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tv   Today  NBC  September 9, 2015 10:00am-11:00am EDT

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then venus won the second set. and then it was down to the third set and serena ended up winning it and how -- can you imagine, though, looking across the net and seeing the person who you grew up playing tennis with and each one is competitive. i wonder what they're saying. but serena did talk about what that match was like afterwards. take a look. >> it's a really great moment. she's the toughest player i've ever played in my life and the best person i know so it's -- [ cheers and applause ] it's going against your best friend and at the same time going against the greatest competitor for me in women's tennis so it was really difficult today. >> so when you look at them when they are little, there was some b-roll on one of the shows. >> on espn. >> watching venus and serena when they're playing. you're watching them hit with their dad and how they played
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since they were little. this is what venus said when she was asked about tennis when she was a little girl. >> i like tennis a lot and i think i want to play all the time. >> you see them as little kids and you can't imagine. >> don't you think that's true? we are the same human being all through our life but what you love to do when you're a little kid and the time flies, i call it follow the goose bumps. follow your goose bumps. it leads to the sweet spot where you define your own success. if you can -- my dad used to say if you find what you love to do and figure out a way to get paid for it. they are getting paid extremely well following their goose bumps. i did that and i think you ultimately did it as well, too. >> it takes a minute to realize. >> not everyone knows. >> if i was looking across the net and i saw hala and i knew it was a huge thing and it's not like a sister thing, it's like the world is watching you. i can't -- i would feel terrible every time she missed a shot.
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i think i would be like "oh, my god, you'll do better next time." i think that would be in my head. >> i don't know if we can put ourselves in their place competing at that level. by my sister mechy who i always adore, we worked together. she was one of my backup singers along with denice carly for years and years and years an years so we were on the same team so i only know that. >> but did you ever compete in singer? >> no, because she was so much a better singer than i ever was but she didn't have the inner constitution for this business. >>ee. >> this business almost ate away at her gut and i thrived on it because we're different people but we were able to find a way for us both to do what we loved to do but she was in a militia ore protected environment that way. and hala -- you're a good tennis player, right? >> no, both hala and i like to
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play but we're not great at it. but i'm always rooting for her to do well so i think it would be hard to go toe to toe with her on anything. >> do you think serena is going to get? >> i think she's going to get it. >> who does she play in the semifinals, anybody no? >> i don't know. >> this is nbc news! they're all going, um -- >> no one has google, no one knows. who? >> vinchi. >> i hope you're right, we just said it out loud. a lot of people were in attendance at this match. is that kim kardashian? she was there. oprah and gayle were there. gayle always gets cut out of the shot. >> poor gail. >> donald trump was there. >> and gladys knight was back. gladys loves tennis. >> she loves her tennis. so there's a milestone happening, right, with the queen? >> yes, the queen, queen elizabeth.
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you will s yll -- do you think you'll still be working when you're 89? >> i hope so. doing something. >> well, she is now the world's longest reigning monarch. she beat her great-great grandmother queen victoria. she's 89, been reigning for 63 years. >> the palace released this new photo to commemorate this occasion. >> and we still don't know what's in her purse. >> that picture was taken by paul mccartney's daughter mary. >> i've never even heard of mary. >> i've heard of mary but you don't hear much, it's always stella. her mom, whom i did know, her late mother linda, was a terrific photographer and a nice lady. one time -- you know, we've had both. we've been blessed to be in this business for a long time and you've interviewed many crazy people. one of the most amazing times was i was working with regis and i look over and there's linda eastwood mccartney in our kitchen because she's going to do a vegan dish and there's paul
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mccartney just standing at the door just waiting for her. >> what? >> that's when i used to go "paul! paul!" scream. oh, my gosh. >> oh, my go? >> everybody loved their own particular beatle. that was before you. >> yeah. but paul was -- i think paul was the cutest. of that group. >> well, ringo is still around. that would be hard for them to hear. >> it's hump day. we decided on every hump day we are going to show you a hunk. we're going to show you a hunk to make it through your hump day. so today matt damon's -- it's matt damon's day, very buff. he's in the new jason bourne film. oh, my gosh. >> he beefed up for that, didn't he? >> he sure did. >> i wonder if he did it by eating kale and doing pilates. that's what everybody says. >> look at his abs. >> cute. >> that's crazy. he also does seem unaware he's so handsome. he's just -- >> he seems like he cares about other things in life than other
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at safelite we stand behind our work... ...because the ones you love, sit behind it. (softly) safelite repair, safelite replace i'm very rarely jealous but i'm jealous because hoda got to spend some great time with carol king a few weeks zblag i did and it was a lot of look. i'm so excited. i'm a huge fan of "beautiful, carol king the musical." i've seen it eight times and i'd go again. it's going national, baby, with the u.s. tour kicking off. the hit broadway show has brought the songs of six time grammy winner carol king a whole new generation. she's earned two tony awards along the way and with me now, the one, the only, carol king! along two very talented ladies,
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shallina kennedy who plays carol on broadway and abbey mueller who will take the role on tour. look at the three of you! for okay, carol, in the beginning -- look i thought it was going to be good because it's about your life story but did you think that this was going to be one of those musicals that people are still talking about? that's still filling up? that seems like it's going to be one of the main stays? you picture "mama mia" being there forever. did you think it would have these kind of legs? >> the short answer is no. but on the other hand i did see a reading, an early reading and when they got to, like, one of the climactic moments that was very emotional for me i said, you know what? i think this is going to be good but i can't stay for the second half of the reading and i'm not going to go to the show. >> because a lot of people -- i was there opening night and everyone was whispering "is carol here? is carol here? is carol here?" and carol wasn't there. you didn't go for several month, right? >> right. >> how come it took you a while
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to decide it was time to go see it? >> it was -- people were telling me it was so good, it was really good and my daughter, sherry, is my manager, she's also jerry geffen's daughter and she is, along with a lot of other people, part of it. i had nothing to do with it. what's in it is my past but she said mom, you have to go see it. so i did and i was blown away. >> it was amazing. shallina, you're so good. come on, i saw it with jessie in it, i saw it with you in it, i saw enjoyed it. when you're on stage and singing those hits, are you channeling carol? what are you doing while you're on stage? >> well, i'm hoping to channel carol, that's the aim and the aim is tog do -- not so much an imitation but an interpretation of this fabulous lady. and to -- and what i think jessie did so beautifully is that she let it live through her as the usique person that she is so i'm trying to do the same. >> when you're on stage --
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everyone wants to sing. if they're not singing they're humming. do you enjoy when people are like you make me because that's what you want to do when you here in the audience. >> one of my favorite parts of the show is at the end when we do "earth move" and i see everybody, men, women, kids get up and dance in the aisles and sing along. it's fabulous. >> how about when the men sing "natural woman"? >> no, they don't! >> they do: they let it rip, baby. >> abi, abi, abi. if you don't know abbey mueller, her sister is jesse mulr who on the tony. you are on the national tour. first of all, is jessie giving you pointers? is she saying do it like this? don't do it like that? >> she's been so supportive about the whole thing. kind of what have shallina was talking about and jess t ld me, she's like, you know, your responsibility is to carol, it's not about us.
10:13 am
we're there to be this vessel of carol's words and music and so i think our responsibility and my goal and perhaps yours is just to tie to capture that essence of caroland hopefully remain as honestand open and vulnerable as she ie. >> what is in the water in your house with you and your sister? >> can i say something, though? abi had a role in "kinky boots" so she is not new to this. >>e right, exaciny! >> and other things i know, but the "king ky boots s boots" one -- >> do people make you sing? what's the one? i feel, the earth under my feet come on, got to hear a little. i feel the sky tumbling down >> you guys are so terrific. hank you so much. i mean, t's such a pleasure to have ou here. tour, abi.
10:14 am
>> and summer stages, you rock! >> i love summer stage! i wish we could talk forever, but, you know, they give us a hard wrap. >> hoda, you started it in the wrong key. >> how does it go? i feel the arth move under my feet i feel sky tumbling down >> it's not the same without you! >> "beautiful, the carol king musical" begins september 15, providence, rhode island. get your tickets. >> talking about talented singers, we'll meet a 13-year-old whose youtube channel has more than 26 million views. >> o own elvis duran's artist of the month daddy gator couldn't push the throttle on his little boat any harder if he tried. he's beached here, gazing out on an unforgiving landscape. for while the people who come in here use quilted northern, a toilet paper that works so well they completely forget their experience... daddy gator sees all and forgets nothing. "i've got to motor out of here,"
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she's been singing and w driting her own music since she was nine years old. now four years later she's become a youtube sensation and she's elvis duran's artist of the month. >> the national radio host is back with his pick for the next big music star and it's 3-year-old skylar stecker. she's set to release her debut album called "this is me." hello, little girl! >> very nice to meet you! >> nice to meet you guys. >> elvis, she's 13, how did you discover her? >> forget the age. when you hear her voice you'll think . >> really? >> yo have a mature fantastic voice. ou'll hear it in a few .inutes. >> first time you heard her was when? >> two months ago, two months ago.
10:19 am
great story, she was ni years ld trying out for a school talent connest playing the piano and they said "why don't you sing instead?" and you said -- >> and i said "well, i don't think i can sing, i don't know if i can sing." no one in my faeily sings so i thought i was going to be really d and i sang for them and found out a week later that they want med to sing instead and they just put me in the talent show to sing. >> what was the song, do you remember? >> it was "maybe" from nnie. >> i love that song! >> that's the snnghe i was playing on the piano and they were like just sing it." >> she had the guts to put herself throughout so with no c onfidrnce whatsoever to now 28 million views on youtube. >> how does that work? you got on youtube and they juyt started adding up. >> that's what a lot of p ople do, right? >> it's a slow progression. i started posting home videos of me on youtube and randomly i just started -- i relaunched it
10:20 am
and start to make it a bigger production and it was just amazing. >> by the way your mom who is i think -- where's your tom? >> she's adorable. >> can you guys spin around and get a shot of her? she's right back there. >> she doesn't want to be on tv! >> and that's your little brother delight, too. >> he l kes to be on camera. >> he was talking about it. he was like "i wish i was being the one being interviewed." >> her voice changes everything. but with an album coming up later this month i want everyone to remember the moment you saw her here on "today." sflo . >> you're right, though, glass you look like a 13-year-old jennifer lopez. >> thank you! >> that bodes well for the future, sweetheart. and you're writing your own stuff, skylar? >> i co-wrote everything on the album. >> does that come to you from life? >> i started writing when i started singing and i just -- a lot of times i'll just start gradually from the piano because that's where i started and right
10:21 am
from there a lot of times producers will send isen traces, other times they thr ideas at each other but i love writing and being able to express myself. >> what concept do you write the most about? at 13 you probably haven't had your heartbroken a lot. >> it's funny because i'm such an old soul. my mom thinks "who are these secret boyfriends you're not telling me about?" because i have all these little things but i just feel like i already know inside from being surrounded by a bunch of older people and just, like, knowing what goes on in theiralives and how they feel in certain situations. >> well, we're excited to hear you sing. >> we can't wait. >> she's going to sing for us in just a few minutes. are you ready for tomorrow night's big nfl matchup. we'll play "who knew" to find out. before, my budget used to keep me up at ni t. how you gonna pay for the kid's new dell laptop for school? and the missus wants a kitchen aid mixer for her birthday. d... hey! you're forgetting about we can shop over 275,000 items
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today, another hot day. muggy as well. showers and thunderstorms specially after midnight. tomorrow, better chance for rain. could be heavy at times. 80 is the high. friday, more rain, high of 81. saturday, mostly cloudy. 80 is the high. coming up next on the "today" show with kathie lee and hoda, elvis durant, 13-year-old. stay tuned.
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we're ready to play our
10:27 am
eekly trivia game "who knew." football season kicks off tomorrow night when the steelers take on the new england patriots so to get ready for the big game we're putting your nfl knowledge to the test. hoda's across the street at the nbc experience store ready to handout 100 bucks and a brand new nfl jersey to anyone who answers the questions correctly and for those who don't they get a mini football! and here to help me out from fantasy football live is nbc sports analyst kay adams, nice to see you. >> nice to see you. >> you look beautiful. >> thank you. >> so everybody's excited every year. >> kicks off tomorrow night. >> all righty, let's go over to hoda woman who's got the first question. >> before we play can we show you? what's her name? >> sally. [ cheers and applause ] can you even? can you stand it? i'm so happy. what's your name? >> janine. >> where are you from? >> andover, new jersey. >> no pressure but here you go. this season's nfl championship game will be super bowl number what? a, 39.
10:28 am
b, 50. c, 61. >> c? >> oh, no, no, it's not. it's 50. you should have listened to your friend. that's okay, you get a plastic football. [ laughter ] >> 50th anniversary of the super bowl. it's the golden anniversary, they're having it in kra yah the niners play in santa clara and there will be a loath of golden embellishments, a golden 50 yard line marker at stadiums, gold el bell,mentes. roger goodell is saying this is going to be a huge celebration. >> it will be huge. that's for sure. hoda, back to you. >> what's your name, hon? >> where are you from? >> climax, north carolina. >> climax. [ laughter ] you ready? which of these fee neal stars will be the voice of this year's "sunday night football".
10:29 am
is it, a, miranda lambert. b, faith hill. c carrie underwood. >> i'm thinking c. [ bell ringing ] you are right! [ cheers and applause ] $100. congratulations. >> that's exciting. i remember when faith hill was the voice of it. so now it's going to be carrie. >> it's carrie for the third year. she just taped a new video this summer with the biggest nfl stars, odell beckham, jr., russell wilson. she's got incredible outfits and even though it's waiting all day for sunday night you can catch t he debut video tomorrow as the steelers take on the patriots. >> terrific. hoda, back to you. >> just one more shot. [ laughter ] okay, what's your name? >> barbara. >> where are you have? >> wisconsin. >> all right, here we go. a broadcast of an nfl game can last more than three hours. what is the total time the ball is in play during a game between each snap and the referee calling the play dead. wait, i have a question. what?
10:30 am
here are the choices. 11 minutes, 24 minutes or 57 minutes. a for alex. >> you're right! [ cheers and applause ] >> she has no idea what just happened and neither do we. >> 11 minutes. over three hours per game and now they're longer because they're reviewing every touchdown. there's an increase in penalties. each play is five seconds. under five seconds per play so not a lot of football. plenty of time to get food and drinks. >> why were they exhausted? >> that's a good question. do we have time for one more? >> my name is angela crabtree from wichita, kansas! >> i have a feeling you're going to get this, girl, here we go. which of these singers has never headlined a super bowl half time show, beyonce, katy perry or taylor swift? >> c.
10:31 am
>> yes! [ cheers and applause ] >> i heard in the papers today they were saying bruno mars. >> taylor swift also rumors and nobody can forget katy perry and the most watched super bowl half time show of all times. the reunion of jesse -- >> oh, we have one more. >> but bruno mars might get to do it this year. >> he's wonderful. >> we have time for another one. this is exciting. ready? what's your name? >> rachel. >> from? >> atlanta. >> no pressure, everyone is getting them right. which one of these nfl teams doesn't have cheerleaders? the miami dolphins, the oakland raiders, or the pittsburgh steelers? >> i'm no help. >> the steelers? >> yes! [ cheers and applause ] >> all right, we have to go. >>s what's going on? >> everybody, thank you so much.
10:32 am
the nfl season kicks off right here on nbc tomorrow night at 7:30 eastern time. all right, singer dancer and actor ben vereen has done it all. he tells us about his new movie with richard gere and elvis '13-year-old artist of the month sings her latest song. you'll love it. my name is lee kaufman. married to morty kaufman. [ lee ] now that i'm getting older some things are harder to do. this is not a safe thing to do. be careful babe. there should be some way to make it easier [ doorbell rings ] let's open it up and see what's cookin'. oh i like that. look at this it's got a handle on it. i don't have to climb up. this yellow part up here really catches a lot of the dust. did you notice how clean it looks? morty are you listening? morty? [ morty ] i' m listening! i want you to know waking up to fatigued skin? sleep on this! garnier miracle sleeping cream. like a lightweight mask of continuous hydration, it works while you sleep, so you wake up to refreshed, younger-looking skin. miracle sleeping cream. from garnier.
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10:37 am
we just heard her sing and it's awesome. >> she's is years old set to release her debut album called this is me. >> she's performing her newest single called "crazy beautiful" skylar stecker. ain't what they want, ain't what they used to it's all we got all my ladies, all my girls all around the world you better know, crazy beautiful, so unushl
10:38 am
ual, freedom, can't be sold, it's freedom, freedom all my ladies, all my girls, all around the world you better know it, crazy beautiful so unusual, it's sounds like freedom, freedom we're making noise, shout in the silence they hear us bow down, they hear us getting this right, nobody can break it up all my ladies all my girls all myladies around the world, you better know it
10:39 am
crazy beautiful, so unusual, it's about freedom, freedom can't be sold, it's about your freedom, freedom all my ladies, all my girls, come around the world you better know it, crazy beautiful so unusual, it's not about freedom, freedom freedom freedom, freedom, freedom, freedom, freedom
10:40 am
crazy beautiful, so unusual, your freedom, freedom oh, it's freedom, freedom freedom crazy, beautiful, your freedom, freedom freedom >> yes! skylar! wow! wow! >> you were terrific! i told you! >> terrific. from rising star to legendary one. tony winner ben vereen has some magic to do just for us right after this. >> great job, skylar! that was awesome! what do a nascar driver... a comedian... and a professional golfer have in common? we talked to our doctors
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>> isn't that nice and peaceful? that's called a spirit flute. you'll recognize this man, an actor, singer, all around entertainer, his five decade career spans tv, film and broadway. >> thank you! >> we're talking about a triple threat, of course, ben vereen. in 1973 he won a on theny for his dazzling performance in the broadway musical "pippin" then he was in "funny lady" and "sweet charity" and then in the iconic tv series "roots." >> now he's in the new final "time out of mind" and he stars alongside the wonderful richard gere as a fellow homeless man who claims to have once been a successful jazz musician. >> hi! >> hello! >> what a nice way to come here with that flute. why do you carry that with you? >> to calm me down and to just calm the atmosphere down. >> it really does the trick.
10:47 am
>> at a time when things can get a little tense, walk into that place, i play the elevator and everybody goes, oh. [ laughter ] >> put their that machines down. >> we connect for a moment in time. >> nothing does it. >> you write very eloquently how the arts changed your life as a young man. somebody introduced you to arts as a life path. >> yes, dr. rachel yoakam right here in manhattan in the high school of performing arts. and what was so wonderful about last night's premier of "time out of mind" and thank you richard gere and thank you to the director, we performed at the bam, brooklyn academy of music, where i did my first recital when i was like nine years old so it was almost tear time for me to be back there. >> this movie is an important movie. >> very important. >> was it a no brainer when they asked you to? >> it was. i said "i have to do this." >> tell us why. >> look around you.
10:48 am
i hope that people take this message and do something about it. we have the power to do that. we can change it because there but by the grace go you and i. in a minute we could be sitting here, next moment we here in a cardboard box so let us fix those in the cardboard boxes so if we have to go there, we don't have to go that far. i know in utah they're doing a wonderful thing, i understand, where they're taking -- and i think our mayor is interested inning down this because he came last night, he didn't see the show, he didn't see the movie but he made comments about the fact of making things better here and he has but for -- in utah what they're doing is they're giving them a handup instead of a handout. they're giving them homes, giving them medical attention and what they need in order to become a part of society. we spend so much money on keeping them homeless. let's take that money and make them homeowners. >> there's also a mental illness factor to the whole thing. >> exactly.
10:49 am
we can address all of that and for myself i try to do it with the youth, the young people. >> and you shot this film on the streets of new york? >> right here in manhattan. >> and with a long lens camera often times so people didn't know around you that you were being shot as a film so people -- richard went unrecognizable for quite a bit. and i'm sure you did, too. >> we both did. we were at astor's place and we were panhandling in one of the scenes and i would go up to people and i'd say, you know, i'd ask them for money and they didn't know who i was, they didn't know who richard was and richard got $1.25, i think i made $5 because i was in people's faces. but the thing about it is that richard said last night it's like people feel that they're going to be slipped into a black hole or like they have leprosy if they touch anybody and, you know, it's not a black hole, you know? >> there's help. >> it's our people.
10:50 am
it's our people and we have the power to do something. >> will you play us snout. >> the same way you brought us in. >> go see the movie and not just see the movie. do something about it. >> "time out of mind" is in theaters now. we're back in a momentment but first this is "today" on nbc.
10:51 am
10:52 am
10:53 am
tomorrow it's bieber fever on the plaza. >> plus jason kennedy stops by for "90 minutes in heaven" he makes his acting debut. >> and ambush makeovers for two lucky women.
10:54 am
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coming up on "access hollywood live," showing off or pond. soon we will be in a little paddleboat. >> sure. paddle me around. >> great guest, alex scar latos, one of the brave ones. in france, he is on "dancing with the stars" stood up to the trests on the train. whitney thorn is here. responded big-time to the fat shaming video. she got a lot of hits herself. lou diamond phillips is here. long myer is back. netflix picked it up. >> you are down with ldp. you know it. >> "access hollywood live" starts right now.
10:58 am
looj at this smile. venous and serena hug it out. serena beats her big sister and keeps her grand slam drive alive. >> i am billy bush. >> i'm kit hoover. that was the moment there. i watched the whole thing. when venous leaned over. that smile. she has the greatest smile. lights it up. gives her the double hug. then, what happened for me? i was ready to dial in and get emotional and venous just walks off the court so quickly, giving the moment to her sister. >> giving the moment to her sister. i found out 76 points won by ser vee na serena and 75 by venous. i think venus lost. it's my fault. this isn't going toob as close as i want it to be. i'm going to go have dinner with the kids. i come back. it is 5-1, venus on the cusp. she wins the second set. look at this entrance, though. it is like a huge rock concert.
10:59 am
>> it was like a heavyweight fight. when they got them back, that corridor backstage before they came out, very calm. venous and serena, just stoic, silent assassins. barely said anything. wouldn't look at each other when they passed each other on the court. >> serena said at the end of the match when they are interviewing her, look, she is the toughest player out there for me to play. i love her. she is my best friend. when we are in the middle of a tennis match, we are t ined assassins. we are going after each other. that's it. as soon as it is over, the emotion comes in. she can tune all of that out. >> it was fantastic. first of all rkts , the shots. i thought it was so much power. 20,000 people outside waiting to get in. you could feel the excitement coming through your tv. >> i love the difference between them. i love the passion in serena. she has these moments and venus.


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