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tv   News 4 New York at 6  NBC  September 16, 2015 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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to call police immediately. law enforce himself sources say they're confident these smooth talking criminals will strike again. marc santia, news 4 new york. federal agents have the biggest synthetic pot operation. $30 million worth of synthetic pot was processed and shipped to delis and smoke shots in that in all ten were charged. synthetic pop marijuana is popular because it is in-sxechbs sif inexpensive, but officials warn it is dangerous. >> some experts believe spice can be up to 100 times more potent than pot. spice is not marijuana. this kind of the same way that a bazooka is not a bee bee gun. >> those charged face up to 20 years in prison if convicted. a commuter alert. train derailment in hicksville last night still causing some major headaches.
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right now westbound service on the huntington, port jefferson and ronkonkoma branches is suspended. trains will not make westbound stops until 8:00 p.m. eastbound, there are still delays and cancellations. service on the port jefferson and ronkonkoma lines are restored and buses are linking the mineola and hicksville stations. majority of kids in new york city public schools are still struggling to read by the time they reach the third grade. today the mayor unveiled a series of education initiatives. his ten year plan includes $81 million to make computer science a requirement, a $7 a million annual commitment to high re reading specialists, and he aims to boost graduation rates from 68% to 80% over the next decade. andrew siff has more. >> reporter: yeah, chuck, that's
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pretty ambitious agenda. he did successfully get universal pre-k and now he's raising the bar and promising to improve reading this particular at some of the city's most struggling schools. equity and swlens excellence is what de blasio calls his new formula. >> each and every child deserves a future that isn't limited by their zip code. >> reporter: the mayor said instead of excellence for too long the city's poorest neighborhoods have faced failure as tens of thousands of children are still struggling to read. >> students who are not reading on grade level by the end of third grade are four types more imes more likely to drop out. >> reporter: so he's vowed a $150 million solution, 800 new riding teachers with the promise
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from 68% now and all kids get executer er computered indication by 2025. and the teachers union cheers the new focus on hiring teachers. >> a little bit of a change here and it's a positive change. >> reporter: but critics call it too incremental since the new hires won't keep up with the pace of teacher retirements. >> if you bring in 1% new teachers losing 1%, you're not going to make much head way. >> reporter: still many parents who heard today's speech were encouraged. involved. the school has to work with the parents.on get more involved. the school has to work with the parents. >> reporter: algebra would be taught to all by ninth grade and a.p. courses available to anyone wanted them. this will go to city council
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hearings likely lat this fall. an dry drew siff, news 4 new york. this might be welcome news. the common core tests that you dread every springshorter. some of the writing and english passages will be removed. third through eighth grade students take the test each spring. it's deadline day for owners of the buildings with cooling towers to register them with the state in the wake of the deadly legionnaires' outbreak. tower owners must register, inspect and obtain test samples by today to be reported to the state website. owners will also be required to begin a maintenance program by march, including a schedule for routine sampling. the summer outbreak killed a dozen people and sickened horn 100. 9/11 first responders were joined by jon stewart today on
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and it was no joking matter. sheldon dutes has the story. >> reporter: 9/11 first responders working in the dust clouds that hung over lower manhattan. this firefighter is among those who are still living with the harsh reality 14 years later. >> i was diagnosed this november with brain cancer that is inoperable. and it was immediately linked to the world trade center. >> reporter: alexander and dozens of first responders descended on washington, d.c. for a different fight. >> it means an awful lot. sfwlt thing that gave me strength that day, the thing that carried me through the terrible moments was the power and the hart of the first responders behind me. >> reporter: jon stewart is
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five year cycles. they're permanent i will llnesses. medical coverage. it's named after a firefighter who died from a 9/11 illness. month. lawmakers haven't said if they will renew it yet. >> and now it's time for congress to get off its butt and do its job. because that's what they're paid for p. >> to me it's an act that the federal government needs to pay for. >> reporter: they have secured 151 sponsors including 33 republican, but the bill's future is still uncertain. opponents think the funds should come from specific programs and don't support 9/11 specific laws. sheldon dutes, news 4 new york. coming up, we go on a special ride with the nypd harbor patrol tasked with securing the waters while pope francis is in town.
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hurricane sandy ripped through ellis islands, pieces of history are returning to the halls. forecast. >> today was one of those days temperatures just below 90 glee
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we told you about the plans to keep the streets safe during the pope's historic visit, but what about the waters? today we went aboard one of the boats that patrol the water ways. the goal is to watch for suspicious boats and monitor for dangerous levels of radiation.
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>> pope's visit, obviously very high profile and we'll have a lot of assets out here. two maritime vessels specifically check to radiation. >> pope francis arrives just six days from now. and don't forget we've created a special section on our website with everything you need to know about the pope's visit. head to if you live in bridgeport, you have a little less than two hours now to get out and vote in the mayoral primary. two two incumbent bill finch going up against gannom and foster. foster is vice president of the university of bridgeport. 22 other communities also have elections today. the polls close at 8:00 tonight.
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several slithery inhabitants that had to be removed. and first here is a look at
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lester holt has a look at what is ahead on fight "nightly news." we'll have the latest on the settlement between gm and the federal government. but we'll continue our coverage of the migrant crisis in europe. richard engel is at the border where tempers flared on both sides. police used tear gas against the desperate refugees. in the problem seems like it's getting worse. are have they considered going back home? >> itch richard talked to follow bes who complaint an't go back. they face persecution. most have given everything they had to get out of a dangerous
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war-torn country. so the situation continues to get worse. >> all right. we'll look forward to seeing you at 6:30. three years after super storm sandy roared through, ellis island marked a significant milestone. >> buildings empty started to come back to life as the process of reinstalling some 2,000 display artifacts began. brian thompson has the story from ellis island. >> reporter: an immigrant child's should you delicately placed marks the first step in making ellis island hole whole again. >> it's a shame. >> reporter: thousand finally the heating, cooling and most importantly humidity control systems are ready for workers to put items like this hospital wheelchair back on display. they have to be very careful. >> a little nerve-racking when you're trying to jockey things
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in to tight places. >> reporter: for six weeks after sandy, these items like this little girl's embroidered coat sat in display cases in this great hall with no controlled air and up and down humidity levels. and yet rangers believe they moved them to maryland just in time. >> it was too quick for anything to happen. because some of them were still in their cases. >> reporter: during these two years, visitors have been coming here to look at pictures, but not the real items. signs warning them this museum was but a shell of itself. some doesn't notice. >> i'm taking a look at it. >> reporter: but the most passionate advocates, the return is long overdue. >> very depressed at the beginning thinking there is so much to go through to get in done. >> reporter: but it got done and the system supporting the mall will be higher and drier when the next storm comes. >> this is literally a work in progress. last exhibits to be installed
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here in the treasures for home gallery. but don't expect their return here until near the end of this year. on ellis islands, brian thompson, news 4 new york. in westchester, residents might have relieved to know that the slithering neighbors are gone. >>a constrictors and pythons were determined that the owner could no longer take care of them. among them, a 60 pound better piece burmese python. >> imagine having 11 of those at home. >> just having the one one. >> not sure how that goes, but 11 would be way too many. anyway, great weather again today. we're on a roll with temperatures in the 80s. almost near 90 in the city. what about tomorrow? 7 day coming up.
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our view from atop the rock. temperatures are warm, it's 83, mostly sunny skies in the city. just a little bit of hayes ze on the horizon. temperatures was up to 88 in the city. average is 75. record today was 93. so an unusually warm day nonetheless. but at least not humid. that's the saving sgras. other tens around area, newark 88, 80 in bridgeport, 84 laguardia. immediate shore stayeded in the 70s. warning trend continues. no change until we get to the weekend. we'll start to slowly cool down. but especially next week big change in the weather pattern. 70s to near 80 across long island right now. 79 in white plains. still toasty around morristown at 86. for the rest of this evening in the city, falling through the 70s very pleasant with low humidity and clear skies across
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the area. no problems whatsoever. we have the storm system to the south of us, you can see high clouds bubbling up towards d.c. no rain from this system. the high pressure that is over us is blocking that from getting in our way right now. 60s and 70s as we go through the evening. north and west you'll be the coolest yet again and temperatures will fall through the 50s tonight. there might be a couple of 40s, but not so much this time around. the air is moderate ing, but very comfortable because it's so dry. tomorrow. temperatures in the mid to upper 80s in the afternoon. same places like today. 83 on saturday, looks great for the weekend. we'll begin to see and on shore flow coming in off the at plan tick, so temperatures will gradually cool down. 60s in the area tonight around the city 37plan tick, so temperatures will gradually cool down. 60s in the area tonight around the city 37 north and west, near 50. but tomorrow it heats up again. 85 on friday. 83 saturday. a little cooler on sunday and
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clouds and shower next week >> hopefully they will be out by the time the pope gets here. >> we needy divine intervention. giants getting set for the home other than and why are we still talking about last sunday night? coming up in sports, eli manning and company come together to memory. and the liberty are on top of the world literally. we'll hear from the best team in
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big blue hosts the falcons in their home opener on sunday at met life stadium. but their heart breaking loss to dallas still lingers. eli manning shouldered the blame for the late game clock management fiasco while rashard jennings apologized for leaking the story that he was told not to score on big blue's final drive. the giants are trying to past it all and put sunday's night hair their rearview mirror. >> you know that's what you have to do. it's about moving on tos the next one. >> we'll be behind eli and he's going to lead us and we're all going to follow. it's just unfortunate the way the game ended, but it is what it is. >> how important is it for you to win this football game and put the debacle of the first game behind you?
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important. one 1-1 sounds better than 0-2. >> the 1-0 jets visit the colts on monday night. even though andrew luck struggled in week one, todd bowles knows just how dangerous indy's quarterback can be. >> he does everything. ice big, he hazardous sigh s size, he can beat you with his brain, his feet. he's a hell of a quarterback. probably one of the best in the league. got our work cut out for us. >> now to one of the hottest teams in new york. and i'm not talking about the mets. i'm talking about the new york liberty who finished with the best record in the wnba this season. the 23-11 liberty begin the postseason friday against the washington mystics at msg.
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teammates visited the liberty. >> what does it mean to you? >> it means a lot. i grew up in queens, so to be a part of this franchise, having the best record, it's really special. >> it's really exciting time for me just to be able to come back to my hometo and thousand we now we got the number one seed going into the playoffs. it's been a big year for the players. go liberty. >> thank you much. coming up next, tensions along the hungarian border explode. off. who is coming out swinging in round two of the debates. for some of them tonight it is do or die. a false alarm.
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a muslim team cuffed at school. his home made clock mistaken for a bomb. the case hitting a national nerve, everyone from mark zuckerburg to the president weighing in. breaking news, the fed slapping general motor with a fine over half a billion dollars to failing to disclose led to over 100 deaths. and no turning back, our journey to the inferno. a wildfire suddenly rerupting all around and the only way through safety ty is a gaunt let of flames. nightly news begins right now. good evening. tonight could be the last time the top republican presidential contenders need so big a statement. they are going at it in a debate at the reagan presidential library in california and there is a growing
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sense this could be a make or break moment for some of them that are in desperate need of a breakout moment. to date d tald trump has taken up most of the oxygen in the case and he is feeling heat from ben carson and today's showdown could produce memorable moments. peter alexander is in simi valley, california. >> fighting to stay in the ring. the gop undercard is now underway. >> our goal is to have a true debate. >> the main event coming up. this time an 11 candidate face-off. donald trump usually jabs his opponents but today hinted at pulling the punches. hard. but i think i could tone it down a little >> his challengers vying for attention. some anteing up. and tonight connecting with a massive viewing audience. >> for trump, can he show that he has
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we know that he can be bombastic. can he show a more thoughtful side? >> jeb bush has to fight fd candidacy and fight his way into vethe presidency. >> reporter: for some candidates, tonight could be do or die. >> the stakes are very high. people will get a second look over the course o anf a campaign once they have fallen. but they wone get a -- won't get a third look. >> a bad performance dollars. >> the worst thing you can do is strike out multiple times. about that. >> it is about listening for the best opportunity to strike. >> every debate that you can think of where the big moment happens, it always punch. like reagan taking down jimmy carter in 1980. and lloyd benson dismissing dan quayle in '88. >> and thi als is expected to be a combative debate.
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the podiums will be
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