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tv   News 4 New York at 6  WNBC  September 6, 2015 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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in an ambush at a red light. two offers were headed to a call when a man fired several shots at their patrol car. one of those officers was shot in the hand. the second officer was able to chase and arrest the gunman. they were also able to get a civilian out of the line of fire. officers have been partnered un ed ed up on patrol since another officer was shot in vegas on friday. 16-year-old ryan matthews was last seen at his home on august 28th. he left the home that friday afternoon and they've been searching for him since. volunteers continue to search and put up fliers daily. we're told matthews has only his wallet and school book bag with him. he does not have a cell phone. >> he usually comes back home around 5:00 or 6:00. but that day he left and never came back. >> he's a friendly person too. yeah.
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he's very friendly, he like to make friends. he's not mischievous or anything. he's a good person. matthews is 5'5" and weighs 135 pounds. new nnt nj tonight in new jersey a vintage bomb was at a construction site outside the main building. it's since been removed safely. a portion of college is built on a former u.s. army arsenal. a woman using a walker run down and left dead in the street in brooklyn. tonight the search for who killed her and sped away. and her family is sharing their anguish and anger with news 4. >> reporter: she went to the night. when her brother didn't hear from her, he got worried. >> to woman down and see this
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again, to see the stuff in her cart smashed like that is really devas tating. >> reporter: he says his sister was using her walker when she was run over. she tried crossing the street midblock just after midnight. she died after the driver of a white minivan hit her. >> i just want to say about my sister marlene she's a great girl. she's got a great heart. she never got a break in life. >> reporter: police say the driver of the minivan took off behind. >> to leave somebody after you injure them is bad. >> reporter: investigators are investigating the circumstances of this deadly hit-and-run. the area around the intersection is dangerous. >> i said it was going to happen sooner or later. because this place, i've seen people crossing the street and cars come across. you know, they don't care about people crossing.
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>> reporter: the nypd has turned to the community for help. they set up this electronic board letting the residents kno w about the hit-and-run and they're asking anyone with information on the driver's whereabouts to call crime stoppers. 1-800-577- tips. a grizzly discovery shut down a popular park in chicago. that park is off limits after body parts of aed to ed to toddler were found there. they found two feet and a hand floating in a lagoon. that park is closed indefinitely. closer to home tonight, a warning for parents in west islip. two elementary school students were walking home this past week. a woman driving a yellow minibus pulled up beside them and edge
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couraged them to get on the bus. also a scary seen in the bronx when part of a tree fell into the street and on the a van. you can see the van was just passing by. it happened just after 10:00 this morning. a branch fell from a tree onto the front of that vehicle. the windshield was cracked fwi by the debris. the driver sufficient ered minor injuries. migrants continue to stream in. we'll hear from members of the local community with close ties to some of those migrants. and cat on the run. a fleet footed feline makes a break for freedom at a major zoo.
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we're back tonight with the latest on the migrant crisis in europe. thousands of arabs, asians and africans hopped on the train today in hungary. they're on the way to austria. many will continue onto germany which is offering refuge to them. the migrants are get strong words of support from the vatican. >> reporter: hungary has relaxed some of the travel restrictions it put on migrants and refugees. they are once again coming to this railway station in budapest. they are allowed now to get on the trains. most of them are headed toward the austrian border.
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from there they want to push onto germany and scandinavia. they are still coming, thousands a day into hungary. germany has received 100,000 just last month according to the german government. european officials are struggling to come up with a solution. generally they think the idea is to distribute the migrants, to come up with a quota system where each nation will accept a number of migrants and refugees. the vatican today said that it would take in two refugee families into the vatican city. the pope encouraged every christian parish in europe to accept one family as a sign of good faith. but just emptying out the war's war zones and redistributing them around europe doesn't seem to be a long-term solution. the entire middle east is in a state of collapse. people there believe there is no
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hope for the future, particularly in syria. this is not just a migration crisis. this is a policy crisis. there needs to be many european officials believe a much more comprehensive solution, not to just integrate and receive people, but to try and solve the conflicts in their home countries. and sir yrian americans across the country are concerned about the refugees. most of them are muslim. the christian community also voicing compassion for the syrians. especially for the children. they echo the many who say they don't really know how to resolve the problem. >> we're praying for peace. weld hope that we hope that we as a country take in as many refugees as we can. i don't know what the solution is. >> they said they are praying to
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higher power to help those refugees. >> tonight there's more congressional support for the iran nuclear deal. florida democrat announced her support for the agreement. the lawmaker says the deal provides the best chance to ensure security for the u.s., israel and other allies. also backing the deal secretary of state colin powell. >> one of the great concerns the opposition has is we have leaving open a lane for the iranians to go back to create a weapon in 10 or 15 years. when in reality they have been on a super highway for the last ten years. >> the white house clenched they have the voted to uphold the deal. ahead, they're going nuts at the u.s. open or maybe just a little squirrely. we'll have the rest behind these pictures and the trouble that little guy caused. stick around, you're watching news 4 new york.
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some tense morning this morning -- tense moments i should say this morning at the indianapolis zoo. visitors and staff put on lockdown for nearly an hour when a cheetah escaped from an exhibit. zoo entrances were closed off, visitors brought inside while officials tracked down and tranquilized the cat. the exhibit is closed to the public while the zoo looks into how the cheetah escaped, which is a pretty big question. thomas roberts joins us now with a look at what's ahead at nbc nightly news. interesting poll numbers. >> the poll numbers are showing bernie sanders surging ahead of hillary clinton. also donald trump staying affixed on the top at the gop.
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we'll drill down on all sides fo fr you. then we're going to look at the migrant crisis and how we know certain migrants have safely made it to western europe, while more are arriving on the shores of greece. how is that country handle this? and then this amazing story of dogs and the ability they may have to detect cancer. we have an investigation on that tonight. >> and i'm amazed. we have dogs at home. i think it would be great if they could help co. >> if you're a dog lover, you know. they can pick up on things. >> this is an amazing story. and people's eyes will be opened about the specialness of our dogs when they see this piece. a look at the weather. big weekend and beautiful day today. >>he yeah. weave delivered so far in terms of the forecast. the humidity comes back tomorrow, though. that's a change we have to get ready for. the mugginess returns. temperatures in the 80s today.
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it was a pleasant day to be outside because of that low humid pi ity humidity. it was one of those beach days we've been enjoying j ust so much. 80 degrees and we have some sunshine out there. let's take a look at your weather headlines for tonight. we're dealing with the heat and the humidity. those are going to be building in over the next few days. we are looking at the potential for another heat wave as we head into early this week. how about some rain? we need it desperately around here. looks like we may get it toward the end of the week. you can see mostly clear skies in the hudson valley. a few clouds around new york city. otherwise new york city major problems. temperatures in the 70s and 80s still. it's warm, it's comfy outside. sleep pea y hollow 80 degrees. and we're coasting at the 70s around long island this hour. we tied the record for the
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streak of 80 degree plus days in central park. now the record to beat was 59. so tomorrow when we hit 80 -- and i'm sure we will -- we're going to set the new record and break that old one that goes back to 1944. your forecast for tomorrow, it's going to be another beautiful day on labor day. maybe the last beach day for many of you. waves are light, two to three feet on the ocean. water temperatures still 75 to 79 degrees. this is as warm as it gets. so enjoy that. moderate risk for rip currents tomorrow. watch out for those. and make sure you stay close to a lifeguard if you're going near the water. also, don't forget the sunscreen. mostly clear at 9:00 p.m. heading into labor day monday, 8:00 a.m. nice and clear here. and heading home, the evening rush, like a postholiday rush,
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the weather will be cooperating for that. good news. no weather headaches probably until wednesday late in the day. temperatures are up. 90 tomorrow. that could be the beginning of a heat wave. 92, hazy hot and hums! on wednesday. we're looking at the heat taking a little bit of a dip on thursday. degrees g still muggy. that stretch of 80 degree plus days. there is no end in sight. we're obliterating that old record. hey, i know you're a big tennis fan so you might appreciate this. check this out. a curious squirrel made his way onto court five during the second set of one of today's doubles matches. there he is running around. the squirrel approached the stands. kind of paused to take in the crowd. even stared down one of the players. eventually le bail
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he bailed over the wall. maybe got some food. did you see that squirrel? >> i did see that squirrel. the squirrel advanced to the quarter finals. will matt harvey pitch or not in the post season. mets focused on steven mats z who rejoined the ball club. . was it enough for a bomber's victory? we've got the answer in a moment.
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. it has been a rough week for mets fans. controversy is once again
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swirling around matt harvey, who might noo be available o pitch in the postseason. at least there was good news around steven matz who made his first start since july 5th against the marlins. he had to exit due to a blister on his finger. he gave up two runs on four hits. the marlins get even. absolutely destroys tis pitch into the second deck and right, game tied at 3-3. miami loaded the bases against clip clippard in the bottom of the ninth when he lines a rocket to left. he makes the catch but can't throw him out at the plate. the marlins win it 4-3. new york's lead over the nationals is down to just four games with a big series in washington on deck for tomorrow. at the stadium the yankees trail the rays 3-6 in the sixth when they erupt against all star
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chris archer. to tie the ball game at three. mccann's 25th of the year. the very next batter alex rodriguez makes it back to back homers off archer are an opposite field homer. the yankees never trailed again, in route to a 6-4 victory. toronto won. so the bombers remain a game and a half back in the a.l. east. >> this is a big win for us. we're facing the rays who have been very tough on us for a couple of years now. and to be able to pull this one out after a frustrating loss yesterday, i think it shows you the character in that room. >> at the u.s. open at flushing made dough meadows serena williams took center stage against madison keys.
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her sister venus also won today. and guess what? the o sisters will meet in the quarter finals on tuesday. serena continues to chase the calendar grand slam. she looked good today. in the nfl, tom brady finally broke his silence three days after his deflategate suspense was full nullified by a federal judge. >> it's obviously been a long seven months for everybody. i think now the goal is to focus on what my job is and what i need to go out there and do to help our team win. >> that means we're actually talking football. this thursday night the nfl kicks off the season right here on nbc 4 new york. brady and the patriots host the pittsburgh steelers.
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the start of the game set for : 8:30. coming up we'll have the latest on the matt harvey saga with the mets. yes, their opener is exactly one week from today. and we talk serena williams. >> that will be a good show. and we'll be right back with this one after this.
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advocacy groups in queens are raising awareness of sickle cell disease at a walk-a-thon today. sickle cell is a hereditary blood disorder affecting red blood cells. most of those with the disease in this country are african-american. for the past 15 year this is walk has been held to help fund research for a cure. they had a terrific day for it too. that is it for news 4 new york at this hour. nbc nightly news is next and we'll see you later tonight after nascar. on this sunday night, heating up.
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no holiday for the candidates as hillary clinton faces a surge from her main rival in two key states and donald trump stays on top in our new poll. human wave as thousands of migrants s s make it safely to the west many more follow behind them. tonight richard engel and bill neilly on the unrelenting march. out of control. a car plows into a crowd of spectators, killing six people and injuring many more. detecting cancer and exciting new developments showing how dogs really are our best friends and they save lives. "nightly news" begins now. from nbc news world headquarters in new york, this is nbc "nightly news." reporting tonight, thomas roberts. >> good evening. we begin tonight with new presidential polling numbers that demonstrate why we see
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so many 2016 contenders working this labor day weekend. bernie sanders has leapfrogged ahead of hillary clinton in the key state of new hampshire ask reduced her front-runner status in iowa where she's lost significant ground. donald trump remains affixed to the top of the gop pack with ben carson securely in second place. nbc's kristin well kerr is on the trail in iowa. labor day traditionally kicks off the fall season of the labor day election cycle and hillary clinton is hoping it will mark a restart to her campaign and gop candidates are looking for a success chance, as well. >> hi, everybody. >> with a raspy voice, hillary clinton, her emails continue to cast a shadow on this campaign. >> the contrast on this election could not be more stark. >> the latest nbc news/maris poll shows
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she's in trouble. democratic front rounder bernie sanders narrowing her lead from 20 points in july to just 11 points now and a stark change of fortune in new hampshire. for the for the time in our poll sanders has overtaken clinton. clinton supporters weighing in. >> do these new poll numbers concern you? >> it concerns me because if hillary loses iowa and new hampshire that will drag her down. >> there is a long time between now and february and we'll see how it goes. >> reporter: clinton's campaign was again rocked this weekend with revelations that she personally paid a state department staff tore manage her private email server. >> the facts are the facts and we've been repeating them over and over again. >> reporter: today in iowa, she tried to pivot back to the economy. >> so i believe in paid family leave. >> reporter: clinton's negatives have also spiked. more than half of all registered voters in iowa and new hampshire have an unfavorable view of her and 69% in
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iowa and 60 in new hampshire.


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