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tv   News 4 New York at 6  NBC  September 9, 2015 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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town attorney who resigned his post last month. if convicted, singh faces the rest of his life behind bars. we're in central islip tonight. greg cergol, news 4 new york. >> greg, thank you. to the weather now. a fast-moving and powerful thunderstorm swept across staten island, queens and now long island, as our third day of 90-degree temperatures officially puts us in our third heatwave of the summer. >> and this is what the thunderstorm did in staten island. flooding streets and yards and this was taken by a viewer off victory boulevard. let's go to storm team 4 meteorologist janice huff. >> they had a couple inches of rain in about a half hour over staten island. that resulted in that flooding there. and that was around 4:00 this afternoon. now that storm as it moved over breezy point and the rock aways has now come to an end. it is weakening off shore there. there are still a few storms we're tracking now. some heavy rain around middletown, new jersey, down towards red bank and port monmouth, moving towards the jersey shore, sandy hook.
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nothing severe there. but some pockets of heavy rain. this thunderstorm near minnesota al pan has hail, moving towards cars corner. watch it as it moves eastward. also heavy rain, pockets of heavy rain near bayville and toms river, east of toms river. that's ahead of what's happening for tomorrow. even bigger storms and more rain coming. tonight we may see a few heavy showers and thunderstorms move through the city and parts of the jersey shore. a break around 7:00 in the morning and then things start to fire up again around midday. we're talking anywhere from 1 to 2, possibly up to 3 inches of rain between tomorrow morning and thursday evening across the area. we'll talk about that in the forecast, as well as the heat in a few minutes. back to you. >> janice, thank you. back to school for more than 1 million new york city school students. for the youngest, their first day of class ever. >> do cats go to school? >> no. >> no! okay.
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>> mayor de blasio and the school's chancellor joined kids for story time in all five boroughs with more than 60,000 children enrolled in pre-k. the mayor says he has fulfilled his long-time goal of having a public school seat for every 4-year-old. the school day didn't last long in some new jersey districts. all the schools here in cliff ton dismissed early because of the heatwave. many buildings don't have air conditioning, make it tough to concentrate. and the sweltering heat in connecticut forced several schools to send students home early. parents picked up their children shortly before noon today. many believe the early dismissal was a good idea. >> you know, if the weather is going to be hot in the school, it's good for the students. >> very good idea. i believe that. when my daughter came outside yesterday, she said, oh, it's so hot in there. it's so hot. >> reporter: temperatures dropping, school officials say
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classes will return to normal tomorrow. hundreds of long island school children could be stranded at home as early as tomorrow. >> that's because more than 1,000 bus drivers who service nassau and suffolk counties are threatening to strike. news 4's ray villeda has been tracking developments for the last 24 hours. ray, what's the latest out there? >> reporter: sibila, i just spoke to mediators who told me they got involved a few weeks ago when the union alleged the company wasn't playing by the rules when it came to negotiations. they started hashing things out around 5:00. if they can't come to an agreement, this union, which represents 1,200 drivers, meehanics and staff, are threatening they will not roll out those buses tomorrow morning. behind closed doors, local 1205 and bauman and sons are hashing it out. a federal mediator is also involved. the company is offering no raises, while the union wants yearly increases. in new documents just obtained by news 4, we have learned the union accused the company of going behind the union's back, trying to sway employees.
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the union claims bauman and sons also tried to get enployees to resign and shut down amid negotiations. that's why the national labor relations board is involved. it both side, can't agree, union presidentngimothy lynch said they could strike as ear as thursday morning. the bus drivers specialize in driving special needs students to school. they service schools all over long island, impacting thousands of families. i have to tell you, i've reached out to bauman and sons multiple times yesterday and today. at this hour, have still not heard back. the negotiations which started an hour ago are ongoing now. i'm ray villeda, news 4 new >> thank you. bronx tonight. we'll see only this video here on news 4. authorities arrested more than a dozen alleged members of the day tailor avenue crew in early morning raids. investigators say the rival gangs are linked to two murders and several assaults. they say the suspects used violence to enforce their drug dealing turf. coming up, as news 4 at 6:00
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continues, homeless people and supporters protest mayor de blasio, claiming he is not helping like e promised, just chasing them out of neighborhood after neighborhood. and as the 14th anniversary of 9/11 approaches, we take a look at the progress of world trade center 3 and the entire rebuilding project.
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mayor de blasio has been taking a lot of heat about his administration's handling of the homeless sparked by an exclusive interview by former mayor rudy guiliani. >> today the mayor heard more criticism. but this time, from the homeless themselves. news 4 government affairs reporter melissa russo joins us with more. melissa. >> help out the homeless! help out the homeless!
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>> reporter: a group of homeless new yorkers and their advocates protested in east harlem today, where they claim police have been harassing the homeless. >> nypd is telling people you can't be here. >> police told me i have to remove myself somewhere, ond in the daytime i cannot go in somewhere else. i'm afraid. >> reporter: city officials say there has been increas police presence here around 125th street, one of the neighborhoods where they have been dismantling homeless encampments. in east harlem, polic have also been addressing a separate concern about the abuse of synthetic madijuan wr k2. today former police commissioner ray kelly weighed in. >> there's a feeling that the city is drifting, obviously, the optics of more homeless on the streets, and it contributes to that. >> policing the homeless is not vaa illution. >> reporter: today's protest come just a couple weeks after former mayor rudy guiliani started a firestorm during an exclusive interview with news 4, saying the city should police the homeless more aggressively.
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>> you chase them and you chase them and you chase them and you chase them, and they either get the treatment they need or you chase them out of the city. >> i think he's delusional. >> reporter: mayor de blasio criticized guiliani for saying police should chase people in crisis. but protesters today said they still co it allthf the time. chasingthem, eve arresting them, simple f sleeping on bencher or subways. >> housing, not jail! >> i'm minding my own business or drinking a coffee. i'm just about, enjoying my day err the sun. they come in and harass me and say you can't stand here, you can't .e here. you can't breatye heak, pretty much. >> city hall insists p hple are only arrested when thy break th >>e law, not simply for being homeless. a spoke person for the mayor today said the de blasio administration is focused on a constructive, long-term approach to reducing homelessness in new york city and our teams are engaged in consistent and
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ongoing outreach to compassionately tgage new yotkfus on our streets and bring them to services and shelter. this administration has invested an additional billion dollars to combat rising homelessness. chuck and sibila? >> melissa, thank you. coming up when news 4 at 6:00 returns, investigators discover the cause of that thousand-acre wildfire in new jersey. they did it. and storm team 4 has boi acking theakeorm damage. live report from a neamhborhood that got a surprise soaking, straight ahead.i but first, here's a look at what's on nbc tonight. we'll see you again at 11:00.
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lester holt is joining us now with a look at what's ahead. >>tt> >> it's been an emotional day. i just jot from charleston, south carolina, today, where i sat down with two of the adult surviving members of the church, the charleston church, nine
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people killed. one of the women i talked to described seeing her son shot to death. as i spoke to her, she was carrying a bible and i noticed some of the changes stained pink. that was the bible she had and holds on to itdarily. dearly. >> people talk about faith. these women are living their faith, expressed forgiveness to dylann roof, the man charged with this. and they are beginning to find their voices as advocates now, speaking out against gun control. but they say forgiveness is a part of their faith and they found it rather easy to do so. but they're going through tough times. >> exceptional women. >> we had a segment on 5:00. heart wrenching. >> we have a lot coming up at 6:30. days away from the 14th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks. a remembrance to never forget those lost in that tragic day. >> tsa officials at newark airport held a dedication ceremony today for a piece of steel from the world trade center. they say it will serve as a reminder to the workers there of their importance of their duties every day, protecting our nation
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from another attack. as we approach sep antember 11th, 2015, it's worth looking at how far the world trade center site has come backtrom ruin. >> the world rade center 1 rises high into the sky where the twin towers fell and thousands lost theirrlives. it is slowly but surely being joined by more skyscrapers. >> andrew siff takes a look at the progress on world trade center 3. >> reporter: inside t!e latest piece of lower manhattan's most famous puzzle. world trade center number three. now rising under the watchful eye of construction supervisor, frank hussey, he's worked in is area since the twin towers study after theykfell. >> it was detastation. it was disbelief. it wlw horror. >> reporter: and almost every day since. >> we're almost there. >> reporter: he showed us the view from an 11th floor platform overlooking the soon to pen $4
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billion transportation hub. and the now finished one world trade. lot of new yeekers haven't thought too much about the other towers at the world trade center site. this is world trade center numbur three. i'm on the 11th floor. this skyscraper is rising up to 80. >> it's all come together here. >> reporre developer, larry lverstei e gave newsha a sneak peek at the n t and last skyscraper. world trade center 2. now being designed by architects. >> you like those tiers? >> i think that's going to be fabulous. >> reporter: the multitiered fag cade 90 stories high and host the fox broadcasting center. as designers explain in the new promotional video. >> the individual blocks unite, completing the spiral of towers framing the memorial. >> reporter: all of that will essentially finish the rebuilding of ground zero by 2020, when silverstein turns 89. >> that will bring conclusion to the rebuilding of the trade center. very exciting. >> reporter: silverstein says
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the bird-like path hub in between towers 2 and 3 is the piece that could sway critics, who say rebuilding costs too much and took too long. >> people will forget the turmoil and the issues and the problems and the costs and so forth. what they're going to see at the end of the day is one magnificent structure. >>o reporter: but with five years until everything is done, frank hussey knows he must wait before he can truly exhale. >> one of these days, when it's all said and done, then i'll, you know, feel accomplished at that time. but right now, we're just in the mode of getting this whole place up and running, you know. and bring back new york. >> reporter: in lower manhattan, andrew siff, news 4 new york. >> amazinglthat project has gone on all this time. >> leactly. >> 14 years and counting. >> yeah, a long time. >> okay. back to reality now. thie weather. we'll take one more look at the yo storms behind you. >> yeah, chuck. we've been talking to viewers for the last hour, so who got
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socked by heavy rains on staten island this afternoon. they sent us video of standing water along city streets, parkways and front yards like you can see this roadway here. news 4's checkey beckford is talking to people in the south beach area who's cars and homes were hit hard by the flooding. checkey? >> reporter: and janice, you can see there's stillwater here on doty avenue. take a look down the street. the entire thing is flooded. it's actually going down a little bit, since we have been here. when we got here, it was probably about four feet high, up to the windows of those cars. take a look to my right. you can see one of the cars being loaded on to a tow truck now. the driver ofethat car was trapped on topndf the tow truck when he drove downnthis street and got stuck. again, neighbors tell us this all happened within a matter of about 4 minutes with the heavy downpour and bad s wer drains to combine the situation. right now, as we said, the water looks like it's going down, but neighbors still trying to get
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into their homes, still trying to get out of their homes, just can't believe this is happening. live on south beach, checkey beckford, news 4 new york. >> thanks, checkey. in the water is receding. e storm is moving away. but there is a lni more to come. just remember not to drive your car through a flooded rotd. we see it a lot and it is very, very ngerous. more rain is coming. right now we're seeing a bit of a break, and the storms left over now will be isolated, just a few here and there. there will be more coming in later tonight. then there's a break during the morning commute. looks like more storms will develop around midday, and they will continue into tomorrow evening. as of now, we're talking anywhere from 1 to 2 inches of rain, but i wouldn't be surprised to see 2 to 3 inches of rain by tomorrow afternoon with more street and highway flooding scattered around the tristate area. the deficits we're seeing across the area since the beginning of the year range from 4 to 9 inches, lack of rainfall, below average rainfall. we are going to see a dent in this with rain coming, but it's not going to end the drought just yet.
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today we had 90 in central park, one more day to add to our heatwave. right now, though, the temperatures have cooled down due to clouds and the showers th came through earlier. so we see the end of the heatwave now. the temperatures hover around 80 the next couple days. but tomorrow is going to be a messa ith ore heavy rain headed our way but then drying out for friday. and, of course, we'll be tracking it through the night and into tomorrow, as well. >> thanks. we'll be right back with bruce beck and sports.
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the verizon fios sports desk brought to you by verizon fios. why settle when you can have 100% fiberoptics. have we learned anymore about the extent of jason pierre-paul's injury to his hand? >> my imagination running wild but not really, chuck. jpp is not ready for prime time. jason pierre-paul returned to the giants earlier this week,
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but after the team evaluated his jured hand, he decided he wasn't ready for a return to the field. today tom coughlin said he's in good spirits but the head coach wouldn't put a timetable on his return. >> the fact that he came in the way he did, mr. personality, was there, and he felt good about himself, obviously. and where he had been. he has worked hard and obviously at some point in time, jason will be ready to play and we'll get the green light. obviously it would be great if he was all healed and ready to go but he's not. >> some giants are set to play, and they'll kick things off this weekend in big d, against the cowboys. victor cruz remains sidelined with a calf injury, and it's unlikely that the pro bowl wideout will play in week one. quarterback eli manning sounds ready to open the 2015 campaign against a heated division rival. >> sunday night should be a great environment and very good team. and they were strong last year,
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good on defense. offensively, you know, very, very strong. so, you know, we know we've got to go out there and play well. and, you know, it's going to be loud. but that's -- those are fun environments to play in. and hopefully we're up for the challenge. >> don't forget, it's the giants and cowboys on nbc sunday night football. coverage starts at 7:00 p.m. with "football night in america" and we'll be here with all the post game coverage on sports final. the jets host the browns at metlife stadium on sunday afternoon. and new head coach todd bowles feels confidence with quarterback ryan fitzpatrick at the helm. >> personally, i think he's in a good place as a quarterback at this stage in his career. i think he's comfortable with who he is and understands offense and what's around him. he's in a good place, understands the offense well. >> at the u.s. open, halep beat azarenka to advance to the semi finals. roger federer plays tonight.
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cc sabathia returns to the rotation as the yaervegs nkees play the rubber game benefits the orioles. the mets go for the sweep in washington following last night's come from behind thriller in our nation's capital. kirk noon heist capped the rally from a 7-1 deficit with a go ahead homer in the eighth inning. the amaze ins now lead by six full games in the nl east. jacob degrom faces stephen strasburg tonight. two wins that were unbelievable. far. >> thank you, bruce. coming up next on "nbc nightly news," we're going to hear from the hero captain of that plane that burst into flames just before takeoff. how his quick actions likely saved the lives of those on board. us. we'll see you back here at 11:00. good night. tonight, fireball on the runway. an engine bursts into flames just before
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takeoff, leaving passengers just seconds to escape. tonight we hear from the captain whose actions saved lives as fire consumed part of that plane. moving targets. terror on the freeway as bullets pierce through cars. a possible tenth shooting just today sparking fears of a serial sniper. world outrage. the camerawoman caught kicking and tripping families of migrants running for freedom. now she's paying a price. and two massacre survivors from the church in charleston. for the first time describing the moment shots rang out. the shooters' chilling words before he fled and a grandmother's act of love that saved a little girl's life. "nightly news" begins right now. >> announcer: from nbc news world headquarters in new york, this is "nbc nightly news with lester holt." about evening. late today for the first time we heard from the captain of the british airways jet involved in a fiery aborted takeoff from las vegas.
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the london-bound 777 was the decision to evacuate before flames began eating away at the wing and fuselage that has earned high praise today for the crew whose actions may have saved lives. nbc's hallie jackson picks up the story from las vegas. >> mayday, mayday. seabird 2276. >> reporter: the mayday, using british airways' call sig speed bird, came just before takeoff. on the runway. we have a fire. i repeat. we are evacuating. >> reporter: that calm voice, captain chris hanke, a pilot with 42 years of experience, talking with nbc news today. >> there was a loud bang and the aircraft sort of veered to the left. he actually opened the door and went down into the cabin, saw how serious it was. >> reporter: at the airport people watching in horror. >> we need more people to get out of there.
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>> reporter: as emergency crews raced toward the jet, passengers slide down on chutes, sprinting lisa dunn. >> i looked behind me and the engine's the size of a house and it is -- the flames are into the air. >> reporter: dunn, one of 170 people on board the boeing 777 as it accelerated down a vegas runway just after 4:00 p.m. enough fuel for the ten-hour flight to london. that's when the left engine failed. licking the windows but not entering the cabin, thick black smoke swallowing the belly of the jet. today with the charred plane still sitting on the tarmac four ntsb investigators are on the ground. most interested in why the suppression system, intended to extinguish an engine fire, apparently didn't work. a terrifying end to one of captain henkey's last flights. he'd been set to retire in a matter of days. >> i was supposed to go to barbados on saturday and then come back next tuesday and that would be it. >> reporter: many now crediting henkey with


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