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tv   Today in New York  NBC  September 8, 2015 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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two 911 first responders were killed in a terrible crash in the catskills. crews say they were headed home after a family trip yesterday. crews say they somehow lost control of their suv that rolled over several times on route 17 in sullivan county. morris and their future son-in-law were killed. he was an officer and his wife a nurse, both responded to the 9/11 attacks. >> both she and the co-workers waited for them to come in wounded from 9/11. nobody ever came. that's when they realized there were no survivors. >> the two family members did survive the accident. crew, swlaegs caused caused that crash.
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43-year-old kelly duvet, a harvard educated attorney was shot in the head while walking with his brother at the festival. crews say he was caught in the gunfire between two rival gangs. a 24-year-old man was also shot to death. despite the violence, city officials say the tradition should continue. >> it's unfortunate it occurred during this event but there's no reason to not go forward with the events each year. >> there was also violence along the parade route. and a man was seen being put in an ambulance after being stabbed. no word on his condition. on this tuesday morning, we'll check weather and traffic on the 4s. chris cimino good morning. >> good morning. a uncomfortable summer morning. it looks like summer weather is going to stick around. sizzling sunshine all day long. record high, 93 degree that's what we're forecasting. a little different in the 80s
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along the coast and becomes windy along the shoreline. right now, a steamy 77 degrees. it's going to be a warm commute. 88 by noon time. 93, that's the forecast high by about 3:00 this afternoon. a full day of shine. some changes down the roads. speaking of the roads, we'll see how we're handling the commute. >> another problem, westbound 78 after exit 26. this is hunter and summerset county line. an overturned truck. minor delays in the area. then if you're going on the subways we do have overnight track work on 1, 2, "a," "f" and kw50e6789 q lines. we'll have more weather and traffic on the 4s. >> you may be waking up to smoke in some parts of the city. it's from a wildfire in south jersey. that fire spreading through the woods of manchester township. the fire which was spotted
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wednesday afternoon has burned about 250 acres so far. crews say it could be days to bring it completely under control. there are no effect on buildings right now. residents can smell smoke. you can also smell smoke through a good portion of queens. happening today, fdny will be adding names to the memorial wall for deaths related to the world trade center illnesses. the memorial already lists the names of 89 firefighters who died of illnesses related to work at the trade center. friday marks the 14th anniversary of the attacks. coming up on 4:37. also happening today, pope francis will announce new rules for marriage aall inments in the catholic church. it will streamline the process. it doesn't change how the church views marriage and divorce. the pontiff is among those who believe the practice is too costly and unfair. pope francis said before he
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actually wants a nnulments to be free. and tickets will be on sale for the pope in philadelphia in front of independence hall. that's september 26th. officials say there's going to be 10,000 tickets available online and it's going to be first come first serve starting at noon today. obviously, for the pope's trip here earlier this month, we put together everything you need to know for his upcoming visit including the holy father's itinerary on our website. happening today, the minnesota dentist who killed cecil the lion is headed back to work. walter palmer denies that she's been hiding. he tells the associated press for the past six weeks he's been seeing family and friends. his practice reopened a few weeks ago. while it's been the target of
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protests and threats, there's no word if any protests are planned for today. now to germany where thousands of war-weary refugees made the long and dangerous to munich. over 20,000 might go grants havermade ito germany in the last three days. when they get there, they're given clothes, something to eat, and then they're bussed to shelters. >> because i'm a human being, and they are humans. and if you see the situation, you can't miss but come here. >> and fires broke out at two refugee shelters on sunday. cruise are investigating both as case of arson. >> happening today, congress returns from summer recess with plenty of serious work ahead. the house and senate could vote on president obama's iran deal as early as this week and also a possible government shutdown at the end of the month.
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lawmakers are preparing for the arrival of pope francis and his historic address to congress. and the 2016 presidential race, harrisburg clinton campaigning in iowa. bernie sanders gaining on her in the polls there. they're showing polls leading clinton in new hampshire. vice president joe biden spent the day in pittsburgh rallying union members. he has not said yet whether he'll jump into the race. >> you got to talk to my wife about that. i've got to talk to my wife about that. >> republicans called to the arena, john kasich, scott walker. they all rallied. one, the front-runner, donald trump, we'll have a live report in the next hour with nbc's tracie potts. 4:40 right now, coming up right now on "today in new york" -- a mysterious discovery overseas.
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>> new rules just miles now from stonehenge, what experts say about the ancient site might be much bigger than we think. and a grumpy star at one major league baseball game. >> he's so cute. >> and we'll have more weather and traffic on the 4s. >> follow us on facebook and twitter, darlene4ny, michaelg4ny, you're watching "today in new york."
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it's 4:42, 4 things to now this morning. former mayor rudy giuliani is among those expected to testify today at a homeland security hearing at the 9/11 memorial museum.
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the hearing revisit important lessons learned in 9/11. china will celebrate 50 years since its established tibet. and verizon will announce a free and supportive mobile streamin service. it's aimed at more to be available to verizon and nonverizon users. >> millennials like me. >> yeah. he rolls royce new convertible called the dawn arises today. what is it going to cost? it's going to set you back from $350,000 to $400,000. that will be rid sharp, right? >> what color is yours? >> i got mine in blue because that's how we roll. also, leaders in taiwan, they see a fireball streak across the sky.
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you can see it light up the sky. dash cam video this is found in northern bangkok. there's no information on what exactly it was. however officials believe it was a meteor, or possibly a large piece of space junk. overseas to what we call archaeology on steroids. a big find shrouded in mystery. millions visit stonehenge but researchers us d high-resolution ground penetrating radar to reveal nearly 100 stones buried underground. they stretch for nearly a mile a "c shape. >> the best part is, yes, these have just been hidden. lost to archaeology and history. and we ve just found them again. >> that's incredible. the stones are up to 15 feet high and 6 feet wide. they remain buried underground
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all this time. that's incredible. i love stuff like this. >> wow. >> it's like a subway system underground. >> exactly. >> the second subway system.iv>> 2,000 d ars, that's about right for building a subway in w york. that is amazing stuff. in the the meantime, weather picture, while we unofficially ended the summer season yesterday. it's continuing into the 90s again. we th go to be another heat wave before it's said and done. 77, yeah, clear sky, but the humidity is up a little bit. not exactly inspiring whether to head back to school, that's for sure. record highs are likely through the area. rain and rumbles through thursday. that's the transition day to get back to niceumber us. right now, saturday looks to be the nicer of the days for the upcoming weekend.
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93 set in 1919. most of these under pressure, maybe bridgeport won't get there. a southerly breeze kicking in. a close call, too. again, could very well see record highs. in addition to the heat, we hastven't had a lot of rain around here. the drought monitor shows a good portion of northeastern new jersey, moderate drought. su cffolk county, new jersey up normally dry. get wet weather in here looks good mainly friday again. upper 60s, northwest new jersey up around 70. 77 in the city, 68 in danbury, a warm, muggy morning everywhere across the board. you see where the showers are going and stay to the north of us. we've got a ridge of high pressure keeping us dry but very, very warm. here's a front that will bring a chanci our way. future tracker shows sunshine through the afternoon. partly cloudy with clear skies. a few more clouds in the mix tomorrow evening.
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then you notice he possilality of a couple showers. thursday, that's a day where we could see showers and thunderstorms. some of them heavy during the late afternoon showers. all of this should push offshore friday morning. and back to clear and much more comfortable conditions. 95id in westfield. mid-90s central new jersey south-facing shorelines a little breeze and temperatures back in the 80s but that's not all that cool. 90 a in tomorro 1 86er with showers and thunderstorms thursday. weekend, looks like a good start on saturday. 82, maybe some showers possible, upper 70s and lower 80s again for monday. let's see if there are any concerns for the tuesday morning commute. lauren. >> unfortunately, we do have concerns out there. three of the we will start in long branch, new jersey are , route 71 at cedar.
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and westbound at exit 26, a nor delays through here. will take a little while to clear that. heading over to the saw mill, earlier shut down in boths directions in the chappaqua area. northbound lanes remain closed between roaring brook road. certainly avoid this over here. and alternate side parking rules in effect. more weather and traffic coming up on the 4s. brazil is gearing up for the 2016 paraolympic games. organizers have started the untdown with a showcase of sports inspiring athletes from around the world. and challenging their dinesabilities officials say next year's paraolympics will be the best in hitrstory. nbc and nbcsn will air a record 66 hours when the games begin. and that will be next se weember. if you stroll by our studios, you certainly notice something big happening on the plaza.
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this huge stage is where ellen degeneres will tape four isodes, hillary clinton, jimmy fallon sand singer pink will be a few of her guests. ellen has been around the city greeting fans. >> a group of liots is called a pride. a group of owls is gaul owls is called a parliament. taylor swift calls a group friends -- >> famous on the internet for her testy attitude helped throw out the first pitch at the baseball game. it's grumpy cat at an arizona diamondbacks game. along with her owner, she threw out the first pitch. she even got her own jersey. >> love her. >> i like that cat. standing there like that. arizona won. grumpy cat, not impressed. >> she doesn't care.
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>> it looks like a puppy but an actual cat. it's 4:50 r ht now, still to come on "today in new york" -- what you need to know about the light on smartphones that could be impacting your children. and this official lucky to be alive after a dramatic coast guard rescue out of texas. you might not believe it, it's that time of year, pumpkin spice. it's back. >> all right.
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welcome back. it is 77 degrees on this tuesday morning. 4:52 a.m. this morning, a wildfire burning out of control in utah has a community ready to evacuate. officials sayfrhe fire burning southeast of salt lake city was caused y people but wouldn't go into detail. >> that fire scorched more than 320 acres of land. now, no homes were threatened. residents are being warned they
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may have to leave those homes in a moment's notice. coast guard also rescued two men whose boat crashed off the coast of texas. the men had to be airlifted from the spot where the boat slammed into a getty. it threw one man out of the boat. fortunately, he heard that crash, called for help. two boaters were taken to the hospital with nonlife-threatening injuries. the coast guard, they say the rescues are so tough when they have to hold a hover over a boat. >> and you don't realize how dark it is. >> yeah. >> in the water, no light, there's nothing to see. it's really just depending on what they have available to them. >> a beautiful weekend. you couldn't really have a better labor day weekend. >> cannot. >> it was beautiful. >> no rain to worry about, but the problem is, kids head back to school and holding on to heat.
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a streak of 80-plus days so far. 60 days back in 1994, we've got a 90 degree or higher day coming our way. a high of 93, that ties the record for today. tonight, 75, maybe patchy fog late tonight. another warm one tomorrow and then we start to break down the heat by the end of the week. >> i want to know what the kids are saying. i've got mr. cimino for math. >> he's so mean. >> so mean. >> just participate, that's all i care. >> you hn e to take the bus to school today, the adults, two problems on the roads but here's th,e regular bus check list. everything is running on schedule. we don't have any bus detours for a change so that's nice. and overnight track work on 1, 2, "a," "f" and "q" lines.
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major commuters lines just starting to pull out of the stations. in illinois hundreds of pe0ple said good-bye to a police officer shot and killed in the line of duty. officers from across the country paid their respects to lieutenant joe gliniewicz in fox lake. nicknamed g.i. joe the husband and father of hour is well-known to his community. his killers are still on the loose. a key piece of evidence was found at that scene. rescuers in mississippi pulled a boy aip his dog from a well. they were walking when they fell down a deep hole 70 miles south of jackson. it took rescue workers three hours because he didn't know how to attach a rescue rope to himself. the boy and dog were dehydrated.
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ttere are 22 west nile cases. rescuers say there are about the same cases reported each year. they report that most never develop symptoms. if your teen is tired, you may want to put down the smartphones at night. w research has found that that light could lower levels in children. a study found they had a 37% drop in melatonin when disposed one hour before bed. the study doesn't prove that the light causes adolescents to get less sleep but it may interfere rhythms and keep kids up later. and freshman 15, the pounds put on by students in the first year of college. now, we know why. we looked at their data and they found frozen yogurt the number one thing that college students eat.
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waffle fry, second on the list, followed by pita and brownies and fried chicken. >> that will do it. >> yeah, that will do it. it's 4:57. i'm still a freshman. some starbucks fans got an early taste of the pumpkin spice latte. the popular treat has a new recipe with pumpkin as one of its favorite ingredients. a latte is whipped up for anyone who shows an official fan pass in line. coming up on 5:00 a.m., if you're about to head out the door, take us with us. >> keep watching "today in new york" by downloading the news 4 new york app on your mobile device. our next hour starts right now. some major changes in the port authority bus terminal this
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morning that will impact thousands of commuters. plus, why mayor deblass blasio is calling former mayor giuliani, quote, delusional. and it's official, the williams sisters face off in new york in a major match. "today in new york" starts now. those are always great. >> oh, yes. >> 5:00 a.m. on this tuesday, september 8th. good morning, i'm michael gargiulo. >> and i'm darlene rodriguez. chris cimino is here with the forecast. >> a steamy, steamy start to the day. we're looking at temperatures in the 70s. 63 in jackson, 66 in times square. a lot of 60s in the 'burbs but towards the city, we're talking heat. humidity is up over the course of the day today, squared to what it was over the weekend. at the coast, that's the best place to be. that's going to be a hard place to be when everybody is at
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school or back to work. 88 at noon time. and almost 5:00 a.m., let's find out if it's calm on a tuesday morning. >> not very nice in saw mill. we're headed to the chappaqua area where all lanes remain shut down. near roaring brook and croatan avenue. those have reopened at least heading towards the city we're doing okay. an accident on 287 northbound out in route 17. there are other issues out there as well. i'll have the details coming up on the 4s. 4:59, changes at the port authority bus terminal that will change thousands of commuters' remuns. "today in new york's" catherine craig joins us with what you need to know. >> reporter: darling, good morning. we just talked to the woman from ft. lauderdale, florida.
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she takes a vacation, every couple months. people might get lost in the for the authority. and gate reassignments here at the port authority, it begins today. at the bus terminal. the third floor will be devoted entirely to new jersey transit. and the bus gates, the bus terminals they'll be scattered all over the second, third and fourth floors. the goal is to decrease traffic problems that normally clog the lincoln tunnel that may ease traffic issues. people walking to the bus stop they might have to head to or down to the fourth floor that might extend their departure from the port authority. that woman from florida said it's easy to get lost here at the port authority. >> it is huge. so you have to just pay attention and ask questions. just ask questions. don't ask one person, ask three. >> you've never been lost? >> no, because i always ask
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questions. >> reporter: and 40,000 commuters go through the port authority on a typical weekday morning. the port authority is telling us, darlene, that there are signs all around the kalgts facility here, the bus terminal, showing people where they need to go. they can ask questions also on our web night, police have arrested a driver in a deadly hit and run over the weekend. 50-year-old martin martiz is charged with a fatal hit and run accident. it happened at 42nd street in sunset park. a fire this morning destroyed two cars and a family's sense of security. cell phone captured a pickup truck and suv engulfed in flames.
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perez says she believes former tenants torched the vehicles. she said she no longer feels safe staying at that house. >> it's hard, you know, we're not going to have income. i don't have transportation. it's very hard for me for the three kids. >> perez said her husband used that truck for landscaping business. she's not sure how they'll be able to support their family. family and friends remember a family killed in a murder/suicide today. police say he shot and killed his wife and two children and then later set the home on fire and shot himself. kids going back to school. we're going back on a super warm day. >> yeah. we've got temperatures that are


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