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tv   News 4 New York at 6  NBC  September 20, 2015 6:00pm-6:28pm EDT

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night. russell wilson and the seahawks head to lambeau field to take on aaron rodgers and the packers on sunday night football. bob and dan host "football night in america" with coverage beginning at 7:00 eastern, 4:00 pacific on nbc. for our entire golf channel, dan hicks saying so long from conway farms. jason day is on top of the world
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history in cuba. pope francis holds mass and urges cubans to serve one another before his first ever meeting with fidel castro. >> river rescue. a singeing boat tosses nearly two dozen people into a river including a couple that just got engaged. we started with an unexpected turn of events on what was supposed po ed d to be a rowing event. >> there's another reason why this sunday out willing be
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unforgettable. we are live from college point yacht club in queens with the story tonight. >> reporter: this is a dragon boat racing team and they were headed to the white stone bridge. the waves were overwhelming. the boat sunk. the big question was popped moments before the boat began to sink. >> i think it is a good sign that we survived it. >> reporter: an engagement is memorable, but this one is not just memorable for her but the 18 other dragon boat members. >> he proposed before we went down. >> reporter: moments after the big question, the boat began singeing k sinking. >> he said in his proposal is that we, you know in our relationship, just like the water, there is high tides and
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>> reporter: surviving a e ing a ing a sinking ship. >> it is a testimony to the strength of our team and relationship. >> if this is the engagement, i can't wait to hear about the wedding. no one was hurt. the boat is at the bottom of the river. live in college point, news 4, new york. >> easier from here. thanks so much. now to the pope's trip in cuba and history was made today as he met face to face with former leader fidel castro. celebrating mass before a huge crowd right in the heart of cuba. the pope urged thousands to serve one another and not an ideology. that was seen as a subtle jab. the meeting with castro was held in havana at castro's home. there's a picture there. a spokesman said that francis was happy to meet castro face to face.
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we will have a full report on the pope's day in cuba. she is the only local reporter on the ground there. natalie? >> we are just two day ace way from the pope's arrival in the united states. cardinal talked about his visit to the city and worshippers are anxiously awaiting the pontiff. >> i think it's wonderful. i get chills knowing that he's coming to town. >> he's my favorite. >> excitement is building for those attending mass at st. patrick's cathedral this morning and the thousands across the region anticipating the pope's big visit to nyc including cardinal dolin. >> they are so proud. >> the cardinal told uss everyone is waiting to hear the pope's message. >> he will say what the church has been saying for two my lyn ya but he says knit a fresh and simple way. >> law enforcement is ramping up security for this unprecedented event.
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the pope, the president, and u.n. assembly all in one city. new york mayor bill deblas owe spoke this morning. >> we have the equipment and planning. my concern is there is a lot of moving parts. >> news 4 has been showing you security preps across the city from barricades to new video of midtown. and security will be felt almost everywhere from st. patrick's cathedral to the papal residency, harlem along central park and madison square garden. a week with so many moving parts but the focus on one man. >> it's the humanity of the man, i think, and the authenticity of the message. he doesn't just say it. he lives it. >> now police commissioner bill bratten says there are no specifically identified threats ahead of any of the events this week.
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he also said that law enforcement will benefit from the many experiences watching the world. and back to cuba now where the pope's meeting with fidel castro was informal and low key. >> but pope francis began his first day in the island nation by holding this mass before a huge crowd in the heart of political cuba and urging people to surve their brothers and sisters especially the most vulnerable vulnerable. >> we have a local reporter there on the ground today. she attended today's big mass. >> reporter: it has been a busy day for pope francis. the morning mass, as you mentioned, in about a half hour, pope francis heads to the cultural center here in havana. he is expected to meet with a group of young people who are anxiously awaiting meeting him. there is an evening celebration at the havana cathedral this was
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private service for priests, seminarns and other leaders. it is a beautiful service and some of the people that you see here in the cathedral, people that we met along the route as pope francis was greeted. an outdoor mass attracted some 300,000 people to revolution square. the message which was delivered in spanish was one of service. he spoke directly to the cuban people and implored them to take care of those who are fragile and those who are weaker than they are. he said, quote, those who don't live to serve don't serve to live. several did get close to the pope as they entered the pope. they attempted to hand him leaflets. three of them have been arrested. as the world watched and waited to see if it would happen, it did. pope francis met with former president fidel castro.
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they met at fidel's residence. fidel's wife children and grandchildren with there and the pope handed him books. now tomorrow coming back to you live here in havana, pope francis will leave this city, he heads east about 500 miles. he will celebrate mass there and he will give the town a blessing. coming to you live from havana, darlene rodriguez, news 4 new york. thank you. >> thank you, darlene. you can get a complete list of the street closings and the pope's i-ten rare on our web site at nbc new york doiblgt. >> decision 2016 coverage, the nation's muslim advocacy is calling for congressional repudiation of ben carson after he said a muslim should not become president.
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here's carson on "meet the press" with chuck todd. >> do you feel islam is consistent with the constitution? >> i do not. i would not advocate that we put a muslim in charge of this nation. with that. >> carson's comments come after a supporter of donald trump erroneously claimed that barack obama was muslim. let's take a look at a new nbc online survey. donald trump still leading the pack of republican candidates when it comes to who republicans will vote for in 2016. as you take a look, after the big debate, 29% of those surveyed said trump is still their candidate. ben carson received only 14% and carly rounded out the top three but it was fiorina who came out on top of a poll of who did the best job. 36% followed by trump by 21% and all the other candidates
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received less than 10% of that vote. now let's flip to the democratic side. presidential front runner hillary clinton plans to roll out a new prescription drug plan. she said on a morning talk show that her plan will control the cost of the drugs and improv on president obama's national health care law. she endorsed the law saying that it's working well. republican candidates want to get rid of this even though it
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boy it was really a bloody deadly night. six people dead in an eight hour span. >> bullets went flying at a housing complex on fleet street in brook lynn. the sound of gunshots rang out in the courtyard just before 2:00 a.m. >> about 17 shots like a pop pop pop straight. like a 45 mm. >> three men including a 76-year-old man were dead. police say he was shot in the abdomen, the other two shot in the head. >> the individuals were sitting outside. all of the sudden they stood up and it started blasting off. >> investigators worked through the morning analyzing shell casings. community advocate says that neighbors have already started speculating about the cause.
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are flying that it was turf wars stuff. we have not been able to confirm that out there. >> it's having me scared because i'm in a shelter. >> as the search continues for smes saj. >> if you are who i think you, out of respect to your family, turn yourself in. i will walk you into the police department personally but we got to get you off that street. >> news 4 new york. >> when we come back, a cooler
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we were just talking on the break, such a great walk to work. everyone enjoying the weather. >> everyone is going to enjoy the week, too. it's just 14 degrees cooler than when we wrapped up last week. >> let's walk on over to our weather wall for the details. rockefeller plaza on a lovely evening.
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lots of sunshine out there. started the morning with clouds. they burned off. much cooler temperatures ahead as we begin the workweek and winds pick up, too, out of the north and east. and then the big question is where's the rain. not around, not any time soon most likely. temps in the 70s throughout the area. 65, cooler in danbury. heading on down to the jersey shore, temperatures in the 70s for the most part. 71 and 6l in washington. that's where you're going to find the cooler temperatures. hunter falls at 67. pretty much in the 70s and low 80s for the region. not a lot going on and it's going to stay that way.
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and tuesday as we begin autumn on wednesday. things look good. tomorrow you're going to feel that breeze, sun and clouds together with northeast winds kicking into about 15. the seven day forecast looks like this. look at that. 80 degrees as we say hello to autumn but a very, very lovely stretch as we work our way through the week. we're going keep an eye on that. >> okay. not a bad looking forecast. >> all right.
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. >>it wasva long week for the giants after suffering a coldhearted loss to dallas last
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but today it was the home opener against atlanta, a chance to put the game one debacle in their rear view mirror. trailing by a score of 10-3 in thyoe second quarter, the giants' offense finally comes to life. eli manning hits o'dell beckham jrod. on the slant and the speedster does the rest. big blue led 13-10 at the half. late in the third quarter with the giants looking to blow the game wide open, inanning fumbles at third and 2 at the falcons' eight yard line. matt ryan throws a bullet to cap a 12 play 91 yard drive and pull the falcons within 3. then with under two minutes to go in regulation, the atlanta again. ryan lobs one to julio jones who makes a senoa ion i catch at the
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he was two plays later, freeman sneaks the ball into the end zone.eit wasou questionable call. the play was reviewed but the touchdown was confirmed by officials. the giants lose another heart-breaker 24-20 the final. >> there was frustration but not anybody feeling sorry for themselves. it's their own doing. there is nobedy towb ame but us. >> you got finish the game. at the end of the day you got finish the game. it's 60 minutes of football. at's wha it came down to today and we didn't get it done. >> we got to battle. we started 0-2 and a hot streha. we need som neveng todbring us together, get a break and make our own breaks. >> reporter: the subway series wraps up tonight at city field. big yankees injury news to report. a grade one hamstri
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sprain the yankees are hopeful he will only miss one start. cece tonight at city field. we will ave the complete wrap up tonight on spouts final sufter news 4 new york at 11:00. back to you guys in the studio. >> going be a good game.
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today hundreds filled the streets of harlem. >> marching bands and and organizations took art in the unity, dignity and pride in the african-american community. >> beautiful day, too. nbc nightly news is coming up next. >> we will see you after the game. we'll see you then. on this sunday night, crossing the line. the new campaign's uproar, ben carson questions whether a muslim should ever be president. night, trump and now carson, caught up in controversy over politics, and religion. the dramatic rescue after a yacht catches fire and four people are plucked from the water by good samaritans.
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historic visit. the pope in cuba lenrating mass for hundreds of thousands. en, a one-on-one with fidel castro. security threat. why hackers are now targeting university computers. what's being done to stop them? and, best-seller. remembering jackie collins who seduced millions of readers with her tales of power and lust. "nightly news" begins now. from nbc world headquarters in new york, this is "nbc nightly news." reporting tonight, tamron hall. >> good evening, we begin tonight with yet another controversial comment from a gop ndidate for president. and this time it's not donald trump. dr. ben carson is now under fire for comments he made today to our own chuck todd on "meet the press." carson saying he does not believe a muslim should be president. his remarks now another distraction
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party. nbc's holly jackson joins us with more. >> good evening, tamron. ben carson's campaign tells me he probably will reach out to members of the muslim community, as tonight there's new fallout from those comments, with one group calling on carson to drop out of this race altogether. from a typically soft-spoken candidate, a response making lots of noise today, after ben carson was asked on "meet the press" whether a president's faith should matter to voters? >> if it fits within the realm of america and consistent with the constitution, i have no problem. >> so you believe that islam is consistent with the constitution? >> no, i don't -- i do not. i would not advocate that we put a muslim in charge of this nation. i absolutely would not agree with that. >> the comments, seizing the spotlight in the republican race. >> the constitution provides that there should be no religious test for public office. and i'm a constitutional.
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>> reporter: article 6 states no religious test shall ever be required as a qualification to any office. that clause cited by muslim american advocates who are now calling on carson to withdraw from the race. >> it houldn't be just american muslims who are calling for mr. carson to withdraw, or at least to repudiate these kinds of un-american comments. it should be our nation's political and religious leaders, from all parts of the political spectrum. >> reporter: carson's evcampaign today clarifying his remarks. saying, while carson has great respect for the muslim community and belie s the muslims should be allowed to run, he just doesn't believe the american people are ready for that. just last week donald trump didn't denounce a questioner who called muslims a problem in the u.s. today elaborating. >> i have friends that are muslims. they're great people, amazing people. but, we certainly do have a problem. i mean you have a problem throughout the world. >> what's the problem? >> well, you have radicals that are
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doing things.
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