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tv   News 4 New York at 11  NBC  September 8, 2015 11:00pm-11:34pm EDT

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the temperature in midtown tops 80 right now, and it feels hotter. >> we won't be getting much relief tomorrow. here's meteorologist janice huff. >> we have temperatures on the map still in the 80s. central park, one of the spots. it's 83 degrees. same in bloomfield. when you factor in the humidity, this is what it feels like. 87 in bloomfield. 85 in the city. the only cool spot right a now is over susex. it is going to be muggy. new york city, patchy fog. the heat comes right back tomorrow afternoon. even though it's not going to be the searing 97 we saw today in midtown, 90 will be the expected high tomorrow in the city. that would definitely make it a heat wave. three consecutive days 90 or higher.
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i'll talk about those changes in the forecast coming up in a few minutes. back to you. >> janice, thank you. the heat poses additional challenges for children going back to school. it was so hot in classrooms today that districts decided to send kids home early. there will be more early dismissal tomorrow. brynn gingras has details for us. >> reporter: you know how exciting the first day of school is, but it could be also a tough one, depending on what school you go to. that's something, as you just said, districts are factoring in because the temperature inside the classrooms, of course, can be a lot hotter than outside. after a memorable summer, sending the kids back to school is tough enough. now, at a dd a hot classroom to the equation. >> it's tough for the kids. >> reporter: roughly 1/3 of new york city schools don't have air conditioners in the classrooms. with this late summer heat wave, kids may begin class with a tough assignment. this soon to be student told me
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she's one of the lucky ones. >> we don't get very hot because they keep it on all day. our classrooms get very cold while we go to lunch. >> reporter: classes will begin and end on time wednesday, but head to connecticut, where the stanford school district announced an early dismissal. what some other connecticut districts did today. >> making sure students are hydrated, not doing any extraneous outside activity. >> reporter: this thursday grader was guzzling drinks after spending the day in a sweltering classroom. that district still has no plans to dismiss early. >> she said, oh, it's so hot in my class, and they have one fan. >> reporter: what may be echoed to city parents after the first day of school. >> maybe the weather will change. hopefully it'll get better. >> reporter: this is a topic we've seen discussed a lot on social media. some parents think there should
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others say, the kids are fine. we did talk to a lot of parents who hope the city at least consider early dismissals until the temperatures go down. i'm live, brynn gingras, news 4 new york. tough water restrictions for residents in new jersey, thanks to the dry weather and little rain. strict watering rules are in effect. starting today, lawn watering is not allowed between 12:00 midnight and 6:00 a.m. every day, except sundays where it's 100% banned. more information on restrictions, visit the mahwah website. see how hot it is whether every you are on our news 4 app. you'll find any alerts you need to know about. attempted robbery in the upper east side may have ended differently if the weapon hadn't malfunctioned. this is the video obtained by news 4. the shotgun wielding man entered a deli.
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workers, demanded money. just as he was about to fire, his shotgun jammed. >> he tried to shoot everybody, said put your hands up and give me the cash, like a movie. pulled the gun, tried again, and we saw that, we tried to follow him. >> employees chased the robber out of the deli and no one was injured. the suspect ditched the shotgun. police recovered the gun but the gunman is at large. the county clerk who refused to issue marriage license is out of jail five days after a judge held her in contempt. kim day haves vis got a rock star entrance. supporters waved white crosses and sang amazing grace. clerks agreed to issue licenses
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sexual orientation, but davis hasn't changed her mind on her belief that same-sex marriage is a sin. [ applause ] davis is refusing to resign. according to kentucky law, the only way she can be removed from law office is if she loses the next election or gets impeached. orange county, a jewish village is getting room to expand. but not as much as it wanted. fireworks erupted at tonight's board meeting, where officials agreed to give residents 1/3 of the additional 500 acres asked for. members of the community say kiryas joel needs all of the land because it's bursting at the seamed. they fear it'll lead to larger
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they're threat tong go ing to go to court. cuomo and a delegation of top new york officials offered to send a team of experts to help with the economic and health care issues. puerto rico is $72 billion in debt, and cuomo blamed, quote, unfair and abusive treatment of the federal government for the growing problem. he says there needs to be more pressure on the white house for them to take action. >> one of the advantages of new york is it makes a lot of noise. new york is a media center. what new york does often gets attention. >> puerto rico's government is pushes for access to chapter 9 bankruptcy. were days from the 14th an anniversary of the september 11th terror attacks. as we remember the lives lost, officials reflect on lessons learned since the tragic date. the commissioner and former mayor giuliani were before those
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who testified at the 9/11 memorial museum. bratton says the rise of lone wolf attacks is one of the greatest threats to new york city now. >> isil is focused on attacks that require low cost and high impact. killing with a gun or a car or simply ied are things that others can do. >> part of the problem is how terrorists recruit on social media. he pushed for an extension of health care programs for 9/11 health care responders. we invite you to join us this friday. our live coverage begins at 8:26 a.m., both on air and online. watch it live on your smartphone. download the nbc 4 new york app, available in the apple app store now. coming up on news 4 new york, a plane crashes into the waters off long island. the pilot clinging to a wing. up ahead, how a good samaritan
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plus this -- >> these may not be rolling thursday morning to pick up thousands of students across long island. i'm ray villeda in farmingdale, and i'll explain why. the pope announces the major change in the church's marriage laws in three centuries. dunkin' donuts' dark roast coffee is deliciously roasted for a bold start and smooth finish. for a limited time, ddperks members can get any size dark roast coffee for 99 cents. ddperks. that's loyalty.
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can i get a medium coffee, cream, two sugars? medium hot coffee, cream, two sugars -- see you at the window. at dunkin', we make your coffee just the way you like it. if not, we'll make it again on the spot. that's the dd commitment. america runs on dunkin'. video shows a pilot clinging to his plane in the south bay moments after he crashed. officials say joseph was trying to take off when the wing and a pontoon caught in the water, and the plane flipped over. a good samaritan rushed out by rescue him. he was not hurt. the faa is looking into why he tried to take off near a residential neighborhood. the nypd is offering a
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of a member of governor cuomo's staff. the 43-year-old is in a coma and fighting for his life at a brooklyn hospital. the harvard educated lawyer was shot in the head earlier. he had been walking with his brother at the annual party before the west indian american day parade. police believe he was in the cross fire of a shootout between rival gangs. if this heat wasn't bad enough, students on long island may be scrambling to find a ride to school later this week. >> hundreds of bus drivers in nassau and suffolk are threatening to strike. what may keep them from walking off the job? >> reporter: tonight, 1200 workers are threatening not to come back to this bus yard and not to get on these busses if their demands are not met. specifically, they're looking for better wages and better work conditions at this bus yard. what do you think of riding on the bus? >> it's fun. >> reporter: if union local 1205
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the bus company, thousands of children, like this second grader, may need a ride from mom and dad. >> it's crazy. there's a ton of parpt ents that work. there's enough issues, getting people to take care of your children in the morning. >> reporter: bus drivers, mechanics and other employees are demanding yearly wage increases and safer conditions at the bus yards. the bulk of employees make between $11 and $14 an hour. the teamster president says it's not enough. >> a person driving a school bus and delivering the most precious cargo there is should not have to worry about how to feed their children. >> reporter: the drivers work with all students but specialize in working with all special needs children. while this family doesn't ride the busses, they feel the pain. they rely on the bus for their second grader, as thousands rely on the busses. the company didn't have a comment tuesday night.
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the bus comes, and i don't think i could change my job at work. >> we'll do everything in our power to reach a settlement. >> reporter: tomorrow, the mediator will sit down with both the union and the company to try to hash out a resolution. if they can't come up with one, the union is threatening to go on strike as early as thursday morning. reporting from farmingdale, long island, i'm ray villeda, news 4 new york. the ceo of united airlines is stepping down in the midst of a corruption investigation. whether he traded flights for favors. they want to know if the airline added flights, twice weekly. a change affects millions of catholics around the world.
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make it easier and faster for catholics to have unsuccessful marriages annulled by eliminating the automatic appeal and making the process free of charge. the annulment allows divorced individuals to take the sacraments. taking a look at the weather now. janice has a look at cooler temperatures a few days from now. >> down the road. there are coming, guaranteed. it'll cool down, but in the meantime, we still have more heat to contend with tomorrow. maybe not as severe as today, but more to come. our view is looking south toward the empire state building in lower manhattan. camera. nice view, looking pretty nice. temperatures are very warm. the city is at 83. concrete and buildings, holding on to the heat. that's down from the record high of 97 set in the park.
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before that, 1916. summer is not quite over. we certainly saw that today and yesterday. tomorrow, about the same. last year, we only had eight 90 degree days. 2015, up to 19. more than double. the average is 15. we're above average when it comes to the 90 degree heat. the city wasn't the only 97. morristown and bridgewater. 90 and 91 in islip. a cold front is moving through the great lakes. showers through st. louis and arkansas. behind that is cooler, drier air, and it'll be here friday. few clouds in the morning across the area. take an umbrella as you walk out the door tomorrow because there will be pop-up thunderstorms. we won't all get storms but they will pop up at random, especially across new jersey and north and west of the city. the line moves toward the city around 11:00 tomorrow night.
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then we get a little bit of a break, except there will be another patch of rain moving over the city, probably just before the morning rush hour. look at thursday. this is thursday afternoon. a lot more heavy rain is coming, but this is much-needed rain. hopefully not too much, too fast, but there is going to be a lot of it. thursday after the showers, drier air starts to come in. a break for the heat and the humidity. temperatures in the low 80s friday into saturday. a lot of relief is headed our way. we have to wait a couple more days. temperatures in the 70s, generally. ellenville, 80. watch out, by 5:00, you'll be feeling the heat with thunderstorms coming through. 70 in fair field. 80 around the city. jersey shore, you have 70s right now. tomorrow, you may see some storms, too, at the shore, especially in the afternoon and evening. umbrellas are going to be needed
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some of the rain may be heavy at times, but we see the break on thursday. friday and saturday, we're in the low 80s. maybe 70s next week during the day. >> we like that. >> thanks, janice. what's coming up in sports? >> tennis was good at the u.s. open. just ahead, they are sisters. they're also competitors. venus stands in serena's path to history at flushing meadows. big sis wasn't budging. the mets fell in our nation's capital. was a comeback in the cards? highlights from a thriller in d.c. when we come back. here's what jimmy fallon has coming up. >> guys, richard gere is my guest. plus, jessica simpson and music from keith urban.
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ellen degeneres is launching the new season of her talk show on both coasts. she brought her show from l.a. to right here. thousands of fans spilled the plaza for two shows that'll air this week. >> on the stage, one of the new season's first guests, hillary clinton. other guests this week include tonight show host, jimmy fallon. despite today's temperatures, everybody was having loads of fun. >> ellen is fun. she knows how to have a good time. >> she's a good hearted person and, you know, she makes people happy.
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>> she's a great dancer, right? the ghows taped are aired thursday nd friday. watch it every day here at 4:00 p.m. >> she was rocking the newsroom.
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>> announcer: the verizon fios sports desk is b ught to you by verizon fios. why settle when you can have 100% fiber optics? verizon fios, the fastest most reliebl reliable ebl able internet. >> venus wasn't going to go down with a fight. >> at the u.s. open, serena felt her sister could derail the train to her calendar grand slam. the night session sold out for the 27th head to head matchup between the williams sisters. both came armed with big serves in this quarter final. first set, 2-2. serena works the way to the net and hammers home the point. serena took the first, 6-2. venus stormed back in the second set, showing off some of the game she felt was capable of taking her far into the u.s. open this time around. forcing serena into the net.
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6-2. third set, serena says, thiat'ss fun by i got this. backhand return there, and manages to fight off venus's serve on double break point. up by three. double match point. serena can feel it. and she aces this test. they met at the net. venus whispered, i'm so happy to you. serena moves on to the semis. to the mets, the man making the headlines for the wrong reasons. matt harvey takes the mound against the nats. the nats load the bases against the righty. taylor singles to center, and cespedes completely misplays it. taylor is off to the races for the little league homrerun. that was it for harvey, who was tagged for sheen earned runs. cespedes atoned in the top of
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laces it down the lin and left to lear the bases a pull the mets within a run. this game was off the hook. tied later in the inning on their sixth walk of the inning. then the mets took the lead in the eighth. pinch-hit home run. nats put two on in the ninth, but the mets closer gets escobar to ground into the around the horn double play. does this feel like the post season already? that's the win of the year. six games, the lead, after an improbable comeback victory. matt harvey thankful for that. degrom tries to pdtthch the mets to a sweep tomorrow. yankees beginning the day a game and a half behind the blue jays. trailed against the orioles.t alex driguez, 30th home run of the year. 15th time in his career a-rod reached that plateau. ties a major league record.
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from tanaka. davis leading off the ninth. leading 41st homer of e yeor. the yanks went down. 2-1, the final. they were left to score board watch and didn't like what they saw in boston. the jays scored four runs in the tenth against the sox, including one on a balk. the jays can't do anything wrong. red sox n't do anything right. toronto's lead is a game and a half on the yankees. > final note, so much for jpp rejoining the giants. he left the team without signing his franchise tag tender. giants don't think he's ready to return. coeuld ss another month. this is a situation that bears watching.
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>> announcer: closed captioning provided by toyota. >>r > that's it for news 4 new york at 11:00. "the tonight show" is straight ahead. >> "today in new yor lik" begins at 4:30. good night and see you tomorrow. >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- richard gere, jessica simpson, musical guest, keith urban, and featuring the legendary roots crew. >> questlove: 324, let's go! >> steve: and now, here he is,
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[ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: oh, hey! that's a hot crowd! [ cheers and applause ] i like the sound of that! sounding good! welcome! welcome, welcome, everyone. welcome! [ cheers and applause ] welcome to "the tonight show!" ladies and gentlemen! that's why you're here! that's what i'm talking about. hey! [ cheers and applause ] oh, fantastic. welcome, everybody. thank you for being here. let's get to some news here. here's what everyone is talking about, everybody. i saw that in a recent interview, sarah palin supported donald trump's immigration policies. and said that when immigrants are in the u.s., they should, quote, "speak american."
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[ laughter ] then immigrants are like, "you first." [ laughter and applause ] what language is "refudiate?" it seems like everyone is weighing in on trump. in an interview last week, hillary clinton called donald trump's candidacy, "an unfortunate development." [ laughter ] incidentally, "an unfortunate development," is also what trump says when his wives turn 40. [ laughter and applause ] [ trump impression ] "it's very unfortunate. very unfortunate development." [ laughter and applause ] did you see that hillary was on msnbc for an interview with andrea mitchell on friday, and the interview lasted nearly half an hour. yeah. we can't show you the whole interview, but we were able to condense it down to show you what hillary really wanted to say. >> stop asking me about my [ bleep ] e-mails. [ laughter and applause ] >> jimmy: there you go. >> steve: woah. [ applause ]
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>> jimmy: that's the idea.
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