank you, thank you, thank you! florida georgia line! "anything goes" is out now. go see them on tour. we'll be right back! florida georgia line, once again! oh, my gosh! [ cheers and applause ]
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[ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: my thanks to steve harvey, alison brie, how about florida georgia line! come on! [ cheers and applause ] give it up for the oots right there from philadelphia, pennsylvania. [ cheers and applause ] stay tuned for "late night with seth meyers." thank you for watching. have a great weekend. hope to see you next week. have fun. bye-bye! [ cheers and applause ]
12:34 am
[ cheers and applause ] >> announcer: from 30 rockefeller plaza in new york, it's "late night with seth meyers." tonight -- keegan-michael key, from "american ultra," actor tony hale, music from ms mr, featuring the 8g band with jimmy chamberlin. [ cheers and applause ] ladies and gentlemen, seth meyers! [ cheers and applause ] >> seth: good evening. i'm seth meyers. this is "late night." how's everybody doing tonight? [ cheers and applause ] good to hear. very good to hear. let's get to the news. when confronted by reporters yesterday about her ongoing e-mail scandal, hillary clinton had this to say. >> i -- i'm -- i'm not -- you know, i don't -- i have no idea. that's why we turned it over. >> you were in charge of it. you were the official in charge of it. did you wipe the server? >> what like with a cloth or something? [ laughter ] i don't know how it works digitally at all. [ audience ohs ] >> seth: i -- [ laughter ] i mean, i haven't seen hillary
12:35 am
awkwardly dance like that si ance -- well, since earlier this week. [ cheers and applause ] >> seth: and by the way -- by the way, hillary, if you're trying to convince people of your innocence, you really picked the wrong outfit. [ audience ohs ] [ laughter ] so it was a rough outing for hillary. but there is some good news, at least she didn't have the worst e-mail scandal of the week. [ audience ohs ] [ laughter ] got it. all right. i read you loud and clear. no jokes about that. [ light laughter ] former subway spokesman jared fogle -- [ laughter ] has pleaded guilty to child pornography charges. if convicted, he could be in jail for the next 35 to 40 sub-tembers. [ audience ohs ] [ laughter ] [ applause ] just the one. just the one.
12:36 am
just the one. a new cnn poll shows that donald trump is polling within six points of hillary clinton. it's the closest trump has ever gotten to a woman over 40. [ laughter and applause ] donald trump said today that some of his sexist comments were made when nobody cared who he was. that's right. his comments were made next year. [ laughter ] [ cheers and applause ] trump also said today that he reads "the new york times," "wall street journal," and "new york post" every morning. and while he's doing that, his wife melania just reads the prenup. [ laughter ] according to a new list, nashville is the friendliest city in america, while philadelphia beat up the person who was putting together the list. [ laughter and applause ] "we don't wanna be on your list."
12:37 am
the terrorist group hamas said


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