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tv   Today in New York  NBC  September 25, 2015 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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you can expect a lot of closures throughout the moening. the pope expected to leave here in a little while and head to e united nations. >> all right, lori. thank you. in a few hours, the pope will head to the united nations. >> he'll deliver an historic address to the general assembly. katherine creag is on east side. we saw the holy father address the joint houses of congress. now he'll do it to a world body. >> rep teni yes, a global audience. it's going to be such a huge eent. seems like we've been talking about it for weeks, that the pope's visit coincides with this monstrous gathering. as it huge event in and of itself. the general assembly, the annual gathering here at the united nations. we're told by theatic that some of his message will coincide with what he talked about in congress earlier this week. let's take a look at video of the pope when he was in washington, d.c., addressing congress. in fact, some of those lawsakers
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e battle to end poverty. also, he'll talk about how member nations need to stand up and support the oppressed. he'll talk about the environment and climate change. he'll meet with u.n. secretary general ban ki-moon. they've met many times before. e pope's message will be delivered with 170 leaders here at the u.n. it is the largest amount of global leaders ever gathered for a general assembly ever. like in the pope's address to congress, you'll hear him say the world is currently facing a refugee crisis not seen since world war ii. let's listen. >> nonetheless, when the stranger for our midst appears to us, we must not repeat the sins and the errors of the past. >> reporter: and the pope's address here at the united nations will be in his native language, in spanish. other popes have visited the
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pope john paul ii, pope benedict as well. i've gotten some e-mails from viewers and friends wondering if they could see him either on second avenue, first avenue. we know there are road closures around this area. which way will he be traveling? we'll talk about that coming up. back to you. >> thanks, kat. >> after he speaks at the you nated nations, pope francis will head south to lower manhattan. >> the pope will pray at the september 11th memorial and pray with family members. tracie is in lower manhattan. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. as busy as his schedule has been, this will be a place where the pope comes to paused nd reflect today. he'll be holding that multireligious meeting for peace inside of foundation hall, but only after meeting with ten special family, survivors and those who lost loved ones in the september 11th attacks. maudny said they rely on their fad ith immediately following the atg tacks. this will be a very special moment for them.
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outside the twin reflecting pools at the 9/11 memorial and museum. francis will become the first pope to visit this site. his predecessor did pray at the world trade center site back in 2008, but that was before the buildings were open. today's service expected to be about 40 minutes. those prayers for peace will be held in five dsfferent ligions. there will also be a universal ayer to honor the deceased. pope francis will then have a private viewing of what nearly 6 million people have come to view at the 9/11 memorial and museum, that piece of steel recovered by firefighters that's in the form of a cross. that was really the center piece of the mass held at ground zero shortly after the 9/11 attaeks. he'll also see a bible that was recovered at the site. today' service is entitled "a witness to peace." we're actually expected to hear from pope francis immediately afterwards. they have budgeted time or him to speak during today's servicti
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to this. there was a lottery for people be able to come to this. many peopl pue eager to speak to the pope directly. back to you. >>nd all right, tracie. thank you. >> with pope francis in town, ivers and bus commuters a bracing for gridlock once again today. subway and long island railroad customers can expect big crowds, especially in the evening commute. the mt soa advising people to stay home, tell work. most are trying to make alternate plans. >> i i am planning on going home extre early. i believe at 6:00 p.m. the mass will be at madison square garden st. i imagine it will be difficult to get around here. >> the pope's visit means the cmtais also rerouting some 25 local bus routes. pedestrians may also face detours and delays along the pope's motorcade route. for thegeest guidance, let's check in with lauren, who's our
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>> yes, i have it all memorized. call me, ll tell you anything. right now som >>e of the closures are already out there. 31st and 32nd from seventh to ninth avenue. there will be some lanes closed on seventh. only one lane getting by on eighth avenue. this is a seot to avoid. do not drive through that area. commercial vehicles are also really not allowed near there. they're all going to get pushed to the perimeter. there's going to be a lot of traffic today. for lirr commuters, if you'd like to avoid gting to penn station, you have opryons. take the lirr to the atlantic terminal day. a ton of subway transfer there is. it's actually the biggest hub in the city. then jamaica station, you have the e, j, and z. worcodside and hunters point avenue, you can transfer to the seven. it will take you longer, but it might be worth it. for nj transit customers, you can take nj transit and connect to the path at newark penn
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connect to the waterway ferry. we have an entire thing onnine, you can see thes guide to how to navigate or avoid penn station if you'd like. just omething else tocnote on the upper west side already. there are many closures out there, even though the pope will not be vispeing central park until much later today. all of these streets are shut down as of midnight. central park west from columbus circle up to 81st and streets west of there. already we're seeing a lot of closures. it's going to be a tough morning. back to you. >> okay, lauren. thank you so much. 4:40 right now. the places the pope will visit today are surrounded by a web of security. one of the biggest events will be his procession in central park. a new eighasfoot-tall fence stretches along the park's western edge. it's a layer oo protection for pope francis and for the 80,000 people who won tickets in a lottery to see him. officials will begin screening th ipe ticketholders just before noon. a colorado man has an amazing story about how he got to see pope francis.
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he says that he used all his savings just to be in new york when the pope arrived, but he didn't have one of the tickets needed to stand along fifth avenue last night. that's when a complete stranger approached with the answer to his prayers. >> i was just standing there hoping someone might sell me a ticket or something, and she just gave it to me. >> i have one for more and god tell me no, no give it to him. >> wow. he says this was an experience ten years in the making. he tried to see the pope at the vatican when he was 14, but he wasn't able c raise the money to get there. stay with us for live coverage of the pope's events all day long. you're not at home or in the office, you can watch any time, anywhere. just download the nbc 4 new york app. >> very emotional. >> i know. makes me want to cry. very sweet. >> 4:41 now. just ahead, see how the yankees pay tribute to yogi berra. plus, an update on the plans for a new port authority bus terminal. it's not what commuters want to
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> welcome back. 4:44. looking at downtown manhattan. ithe 68 degrees on this friday morning. >> time for a check of weather and raffic on the 4s. chris, the holy father will be going down to lower manhattan to the 9/11 memorial for a touching ceremony. once again, the weather, we keep saying this, but it was a perfect night last night. >> it really was. >> it was almost like you were indoors it was so beautiful. >> it had that room temperature on the outside. >> just perfect. >> very nice
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maybe a bit breezier today. the timing is really everythi. meantime right now, temperatures, while cool, not as chilly as yesterday morning. we anave enme cloud cover in parts of the area. just patohy clouds. the wind stirring a little out nnof the northeast. that's what you're going to notice today, a breezier to ey. our temperature at 68 degrees. that's a good six, seven degrees warmer than yesterday at this time. the subur not quite as chilly this morning. we'll have that cool breeze mainly near the coast through the afternoon. a mix of clouds and sunshine. temperatures getting back into the mid-70s. yesterday we maddoit to a high of 82, which was ten degre ises above the normal high of 72. today with the clouds and breeze out of the northeast, a little lower but still above normal at 76 de ees. again, with that mix of clouds and sunshine. we're in the mid and upper 60s in and around the five boroughs right now. city island, 67. toward the north and west, it is cooler this morning but not as chilly as yesterday morning. 52 in sussex. even across the island, low 60s. again, relatively mild to start
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this friday. you can see the veil of high clouds. a big storm system sitting off the carolinas. this is going to bring a lot of rain down there and eventually a lot of coastal issues because we're going to have a prolonged dperiod of time with that east to northeast fetch. that could lead to beac erosion. we're already concerned with rip currents up here. again, these east facing coastal areas of new jersey and long island, there could be some beach erosion. we'll watch that closely as that storm tries to get towards us. most of its rain should stay away. in terms of the pope's plans today, united nations, 8:30. at the 9/11 memorial, about 72 degrees. east harlem, 72. through central park, 74 degrees. not bad with a partly to mostly cloudy sky. a little bit on the breezy side. finally at msg, as he approaches there around 6:00, about 72 degrees. good conditions continue. comfortable breeze today. 76 the high with a mix of clouds and sun. tonight, patchy clouds.
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start the weekend tomorrow, mostly sunny, feels nice, about 74 degrees. a little bit on the breezy side. time to time. sunday. more wind too. temperatures in the low 70s. the in should stay south of us on sunday, but we may get a little piece of that perhaps on monday in the form of a few showers and temperatures in the low 70s. after that, we'll see a little bit of a warming trend again for the middle of next week. 76 today. saturday and sunday particularly windy at the coast. low 70s with clouds around. a few showers monday. 80 again by tuesday. we cool it back down again by thursday next week with temperatures in the low 70s. a little after 4:47. let's see if there are any big issues early on. >> no really big issues. we have one trouble spot on the roads. we'll take a live look at the cross bronx expressway, where you'll see things are really jammed up heading westbound by the bronx river parkway. it's a combination of things. you have construction delays. there's a disabled vehicle out there by third avenue.
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it's very jammed up. head to the bruk ckner in the meantime. let's talk about places that will look like that later on, like manhattan where the general assembly will be. a lot of street closures out there. emergency vehicles on some blocks. you could see closures on the fdr in that area. a lot of bus detours today. 20 of them, mostly manhattan buses, one queens bus. definitely head to for the details on these detours. here's your commuter checklist. trains are a great option today. most offering extra off-peak service. path has extra service all day long. another good option to travel would be the ferrys hr chferries. alternate side of the street rules are suspended. >> lauren, thank you. new this morning, a heartbreaking fire in brooklyn has claimed the life of a young boy.
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flames tore through his bedroom. that fire broke out just before 10:00 last night in east new york. three siblings in the room were able to escape, but the boy did not despite frantic efforts to save him. officials say both parents were home at time of the fire. today, china's president expected to make a big environmental announcement at the white house. president obama welcomed xi jinping to washington last night. at today's summit, xi has plans to announce china will start a program called cap and trade in 2017. that sets limits on greenhouse gas emissions. also, president obama will meet with vladimir putin next week. that meeting will take place here in new york at the u.n. saudi arabia's king demanding a safety review regarding that deadly stampede. we first told you about it yesterday morning. the death toll has climbed now to 717 people. another 863 people were hurt as
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well. it turns out that two large groups came together in a crush. stampedes are not uncommon at hajj pilgrimages to mecca. this is one of the deadliest. happening today, family and friends will remember a man that andrew cuomo called an outstanding servant. a public wake is planned for carey gabay. the aide to governor cuomo was shot in the head. investigators say he was caught in a shootout between rival gangs. a private funeral service takes place tomorrow. the yankees honor the passing of hall of famer yogi berra with a touching moment of silence. flowers in the shape of yogi's number 8 parked his catcher's position behind home plate. every yankee will wear his number for the rest of the season. earlier in the day, yogi berra's
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they shared stories and reflected on his humility. >> grandpa was -- he wasn't just a good man. he was the best man. >> he was just a natural family man. and baseball, you could talk to him about it, but it was on the back burner. >> yogi berra is going to be laid to rest following private services on tuesday. it'll take place in montclair, new jersey. there will be a public memorial at the yogi berra museum and learning center on thursday. the national transportation safety board will be in seattle today investigating a crash that killed four college students. four vehicles, including a tour bus and a duck tour vehicle, crashed yesterday on the aurora bridge. the four victims were international students at north seattle college. several other students are in critical condition. 4:51 now. fordham university cutting its ties with bill cosby. the school's board of trustees voted unanimously to rescind cosby's honorary degree. that was given back in 2001.
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marquette university in mi stalwaukee took the same action yesterday. both schools say it's the first time they've taken back a degree. bill cosby accused of sexual misconduct by more than 40 women. so far, though, he's not been charged. plans to replace the 65-year-old port authority bus terminal appear to have stalled. the port authority's commissioners were unable to reach an agreement yesterday on how that plan should move forward. some are supporting a plan to build a new terminal one block west of the current one. others say a new facility is needed in northern new jersey instead. it could now be another month before the board members reconsider their options. >> i hope they come up with something. >> something, absolutely. and soon. 4:52 now. still to come, high above the earth, a first for nasa. a flu shot in space. plus, later at 5:00, a touching moment. who the pope stopped to bless moments after touching down at kennedy airport. you're watching "today in new
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well, space may be the last place you'd expect to catch the flu, but astronaut scott kelly, who's aboard the international space station for a year just got a flu shot. nasa researchers are studying how the body responds in space. >> so he's got to give it to himself. >> self-administering the shots now. >> come on. >> this is a self-sufficient situation. >> isn't there a cvs up there where he can get a flu shot? >> imagine having the flu in space. >> miserable. >> all that mucus floating around. >> if nobody shows up who's sick, he's good. >> exactly. all right. well, not get sick weather just yet for some. pretty pleasant once again today. we're starting out with temperatures in the 50s and 60s most locations. warming only back to the mid-70s. only, i say, but that's still above normal. just not as warm as yesterday.
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it'll be a breezier day but pleasant to be outdoors. 60 the low tonight with a partly cloudy sky. 40s and 50s in the suburbs. for the most part, weekend looking good too. we'll talk more about that coming up. >> thank you, chris. lauren, good morning. >> good morning. plenty of road closures out there in manhattan already. accidents on the roads as well. one of them in new jersey. this just came in on 287 northbound out by exit 30, north maple avenue. not really causing a delay, but we do have heavy delays on the cross bronx expressway because of a disabled vehicle westbound out by third avenue. in addition to that, you have two lanes closed westbound out by the bronx river parkway. a rough ride on the cross bronx. >> i'm not saying this because the holy father was here, but the giants did finally find a way to win at metlife stadium. giants leading by 12 in the fourth. added to their lead. eli manning going deep to o'dell beckham jr. for the td. he also threw another touchdown to rueben randall later in the
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giants get their first win of the season, 32-21. researchers say up to 50% of children with anxious parents grow up to be anxious themselves. a john's hopkins study said it also showed significant benefits in family based therapy. only 9% of the kids who participated in the one-year program developed anxiety. a stolen picasso masterpiece that showed up in new jersey is now back in a museum in paris. it turned up on a shipment to newark. the multimillion-dollar work was labeled as a $37 christmas gift. clearly it wasn't. the picasso family has welcomed the painting's return. >> it is very important that no artwork gets stolen and stays stolen for so many years. in fact, it was such a moment of
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painting was found again. >> unfortunately, the painting did suffer a little from its ordeal. several weeks of restoration are needed. >> but they got it. >> they did. all right. as we told you yesterday, scientists were promising to solve a mystery of mona lisa once and for all. well, not exactly. art historians have long speculated that leonardo da vinci painted a silk merchant's wife. on thursday, scientists said they believe they unearthed her bones in florence. bu ey admitted they don't have a skull to scientifically re-create that mysterious face. >> is it still a mystery then? >> still a mystery. >> okay. coming up on 5:00 a.m. if you're about to head out the door, take uses with you. >> keep watching "today in new york" by downloading the news 4 new york app on your mobile device. our next hour starts right now. excitement from the moment pope francis stepped off the plane.
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he's already taken that iconic ride down fifth avenue. his first full day here is going to feature many more memorable moments. "today in new york" starts now. good morning, everybody. 5:00 a.m. on this friday. it's september 25th. i'm michael gargiulo. >> i'm darlene rodriguez. storm team 4's chris cimino here with the forecast. >> good morning. big day obviously. temperatures cooperating, as is the overall weather. up to the north this morning, typically we would see 40s. that's what we saw yesterday morning. we're seeing 50s. again, it's not quite as chilly this morning in the suburbs. you get to white plains, it's 59. the city the warm spot at 66 degrees. generally 60s, a few upper 50s across long island. cool but not quite as chilly. meantime, the sky itself will see a few more clouds in it during the course of the day today. it's breezy. high temperature of about 76 degrees this amp. just before 5:00 a.m., i know it's getting rough later. hopefully it's easy right now. >> for the most part, things are pretty easy. hopefully they will be for most
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of the morning because people are staying home today. we're going to look at the cross bronx expressway, where we have a combination of things causing delays. two lanes blocked westbound with roadwork in this area. then once you get to the third avenue, there's a disabled vehicle. kind of a double whammy there. head to the bruy ckner expressway. lots of extra off-peak service on the trains. we have an entire guide on our website on how to navigate penn station and alternate options. more weather and traffic coming up. >> all right, lauren. thank you. now to the papal visit. the holy father arrived yesterday in what could become the iconic image of his visit. pope francis rode in what's become his trademark fiat before transferring to the pope mobile. he then traveled down fifth avenue, waving to thousands of people who lined the street. >> the pope's first official stop for his visit was st. patrick's cathedral, where he
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led evening prayers. in the day ahead, pope francis will make stops across manhattan. some events will be solemn, some will be celebratory. it all ends with a mass inside madison square garden. that's this evening. >> we have team coverage of every angle of the pope's trip, including some of the unforgettable moments already. we do begin with lori bordonaro on the upper east side, where the pope is staying. >> reporter: darlene and michael, hopefully the pope is resting up for that very busy day ahead. he'll be surrounded by a lot of security. as you can see, a lot of nypd officers out there on madison avenue. they've pretty much set up camp. they have a command center out here. security will remain tight throughout the day for the pope as he has a busy day ahead. last night he wowed spectators as he made his first new york appearance. the holy father waving to adoring fans as he made his way down fifth avenue in his pope mobile.
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there were a lot of flashing cameras and people screaming, many who had waited a lifetime for the opportunity to see the pontiff. the pope hugged worshippers as he walked into st. patrick's cathedral. he was greeted by cardinal timothy dolan. during his evening prayer, he commended the strength of religious women, spoke about the spirit of hard work, and spoke about the church's sex abuse scandal. not everybody made it inside, but they were there in spirit. one 4-year-old made a sign for pope francis. >> i love pope francis. >> it's a great opportunity, especially for them to grow up in the catholic faith and recognize pope francis is here. >> reporter: and we saw so many signs like that yesterday. so many more people looking forward to seeing the pope today. once again, he's going to leave here, his residence, in the next few hours and head to the u.n. for 8:30. hopefully there will be some people lucky enough once again to see him today. darlene and michael, back to you.
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>> all right, lori. thank you. when the pope leaves the upper east side, he'll travel south to the united nations. >> there he'll deliver an historic address to the general assembly. katherine creag is on the east side with that. this willing a big address, as you've pointed out, to a world audience. >> reporter: absolutely. when the general assembly happens, you have all of these world leaders, 170 of them this year. what they talk about are their global goals. for the first time, they'll hear from pope francis about what he thinks their priorities should be. we want to show you a video of pope francis when he was addressing congress just earlier this week. the reason why, because we understand from the vatican that pope francis will talk about some of the same issues he talked about with congress, the need for peace, the plight of refugees and immigrants and what governments can do in fighting inequality. he'll meet today with u.n. secretary general ban ki-moon. the pope will also talk about the syrian refugee crisis, how
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