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tv   Today  NBC  September 7, 2015 10:00am-11:00am EDT

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on planes for football or the olympics or wide world of s ports and he'd say "for every one of those thohere'sna hotel on either end nd another flight back." the older you get, you just -- you want to jatust sort of be wherure? well, l you are throwing a get together at your house there is an etiquette expert nameed william hanson who has some notes. let's see if you agree. they say don't -- some people ask everybody what's a good date for you, this friday, the next friday, the friday after. they say pick a date, throw the party -- >> and who court-martial k an come can come. people will be like "i can come on tuesday but i can't come top 4:00." >> don't be vague about when the party starts. >> it starts at noon! >> now when you say the party starts at noon, do you like people to show up at noon or are
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you okay with people showing up 1259:30 or 1:00? >> close. i've been in live television in my entire life. there's no such thing as late. vegas or whatever you have to be ready. you have to understand people -- if it's a picnic you're throwing you say we'll have picnic noon to five. but don't come more than 15 minutes late. it's really rude. >> don't ask guests to take off their shoes when they come to your house. >> you know, i don't that but a lot of people do do it. i'm used to that because of boats. people ask you to take your shoes off when you're on a boat. >> what about in someone's home? >> if someone asks know do it i'm happy to oblige. it seems strange when you're dressed up in black tie and they say be barefoot in our evening gown.
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>> what if you have a bad pe re or you don't the right socks. >> should have thought about that sooner, hoda. >> well, whatever. >> unless your house is very unique, do not offer a tour. i think if people ask you -- sometimes i'll say to a host "your house so pretty, this room i'm looking at, can i see some of it." >> but don't offer it. that's weird. >> have you ever been to someone's house where they offered? yes. >> i'm trying to think. >> i'm sure you have. >> but i love design and i love homes and i love to see the way people put things together so i would probably say "oh, could any" because i'm just interested in that. i don't throw it in my house anymore because it got so big through. the 2-1 years we lived in that house so many additions and -- a tour like that smithsonian now. so many nooks and crannies. i have rooms i don't remember. >> this is a good one. when you get to a party and there's a big table they say
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that the host should assign seats so that -- when you say "sit wherever you want." everyone's like -- it feels weird, right? >> that i don't agree with. >> why? >> because people get crazy. i want to be seated next to so and so. and they feel like there's a better place to be and i won't be a part of that so i very rarely do it. i'll just say whoever get there is first, sit where you sit. frank sits here, i sit here, everybody else fill in. otherwise they're manipulating the evening and i don't like that. >> sometimes when people do sit you, they sit you next to someone who you don't know. they separate from your date or boyfriend or husband. >> is joel like that? >> joel can talk to anybody. >> i know he can. so could frank but frank hated it when we were separated. he goes "why would they do that?" >> because you come to a party together. >> a lot of married people want to be separated. he hated it. i know i'm going home -- well,
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not anymore but i knew i was going home with him. >>ay if you are throwing a party -- and we are -- and you have wine g csses and you see people drink their wine and you don't want to keep replacing their glasses w h fresh glasses -- >>av youurl be washing dishes all night long: >> they give you these little pens. >> wine glass writer so you can write your name. >> washable nontoxic markers that write on the glass and bottles, too, so you can do this and nobody will pick up your glass of wine. ir>> kind of cool, right? >> yeah. and then you can also keep track how many glasses you've had. >> by writing numbers, one, two, three, four. >> it's around $10 for a pack of three, >> very smart. if you drink red wine -- and i enjoy red -- and you're worried about staining your teeth because red does that, we might have the solution.
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you have them over there, too. so what happens? you put in the the drink -- i love how joanne and amanda are like "put it in the drink." because we're stupid. [ laughter ] put in the and suck it. >> so it bypasses your teeth? >>nt yes. y>> it goes r ht down your throat. >> you ged a red esophagus. >> your tongue is red but teeth aren't. they say it works for hot coffee. >> it looks like a specimen thing. >> it's a straw. >> ut it looks like one of ose spach lum things. i don't like the word -- >> spatulum? >> oh, speculum. whatever. [ laughter ] >> suddenly my wine started not tasting so nice. they say it's good for hot drinks, too, i could never drink a hot drink out of -- i like iced tea. >> and a hot drink i'm always anticipating the burn that's coming. >> you know what people do wrong with a wine stem?
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do you know why the stem is here? that's where you're supposed to hold it. your hands are warm, if you held it like this in no time the heat from your hand goes to the wine so you're supposed to hold it here. >> okay, but a straw does not look classy. >> no, i doesn't. >> a case is for $39.95 at tcs >> we're going to give it away. five lucky viewers win a special prize. >> but you have to enter once a week. by the way, we thing that we put the -- >> donna dorable is getting a workout now. it's like over 12,000 people are signing up now. the prizes are great. >> for complete rules and regulations go to and hit the connect button. >> we have to say that by law. dowan't miss our favorite things. they are coming up later in the show. >> and today may be the unofficial end of summer but we have something to look forward to.
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you may be dreading the end of summer but there are a few bright spots with the changing leaves, crisper weather and the great entertainment. >> season premiers, concert tours, new book releases, the next events are jam packed with things that will keep you busy.
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>> and here is "entertainment weekly" senior writer tim stack whom we very lovely call stackable. hi, stackable, did you have a good summer? >> i did. it's over. agrew a i grew a beard for the fall. lumbersexual. >> to keep your cheeks warm. >> that's right. no one else is keeping them warm. >> let's talk tv shows, shall we? >> no, i'd rather talk about his sex life, personally. >> by the way, you look good in a beard. >> thank you. old age. >> no, because you look is boyish with your little high waters and your shirt buttoned to the top. >> so there's a show on nbc called "blind spot." yes, "blind spot. jamie alexander plays a woman -- she wakes up in times square in a duffel bag. >> i hate it when that happens. >> right? been there, done that. she's naked and covered in tattoos and basically the government finds out that these tattoos lead them to certain cases and sort of terrorists and
10:12 am
all kinds of stuff. >> so they have to solve it by her tattoos? >> yes, so she has to be naked. >> is this nbc? >> this is nbc. >> she can't be that naked. >> she's pretty naked in the pilot. it's really fun. it's a thriller. kind of "blacklisty." but she has like super skills. you find out she has abilities. it's fun. >> so somebody took her and had their way and something going on. >> exactly. and her memory has been erased. >> a great concept. >> "empire" is back and people are pumped about that. >> i was just on the set. >> of course you were: >> i'm name dropping but of course it's back and lucious is in jail, terence howard's character. >> what did he do? >> he was arrested for the murder of his cousin -- cookie's cousin bunky. but, yeah, it's back in season two. empire was the biggest story of the year. ma( ris a thome is joining the series, chris rock, ludicrous is on. >> everyone is clamoring to get
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on that show, right? >> it as a huge hit, it's a great show. taraji is back. >> any other tv shows we should be looking out for? >> "the muppets" is coming. >> post-breakup. >> how will they cope? >> well, she'll be sleeping around, you just know it. i can't wait to see. >> casting couch. and that's good. and then lady gaga is joining "american horror story hotel." >> how is she at acting? >> really good. >> she is? >> i'm not surprised by that at all. >> she was a theater kid. she wanted to be an actress but she was terrible at auditioning, she told me. >> that's not unusual. buck a terrific actor or actress but you lose in the auditions. >> she's very good. full throttle, so engaged so it will be exciting. >> let's go to the movies. johnny depp playing whitey bulger. >> in this movie called "black mass." he's unrecognizable who looks just like whitey bulger who was
10:14 am
a boston gangster and fbi informant. it's a movie about him. joel edger edgerton, benedict cumberbatch. scott cooper directed the movie. it has great awards buzz. it's like johnny depp going back to a" donnie brasco." so it's him acting again. >> he's almost unrecognizable. when you glance at him you don't realize. jessica chastain, matt damon. what is that? >> "the martian." it's ridley scott, a space movie, ridley scott directed at "alien." matt may don is an astronaut who gets separated from his team of astronauts and they think h( e's dead but he's abandoned on a planet. it's a little like "castaway" meets "gravity" but it's based on a book. matt damon is alone for most of
10:15 am
it but it's a big budget thrill ride uh-uh. jessica which is a stain, kristin kristin wig. >> let's talk music. one direction? are they still around? >> yes, this is on my ipod because i'm a teenage girl. the fact they're without zane, their single out now. >> i don't know which one is zane. >> zane is not there. there were five before, now there's four. >> what about janet? >> janet jackson is coming back, she has an album. it's been ages. she released a single called "no sleep" and she looks incredible. the woman does not age. yes, it's a big deal she's coming back. we haven't seen her in ages so everyone is excited? >> stackable, we love you. >> thank you, love you, too. my beard loves you. and i don't mean my fake wife. [ laughter ] all right sweetheart, we're about to surprise our one lucky
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we're about to make this a memorable monday for one of our admirers. >> it's time to surprise our fan of the week. >> drum roll, please. spin the globe. today it's landed in bangor, maine. >> oh, that's where our fan libby kimball watches us own wlbz 2. libby is with us by skype. who do you have with you, libby? >> this is leah and luke and my husband bill. >> what a beautiful family!
10:20 am
>> we were going to tell everybody why you were chosen. lib sbi a devoted fan who can't go a day without watching our show. she's dedicated to her four children. >> she just had a baby in may. four kids under seven isn't easy. libby is a thyroid cancer survivor and never let it hold her back. now she lives life to the fullest and enjoys every moment with her beautiful husband. >> libby's husband bill nominated her for fan of the week. he says she deserves it because she's an inspirational woman. >> we sure do, too. we want you to win this! >> i love you! >> thank you! we'll put your fandom to the test. you have 15 seconds and one guess and you have to answer this correctly, okay? here we go. >> we have a lot of great contributors on our show. one of our favorites is lieu manfredini. he is our resident at what? hair stylist, handyman or fitness expert? >> handyman!
10:21 am
>> yes! libby, you have won a fabulous resort vacation -- >> love the word "resort." >> you and a guest will head to miami's south beech four days, three nights you'll stay at the mondarain south beach. >> you'll receive spa treatments at the august what spa, round trip airfare is included thanks to monoreeian south beach. >> you have to have somebody watch the kids. you and the cute hubby have to go. >> i feel like i'm drinking. >> bye, guys, thanks so much. >> a mom of eight says you can figure it out. right after this.
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weather, patchy fog tonight. 73. tomorrow, lots of sun. 93 the high. wednesday, temperatures again staying near 90. under very sunny skies. what a week. getting cooler heading towards friday and saturday. up next on "today," they'll have labor day picnic tips. should be good. join us again for news 4 new york at noon. updates all day long on
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it's funday monday, happy
10:27 am
labor day, everyday. if you're not heading to the beach oar the mall, you're probably preparing for a barbecue. >> or you've been invited to somebody else's house so we wanted to keep you from overindulging with a game of "who's at the door" with health and nutrition editor madelyn fernstrom. >> we love this game when people randomly show up on the house. >> because you never know who will be on the other side of this. >> or what they'll bring. [ bell ringing ] oh, there's somebody at the door. who is it? >> there's alina with appetizers. >> alina is here! >> so what i want to ask you is which has viewer calories? is it the guacamole and baked chipped or the hummus and pita bread. >> hummus. >> hummus you would be right. 120 calories even baked chips -- >> although i'd rather have that one. >> and this will only get you 170 so it's fine. everything in moderation.
10:28 am
>> let's see who's here now. oh, look, it's jim with some grilled -- >> is that jim gaines? looks like him. >> they all look like perverts to me. i don't know. sorry. go ahead. >> jim is here with two of our grilled favorite, an all-beef hot dog with sauerkraut or a turkey burger, white and dark meat mix. >> i'm going with the hot dog. >> i'm going with the turkey burger. >> kathie lee would be right. it's the maligned hot dog. and 300 calories, the turkey burger not much more. if you want to trim the calories use all white meat. [ bell ringing ] >> who is this? >> oh, look, mary ellen is here with. >> we didn't invite her. so this is a surprise. >> she's here with a half cup of baked beans or a half kp of cup of potato salad. >> well, this has a lot of sugar in it.
10:29 am
>> i'm going to say potato salad. >> it would be the beans. 140 calories and five grams of fine cher will give you boost there. >> but there's a lot of sugar. >> but there's 80 more calories so if you're concerned with calories have the potato salad -- have the beans. >> bye mary ellen. i wonder if anybody else in the neighborhood is coming. >> i like mary ellen's hair cut. >> here's bill who's here to quench our thirst, what has the lowest calories and sugar? lemonade or collie? >> diet cola? >> no, regular cola. >> i'll go with lemonade. >> go with cola. i'm wrong. >> cola is wrong. you think when would soda be a good choice? when you're comparing it to something like lemonade. downsize your serving.
10:30 am
>> you could do fresh lemonade? [ bell ringing ] this is aaron coming with extra condiment condiments. which one of these two things -- less sodium, less -- fewer calories. lower in sodium. >> barbecue sauce has so much sugar. >> i'm going with barbecue sauce. >> i'm going with ketchup. >> and you would be right. there's more salt and sugar in the barbecue sauce. and calories. 15 calories in a tablespoon. >> who is our last person. >> they're very late to the party. >> little steve is here. >> i thought it was tim stackable. >> from the control room! >> stevie is here to tell us two different desserts, someone lower in calories, fat, and sugar. that triple whammy. is it the chocolate chip cookies ice cream sandwich or the premium be peanut butter frozen yogurt. >> the frozen yogurt. [ buzzer sounding ] >> that's less? >> there's more gnat a premium frozen yogurt so don't be fooled.
10:31 am
>> there's good news. kathie lee won on labor day. >> what is the prize? >> donna dorable! >> oh! >> finally there's a good prize! >> wait, we've worked here eight years and had terrible prizes and the one time kathie lee wins -- [ laughter ] anyway, feel like you're being pulled in all directions? >> we'll help you strike the perfect work/life balance. >> they gifted this to me but i don't have a grill. far, you're horrible at this, flo. yeah, no talent for drawing, flo. house! car! oh, raise the roof! no one? remember when we used to raise the roof, diane? oh, quiet, richard, i'm trying to make sense of flo's terrible drawing. i'll draw the pants off that thing. oh, oh, hats on hamburgers! dancing! drive-in movie theater! home and auto. lamp! squares. stupid, dumb. lines. [ alarm rings ] no! home and auto bundle from progressive. saves you money. yay, game night, so much fun.
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as kids head back to school and summer comes to an end, we look for help to ease us back into our normal routine. >> here with some fun back-to-school gear that could make your life easier the author greenberg. this. learning experience. these are little tiny robots you can program that are running this track right here. they're learning the different colors and if you get sophisticated with it you can have them learn to dance like >> what? >> see, they're doing a little tango. >> that's a very sensual thing, the tango. >> well, they could do hip-hop if you wanted them to. >> no, thank you. >> it's $59. >> what is happening? >> i'm telling you, there's something going on with these little guys! how are they tracing? >> they learn that, the colors. it's all about learning coding. isn't that cool? >> love. >> in the same idea, thank you very much, this is called maky maky.
10:37 am
this is a little circuit board right here that kids can use to turn into different things. we made a banana piano here. so watch this. >> you have to be touching this here. but, for example, if you hold the banana. touch the banana and we go high five. we're completing the circuit. sandwiches. >> let kathie lee play. >> touch a banana. [ playing "chopsticks". >> that is the coolest thing i've ever seen! >> i didn't know she could play the banana. >> how much is this thing? >> it's $49. maky >> this is cool. infinity. and this basically you just touch anywhere on the globe, like -- let's compare populations. >> reminds me of the gentle whisper. >> canada.
10:38 am
>> so it has information for comparing. population, world leaders, weather. >> great for kids who want to learn about the world. >> and they all love a globe. >> you know how many countries there are in the world? >> how many. >> 196. >> that's only today. it could change tomorrow. >> that's true. this is called boogie board, this is very cool. this is their 8.5 edition. you get the same experience as writing with a pencil and paper and you're writing on this board. so i'm making lists and what not for kids, then when you finish writing on it, push a button and it disappears. >> so it's like an etch a sketch. >> and with a free app on your phone you can capture the image like we have here. there's a free app on your phone, you can capture the image and color it and play around it, e-mail it. put it on facebook. >> all that this makes me very happy.
10:39 am
>> it's $29.99 on amazon. next these are pencils. they're called sprout pencils. when you finish using it, take it, stick it into dirt and it will grow herbs, vegetables or flowers. >> there's seeds in there? >> just stick in the the dirt, add water, it's an environmental message as well. so that's sprout pencil. next this is invented -- invented by regular people. this is invented by a mom and teacher from coral springs, florida. this is called flat box, i love this. it's a lunchbox but when you open it up like this it turns into a place mat so you have a clean place to eat. tables can be yucky. so it has a cool pack inside it. 2k4rr $24. >> great from the folks at flatbox. >> this is a toaster and brew maker. it's a toaster and coffee maker. 2k34rr 2 $32 from way fair.
10:40 am
these are locks you can control from your smart phone. so for your bike lock or locker or control it through your smart phone. from the folks at quick lock. and this is a smart alarm for your bike. it's right here and, of course, my phone went to sleep. basically what happens when you move -- anyone moves your bike the bike goes on alarm, your smart phone goes on alarm mode as well. >> and you can run outside -- >> if you're in the bookstore, getting a latte, you know someone is stealing your bike plus it tracks where you're going. it's a gps. >> get the perpetrator. >> those were awesome. >> you're so much better than you used to be. >> i'm learning! >> don't worry, be happy. >> some pointers to juggle all the balls in your life. you know what i'm talking about. uch acidity was in my diet. i was so focused on making good food choices, i had no idea that it was damaging the enamel of my teeth. i wanted to fix it, i wanted to fix it right away.
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do you ever feel like you're being pulled in a million directions doing a juggling act. >> you are in good company. a lot of women feel like that but it's how you react to those challenges that make the difference. at least according to one person -- she's a leadership coach and workplace consultant who knows a thing two about striking a work/life balance. as a mother of eight boys. >> are those all your boys? are you kidding? sigh, sigh, sigh. >> i birth to four and i found four on [ laughter ] >> how do you do it. you must have some broad rules that you follow in your own life but what do you do to keep it together? >> first of all, i have been become a lover of reality. when things happen, when curveballs come our way, when life punches us, we need to stop and resist the urge of wanting to change the circumstances.
10:47 am
i wish it weren't this way. >> you can't change the circumstances. >> you can't but what you can change is our mind-set. >> your attitude about it. >> exactly. >> so we're going play a game. life is going to throw us curveballs and we're going to -- >> or beach balls. >> and we'll try to solve the problem. so the first ball -- >> great. [ laughter ] >> nice throw! so give me a curveball here. >> i'm exhausted but i promised my kids i'd take them to the park. >> what do you do, cy? >> my goodness, the first thing you need to focus on is wholeheartedness. this sounds counterintuitive, but wholeheartedness is the antidote to fatigue, not necessarily rest or relaxation. so if you can't get out of something, get into it. >> take the nose pickers to the park. >> take them to the park, think about the time you came home from work exhausted but started weeding your garden and three hours later you're out in your work clothes. >> what is she talking about? >> i don't have a garden.
10:48 am
>> no garden. >> never mind! >> what's our next problem? what does that say. >> have to cancel plans with a girlfriend because i have to work late. >> that does add stress to your life. >> but if you want to decrease your stress, well, what you need to do is just forget the story. we tend to have reality which is like the need to change plans but then what we do is we have this whole story on it to, i'm the worst girlfriend ever. >> i feel terrible. so -- >> your real friends understand. >> absolutely. >> they know your life's complexities. >> but the stress isn't from our reality, it's from the story we make up about our reality. we manufacture. we make it the worst ever. instead i just need to call and change plans. >> that's it. >> ditch the drama. >> ditch the drama! >> i wonder what else life has to throw at us. >> here it comes.
10:49 am
>> life is throwing us a lot of balls. >> i know. >> my dog is really sick and i've got a big client meeting. >> i would panic about that. >> what should you do? >> well, first thing you need to do is make a decision. will you going to get somebody to cover the client meeting or the dog. and i know what the decision will be. we're going the vets, right? remember, once you make that decision, suffering is optional. there's two ways to go through it after the desituation joy or misery. >> you made your choice. >> and ditch the drama. >> ditch the drama. i wonder what else life will throw at us. >> you guys have been easy on me. >> i forgot to pick up my child from school. what? >> mother shame. >> wow, it's 7:00 p.m. >> my three-year-old from nursery school. >> so this happens in my life.
10:50 am
>> you have so many kids! >> we have plenty. what we end to do is we start judging instead of helping. so stop judging yourself. this suspect going to ruin your kid. >> i think it's pretty big that you forgot your child at school. >> it happens! >> it does. >> it's not like they've been harmed but -- >> why -- does the teacher call? >> yeah, they call. >> they're not left alone. they're fine. stop judging. >> i'm judging. >> when you are judging, you're judgy today. when you're judging you're not adding value or helping so stop ljudging yourself and start to do what helps. you know what? this is an opportunity to talk to your child about resilience, to talk to your child about making the best because the best adjusted kidge aren't the ones who don't have circumstances beyond their control, it's the ones who learn to cope with it. >> you have to learn to ditch the drama. >> that was fun. i feel like a lot of problems are going to be coming your way. [ laughter ]
10:51 am
our favorite things is coming up but first, this is "today" on nbc. blinds to go's summer celebration sale's so hot you're gonna need shades. not those shades. these shades! take a cool 20-35% off all sun shades, cascade shades, basswood and more. shades on sale. there's nothing cooler than that. blinds to go. blinds for life. cannonball! blinds to go's summer celebration sale is going on now make a splash with new sun shades, cascade shades, basswood and more,
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time for "favorite things." my mine is the smooth stone necklace inspired by the story of david and goliath. $75 on on this rock new york city and i want to make this my gift to my hoda woman who's been like a rook to me all these weeks. >> that is so sweet. and kathie lee, the number of people posting pictu s of their stones -- >> on our facebook page, it as been amazing. >> thanks, everybody. tomorrow, guys tell all, elmo and abbey. >> thank you, kathie lee. that's beautiful. ah, this lucky boy... he has no idea what's coming. my taste - so huge, yet so unexpected. i'm like a boxer in a ring. a small boxer.
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today on "access hollywood live" --
10:57 am
who was that? trump or -- bre king i down. >> and inspired millions last summer marking it to "american ninja warrior" finals. i love it. she's little. >> and back for more obstacle action, and heading to las vegas for the finals. congratulations. >> and billy, our guy is here. love him on "house of cards." an emmy nominee. so cute! >> thank you very much. >> he's our guy. so much to break down. >> kit said she had an inappropriate dream about michael kelly. >> i did not! >> we'll get the deta ils. cause "access hollywood live" starts when -- ri t now. >> oh, no! stand by, billy and kit. stand by camera two. we're live in five -- four -- three -- two -- e. excuse me. sit down. you weren't called. sit down. sit down. sit down! >> go ahead. go back to univision.
10:58 am
go ahead. >> go ahead. sit down,iplease . you weren't called. >> like a child. sit down. i said, sit down! >> roll over. i'm the donald. the fallout from the donald trump, it continues. the showdown. lcome to "access hollywood li ve." i'st billy bush. >>an and i'm kit hoover. >> my favorite part is, sit down. >> sit down. >> no, sit down. sit down. sit -- down. love that. >> what about these two? you knew there would be a collision here. as you said, maybe they're both at fault for this one, but the feud member, trump's the one ta gave out ramos' phone number, suing univision for dropping miss usa and they were bound to collide. it was entertaining a month ago. is it now getting, like, okay. here's another one. >> who's not tired of it. cable news.
10:59 am
i mean, they're all over this thing. cnn had a special on the ten-year retrospecial hosting by by -- and now roger ail, head of tafox news, stood up for megyn kelly. cut away from the press conference and went to bill o'reilly and regularly scheduled program with him. >> i love roger ailes and love him coming to megyn kelly's defense, and tweeting out about it -- >> nobodyeloves ratings more than roger ailes. he's like -- ah! >> article saying ailes is not cking megyn properly because of rating. wants trump to call, come on his shows. enough with the latest tweet.


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