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tv   Today in New York  NBC  September 10, 2015 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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resume today. officials from baumann and sons bus company will meet again with representatives from the bus driver's union. the two sides held talks for 11 hours yesterday. if the drivers walk off the job, about 35 school districts in nassau and suffolk county could be affected. also new this morning, a taxi burst into flames in the dumbo section of brooklyn. it started just after midnight at pearl and front streets. fortunately, nobody is seriously injured. it's 4:33 right now. time for weather and traffic on the 4s. as you said before, that weather came, didn't it? we were expecting it, chris. sure enough. it's still raining a lot, very heavy in some places. >> this is round two. we'll probably get more later. this is the beginning of what could be a stormy day from time to time. we have a flood advisory in effect. it covers the five boroughs, eastern flank of -- this is the area seeing the heavy downpours now.
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they're sliding up from southwest to northeast. one round is pushing on through. there's a lull in between. more to the south and west of that. the bigger picture reveals more rain further to the south and west. the threat for locally heavy downpours and strong thunderstorms will be with us through the first part of tonight. pop-up downpours, 73 in the city. we may not make it to 80 today. that could break that streak. take along the rain gear. you'll need it with showers and thunderstorms throughout the day. update on the commute. let's find out how it's moving along, lauren? >> here's an update on mass transit. you have delays on downtown g trains all because of a train with mechanical problems. let's head over to overnight track work. the 4, 6, a, f and l. expect delays and service changes. the major commuter lines, so far, so good. the first few are pulling out from the stations. no issues. alternate side of the street parking rules in effect today. more weather and traffic on the 4s. >> lauren x thank you. new this morning, the nypd
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takes fast action in response to a case of mistaken identity. officers took a former tennis star into custody. tracie strahan is in midtown with more. tracie. >> reporter: a lot of people talking about this, this morning. at one point james blake was the fourth ranked tennis player in the world. undercover officers, however, who saw him standing here outside of the grand hyatt hotel mistook him for somebody in an identity theft ring. james blake is in town, as you can imagine, for the u.s. open and he was standing outside the hotel yesterday when he says five undercover officers slammed him to the ground and handcuffed him, mistaking him for one of the criminals wanted in that identity theft ring. the tennis pro was arrested and held for several minutes until a retired detective near the hotel recognized him. >> it's something that we'll deal with, with the police and find out what they have to say internally. hopefully there's video of it
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and people can see what ppened. >> reporter: james blake says he did suffer some bumps and bruises as a result of this ordeal. this incident now under the review of the nypd's internal affairs division. now, blake will address the media today. commissioner bratton also spoke out about the actions of the officers, one of them on modified duty. we'll hear from the commissioner, darlene, in the next half hour. back to you. >> tracie strahan, thank you. 4:36 now. today, governor cuomo will team up with vice president joe biden demanding a pay raise for new yorkers. the governor fought for fast food workers to make no less than $15 an hour. now he says he wants that to be the minimum wage for all workers. far more than the raise that's scheduled the end of this year, that's scheduled to go up to $9 an hour. police are releasing a sketch of the person wanted in the shooting of the governor's aide. this man opened fire during the festivities leading up to the west indian day parade.
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a bullet hit him in the head. cuomo says that he's not doing well. his family says he's in a coma, surrounded by his loved ones. in presidential politics. donald trump raising eyebrows again. this time lashing out against the only woman in the republican field. trump says of carly fiorina, "can you imagine that, the face of our next president?" . comments reported in rolling stone. i mean she's a woman, he added. she speculates that trump may be threatened by her climb in the polls. for many of you, today is primary day. there are several on the ballot. including nassau district attorney and the district -- queens. you can head to and watch news 4 at 11:00 tonight for the results.
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what pope francis has to say. he plans to talk about the migration process and the iran nuclear deal in his 30-minute address. he plans to meet with russian president vladimir putin. a visit to the 9/11 memorial was not originally planned for the pope. but the pontiff wanted it, that it can be added to his schedule. there is one part of his visit that he's not happy about. that's the idea of his tickets to limit the number of people who can see him when he comes p through central park. >> for him, it is always about the people and being in the people that energizes him a lot. he understands the security. >> set up for advance -- the city started notifying the people who won that lottery today. also, a reminder, head to see our special section on the holy father. everything you need to know about his upcoming visit and
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it's coming up soon. happening today, the biggest celebration of everything italian kicks off on mulberry street. it is the 89th annual feast of san again ar owe. >> saturday afternoon, the grand procession. this year's grand marshal, brooklyn-born tony danza. he'll help lead the parade along with other community leaders. this is a favorite feast of mine. there's so many feasts around new york city. >> the question is, are you akah knoll i person? chris is anti-cannoli. he doesn't like the cheese an the cream together. >> it's a long, complicated story. >> i'm a zepply person. >> absolutely. old school. >> new information about the hero in the cockpit of that plane that burst into flames in las vegas and why he says his days in the skies are over. this morning, it's being called domestic terrorism.
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the manhunt after a rash of shootings targeting drivers. storm team 4 tracking rain. and also weather and traffic on the 4s coming up as we look at the alexander hamilton bridge. >> don't forget. follow us on facebook and twitter. michaelg4ny. darlene4ny. you're watching "today in new york." es! take a cool 20-35% off all sun shades, cascade shades, basswood and more. shades on sale. there's nothing cooler than that. blinds to go. blinds for life. cannonball! blinds to go's summer celebration sale is going on now make a splash with new sun shades, cascade shades, basswood and more, all at 20-35% off! it's the hottest sale of the year. just when you need to cool off most. blinds to go. blinds for life.
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4:42. it is 4:42. yes, it is. here are four things to know this morning. we do have breaking news overnight in japan. a levee broke after heavy rain. you can see it swept away homes and left people stranded on rooftops. stay with us for updates throughout the morning. we have alert for anybody
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who uses the whats app. chain restaurants will be getting -- they approved the first of its kind bill. it applies to any dish that has more than the recommended daily limit of about a teaspoon of sodium. a consumer alert we've been talking about for months now. the cost of eggs is on the rise. we found these signs at a stop and shop in teaneck. it's due to the avian bird flu virus that brought down millions of chickens on commercial farms this spring. it had super high prices for eggs. >> a lot of people feeling that for sure. it's 4:43. almost 4:44. time for weather and traffic on the 4s. chris, good morning. >> good morning, guys. a soggy start out there. probably going to be soggy in the middle and soggy finish to the day. bottom line, a wet day and locally heavy downpours. could see street flooding this
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afternoon, even this morning in the heavier downpours. this is the transition day. we're braching the heat wave. it's going to be a little bumpy at times. 73 degrees right now. some rain in the city. it has become a little bit lighter. what to expect. we break it down this way. humidity still running extremely high. random pop-up thunderstorms. heavy and gusty thunderstorms this evening. that's what the cold front that comes on through. it's needed rainfall. but too much in a short period of time could lead to street and highway flooding through the day. 62 days and running with this streak of 80-plus days. today we get really close. it's 73 now. forecasting a high today of 79 degrees. if we don't get it, the streak it over. only 1 degree to get to 80. the heavy downpours, we can see a flood advisory until 6:00. it's in the five boroughs. into hudson county as well and the western end of nassau county
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where we're seeing heavy rain. you can see on the big picture, lots of showers out there. to the south and west, yet to come. this is all moving north and east. let's zoom in on this cluster. you can see the heavy downpours to the west of the city, over the city and into long island right now. then there's a little break behind that. we'll get into lighter rain and watch this band come into sections of new jersey and towards us as well. plan on the morning commute creating big puddles. future tracker, one push. at 9:00 a.m., winding down a little bit temporarily. about 1:00, you see heavier showers showing up towards the south and west. look at that. this is the actual front. between 4:00 this afternoon and 8:00 tonight, heavy downpours again pushing east of the city by 11:00. showers overnight and clouds linger tomorrow morning. should thin out in the afternoon allowing for the return of some sunshine. in terms of the rainfall potential, a good slug of 1 to 2 inches, locally higher amounts in the area with heavier thunderstorms.
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certainly flooding a possibility from time to time today. best chance focused on late afternoon and evening. 79 the high with the soaking rains. shower and clouds tomorrow and afternoon sun. showers return by late in the day saturday. more likely saturday night. leftover light rain on sunday and back to the 70s and 80s. 80s again tuesday and wednesday next week. let's check in with lauren on the commute. >> things are slowing down out there. a few accidents popped up since the last time i saw you. heading to 95, northbound after westchester avenue, you have an accident involving a jack-knifed tractor-trailer. that blocks two lanes. you can see it's already a slow ride getting into here. a lot of red on the cross bronx expressway. we'll take a live look at it. westbound is a slow ride. a lot of roadwork out there. out by the bronx river parkway. you have two lanes shut down to jerome avenue. this eased out a moment ago, but it's going to continue to get worse. the long island expressway westbound by maurice avenue, an accident shuts down two lanes. delays are building through here.
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on the fdr drive heading southbound, very slow ride right now from 79th street to 63rd. two lanes closed with construction out there. you need to move your car today. bring that umbrella. alternate side of the street parking rules in effect. more weather and traffic on the 4s. lauren, thank you. the pilot who saved the lives of dozens of passengers on a british airways plane in las vegas says he's finished fliepg. it was his first time in 42 years of flying that he had faced a life-threatening emergency. he said it happened on one of his last runs before retirement. after noticing raging flames, he made a quick decision to -- his crew quickly evacuated 172 people from the plane. >> there's just the engines the size of a house and the flames are just hundreds of feet into the air. >> no one seriously injured.
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hanke is planning to retire own tuesday. in arizona, a string of possible sniper shots along interstate 10 is called a case of domestic terrorism. in some cases the car windows have been shattered. and bullet holes left in the sides of vehicles. so far, fortunately, no serious injuries. drivers and passengers have come within inches of being hit. right now, there's a $20,000 reward being offered for the gunman's arrest. we're now hearing from two of the survivors from charleston. the charleston church shooting. they sat down in an interview with lester holt. >> you held her. what did you say to her? >> i nuzzled her so hard. i'm surprised i didn't suffocate her. i tried to hold her as tight as i could so she wouldn't make a
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sound. >> prosecutors are seeking the death penalty for 21-year-old dylann roof. however, 70-year-old polly shepherd wants roof to live and wants him to think about it for the res of his life. you can see more of the interview coming up on the "today" show. you can soon see wall street executives in handcuffs. federal prosecutors are said to go out and arrest white collar criminals. this comes from loretta lynch, a new yorker. this comes after criticism of the justice department's handling of the financial meltdown and the big business scandals. in many cases corporation rs were fined but no top executives were ever prosecuted. a well-known long island restaurant owner is accused of a massive fraud scheme including briek public officials. he was in court on an indictment accused of paying -- to have
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taxpayers guarantee his loans. he's charged with wrongly seeking a million dollars in sandy relief money. he's fighting the charges. >> nobody wants to get woken up at 6:00 in the morning with handcuffs. he's grateful to go home with his mother and his wife. he'll deal with what he has to deal with on a go forth basis and fight the charges. >> he's free on $5 million bond. among his restaurants, hr singleton's in bethpage and water's edge in long island city. a new jersey man turned in by his own mother admits that he wanted to join isis. samuel topaz pleadmd guilty in newark federal court. his lawyer says taz is cooperating with investigators. they say topaz and his friends wanted to go to syria. they were plotting to shoot up the white house lawn. there will likely be no charges for hip hop mogul sean diddy combs. prosecutors will sit down with combs next month to decide if
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they will file charges. they say they will likely look for alternatives, like restitution, anger management or community service. in june, combs was arrested after an altercation with a coach that involved a weightlifting kettle bell. it is 4:51. still to come, a breach at a local airp t where officers found a man sitting all alone. ahead at 5:00 this morning, wall street and twitter unimpressed. the reaction to apple's big reveals. you're watching "today in new york."
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back now on this thursday morning. live look at the tappan e bridge. nicely lit up.
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we want to show you video of a daring swimmer who got up close and personal with one of the world's largest sharks. that's dr. mark erredman, he came across the school of whale sharks in indonesia last year. now, it's a species of sharks that's not a threat tk humans. they can grow to 60 feet in length and weigh 21 tons. >> i disagree that they're not a threat. >> did anyone ask the shark? >> maybe they're not intentionally trying to eat you. however -- >> look at the shadow. >> what does that look like? >> that's the length of a pitcher's mounupto home plate. that's the length of a shark. >> this was a bunch of them. >> no threat. >> very gentle. >> not so gentle today, the weather. treating us rougher than it has been. heavy downpours out there in and around the city and to the east moving into brooklyn, queens. rumbles much thunder and lightning.
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in the heavy downpours, too much in a short period of time could lead to local street and highway flooding. that will be the case early and probably later in the day when we see another round of heavy thunderstorms move in. temperatures today, upper 70s, flirting with 80. tonight,ablewers and thunderstorms in the evening will taper down. a couple of leftover showers overnight. we dry it out tomorrow. a bit more comfortable. weekend starts that way, but then changes. we'll talk about that in the next hour. >> sure. what's going on, lauren? >> we have a bunch of changes on the buses and problems popping on the roads. we'll start with bus detours. for new york city, bus b 63, 21, m 7 and m 102 are on detour today. there are plenty of accidents on the roads. the long island expressway in queens. there are delays westbound heading into exit 18, maurice avenue. there's an accident blocking two lanes. you can see it not being 5:00 a.m., there are a lot of cars and trucks out there. sefrnl the spot to avoid right now.
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thank you very much, lauren. new jersey transit has a new app giving commuters access to traveling needs in one place. the new njt app launched yesterday. it unites the features of the my ticks and departhre rail vision ps. it adds trip planner, my bus and a link to contact nj transit police. iphone and android users can get the app by upgrading their my ticks app. a man is facing charges after boarding a plane without perm sion at newark liberty airport. security officers spotted him on the plane in the united airlines rm nam near gate 74. it was about 8:30 last night. he had gone through the proper security proceedings. officers boarded the plane, placed that man under arrest. four trees in bryant park are slated to be cut down and removed. yesterday, the trees in the park were inspected. four could pose aonanger to park-goers. it comes after ne of the trees
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snapped last week and injured pewale. park officials routinely check the trees for damage and prune em ta prevent similar accidents. carelessness is blamed for the forest fire in pine barrens. someone improperly tossed out charcoal briquettes from an unauthorized campfire. they say the people responsible may never be caught. the fire scorched more than a thouabnd acres of land.l it iv fully contained but smoldering in some cases. princeton university finding a very familiar place. the school has been picked as the top college in the country for the third time by u.s. news and world report. harvard, yale third. harvard, princeton yale. list based on several factors, including the graduation-sates and student retention rates as well. you don't have to go to spain or paris to see the largest collection of picasso sculptures. starting monday, you can go to the museum of modern art.
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140 of his three-dimensional works ar on display. picasso is known for 4300 paintings that he created. but he made 700 sculptures also. many of them very fragile. >> his sculptures are made from everything from the kitchen sink on to bronze or from works that are just nailed together, made from paper. >> the only place you can see this exhibit in the u.s. is at moammar. it runs until february 7th. >> fantastic. go to see it. if you're about to head out the door, take us with you. >> download the "news 4 new york" app on your mobile device. our next hour starts right now. breaking news from abroad. devastating flooding in japan. right now there's a rush to rescue people who have been trapped by the water. rain is falling, adding to problems in one local
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neighborhood that's stillwater logged. donald trump at the center of a brand new controversy. what he said about a fellow candidate, carly fiorina. "today in new york" starts now. good morning everybody. 5:00 a.m. on this thursday, september 10th. i'm michael gargiulo. >> i'm darlene rodriguez. storm team 4's chris cimino is here with the forecast. good morning, chris. >> good morning, guys. a rain gear kind of day. heavy rainfall still falling in and around the city. staten island seeing heavier downpours. little break in here and more to come towards the south and west. further west of that, another line of showers and storms that could arrive here later in the day to this evening. pop-up heavy downpours this morning. hit or miss downpour this afternoon. heavy storms possible late afternoon to the early evening hours. detail that in a bit. let's find out about the commute from lauren. >> a couple of accidents out there. the roads are wet. 95, northbound after west cheer
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avenue involving a jack-knifed tractor-trailer blocks two lanes out here. it is a slow ride head thag way. head to the hutch instead. we have anndcciwent or the long island expressway in queens. maurice avenue. these are the delays getting into this area. we'll have more weather and traffic on the 4s. we're following breaking news from japan. people are being airlifted from their homes after flooding. you see one rescue happening there. swollen river broke thhough a levee, northeast of tokyo. homes were swept away in some cases. they're having torrential rai coming from a tropical storm. state of emergency in effect. one person at this point reported missing. elsewhere in japan, they're dealing with wadslides. rain is not helping the insituation on staten island where downpours flooded homes and stranded drivers. lori bordonaro is in south beach. how is it looking there right now, lori? >> reporter: the rain is still comingown out here.
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but that wild weather last night came in with a vengeance. we're in south beach. you can still see a portion of this road is flooded. but not nearly as bad as it was last night. take a look at some of that video. neighbors spent much muchhlist night pumping out water from their homes. in some basements, the water reached 4 feet high. one resident saying that's higher than it was in sandy. many say it brought back memories of sandy. flooded streets, stranded drivers. check out this driver. he was caught on top of his car trying to escape the water. you can hear that neighbor calling out to help but fortunately that driver was able call 911 for help. one neighbor said it caught him off guard. >> it was raining for 45 minutes, not even. i was so shocked how quick iy happened. >> reporter: we spoke to anoonsr resident here who was actually cleaning out her parents' house.
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they left to go on vacation and had no idea, darlene and michael, that their house was flooded while they're gone. >> that is the worst. lori, thank you. new this morning, an nypd officer has been put on modified assignment overnight. he was among a group that arrested the wrong man. that man was james blake, former tennis pro in town for the u.s. en. it happened as he was standing outside the grand hyatt hotel waiting for a ride. that's when five undercover officers apparently slammed him to the ground and handcuffed him. the officers thought he was part of an identity theft ring. obviousl,, that wasn't the case. coming up at 5:30 shall we'll hear what blake has to say in a live report another attempt will be made to prevent a scheol bus driver strike on long island. officials from the bus company will reportedly meet again today with representatives from the bus driver's union. the two sides held talks for 11 hours yesterday. nearly 3 dozen school districts in nassau and suffolk county


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