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tv   News 4 New York at 6  NBC  September 22, 2015 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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parking already banned here days before the pope is due to arrive at our lady queen of angels school in east harlem. many security precautions here and all around new york. it's one reason why some new alternate plans. no doubt you've already noticed the extra layers of security. miles of it, according to the police commissioner. >> there's almost 40 miles of portable barriers we'll be moving around the city. 400 of those nypd white concrete blocks that you'll see. >> reporter: in east harlem where pope francis plans to visit our lady queen of angels school, there are cones preventing cars from parking. >> crazy for the traffic and everything. >> reporter: one reason liz sosa made a major decision. >> my daughter can't go to school. >> reporter: you're keeping your daughter home from school. >> uh-huh. >> reporter: too crazy out there. >> yes. >> reporter: uptown and downtown buses will be further east or
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longer. >> i think there will be chaos myself. >> reporter: some cars already towed on the upper west side. giant barriers outside madison square garden. but while the talk of gridlock is making some want to get out of town now -- >> before the traffic gets bad. >> -- there are so many celebrating such a rare visit. pope francis in new york neighborhoods. >> coming to spanish harlem is definitely a blessing. we need something like this around here. >> reporter: the pope arrives in new york in less than 48 hours and here in east harlem in less than 7 # hours 2 hours, but as the police commissioner put it, his visit will be over before you know it. >> we'll have live coverage of pope francis' visit all week long. we have a section of our website dedicated to the pope. you'll find his itinerary, street closures and everything else you need to know. pope francis' first stop here in new york will be st. patrick's cathedral where
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finishing last minute preparations. francis will hold a prayer service alongside cardinal dolan on thursday. today i caught up with the cardinal who said he is ready for the pope's visit. >> all along he avoided visiting the united states, saying that's where the rich people are, i prefer to be among the poor. what do you think he'll learn? >> one thing i hope he will learn is we have a lot of poor here. not only materially poor, but spiritually poor. as mother teresa said, that's the worst kind of poverty. >> just two days before the pope's visit, cardinal dolan told me he's a little bit nervous and feels like the father of the bride and wants everything just right. thursday he'll be doing vespers
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at st. patrick's cathedral. the holiest day on the jewish calendar yom kippur. here you can see worshippers arriving on fifth avenue at the temple where services are under way. and security is tight where they are preparing for their day of atonement. the holiday is about fasting and seeking forgiveness. the nypd promises the pope's visit will not leave synagogues unprotected the unprotected. the observance ends tomorrow night. they are calling for an end to this teen violence after this video shows an after-school fight that many say is a recurring problem in prospect heights. michael george is there for us. michael? >> reporter: as school got out today, there was a larger than usual police presence, trying to keep fights from breaking out. this is after about a dozen teens all caught on tape.
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bunch of teens ganging up on one victim, kicking him while he's on the ground. and nobody seemed to want to help. >> in this age we live in, nobody wants to get involved. they would rather stand, videotape. >> reporter: police say it happened monday afternoon in front of the atlantic terminal mall, right across the street from the barclays center. one slashed in the face with a box cutter. and this isn't the first time. it's a repeat problem. four months ago teens brawled inside a nearby mcdonald's and beat a man who tried to help. >> you're talking about at least a hundred kids a day that just congregate, and if there's something really hot going on, they all just rush down here at one time. >> reporter: today things were quiet at the mall. a large police presence ensured that a group of teens didn't bother. and mall security turned teens away. i asked security commissioner bratton what he thought about this video. >> it's unfortunate that at
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certain areas of the city, they have that problem. yesterday was an example of that. >> reporter: police arrested two teens. they face charges ranging from assault to weapons possession. community advocates are calling for parents to turn in the others involved in the attack. >> bring your child forward, because if you don't, you're sending the wrong message that what they did and the act they committed was okay. >> reporter: and police tell me they're also scanning social media to see if these teenagers are pre arranging these fights. michael george, news4, new york. >> michael, thank you. coming up as news4 at 6:00 continues. an nypd officer getting away with murder. a changing forecast from janice. >> sunshine returns for tomorrow just in time for the pope's visit to new york city. i'll have all the details and
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>> he will serve an eight-month sentence at the medium security facility. prosecutors accuse him of trying to hide a million dollars in sales receipts from his manhattan restaurant. after losing the democratic primary, mayor bill finch was planning to run for reelection as a third party candidate. but the state says finch cannot run because he missed a second
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he plans on replacing another candidate who plans to withdraw from the race. senior correspondent gay pressman has a touching story
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a former nypd officer accused of driving drunk, pulling up at a car at a red light and firing his gun at it pleaded guilty to attempted murder today. >> the victims he shot survived their wounds but feel the nishment the officer is facing is far from just d. we ever more from white plains. >> reporter: this is one of brendan kronen's final days of freedom. >> you plead guilty to two counts of murder in attempted murder in the second degree, as well as one count in the first degree as
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well as driving while intoxicated. >> the officer pled guilty to charges including attempted murder for opening fire on two men while he was drunk. >> it's been a grueling 16 months since that night of horror that my wife, rob, and our family has experienced. >> robert barelli was inside the car. he was returning from a night of drinking when h fired numerous shots from a semi-automatic weapon. he was shot six times and says he deals with the after-effects each day. >> multiple plates, multiple screws, et cetera. i still have a bullet lodged in my chest that when i roll over in my sleep, i feel it. it's a constant reminder of this ordeal. >> reporter: as part of the plea deal, brendan cronin received
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the first officer to peeex guilty for shooting civilians. his victims, however, want twelve and a half years, a guilt they live with daily. >> i still live with guilt every day for doing nothing more than stopping at a light that was yellow turning red. i still have to live with that. >> reporter: the victims in this case are pinning their hopes on a civil lawsuit that names cronin, the sergeant he was allegedly drinking with on the night of the shooting, even police commissioner bill bratton for fostering what they're calling a culture of drinking among the nypd. tracy strahan, news4, new york. lester holt joins us with a look ahead at "nbc nightly news." >> we're at catholic university america. we were here as the pope arrived inhi the united states today at joint base andrews. we'll have a lot of the color, the emotion as the president and first family were the first to welcome him on u.s. soil. we'll have a lot more on what he
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plans to do and say over the coming days in the u.s., which you can. >> lester, we understand that the pope spoke with reporters on the plane. what did he d giscuss? >> he took a number of questions, and one of them what a lot of folk ihave been asking him when e was in cuba, why he didn't sit down with dissidents. he also talksmabout why he didn't giv up on the trade embargo. we'll have those when we see you at 6:30 for nightly news. >> i hear a chorus behind you. what's going on? >> that's a sound check. the pope will be at the basilica behind me for a can onization mass. they're all in readiness. they're doing a sound check which we hope will end between now and nightly news, as lovely as it is. >> lester, thank you very much. cardinal argentina was elected
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pope in 2009. people snellefollopo it the foreotsteps of their founder. gainbe pressman woke up early with them today to tell their story. >> reporter: at 7:00 each weekday morning, the bell at st. francis of a ssissi church on west 34th street summons the poor to the bread line that's existed for 85 years here. it goes back to the depression. then, as now, the friars handed out sandwiches, coffee and sometimes oatmeal. toda the line stretches down the block and around the corner. volunteers man the stationshat dispense food and drink. many clients have slipped on the eps of the church. >> these people do great work. they do great work, they feed thousands every day. without them a lot of us would be hungry.
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shuffles along, you can recall the life of the founder, the son of a rich family who has as a young man was a sinner. he drank and partied. then one day he said he had a vision from god. he stripped off his clothes and dressed as a beggar. he embraced lepers, he preached to animals. paul astrito runs the bread line now. he sees why the pope chose the me francis. >> he's lived amongst t e people at he serves, the poor people. he didn't like all the pomp and all the things that go along with sometimes being a bishop. so he's lived the francis can lifestyle, in a sense. simple life.c>> morning. >> volunteers embce their task with passion. they approach the task with gratitude. among the volunteers, a couple.
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to have this mission in their ves. >> i like helping people and i like to make everybody here feel like i value tdoir presence. >> reporter: st. francis said for it is in giving that we ceive. gabe pressman, news4, new york. >>ra we're about to receive the forecast. janice? >> it's a great forecast, too. today it was still breezy and cool around the area, but the temperatures still a touch below average. everybody still has their jackets and sweaters going, but tomorrow you'll be able to shed those. even though fall officially begins tomorrow, we're g ng to rise 10 degrees over what we saw today. today's high was 71. tomorrow we expect 81 in the city. new york today, just above 70. that cloud deck and cool onshore breeze kept the temperatures down today, but the skies are already beginning to clear. that's what we'll see overnight. with that it will be another chilly night but lots of sunshine tomorrow, and for the papal visit, the raio straz away u tntil sunday possibly.
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dress for warm weather if you're coming to st. patrick's on thursday evening, temperatures will go from 80hto the mid-70s. it's going to be a warm day that day. then everything starts to shift a bit. we're back to the onshore flow going into the weekend and there's a storm system that's down off the carolinas likely to bring some showers in. this ininore flow will tap into this moisture. that's not going to happen until sunday o monday across theo area. in the.meantime, we've been tracking a couple sprinkles on radar. now it's bare. it's dry across the region at this time. temperatures prety amuck from the 60s to low 70s in the city to sussei ch danbury down to long branch. but we pick up the 70s as we >> ach st. louis. that's the air coming in here tomorrow as well as thursday. in the meantime, this is the area of low pressure we're watching and tracking. lots of clouds in our area because of it today, but the rain is still to our south just off the coast of north carolina. so the clouds are sta nrting clear out. temperatures will be in the 60s.
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yom kippur begins at sundown this evening. over the weekend, we're going to see the temperatures cool down again and a chance for showers coming up on sunday. highs will be in the 70s. tonight, though, we're back to the 50s and even some 40s again tonight north and west. so it's another cool one. but tomorrow up to 81. same on thursday. friday back to the 70s. saturday it's nice, too, 74 and a chance for showers. hopefully it's a good rain for some of us sunday and monday. that's your weather. we'll be right back with
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the centers for medicare and medicaid services recently asked patients to rate the quality of over 3,500 hospitals. t fewer than 10% received 5 stars. r among them was cancer treatment centers of america in philadelphia.
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remember all that drama surrounding the jets and geno smith? seems like a distant thing of the past right now. at 2-0, began
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to start the season. marshall plays big boy football. marshall carried two colt defenders last night into the end zone and iced the game. how is that for big boy football? the story of the game, the defense, they hassled and battered superstar andrew luck all night long. they forced five colts' turnovers. the jets now have 10 takeaways in the first two weeks. that's music to coach bowles' ears. >> great quarterbacks have bad games, but defensively i thought they came out and stuck to the game plan and did a good job. they got fortunate and had some breaks. the guys made plays. >> tom bowles says he'll stick with ryan fitzpatrick even when geno smith is healthy. ryan decker went day to day with a sprained knee. jaguars are back in practice today for the game on thursday against washington.
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with their season hanging in the balance, you had to figure things would change, and they have. preston parker, five drops in two games, was released this morning, much to the delight of giants fans, i'm sure, and to the surprise of his own teammates. >> didn't see him in practice today and wondered what was going on. no one told me. i didn't know about it, didn't hear about it until -- you know, until then. so shocked by it, didn't see that coming, but the other guys have to step up and some guys have to make some plays. >> for the majority of the time he was here, it was he was a very tough, physical football player who made plays when called upon. that hasn't been the case necessarily this year. >> consider the message sent. victor cruz was pain free running on grass today and he's close tie return o a return. says he's watching these two losses, though, and that's been rough on him. >> every snap, every game, every whistle, you want to be out there helping him regardless of the win-lost column.
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you want to do what you do best, catching the football, making big plays and making things happen. >> how much lobbying will you do with tomato possibly play this week? >> a lot. let's put it that way. >> it's probably not going to happen on the short week, let's fut that way. big baseball game tonight. yankees and bluejays. we'll see you at 11:00 tore for all the highlights. a life-saving drug jacked up in price 5,000% overnight. we'll see you back here at 11:00. good night. breaking news tonight. the pope in america. a rousing welcome for the man who has been called the rock star pope. francis begins a historic visit. tonight the largest security operation in u.s. history to protect him. more developing news. hillary clinton comes out against the keystone pipeline. as a clash of the business titans erupts on the republican side.
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the cost of a life-threatening drug sky rockets, 5,000% overnight. a young ceo under fire. why are americans paying more more medicine than other countries. >> and caught cheating. the largest automatic under fire and under investigation for something hidden inside inside cars. a scandal now effecting 10 million drivers. "nightly news" begins right now. good evening. from the campus of catholic university of america, behind me the basilica of the nationalal shrine of the immaculate conception where pope francis will sell bright mass tomorrow. the first journey to america began late this afternoon. welcome to washington, plane-side by president obama and a cheering crowd. following his three-day trip to cuba. for american catholics, the next
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six days offer a chance to see and touch a leader who is humbleness and compassion and mercy. but his outspokenness on matters of world afears means this visit is seen through a political lense. we begin with peter alexander. quite a welcome today. >> that is right. trip. pope francis is now in for the night. but his arrival has energized so many americans, including 70 million american catholics. his holiness today made history, touching down outside of washington, francis's first visit to the u.s. joined by president obama and the first lady at andrews, so rare a president has only done it once before. and the father showing attention to school children. and he left in a fiat, carrying his secret
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service detail. aboard a jet dubbed jeb one. he would not bring up the u.s. embargo on cuba saying this is a pastoral trip, not a political one. in cuba, a remarkable reception with the pope calling for a revolution of tenderness. today thousands lined the streets to green francis as he made a surprise visit at the cuba's holy shrine and taking photos with some of the hosts. and even castro was impressed, meeting finally with him today for the third time. carrying his own briefcase as he boarded a flight to the u.s. awaiting in washington, a city known for tight security, police everywhere, closing streets and putting up barricades an everywhere is excitement. >> there it is, going pipe and there is the pope. >> we're focusing on the message of love and mercy and the joy that he brings to all of us here. >> francis will visit with the president at the white house tomorrow. on thursday becoming
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the first pope to address a joint
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