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tv   Today in New York  NBC  September 8, 2015 5:00am-7:00am EDT

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summer weather is really going to stick around at least the next couple of days. sizzling sunshine today. we're talking record highs. record highs 93. if you can get there in central park, temperatures in the 80s with 70 degrees in the south-facing shorelines. the forecast this morning, hazy, sunshine, about 76 degrees. that's warming up. but boy, it gets close to the afternoon, even evening hours, still sun around, temperatures of 90 degrees back home for the rest of the forecast just ahead, let's check in, by asking lauren scala. >> well, chris, things are looking good for the most part. we do have one in new jersey. out by cedar avenue, it's closed and detour there's an accident with a telephone pole on the roadway. heading over to the summerset county line, on 78 westbound, we saw is an overturned dump truck out there. and that's in the left lane. if you're getting on the trains,
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everything looks good for irll commuters. there are some scheduled changes there. so far so good through the major commuter lines. move your car today, alternate side parking rules in effect. 5:04 now. this morning, a legal aide to governor cuomo said to be in grave condition. he was shot at a predawn party. tracie is in brooklyn with the latest. >> reporter: michael, i did check in with police a short time ago over the phone and they told me it is not looking good for kerry duvet. all of this happening yesterday on eastern parkway. during the guvet festivities. the 43-year-old is a staffer for governor cuomo. he was actually shot in the head as he walked with his brother
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caught in cross fire just before 4:00 in the morning. the governor says he was an incident bystander. >> a young man who had nothing to do with it, involved with it, just walking down the street. >> reporter: police tell us a firearm has been recover in this. they expect in the hours following that shooting, with security cameras they hope will point them to a gunman. they tell me they don't have anyone in custody so far. but they say they hope this is not indicative of what people think of the parade. we'll hear more from that coming up in the next hour. back to you. >> the nypd also needing your help didn't feig a woman accused of rob agent least two people at gunpoint. she allegedly stole a cell phone from a woman inside an elevator on in the concourse section of the bronx. that was on august 15th. two days later, police say she
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threatened a woman inside an apartment building in elliott place in mt. eden and ran off with $80. a new report finds an uptick in a number of substantial excessive force allegations by nypd thanks to video cameras and smartphones. the report from the civilian complaint review board said it found evidence in 270 complaints against police. that number is up from 133 complaints for all of 2014. they say cell phone video is helping investigators back up complaints. mayor de blasio is calling former mayor rudy giuliani, quote, delusional over how he treated the homeless during his time in office. it's more fallout from the exclusive interview with giuliani you saw first here on news 4. that's when giuliani blasted de blasio, saying the current administration isn't doing enough to solve the city's homeless problems but now de blasio is accusing giuliani of speaking out of both sides of his mouth. >> this is really a tale of two movies.
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one who said he's trying to chase people away and another who thinks he was nurturing to them. >> on sunday in an op-ed in the new york post, he accuses the de blasio organization of shelters for the homeless. queens library at peninsula quietly opened last month. the library was heavily damaged from the superstorm and for a while used trailers parked near the building. it's the final sandy-damaged library to be rebuilt along with today's grand opening, back-to-school backpacks will also be given away. 5:08, a sibling showdown at the u.s. open in flushing meadow today, serena williams continues her quest for the grand slam or as she calls it, the serena slam. today she faces her big sister venus in the quarterfinals. this is actually the 27th
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showdown of the siblings. wow. what's thanksgiving like at that house? a matchup major upset at the u.s. open, andy roddick knocked out of the tournament by the south african kevin anderson. this went on 4 hours. murray won the 2012 open and he's going hope in the fourth round. >> the cnbc money report, people who lost their homes during the great recession are ready to buy holes again. they're called boomerang buyers. experts say they will play an important role in the real estate market in years to come. nearly 7.5 million people went through foreclosures or short sales. now 700,000 of them have rebuilt their credit. 5:09 now, coming up on "today in new york," presidential candidates gaining momentum following this big holiday. >> we're live in washington looking at both sides of the aisles as we head into the campaign season.
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and a scathing report from italy highlighting the mishandling the amanda knox case. >> you're watching "today in new york."
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it's 5:12, we have 4 things to know this morning. former mayor rudy giuliani is among those expected to testify at a homeland security hearing at the 9/11 memorial museum. he will revisit the important lessons learned in 9/11. and china celebrates 50 years since established tibet in the autonomous region. china has had controversy since the troops in that region following the successful 1949 communist revolution. verizon will announce the launch of a free app service aimed at millennials and will be available to verizon and nonverizon users. and happening today, congress returns from summer recess with plenty of work ahead. house and senate could vote on president obama's iran deal as early as this week.
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as, italy's highest court it has revealed while tossed out murder charges against amanda knox back in march. you may remember knox was charged along with her former italian boyfriend with killing her roommate back in 2007. yesterday, italy's court said there was absolutely no proof were at the scene of the murder. the court criticized prosecutors for, quote, blame worthy admissions. mexican authorities have charged four officials for helping the notorious el chapo guzman escape from jail. it reportedly is two members of mexico's intelligence agency and two prison guards. guzman used a mile long ventilated tunnel built under the building. so far, seven officials were charged with that escape. time for weather and traffic on the 4s. with chris, good morning. >> good morning, guys.
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we've got two weeks left officially for the summer. but for sure, summer is not over. hot sand humid. normal high should be 78 degrees for this day. forecasting a high of 93 which could also put it in record territory. the last time we hit 93 in the state was back in 1919. so the record at newark is 94. some of these records could go by the wayside with a full day of sunshine and scorching temperatures. stamford is 64. and then in the city, mid and upper 60s across long island. some of the suburbs, northern new jersey in the mid-60s but that's still pretty warm for this hour this time of the year. newberg, poughkeepsie, 74, that's unusually warm. high pressure blocking anything moving in that direction. here's a line out to the west.
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you see the line of thunder storm arch ctivity. it's not happening until thursday. and never say i'll never drop my clip. and aiming for record highs of 93 degrees. that southerly wind, along the south facing shorelines will cool down a little bit. not much. but at least it will be breezy. clear skies, patchy fog, 75 in the city. then for tomorrow, still hot, quite muggy. up around 90. another heat wave could be a third of the season. orioles and yanks, very warm and muggy. 86. the first pitch temperature, sticky night for a ball game. here's the seven-day forecast, though, again, 90s today. near 90 tomorrow. back to the 80s thursday. that's the day with the showers and thunderstorms. it should dry out friday, 83. upper 80s, and showers and
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sunday and sunshine monday. i'll start with good news, we did have a closure an saw mill parkway, in the chappaqua area. all lanes have reopened. westchester county, everything is free and clear now. but we do still have problems in new jersey. 287 northbound. this is an updated location. the accident was first reported farther north of here but this is northbound between 208 and 202. somewhere in the middle that blocks the left lanes. heading over to 78 on the overturned dump truck out there blocking the left lane, exit 26, all lanes are subject to close. you see a little rubber necking here. i'll continue to keep posted on that. in better news, here's a live look at the george washington bridge. things are moving along nicely. you're in for a nice riding at the lincoln tunnel and holland as well. alternate side parking rules in effect. more weather and traffic on the
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4s. and the presidential candidates are struggling to keep pace in some cases the run from the white house transitionings from the summer into the critical fall season. and tracie potts joins us from washington. tracie, this is it, this is the official kickoff? >> exactly. and this is really a big season because even though we're more than a year away from this election, we're just a few months away from the first votes being cast. so that's why you're seeing so much emphasis on iowa and new hampshire but that's not where vice president joe biden was on labor day. >> thank you. >> reporter: vice president joe biden in pittsburgh, a uniontown, leaving no question what kind of democrat he is. >> organize, organize, organize. >> reporter: in iowa, hillary clinton is working hard to hold on to her lead, talking about raising the minimum wage for workers who earn tips. >> that is a recipe for exploitation, particularly of
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women and we're going to end that form of wage theft. >> reporter: in new hampshire, bernie sanders is overtaking clinton's lead there was the star of the parade. his focus, money. >> the economy that works for not just a handful of billionaires. >> reporter: republicans swarmed new hampshire down from political party. >> whether republican, democrats or independents, together, the world needs america. >> reporter: but even here -- >> how about joe biden? >> reporter: everyone is wondering will joe run? well, if he does, he may have a pretty good chance our nbc/maris poll shows if the election were held today, he coulddonald trump in iowa. and hillary clinton, interestingly, could not. and an emergency motion to try to free the clerk who refused to issue marriage licenses for same-sex couples,
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the motion calls on the governor to free davis. davis was jailed after being found in contempt of court. contempt of court. protesters are calling on the district judge to release her and repent, quote, for his actions. two high school students could face criminal charges for an attack during a game. school officials have suspended the players, there you see right there, for hitting a referee. you see this, it's hard to watch. you see one defensive back blind side the referee, and the other back hits him. two other students were ejected from the game. local police 94 investigating this incident. a couple from texas has been reunited with their biological child. they were seen yesterday holding
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their son in san salvador. the baby was born three weeks ago, that's when the mom underwent an emergency c-section, but she soon had suspicion that the baby wasn't hers. dna tests were ordered on all boys born in the same hospital where she gave birth. the authorities waited to track down her real biological child. a man from mexico is under arrest for trying to smuggle 11 iguanas out of ecuador. officials say he probably was going to send them to uganda where he could make thousands of dollars. he spend years in jail for reportedly capturing reptiles in new zealand. a woman walks into a police station and she had a bizarre request. we'll tell you about that. and a wildfire burning in new jersey may have new yorkers waking up to the smell of smoke. >> follow us today on facebook and twitter.
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>> this could be a report- record-setter. humanity is humidity is up, too. 93 and a hot one, too. tonight, warm and muggy. patchy fog. lows back down to the mid-70s. one more scorcher to me er er tomorrow, and then we back the temperatures down closer to where they should be. >> it's going to be super hot in the a.p. english class. >> you liked that. >> i did. one of my favorites. mass transit looks pretty good. rails running on or close to schedule. for commuters there are new timetables in effect. so slight changes to the schedules there otherwise major chuter lines look good. if you're getting on the buses, no unplanned detours but we do have katherine creag at the port authority. she'll have details on that coming up.
5:22 am
a colorado woman surprised officers when she walked into a police station near denver with one simple request. she told the officer she was very upset over the recent loss of police officers across the country, and she wanted to help. this surprised officer agreed. although the woman had to reach out to get her arms around the tall policeman. she got him twice. they tweeted photos of the exchange, quote, what a wonderful day to be working. we have a little proof this morning you that can never have too much of a good thing. a polish zoo showing off eight cheetah cubs. they are adorable. they're already 2 months old. this is a rare species in europe. the cubs make up 2% of the cheetah cub populations. they'll allegedly travel zoos all over europe. we have an announcement from the holy father. >> what the pontiff is saying
5:23 am
about how the catholic church handles annulments. and the american dentist who killed d ed the beloved cecil. he's returning to work but not without controversy. >> reporter: i'm katherine creag, major changes are under way. where you can pick up your bus, we'll tell you which carries are affected. if you're about to head out the door, take us with you. york." download the news 4 new york on your mobile device right now. we'll be right back.
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right now -- gate changes at the port authority bus terminal that will impact thousands of commuters. plus, two 9/11 heroes, they were among those killed in a labor day crash that has devastated one family. and a governor's aide fights for his life after a shooting at an annual brooklyn celebration. "today in new york" starts now. good morning, everyone. it's tuesday morning, september 8en. i'm darlene rodriguez. >> i'm michael gargiulo. chris cimino is here with the forecast. kids going back to school and a hot day. >> yeah, a streak of 80 degree days.
5:27 am
60 over. record territory starting in the 70s. breezy on the coast. lots of sun. 88. and touching upon that record high of 93 degrees. we'll tell you more about the heat and what it is in just a little bit. let's get an update on the commute, here's lauren. >> thank you, chris. the 78 commuters, heads-up here. out near the county line. there's an overturned dump out there. medevac on the scene. all lanes shut down westbound after exit 76. now, there are very heavy delays eastbound through the area because of the rubber-necking. something to keep in mind. we also have a closure in long branch on 71 on cedar avenue. an accident of a knocked down telephone pole. they're still in the process of cleaning that up. 5:30. right now, a legal aide to governor cuomo said to be in grave condition. he was shot while at a predawn party before the west indian day parade.
5:28 am
"today in new york's" tracy ie strahan has the latest. >> reporter: the 43-year-old said to be in critical condition this hour after being got in the cross fire near eastern parkway. all of this was happening around 4:00 in the morning around the ceremony that leads up to the parade. and gabay is from empire state capital conversation and formerly an assistant to governor cuomo. he was walking with his brother and caught in the cross fire in the parade when it happened. he was just one victim of violence surrounding the parade. but they say this is nothing to cast doubt on the parade. >> it's unfortunate it happened during this event but it's unfortunate not to go forward with the events each year.
5:29 am
>> it doesn't have anything to do with the parade. it's people acting stupid other places. >> reporter: a firearm has been recovered in all of this, but police still don't have anyone in custody. they've been going through security camera video trying to figure out if they can set their sights on any gunmen or several gunmen that could have been involved in this, darlene. back to you. >> tracie strahan. thank you. new this morning, police are searching for a hit-and-run vehicle. police say a motorcycle lost control at a curve and hit the median. a driver and female passenger thrown from the bike. the woman identified as 22-year-old sade eversley. you may be waking up to the smell of smoke from a wildfire in jersey city.
5:30 am
that fire is in manchester township. that fire has burned 230 acres so far. crews say it could take days to bring the fire under control. residents in brooklyn may smell smoke. you can also smell moak smoke through a good portion of queens. >> time to check the weather and traffic on the 4s. chris, that's remarkable when you think about how far that travels and how serious that situation is? >> yeah, the southwest winds, you take that on a trajectory where the smoke is headed, it does end up in places like brooklyn and queens. this is so dry, with the danger, and it's important that we don't have other scenarios like this. there's more heat coming our way for today. that summer weather sticks around, sizzling sunshine all day long today. record highs, record for today, 93, that's what we're forecasting it will be winding on the south-facing shorelines. morning commute, 76 degrees with
5:31 am
lots of sunshine. it stays hot, it stays sunny all day. even with the heat indexer it's hovering around 90 degrees by 6:00. we saw 78 shut down in the westbound direction out after exit 26. and another accident in new jersey 287 northbound after 208. that shuts down the left lane. it's midway between 208 and 202. another place you'll need to give yourself extra time. for lirr commuters you have a new timetable in place. make sure you head to the platform to scoop one up. alternate side parking. and for ferry commuters, and alternate side parking rules in effect. changes at port authority bus terminal that will change thousands of commuters' routines, and that's where "today in new york's" katherine creag joins us with what you need to know.
5:32 am
kat, it's important, whenever you change somebody's routine, it's something that you got to think about. >> reporter: you know what, some people might be in a daze when they commute this morning but you actually have to pay attention here at the port authority. there are signs showing where people need to go and some of those signs you can see at the entrance of the port authority. they tell you which bus carriers are affected. that the bus carriers are nj transit, copeland bus usa. and major changes under way right now at the bus terminal. the third floor will be devoted entirely to new jersey transit. it might mean that commuters may have to go up to or depart from the fourth floor. the goal is to decrease traffic jams around the port authority. traffic problems that clog the tunnel. we talked about that husband and wife who took the bus to florida. they're headed from new york by bus, they said they heard about the changes at noon and hope they don't get lost today. >> it's pretty busy but it's
5:33 am
new york city, so what are you going to do. ours is pretty simple, our is on the south side on 31st street. no problem. >> reporter: there are so many people. 30,000 people go through the port authority on a typical day. we're hearing from tracie strahan, our colleague that there are signs on the busway warning passengers about the changes. it's also on our website, michael, where you need to go. meanwhile, more commuter news as long island rail riders look for changes starting today. new timetables do take effect. there are extra stops on the port jefferson line. due to construction work. the railroad also adding extra service for the new york islanders games.
5:34 am
tomorrow we honor more of the workers who lost their lives in the 9/11. the ceremony will take place tomorrow afternoon in brooklyn. the memorial already lists the names of 89 firefighters who died of illnesses to work at the trade center. friday marks the 14th anniversary of the attacks. still happening today, pope francis will announce new rules for annulments in the church. it will streamline the process. it won't change how the church views marriage and divorce but the pontiff is one of many who believes that the process is too costly or unfair. he wants annulments actually to be free. >> that's the sound of 100 musicians and 260 singers from the ensemble vocal nina preparing for the pope's visit to cuba. they'll be performing during his open-air mass later this month.
5:35 am
all the musical performances during that mass are being composed by cuban artists. an excitement is building for the pontiff's trip later this month. he's put together everything we need know about his upcoming visit including the holy father's eye itinerary on our website. the minnesota dentist who killed cecil the lion is going back to work. walter palmer denies he's been in hiding. he tells the associated press for the past week he's been seeing family and friends. his practice reopened a few weeks ago. while it's been the target of protests and threats there's no word if any protests are planned for today. in germany, house to have made the trek to safety. over 20,000 migrants have made it to germany in the last three days. they've been given clothes, something to eat. and then they're being
5:36 am
transported to shelters across that nation. >> because i'm a human being and they are humans and if you see the situation, you can't do anything but come here. >> so far, there have only been a few trouble spots and small fires broke out at two refugee shelters on sunday. several people were hurt and police are investigating both cases as arson. congress returns with plenty of work ahead. the house and senate could vote on president obama's iran deal as early as this week they'll also be voting on a spending deal to face a possible government shutdown at the end of the month. and wxrkers are preparing for pope francis' visit and historic address to congress. it's a strange sight over one town in thailand. what's behind that fire in the sky? and you may not believe it but it's that time of year again, pumpkin spice is back. >> and really good for you, as i like to say. weather and traffic on the 4s
5:37 am
coming up as we look at the grand central parkway right by laguardia airport. you're watching "today in new york."
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welcome back. 5:43. it's tuesday morning. well, brazil is gearing up for the 2016 paraolympic games. organizers have started a countdown with a festival showcasing the various sports inspiring athletes from around the world. they will compete for their goal while challenging disabilities. officials say next year's paraolympics will be the best in history. nbc and nbcsn will air a record of 66 hours of coverage when the games begin next september. commuters in thailand, they were stunned to see a fireball streak across the sky. you'll see it explode and then disappear. there's dash cam video. there it goes. it's in northern bangkok. officials say it could be a meteor, it could be a big piece of space junk.
5:41 am
officials believe there are no reports of any downed spacecraft. officials believe it'sed me ed me meteor -- can you imagine -- >> 5:44, time for weather and traffic. hey, chris. >> today is mostly sunny. it's heat for a couple days but summer's really hanging tough and we could get into record territory today. right now, stepping outside, temperatures are in the 70s. it's warm, it's muggy out there. looking at 77 degrees, the sky is mostly clear. we're expecting temperatures again 90s easily today. coastal areas a little cooler, not much, but 80s. weather headlines, we're dealing with a record-setting heat today. and the front will bring in more comfortable weather for friday and saturday. looks like saturday the nicer of
5:42 am
the two. 72 in floral park, most folks in the 70s and east. even hudson valley in the 70s. some 60s in the northern half of new jersey. future tracker, you see we're generally in the clear for the morning and afternoon hours as well. we're baking in the sunshine. humidity level is up. so the discomfort level is up higher. a few more clouds especially in the afternoon and evening hours but closer to 90 again tomorrow. however, watch what happens on thursday when the actual front gets going. in the morning, not too bad, a line of heavy showers and thunderstorms, plus across the area, a good soaking rain. and that system pushes east of us allowing drier air to push in. 93, that ties the record set back in 1918, we're looking at a low of 75, warm, patchy fog developing. looking ahead, there's a shower or thunderstorm threat.
5:43 am
80s on thursday. cooler, drier weather as we finish off the week on friday and into the start of the weekending. warmest days at 93. 90 tomorrow. scattered showers and storms thursday. clearing in the morning, 83. saturday looks good. a couple showers possible, thunderstorms sunday and back near 80 with sunshine on monday. let's go to lauren scala to find out issues for the commute this morning. >> there have been some issues and some issues cleared. we have an accident at 287 after 208, that cleared out so are the delays. but here's an update on 78. so, we do have both sides of the roadway shut down by rattlesnake bridge road. we have medevac on the scene but that just departed. you see delays are heavy. this is an overturned dump truck with a debris spill. 78 westbound is the spot to avoid. we have one other closure in the long branch area. route 71 by cedar avenue, an accident knocked down a
5:44 am
telephone pole on the road. and let's take a live look at the cross bronx expressway, there it is in the blur. things moving along nicely in both directions. over on the bruckner, you're in for a nice ride as were. alternate side parking rules in effect. more weather and traffic on the 4s. if you walked by our studios at rockefeller center you certainly notice something very big happening out on the plaza. this is a huge stage wheret len degeneres is going to tape four episodes for her show. hillary clinton, jimmy fallon and pink are going to be guests. she formed a game segment with sorority sisters. a group of lions is called a pride. a group of owls is called a parliament. taylor swift calls a group of friends scott. scott, that's right. >> you kch
5:45 am
can watch it here on nbc 4. competition is heating up on "america's got talent." at take, $1 million. tonight's semifinals will be broadcast live. and as judge mel b. says, it's not just about the talent. >> it's depends how america sees it. and you never know until it actually happens. they have to get the votes by wowing america and stealing america's heart. >> and the finalists will be released tomorrow night and all ten finalists will be back for the season finale. and some fans got a sip of the new pumpkin spice latte. no more artificial caramel coloring. over the weekend, baristas whipped up a latte for anyone
5:46 am
who issued a special fan pass online but the good news for the rest of us, the season drink is can choushl officially on the menu today. and two bears broke into a home. for a surprise for the family, they made themselves at home. for people there the increased activity is a sign that fall is just around the corner. you know bears hibernate when it gets winter. >> that's what the stories tell us. right? >> maybe they just hang to the fall. and then the winter they -- >> batten down -- coming up on "today in new york," sometimes, you just can't get a smile. one grumpy guest at one major league baseball game. don't forget to follow us on facebook and twitter, darlene4ny. michaelg4ny. you're watching "today in new york."
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introducing the one-and-only volkswagen golf sportwagen. the sportier utility vehicle. welcome back. 77 degrees. it's 5:52 on a tuesday morning. well, this morning, a wildfire burning out of control in utah has a community ready to evacuate. officials say the fire burning sous of salt lake city was caused by people. but wouldn't go into detail. so far, that fire has scorched more than 320 acres of land while no homes are threatened,
5:50 am
residents are being warned that they may need to leave their home in a moment's notice. >> the coast guard also rescued two men whose boat crashed off the coast of texas. the men had to be air lifted from the spot where the boat slammed into a getty. it was in galveston bay. this was early yesterday morning. the crash flung one man right out of the boat. fortunately, a nearby fisherman heard that crash, called for help. two boaters were taken to the hospital with non life-threatening injuries. time for -- traffic coming up on 5:54. it's almost 80 degrees out. >> it's a little ridiculous. that's going to put us in record territory. record highs for this date in central park is 93 degrees. the last time was 1919. >> you remember? >> oh, yeah. >> where are we headed today?
5:51 am
places like westfield, 94. rye brook, 93. hyde park, 94 the expected high. some 80s in eastern long island and south-facing shorelines but that's about it. it's going to be another hot and steam. >> day. it's tough. a lot of kids back to school. >> and the teachers. >> exactly. >> hey, lauren. >> if you're taking mass transit you're in for a nice ride. everything looks good for lirr comphierts commuters, you have time changes, make sure you head to the platform. and pick up the change. staten island and waterway moving on regular schedules. we do have problems on 78. i'll have the details in just a bit. 5:54, rescuers in mississippi have pulled a boy and his dog from a well. the 4-year-old was walking with his well when they both fell
5:52 am
down the 25-foot deep hole about 70 miles south of jackson. it took emergency workers three hours to pull the boy to safety because he didn't know how to attach the rescue rope to himself. the boy and the dog were dehydrated but they were not seriously hurt. new information about west nile virus, the centers for disease control reports that there are cases in 2014 making it the most mosquito born illness in the country. they also point out most people never develop symptoms and less than 1% develop a serious illness. and if your teenager is tired, you may want that teenager to put down the smartphones at night. new research suggests that light in smartphones may lower hormone levels in children. the effect is strongest in children in puberty. the study found they had a 70% drop in melatonin with one hour
5:53 am
of light before bed. it may affect sleep rhythms and keep kids up later. you've heard the expression, the freshman 15, the weight you put on during the first year of college, well, now, we may know exactly why that happens. ordering site grubhub looked at their data, they found frozen yogurt, it's the number one thing that college students actually order, waffle fries, followed by pizza, chocolate chip cookies and brownies. and cash was dropped from the top of the church in paraguay as part of the church's century-old tradition. they threw the cash for good fortune, while crowds of children waited below to grab it. and a star of the game, grumpy cat.
5:54 am
at the diamondbacks game along with her owner, she threw out the first pitch in new jersey. however, they are sour mood didn't spoil date. arizona beat san francisco, beat the giants 6-1, grumpy cat not -- >> not at all. it's 5:57. coming up next, amazon ready to take on the ipad? we'll tell you how the online retailer plans to take a bite out of apple's tablet market. also at 6:00 a.m., something we're talk about, new concerns over our extreme heat. find out which school districts will be letting their students out early today. if you're heading out the door, take us with you, keep watching, download the news 4 new york app.
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5:56 am
now at 6:00 -- a commuter alert.
5:57 am
the major changes that will impact tens of thousands of bus riders starting this morning. labor day tragedy, two 9/11 heroes killed in a crash that devastated a local family. plus, several school districts will be dismissing students early today due to our extreme heat. "today in new york" starts now. it is warm. good morning, everybody, tuesday morning, september 8th. i'm darlene rodriguez. >> i'm michael-r michael gargiulo. to chris cimino, chris, we can see why kids are going to get out early. >> it is a little extreme. we're talking 90 to 95 in the inland spots. in and around the city, humidity is up. in a place like poughkeepsie, 76, newburgh, 72. there's plenty of warm air in place and it's not going to take much to get it to 90 today. lots of sunshine by noon. a little breezy at the coast. 88 degrees in the city. 93, the forecast high this afternoon. changes in the forecast, we'll
5:58 am
get to thasht in a little bit. let's find out if there's any changes in commute, with lauren. >> we still have one problem on the roads. out in new jersey on 78, overturned dump truck on exit 26. they're still cleaning that up. eastbound still very heavy earlier. the roadway was shut down for medevac. those delays have not eased out very much. we will take a look at the grand central parkway. you can tell the commute is back. it's a slow ride heading past laguardia airport. it's very congested. no reports of an accident. we'll have more weather and traffic on the 4s. now to the commuter alert that will impact tens thoufs s s of thousands of riders. "today in new york's" katherine creag is there with what you need to know. apparently, you need to pay attention, kat? >> reporter: indeed, darlene. such big changes. there are actually traffic signs
5:59 am
along highways in new jersey like the garden state parkway. traffic signs warning bus passenger eggs of changes happening here at the port authority. speaking of signs, right when you arrive at the port authority, there are signs on the door but also on the terminal, showing people where to go and the carriers affected. also carriers, dekalb and other carriers affected. the third floor will be devoted entirely to new jersey transit. it might mean commuters will have to go up to or depart from the fourth floor starting today. the goal is to decrease traffic jams around the port authority. traffic issues that normally clog the lincoln tunnel. we talked earlier with a woman who travels by bus between florida and new york. she said she hopes commuters know the changes. it's confusing to begin with. >> it is huge. all you have to do is pay attention and just ask questions.
6:00 am
>> reporter: you've never been lost? >> no, because i always ask questions. >> reporter: and 30,000 commuters go through the port authority on a typical weekday. and also on our website, darlene,, we have all sorts of information for commuters where they need to go for the port authority. back to you. >> happening now, crews are search for the gunman who shot a legal aide to governor cuomo. 43-year-old kerry gabay is in critical condition. he was shot in the head while walking with his brother at the predawn party at the west indian parade. tracie strahan is going to have more in a live report coming up at 6:30. right now, crews are on the scene of a smoky forest fire in south jersey. the fire is spreading through manchester township. officials say it's expected to burn more than 1,000 acres. it started yesterday afternoon.
6:01 am
fire cruise say a lack of significant rain has given the flames plenty of fuel. it's going to take dice get completely under control. residents in parts of brooklyn and queens may smell smoke. new this morning, we're learning about a very lucky rescue on long island who said a 10-year-old and two 12-year-old boys went canoeing last night. they were blown a mile and a half offshore. they could not paddle back. the boys were rescued by suffolk officers. the officers were actually not looking specifically for them. they happened to spot the boys while on patrol. which is a good thing. fortunately, the boys are in good shape. more than a dozen school districts in connecticut will be sending kids home early in anticipation of record heat. new britain where temperatures inside the classrooms reached 98 degrees last week. rooms are not air conditioned and students became ill.
6:02 am
there's a complete list on our website there's no air conditioning in most of the rooms. some of them have some ac, but it's hard to sit in there. >> it's the difference between schools that go back in the south where they do have air conditioning. up north, it's not something that they have. >> typically, at this point, it's bad, they get one or two days in here. a streak of 80-degree plus days incredible. 60 yesterday, last day where we didn't reach a high of 80 or better is july 9th. there's more heat to come. we top 80, we top 90 today. a warm commute at 76 degrees. no showers to worry about. look for a high temperature that could be a report-tier at 93 degrees. coming up on the forecast, some spots what the latest lauren?
6:03 am
>> yes, on the ga owanus, an accident on the south tube that blocking the lane. you see delays very quickly out there to the tolls. go back to 95 eastbound. we'll continue to keep you posted on that. avoid the lincoln tunnel for now. alternate side parking rules in effect. and more weather and frank traffic on the 4s. there's a hearing focused on the lessons learned from 9/11. and what's being done to prevent further attacks. the homeland security committee will hold a hearing inside the lower portion of the retaining wall that survived the attacks. bratton and migrill and former
6:04 am
mayor rudy giuliani are going to testify today. the names of 21 firefighters will be added to the memorial wall for deaths related to world trade center illnesses. that ceremony will take place this afternoon in brooklyn. the memorial already lists the names of 89 firefighters who died at the illnesses related to the trade center. friday will mark the 14th anniversary of the 9/11 attack. two 9/11 first responders were killed in the catskills. they were headed home when their suv rolled over in sullivan county. morris and beth faitelewicz and their future son-in-law were killed. morris was an nypd auxiliary officer and his wife say is a nurse. >> she and her co-workers waited for survivors, victims to come in, wounded from 9/11.
6:05 am
nobody ever came. that's when they realized there were no survivors. >> three family members sur arrived the accident. police are investigating just what caused that crash. in kentucky, an emergency motion to try and free the clerk jailed for her refusal for issuing marriage licenses to smith couples. that motion calls for steve brashear to free kim davis. demonstrators have been protesting in front of the judge's home call for her release. labor day is a working holiday for most the candidate it's in 2016 presidential race. hillary clinton campaigned in iowa where democrat bernie sanders is gaining on her in the polls. vice president joe biden spent labor day in pittsburgh, rallying union members. they greeted biden by cheering
6:06 am
"run, biden, run." >> no, you got to talk to my wife about that. i've got to talk to my wife about that. >> republicans carly fiorina, john kasich, scott walker, lindsey graham spent the day in new hampshire trying to win supporterses. one republican note tessably absent, front-runner donald trump. and following all of the latest development 2016, we'll have the latest on 7:00 a.m. apple's ipad is about to have new competition. cnbc's landon dowdy joins us with details and more. landon, who wants in? >> well, michael, it's amazon, set to release a $50 tablet just in time for the holidays. it has a six-inch screen and monospeaker. amazon has the cheapest for $99. between apple and samsung, they have a combined 42% of the
6:07 am
tablet market. amazon has less than 1% of the market. verizon announced a free streaming service called go 90. "the new york times" says it's aimed at millennials and anyone even if they're not a verizon customers. you can go to shows, tv games and series. darlene and michael, verizon is catering to the cord-cutting group. >> i'm amazed. young kids, they love watching things on a phone. >> it's easier to get what we want when we want, right? >> i see. >> she said "we." >> on that side of the screen. it's very clear. we love you, landon. >> all right. still ahead, a major announcement of pope francis. we'll tell you how it could
6:08 am
impact couples wanting to end their marriages. up next, a nagging feeling turns into a nightmare when a couple realizes they brought the wrong newborn home from the hospital in el salvador. plus, weather and traffic on the 4 sotomayor coming up. you're watching "today in new york."
6:09 am
6:10 am
6:11 am
6:14 right now. time for check of weather and traffic on the 4s. chris, did you see andy murray's match last night, over four hours? it's incredible. >> it's incredible. a couple hours continuing with heat and humidity. today, humidity creeps up even higher than where it was yesterday. normally where we should be, 78 degrees this time of year for the high. we're talking 15 degrees warmer than that at 90 degrees. that would put us in record
6:12 am
territory, a high set in the state in 1919 of 93. 94 in newark, laguardia, 91. all of these in jeopardy of being broken with incredible heat. in addition to the heat, it's been very dry, all the way up to bergen county, portions of connecticut. elsewhere, it's dry as well. that's why we're dealing with high fire danger. we've were got a fire down in oshie county. in the money eantime, we do expect a soaking rain coming up. and in the east, hudson valley, too. a little cooler in the northern half of new jersey, you drop down to the low to mid-60s. nothing in terms of rainfall or cloud cover that's organized. this front will eventually break down on a ridge of high pressure and get in here for thursday. record highs, 93.
6:13 am
a strong southerly flow, amid the cool air, a little breezy, too. tomorrow, no rain to worry about. and still quite muggy. high temperature of 90 degrees. that would make it three in a row, another heat wave. showers and thunderstorm goods for later in the afternoon, thursday night, and a front comes by, kicks in, it's warm, comfortably, warm, for friday into saturday. we knock down the humidity. 93 today, 90, tomorrow. and some thunderstorms thursday, a couple of showers or thunderstorms on sunday. back to 79, 81 the high on monday with plenty of sunshine. 6:17, if you're heading out the door commutewise, how are things moving along, lauren? >> things are not moving along so well. inbound lincoln tunnel where there it an accident in the south tube. delays 20 to 25 minutes heading into the tolls.
6:14 am
no delays at all in the george washington bridge and holland tunnel. so head that way. we have a lot of problems on the road, long branch, route 71 shut down and detour by cedar avenue. we also have this overturned dump truck on 78 westbound after exit 26. that's in the left lane. earlier eastbound has been shut down. those lanes have reopened but you can see very heavy requid sidual delays so leave yourself extra time, gowanus, an accident block there. and hem stead avenue, that locks a roadway. we'll have more weather and traffic on the 4s. thousands of war refugees have made it to germany, but are trying to figure out ways to slow count migrants. over 20,000 have gotten into
6:15 am
germany the last few days but hungary's prime minister said he wants to speed up construction of a fence that would stop migrant at hungary's border which it shares with serbia. italy's highest court reveals why it tossed out charges against amanda knox back in march. knox was charged along with her former boyfriend of killing her roommate in 2007. yesterday, a court said there was absolutely no proof that either of them were at the scene of the murder. the court criticized prosecutors for, quote, blame worthy admissions. a texas couple reunited with their child. holding their son in el salvador. the baby was born there three months ago, but they became suspicious when the baby they took home looked nothing like them.
6:16 am
authorities were able to track down all dna tests on the boys the day they gave birth. rescuers pulled a 4-year-old boy and his dog from a well. they both fell down a 25-foot hole south of jackson. it took emergency workers to pull the boy and dog to safety. the boy was so young he didn't know how to attach a rescue line to himself. >> the boy couldn't help himself. >> of course, he was so small. 6:19, coming up next see, what happens when a family of bears decides to get comfortable in a human family's home. later it is official. we're going to find out this morning, who will be singing the new james bond theme song. and don't forget, follow the "today in new york" team on facebook and twitter. we will be right back.
6:17 am
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well the queensboro bridge in the east looking nice. 6:23, farther west in wyoming, two bears turned the tale around and broke into a home that seemed just right. >> the momma bear and her cub broke in and made themselves right at home. officials say the family hid as they called police. an officer took these pictures before tranquilizing the mother and capturing the cub. looks like she was going upstairs. they say a poor season is forcing bears into the fall season as they look for food and shelter. >> time for weather and traffic on the 4s. some kids will be getting out of the first day of school a little
6:21 am
earlier because it's so hot. >> it's heat with the early dismissal. we're talking temperatures heading to the low to mid-90s across the interior section of the city. 93 degrees is the record high. the discomfort level comes up. slow down your pace. take in a little extra fluid if you can. 75, tonight, the low. again with that type of a starting point tomorrow morning, 90 is within reach tomorrow morning again. we finally put an end to that transitioning back. >> chris, thank you. lauren, what's happening? >> plenty of problems for the commute. we have everyone back to school and lots of issues. we do have the lincoln tunnel, an accident there. and hemp stead avenue.
6:22 am
the subways all running on the posted schedule. lirr commuters, new timetables in effect. make sure to keep that in mind. 6:25, coming up next -- big changes at the port authority bus terminal. >> reporter: and i'm katherine creag, live outside the terminal. on this very first day of these major changes when it comes to gate assignments. people are telling us they are not fans of them. it means their commute is actually longer. we'll explain coming up. >> reporter: and fighting for his life. i'm tracie strahan live at kings county hospital where one of governor cuomo's staffers is being treated for a gunshot wound to the head. more on his condition straight ahead. >> and if you head out the door, keep us with you, download the news 4 new york app right now.
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6:25 am
now at 6:30, a major commuter alert. that's going to impact tens of thousands of bus riders and it starts this morning. an aide to governor cuomo now fighting for his life. gunfire erupts before the west indian parade.
6:26 am
plus, a major forest fire is burning in new jersey. the smoke spreading all the way here to new york city. "today in new york" starts now. good morning, everybody, 6:30 a.m. on tuesday, september 8th. i'm michael gargiulo. >> i'm darlene rodriguez. chris cimino has the weather for us today. chris, hey there. >> high there. temperatures getting into the 90s this afternoon. looking at plenty of sizzling temperatures for the record high of 93. that's the forecast for central park today. temperatures generally in the 80s on the south-facing shorelines. it gets a little breezy. that's the best place to cool off. right now starting in the 70s. 76 at 8:00. 88 by noon time. 93 that record high expected by 3:00 this afternoon. there are big problems out there this morning, lauren scala is tracking them for you. >> they are. good morning, everyone. right now, we'll take a live look outside the lincoln tunnel were the south tube is shut down heading inbound because of an accident there.
6:27 am
you can see nothing it moving. the center tube is still open. the tunnel heading into the city is not completely shut down but having one tube closed. that's really bad. there's a 45-minute already. definitely avoid the lincoln tunnel. the holland at 15 minutes inbound. and the george washington bridge has a five-minute wait or less. also, queens commuters, grand central parkway an accident out by union turnpike. that's also causing heavy delays back to nassau county because of construction out there as well. it's a slow right on the l.i.e. this morning. another commuter alert that's going impact tens of thousands of bus riders. this morning, major changes went in effect at the port authority bus terminal. "today in new york's" katherine creag has been there all morning. so people are experiencing right now, kath. >> reporter: there are big changes, for example, one woman
6:28 am
told us every minute matters, every step counts. what she experienced this morning. normally, she would leave from this building right here 42nd street at 8th avenue. she would walk out the door and go north uptown but now she's actually leaving from the building farther down the street, closer to 41st street so she's walking a little bit longer to her office. she likened what she experienced this morning to an obstacle course. gates have been reassigned here at the bus terminal and it begins today. the third floor will be devoted entirely to new jersey transit. the goal is to decrease traffic jams around the port authority. traffic problems that cause congestion at the lincoln tunnel. and so for drivers it might be good. they might have a good experience today, but for commuters, here's what one woman said she experienced a short time ago.
6:29 am
>> we were on the third floor in this building over here, and they moved us to the other building on the fourth and it's like an obstacle course. and we're following each other and trying to figure out what we're doing. >> reporter: are the signs helping, are their workers? >> the just too early in the morning. >> reporter: for example, as you're used to getting you've to going to the second floor, you might have to go to the fourth floor tarting today. 30,000 commuters, they might be experiencing new changes starting today. it's also on our website, michael, and where exactly they need to go. >> a day of discovery, kat, thanks so much. new this morning, police are searching for a third vehicle involved in a deadly accident in queens. police say a motorcycle lost control on a curve and hit the median. the driver and a female passenger drone from the bike the woman identified as 22-year-old sade everley was hit by two weeks and died.
6:30 am
police are looking for the driver of a white older model minivan that sped off. a new report says there has been an uptick in substantial allegations against the nypd, thanks to video cams and smartphones. the report from the civilian complaint review board said they found evidence of 237 complaints against police in the first six months of the year. that number up from 133 complaints for all of 2014. they say cell phone video now helping investigators back up complaints. you may be waking up to the smell of smoke in some parts of the city. it's from a forest fire in new jersey. that fire spreading through the woods of manchester township near the border of ocean and burlington counties. crews say it could take days to bring it completely under control because dry conditions are giving the flames plenty of fuel. there are no injuries or affect to buildings right now. residents in parts of queens and brooklyn have reported smelling smoke.
6:31 am
time for weather and traffic on the 4s. chris, when you talk about the rain we need, rockland county and some northern counties but as down south, too. >> yeah, good parts a pretty good scenario right now, at least for the next couple days but hopefully by thursday, we could get a soaking rain. right now, it's all about the heat. 77 degrees. temperatures haven't budged in the city. it's still hazy out there. hudson valley still in the 70s. and a little better in manhattan, low to mid-70s. sunshine all day long. again, no rain. the coolest place you'll find, 88 by noon, weathering a high of 93 degrees. heading out the door there are issues or concerns out there. lauren's got the latest. >> yeah, it's a busy commute. we still have the south tube shut down with an accident.
6:32 am
the center tube is okay. holland is at 15 minutes, george washington bridge is at 10. long branch commuters, we do have cedar avenue shut down because of an accident with a telephone pole. and an overturned dump truck, an accident, that blocks the left lane but delays heavier because of rubber necking. so definitely leave yourself extra time. as far as the trains, with the lirr commuters, you have new time rules in effect. and alternate side parking rules in effect. right now an aide to governor cuomo is fighting for his life in a brooklyn hospital as the search continues for the gunman who put him there. "today in new york's" tracie strahan is outside of kings hospital with more. tracie. >> reporter: darlene, there has been an around-the-clock effort to try and save kerry gabay's life. as police continue to look for the gunman who shot him.
6:33 am
he was shot in the head around 4:00 in the morning when he was walking with his brother monday. caught in the cross fire according to police during rival gangs during the guvet festival. gabay is the first general counsel and former assistant to governor cuomo. >> he had nothing to do, involved in nothing, just walking down the street. >> reporter: a gun has been recovered in this case but so far, authorities tell me this morning, they had still don't have anyone in custody or question anyone about this. they have, however, poured through a lot of security camera video around eastern parkway in that area, trying to see everything that was happening around the parade time. during guvet, and anyone around that area.
6:34 am
>> tracie strahan, thank you. mayor de blasio calling former mayor rudy giuliani, quote, delusional on how he treated the homeless during his time in office. it's more fallout from the exclusive interview with giuliani you saw first here on news 4. that's when giuliani blasted the current mayor saying the current administration isn't doing enough to solve the city's homeless problems. now de blasio is accusing giuliani of speaking out of both sides of his house. >> this is really a tale of two movies, one who says he'd like to chase one away and another who thinks he's suddenly nurturing to them. isn't an op-ed in the new york post, he accused the de blasio administration of failing to provide shelters to the homeless. and now police are investigating two vehicles that belonged to the same family.
6:35 am
odilia perez said she believes former tenants torched the cars. she said she no longer feels safe staying in her home. >> we tried -- we're not going to have income. i don't have transportation. it's very hard for me for the three kids. >> and perez said her husband used the pickup truck for his landscaping business. now, she's not sure how he will support the family. 6:38, happening now, and a library destroyed by sandy officially reopened. the library was heavily damaged by the superstorm. for a while, they used trailers parked near the building. it's the final sandy library known to be rebuilt. backpacks are also given away. new this morning, pope francis announced plans to streamline the process for annulments in the church with new rules. the new procedure won't change how the church views marriage and divorce.
6:36 am
the pontiff is among catholics who believes the current process is costly and unfair. happening today, tickets will be available online for a pope francis event in philadelphia. the pope will give a speech on immigration and religious freedom in front of independence hall on september 26th. just 10,000 tickets are available online starting at noon. for everything you need to know about the pope's upcoming visit. check out there you will see the pope an's itinerary of how people are getting ready for the big event. 6:40. still ahead, smartphones and sleep. why the cell phones may be keeping your school kids from getting the rest you need. and you, too. it's the one spy lovers have been waiting for. find out who will be singing the next song for the new james bond film. >> i'll be doing it.
6:37 am
weather and traffic on the 4s coming up. yore watching "today in new york."
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6:40 am
e chopper 4, exciting news in the music world. sam smith is going to include famous voices that includes tina turner, paul mccartney and adele. he's going to sing the theme to the new james bond movie. specter is the name of the new movie. and now the song's going to be called "writing's on the wall."
6:41 am
it's going to debay later this ut later on this month. in a tweet, he revealed it's the highlight of his career. >> sam smith has a beautiful voice. whatever, it's going to sound good, i'm sure. right to the top of the charts, chris. >> i'm sure it will. wewre going to be up there temperaturewise that's for sure. about 93 degrees before the day is through. and that is record territory, if we get there in the park. and we probably will. starting out already at 77 degrees. it's a little muggy out there this morning, too. than it was the last few days. so be prepared for that. slow down the kace mai ke sure you stay hydrated. this is midsummer time heat relaally. record highs today. a transition day is thursday. rain is around with thunderstorms coming through. as far as a peek at th ekend, saturday looks to be nicer than sunday sunday, may see a few showers but both days certainly will be
6:42 am
cooler days. drier area, north of new jersey, portions of long isla i, we rtions of connecticut as well. they're in a moderate drought. in the area where we saw the fire towards ocean county and burlington county, normally dry as a city. we do need that rain. reservoirs ets its water in the cats catskills system. we're still above water capacity to the north. to new jersey, the south, not the case. reports out there, pollen reports, wheat very high. it's the time of the year where we start to see more wheat pollens. low 70s suburbs and then 60s towards the west. aiming for record highs, 93 today. that strong southerly mind will kick in. patchy fog, 75.
6:43 am
still hot, still muggy tomorrow. a few more clouds in the picture at 90. yanks tries to stay in that line. a muggy night for a ball game. 93 today, 90 tomorrow. 86 with showers and storms later thursday night showers, and ending by friday afternoon. a few more showers saturday and then sunday upper 70s. lauren scala. >> the roads are busy. the big problem is the lincoln tunnel. we're going to take a live look at it and you'll see nothing moving out there. the south tube is shut down with an accident. i just saw them backing cars out ofel t t tube to try to clear this. that's the movement that you're eing. delays are one hour between the new jersey turnpike and that ll plaza. is is the spot to avoid. over at the bridge. 20 minutes the upper level.
6:44 am
ten minutes to the ghlland.etht southern state parkways westbound, watch out for an accident causing delays. gr, and central parkway. right before the intrchange, an accident blocks all lanes but one. one squeaking by. you can see the delays into nassau county. the l.i.e. is very congested this morning as well but at le?st no accidents there. alternate side parking rules in effect today. don't forget to move your car. something big is happening here at rockefeller plaza. ellen degeneres will tape four episodes for her sea n premiere week just outside of our studios on this huge stage. hillary clinton, "tonight show" host jimmy fallon and pink will be a few of her guests. ellen has greeted fans in a game segment. >> a group of lions is called a pride. a group of owls is called a parliament. taylor swift calls her closest
6:45 am
friends a group -- scott, scott. that's rit. ellen will be here at 4:00 p.m. on nbc 4. >>y > 6:48, up next -- we'll tell you why taking away ymer teen's smartphone could help them sleep better. help you sleep better, too. >> exactly, they may not like you very much but that's okay. follow us on facebook and twitter, michael4ny, darlene4ny. you're watching "today in new york."
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introducing the one-and-only volkswagen golf sportwagen. the sportier utility vehicle. welcome back. 6:51. it is tuesday morning. 77 degrees out. well, news for your health. if your teen is tired you may want to put down those smartphones and tablets at night. >> new research reports bright
6:49 am
lights from those devices can affect hormone levels in children, especially those in puberty. up to 77% dropped in melatonin when exposed to one hour of light before bed. it may affect sleep rhythms. >> we know, especially on a shift, we know from studies it messes with your level. let's go to the "today" show. >> it takes a lot of effort to work circadian rhythm into a conversa on. >> thank you, i worked hard on that. coming up with new look study 1a. new hints being dropped by vice president joe biden about a president yol
6:50 am
ial run. we're taking you inside what is being called the safest school in america. plus, music sports and sam smith shares good news. and golfer jordan spieth gives me a couple of pointers when we see you on a tuesday morning on "today." >> matt, you're such an accomplished golfer. didn't it go the other way around? >> yes, i schooled him on the range. exactly right. >> that's what we heard. >> take care. up next, we're doing an update on a commuter mess that lauren has been telling us happening right now at the lincoln tunnel.
6:51 am
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right now the search is on for the gunman who left an aide for governor cuomo fighting for his life. tracie strahan is outside of kings hospital. tracie. >> reporter: well, the news unfortunately is not good for kerry gabay. he's said to be in grave condition after being shot in the ed leading up to the west indian parade. he was walking with his brother during the ceremonies just before 4:00 in the morning when it happened. 43-year-old is the first general counsel at empire state corporation and was formally an assist tan counsel to governor cuomo. he was caught in gunfire of
6:54 am
rival gangs when he was shot. officials say it should not cast a shadow on the festivities. he's said to be in grave condition. again, a firearm has been discovered in the case. and now to a major commuter mess for bus riders in and out of the port authority, kat. >> reporter: yes, here at the bus terminal, darlene and michael, just to give you an idea of what one woman experienced. normally, she walks out of this building and walks up the street to her office but now she's actually departing a block farther down because that is where her bus is dropping her off. the gate reassignments begin today. the fourth floor will be devote entirely to new jersey transit. this is to decrease traffic around the port authority with bus and around the lincoln tunnel which i know darlene and michael are having its own problems right now.
6:55 am
>> yeah, major problems with the lincoln tunnel. kai simonsen is there in chopper 4. >> reporter: michael and darlene, good morning to you. yes, big troubles at the lincoln trouble. ongoing accident cleanup on the south, too. over towards the right-hand side portion of your screen. no traffic is moving through the city via that south tube that's because it's closed. we did have some people backing out of that tube just a couple minutes ago. we have one tube inbound at this point in the lincoln tunnel. you see all of this traffic backs up the hill and through the secaucus tolls. up to an hour's delay at the lincoln. keel continue to keep you up to date. live in chopper 4. i'm kai simonsen. that is upper at grant
6:56 am
central parkway westbound, by union turnpike, one gets by. and also downtown 2 and 3 trains are running local. and also delays and service changes on southbound f trains. happy commuting. >> lots of stuff happening, lauren. thank you. >> that's all we've got. >> that's all we have for you. 93, that's it lots of sunshine. 70s tonight. near 90 tomorrow. that would make it another heat wave. 93 would be a record high for the day. also 86 on thursday, that's the day with showers and thunderstorms. could be locally heavy at spots. and friday morning, the showers end. into the afternoon, saturday, less humid. and a few more storms by the time we get to sunday. a hot one today. >> "today" show is next. >> that's what's happening "today in new york."
6:57 am
good morning. answering the call. meeting enthusiastic crowds all weekend what joe biden is telling supporters about a possible campaign. when will he decide and will hillary clinton's slipping poll numbers usher biden into the race. >> breaking overnight a bold move by the pope. what he's doing to bring millions of divorced catholics back to the church. >> back to work the minnesota dentist who killed cecil the lion returning to his practice today. will his patients follow? and trapped. a 4-year-old and his dog fall down a well stranded for hours. the frantic rescue attempt, the failed effort and how the pair was finally freed today tuesday, september 7, 2015. >> announcer: from nbc news this is "today" with matt lauer and savannah guthrie, live from
6:58 am
studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. good morning, welcome to "today." on a tuesday morning. like some of us, our set had a little work. >> a little face lift. we spruced up a little bit. take a look around. some of the spots you'll be seeing throughout the day. there's the orange room where the girls can fix a cracked screen on your iphone. we'll show you around as the show progresses. let's get to our top story. the presidential campaign entering a new post-labor day phase and this morning much of the talk is focused on a guy who isn't even in the race, vice president joe biden. nbc national correspondent peter alexander is in washington. peter, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning. even more for the vice president to think about this morning. consider this.
6:59 am
the latest nbc maris poll, trump would beat hillary clinton but biden would beat trump. with summer in the rear view mirror the race for the white house is heating up. still unanswered will vice president joe biden jump in. rallying union members at a labor day parade in pittsburgh and energized vice president heard a chorus of encouragement from his supporters. when asked about the possibility of a run by an audience member at another event, biden answered -- >> you have to talk to my wife about that. >> reporter: later telling reporters -- biden's decision to be weeks away. with the latest nbc maris poll showing a close race between clinton and bernie sanders and reversal in new hampshire, clinton trailing sanders for the


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