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tv   Today  NBC  September 9, 2015 7:00am-10:00am EDT

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p.m. when the left engine caught fire. the emergency chutes deployed as crews raced towards the plane hosing it down. four listens later the fire was out. >> we were standing at the top of the chute seeing the smoke and the flames, you think it could go up at any time. >> reporter: he watched from the gron shaken but safe. more than a dozen people hospitalized with only minor injuries. >> as soon as the crew heard passengers saying there was a fire there was no hesitation. the exit doors were open. it was like clock work for them. obviously airr scary for them, too. >> focused on the pilot. he says he believes everybody is off the aircraft. >> reporter: pilots like the three on this aircraft train for these kinds of scenarios. they and the crew members made it off the plane, too. >> i felt lucky the minute i landed on the ground.
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very lucky right now. i'm glad everything went so well. >> reporter: everybody who was treated is now out of the hospital. meanwhile, the ntsb will be looking whether passengers on board followed instructions to leave behind their purses and carry-ones. trying to grab bags can waste time. and in an evacuation like this one, every second counts. >> count your blessings that that happened while that plane was on the ground and not 20 seconds after take off. >> everybody getting off quickly and efficiently, it's amazing. >> reporter: moving on, a shift from hillary clinton on that e-mail controversy that has dagged her presidential campaign. she is now apologizing for her use of a private server while she was secretary of state. will this turnaround help her or hurt her in the polls? nbc national correspondent peter alexander is at the white house. good morning. >> reporter: sometimes saying i'm sorry isn't so simple this. took months for hillary clinton
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to get to this point a. clear acknowledgement that the e-mail controversy is dragging down her poll numbers and that even some of her donors have started expressing concern. overnight, this admission from hillary clinton on facebook. i could have and should have done a better job answering questions earlier. adding i'm grateful for your support and i'm not taking anything for granted. the post came just hours after clinton's course correction speaking to abc news about her use of private e-mail for government business while secretary of state. >> that was a mistake. i'm sorry about that. i take responsibility. and i'm trying to be as transparent as i possibly be. >> reporter: the long awaited apology coming just 24 hours after clinton insisted there was no apology needed telling the "associated press," what i did was allowed and last week saying this to no.'s andrea mitchell. >> i am sorry that this has been confusing to people and has raised a lot of questions. >> reporter: clinton's comment punctuate a six month evolution on the issue.
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at first, defiant, later dismissive. >> the server will remain private. i recently launched a snap chat account. >> those messages disappear all by themselves! >> did you wipe the server? >> what, like with a cloth or something? well, no. >> reporter: this week, a change of tone ms progress humor and heart from the democrat front-runner who watched her lead in the polls shrink with wes about honesty and trust. trust ratings sinking to 42%. 18 points lower than in april, only 20 points above her closest challenger, joe biden, still weighing a 2016 bid. in new hampshire. >> i don't want to see us fall backwards. >> clinton fought back tears discussing her late mother who had the troubled childhood. >> she told me every day you have got to get up and fight for what you believe in, no married how hard it is.
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i thin about it a lot. i miss her a lot. i wish she were here with me. >> this morning, hillary clinton will try to refocus the conversation on her policy toward iran giving a speech in support of the nuclear deal where she will say that the u.s. position should be in her words distrust. later donald trump will rally against the agreement. it will take place outside the capitol as lawmakers debate it inside. >> peter, thanks. meanwhile the county clerk in kentucky who refused to issue marriage licenses to same sex couples is out of jail this morning. what happens if thee returns to work and still refuses to grant those licenses? let's go to gabe gutierrez. good morning. >> reporter: kim davis's lawyers say she plans to return to work later this week. she is promising to not violate her conscience. but that could potentially land her in jail again. this morning, kim davis is
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relishing her freedom after almost five full days locked up for contempt of court. >> we are strong, people. >> a judge setting her free once her deputy clerkings issued marriage licenses to same sex couple she had refused citing her religious beliefs. today, two key questions. first, are those marriage licenses her deputies issued valid? kentucky's governor and the rowan county attorney say yes. but davis's attorneys disagree. >> the license issued were issued without the authority of the clerk of the county. and they are not vality. >> reporter: second, will she interfere with her subordinate nats issuing future license? if she does she could face more jail time and stifflines fines. >> she should have to obey that law. >> reporter: since the supreme court allowed it in june, other
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states have refused to issue licenses to same sex couples. casey davis, no relation, is one of two other county clerks doing so in kentucky. are you prepared to go to jail over your position? >> i'm prepared to live for if lord regardless of what that brings to me. >> reporter: unlike kim davis she is not been sued. here in rowan county, the deputy clerks have already removed kim davis's name from these marriage license. but davis's attorneys argue they had no authority to do that and are calling on either the governor or the state legislature to revamp these forms by changing state law. savanna? ? we'll continue to follow. thank you. new fallout over those vicious hits on a referee during a high school football game in texas. an assistant coach now being investigated for possibly provoking the players who were involved. while the ref's attorney is speaking to nbc news exclusively. today, national correspond end craig melvin is in san antonio. hi, craig. >> reporter: matt, good morning to you.
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we now know that referee's name. it's robert watts. his attorney tells me he is under a doctor's care this morning after those hits friday night. perhaps surprisingly the attorney also stopped short of calling for criminal charges against the students. this morning for the first time, we are hearing the referee's side of the story. >> this wasn't passion turning to violence. this was premeditated crime. >> reporter: in his first television interview the lawyer for the referee says the way way watts was targeted and speared by another was a crime. >> two crimes committed in a period of just a few seconds. very, very ugly. >> reporter: this morning, there are also accusations by some team members that watts used inappropriate language. >> the players also allege racial slurs were directed at them by the umpire. >> reporter: a charge watts' larry king lawyer denies. >> he didn't make any racially charged or inappropriate
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comments to these or any other student athletes on the night of the game. >> reporter: everyone admits the game was heated. two players were ejected for fighting. and school administrators are now also looking into a comment allegedly made by the assistant coach. >> the students allege that an assistant coach said, that guy needs to pay for cheating us. or words to of that effect. >> reporter: read is on paid administrative leave while school officials conduct their investigation. he could not be reached for comment. the players in the video have been suspended from the team, suspended from cool and now face a criminal investigation. tuesday the team was back on the practice field. school officials say the incident was shameful and does not reflect what goes on at john j. high. at least agrees. >> our kids here are not taught to play dirty. >> reporter: but goldberger says nothing justifies violence against a referee. >> civilized people don't do that.
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they just don't do it. >> reporter: so this story now moves forward on three fronts. you have got the organization that oversees all of texas athletics meeting later this morning to decide the fate and future of those students. you also have the school district that has now lodge at formal official complaint with the organization that oversees all refuse he reese regarding those racial slurs. and the criminal investigation continues. and we're told that could take at least several more days. back to you. >> complicated. craig melvin in san antonio. craig, thanks very much. turning now to a buy czar scene coming out of the refugee crisis oversys. a camera woman reportedly fired from her job after she was seen tripping and kick migrants who were fleeing from police. richard is in hungary with more. what is this all about? >> reporter: good morning savanna, that incident took place here yesterday. this camerawoman has quickly become one of the most hate
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people in hungary, hated on the internet. what happened yesterday was a large group of refugees and migrants were being rounded up by police. the migrants decided to escape. and as they were running away from police, this hungarian camerawoman was seen on film captured by another reporter being bumped, then kicking a young man, kicking a girl in the stomach, also sticking out her foot to trip one of the refugees. most of these people are from syria. he was carrying a baby at the time and went tumbling to the ground. the reporter worked for a f right-wing television station here. even that right-wing television station has not come th her defense saying her actions were unacceptable and shocking. she was fired on the spot and has not spoken publicly. >> all right. those images are incredibly disturbing. thanks for your report this morning. let's turn to the world of sports. the stars were out in the force
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last night for the u.s. open for the latest ep he can match in the sibling rivalry between via and venus williams. it lived up to the hype. it was a three set thriller eventually won by serena. that moves her to within two victories of the first calendar grand slam since 1988. after the match the sisters had nothing but praise for one another. >> she is the toughest player i have ever played in my life, and the best person i know. so it's -- [ cheers and applause ] it's going againstnyour best friend, and at the same time going against the greatest competitor for me in women's tennis. it was really difficult. >> i played t best in different areas as well, and i've seen the level of competitiveness go up. just to be able to win at this level, i think that's what makes her the best. >> an odd match when it came down to it. all serena in the first set, all venus in the second set. and a dominating performance by
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serena in the third set. a>> impossible to choose. people were tweeting saying team serena, team venus. i just tweeted team williams. natalie is here. new information on a possible sniper out west. >> arizona officials warning residents about a possible freeway sniper. this is a story we first told you about last week. police are investigating nine possible shooting targeting motorists in a ten-day stretch all in the phoenix area. this is more than twice as many incidents as previously announced. in ohe of the shootings a 13-year-old girl was hurt by shupattered glass. no other injuries have been reported. there is now a $20,000 reward for information leading to an arrest. thousands of seattle children are starting the school year with a day off this morning thanks to a teacher's strike. both sides remain far apart on key issues regarding pay raises, teach evaluations and the length of the schoolday.
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53,000 students are impacted. the district recently offed a 9% increase over two years. >>s> a cell phone camera captured the chaotic moments when robbers attempted to take jewelry from a london store. six thieves on motor bikes rode up to this jewelry store. they broke the shop's windows and then stole thousands of dollars worth of jewelry. as they tried to get away, the shop keepers jumped into action. they chased after them, threw garbage at the thieves, even pinned one suspect to the ground. ev entually police arrived and were able to take the suspects into custody. a touching story this morning that is sure to melt your heart. a video of an elderly man waiting at the airport with a bouquet of flowers. it's been viewed now more than 20 million times since monday. the woman he is waiting for comeh into frame, as you see. the two embrace. aew york m y apparently posted this video to his facebook page. and the world has fallen in love
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of with love once again. oh. >> it's so simple. but i watched it. it does kind of warm your heart. >> it makes me cry. >> you yark it's great. >> how do you expect to do the weather no w. >> i'm teary eyed. so adorable. >> when was the last time your spouse picked you up at the airport with a bouquet of flowers? >> good point, natalie. >> when was that? >> thanks for fining the negative in everything. dillon is here while allen is on assignment assignment. >> another hot one today. yesterday temperatures made it up to 97 degrees. humid, too. today we are most likely going to tie records n. boston the record is 91. we'll tie that one. in philadelphia the record is 94, set back in 1884. remember how hot it was in 1884? if you don't, you will feel it again today. that's 14 degrees above average. this cold front moves in later today and into tomorrow.
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starting out in the muggy 70s in the cities skbp low 90s and it could be an isolated shower storm later in the afternoon. and showers tomorrow, some could be heavy, some could be soakers, 80. and 81 on friday and drying out in the afternoon. sun and clouds 77 sunday with wet weather and temperatures in the 80s early next week. and that's your latest forecast. >> dillon, thank you very much. coming up, an exclusive with caitlyn jenner. does she miss anything about living life as a man. how does she feel about criticism thrown her way after that espie award? jenner opens up about that and much more as we hit the links together. >> then on a new report, drivers busted speeding through school zones where children are walking to class. wait until you see how fast some of them were going. >> but first, this is "today" on nbc.
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live, this is news 4 new york now. good morning, 7:26 on this wednesday morning. looking at the hamilton bridge. and students in new york city heading off for the first day of school this morning. and outside ps 59, laurie. >> reporter: and the school year is getting off to a very warm start for more than 1,000,000
7:24 am
new york students as the temperature is to reach 90 and no air conditioning here at the school. at this point, no plans, darlene, for any early dismissal today. back to ys ou. let's take a look at the morning commute. we have the latest on fmr switching problems but if you're getting on the lie westbound, watch out for a traffic in the westbound lane. and in atlantic avenue, blocking the lane and on 15 e. >> we' bee right back with cris's forecast.
7:25 am
a very warm muggy start, some hazy sun peeking through at times. and that will keep the temp from getting well into the 90s, the cloud cover. and could be a spot thunderstorm late this evening, especially north and west of the city. i think we all run the risk of showers tomorrow, and could be a new soakers with 80 degrees. 81 friday, and saturday looks good but by sunday there could be the return of more rain and into the 70s. >> next on "today" show, what
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7:27 am
want to argue all day, making love all night "today" show, tok days away. check it out. >> what do you mean? >> oh, that's justin bieber talking to us. matt. >> i think he should have been wearing a seat belt. >> justin going to be here. actually, it's t minus 24 hours, justin. bieber will be taking over our plaza. brace yourself, people. the between will be out. his single debuted at number one on the hot 100. that makes him the youngest artist to achieve that. >>s,> let's start with headlines. passengers on a british airways plane had to use emergency slbides to evacuate after an engine caught fire at a las vegas airport. other travelers in the terminal recorded the drama as thick black smoke poured out of that jet. at least 20 people were taken to the hospital. hillary clinton took to facebook and to e-mail late last
7:28 am
night apologizing for using that private e-mail server when she was secretary of state. this is an issue that continues to plague her presidential campaign. she wrote, i should have used two e-mail addresses, one for personal matters and one for my work at the state on the part department. not doing so was a mistake. i'm sorry about it and i take full responsibility. and the two high school football players who slammed into a referee during a game will face a disciplinary hearing. one of their candidate coaches is on suspension as officials investigate comments he made. have matt and ellen finally put their prank rar behind them? >> i think so. >> you think so? i don't know. we will talk about that, bringing her show to 30 rock this weir week and what is nitt for her. >> is there confetti that's going to come down.
7:29 am
>> i scoured the studio. three months ago, caitlyn jenner made her public debut. in the time since she has received praise and criticism. jenner an accomplished golfer joined me for a quick round and a candid conversation. so. >> -- when i told my friends we were coming to play golf, you know what every one of them asked. >> i know what you are going to say. >> what did they ask? >> am i going to hit from the ladies' tees. >> what's your answer? >> of course i am. >> either the whites for the blues for you. >> come on, matt, you can't take it. >> i can't. that's not fair. >> i'll play from the tips. i really don't care. a little down the right-hand side. >> might get a piece of it. >> that's good for distance. >> i think it might have got ten cart path. i'll confess i was nervous about the interview. >> don't woerks i'll get you
7:30 am
through it, matt. i know it's going to be tough, but i'll get you through it. >> do you understand why somebody would be nervous? >> yeah. >> you don't want to say the wrong thing. don't want to make mace take. >> i'm the easiest on people. now the community, the glad and the people auto in the community are oh, my god, you have to get the pronouns right. you have to do this, that. i'm much more tolerant than that. i understand that it's difficult r people to understand this. and that's okay. how is your chipping? >> i'll tell you how my chipping s. i'm going to putt this. >> you are going to texas wedge it? >> i'm going to texas wedge this. >> don't blame you. >> oh, lawyer. how do you sum up what happened in your life in the last couple of months? >> how do i sum it up? first of all, very grateful people have been so nice, so accepting, so understanding. but i've also learned that that is the exception, not the rule. >> this is probably going to
7:31 am
sound like a weird question -- is there anything you miss about living life as a man? you. >> know -- >> you know what? no. i've lived the ultimate male. okay? i think about my life, and where i'm at in my life right now. and what an -- a tremendous experience this is. hardly nobody gets to live two genders in their life. everybody wonders what's it like to be -- come from the other side? you know, their thinking, the way they act, everything. and here i have the opportunity to do that. and to be honest with you, everything is so new and fun, from that standpoint it's been great. there is nothing more -- nothing better in your life than to wake up in the morning, look at yourself in the mirror and feel
7:32 am
comfortable with yourself and who you are. little short. lauer. oh, my god. >> it's either hole high, but it might have been off the green. >> yeah, that was a great shot. >> did you hear criticism after the espies. >> yeah, that you didn't deserve it. this and that. i didn't ask for it. they gave me the award. did it take courage to come out? absolutely. did i have tremendous respect for arthur ashe in that award? shutly and i'm honored to have them award that to me. not just to me but this entire community. so i'm very pleased the way it turned out. >> here we go. you are in a tough spot there. you are way too trusting. >> hit it nice and tight. >> i'm going to try. >> look at matt. oh, my god. downhill lie. i think i've inspired you. >> you may have. but you hear people say a lot,
7:33 am
caitlyn, that you'll never truly understand the experience of other transgender men and women because of your privilege -- >> of my position. >> and your fame and your money. and you don't know about the discrimination and the harassment, and the unemployment and all that. >> you are absolutely right. i have never had that. i have worked very hard in my life. i have no excuses about my life and what i've done with my life. yes, i've worked hard. i've been able to put a few bucks away. good for me. that's the american dream. okay? but i get it. i have learned so much. it's devastating to me to see people dying over this issue. >> that's a great four. that's a great four. even as you've been going through transition you have dealing with something else. back in february you were involved in a traffic accident on the pch out here. >> right. >> that resulted in a woman dying. >> uh-huh. >> what do you remember about the accident? >> very little. i remember it happening. that's about it. obviously it's something -- i'm
7:34 am
in litigation i can't really talk about. something like this, a tragedy like this, you will never get over it. you just learn to live with it the best you possibly can. >> they say that speed was a factor in the crash. do you feel as if you were going too fast? >> no. i was under the speed limit. i was going 46 in a 50. my air bag didn't even go off. all i needed was probably a half a second, you know, of time. i almost got stopped. stopped. i was pulling a trailer. so, no, i don't think speed was anything like that. >> it seems like the worst case scenario you could spend a year in a county jail. have you been able to think about that? >> the media wants that picture, don't they? that is the worst case scenario. i don't know. we'll see. the men's county jail, it is an enormous problem that they will put transwomen in a men's county jail, yeah, yeah. but those are things we're looking into. nope. >> it moved quite a bit, doesn't it.
7:35 am
>> pushed it right. and it went right. i'm down one matt, ordinary care god. >> you have a good sense of humor about yourself? >> right, well not right now. you are up two. >> do you think it's funny when others crack jokes about you? >> there is a fine line. back in the old days when the media and all the rumors were out and the media was destroying me, it was extraordinarily hurtful to me, to my family, for them, the late night guys in particular. not just talking about the rags, but the late night guys to make you know disparaging jokes. that's when the whole rumor mill was out. since then they have not done it. >> but when you hear there are companies out there that wasn't to do caitlyn jenner costumes for halloween from the "vanity fair" cover are you in on the joke or do you think it's offensive? >> i'm in on the joke. i don't think it's offensive at all. i know the community does. and they have gotten a lot of
7:36 am
criticism for doing it. i think it's great. to be honest, i think it's great. they could have a better looking outfit for them. >> why didn't i think of this, you could have done your own costume? ? >> could have done a better costume. that was a serious bustier on the cover of "vanity fair." you have got to enjoy clothes. life is too short. i can't get too upset about that stuff. mine is probably in the trap. >> no, no, i think you cleared it. >> probably the most interesting rounds of golf i have ever played. >> how did you do in the game. >> i did all right. she is a good player. has always been a fantastic athlete. >> athlete. >> she seems comfortable. >>ed a good spokesperson for the transcommunity. >> that's really important for her. much more of this enter tomorrow on "today," including if she has had any moments of regret since her transition, her thoughts on dating, and how her transition
7:37 am
has actually helped her golf game. >> and that interview is on a yacht; is that right? >> we continue on the golf course. >> a new way of doing interviews. >> let's get over to dylan and check on the weather. >> it's alsoette hot on the west coast, too. in san francisco it's the hottest day they have had yesterday in five years. excessive heat warnings and advisoried in effect along parts of the california coast. upper 80s, even mid 90s. l.a. should make it up to 96, that's 12 degrees above average. it's going to stick around looking at some clouds and hazy sunshine heading your way today. and there could be an isolated showery thunderstorm, especially north and west. and overnight, a passing shower or storm possible.
7:38 am
73, still quite muggy and a high of only bute 80. and that will be the trend, thursday, friday, and saturday. more showers return on sunday with temperatures in the 70s and warming up next week. and that's your latest forecast. >> dylan. thank you so much. coming up on trending. fellow's listen up. another one of these lifts. the things you need to take out of your closet right now. get the incinerator ready. cargo shorts are on the also. >> eight guys in our studio right now are in big trouble. up next, apple trying to continue to make you evolve in the way you watch tv. carson looks ahead to the tech giant's b who knows, one of these kids just might be the one. to clean the oceans, to start a movement, or lead a country. it may not be obvious yet, but one of these kids is going to change the world. we just need to make sure she has what she needs.
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the new fall collection. white house black market 7:45 on a wednesday morning. we're back. carson, what's apple going to tell uls today. >> i could be at the apple store, but with the new orange
7:43 am
room i feel like i'm in one. apple is keeping quiet about their annual product launch today in san francisco. tech experts think they have a good idea what to expect. let's start with the update on the iphone. we'll get to the apple tv in a second. there are rumors we will see two new phones, the 6s, and 6s plus. these will be quicker and thicker. we will have a much better camera. you will see 12 mega pixel as opposed to the current 8. do you have apple tv? it is aamazing. >> yes, so cool. >> they did work to it. it's likely going to double in price. it was never that expensive. we are talking $149 now. here why. with aw the university search you will be able to put in the name of a show and look for it across all of your streaming networks. net licks, hulu, hbo go.
7:44 am
rather than having to open each app. and many say there is going to be an app store dedicated to apple tv. lots of custom features to come. we are keeping a close eye on the big as it unfolds today. >> techie heaven. >> thank you, carson. just ahead, more of our special rolston report series. school dange yoplait. the smooth and creamy yoplait original with no no artificial flavors, and no high fructose corn syrup. dunkin' donuts k-cups at the grocery store. really excited about it. like, really excited.
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7:51 am
maybe see if it's something that has an affect on her social side. she literally started changing. it was shocking. (laughs) the difference has been incredible. she's much more aware. (jan) a brighter look to her eyes. she loves the food. (ray) she wants to learn things. i went in as not a believer, but i am now. i don't know. she's a good dog. (vo) you're getting a bit emotional there? (ray) yeah. (vo) purina pro plan bright mind promotes alertness and mental p sharpness in dogs 7 and older. tpurina pro plan. p nutrition that performs. because you never know when it will happen you've decided to work in a cubicle. this cubicle. being irregular is the worst. get more fiber with chocolaty-chewy fiber one bars. feeling good can taste great
7:52 am
to the couple who set aside the whole day to sell their old car and buy a new one... oops. nana's got the kids til 9... but it's only 2. guess you'll just have to see a movie... ...then get some dinner. what a pity.
7:53 am
live, this is news 4 new york now. >> good morning, everyone. 7:56, it is september 9th. 77 degrees out. and student will be heading back to school on a day where hot and muggy weather could pose a problem. nearly 1/3 of all schools don't have air conditioning. many schools in connecticut released kids early yesterday due to heat and some plan to do that today. and tough new water restrictions in mahwah, new jersey.
7:54 am
starting today, residents will only be allowed to water on certain days and completely banned on sundays and midnight to 6:00 a.m. every other day. and we still have delays downtown on the fm and r. and if you're getting on the van lake express way and heading to the bronk on the white stone brirjs an accident. and late running construction out by white plains road. and by exit 40. >> let's check the weather. we could reach 90 degrees, which would make it another heat wave. and tonight, showers and storms, special tonight. 80 is the high. we'll be back in a half hour are w more news. see you then. in a "stirring, inspired and brilliant" new production. spring awakening.
7:55 am
back on broadway in an extremely limited engagement. starring oscar winner marlee matlin. "it's a rousing success with all the goosebumps and teardrops to prove it." t for tickets, visit today.
7:56 am
7:57 am
it's 8:00 on today. coming up, lon live the queen. we're live at buckingham palace as queen elizabeth becomes the longest living english monarch, an even over 63 years in the making. go matt. >> nobody can drag them down. >> nobody can drag me down >> see what happened when savanna, natalie, andal hit the recording studio to make some music thanks to a little inspiration from one direction. plus, today's the day for ellen. i'll go one on one with ellen degeneres. we'll talk about our ongoing prank war, and bringing her hit show to rockefeller plaza. plus we'll catch up with mogul, mom, and music super star, jessica simplonson, live of course today, wednesday, september 9th, 2015 .
7:58 am
>> celebrating our 20th anniversary today! woo! >> good morning, san diego, celebrating one year of marriage. >> celebrating my 50th birthday with the "today" show. >> good morning. >> goom bloomington, illinois. >> the rock family came from kansas to rock new york city! woo! >> hi, we're back now. 8:00 on a wednesday morning. it is the ninth day of september, 2015. and you would be saying receipt now, what is going on on the plaza this morning? it's all part of our break it today record week. trying to break guinness world records. and we're dancing today. >> this is so exciting. >> it's like -- it doesn't mean break dances.
7:59 am
>> no, breaking a record while dancing. though we're told the routine has some break dances in it. crowds, we need you. they need 250 people in a five-minute choreographed routine. and there are a little short the 250. >> how much? >> a handful. if anyone from the crowd wants to dance? anybody? >> your friends are over there, right? we have got one. >> we've got one. >> go over there, learn the routine. you can do it. that's not going to happen. >> they can be one short. it's not going to be matt. >> we are all going to be dancing tomorrow. you know what it is, bieber day. justin bieber coming to our plaza. he is breaking records with his new single, what do you mean, he will be performing that and much more when he takes the stage here on "today" snis that's going to be great party. do you remember an duran is
8:00 am
>> john taylor or simon lebon. >> john taylor, but i love you, too, simon, and roger and -- >> we are going to have to keep you away. >> i'm dying to experience this. the 12-year-old girl is excited to come out. the ntsb is trying to finds out what parked an engine fire tuesday on a boeing 777 that sent thick smoke and passengers out of the plane. the plane caught fire in las vegas. at least 20 people were hospitalized. the fire was put out within minutes. the plane was about to take off on flight to gatt wick airport in london. for the first time, hillary clinton is saying she is sorry that she used private e-mail for government business while she was secretary of state. speaking to abc news, she said it was a mistake. and she takes responsibility. overnight on facebook she acknowledged, i could have, and
8:01 am
should have done a better job answering questions earlier. kentucky county clerk kim davis plans to head back to work later in the week now that she is out of jail. davis was released on tuesday after spending five days behind bars for comcontempt of court for refusing to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples because of her faith. deputy clerks have been issuing licenses in her place. her lawyer has said when she are urns to work she will not violate her conscience. this is a milestone day in britain where queen liz beth has become the longest reigning english monarch ever. >> reporter: we are live in the gardens of buckingham palace. this is rear of the palace, the side you don't often see. the queen herself is in scotland and has asked officials here not to cause too much of a fuss as she becomes britain's longest
8:02 am
reigning monarch. after 63 years on the throne, the queen licks to do things the old-fashioned way. so this morning, she boarded a steam locate motive in scotland. low key celebrations to mark this historic day. since her coronation, 11 presidents have served. she has seen terrorism and tragedy, like the death of diana. >> she manages to shut the door on the worry or the bad things, you know, and be able to carry on. >> reporter: but this is the queen as you rarely see her sitting for a portrait back in 1992. >> the balloons are still stuck in the tree there. >> reporter: relaxed, joking. >> they hit the trees, exploded and the garden is absolutely full of dead balloons. >> there is a lovely moment where you really see her sense of humor.
8:03 am
>> she has a very, very good sense of humor. >> reporter: the painter reveals even tourists seen from a window makes her smile. >> she is amused by them. she is doing this at them. and -- >> reporter: the world has been watching her all her life. now a great grandmother. there may never be a monarch like her. and closer here the bells of westminster abbey have been ripping out. she has been on the throne for 23,226 days. >> lots of history in that time. thanks so much. fascinating. >> i love that they count her reign in days. now to our special ross rolston report. today we are talking about cars blowing the speed limit and putting kids at risk. jeff, good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you. so many kids heading back to school right now.
8:04 am
this as you know is timely. did you know every single an average of 44 kids are hit while walking, many of them on their way to school. why are drivers continuing to blaze through school zones? how can your kids protect themselves? this morning before they walk out the door your entire family needs to see this. the school day is starting in tellpy, arizona. students hurrying to class. crossing busy streets. >> 48 47. 48, 53. >> reporter: so why are these drivers flying by? >> he was doing 53 in a school zone. >> reporter: are you going get him? >> yes, i am. >> reporter: all right. this year, tragic cases across the country n. oregon, these teenagers hit near their high school, one of them speaking out from the hospital. >> we were so lucky. the next time it could be fatal for someone. >> reporter: in new york, a 12-year-old boy struck and killed in front of his elementary school.
8:05 am
and in montana, a driver plowing into this 11-year-old on his bike while riding to class. >> just hit me. and then i was on the ground. and i couldn't get up. >> the reason i'm stopping is because of your speed. >> reporter: today we're out with tempe police, right outside of the school, in a school zone, kids walking in, class about to start. >> 50. >> reporter: within minutes, they spot an offendser. >> do you know how fast you were going? >> i'd say 30, 35. >> i have you on 50 on radar. >> reporter: is that slow enough to be able to step on the brakes. >> no >> reporter: why were you going so fast in a school zone. >> you are with traffic. within the speed limit. >> that means everyone else is speeding too. >> that's what i'm thinking because i don't, i don't always look at that. i stay with the traffic. >> reporter: just minutes later.
8:06 am
>> 52. >> reporter: this driver is going even faster. >> we have got someone going 52 miles an hour in this school zone in this traffic. >> i guess i'm in a hurry. >> if a child darted out in front of you, what do you think would happen? >> i'd be hitting him. >> reporter: you would run him over? >> yes. >> reporter: when cars go 40 miles per hour or faster and hit someone, 80% of pedestrians die. but if you cut that speed to 20 miles an hour, less than 10% die. so cops were alarmed when they saw this. >> 56. >> reporter: that's right. 56 miles per hour. 20 over the school zone limit. >> in arizona, that could be considered criminal. >> reporter: he cuts her a break, just writing her a regular ticket. honestly did not know how fast i was going. >> reporter: one morning, one school zone, so many speeders. i wake up call for all of us.
8:07 am
>> i know it's my fault. i did it and for sure it's not going to happen again. >> reporter: lesson learned. >> yes >>. >> reporter: deal. obviously a lot of people out there right now speeding. so safety experts say kids need to protect themselves. the vast majority of kids that are hit and killed by cars were crossing right in the middle of the street, many of them wearing heads or texting. safety experts say always cross at an intersection. don't just cross in the milling of the road. and pull the ear phones out, stop texting when they are crossing. >> you combine this problem with the other problem you highlighted where people speed past school buses that are stopped with the stop sign out. it's an incredible hazard. >> so many kids are hit and killed. tomorrow we will focus on school buses as part of our series. we are talking about school buses and why they don't have seat belts, many of them. accidents happening across the country. this is dramatic video that is hard to watch, kids flying out of their seats. why don't most school becauses
8:08 am
have seat belts on them. >> tomorrow morning we are crashing a school bus live with child dummies inside to show you what happens when they are not wearing seat belts and then when they are. plus we will go straight to the federal government say when are you going to start regulating this, if at all? there may be action starting tomorrow. >> seat belts have been mandated so long, and the message has been out. >> we get in our cars and kids put on seat belts, but why not on the bus? >>. up next, what are people saying about steven colbert's late show debut. and what george clooney said about marriage. back to class. schooled in the art of recording a hit single. will the results h (queen's "you're my best friend" plays) ooh... you make me live, whatever this world... at petsmart, we know that pet adoption changes lives. that's why petsmart charities helps save more than a thousand homeless pets every day! be a part of these
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8:12 am
>> yeah, because it's my alarm clock. >> there is a new survey, an informal survey that raised my eyebrows because it found that one in ten check their phones first thing. which seems low. i think we will all plead guilty to this. almost 50% of people said they check their phones at least 50 times per day. >> there is an app that tells you how many times you turn it on. >> sometimes it's just mindless. i don't have anything to look at. >> you are bored and you grab it. >> i stare at and it go what app aim going to opth? nothing. >> not just human fascinated by smart phones. this is video from the louisville zoo in kentucky. a oirtor..hows his phone to a silver back gorilla. the gorilla is iesmerized. do you know why? because he is showing him video of other gorillas. at some point, they huddle in
8:13 am
the corner together and the gorilla just stares. he reminding hl how lonely he is. here's your friend. >> has he looked in the mirror, does he know that that's what he looks like. >> there is no interview attached to the video. but mark, who is standing over here says that's incredible because really only gorillas would do. that you show your dog your smart phone, he goes right by it. but a gorilla is so close. 3% -- >> 3%. >> 3% of dna difference between us and. a gorilla would take a selfie just like us. business insider out with this list. the clothing every man needs to throw out because they are either outdated or unflattering or in the case of the flame shirts, both. mountain corps san mounted a
8:14 am
vigorous defense of board shorts and cargo shorts. again they make the list. they say you should throw out plastic flip-flops. >> i'm okay with that. >> button down vested without a suit. just the lone invest. cut off shirts. >> this picture makes it look like cut off tanks. >> that's like gym wear, isn 't it? >> i'm sorry to, tell you this, the if a doctora is on the list. >> that's not on my list. >> i like fedoras. >> you could pull it off. >> and al, to. >> that's true. >> it's about how you dress with it. if you are just wearing a fedora d wearing one of those going out on the town shifts that was on the list, too. >> can we g back to the board shorrkts and cargo shts? i think board shorts should not be on the list. they are good, flattering. cargo shorts, if you were to poll our studio, just the members of our crew seven or
8:15 am
eight of them are wearing -- a t of them are fathers. that's part of the dad uniform, you need to store things like binkies and keys, and wallets and things -- crackers. >> an internet website of cargo shorts over here. cargo every size and color. >> everything we need for our family. >> carson, when you filled in on the weekend you showed up in cargo shirts and i believe a cut off shirt. >> i petitioned to weartthose every day. steven colbert's debut. returning. the late show with late snow kicked off with a cameo by jon stewart who declared it is time to play ball. inside his new studio steven paid tribute to david letterman. during his first show, steven decided to see what else was happening on tv. look wnt popped
8:16 am
up, our buddy, jimmy fallon. >> i have got to tel avivo this for later. put that up there and get that going up there. hey steven. trying to do my show here, what's up? >> who do you have tonight. >> richard jeer, keith urban, and jessica simpson. >> have a great show. >> thank you, man. >> guest george clooney was asked about his first year of marriage. >> what is it like to be the arm candy in a relationship. because she is a very serious peherson. >> yes. >> she must just say like we're going to meet some extremely telligent people tonight. these are n trshow folk,>> d a'titalk. >> less of that -- short joke, just be shiny and pretty. that's your pop stop for today. >> carsoit thaok you.
8:17 am
>> alaann, do you have a check . . . warm and sticky, 77. hazy sunshine. high near 90. cob an isolated shower storm. soaking showers tomorrow a locally heavy thunderstorms near 80. gone which friday. drying out. saturday looks good. more rain by sunday. >> and that's your latest forecast. >> dylan, thank you. now to your series anchor wear school wear. we are heading back to class on tuesday we learned the craft of acting. today we are trading studio 1a for the recording studio to see if we can carry a tune like the pros. >> i rtilly l ke to sing. >> i don't know if any of us
8:18 am
have any singing ability. nobody, nobody >> i -- no. >> singing ability? yeah >> you have seen me sing on the show, haven't you? to the home. >> that's enough. >> i think we go in with the bar so very low that if it doesn't sounds like cats in a bag, it's a win. >> i'm hoping that they have a lot of bells and whistles and things that will make me sound like i can sing. c>> welcome to s.a.e. in new york. >> the are instructors at s.a.e. institute an audio engineering school with state-of-the-art recording studios and 53 location across the globe. one of them right here in the heart of new york city. >> today we are going to be learning about vocal production and studio atmosphere. microphone techniques, how you droes the microphone.
8:19 am
>> hello microphone. >> body composure -- keep your shoulders loose and sing not from your head. sing from your chest. the third thing is vocal range. >> is there anybody who has ever had zero range? >> the last thing is knowing the song and being comfortable with the pegoormance. >> with that, our instructors pointsed us in one direction, literally. choosing the band's latest hit, drag me down to test o.r hits. >> drag me down is a great song. i don't think it's in my range. so fair>> i tis i it's an appropriate song. drag me down. i think it's great, we can just bring them down. >> so the question is you are harry, right, i think you should be harry. >> if youn're going to be louie,f i'll be harry. >> i'm liam. >> i'm singing with you, babe. >> oh, please, kill me now.
8:20 am
>> i'm working on my second caoureer here. .>> some of us are still on our first. let's go. >> nobody can drag me down es >> savanna, babe, yh? sound just great. >> oh, anks. >> go nat! >> you have never seen it look so easy i'm doing my own music video in here at the same time. >> we saw that. >> we call t flirting with the camera. doinn't think we didn't notice. >> here we go. >> okie-doke. i'm going to be a 24-year-old white guy. baby you are my only reason. >> taught me how to be someone. yeah. >> that was great. >> let's redefine great. >> i think that worked all right. good week for you to take vacation, matt is all i've got to say. i'm still smarting because they said i tried to sing outside my range. feel like we should
8:21 am
apologize to one d fans. >> i know. speaking of all the bells and whistles, take a listen to the final result. >> i've got fire for a heart i'm not scared of the dark you have never seen it looks soess i've got a river for a soul and baby you are a boat. baby you're my only reason if i didn't have you, there would be nothing left. shell of a man who can never hikis best if i didn't have you, i d never see the sun you taught me how to be someone yeah all my life, you stood by me when no one else was ever behind me all these lights, they don't blind me with your love, nobody can drag me down all my life, you stood by me when no one else was ever behind me all these lights, they can't blind me
8:22 am
if your lono, nobody can d g me down nobody, nobody nobody can drag me down nobody, nobody nobody can drag me down >> yeah! woo! >> go ahead and say what you just said to me. >> i was on vacation. how did you get out of this. >> i don't know. but thank the good lord. i think you are going to get -- >> you don't see us on the voice? >> i didn't see any chairs turning. maybe some view counts. we'll put that the up -- >> matt actually said, he said, you sound good. you don't sound like you. >> a little computerized. >> i know. >> it was good. it was fun. >> i had a good time doing it. thanks to s.a.e. for allowing us.
8:23 am
good morning.t8:26. i'm darlene rodriguez.
8:24 am
bronx high school, officials say the building is structurally fe and students will not have access to the damaged part of the school. here is lauren scala. we still have delays on the 7 and downtown fm and r trains. an accident on the george washington bridge, 50-minute delay. 45 minutes at the lincoln, 30 at the holland. this accident on the whitestone bridge heading to the bronx causing some delays as well as one southbound out by atlantic avenue. back to you, darlene. nott's hot as yesterday. we could reach 90, which would make it another heat wave. tonight, showers and thunderstorms specially after midnight. 73 degrees. tomorrow, better chance for rain. could be heavy at times. 80 is the high. friday, more rain in the morning. high of 81. coming up on the "today" show, hayden christianson stops by to talk about his new movie the afterlife, "90 minutes in heaven."
8:25 am
8:26 am
8:27 am
, 8:30reow on this wednesday morning. it's he the 9th of september, 2015. it is a great morning out here. pretty morning. we've got a great crowd. we are going to be dancing a just a little bit. in a little while we will talk to jessica simpson. she is a woman who has dominated the music world and the hip -- building a billion dollar empire. not long from now we will catch up with jessica simpson. >> carson is out on the plaza because we are attempting along with that crowd of 250 dancer to break a guinness world record. the routine, choreographed has got to last five minutes.
8:28 am
>> i don't think they learned the corpsgraphy. >> they are they have got to figure it out. but they are going to get that going in just a little while. >> i love that they are doing that improv. >> first off, you and ellen have had your differences. >> differences? >> >> a frank war. we are going to see what happens in a few minutes. eleslen is here. we are going to see what is going to happen with her new show. >> al roker joins us. >> it is -- dylan, in for al roker. >> tomorrow, especially later in the afternoon and overnight we are looking at heavy rain to move into new england where we could end up with two to three indches of rain. but then it will get up into the upper 70s and lower 80s behind that behind. tomorrow, 77, not the southwest with moisture being pumped in from hurricane linda that's out in the the pacific.
8:29 am
that could trigger the chance of two to three inches dillon, thanks very much. the air is thick again out there this morning. expecting a high of 90. clouds giving way to hazy sunshine. clouds and sunshine north and west of the city. overnight showers. muggy, 73. a good chance we all see some rain tomorrow, soaking downpours in parts of the area, get some thunderstorms, specially later in the day, up around 80. clears out on friday. temperatures, lower 80, humidity as well. the clouds quickly return sunday with wet weather and highs in the upper 70s. 11 semifinalists took the stage on nbc's hit show, america's got talent last night. one of those contenders is a ventriloquist and his puppet. they are here with us. good morning. >> hello, good morning. >> hello, good morning. >> it is great to be here. >>. it is great to be here. >> on the "today" show. >> on the "today" show. >> are you copying me?
8:30 am
are you coying me? >> sam, not now. >> stop it. >> stop. >> loo. >> look. >> i'm warning. >> warning. >> you. >> you. >> that's. >> that's. >> effective. >> i mean it. >> you mean it. >> oh -- can't do that. >> sleep. >> i love sam. and i love you guys together. now, you are from london. you live in london. >> yet, you are on america's got talent. why america? >> because if you are going to do a show, why not do the biggest and the best show, honestly. >> i'll take that. and how did last night go? >> you know, last night was, as you saw, awesome. you know, the crowd reaction. >> the brits don't say that? >> no, we never seau some. >> oh, okay. >> it's not a word that we use that often. but it was terrific. the crowd was fantastic.
8:31 am
and my dummy, my puppet, man, the lovely howie mandel, he was truly terrific. the routine -- i knew what i wanted to get him to do but i didn't know if he was going to do it. >> he played awell. >> absolutely. awesomely. >> good luck to you. i was going to say, if sam had anything left to say i would give him a chance. but he is down for the count. >> that's it. he has had his moment. >> catch america's got talent tuesday nights at 8:00, 7:00le signal here on nbc. you noel endegeneres as the queen of daytime television. her hit talk show entering its 13th season. viewers of this show know her as my opponent in a relelt lechbtless prank prank war that has turned me into a hero of the fetish community. dr. evil, good to have you with us. >> i'm done. it's over. >> are you certain? >> i know when i walked in you patted me down.
8:32 am
or was that for another reason? >> copping a cheap feel. i have grilled my staff here to be sure nobody is in on pranks. no water is going to trop on my head. i was going to change seats with you. >> nothing is happening. i promise. >> are you going to miss it? our prank war? >> no, i'll find someone else. >> another victim? >> i'll find someone else, some poor guy. >> i am going say i got more positive feedback from that than anything else in the last ten years. thank you. >> and thank you fore filling my car with ping-pong balls. that was impressive. >> yeah. by the way, you featured it prompt neptly on your show. 13th season. is the show today when you envisioned it to be when you first thought about it all those years ago? >> i guess pretty much so. i mean, it's games, which i like to play games. it's dancing. it's music. it's talking to interesting people. it's helping people. so, yeah, i think we have a bigger budget now and we are a
8:33 am
bigger show. and so we are able to do it on a larger scale, but yeah. >> imi'm looking across the street here. and you have got this massive set up on rockefeller plaza wh cere you are going to be doing the show, which dwarves our studio here? >> that's why we did it. yep, to make you look sad and small. >> it's not quite over. we haven't buried the hatchet completely. >> we could have done it anywhere but right across from you. >> do you like going on location. >> i do. jet lag gets me every time but i love new york and i love being out with, you know, more people able to see the show. i think we're going to have a couple thousand people able to watch the show. so that will be fun. >> as you start a season, is it sometimes hard to think about getting through a season? last time i was with you i said how long are you going to do this? >> what did i say. >> actually, you kind of hick upped for a second. it's not like you said, forever. you said, as long as it's fun. at the beginning of the season is it fun?
8:34 am
does it get less fun as the season goes on? >> it doesn't get less fun. it just gets -- you know it's a lot of shows and it is cumulative and it's -- i'm tired. i'm getting old. you know what that feels like. >> thank you that's nice. >> it's just -- it's just -- >> said with the warmest of intentions. >> you yeah, i mean that in camaraderie. >> yeah. >> i'm excited about this season. and i'm excited when i start the season to raise the bar. i'm constantly trying to make it better. and trying to do something fresh and new. and that's really hard to do. and that's -- that's my job every season. >> you talk about fresh and new. that segues into something we will talk about at a later date but i tapt to touch on it right now. you -- people who know you well know if you weren't doing television you probably would do something in the world of design. >> for sure. >> and you started your own
8:35 am
brand and i thought it was e.d. and realized no, it is ed. >> ed is my nickname that porscha has fauld me forever. it is also my initials so i can see why people would think it's e.d. but i want it to be sort of nongender. i'm going to be doing men's clothing. i'm going women's to start out and i'm going to be doing men's. and i want ed to be just ed. we are doing shoes. we're launching -- it's on line right now doing well, and in bern dorve's here in new york. >> you have a book coming out. we'll talk about as i mentioned on another date. i'm your biggest fan. i was that even before our prank war. >> well, if you want to continue it. >> well it's my turn, isn't it. >> no, no. >> i think it ended with you putting me on a billboard as a plumber.
8:36 am
>> then i think you got me back at an award show. forgot about that. >> ellen degeneres season 13 starts right now. good luck with the new season. great to have you here. >> thank you, matt. back in a moment. let's go to savanna. coming up, look who we have here, jessica simpson. she is here. she is celebrating a big anniversary with us. a milestone. we'll talk to jessica in a moment. first you hear this music? we're going to be dancing in the street for our next guinness world record attempt that's
8:37 am
coming up. ah, this lucky boy... he has no idea what's coming. my taste - so huge, yet so unexpected. i'm like a boxer in a ring. a small boxer. you don't expect much... and then, wham! i hit 'em with a whole lotta creamy goodness!
8:38 am
left! right! uppercut! leaving taste buds... deliciously dizzy! look! his tongue is knocked out! oh! mom steps into the ring! bring it, girlfriend! rich, creamy, 100% natural cheese. mini babybel. snack a little bigger. . hi, we're back now with our week long series break it today and another guinness world record attempt. >> that's right. all this monk these talented dancers behind us have been practicing their moves to get ready. first, more about the task at hand. >> the goal to set a new
8:39 am
guinness world records title. the challenge, largest street dance performance, 250 people dancing a choreographed routine for five continuous minutes. the dance, a combination of hip hop, break dancing, and funk. the catch. everyone must be dancing the entire time. the instructor, world renowned dance guru and celebrity corpsgrapher pavan thimmaiah of new york city. pavan has trained, performed and shared his legendary skills with the best of them. he is bringing all of that to the plaza today. the pay off, street dancing into history. well, this is all tied to guinness world record's 60th year and the new guinness world records 2016 that is out this week. >> alex sangert is here along with pavan thimmaiah and 250 dancer back there.
8:40 am
we even have d.j. rug rat smining on the plaza. good morning to everybody. how long did it take to teach these people the routine? >> we did it in five days. in seven different groups, we grouped them up, came in once for three hours, learned it and they are ready to go. >> everybody has to be dancing for a full five minutes, how complicated is the routine? >> it's challenging, but i think they all stepped up to the challenge. they brought energy and that's the most important thing and they are going to keep moving. >> basically the rule is they all must dance for the five minutes. what happens if a couple of people get off the routine for a minute? >> as long as they are actively trying to dance it's already. but if someone is on the phone texting or not trying to dance we have to deduct you. >> alex, you do not have 250 sets of eyes, how are you going to keep your eye on everybody. >> we have stewards among the dancer monitoring smaller groups of dancer. so i've got extra eyes on them. let's see what they can do.
8:41 am
>> are you guys ready. >> we are ready. >> alex, are you ready? mime' ready. >> we're going to do it here, we're going to say -- three, two, one, dance! >> i'm thinking about 4:00 to go. we'll check in with them in a bit. up next. million dollar fashion, motherhood and much more. first, this is "today" on nbc.
8:42 am
8:43 am
8:44 am
we are back at 8:47. look at our dabser. they are still going strong. attempting to become guinness world record holders for the largest choreographed street dance performance. back inside the studio we are catching up with our super star billion dollar mogul jessica simpson. her life-style brand is marking its tenth anniversary good morning. >> good morning. >> i'm always amazed about you ten years later, $1 billion enterprise. >> it is amazing. right now i have a times square billboard. it is a celebratory moment. >> think back ten years. what were your expectations? like this? >> i had no idea.
8:45 am
we started off with shoes and accessories and now we are going and we have maternity. fragrance. soon. so it's just -- it's continuing to expand. and grow every day. >> i read an article. and i think the reporter paid you the highest compliment. they wrote that the brand has really transcends. it's no longer just a celebrity brand. it's a brand. >> that is the most gratifying thing that i could hear. for people to see beyond the celebrity and just really trust in the brand for being what it is is -- it's remarkable. >> in the beginning, did you find it hard for people in the business world to take you seriously as a business person? did you feel like okay i've got to prove myself here? >> i mean, i still think that people don't really take me completely seriously. but, you know, i have some doubters out there. but i just hopefully it will continue to be around ten years from now and then they can be wrong. >> why -- exactly. why do you think it works?
8:46 am
why do you think this brand works? >> i think that i really just pay attention to every woman. i want to dress the everyday girl. and you don't even have to be a fan of me or want to dress like me. but i feel like i know how to dress every sort of permit. so you don't have to look like me. >> tell me about jessica the businesswoman. some celebrities they put their names on something. it's hand off. i get the feeling that is not you. >> i like to -- i like to have my footprint in everything. so i definitely see most everything that goes out. and if i don't see it, my mom definitely sees it. so she -- i trust -- i trust her eye completely. we. >> we talked the last time you were here i think about potentially you heading back into the recording studee. >> yes. >> you are even building a recording studio in your house. >> yes. >> how is that project going? >> that project is almost wrapped up. i probably have maybe like three
8:47 am
more weeks until it's done. and i'm down in my basement recording. i'm sure my kids will completely take over. >> by the way, your kids have never -- 3 and 2? >> no yep. >> they have never seen this side of mom. >> no. and even eric, my husband, i recorded a christmas album with him. but he has never really seen me on stage, and like do my things that actually got me here. you know? >> is that something you are hoping to do again, release an album and play to crowds, maybe the "today" show crowd? >> absolutely. that's how i started and that's always one of my biggest passions in the world. i love to use my voice. >> the world is kinds of your oifter now. i figure you can do anything you want. would you ever do a reality show again or is that in your rearview mirror. >> no, no, that's very rear view. >> in fact, don't bring it up. >> i'm very open, you know, fans or just in the media.
8:48 am
but having a camera on me at all times -- we all know i stick my foot in my mouth a little bit. so now that i'm a mom i probably have to keep it together a little bit better. >> how are the kiddies is maxwell a good big sister. >> she is a great big sister. but she is at that point where she is rolling her eyes at ace a little bibt. >> but she is only 3. >> i know, but she thinks she is 5 at least. yeah, she is so much older than she thinks she is -- i mean, than she is. >> right, chronologically. >> yeah. >> jessica, always good to catch up with you. >> thank you. >> cop gratlations on your success. >> thank you. we think they may have done it while we are chagt.
8:49 am
8:50 am
we will check in with your >> welcome. >> we are back now with the results of this morning's break it event challenge. here's the deal, 250 dancer led by pavan thimmaiah attempting the largest street dance performance ever. the adjudicator is here with the ruling. so, they all had to dance for five minutes straight. >> it was hot. it was humid. >> it was.
8:51 am
>> how did they do, alex? >> today, they attempted the guinness record title for the longest street dance. it was a valid attempt. but unfortunately i had to deduct a couple of people. nevertheless, with 253 dancer, a brands new guinness world record title was set! [ cheers and applause ] >> here's pavan. >> there's pavan right there. >> here pavan, congratulations. >> i want to give a shout out to dj rug rat. thank you dj rug rat. >> how do you feel? >> i feel like the king of the world. i feel so great right now. i'm just happy for everybody that put all in hard work in. we did it guys, we did it! >> anybody miss a step? >> from where i was standing i thought we all killed it.
8:52 am
>> are you going to share this with everybody, does everybody get it for a day? >> i played a mean trick on the young lady up front here. i told her that the judges ruled she blew it for the crowd. hey, congratulations pavan. thank you so much.
8:53 am
>> congratulations that was good morning. 8:57. looking at the tappan zee bridge.
8:54 am
more than 100 new speed cameras are up and running around new york city. the new cameras are in place just in time for the start of the new school year. they have been put in school zones on streets where accidents have happened in the past. we'll check the weather today. not as hot as yesterday. we could reach 90, though. tonight, showers and thunderstorms, specially after midnight. 73 degrees. tomorrow, better chance for rain. could be heavy at times. 80 is the high. friday, high of 81. saturday, mostly cloudy. 80 is the high. just ahead on the "today" show, comedian and "new york times" best selling author, jim gaffigan. we'll have another local update in 30 minutes. enjoy your morning!
8:55 am
this fall at dunkin donuts, get lost in pumpkin. pick up your favorite pumpkin-flavored beverages and baked treats, like the new pumpkin cheesecake square, while they're still here. america runs on dunkin'.
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8:57 am
from nbc news, this is today's take. live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> welcome to "today" it's wednesday morning, september 9th, 2015. >> look at baby. >> oh, baby. on one of those muggy, steamy you can see the air days here in new york. i'm willie alongside with natalie and cameron. al is on assignment. mclemore lewis jam downtown. like his songs. >> special shout out to eric nalgy of sha zam, he's the guy
8:58 am
that sings in the chorus. the part you are hearing right now. he goes full onned frommy mercury. their performance at the vmas was incredible. >> you glosed over al is on assignment. not just any assignment. >> on the assignment of a lifetime. >> he is on ghost busters duty right now in boston. that's the scream you heard last night, when you woke up, al living in joy. >> his dreams coming true today. >> can you imagine what he is doing right now. >> freaking out. hopefully he will show up for a cameo. >> he will we'll see. incredible pictures coming out of las vegas. a british airway's flight caught fire at vegas's mccarron airport. it was taxiing in route for london. when it caught on fire. all 159 passengers were evacuated sliding down emergency chutes. the fire was put out within four minutes. look at the smoke and the flames
8:59 am
billowing out of that plane. passenger dominic worthington was evacuated and spoke after standing on the ground. >> you were thinking it could go up at any time. as soon as the crew heard passengers saying there was a fire there was no hesitation whatsoever. the exit doors were opened. they were literally -- it was like clock work for them, it was obviously scary for them. >> 20 people were hospitalized all with minor injuries. british airways is promising to help the passengers with whatever they need. can you imagine looking out the window, fire and smoke coming out. and apparently the crew got them off in a timely and efficient way and got them down the slides and off the plane. >> thank goodness they weren't in the air when that happened. 157 passengers, to corral everybody off the plane safely that's incredible. >> that was breaking last night. they had an expert on and saying obviously the fear is if the
9:00 am
allowing in oxygen. osk obviously that would have been the worst case scenario. i was talking with one of our producers. whenever i see something like, when sully landed the miracle on the hudson. i have to resist from saying int can't imagine what i would do. otherwise i wouldn't fly. it taps into a fear obviously a lot of people have of flying. and we do a lot of flying with our jobs. and people have more access to flying with airfares being less than they used to be. i can't let my mind go there. what would i do. >> worst nightmare. >> my worst nightmare. but you should think about it. that's the reason they do the whole safety. you have to know. >> and how many times do you pay attention. >> and now some of them like delta havic at thattan to doing it in a comedy way to get you to pay attention. even if you are listening subconsciously, settling into your chair or putting the kids into the seat on the plane you are still listening and maybe
9:01 am
some of that will come into play. >> i always do a quick check. i don't listen to the whole thing. i know how to put my seat belt on. but check for the exits. >> al says he counts how many seats up to the nearest exit from where he is sitting. i thought that was a good tip. >> i saw a documentary once where they did talk about how to survive plane crashes like that. they do say you have to -- in a smoaky cabin you wouldn't know where you are going, your senses are completely turned around. let's move on to funner subjects. steven colbert making his debut last night. after nine months. people have been waiting and talking about him for the longest time. he got a ovation. his first guest was george clooney. there to help warm him up. after joking that -- george, obviously they were talking about his marriage. and it was funny because colbert said that amal said that -- basically, george clooney is
9:02 am
amal's arm candy. and colbert congrats lathed him on their wedding anniversary and gave him a present. take look. >> i know i don't know you but i wanted to give you something. >> thank you. >> and you can share that with your wife. >> can i open it now? >> go ahead, please, please. >> wow, that's really a tiffany thing. >> come on, i'm on network now. of course it's tiffani. >> this isn't comedy central. >> it's engraved. >> it's engraved. what does it say? >> it says "i don't know you". >> the idea is that he didn't give it to another celebrity that he doesn't know. like flat stanley it will keep popping up. >> meanwhile, jimmy fallon tweeting out to his good friend, to our frents at at colbert late show congrats on your first show. hopefully, dozens more. break a finger. of course referring to -- >> he made an appearance, fallon
9:03 am
made an appearance on the show. >> he made a cameo appearance which is sweet for him to do. i guess the late war rivalry is taking a softer turn. >> it's the first day. >> see how the ratings go. >> colbert said i have no interest in late night wars. that's boring. you can see they are buddies. they are on different shows. obviously they are competing. >> they are different than one i don't remember. obviously we know anyone following the letterman and lean o'late night war that was very personal. but it was fun to watch. you were up? >> no i had a horrible case of insomnia. i woke up at 3:00, despite all the segments we have done on don't turn on your phone or the television, i turned on the television, realized iin tad steven colbert and i have not been asleep since 3:00. >> you like his dancing. >> he opened the show with such energy.
9:04 am
we both grew up, all of us, on letterman. i was obsessed with letterman, especially in college. it is a completely different energy. but it was very fun to watch. >> he is not going to be letterman snits he impossible. >> yeah. >> but i do have to say, it reminds me much of the energy that jimmy fallon brings, just that fun, that guy you want to hang out with. he has that same feel. but he does have some mean moves. and speaking of someone else who can dance, brdly cooper, friend of said anchor man here. >> i've never seen him dance. >> you have hung out with brdly, you have had drinks with bradley. >> yes, this is usher level stuff right here. >> really? >> yeah, watch this. >> bradley cooper, james colbert's late shows. apparently we all stay up watching lathe shows. bradley cooper, take a look. >> i grew up when popping and break dancing was big on the east coast shut up. you can't pop. >> not anymore, but --
9:05 am
>> wow! you know, yeah, i love to dance. i do. i like to dance. >> oh. >> come on. oh, no! >> cooper, wow, coop. who knew? >> i mean, he danced the silver linings playbook but not like that. >> i guess that's the philly in him. >> you didn't see that coming. >> i didn't see that. why don't you guys hang. >> we don't do that -- >> slow dancing, doing the cha-cha. >> we reenact the silver linings bay plaque. i hold up here. >> fantastic. >> if there is a dream that could come true, i need video of you and bradley cooper reenacting. >> we are not going to make your dream come true. >> you were impressed though, right? >> of course.
9:06 am
>> bradly cooper, there is nothing he can't do. >> that's true. >> he is like the -- he's the man. >> we are excited about this. natalie we know you love a good roller coaster. the bar has been set again. great adventure, new jersey. definitely hitting that next year. here's another one. this is our exclusive first look at bell raven, at cedar point in san dusky, ohio. it opens next spring. natalie we are told will be the first to ever ride it. a 225 foot dive coaster. >> we need a cardboard a natalie you are not going to scream. >> oh, i scream. that's the fun it. and spit is dribbling out of my mouth. >> jennifer bush hager might be ready to go with you. >> right off maternity leave onto this. >> i'm sure she is watching saying what? >> it holds riders at a
9:07 am
45-degree angle for three to five seconds. you don't know when you are going to.dro. you dangle and it drops you when you are not ready. >> when you make that 220 feet down -- you have to wait, five seconds, ten seconds, so you can't brace yourself. >> that gave me goose bump. >> it is a great amusement park. >> we will be there rooting you on. >> go get them. >> i'm dancing with bradley cooper. >> let's get a check of the weather from dylan dreyer in for al. >> another hot one up and down the east coast. we will most likely tie records. the record is 94 set back in the late 1800s. tomorrow after a cold front moves through we will see temperatures be much more reasonable in the lower 80s. this cold front is going to produce heavy rain in missouri, illinois and new england. thursday into friday morning we
9:08 am
could end up we clear out by friday afternoon. 80 by friday. more wet weather and 70s by sunday. and that's your latest forecast. guys. >> dylan thanks. coming up next, the powerful story of a real life pastor who was declared dead only to come back to life after he says a visit to heaven. the film is called 90 minutes in heaven. thanks for calling angie's list. how may i help you? r i heard i could call angie's list if i rneeded work done around my house at a fair price. p you heard right, just tell us what you need done p and we'll find a top rated provider to take care of it. rso i could get a faulty light switch fixed?
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9:12 am
he is known best for his roll as annikan sky waunger. >> now he stars in the new film 90 minutes lk heaven. it tells the true story of a man, a pastor, who says he visited the afterlife following a devastating car crash. wou dn't want anyone to come see me like this. it's awful. >> it's not your call. >> hayden, good morning. >> good morning. >> how are you doing. >> we are doing great. this is a powerful, true story based on the life this pastor, don piper. ell me what it was like playing him. >> it was a real privilege. he is a man who i really admire and respect. and he's experienced something pretty remarkable. but it as -- it was a real treat getting to play him and be involved in this project. >> so the real life story goes he gets in a terrible car wreck
9:13 am
with a semi truck. he is pronounced dead on the scene, lays under a tarp for 90 minutes while they are processing the scene. >> yeah. >> what did he tell you he saw in those 90 minutes? >> he went to heaven. and he -- i mean, maybe it is a better question for him, but he describes a pretty remarkable experience. it was an incredible family reunion for him. and he describes it in great detail. you know, the sounds, and the smells, and all the sort of -- the stimulus that he experienced. >> he saw people, it wasn't just a light? it was he saw members of his family? >> yeah, yeah, yeah. and then he comes back to a pretty painful recovery. you know, his body is in bad shape. and he has kind of lost his will to live. and so the film is very much about his recovery, and how his family comes together, and the community of people come together to help him through
9:14 am
is very difficult time. >> what an interesting time for you to -- speaking of timing on this. to play this role. you are a new dad, you are looking at life through the prism who says there was a near death or afterlife experience. i would imagine both put life in experience here. >> totally. >> how was that for you, especially during this huge transition in your life as a dad? >> i think the two are sort of very intertwined. i -- you know, i was very affected by the story when i read it the first time. and i guess, you know, being a new father, it was -- it was nice to get to be involved in a project that i was going to be very proud of, and proud to have my family see and it one day my daughter see it. and so, you eah, definitely played a fact tour. >> your daughter is beautiful. breyer rose. inspired by sleeping beauty. >> they share a name, but not
9:15 am
inspired by slupy beauty. >> no, not story. just the name. clarification. >> just to be clear. that's the name, that's his daughter. what's the most interesting thing about being a new dad? >> everything. it's just life changing and puts everything into a new perspective. but it's -- it chan s everything so quickly. so it's just trying to adjust to it all. >> it's great to have you he e. hayden christensen. by the way, all proceeds of the film go to charity. >> that was a very big factor. all the profits are going to go to charity, which is sort of unheard of. >> that's great. thank you so much. "90 minutes in heaven" hits theaters this friday. how many clap pull ups can you do in a minute? i can't even do one pull up.
9:16 am
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9:19 am
today. and another attempt at a guinness world records title. we have got ron cooper from marble head massachusetts. he is the current record holder minute. now he is going to try to top his own record. >> guinness world record is celebrating its th year with the release of its 2016 record b took, two representatives. how many does he need to hit. >> ron is a current record holder. he has the record at 21. >> he needs 22 in one m nute. >> that's correct. fully extended arms, body straight and he has got to clap. ron are you ready. >> we are stabilizing the bar. alex you are going to count him when he is ready. >> okay we are holding on. ood luck. >> okay, and then we'll count
9:20 am
it. gready, three, two, one, go. >> two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18? come on, you can do it. >> 19. >> you n do it, 30 seconds. >> you have got time. >> 20. >> lots of time. 21. >> yes, yes, you got it. 22. >> you can keep going. because you have got 15 seconds. >> 23. >rd> you can do it, ron. >> you got it. >> 24. >> 24. >> t seconds. tthhere you go. make it an even 25. >> let's do it.
9:21 am
>> let's do it. three seconds. >> time it. >> all right. what's the official word. >> ron, you took the guinness world record title for the most clap pull ups in one minute. let's give him a rounds of applause for 25 pull ups. >> excellent. >> ron, you are officially amazing. >> awesome. >> very cool. >> ron, how does it feel, man? an >> hi's awesome. >> and you had time to spare, you had like 25 seconds on the clock. >> it is a big honor. thank you so much. >dne how do you ecover from something like this? >> this is it. i'm done. i'm done. it's only one minute. >> only one minute you say. congratulations. >> thank you. >> coming up, sandra bullock and (queen's "you're my best friend" plays) ooh... you make me live, whatever this world... at petsmart, we know that pet adoption changes lives. that's why petsmart charities helps save more than a thousand
9:22 am
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9:24 am
good morning. 9:27. a vote is expected that could shake up menus across the city. they will vote on a proposal to require chain restaurants to identify foods that have more than a teaspoon of sodium, the recommended daily limit. they are trying to make people aware of the salt they are consuming. the salt industry calls the effort misguided. not as hot as yet. we could reach 90. tonight, is showers and thunderstorms, specially after midnight. 73 degrees. tomorrow, better chance for rain. could be heavy at times. is the high. friday, more rain in the morning. high of 81. saturday, mostly cloud kri, 80 is the high. coming up on the "today" show, the legendary carol king and the two women that play her on broadway.
9:25 am
9:26 am
taking a look at the adlines. a big day for apple as the
9:27 am
company holds an events in san francisco where it's expected to unaustralia latest iphones, the 6ss and the 6s plus. they will feature a 12 mega pixel camera and a faster processor. they may also show up the redined apple tv box. google plans to begin testing same day delivery of fresh foods. it they will test it first in san francisco and one other u.s. city partnering with companies that include whole foods and costco to deliver fruits, vegetables and other fresh foods. google express would then compete with amazon fresh and other similar services. the surgeon general is calling on americans to take a walk. with about two thirds of people overweight in the u.s., vivic mercy is issuing a call to action on walking. he is calling on everyone to walk more and to make community more confused friendly. he says to get your heart rate up, walking should be brisk enough that you can talk but not sing while doing it.
9:28 am
>> and a british weatherman nails the name of the welch town who had the warmest temperatures in the u.k. >> just 12 degrees at the coastal parts of eastern england about cloudy skies, but in the sunshine in northwest whales, just up the road -- pronoundsing the name ]. the temperature got to 21 degrees celsius. >> say that three times fast. the town name -- i'm not going to try to pronounce it. has 58 letters. it is the second longest town name in the world. longest in europe. the name translates to st. mary's church in the red hollow and st. mary's church near the red cave. i love that he shortened it to go, go, go. i get in trouble when i say ch appalachians wrong. i don't want to attempt that one.
9:29 am
>> we have got hurricane linda spawning off some clouds. the storm is going to stay over the pacific. but see these clouds? they will produce pockets of rain. across the desert southwest. it is a category two hurricane moving northwest at 12 miles per hour. the storm is not going to make land fall in baja or southern california but the moisture in front of the it will produce rain. when it comes down no a short period we could have flooding. flood watches in parts of southern california and over into arizona n. new england, ahead of this cold front, hot weather. it's going to produce pockets of heavy rain. one to two inches, possibly up to th look can at hazy sunshine with clouds. not as hot as yesterday but with the humidity high. norrth and west link this
9:30 am
afternoon or evening. a few showers overnight. a rumble of thunder, about 73. early on in the evening should be relatively quiet. those storms move in late. tomorrow, showers and thunderstorms likely, specially in the afternoon and evening. 81, morning clouds, friday, clearing. saturday, looks good, near 80. and that's your latest forecast. guys. >> thank you dylan. it is hump day. got our club music. got your drinks. >> '90s club music. >> just water. all right. cheers anyway. to the u.s. open edition of topics. it's actually bad luck to cheers with water. we have to change. >> it is. >> good news. all eyes on serena williams last night. did you see this match? it was incredible. she managed to defeat her sister, convenient us and advance to the semifinals. the two shared a long hug in front of the crowd filled with superstars. some. most famous faces in this country all lined up to see the faceoff of the williams sisters.
9:31 am
oprah winfrey with her bestie gayle king. presidential hopeful donald trump also in the stands. rapper kane kendrick lamar. kim. and her sister and gigi had add and all of those people they were there having a good time. jim actually helped serena prepare for the match. this is a photothey posted tips upping and spilling the tee tea with serena the night before. spilling the tea means -- tune what it means? gossip. when you spill the tea, that's a little gossip. they were sipping and spilling the tea. maybe about someone serena is rumored to be dating. >> jersey. >> i just read it too. i'm not confirming anything. sandra bullock is bake. it's been nearly two years since her oscar winning turn in gravity. now she is starring alongside fellow oscar winner billy bob thornton.
9:32 am
the movie is our brand in crisis. bullock is hired to rescue a political candidate to rescue his failing campaign. >> where did you go? >> what happened to your hair. >> you have a great sense of humor. >> how many times have you gone up against candy. >> three or four times. >> how many times has he beat you? >> three or four times. >> if security beats you up, you are doing your job right. get that beating on tape. wake up, this is war. there is only one wrong in this. only one, and that is losing. maybe check and see if anyone understood that. >> ]. speaking spanish brgt. >> the film is coproduced by bullock's gravity co-star george clooney audio. by the i with a, have we ever seen here with blond hair before. >> blindside, was she blond.
9:33 am
adam miller our producer reminds us. >> clooney was originally set to take the lead role but the role was flipped to female when bullock showed interest. and big congrats ulations to justin bieber. he became the youngest male to debut at number one on billboard billboard's hot 100 with his new single what do you mean. as a thank you to his fans, he dropped an accusic version. his new album drops november 13th. if you don't rr know, that means you have not watched this show once this week or perhaps in the last couple of weeks. justin will be performing his number one hit and more on our plaza tomorrow on "today." by the way, imloving his new look. i like the hair. >> you like the hair. >> it's difficult when your hair is icon i go. he is trying to mix it up. his first -- >> you like night the bangs, the flip up thing, that was huge. >> yeah.
9:34 am
>> what is this then? >> it has broad -- i have broad knowledge on this topic. >> up next, one of the funniest guys on tv. jim gassic and he has a hit show. he is doing something for the very first time here in new york. he has his iconic dance there's only one egg that just tastes better. so fresh from the farm. delicious. perfect. only one egg with more great nutrition... like 4 times more vitamin d and 10 times more vitamin e. and 25% less saturated fat. only one egg good enough for my family. because why have ordinary when you can have the best. eggland's best. the only egg that gives you so much more: better taste. better nutrition. better eggs. when is your flu shot more than a flu shot? when it helps give
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9:38 am
and if you have kidney or liver problems. tusing invokana with a sulfonylurea ror insulin may increase risk of low blood sugar. it's time. lower your blood sugar with invokana . imagine loving your numbers. there's only one invokana . ask your doctor about it by name. york best selling author and one of the funniest stand up comedians on the planet. >> he is also the star of the jeff gaffigan show who was just renewed on tv link. it's based of course on jim's real life. >> i'm sorry, would it be possible to get a photo? why not. >> with jim? >> oh!
9:39 am
>> can you take it? >> can you? >> yeah. >> you are my 10-year-old bother r brother's favorite comedian. >> horrible. just horrible always a good demographic, 10-year-olds. >> you got picked up for a second season. i am on the record, i am a bay yased huge fan of your show. the brains behind the show, your wife, genie. executive producer of the show. >> terrific first wife. she is amazing. it's interesting. we write all the scripts together and we have never argued once. she has never raised her voice. >> really? >> she has never been disappointsed in me. you know what's amazing is like we have five kids, we do this show, and in all the chaos, there are still moments when i catch her looking at me with a look that can only be described as disappointment. but you know, she's' catholic so
9:40 am
there is no quitting the team. >> your family photo, that's with elsa and the frozen cast. >> that was amazing. that was when we were in frozen. >> you were olaf. >> i would like to point out my kids are wearing blazers and i didn't even shower. >> how is that? >> that's just -- you know, i show up as a dad, you know, it's an important role. being a dad is the most important thing i will fail at. it really is. >> you have got five kids. >> five kids. >> and you took the crew on a bus tour across america. >> we started in seattle, down to san diego, and cross to atlanta. 37 shows, 30 days, unbelievable. and my kids did construction along the way. it was -- it was crazy. it was fun. >> speaking of your kids. i understand you just went to alaska, the alaska state fair. >> yes. >> somebody, i think probably yoet shone you. >> i had a difficult opening act. >> we've got tape. let's take a look.
9:41 am
>> i guy walks into a library, and he says can i have a happy meal? the libraryian says, ian ian -- the libraryian says, sir, this is a library. the guy goes -- [ whispering ] >> i didn't have to pay him. a no payment child labor. and then he slept outside. which is great. it builds -- >> nine years old, though, standing out if front of the a huge crowd. >> i know. but we went on this trip. i mean, alaska is unbelievable. i am like the biggest advocate of alaska. but -- and he was there with me. it was like a daddy and son trip. i was like, why don't you go out there and do a joke? he was like do i get my phone after this? and i was like yeah. >> that's all it takes. >> smart kid. >> jim, we love the show. we love you. come back any time. but next time bring genie. no offense. >> bring the kids. >> i'll leave them here.
9:42 am
>> the jim gaffigan show airs wednesday nights on tvlands. and jim will be headlining madison square garden on december 12th. that's huge. make you nervous or not? >> it is a little bit -- it's enormous. that's like a thousand billion people. >> it is. we'll be there watching jim. thanks. >> thanks you guys. up next, how to stay calm under pressure. we've got some let your camry show you that your driveway isn't just connected to your street but to the ends of the earth. from coastal highways to roller-coaster hills to the street that changed music forever. and the perfect route for a getaway. it's all one road waiting for you to take it. discover more in a camry. toyota. let's go places.
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9:46 am
researchers suggest that keeping calm may not be the most effective approach when you are feeling stressed out. we'll get expert advice on ways to stay cool under pressure. but first some of our personal stress relieving tips. >> for me, the trick to staying calm under pressure is to slow things down. >> i try to give myself one beat to breathe. take a beat, sometimes two. >> i drive on the parkway. a nice, windsy road. >> i practice deep breathe, techniques. >> it can feel hectic and chaotic, oh, my gosh, how am i going to get all these things done. >> and then there are those things when you can't do anything but go with the flow. >> what is going to happen is going to happen.
9:47 am
>> sometimes you have to remove yourself from the situation and internalizing, going deep into your body. >> what? al roker stresses me out. breathe. that's how i handle it. deep, cleansing -- i'm going to get you, al rocker, breaths. >> al, i'm coming after you. we are joined by dr. raj. good morning. >> i like what this harvard study says. keeping calm not the best way to handle anxiety producing moments. >> think about anxiety. you are aroused. think about that arousal as a river. if you try to do a 180. that's what keeping calm is. you are telling someone who say is -- who is aroused to turn it around fast. turn it into excitement.
9:48 am
arousal and excitement are the same flavor. >> first topic for you to give us advice on. speaking in public. we all get nervous at huge speaking engagements. >> public speaking the biggest fear americans have. again, get excited. it's your chance to get your message out there. i tell my students for example, who are doing oral presentations. i want you to pretend you are michael jordan. he is not doing this. you are not do that. you are excited about getting out a message out there and staying in the moment. if you get too far ahead. you will miss it. just like the play er er. >> another one that induce fear obviously is a job interview. what's good tip here? >> a job interview is that moment where you feel totally on. get excited. i'm going to give you the best hack ever. get ready to open your mouths. >> open our mouths? okay. >> the brain is like the little kid. you can say get out.
9:49 am
i want you to take these pencils. the two of you, stick them between your teeth. and you stick it between your teeth and have it hang down. now take those pencils out. take it out. keep that smile. do you see how the teeth are open, cheeks up. but it is a smile. that's a real smile, it is genuine, and it is a sign to your brain. >> this is a genuine smile. >> it is. do it again. here. >> so in a job interview you want to have. >> don't keep your pencil in your mouth during the interview. before you go in, do that. it tricks your mind. the mind is like a little kid. it's easy to trick it. give it that smile, your brain perceives things differently and you go in the interview and you kill it. >> i like this advice. for more ways to help you say emergencily tough in your
9:50 am
9:51 am
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9:52 am
still smiling. >> we showed you video earlier, bradley cooper dancing on late night tv. right. >> well, we got our hands on this exclusive video. take look here. oh, where is it. >> oh, yeah. oh, yeah. oh, yeah. >> she me the lift. >> watch your face. >> look at the love in his eyes. >> he just loves you. >> show the lift! that was the whole point.
9:53 am
>> maybe we didn't know blinds to go's summer celebration sale's so hot you're gonna need shades. not those shades. these shades! take a cool 20-35% off all sun shades, cascade shades, basswood and more. shades on sale. there's nothing cooler than that. blinds to go. blinds for life. cannonball! blinds to go's summer celebration sale is going on now make a splash with new sun shades, cascade shades, basswood and more, all at 20-35% off! it's the hottest sale of the year.
9:54 am
just when you need to cool off most. blinds to go. blinds for life. good morning. 9:57 on this wednesday morning. it is 80 degrees out. i am darlene rodriguez. the first day of school for more than 1 million students in new york city. mayor de blasio and his wife came to staten island to greet students and parents. he said he was excited to see children excited to be there, specially the little ones entering prekindergarten. about 70,000 children are expected to take part in the program. hot and muggy. if we reach 90, another heat wave. tonight, showers and thunderstorms, specially after midnight. 73 degrees. tomorrow, better chance for rain. could be heavy at times.
9:55 am
80 is the high. friday, 81. saturday, mostly cloudy, 80 is the high. coming up on the "today" show, with kathy lee and hoda, artist of the month, skylar decker. stay tuned.
9:56 am
9:57 am
>> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> yes, hello, everybody. it's the day hoda live for. >> which day is that? >> it's winesday wednesday, it's september 9. we're delighted you're with us today. that song is "peanut butter jelly." never heard it, it good? >> i played this at i, hoda. >> i tuned it out probably. if you're a carol king fan we've got a treat for you. we'll talk with the lay egendary singer. find out why two women need to play her on broadway. >> and jess one of the women was jessie mueller.
9:58 am
>> and now she's returning to broadway as "waitress." speaking of legends, ben vereen is starring in a very powerful new film alongside richard gere playing two homeless gentlemen. i think he really has a soft spot in his heart for many this particular role. >> when you look at both of them, they're so credible in that position and elvis duran is back with his artist of the month barely out of the month. she's a lot of fun. this song is fun, it's roof top. >> she looks like a really young j lo. >> she does! five million hits, she's 13 years old and releasting her first album. hi, what were you doing at 13? you were probably releasing your first album. >> i was singing but i wasn't near album material. we called them records back then. >> would you like words of wisdom? >> i would, hoda. i need it. >> here are today's words of wisdom. "forgiveness doesn't excuse their behavior, forgiveness prevents their behavior from
9:59 am
destroying your heart." >> totally true. >> from anot. >> from anon, my favorite. somebody said to me "i hate them." i said, well, somehow that going to help you? they don't feel your hate rhett. >> they're not even thinking about you. >> don't do that to yourself. forgive and move on and it's -- a friend of mine, a brilliant man says that's called a ma malignancy of your soul. you let a cancer grow in your soul and it takes over every other aspect of you. >> you're right. >> there was a big match last night on tv -- >> and it wasn't jimmy fallon and stephen colbert. >> it certainly was. it was serena and venus. this is one of those that i cannot imagine what goes into either one of those people before they play. you want to play your heart out and for serena this was huge, she was trying to win yet another grand slam that would set a record for her. this is the 27th time those two have played each other and it


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