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tv   Today  NBC  September 23, 2015 7:00am-10:00am EDT

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remarkable day as some people here have described it. it feels kind of like a pep real and kind of like a prayer gathering, a unique and historic moment, the first opportunity for so many americans to see this pope in person. this is the only place in washington where you don't need arrives. of course, pope francis has worn the world's affection had his gestures of empathy, of warmth. he has also shown multiple signs of solidarity with the suffering, and in many ways this is both a spiritual and political journey for this pope who will be hitting the centers of u.s. government, of power and of history, of course, finishing his trip in philadelphia later this week. when he arrived yesterday he was greeted at joint base andrews and what was really a remarkable moment by president obama and the first family as well as the bidens. one of only two times that the president has gone there as a show of respect to greet a foreign dignitary arriving here in this country. today pope francis will have that welcome ceremony on the south lawn.
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his remarks for the first time will be in english, only brief remarks before the two men meet together in private. they have shared concerns publicly about things like climate change and income inequality, but behind the smiles there are some real issues of substance like the topic of religious freedom. there will be midday prayers said at st. matthews cathedral and the pope will head to the basilica where he will canonize junipero serra, the man who brought christianity to california, the first time a canonization will take place on u.s. soil. matt, what's struck me so far this morning is just the energy among the people we met here. we met one man who isn't even catholic who said to me i'm here because this pope is different. he speaks to all of us, and as the father of young children i can tell you never wake a sleeping baby. we met another family who brought their 1-month-old. we got up at 4:30 in the morning because we wanted our son to be blessed. matt.
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parents with their children here at the white house as well. peter, thanks very much. nbc's tom costello is at the apostolic nunciature here in washington where the pope is staying. tom, what's the mood like there? >> reporter: i'll tell you, the energy in the crowd is so -- well, it's exciting, and it's also really contagious. behind me is the nunciature. you can see the concrete blocks for the security. massachusetts avenue, the main thoroughfare through washington, d.c. now let's pan over here because we're being serenaded or more precisely the pope is being serenaded this morning. we've had music and crowds gathering. they started about 4:00, 4:30 this morning and just a sense of perspective. behind that metal fence right there, that's the vice president's residence so as you can see he's in good company. this pope has been greeted by crowds very excited about his message since he arrived
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yesterday and more about that fiat because that really spoke to i think this message of humility, and as you know this pope has really talked about his capitalism. his fiat was really dwarfed by the security details, suvs, so really this message has resonated with this crowd. i'll tell you, matt, as i was spanish-speaking people who has come to see this pope. them. >> tom, thanks very much. let's bring in nbc's special anchor maria shriver helping out with our coverage all week long. good morning to you. >> good morning, matt. >> we've known each other a long time and covered a lot of stories and issues relating to the church here and in rome. i know you've been very excited about this visit. what do you want to hear the pope say to the american people in his first remarks today? >> i think like tom said, i think all of us are interested in what he has to say. i hope he'll encourage us to look out for our fellow man and woman. i hope he will continue, like he
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go out of our homes and to be of service. i hope he will continue about his talk about less judgment on people of different sexual genders and also just men and women in particular, and i think he talked about a revolution of tenderness and kindness and compassion, and i think that that's what we're all hoping for, and i think that that's what the world needs and i think that's why he's speaking to people of different faiths because everybody can understand that, and i think everybody thinks we need more of that. >> glad to have you here with me, and you'll stay with us throughout the pope's visit here. maria, thank you very much. in our next half hour a closer look at the pope's simple life and the new tone that he is setting with his papacy, but right now i'll head back to new york and give it over to savannah. >> matt, thank you very much. greg burke is a senior communications adviser to the vatican and joins us this morning. >> good morning. >> this is pope's first visit to the country. a lot of people know how they feel the pope. i guess the question is how does he feel about us? america?
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>> i think the pope is excited seeing a new group of people. there's no doubt about that. it is totally new for him but not totally. it's totally new landing in the u.s., but obviously he's met a lot of americans since working in rome and since becoming pope, but key thing he's talked about this. he says i just want to give an embrace to everybody i can. nobody should be left out of the pope's embrace, a bit of the tenderness that maria was talking about. >> what is his message to americans? i mean, we read about how he feels about capitalism or consumerism. is there going to be some tough love for his flock during this visit? >> i think there will be a mention. you know, congress will be the important speech, and i think that's more the state of the union speech. today is sort of like a warmup, an appetizer is it, drinks before dinner. congress will be the big speech but everything the pope says is basically goes from one key phrase which is god loves you, and one of his main message is god loves you, god forgive you, and i think more on a social political term the core larry is
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god loves you, show that love, share that love with somebody else, so i think we will here that. i don't think it will be the strident criticism of capitalism that the pope got in america. the pope is suspicious of wall street, likes main street and recognizes the great good the u.s. has done in bringing so many people out of poverty but that doesn't mean he won't say, hey, it's been good for you. but, you know, be more generous now. >> there was a provocative cover of "newsweek." i'm sure you saw it a few weeks ago asking the question is the pope catholic? and i guess the point was to say he has emphasized a different kind of tone in terms of immigration or gay rights, a whole host of issues, on the other hand, he hasn't watered down church doctrine at all. >> what's interesting is people are listening, you know. the bishops are known in the media as opposing to obamacare for some things but they have also been pushing for affordable health care and on the edge of immigration, you know, working for that, so it's very
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the pope is saying the same thing that bishops have been doing but people are listening now that the pope is there. he's not watering down doctrine. if you listen to the homilies in the morning he's a very old-fashioned parish priest. >> thanks so much. we'll have a lot more this morning and we'll bring you his arrival to the white house live. moving on to other news, hillary clinton's e-mail controversy back in the headlines with a report now that the fbi has recovered e-mails thought to be deleted from the private computer server she used as secretashry of state. nbc's andrea mitchell has more on that story this morning. andrea, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, savannah. those new reports today that the fbi has indeed recovered both personal and work-related e-mails from that private server. the fbi is investigating how classified information was handled by this account. clinton told her lawyers to turn over the server last month after the inspector general for intelligence agencies asked for that fbi probe. it had already been reported that the fbi thought they could recover some of the e-mails from
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the server, even though they had been deleted. what is new today is that they are actually able to get them and are now sorting through what they believe is personal from what is work-related. the justice department has said that clinton had every right to delete the e-mails, but this ensures that there will continue to be a drip, drip, drip from this issue as clinton tries to campaign. and there's a new indication today that the campaign is in some trouble. a bloomberg poll just out this morning shows that vice president joe biden who has yet to decide if he's even running and berds nie sanders are closing in on clinton, she at 33%, bidened a 24% and sanders 23%. biden advisers say he is likely to make a decision in the next few weeks in time to be on the stage next month for the first democratic debate on october 13th. if he decides to run. >> lots to follow this morning, thank you so much. >> you bet. >> on republican side of the
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race donald trump campaigning in south carolina today following his appearance on "the late show with stephen colbert can the "and hearing from trump's children showing a different side to the republican front-runner. nbc's hallie jackson has this story this morning. hallie, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, savannah and this morning yet again it's something donald trump did not talk about that's making headlines from his kind of subdued appearance on stephen colbert's show. between the laughs trump seemed intent on proving he's serious as a candidate. >> ladies and gentlemen, donald trump. >> reporter: republican front-runner in the late night spotlight. i >> i want to thank you for not only being here but i want to thank you for running for president. because i'm not going to say -- i'm not going to say this stuff writes itself, but you certainly -- you certainly do deliver it on time every day. >> yeah. >> reporter: as stephen colbert riffed donald trump ducked. >> this is the last time you
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ever have to address the question if you hit the ball. barack obama born in the united states. go. >> and you want -- i don't talk about it anymore. >> you don't talk about it. >> i talk about jobs. i talk about our veterans being horribly treated. >> reporter: even on late night tv trump not able to shake this controversial moment from last week's town hall. >> we have a problem in this country. it's called muslim. >> reporter: now the front-runner confronted in an interview with cbs news. >> it was a testing moment for a man running for president. >> i don't think so. >> you never know when they are coming. >> i don't think so. >> here you had a bigot. >> well, you don't know that. >> he asked a question. you don't know that he was a bigot. >> reporter: and trump's children highlighting his softer side telling "access hollywood." about their dad. >> how he instills discipline and focus and passion into us, and i think he was just an amazing father.
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>> reporter: his campaign says the timing of ivanka and eric's comments in the midst of trump's latest controversies is just coincidence. >> i'm incredibly proud of him, right. he's winning in every single poll, shaking it up. he's saying what everybody thinks but is afraid to say. he's kind of the anti politician which is the man i know him to be. >> reporter: but it's another candidate running as anti-establishment who is right on trump's heels. carly fiorina under fire from the front-runner and firing back, she is on the campaign trail here in south carolina ho gping to keep up momentum after that debate performance last week. her town hall tonight, by the way, will be about an hour away from donald trump's in columbia. savannah. >> all right. so close but so far. hallie jackson, thank you so much. as we mention the at the top of the show the tributes are pouring in this morning for baseball hall of famer yogi berra, one of the game's most legendary figures who died at the age of 90. today national correspondent craig melvin is outside yankee
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remarkable life on and off the field. craig, good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you, september 22nd, 1946, that was the day yogi berra made his debut as a new york yankee. it was also the day that he died at age of 90, as you mentioned. he wasn't just arguably one of the best catchers of all time. his folksiness, his quick wit made him legendary. he was truly one of a kind. >> yogi's blast sails over the right field fence, and the yanks are off and running. >> reporter: yogi berra, the longtime new york yankee's catcher, was one of the greatest players on some of the most storied teams in baseball history. >> the yankees are back on top. >> reporter: his hall of fame career numbers amonghe best ever, 19 seasons, 15 straight all-star games and three league mvp awards. he played in more world series games and had more series hits than anyone else, but most of america knew berra's words, not his numbers, his folksy and
7:13 am
often contradictory yogiisms like it ain't over until it's over and in a special "meet the press" at yankee stadium tim ssert asked the so-called philosopher of baseball to explain. >> when you come to a fork in the road, take it. >>a well, we've got one back home that's why i said take it. >> half the things i said i never said. >> oh, boy. >> itell you the truth, i don't even know i say these things, i really don't. >> reporter: lawrence peter berra was born may 12, 1945 to an immigrant family in a primarily italian neighborhood of st. louis. he quit school after eighth grade and later served in the navy, a ship gunner's mate during the normandy d-day invasion. after the war, 1946, he joined the yankees where he would spend his entire playing career ending in 1963. he then went on to coach and manage the yankees and the cross-town mets. berra retired in 1992 after his last job in baseball, a coach for the houston astros. >> yogi berra hits one.
7:14 am
>> i love baseball, i really do. i always told my dad, dad, i ain't going to make it working, i like to play ball too much which i do. we played hard. you've got to work at this game, you really do, and it's fun doing it if you do it the right way. >> reporter: he devoted the later innings of his life to community service and charity work. his yogi berra museum and learning center are on the campus of montclair state university in new jersey, not far from yankee stadium. in march of 2014 berra lost his wife of 65 years, carmen, often called the woman beside the man behind the plate. they had three sons, 11 grandchildren. >> the yankee hall of famer, yogi berra. >> reporter: yogi berra, a yankee legend, one of the most charismatic baseball players and sports personalities of all time. my two favorite yogiisms, savannah. it's like deja vu all over again
7:15 am
you're going, you'll end up some place else. >> true. >> reporter: one of a kind. >> our hearts are full just remembering him this morning. you have to have a favorite yogiism. >> such a lovable guy, speaking about love, he said love is the most important thing in the world but baseball is pretty ed good, too. >> how but, al in. >> baseball's 890% mental and 50% physical. >> you got to love it. one of my favorites is i'm not going to buy my kids an encyclopedia. i want them to walk to school like hi to do. matt, i know this is a tough day for you, too, you loved him. >> i love yogi berra and, al, remember, must have been 20 years ago, bryant still the host of the "today" show, interviewing yogi live on the air and and the end he said i've got a minute left and let's play a little word association and yogi said okay and bryant said mickey mantle and yogi said what about him? and the hardest i've ever
7:16 am
in a car with yogi berra and joe parra and listening to them tell stories about the guys they played baseball w.unbelievable. >> classic. we're remembering him with a lot of fondness this morning. matt, we'll check back with you with the pope coverage. >> don't make it like him anymore. let's show you what's going on. wet weather along the southeastern coast and a lot of heavy rain in the mid-plains and also into the upper midwest. could be flash flooding as well. sunshine along the west coast and warmer than normal here in the northeast and parts of new
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we're going to get >>s> cool start out there this rning. 59 degrees down in the park. 53 in muttonwn. a lot of 40s through the distant northwest suburbs. 43 in sussex. it warms up nicely with a full day of sunshine. 74 by noon. forecasting a high of 80. close to 80 tomorrow as the pope arrives. upper 70s late afternoon and low to mid-70s with a few more clouds mixed with sun on friday. no more rain until perhaps later sunday and warmer early next we ek. >> and if you're tingling this morning around 4:21 it's because fall started. >> i thought it was your presence, al. let me jus ponder that one. matt, you stand by there for a second. coming up, we want to tell you we've got a story that some are calling a star war. why oscar winner sean pena just
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finished a $10 million lawsuit against "empire's" co-creator lee daniel. matt? >> and the pope's first day here in the united states, he's getting ready to arr e at the yswhite house, including why h papacy is unlike we've ever seen. but first on a wednesday morning
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. coming up,ttrevor noah stops and tells us how
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a live vuf the queensboro bridge on this wednesday, september 23rd. i'm michael gargiulo gliefrjts the yank east and new york lost a legend. hall of famer yogi berra died at the age of 90. michael george joins us outside the namesake museum in little falls, new jersey. >> michael, he was one of the greatest to wear yankees pinstripes. he died of natural causes at his home in west caldwell, new jersey. he started with the yankees in 1946 and earned 10 world championships and three mvps. today, fans are remembering his famous quotes and called him the philosopher. king of baseball.
7:22 am
his most famous line, it ain't tilr it's over. he died at the age of 90. >> here's lauren scala with a look at the commute. >> michael, good morning. there are delays on several lines. an overturned vehicle on the sprain brook parkway. blocks two lanes. very serious ammccident. ll be there for a while. hutch by boston road, an accident there. slow going through there as well. don't forget, the general assembly is in town. plenty of street closures along the east side of manhattan today. >> we'll be right back with
7:23 am
first day of autumn. pretty good shape. a high of 80 this afternoon after a cool start this morning with plenty of sunshine. good deal of sun. more cloud cover, mixed with sun. no rain until perhaps later sunday. best chance for that is south and east of the city. coming up on the "today" show, new host of the dailey show, trevor noah talks about how he's about to take on the
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730 now on this historic wednesday, the 23rd day of september, 2015, as the whierte house and adoring crowd across washington, d.c. gets ready to welcome pope francis on a stunning day here in the nation's capital. his holiness will be the third pope to visit here, pope
7:25 am
benedict did it in 2008, greeted by then president georg w. bush. pope john paul ii was here in 1979, greeted by jimmy carter, and just a programming note, i'm morning. savannah, we're going to cross in the skies today. you're coming down for tomorrow. >> that's right, and as we know the big speech will be before congress so we'll have that covered, and, please, keep the weathe nice there, matt, if you have any say with the pope. than it is today. let's talk about some of the stories making headlines on this wednesday, and such sad news from the world of baseball overnight. w york yankee's legend and hall of fame catcher yogi berra has died. the 90-year-old was a thee-time most valuable player. he won a record ten world series titles with the yankees. he was also beloved for his so-called yogiisms, quotes like it ain't over till it's overand it's deja vu all over again. savannah. >> he will be missed.
7:26 am
under fire for raising the cost of the drug daraprim says now he will lower the price. martin shkreli did not say what the new price would be but he said it would be determined over the next few weeks. and the two texas high school football players suspended for tackling the referee during the game are facing a disciplinary hearing before school officials today. the players claim they were told to hit the ref by one of the coaches. now to a celebrity feud that could get very expense ive expensive. two-time oscar winner sean penn has filed a $10 million lawsuit against "empire" creator lee daniel over comments he made about penn. willie is here when that story. >> reporter: sean penn has been making movies and headlines for decades and nou w is fighting back over attacks that have gone on for years.
7:27 am
tonight and lee daniel is getting buzzed for the debut and the comments he made about lead actor terrance howard. in an interview with "the hollywood reporter" daniels referred to howard who has been the subject of several ghestdic abuse allegations saying that poor day and he went on to say ain't done nothing different than marlon brandon or sean penn and all of a sawed he's a demon. >> a comparison to sean spen what you don't want to hear. howard is a very established unfortunate legal record of violent incidents with women. >> reporter: in a lawsuit filed tuesday penn's attorney acknowledged while he's certainly had several brushes with the law, penn, unlike howard, has never been arrested much list convicted for domestic violence and his ex-wives including madonna would confirm and attest. penn who most recently has been linked to actresses charlize theron and scarlet johansson was
7:28 am
years but it was his marriage to madonna in the late 190s that's been called into question. >> sean penn's marriage to madonna is probably best remembered for an incident while penn was not formally arrested there were widespread reports of him engaging in violent behavior, and something like that is not going to be forgotten easily. >> reporter: while he has drawn attention for his clashes with paparazzi, penn points to his humanitarian work in the lawsuit, perhaps an attempt to rehabilitate his reputation in the court of public opinion, even if experts say it may be more difficult in the court of law. >> it's a tough case for sean penn because he has to show that a false statement of fact was made about him, essentially accusing him of being guilty of domestic violence, but also that lee daniels made that false statement knowing it was false, and i think that's a tough burden for him to meet. >> reporter: rereached out to the l.a. county sheriff's officials. officials did confirm an investigation into a domestic violence incident involving sean
7:29 am
were unable to find any charges that were filed other than penn's attorney no parties involved in the lawsuit would comment otherwise. >> and interesting case. sean penn was angry enough to file the defamation lawsuit but as we see it does bring up all these old issues. >> absolutely. >> see what happens in court now. a check of the weather now. >> folks wondering what's going to happen weather-wise as far as pope francis' visit to america, a look at the weather over the next several days. washington, d.c., fantastic weather as do all the people who have come out to see, monday, today and thursday and then new york city. he arrives here thursday. again, beautiful weather right through saturday when he departs for the city of brotherly love, and we don't see any problems until sunday. there could be clouds and showers. we're watching this as he's
7:30 am
so we'll be watching this al, it's a cool morning but a sunny morning. 59 degrees in the park right now. most folks in the 50s. down the shore as well. 40s further north and west of town. headlines, we're talking about autumn off to a nice start. great weather for the pope as you pointed out and maybe a shower in spots. here's the seven-day forecast. 80 degrees. back to the low to mid-70s friday and saturday. slight risk for rain and warming early next week. >> get your weather any time you need it. go to weather channel on cable or >> all right, al. thank you so much. coming up, forget cookies and ice cream, we have the vegetables to avoid if you're watching your weight. matt? >> and next as we await the arrival of pope francis here at the white house, maria shriver explores the humble, simple life that he's chosen to lead, even vowed to lead, right after t (dog) mmmm. we've been together since 2012. rdinner is absolutely ourrfavorite time together.
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7:36 am
boundaries of the white house as well. all these people coming from near and far hoping to get glimpse of pope francis on his first trip to the united states. he's a man who has already made a big impact on the church and the 71 million catholics living here in the united states, and one thing that seems to stand out is the way he lives, something we saw on tuesday when he rode in that simple small black fiat sedan to his temporary residence here in town. nbc's special anchor maria shriver is back with that part of the pope's story. maria. >> that picture had to make you smile, right, the little car? you're like right. >> almost light a sight gag. >> reporter: first day after taking the name of francis in honor of the francis of assisi who worked with the poor and his
7:37 am
meet the faithful his approach has met with millions. pray for me, he says so often, pope francis is a humble man living a simple life, and despite his rise to the highest position in the catholic church. much has been made about that he didn't want to wear the prada slippers, that he didn't want to live in the pope's palace or pope's apartment, wanted to live more in community. talk to me about what his life is actually like. is it really austere and simple? >> tis life is as austere and simple as it can be for a pope. it's important to remember that this is the first jesuit pope ever, and we take vows of poverty. >> reporter: to francis that vow of poverty includes life here in these very simple rooms as the casa center marta, the vatican guest house. he's every day in the cafeteria along with staffers and the janitors. and he's the first pope to carry his own bags when he travels. this is also a very shrewd man.
7:38 am
people i've spoken to said this is a man who was influenced by perron, who watched the power of gestures and understands what it means getting a photograph of him carrying his own briefcase. is that fair? >> i think it's natural to him so these things that get picked up by the media are part of who he is so he's not doing them just for show, a way to telegraph the people and church what he's about. >> reporter: one needs to understand where he came from. he grew up in a middle class family, the son of an accountant who emigrated to argentina from italy and later as he became a priest and then cardinal he worked in some of bayers' move impoverished neighborhoods. >> as the cardinal of buenos aires he was not a kind of administrative of vatican person. he was a person that was really out with people and living with people. he took public transportation to
7:39 am
work every day. he got on the bus like everybody else did. >> reporter: and that is a key part of his popularity. the people's pope seems to be just like us. he even enjoys some of the same indulgences. he's a big fan of soccer and of dancing. he's even been known to enjoy the tango. and he has reportedly developed a fondness for pasta. since moving to italy he's gained weight and his doctor asked him to cut back. he is perhaps the most relatable pope in the church's history. what do you think the difference is between what people are seeing in this pope compared to john paul ii who was also very popular and/or pope benedict. >> three different popes and bring three different sets of gifts. john paul was a philosopher and benedict a theologian and pope francis more a pastor and a friend said i really respected and add mired john paul and
7:40 am
really respected and add mired hug this guy. during his stay here in the united states. let's bring in bishop robert baron, auxiliary bishop of los angeles and nbc analyst. good to see you, bishop. >> good to be with you both. >> why don't we start where maria's piece ended off. >> we were talking about how he appeals to so many faiths and his sim police feels buddhist in some ways, kind of non-attachment. >> i think there is a point of contact because as a jesuit, as you say, he's into detachment. ig nauseous said whether i have a long life or short life, it doesn't matter as lodge as i'm following god's will. there is a contact of that with a buddhist's detachment from wordily things. whenever he adopts this path of simplicity, poverty, humility, detachment it appeals across the religious boundaries. >> he's here for the first time in the united states but he's watched this country from afar for most of his life and this may sound weird.
7:41 am
might he be a little nervous about this trip and considering the saturation of media here and social media here? >> how could he not be? by all account he's a very retiring man. moch of the time the archbishop of buenos aires avoided the press and he's kind of a retiring introverted type. how could he not be nervous looking at this intense coverage. at the same time he's someone who seems very comfortable on the world stage. he tells it as it is. so i think naturally just from a human standpoint, of course, he's nervous, but he's someone able to haenhel himself well on the world stage. >> he'll speak in a little while at the white house, remarks in english. first time we'll hear from him on american soil. i asked this to maria earlier this the show, what would you like him to say? >> i think he's going to speak the gospel. he's here primarily as an evangelist and will speak of god, especially during an increasingly secularized society and will speak of jesus christ and also of basic human values
7:42 am
that will appear across denominational lines and even to the world. he's someone very at ease i think with that kind of communication so that's what i expect him to say and hope he'll say. >> as i said, bishop robert barron, thrilled to have you with us. appreciate your time this morning. >> thank you. >> we'll have much more of the pope's historic visit to the u.s. and arrival at the white house. that's coming up, but first on this wednesday morning, a look that's a first-rate queso dip haven't been this lost in years (gps) recalculating shortest route do i really look like this? never seen this one before chicken parm you taste so good i like it.
7:43 am
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7:51 am
live look at the brooklyn bridge. the bqe at 7:56 on this wednesday, september 23rd. good morninger good morning, i'm michael gargiulo. in an hour, pope francis will be at the white house to meet with president obama. here in new york, a new 8-foot tall fence was put up around part of central park overnight in preparation for the pope's visit. pope francis will arrive in the city late tomorrow afternoon. he's scheduled to drive through central park in the morning. a large porks tion of the park will be closed for the day. you will need tickets for the procession. a sad day as well. yogi berra died at the age of 90. yogi won ten world series championships with the yanks and was beloved for his yogi-isms which included, it ain't over till it's over. now a look at the weather with lauren. >> delays on the wassaic branch for commuters because of equipment problems. otherwise, the commuter lines are good.
7:52 am
down in yonkers between jackson avenue and tuckahoe road. a serious accident will likely be there for a while. we have changes on uptown 1, 2 and 3 trains. lots of sun, a high of 80 degrees. clear and comfortable, 62. on friday, few clouds, 74 degrees. coming up on the "today" show, tips on tackling your financial fears. from not saving enough money to knowing when to retire.
7:53 am
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7:54 am
it's 6:00 on "today." coming up the pope and the president, a historic day in the nation's capital as the people's pope is set to meet with president obama and address the nation. we'll be live at the white house. then tough talk from suze orman. what is your biggest financial face?
7:55 am
and taking on the daily ground. comedy central star trevor noah prepares to take over for jon stewart on "the daily show" but he's paying us a visit in stewed row 1a first, today, september 23rd, 2015. >> good morning, california. >> good morning, louisiana, and all the veterans at ft. hope. we love you. >> we're nurses visiting the "today" show. >> kansas city. >> good morning. >> we love you! >> and good morning, everybody. welcome back to "today." we've got a special split edition. we're here at 30 rock in new york city and great crowd out on the plaza, and matt is down where they are making history today. he's at the white house along
7:56 am
with maria shriver, and they are all among with their thousands of personal friends waiting for the pope's arrival. matt? >> you know, it's filling up, savannah. as we said it started off slowly but they opened to gates. it's packed now. a lot of people waving both the american flag and the papal flag, the flag of pope francis. i am joined by maria shriver here on the south lawn, and i think there's a lot of anticipation about not only what we're going to see but what we're going to hear from the president and the pope. >> a lot of excitement. you see people of all faiths, all ages. you see a lot of nuns walking around, educated by the nuns, i like that, movie stars, television stars and kids out of school, so it's a really great feeling of excitement here i have to say. >> a lot of people in washington, savannah, not working today, a lot of people teleworking so they can avoid traffic jams and created by the pope's motorcade but it is a festive atmosphere on a stunning day, and it will be a very busy first day in the united states for pope francis.
7:57 am
white house in about an hour for that official welcome ceremony after a private meeting with the president. he'll then participate in a parade on the ellipse, take part in midday prayers at the cathedral of the st. matthew and wrap up day one by celebrating mass, where? for the first time a canonization will be take place on american soil. when the pope leaves the vatican residence this morning, he'll be greeted by some local schoolchildren and adoring fans. nbc's tom costello is there. tom, what can you tell us. >> reporter: oh, boy, i'll tell you. we've had several hundred people here, matt, started coming 4:00, 5:00 in the morning. they have been singing is. why don't brian pan over here. chanting, second ago they were singing. most of these, i will tell you, spanish-speaking people who have come to celebrate with papa francisco. they believe he's somebody who
7:58 am
i want you to meet one of them, mary cardoza originally from cuba and now maryland. why does the pope speak to you? why is this important? >> pope francis exemplifies the christian life, brings us a hope, forgiveness, a message of mercy, to not give up on our sins and to love and pray always. he always asks us to pray for him and that's the things that are going to make us happy on this life and brick other people back to church. thank you, mary snow know what you hear over and other again, matt, how humble pope francis is, and they talk about the fact that he showed up yesterday in the fiat dwarfed, of course, by his security detail in the suvs. they like that message of humility and they like the message that pope francis brings. back to you. >> yeah. humble car for him. i have a feeling it will turn quickly into a hot car here in the united states. tom, thank you very much. of course, we're going to have live coverage of all of the events ahead, but for now we'll go back to new york and natalie for a check of the morning's other top stories. hi, natalie. >> hi, good morning to you, matt and maria.
7:59 am
good morning, everyone. the fbi has reportedly recovered some of the e-mails thought to have been deleted from the private server hillary clinton used when she was secretary of state. bloomberg is reporting that the salvaged material includes both personal and work-related e-mails. the story has not been independently verified by nbc news. the justice department has said that mrs. clinton had every right to delete the e-mails. however, the fbi is investigating whether her private system exposed any classified information. the pharmaceutical executive under fire for jacking up the price of a life-saving drug more than 5,000% is now backing down. martin shkreli was the target of outrage after raising the price of daraprim from $13.50 to $750. the drug is used by patients with a parasitic infection sometimes contracted by aids patients. on tuesday night shkreli told nbc news his company will in the
8:00 am
to either break even or make a smaller profit. baseball hall of famer yogi berra's being remembered today for his ten world series championships and, of course, his amazing sense of humor. the yankees legend died tuesday night at age of 90. berra grew up in st. louis, the son of italian immigrants, and he served in the navy during world war ii before becoming one of the greatest catchers in major league history. among his motor famous sayings, it ain't over till it's overand it's deja vu all over again. yet another controversy surrounding an incident involving a high school football player and a referee. the question. was it an accident or was tin tensional? it happened in tennessee, and video shows this player knocking down a referee during a play. he says it was an accident, but the school district has suspended him from football during the investigation. earlier this month you'll recall two high school players in texas were suspended after allegedly targeting a ref during a game.
8:01 am
a substitute who came off the bench to give his team a spark delivered a record-shattering performance in germany's top professional soccer league. bayern munich's robert lewandowski entered the game with his team down 1-0 and caught fire and scored an astonishing five goals in nine minutes leading his team to victory. lewandowski had to skip a game saturday after a sore ankle, and after tuesday night he said i think the ankle's just fine. i think we all agree. incredible start there for them, bayern munich, amazing. >> seems like it's better now. >> doing okay. >> all 100% healed. >> thank you so much. coming up, if at first you don't succeed, one little boy's adorable struggle to blow out that birthday candle. carson. >> you're miked, on live tv, trevor. cawhn you do whatever you want. want to do a little monologue. >> i don't know, i don't know. >> this is the man taking the reins for "the daily show" from if you have moderate to severe
8:02 am
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all right. we're back. 8:11. time for friending, people. earlier we talked about that great moment yesterday. a lot of people talking about the pope's car. the little fiat so cute. he got in it. a little different than what president obama rolls in. >> that's right. >> they call that the beast. >> the beast. >> so we thought -- remembe yesterday we did the love boat comparison to the yacht. >> compare and contrast the beast and the pope's car. >> fiat versus beast. fiat starts about $20,000. >> okay. >> beast $1.5 million. >> okay. we're giving this all away here. fiat seats five people and the beast has seven. >> fiat comes in at just over a ton. ation tons for the beast. >> fiat's trunk fits five suitcases. >> that's impressive. >> a lot of trunk room. >> a lot of baggage can feet in this. the beast fits an oxygen supply and a hole firefighting system and a dance floor and smoothy
8:07 am
>> president flies in air force e, rnoeinforced kward to what the pope flies in, charter al i'll yeah, not retro fitted and another comparison. >> they call him the simple pope. >> he. >> man of the people. >> if you're trying to lose weight, and who isn't, right, you probably think go hard on the fruits and veggies, hit them hard. >> sure. >> apparently they are not all created equal. that's what researchers at harvard say, although they actually pronounce the word equal correctly. they followed more than 100,000 men and women for up to 24 ye gars. this is the list of what to avoid. obviously we know potatoes on at list. corn and peas, people. >> high sugar content. >> those are my favorite vegetables. >> that's why, because they taste so good. >> spike the glue dose leveat >> that's a tot bu downer. the fruits and veggies that are good and help you keep the weight off, blueberries. >> yes. >> pears, broccoli. >> george bush's favorite. >> lots of fiber. >> i like broccoli. >> i like it, too. >> wonder where brussel sprouts come in.
8:08 am
you can make anything taste better. >> a roundup of unusual college scholarships that makes me thinking let's play a little game. we're going a name three scholarships. one i name for you and two are real. ready. the fire sprinkler scholarship, the tall clubs scholarship. this is for people 6'2" or taller or the michigan alpacas scholarship for applicants who are alpaca. >> the fire sprinkler scholarship doesn't make any sense at all. >> i think the michigan alpaca. >> i think the tall club is fake. >> okay. well, some of you are right. the fake one is the michigan alpaca scholarship. >> i was right. >> fake. >> yes. >> the fire sprinkler scholarship is rea >> real deal, huh. >> wow. >> you need to have fire rinklers. >> you want to do one more? >> yeah. >> okay. >> the gemini scholarmoip for students betwe.n -- >> for premee erke me. i'm a gemini. >> that's true. >> that's probably one.
8:09 am
>> the asparagus club ben iting the grocery industry. b >> yes. >> and this is for you, carson, the chick evans sch arship if you've ever been a golf caddy.e. i'm going to say the aspa gus csob is fake. >> you? >> asparagus club fake. nat? >> gemini club. >> gemini club. have you been cheati ? >> no. >> you're right again. >> no scholarship for you. >> i figure i never get anything, no scholarship. >> no scholar ship for you. one more piece of video, super cute. a little boy has a birthday w ne to blow out his candle, 2-year-old marty, going to blow this thing out. watch him. >> again. >> ah. >> oh, come on. >> he blows, he blows. >> straw. >> that's a good idea. >> channel it. >> all right, marty. >> nice, dad. >> adorable. >> scientists pinpoint the most
8:10 am
that left taylor swift speechless. carson with more. >> songs identified using science dating way back to 1978. it's queen's "don't stop m now." neuroscientist looked at 126 songs and picked this one. he says queen mastered the feel-good formula which is back tempo, a ajor key and happy lyrics. other feel-good songs making the li oka boily joel's "up town gi?l" and "good vibration" and n i, for you, "dancy queen "with the by abba and next our ail listson lliams scowing off her beautiful weddit dress wearing osa r darantis posting this picture on instagram. she married ricky lavigne last saturday o a ranch in women. >> doesn't every bride want one of those veil shots. >> amazing. >> have you seen this one guy's co meedibleucov of taylor swift's biggest hit.
8:11 am
i've gote we face look in your eyes and i got the red lips and things that you like and when we go crashing down we've got ad blood snow so take a look at you because baby now we've got bad ba >> wwot do you think. >> a host on mtv. taylor herself sba that video and tweeted i honestly can't believe what i just saw. this. a talent in one person has me speechless. >> and she's a talented person togs say that. >> amazing. >> quadru ets. >> no, that was split screen there, no. >> he's incredible. >> camera trick. >> you were telling me about ryan adams, one of my favorite song writer. >> took the taylor swift $1989" album and reimagined it and if you haven't lisoingd to that. that's your "pop start, guys. ou>> all right.
8:12 am
al, how about the weather? >> let's get start. a lot of weather in the midwest. fiery storms from nebraska on into iowa this morning. we're talking about some rain fall rates four inches per hour. flash flooding, power outages and school delays so we're watching this very, very closely and we've got a lot of warmth to talk about. in fact today we're going to be watching all his warmth build up. thursday it stays down south but we start to see a cooldown in the northeast. out west though heat continues to build. in fact, it's going to be rlally ov -the-top rm. becoautiful weather in the northeast and into new england. wet . . . . al, thanks very much. nice start to autumn. 61 degrees right now. heading to a high of 80 with lots of sunshine. well above normal. normal high is 72 degrees. tonight, clear skies, comfortable again. 50s in the suburbs. tomorrow for the pope's arrival,
8:13 am
temperatures topping off at 81. upper 70s by 5:00. that's touch-down time at jfk. a few more clouds in the mix on friday. cooler, 74. freezy breezy on saturday. a touch of rain and warmer early next week. >> and that's your latest weather. savannah? >>ly all right, al. thanks very much. over 16 years jon stewart built "the daily show" into an indispensable cultural phenomenon and now he's passed the baton to a brand new host. >> starting on monday trevor noah steps into one of late night's biggest jobs. how are you feeling in. >> i'm feeling like it's early, that's how i'm feeling. >> yes, it is. >> if we could somehow get a look into your mind and hear your inner monologue. >> yes. >> in these weeks ahd months leading up to this big day on monday what would it be saying? >> it would look like the syrian crisis right now, parts of my mind are fleeing and other part are panicking, but you know what, i think it's all going to work out in the end. >> are you going to change your
8:14 am
stjuand-up humor? >> no. i'll try to change the tv show to meld with my stand-up humor. that's what jon did and what he told me to do. >> his show was obviously big on current events ripped right out of the headlines. do you think you'll do that, to tod. >> of course, why would you throwhihae .ll away. l the news coming to you and it's entertainment. >> ant starting his job during a presidential year. >> a great gift. campaign, donald trump, ben carson, carly fiorina, great thgifts. i couldn't ask for me. summer. hacas there been alsoment in any current news event where you tonight? i wish i could really get a crack at that one? >> the debate. definitely the debate and every single time donald trump has spoken i said why aren't we on air? just wait, take your time and relax and enjoy the thing and it's so exciting. see everything happening out there and we're sitting in the room and saying if only we could say this and can't say it and we'll wait. >> everybody is talking about donald trump.
8:15 am
every show has their own take. the late night guys, how hard is it to find your own lane and what is your take on donald trump? >> well, i mean, he's -- i never know. sometimes i think he's almost working as a double agent. sometimes i think he's just doing that to make the other candidates look really good. almost like a pacesetter in the olympics that's what he's doing. this is the craziest thing and people are saying you mow what, that guy is not so bad after all. think he's doing that and sometimes i think he's doing it for democrat. i don't know what it is and that's what makes him supporting. in my world i support donald trump, that's ourage. i support donald trump. going the opposite way. he's good for us, i don't know but guys but good for "the daily shot." >> would you like to have a guest? >> do you know who your guests are on monday? >> a big secret. >> we do. we'll announce it today. not announced on "today" but today. >> how about jon stewart, did he give you any advice? >> he's given me so much advice. >> what sort things has he said to you? >> the best thing he said is trust your discomfort.
8:16 am
if you ever feel uncomfortable or a joke you're making or subject you're tackling that's the thing you should be going towards. that's the hardest you should do. that way. >> putting your own stamp on the show, of course, but do you ever want to lean on jon stewart, or do you -- it's kind of asking him for advice, or also a part of you that feels like i -- i want to demonstrate my this. >> i think whole team has that. jon was such a powerful leader and so instrumental in the success of the show and what we don't want to do is jon went home to be with his family. you don't wan him to be the guy working from home. >> i've got to call my lifeline. >> oh, it's my other kid trevor at "the daily show" and giving jon his space. i'll check in him periodically and catch up with him at the emmys and see him one more time before we go on the air and say this is it. what else do i need to know? >> late night landscape, a lot
8:17 am
the best time ever and there was no chelsea handler or chelsre bean. what's your take. >> i can't comment, we do have chelsea bean and chelsea handler coming in and if you look at that picture three years ago it wouldn't have included anyone of color so the aim has changed, race has changed, gender is changing and this is fantastic for diversity in all spheres. >> you were announced and people looking at old tweets and kind of got in trouble for things you tweeted a long time ago. did that kind of scour it at all? i have to make sure i don't offend anyone but i'm also supposed to be funny. >> can be i be honest, an extremely difficult thing to go through because it's one of the best things that has happened to you because you then realize what world you're coming into and realize how people take thing. you know, obviously, that was something i did when i was really young and stupid which is what you're supposed to be in
8:18 am
if you waste stupidity when you're young then you're going to do it when you'r older which i don't want to do and i look at that and gave me an idea of how to analyze the news when i step into the show because i'll deal with people who have said a lot of stupid things earlier on and you look to disseminate the information, separate the noise from the facts and get to the truth from there. >> your guests on monday will be -- >> nicely played, nicely done. >> we'll find out. congratulations to you. >> thank you very much. thanks for having me. >> "the daily show" with trevor noah which premiers monday on comedy central. >> meantime, hear that familiar tune >> yeah. that one. for years we've been singing the happy birthday songs in our homes and parties and you noticed it has been avoided on tv or in movies for a reason until now. it's fair game. a federal judge ruled tuesday that that song "happy birthday" belongs in public domain, that's right, but for the last 80 years
8:19 am
restrictions, most recently to chapel tunes where you would owe them anywhere from $5,000 to $30,000 and on tv people start to sing happy birthday and they say no, we have to pay and we've reached out to the company and still waiting to hear xhont. lovely news about the happy birthday song. bad news for "he's a jolly god fellow fans." let's go outside to al. >> thanks very much, carson. you're favorite suze orman is here, and you're going to help us face your financial fears. >> you have fears out there. when it comes to money, everybody does, and we've asked them to put what their forecasts fear is here, and we're going to deal with it. >> face your fears, because otherwise you're a money scaredy cat. >> and once you do, you're not so fearful. >> if you face your fears you can do it and you have to do it. >> stand by for that and a lot more coming up after your local
8:20 am
live look there at the george washington bridge. it is 8:26 right now on this wednesday, september 23rd. good morning. i'm michael gargiulo. it is a very busy day about to get underway for post francis in washington. crowds lining up for the pope's meeting with president obama at the white house thi morning. here in new york, extra security measures still being put in place in preparation for the holy father's arrival tomorrow. just last night, an eight-foot tall fence went up across part of central park. here is lauren we have delays for metro north commuters, up to one hour on the wassaic branch. delaysen the hoboken at 33rd and
8:21 am
we have delays on uptown e and f trains. back to you, michael. the weather watch, high of 80, tonight clear and comfortable, 62 degrees. tomorrow, 81 for the high. friday, a few clouds. high of 74. coming up on the "today" show, you remember him as steve irkle on family matters. actor, julia wright talks about his new role with the worst cooks in america.
8:22 am
there kind for . it's wednesday morning, 23rd of september, 2015. otherwise known as the first day of fall, and it feels like it. it looks like a new season. >> that's right. >> let's go back-to-school shopping, everybody. >> also new shows coming out, premiers of shows we love including "the
8:23 am
mysterious man who supports a fedora a show starring james spader, one of my favorite shows" the black list" is here and we're going to pick his brains about the new season. >> paying for college, preparing for retirement, revealing your biggest financial fears to suze orman all morning long and just ahead how to face and conquer our financial fears. >> guys, did you catch "the best time ever" with neil patrick harris. >> it was the best. >> really was. >> neil and pop star joe jonas provided the voices in her head telling her what to say in a hidden camera gag and we have an exclusive outtake helping britney prank an unsuspecting security guard auditioning for her detail. >> hello, i'm a doctor. >> hello, i'm a doctor. >> is britney spears here. >> is britney spears here. >> no, she's not here, i'm sorry. >> pretty good. >> you can keep the hat. >> you can take the hat. >> close your eyes, i got one more test.
8:24 am
>> britney, stand up and go to the wardrobe thing and behind is a big cardboard cutout of you and pull it out and hide behind it. >> open up your eyes. >> open up your eyes. >> what? >> can you see me? >> yes, i think i can see you. >> i'm the one in the back. >> i'm one in the back. >> creating a little prank right there. >> security guard, "best time ever" with neil patrick harris airs live tuesday nights at 8:00, 7:00 central right here on nbc. >> now for the best weather forecast ever. >> that's right. not much here. let's show you what we've got going on for you. for today wet weather in the southeast atlantic states and also some showers and thunderstorms. heavy thunderstorms right now in the mid-plains, and we've got some flash flooding going on there. sunshine out west. for tomorrow that rain makes its way up the southeastern atlantic coast and high surf and rip tides and heavy winds. a swath of wet weather stretching from the western
8:25 am
lots of sunshine along the west coast. heat continues from the southwest into southern nevada. al, thanks very much. holding at 61 degrees in the park. nearby suburbs, generally, mid and upper 50s. we are erasing most of the 40s. the sun will go to work, patchy clouds early this morning in spots. otherwise, mostly sunny day. 74 by noon. forecasting a warm high by 80 today. 81, tomorrow. sun mixed with a few clouds as we work our way into friday. 74. partly cloudy skies. breezy on saturday. same temperature, 74. more clouds on sunday. most of the rain stays south and east and warmer early next week. rights don't forget get that weather any time you need it. go to the weather channel on cable. online. savannah. >> all right. a thank you some. well, all morning long people here on plaza have been pinning a circle underneath their biggest financial fears. we gave them a few options, and as you can see as the morning wore os investment mistakes have
8:26 am
the most and at you can see what our survey found, being afraid of never retiring was the top fear, also followed by unable to pay bills, investment mistakes, paying for college and losing homes. so money expert suze orman is here. she's going to help folks, help them reach their goals an overcome their fears and has something exciting to share. suzy, good morning. >> good morning, my dear. >> it's very telling to see what people are afraid of. this original board really puts it clearly. a lot of retirement fears that people have. >>u yeah, and as you look at this what surprised me the most seriously was only one person, look at this. one person is afraid of losing their home. >> well, we're going to go through some of these items and what you can do to assuage those fears, but first of all i want to get to the most exciting news which is you're doing something wonderful for people. you're giving away an online course. tell me about this. >> the only way, everybody, to get over fear, right, is to take action but nobody knows what to
8:27 am
do so i have created a new personal finance online course, videos of me, everything that you can read and guess what, it's free today and tomorrow. all you have to do is go to, gift code is today and it's yours forever. >> any updates, that kind of forever. if you don't go in the next couple of days eventually -- >> it will go on sale for a lot of money so this is the time to do it and get in now and you'll never have to pay for anything again with it. >> you say something nteresting in the book that this internal fear is one of the greatest obstacles to someone's personal wealth. what do you mean by that. >> fear is an internal emotion, and when are you a frayed, you buy at the wrong time, you sell at the wrong time. everything you do is wrong so the only way, like i said, to get rid of your fear is to take action and know that you can do it on your own. >> let's get specific here. one of the fears that people talk about, being unable to pay the bills.
8:28 am
the average u.s. household credit card debt, 15,7056. credit cards, student loan debt. when people feel like they are in this big financial hole what's your advice? >> the advice is you have to face it to erase it. when you have credit card debt most likely you want people to think you have more money, you're spending money you don't have, so start telling everybody, believe it or not, i have $15,000 of credit card debt, i have $20,000 of credit card debt. as soon as people know you have credit card debt you'll tend not to spend as much money on your credit cards. >> so kind of being open about it, accountability, is that the concept? >> other wise i can say pay the lowest interest rate. no, start telling everybody how much credit card debt you have, people. it's just that simple. >> get real, people. another fear people not being able to retire. the average american has less than $60,000 saved which sounds like a lot but not when you're talking about retirement and people living longer. >> yeah. most people are going to spend more years in retirement than
8:29 am
>> which is incredible. >> thinking about it. >> my momma lived to 972, so if you're going to be alive, 85, 90 years of age you need money in retirement. the best way to do it, to play catchup is get rid of your experiences. lower your expenses, pay off your mortgage, get rid of debt so you don't need as much money to generate income for yourself. >> questions out on the plaza. let's go to kiana turning 25 today. happy birthday. what's your question. >> i'm a recent college graduate and have over $40,000 in student loans and just signed up for income-based repayment plan but was that the right decision? >> i wish i could say for your birthday it was the right decision but it really isn't and the reason is this. income-based repayment, your loan payments are based on your income. so $40,000 she should be paying about $400 a month and probably paying 150 a month, $250 difference goes to the back end
8:30 am
it's forgiven she will owe ordinary income tax on all of that. get to -- get yourself right back to the student loan people and sign up for standard repayment method. can you afford another $250 a month. >> i'm sure. >> happy birthday, even though suze is giving tough love. denies from cape cod. what's your question? >> hi. with the recent volatility in the stock market can you help us not to panic and pull all our money out? >> the best way not to panic is to understand that the money goes up and down. that's what the stock market does. but if you just simply invested your money in dividend-paying stocks, stocks that paid you 5%, 6, 7% in dividends when the market goes down, you're not freaking because you're still getting income, so -- so don't freak. just make sure your money is giving you something besides just growth. >> "face your fears," suze orman's new growth and her online course right now. get it if you go to
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for a limited time, until 8:00 eastern time friday night. you can also chat with suze on our facebook page at 11:00 eastern this morning. coming up next, al's going to see if he can get "the blacklist" james spader to spill some secrets about the new season.
8:32 am
back now at 8:40 with james spader, the emmy-winning star of nbc's hit show "the blacklist" returning for season three next thursday. we joke about action straight out of the gate. criminal mastermind red reddington on line with fbi agent elizabeth keane in tow and as red learned before it's hard to find people to trust in the criminal underworld. >> you've reached the federal bureau of investigation's major case contact center. >> did you tell them. you and i are finished.
8:33 am
>> we're leaving. within seconds agents are going to reach this building, they are going to wanted to speak to you because you called them with a tip. get rid of them. >> james spader, good morning. >> good morning. >> this show, i mean, it literally is a rocket sled right out of the gate. >> yeah. >> lizzie and red are on the run, so people -- everything we know from the first two seasons has been really thrown up in the air. >> it is. it's been turned upside down. >> yeah. >> and the task force, the real divisions in the task force, and where it's going to land is -- i'm -- we're shooting episode six right now, and the pieces have not landed. i mean, it really -- how it's going to go back together again
8:34 am
is going to -- is going to carry us quite a ways into the season. >> in fact, you've got your premiere next week. i got to see it last night, and you didn't remember how the premiere ended. >> no, no, no. you were just talking about it. i'm like how did the first episode end? >> it's that complex. >> it is, and just it's moving. the train is moving so fast you're just trying to hold on. >> and it is said that you are the only person at least of your cast that actually knows where this is going. >> well, you know, i know a version of what the end could be be. >> could you. >> yeah. >> but on a television show there has to be a certain amount of fluidity in terms of -- because you don't know what the life span of your hoe is going to be. >> sure. >> so you don't though whether you're going to have two years to tell your story or whether you're going to have ten years, and a lot can change in that time.
8:35 am
about this show, i always wait for, is at least one time during the show red has a moment of reflection and tells a story. do you come up -- where -- where do those stories come from because it seems so organic to who he is. >> many people's imaginations. it's -- it's a big stew. >> and, you know, the hat, we haven't seen -- we don't see the fedora in the first episode because you guys are on the run. will we see the hat? will it come back this season. >> oh, yeah. >> all right. >> and is he still fun? >> yeah. grave. if you remember the end of season two elizabeth keane had just shot the attorney general of the united states and then we hit the road and season three starts minutes after season two
8:36 am
ended, so things are very grave and quite dire right off the bat, but there's always fun to be had with raymond reddington, i think. >> and we'll get to see some of that fun coming up again. james spader, always good to see you. >> thank you, al. >> catch the season premiere of "the blacklist" here on nbc and let me tell you it's a rocket sled on rails. we'll be back in a moment right after these messages. here's matt lauer. >> good morning, everybody. an historic day in washington here at the white house where we're awaiting the arrival of pope francis.
8:37 am
apostolic nunciature, the vatican's diplomatic mission here in washington, and there are a lot of people gathered, including our own tom costello who is waiting for the pope to emerge this morning. tom, good morning to you. >> reporter: hi, matt, good morning. it looks like the police motorcade is now moving into position behind me. the nunciature is right to my right and over to my left there's a pretty large crowd that started gathering at 5:00 in the morning, several hundred people outside singing and serenading the pope, hallelujah, papa francisco, a lot of enthusiasm in this crowd, a lot of them spanish-speaking who really thinks the pope speaks to them and their needs and their love for church and catholicism. and so this has really been kind of a contagious environment for the last several hour. they would love it if the pope came over and said something to them this morning, gave them a papal blessing. that seemsin likely given the security here, given the fact that we've got all these concrete barriers and the eke seek and d.c. police are preparing to move him down to
8:38 am
the white house for his meeting with the president. matt? >> all right. the apostolic nunciature is ten minutes away from the white house, will jump in a motorcade, won't have to stop for any lights and should be here shortly. joining me on the south lawn is nbc special anchor maria shriver and george weigel, our special analyst. good morning to you and good morning to you. george, let me start with you. 1979, john paul ii came to the white house. in 2008 it was pope benedict xvi the 16th here greeted by then president bush, and today it's president obama welcoming pope francis. what's the difference in the meetings? what's changed? >> they are all remarkable, matt. in 1979 you had this southern baptist president greeting a polish pope, unbelievable. no one imagined such a thing could happen.
8:39 am
in 2008 you had a former american prisoner of war, joseph ratsnger, benedikt xvi being serenaded by the white house band on the lawn, marvelous moment. today you've got the first pope from this hemisphere from what he calls america, not the americas, plural. as john paul ii did he talks of americas, one civilizational enterprise on this side of the atlantic, and you've got obviously the first african-american president so all sorts of firsts going on here. the other thing to always keep if mind during this visit is that this is pope francis' first visit to the united states. his predecessors had some experience of us. he's going to be on something of a learning curve here. >> and the pomp and circumstance, maria, is just unbelievable. we were chatting a second ago.
8:40 am
you said this is a great day to be president when you get to be a part of something like this. the president and the first lady will greet the pope as he arrives here at the white house. they will come out here. we'll hear a couple of national anthems played. we'll hear the anthem of the holy see and then our anthem and own speeches and what do you think we'll hear in the pope's remarks? >> like george said, he'll talk about how grateful he is to finally be here and talk about the people of the united states, about immigration, of course. he's the son of immigrants himself, and i think he will kind of, i hope, today and his entire trip call us to be our best selves. he's talked about a revolution of compassion and of tenderness. he is going to make everybody i i think about simplicity, think about humility, think about how we can help our fellow man and fellow woman. i think he'll be kind of surprised, i have to say, at all this pomp and circumstance. we've made much this morning and
8:41 am
much has been made about his hue military and simplicity and this is a lot of pomp and circumstance here. this is kind of wow. >> it's wow physically and geographically when you're on the south side of the white house, the south lawn, and you look out over the washington monument which we're looking at over here. >> right. >> but importantly perhaps, george, for this pope, he'll be looking out at the faces of people who have come from near and far, and we've got an enormous group of people just to our yigt. a lot of people from latin america here, a lot of parents with their children. these are the people he wants to talk to while he's here in the united states. >> he's coming here primarily, matt, as you well know, as a pastor. he's not coming as a politician. he's not coming as a dip mat although those issues will surely be touched on. he's going to see here a mosaic of the united states, indeed a mosaic of the entire western hemisphere. >> let me just mention, we're seeing that fiat 500 sedan that's just pulled up in front
8:42 am
of the pope's residence. the vatican, really their embassy to the united states here in washington, so we should see pope francis in just a second. i mean, george, that moment yesterday, which has been talked about and talked about when he arrived at joint base andrews, greeted by the president and the biden family and then hopped into a car that we are not used to seeing diplomats riding in in this country. it was a moment that as i said to maria early seemed like a sight gag, but it was almost incredibly symbolic and appropriate. >> oh, it expresses who he is and how he wants to present himself. i thought it looked a little bit like thomas the tank engine when you had it surrounded by the big suburbans, rather odd. this is a man who was determined to remain himself in office. and in that sense he reminds me of john paul ii whom i knew so well.
8:43 am
they have not let the office alter their personality. in fact, in the case of pope francis when was a very reticent figure in buenos aires, he was not a media star down there. this remarkable election which he certainly did not expect has transformed his personality. he's become a public man in a way he never was before in his life, and i think the resonance of that is obvious. >> we're seeing some of the dignitaries walk out of the white house right now, and they are taking their places on the south lawn. about 15,000 people will be in attendance here at the white house for this ceremony which should last just about a half an hour, 40 minutes. we've seen some of the remarks from the president and the pope. they are not long. they are not going to be speaking at great length. a major speech that the pope will deliver while he's here in the united states will be tomorrow before a joint meeting of congress. george, as we prepare for the
8:44 am
pope to arrive here, there are a lot of people who are going to be seeing him for first time. not only is he seeing the united states for the first time. what do you think their first impression of him will be? >> he's a very winsome personality, mate. there's kind of an innate shyness to him. that smile. >> funny you say that. i watched him in the fiat yesterday. he smiles but it's almost an uneasy, a smile where he's embarrassed to show it. >> he's natively not a demonstrative man in my experience of him, but he's a generally friendly man. he's a man you can engage seriously. in our conversations there's been a lot of back and forth of a serious sort. but he does have a kind of wicked sense of humor, and while i doubt that we'll see much of that he likes to flash it every now and then and that little smile comes out at that point and really lights up his -- his face.
8:45 am
>> maria, there's so much security and there's been so much talk about the really unprecedented security operation that's in effect. the u.s. secret service will take the lead in this operation aided by many other law enforcement agencies, but because of that security are we not going to see the pope get to do what he does so well which is get out and -- and embrace and hug the people who have come to see him. >> i don't think we're going to see much hugging here at the white house. i don't think he's going to wade out into this crowd, but i'm sure he'll get a chance to do that. he'll get a chance, as he said what he most wants to do is meet the american people, listen to the american people and just kind of -- i wanted to go off real quick of what george was saying. you heard allotted about how becoming pope has changed pope francis and how he's become a more demonstrative human being, and if you read about him to understand that he was a very
8:46 am
where he had an interior crisis that he talked about, and he changed the kind of leader that he wanted to be. he became much more -- there he is. >> for a second, there's pope francis. >> there he is, the guy in white. >> exiting the residence. just about ten minutes from here to thunderous applause from people who have been waiting, i'm sure, for hours and hours. >> there he goes right there. >> didn't take long, walking right past his car and embracing and shaking the hands of some of those people. >> the secret service must be dying at this point. >> george, this is a scene we've seen a lot of over the last two and a half years. >> actually, matt, a scene we've seen a lot of over the last 35 years. the papacy has become an office whose holder goes out to the people of the church. lives that injunction of christ the peter with the brethren and you do that by physical contact and as well as untrucks.
8:47 am
patience paying off. that's people who waited overnight thinking i've got a pretty good shot of seeing the pope up close and personal and here they get much more than they probably bargained for. >> one group we were listening to yesterday who said they would be out there at 4:00 in the morning singing to him. i've been in that building, and it's probably -- it probably woke him up. not a lot of sound security there. >> this is life altering, obviously. these are moments that everybody there will remember for the rest of their life. pope francis shook my hand. this is a man who, as i said, calls us to be better, believes that we can all change, that we can all be kind of sources of compassion and goodness in the world. >> you know, i was listening to chris jansing at andrews air force base yesterday talk about something. there comes a moment when you're involved in a situation like this for both of you where you
8:48 am
age. do you enjoy and absorb the moment in person with your own eyes, or do you pick that phone up and try and capture it forever? if it's just in your own eyes you know you'll be able to reimagine it over and over again for rest of your lives but, of course, if you capture is on video you'll watch it a lot. i see a lot of people shunning the phones and cameras and simply wanting to be in the moment which i think is probably the right thing to do. >> and he's staying with this. he's actually spending quite a bit of time here, obviously talking to people. i'm wondering if he's speaking in english or spanish. >> tom costello, i understand you're about 100 yards away from pope francis. what can you see and hear? >> well, this crowd is so enthusiastic. i want you to meet one of them. this is casey martinez. she's 16 years old. she's been here since 4:00. still has a blanket wrapped around her to keep her warm. you are one of so many young people who is here. why?
8:49 am
>> the pope symbolizes like -- he's really inspurg because he doesn't care about like just one race or one religion. he cares about all races and all religions and not just catholics. >> and for a young person to have the pope, an older man, speak to you and touch you, that's really something. >> yeah, it is, definitely is. >> and how many of your friends came today? >> a lot. like everybody i've known since i was little. >> they are all here. >> they are all here. >> singing and celebrating. thank you, casey, singing and celebrating and chanting el pap ark and el papa and papa francisco and hoping he would come over here. i don't think he'll make it to this side of the street but you're still excited nonetheless. >> yes. >> all right. >> matt, the crowd has been so enthusiastic and seeing here, standing here since the early morning hours waiting and hoping to see and just get a glimpse of pope francis when he emerges and emerged from the nunciature and they got exactly that. they would love for him to have
8:50 am
come across the street but think happy that they got a glimpse from here. >> thanks very much. tom. george, you're in there many times the apostolic nunciature. we mentioned there's not a lot of room for a large crowd, a rather tight surrounding, the vice president's official residence just across the street. >> right. >> it's not a place where thousands and thousands of people can gather. >> no, it isn't. it's -- it's an interesting juxtaposition. when george h.w. bush was vice president, he and the then nuncio archbishop laggio used to play tennis together back at the courts at the vice president's house. it's -- it's an office as well as a residence. it's where the vatican representative to the united states, now archbishop carlo mario vegano does his work as well as lives with his staff. nothing particularly fancy about it. does have some interesting artifacts, an autographed letter
8:51 am
american saint, elizabeth ann seton displayed in one of the drawings rooms there, but i'm watching the pope here and thinking the schedule is going to be interesting for the next six days because he's -- he's off schedule already. >> are we on pope time already? >> i think we're on pope time. >> we're already behind schedule and he won't be at the white house at the time that they said he would be here. we should also mention, maria, there's a little bit of a comment going on over the last couple of days about the -- about the portion of america on this, his very first trip to this country that he'll be seeing. it's really a sliver of the northeastern portion of this nation. he will not have the opportunity, at least during this visit, we hope there will be future visits, to see the breadth of this country. just real washington, new york and philadelphia. >> that's correct, and i had read that he had been thinking at one point of coming in through mexico, and this was a trip, you know, that was
8:52 am
still the pope, and people say that had he real he his druthers it probably would have gone through the west where there's a lot growth, but he's seeing where catholicism started here in the united states, but we should say that there's so much admiration for him, but there's also -- he's facing a church with a lot of complex issues. women are hoping that he'll address the role of women in the church. he has said certainly that women will not be ordained as priests, but he has talked about the importance of women in the church. obviously other factors of the church are waiting to hear from him as to how they will be part of a modern 21st century church. >> and we're playing coy a little bit here, george and maria, because we've seen a copy of his remarks and we're not allowed to talk about it, but we do know that he'll touch on many of the issues in the news in this country right now and around the world. >> sure. and that's appropriate for him to, as maria said, summon us to beno our better selves.
8:53 am
i think we allprave the sense at this is not a particularly glorious moment in american political history. ybe he can summon us to a bit more seriousness, a bit more moral seriousness about our common life, and i think the pope has a very profound sense of what the united states means for the world, that there is a kind of modeling going on here and he wants to encourage us to be good role models, not -- >> interested to hear you say that because people have asked the question does he get the united states? does he get us? >> i think that this is going to be a learning experience for him, particularly in terms of the church in the united states. maria mentioned some of the problems. they are obvious. >> yes. >> but this is also the most vital and vibrant catholicism in the western world. it's far different than western europe. >> it's complex.t >> and it's complex, it's multi-facetted, it's a mosaic,
8:54 am
but i think he will get encouragement from that. >> does it fit the mold he sees for the church? >> i think this church in america is trying to be what he called a church permanent ly ly in nation, not institutional, makee the institutions the platform tore getting out and evangelizing. >> we're watching him. now in that fiat 500 sedan. the one that got so much attention over the last 18 hourstordso. he has a secret service escort, a formidable secret service escort. this is job one for the secret service right now. by the way, we should just kind look ahead as he comes to new york in the coming days. he comes at the same time that the u.n. general alls.bly is in session, the 70th anniversary, 120 or so world leaders will be in new york city along with the pope. almost impossible to even understavd what kind of security
8:55 am
i was struck yesterday as i came to washington and went through the streets how empty the streets seemed. i think a lot of people have heeded the warnings. >> yes. >> and stayed home or gotten out of town or they are teleworking and trying not to jam the major arteries, but it did seem to be a bit of a ghost town in advance of his visit. i imagine there are a lot of people on ellipse as he takes his tour later on. >> on u.n. visit, matt, it occurs to me that while the u.n. has been addressed by paul vi, john paul ii twice and benedict xvi once, there may be more heads of state than any other previous because it coincides with the annual opening of the general assembly. >> you mean a lot people who would have said no, thank you, will say, yes, please at this one. >> not simple police the ambassadors to the u.n. it will be the main people. >> matt, when you were saying does he get us, the united states?
8:56 am
there's a lot of people that i think before this pope didn't feel like they could call themselves good catholics. they had left the church, and you hear a lot of them now say, well, maybe i can come back. maybe this man understands me. maybe i've gotten divorced. maybe i'm gay. maybe i, you know, have different views on women, and i have a feeling that this man won't judge me. i have a feeling that i can come back, so i think that by his language and what he's emphasizing a lot of americans do feel like maybe he gets us better than previous popes. >> let me ask the control room to put up a map that we have that will show the route that the pope will take from the apostolic nunciature here to the white house. it's about three or three and a half mileselong, depending on how quickly they travel. it should take just a matter of minutes. he'll arrive here, as i mentioned earlier, and be greeted by the president and first lady and a lot of other dignitaries. peter alexander is with us this
8:57 am
morning in washington. i believe he is along the parade route that the pope will take a little later this morning. peter, you with me? >> reporter: yeah, matt, i am. these folks have been streaming in here for five hours now. there were some folks that got here shortly after midnight last night for the opportunity to witness this moment. only a short time from now the pope, if he keeps the schedule, should be here in a matter of hours for a parade route itself after visiting with the president and after that ceremony right behind you there. what rea >>lly is striking is just the enthusiasm, the energy, the yfulness that you see in so many of the people here. many of them young, many of them with ailments, all here saying that whether or not they get touched by the pope physically, they have already felt touched and blessed ou by teis.s visit. i was struck by some e of the things that some of the individuals that i met here, what's unique about it pope and why we want to be here is becae he is accepting of us. he is forgiving, and he is like one of us.
8:58 am
ago with a sense of humor when i asked him about it. he said, you know, i was hoping this pope would hear my confession except, unfortunonely, he's only here for about 481 hours. this is just energetic crowd, a crowd that is joyful and looking forward to this moment. in terms of the security because everybody will have gone through secre service checkpoints, everybody will have been frsisked, there will be the opportunity, if the pope so chooses, for him to exit that souped up pope mobile, this is the firstwchance we'll get a ance to do that and if he do choose to go gre pa the crowd in person and touch them physically e law enforcement officials that we've spoken to said it's pope. what he chooses to do goes. matt? >> yeah, peter, though, is it a little like an gnawing raul parade where the secret service deals with the presidential team and says ifoyou arenvoing to be sponta soneous, these are the places we'd like you to be sponta gous at, a little bit of planned spontaneity. >> rep
8:59 am
been described like us as a mini inauguration recognizing that this routed alongside the national mall, not far from where you are, the ellipse, not too long, 200,000npeople in totrtal that they anticipate will be here and it's the spontaneity that always makes the staffers, the secret security agents and hers most anxious on days like this. we've been a ised that there ar te count assault teams and count terrorism counterterrorism teams that are in plain clothes to deal with any threat and let's be clear, no credible threat against the pope and to look lack after the safety of many individuals here. again, matt, we can't emphasize it enough. there's just a generki posit ve energy here that is unique really, that i haven't seen on a day like this. so many people that are singing and they are sayini prayers and they are all ver patiently awaiting f pope francis' rival. >> all right, peter. we'll checkoin with iou many
9:00 am
just to give you the lay of the elaed so the ceremony will take place here at the white house, the welcoming ceremony, and thendthe president and the pope will retire to the white ho goe. they will actually come out on the saouth balcony for a little while and get to wave to the crowd that's gathered out here and then a little later on they will take part in that parade on the ellipse that peter just talked about. george, let me bring you back in here. i was reading some te, thank you, by the way, that you jotted wn i advance of this visit. one of the things that jumped out at me is you talked about pre-visit spin and that a lot of it is not true and that we should understand and be able to separate fact from fiction. can you give me an example. >> matt, everyone wants to wrap themselves in this man right now, and it's a political season in the united states. so all parts of the catholic world were trying to claim him. members of the congress were
9:01 am
my. hope is that everyone simply listens to him and istens to him on his own terms rather than through t filters that we apply here, left, right, republican, democrat, et cetera. >> is that possible? >> it ought to be. it would a show ovf respect for his office if he were not made into another political commentary. >> we understand we're about two minutes now away from the pope's arrival here at the white house. you will hear a roar, maria, from the crowd the first time that we see pope francis emerge from the white house and it's something that will spend chills through our spine. >> you'll probably hear it from me. >> we're supposed toyremain professional. >> i'll try. this is a pope who has emphasized his own list anything i was talking a little bit about his own transformation. he became someone who went into that experience as someone
9:02 am
authoritative and difficult and came out as someone who wanted to be a listener,nd so i think that that might be a theme that we hear a lot about, him wanting to talk to the american people, listen to them and hoping that we will listen to him, and as he said, you know, i think we all are enriched by lpptening to one another, so i think that's also something very powerful. >> you mentioned about 15,000 people gathering here at the white houst for this historic event. chris jansing of nbc news is here as well. i think she's in the middle of the crowd. chris, can you hear me? >> reporter: i c tan. i'm actually up above you, matt, and i'll tell you people who have covered many administrations say they have rarely seen anything like this. first of all, this is a ceremony that's only reserved for the rare visitor, and certainly the 266th pope qualifies on that front, but also as we've talked about, the appeal that is so broad. he has a 74% approval rating among protestants, something certainly all the politicians
9:03 am
who are here in washington would love tohhave, and i think it also is reflective of what we're going to see today. the pope is somebodymwho met with the president back in march, and the president told him that he is a fan. he is someone who has really had this incredible impact in just the two years, and he will talk about the things that are on the poli cal agenda here in washington, even if his message isn't meant to be vertly political. and i think it's als worth mentioning that we have six of nine supreme court justices who are catholic, six of the republicans and one democrat who are running for president who are catholic, far more members of congress who are catho d than in the national population, so thefe are going to be paople who are listening and looking very closely. the other thing i would observe is that obviously washin con, ma., is the place that's n t very popular if you look at tde polls across the country today, but this pope has brought an
9:04 am
as i was walking along the front line of the crowd people had en here for many hours, almost seemed to not be able to believe their good fortune as being able to get one of these rare tickets. and then, of course, we'll be listening very closely, not just to their public remarks but what we hear when they go behind closed doors for 45 minutes, when president obama met with the pope at the vatican last year, their meeting went longer than they expected. so there is a strong political implication to this, even if the pope wants to be seen as very much a pastoral figure, matt. >> chris, thank you very much. how do you score a ticket to this? who got inviterv who didn't to this, george? >> i'm not sure. i suspect a lot f the friends of the president are here. it's his house. >> fobs. >> expect there's members of the congress, diplomatic corps, et cetera. i want privy to the guest list. >> i cruised over there.
9:05 am
i cruised the guess list over ere. quite a few nuns over ohere. i saw some missionaries of charity who worked under mother teresa, several members of my own family there, of course. i took my kids out of school, but i think there's a lot of washington people. there's -- seems to be quite a wide range of people, a lot of young people, some people, movie stars, as i said earlier, sports people, and this is i think unlike an inauguration which is a sell operation for one party. i think this is -- there seems to be people of different religions here as well and -- and obviously different parties. >> you were talking, george, you weren't here when we had bishop robert barron with us earlier of los angeles and maria asked him kind of an interesting question, and he said there's almost a buddhist quality to pope francis, and i wasn't exactly sure if bishop barron knew how
9:06 am
to take that but i thinkihe agreed with you in part. >> perhaps you can explain to me what you mean by that. >> his non-attachment. >> yeah. >> his simplicity, his vows of poverty which i know is part of the jesuit order, but his feeling of like not to be attached to worldly possessions and that makes you more pray. >> john paul ii never had a checkbook in his life and wore his clothes until they were falling apart and used to wear the battered old brown loafers. these are men who live from the inside out. you can't really understand them from the outside in. pope francis if he was woken up at 4:00 by those people singing outside the nunciature i'm sure went to the chapel and spent a couple hours in prayer. that's how they charge their human energies is through their ongoing conversation with god is there should see the pope any moment. chris jansing was mentioning something, george, that i want to go back. she said washington is not
9:07 am
popular right now, and clearly there are things about this country that pope francis disagrees with, but one of the things he agrees enormously with is the vigorous democracy in this country. >> because he hasn't known it in his own, matt. argentina, as i was discussing with him in buenos aires in may 2012 is in a sense a tragic place. beginning of the 20th century, one of the 12 wealthiest countries in the world, enormous wonderful climate. never been able to put it together politically, and for a man who values plurality, difference, i think the pope will see in the united states how difference can become serious democratic conversation. >> let me check in briefly here with anne thompson who by the way was aboard that plane with the pope from cuba to the united states, and i believe joins us this morning from the national shrine of the immaculate conception. anne, good morning to you.
9:08 am
you know, pope francis yesterday on the pap. plane told us this story about this woman who says that pope francis is the anti-pope, she claims, because he doesn't wear the traditional red shoes that most popes wear, and he just started laughing, and on plane he also responded to the critics who tried to put him in a box, in a leftist anti-capitalist box, and he said, no, if you look at what i've said, he said everything i've said you can go back and you can trace back to the social doctrine of the church, and i think it's really important to remember as we watch these events unfold in washington in the next couple of days that we need to take off our political glasses and see these events through spiritual glasses because that's how pope francis approaches this, and, yes, there are hot button issues of great debate, climate change, immigration, that he will address on this trip, but he approaches them as a pastor, not
9:09 am
he approaches them as someone who believes that we as people of god have a responsibility to take care of god's creation, and we have not done a very good job of that. he believes that as people of god we have a responsibility to take care of each other, to help refugees who are suffering is why he's asked every pair initial europe to adopt a refugee family to help alleviate that crisis, so he looks at these same issues that every other night on the news we look at from a political standpoint, but he sees them from a spiritual standpoint, and he's bringing that viewpoint to the united states on this trip. >> anne, thank you very much. he's bringing them on one of the most beautiful days that you could have here in the nation's capital. he'll arrive at the white house and step out to this south lawn and see 15,000 peopl looking back at him. he'll see some of the famous faces and powerful faces of this country in the seated areas in
9:10 am
he'll take his place along with the president. the president will offer some welcoming remarks to the pope, and then the pope will stand and speak in english for one. few times of his visit here to the united states. i think, george, someone told me that of the 18 times we'll hear from the pope over the next six days, only three or four of those occasions will be in english. most will be in spanish. >> the pope's english in my experience of him is in fact better than he thinks it is. but like many non-native english speakers he's nervous about working in english. he's much more comfortable in spanish or italian, so both for that reason and to honor the hispanic presence in the united states he'll be working primarily in spanish, but he understands that in addressing congress he has to address them in a language, you know, that most of them can grapple with. >> we're watching the doorway
9:11 am
here, george, and we believe that the president is about to come out, although i was under the impression that he was going to greet the pope as he drove up to the white house. let's see. >> by the way, this ceremony that we have seen seems so extraordinary. you have to remember that the pope gets some version of this in every country he travels to. we learn a lot of national anthems while you're pope.
9:12 am
and mrs. michelle obama. >> president obama exiting the white house and malia and sasha not with them at this moment. they were lucky enough to be there yesterday at joint base andrews to greet the pope as he arrives. >> it's a schoolday, matt. >> i don't think for them it's a school day, george. >> we'll see. >> there are a lot of people here in the crowd to our right in the bleacher sections and in
9:13 am
stopping and turning and pointing toward the ellipse. i think they believe we believe perhaps that is the direction that the pope is arriving from. we have not been told that. there are a lot of people craning their necks to see if they can get a glimpse of that motorcade. >> yeah. they have seen something over there. everybody's phones are up, and i think it is a different entrance entrance. >> actually here he comes. he's over to our left now. he's come from the other side. there it is, watching the president in some way waiting from our left and about to pull in your view on camera will be a security vehicle and then right there and then the pope's fiat right behind it. he is now arriving at the white
9:14 am
house. look at that car. [ cheers and applause ] >> a bit unfortunate. so many of the people who have gathered here who are around us cannot get a very clear view of pope francis at this moment blocked by his vehicle and blocked by distance, but now he's turned around and they can
9:15 am
[ cheers and applause ] >> we're now going to be hearing the national anthem, first of all the national anthem of the united states.
9:16 am
[ playing "star spangled
9:17 am
[ applause ] >> we just heard the national anthem of the holy see a of the
9:18 am
>> army fife and drum corps with musical troupe and review
9:19 am
including honors portion of this ceremony. pope will take his seat, and
9:20 am
the united states. good morning. >> good morning. [ cheers and applause ] what a beautiful day the lord has made. holy father, on behalf of michelle and myself, welcome to the white house. [ applause ] i should explain that our backyard is not typically this crowded, but the size and the spirit of today's gathering is just a small reflection of the deep devotion of some 70 million
9:21 am
american catholics. [ applause ] it reflects as well the way that your message of love and hope has inspired so many people across our nation and around the world. so on behalf of the american people, it is my great honor and privilege to welcome you to the united states of america. [ applause ] today we mark many firsts. your holiness, you've been celebrated as the first pope from the americas. [ applause ] this is your first visit to the united states. [ applause ]
9:22 am
pontiff to share an encyclical through a twitter account. holy father, your visit not only allows us in some small way to reciprocate the extraordinary hospitality that you extended to me at vatican last year, it also reveals how much all americans, from every background and every faisst, value the role that the catholic church plays in strengthening america. [ applause ] from my time working in impoverished neighborhoods with the catholic church in chicago, to my travels as president, i've seen firsthand how every single day catholic communities,
9:23 am
the hungry, healing the sick, sheltering the homeless, educating our children and fortifying the faith that sustains so many. what is true in america is true around the world. from the busy streets of buenos aires to the remote villages in kenya, catholic organizations serve the poor, minister to prisoners, build schools, build homes, operate orphanages and hospitals. and just as the church has stood with those struggling to break the chains of poverty, the church so often has given voice and hope to those seeking to break the chains of violence and oppression. and yet i believe the excitement around your visit, holy father,
9:24 am
must be attributed not only to your role as pope but to your unique qualities as a person. [ applause ] in your humility, your embrace of simplicity, in the gentleness of your words and the generosity of your spirit, we see a living example of jesus' teachings, a leader whose moral authority comes not just through words but also through deeds. [ applause ] you call on all of us, catholic and non-catholic alike, to put the least of these at the center
9:25 am
you remind us that in the eyes of god our measure as individuals and our measure as a society is not determined by wealth or power or station or celebrity but by how well we hew to scripture's call to lift up the poor and the marginalized. [ applause ] to stand up for justice and against inequality and to ensure that every human being is able to live in dignity because we are all made in the image of god. [ applause ] you remind us that the lord's most powerful message is mercy. that means welcoming the stranger with empathy and a
9:26 am
from the refugee who fleece war-torn lands to the immigrant who leaves home in search of a better life. [ applause ] it means showing compassion and love for the marginalized and the outcast, to those who have suffered and those who have caused suffering and seek redemption. you remind us of the costs of war war, particularly on the powerless and defenseless and urge us toward the imperative of peace. [ applause ] holy father, we are grateful for your invaluable support of our
9:27 am
people, which holds out the promise -- [ applause ] -- which hold out the promise of better relations between our countries, greater cooperation across our hemisphere and a better life for cuban people. we thank you for your passionate voice against the deadly conflicts that ravage the lives of so many men, women and children and your call for nations to resist the sirens of war and resolve disputes through diplomacy. you remind us that people are only truly free when they can practice their faith freely. [ applause ] here in the united states we cherish religious liberty. it was the basis for so much of what brought us together.
9:28 am
and here in the united states we cherish our religious liberty, but around the world at this very moment children of god, including christians, are tarted and even killed because of their faith. believers are prevented from gathering at their places of worship worship. the faithful are imprisoned and churches are destroyed. so we stand with you in defense of religious freedom and interfaith dialogue knowing that people everywhere must be able to live out their faith free from fear and fee from intimidation. [ applause ] and, holy father, you remind us that we have a sacred obligation to protect our planet, god's magnificent gift to us.
9:29 am
we support your call to all world leaders to support the communities most vulnerable to changing climates and to come together to preserve our precious world for future generations. [ applause ] your holiness, in your words and deeds you set a profound moral example. and in these gentle but firm reminders of our obligations to god and to one another, you are shaking us out of our complacency. all of us may at times experience discomfort when we contemplate the distance between how we lead our daily lives and what we know to be true, what we know to be right. but i believe such discomfort is a blessing, for it points to
9:30 am
something better. you shake our conscience from slumber. you call on us to rejoice in good news and give us confidence that we can come together in humility and service and pursue a world that is more loving, more just and more free. here at home and around the world, may our generation heed your call to never remain on the living hope. for that great gift of hope, holy father, we thank you and welcome you with joy and gratitude to the united states of america. [ cheers and applause ] >> president obama's welcoming remarks to pope francis. maria, what jumped out at you? >> well, how he said there's a lot of excitement because he's the pope but also because of who he is as a person and that he
9:31 am
said the pope is a living example of jesus' teachings which i thought was really so truth and that he is an example to all of us of all different faiths. let's listen. >> good morning. >> good morning. >> mr. president, i'm deeply grateful for your welcome in the name of the all americas. as the son of an immigrant family i'm happy to be a guest in this country which was
9:32 am
[ applause ] i look forward to these days of encounter and dialogue in which i hope to listen to and share many of the hopes and dreams of the american people. during my visit i will have the honor of addressing congress where i hope as a brother of this country to offer words of encouragement to those who will guide the nation's political future in fidelity to its founding principles. i will also travel to philadelphia for the eighth
9:33 am
world meeting of families to celebrate and support the institutions of marriage and the family at this critical moment in the history of our civilization. [ applause ] mr. president, together with the fellow citizens, american catholics are committed to building a society which is truly tolerant and inclusive to safeguarding the rights of individuals and communities and to rejecting every form of
9:34 am
[ applause ] with countless other people of goodwill, they are likewise concerned that efforts to build a just and vastly orderly society respect their deepest concerns and the right to religious liberty. [ applause ] freedom reminds up of america's most precious possession, and as my brothers, the united states, we shall remind us that all are called to be vigilant precisely as god's citizens to uphold and
9:35 am
defend that freedom from everything that would threaten or compromise it. [ applause ] mr. president, i find it encouraging that you are proposing an initiative for reducing air pollution. [ applause ] accepting the urgency it seems clear to me also that climate change is a problem we can no long er longer be left to our future
9:36 am
plaumptd when it it comes to our common world, we're living at a critical time in our history and we still have time to bring about a sustainable and integral development for we know that things can change. [ applause ] such change demands on our part a serious and responsible recognition, in the only of the kind of the world we may be leaving to our children but also to the millions of people living under our system which has
9:37 am
overlooked them. our common home has been part of this which guides us to heaven and which today powerfully strikes our homes, our citizens, our societies. to use a phrase of the reverend martin luther king we can say that we have defaulted on a promissory note and now is the time to honor it. [ applause ]
9:38 am
creator does not abandon us. he never forsakes his loving plan or repents having created us. humanity has the ability to work together in building our common home home. us christians are inspired by this and we wish to commit ourselves to the conscious and the responsible care of our common home. mr. president, the efforts which were recently made to mend broken relations and to open new
9:39 am
doors to cooperation within our human family represent positive steps along the path of reconciliation, justice and freedom. i would like all men and women of goodwill in this great nation to support the efforts of the international community to protect the vulnerable in our world and to stimulate inclusive models of development. [ applause ] so that our brothers and sisters everywhere may know the
9:40 am
prosperity which god has for all his children. mr. president, once again i thank you for your welcome and i look forward to these days in your country. god bless america. [ cheers and applause ] >> pope francis addressing the president and the crowd here at the white house in english. a kind and warm gesture to the american people because he's clearly not most comfortable speaking in that language. george what, stood out to you in. >> first of all, precisely that. he really made an effort to peek to us in the majority tongue of the country and i think that's very touching. i'm struck by in addition to the
9:41 am
things we expected the two of them to talk about morals at the same time, both hit the note of religious liberty because that's going to be a large part of their private conversation. >> we'll hear the st. augustine choir performing before the two men, the president and the pope retire to the white house for a few minutes and then come out on the south balcony and then they will have a meeting in private
9:42 am
you are the lord of my faith
9:43 am
amen, amen amen, amen amen, amen amen [ cheers and applause ] >> the st. augustine choir of washington, d.c., the song is "total praise," appropriate for the moment as the pope and the president look on. george, let me ask you to continue your thought about both men addressing the concept oft religious freedom. >>. the other thing that struck me, matt, in addition to that
9:44 am
commonality wa the pope is king us to resist what you might call the tyranny of the unchangeable. some things are just the way they are. he doesn't accept that. he wants us to think through the possibility of change across the board in our society. deeper respect for life at all stages. deeper care for each other and more effective role in the world. >> the pope andhe president will now leave the podium joined by mrs. obama. you can see the bidens in the background there, vice president joe biden, dr. jill biden, secretary kerry there as well. this group, along with some other dignitaries, will now go into the white house where we're told it will take just a few minutes for them to reassemble up on the balcony, the south balcony of the white house that
9:45 am
you're seeing just above the pope right now and then a moment where they will come out together to wave to this crowd that has gathered. some of these people lining up beginning yesterday for a chance to see the holy father as he is welcomed to this country for the first time in his life. you know, maria, we've been to the vatican together and we've often commented after witnessing ceremonies there that the vatican does something like that very well, and yet there was a little of our talent for that on display here this morning as well. >> i think they did it very well here, and you've got to think that this is, after all, a human being, a man, right? and he'sscome here. white house inor the first time is such a big occasion in their lives, and i can imagine this was a big moment for him as he's pro b y seegan pictures of the white house, read about it his whole life as well, and
9:46 am
and circumstance and all of these people here to see him. quite a moment. >> yeah, before both spoke, george, i was saying to you that the pope gets this kind of treatment at some level in every country he visited -- visits around the world, yet this appropriate must hold some sort papacy. >> i think he understands how much has changed in this country so that this could happen. we're looking at the washington monument here. when that was being built pope pius ix sent a big stone in the washington monument. anti-catholic bigots lew it in the potomac river. this is a very different place than 150 years ago, and i think he sees in us and asks us to be the model of pluralism and unity that he seeks for the world. >> maria, just in the 30 seconds
9:47 am
seat in the house pause i was watching your face as the pope went up on to the podium. you had a smile from ear to ear. >> i -- i'm so inspired by this man. his life. said. i think a lot of people are here because he's pope, but i think more people are here because of who he is as a man, what he's calling us to do, how he's calling us to be and how he's and to love. >> we're expecting the pope and the pffresident on the south balcony at any moment. h'sapause to give more stations a chance to join us. here they are. [ cheers and applause ] >> we're back with this nbc special repor and you're looking at resigent obama and mrs. obama and pope francis on the south balco and the
9:48 am
president and the first ady have just welcomed the pope to this country for first time in his life. both men gave their speeches and george weigel joins us here and both commented on the need for religious freedom and also touching on the hot button issues, plight of refugees in the middle east, immigration reform an' the battle over that subject that is taking place and seems to have been taking place in this country, george, for decades now, but tho are bjects that the pope will be talking about tomorrow wheot he addresses his joint meeting of congress and yet i was interested to hear him say i will o ffer words of encouragement to lawmakers, not give them a lecture. >> well, he's not coming here as the 436th member of the house or the 101st senate. he's coming here as universal pastor of the catholic church, and i think he understands that this is a difficult moment in
9:49 am
a lot of divisiveness, a lot of head-banging, not a whole lot of serious moral conversation about how we ought to be living together, and i think he want to lift thao vision of possibility. it doesn't have to be this. >> the ceremony part of this morn g is concluding, as can you hear the p.a. announcer telling the people, the 15,000 or so people who have gathered here at the white house that is part of the activities is over. we still have a parade of sorts around the ellipse where the pope will be toured and get a chance to see some of the faithful who have gathered here. they're going to meet now for 45 minutes or so, george, in private with just two translators. i would imagine at this point vethey're going to hit some of those issues we talked about.
9:50 am
do they agree on more than they disagree on? >> there will be two meetings, matt. the holy father and president obama will meet with the translators. secretary of state kerry and the cardinal secretary of state who was here today will be meeting. and i think they will do more of the nitty-gritty. that's generally the way these things work. but i do expect and i know the bishops of the united states expect that the pope is going to underscore to the president how urgently the bishops feel about obamacare and its impact on religious freedom. >> let's go to nbc senior white house correspondent chris jansing, who is, i think, just above us here. chris, you have had a good view of this. what else can you add? >> reporter: i think that i was watching very closely the faces in the crowd, matt, to gauge their reaction, their experience. you and maria and george have been at many of these events at
9:51 am
the vatican.
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