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tv   Sunday Today in New York  NBC  September 27, 2015 10:00am-10:30am EDT

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these victims were children who were abused by allegedlied a the hands of priests. he is saying that the church will hold those accountable and is vowing to form a new tribunal to make sure to prosecute these priests. again, making headlines after meeting with sex abuse victims here in philadelphia. we're live in centre city. i'm ray villeda, "today in new york." >> thank you, ray. here's where we go from here. the pope has left st. martin's chapel. he's headed by helicopter to the curran-fromhold correctional facility. later today, the conclusion of the world meeting of families. pope francis will visit with organizers and volunteers working on that event. then he heads back to rome at 8:00 tonight. >> and for much more on the pope and a slide show of his visit, please head to or you can check out our news 4 app. there are a lot of really great pictures there. i've seen many of them myself sent in from our viewers, taken by our photographers and reporters. we'll also be airing live
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4:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. on cozi-tv. and you can follow the pope live as he tours through philadelphia today. again, if you tune into cozi-tv 4:00 to 7:00. >> the pope's speech to congress still making some political waves. chuck todd is live in washington with a preview of "meet the press." good morning, chuck. do we have chuck there? all right. i think we're having some trouble with the signal there. but we certainly will have chuck at 10:30. pat? all right. well, if you thought security would ease up after pope francis' visit, you might want to rethink that. president obama is in town today the president is taking his turn at the podium to address other world leaders on the final days of the summit. he's expected to propose ways to address climate change and to eradicate extreme poverty, messages we heard from the pope earlier this week.
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we do have a full list of street clotures on our website because there will be many. so go to to follow there. >> nothing we can't handle l after this week. >> after this week, nothing. well, the celebration is on. there will be postseason baseball in queens for the first time in nine years. >> oh, yeah. because the amazing mets clinched their first division title since way back in 2006. way back. >> he struck him out! tears of joy for the 2015 new york mets! >> the mets seal a 10-2 win over the reds. captain david wright capped that victory by crushing a three-run homer in the ninth inning. wright a key member of the 2006 team, but this one has special meaning. >> to be able to celebrate again with this organization, with this team. i've said it from day one, i bleed orange and blue. i truly mean that. i can't be more proud of this
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team, this organization, the city of new york, and the new york met fans for sure. >> and you know who's really proud? terry collins. this is his first trip to the playoffs as a manager. he's 66 years old, which makes him the oldest skipper in baseball. the happiest this morning. and you can be sure mets fans will be running to the stores today. there they are. they're already out. they were probably done before the game was over. pick up some nl east championship merchandise just minutes after the mets clinch their playoff spot. the hats and t-shirts went on sale. they had the presses ready. mets fans say they had been on the roller coaster ride this season. but the huge turnaround by the team over the last couple months has been a joy to watch. >> nights like this makes it really special. >> awesome. this is real fun. really excited to watch tonight. it's just an awesome feeling. >> well,ets fans hope this is just the first step toward a world series championship. the amazings haven't won that fall classic in nearly 30 years.
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but this is the year, i'm sure, they're hoping. right, chrissy cimino? i'm sure he's still jumping for joy. coming up on "today in new york," a rapper in recovery. details on a crash that injured fetty wap in his hometown. and we have some rain potentially in the forecast. what's the timing and how long will it last and will it help? we'll have the answers for you all coming up in just a couple
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back with you at 10:10. one of our viewers sent us this photo from philadelphia showing the long lines of people that have been sleeping overnight to get a view of the pope as he makes his way through philadelphia. huge crowds gathering for the mass there. they are expecting in the city center there about a million people for mass, which may be one of the biggest events of his trip so far. >> we're hopeful that people haven't been too discouraged by all those reports of security
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and bad traffic. as they said, last night's event had fewer people in attendance than they anticipated. but it is tough getting through security, as you might expect it would be, and as you want it to be. make your way down there if you haven't already. you got until 4:00. >> but in philadelphia, the weather has been cooperating. >> it has. in fact, there were concerns in philadelphia that rain would inch its way up. it did not do so. you saw from those pictures that there is cloud cover there. and we're going to get some of that too. let's go outside and see what a spectacular day we have here. not a lot of traffic. lots of sunshine. that's a combination i'll take. maybe you too. here are our current conditions. 62 degrees, mostly sunny skies greet us this morning at 11 minutes after the hour of 10:00. another terrific day. it's almost as if we put that first headline in the photo copier about three weeks ago. but things are going to begin to change. we have a rain chance coming not only from the east in the atlantic but a system pushing in from the west as well.
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will the rain finally fall? we're at a point now we really could use this rain for the reservoirs, for agriculture. we are going to more than likely see a little bit of scattered shower activity. the question is how widespread will it be, how much will we get. live radar picture right now. you can see the sweep as it spins its way around 360 degrees. not a lot going on from east hampton to south hampton to fire island, up to poughkeepsie through the hudson valley. down to toms river, we are dry. right now around the area, we've gained about five degrees. we were in the upper 50s. now we're at 62 in central park. 60 on city island. and over in staten island, 61 degrees. the bigger picture, well, we had really cool temperatures this morning in danbury, where it was 39, and poughkeepsie, where it was in the low 40s. now everyone pretty much winding up in the upper 50s to low 60s. you can see the clouds beginning
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to encroach. still plenty of sunshine for us today. this is what we're looking at. you see that moisture at the bottom of your screen. that's trying to push its way up. we may get a little bit of that in the form of a shower tomorrow, a passing shower. over to the west, working its way east by tuesday. that's more likely a rainmaker. so the future tracker, we put it all in motion. and you can see there's that moisture. scattered shower popping up. monday we really cloud up. then into tuesday we see that system work its way eastward. so for today, we'll call for a little light breeze. temperature actually climbing up to about 72 degrees. into tonight, we're going to dip on down. it'll be pleasant, 59 degrees but clouding up. cool in the burbs. into the next seven days, here's where we see the changes. tomorrow after 12:00, possibility of a shower increases in likelihood through the evening, overnight hours, and more likely on tuesday. then we clear on out wednesday, thursday, friday, saturday. at this point looks very nice
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and very cool. if you want to stay on track with respect to the weather, stay up to date with the news 4 new york app. tap the news 4 logo in the corner and select the weather tab. see the latest forecasts, the interactive radar, and how you can submit your own picture or video. the news 4 new york app for iphone available in the app store now. pat? all right. thank you, dave. well, in paterson, new jersey, hometown rapper fetty wap crashed his motorcycle and had to be taken to the hospital. the accident happened at the park avenue. the driver of the car was also hurt when the air bags deployed. an onlooker captured paramedics wheeling fetty wap away on the stretcher. this man told us he tried to make sure the rapper was at least responsive. >> as i approached him, i stood over him and told him to look at at me. his condition, he was a little out of it, dazed. >> well, fetty wap is expected
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police did issue him three summons for being unlicensed, uninsured, and for not having that bike registered. fetty wap's debut album was just dropped on friday. counselors will be on campus of a new jersey high school today. students will mourn the sudden death of a star athlete. evan murray was playing quarterback for warren hills high school in washington township friday night. the 17-year-old took a hit on the field. he was able to walk to the sidelines but later collapsed. he was taken by ambulance to the hospital, where he died. stunned friends, teammates, and others have left flowers and cards on the football field in his memory. murray was also a top pitcher on the school's baseball team. his coach says he was a standout on and off the field. >> there's a lot of things i'm going to remember about evan. mostly his leadership and just the young gentleman that he was. not just an athlete but the person he was. it was more important than the athlete he was. >> governor chris christie tweeted about murray's death. on behalf of all the people of
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new jersey, mary p and i send our heartfelt thoughts and prayers to the murray family on the loss of evan. investigators are still trying to figure out what led to murray's death. and it was an emotional farewell at the funeral for a member of governor cuomo's administration. carey gabay was shot and killed during celebrations before the west indian day parade earlier this month. he was laid to rest yesterday following a service at emanuel baptist church in brooklyn. gabay had worked for governor cuomo for four years. the governor trying to comfort his family in his eulogy while also calling for tougher gun laws. >> his death was one of the most tragic, pointless examples of the rampant violence that is spreading like a cancer through our society, especially in our poorer communities and especially in our communities of color. >> governor cuomo said that gabay's shooting was random. police believe that it may have
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been two rival drug began gangs. up next on this sunday morning, packing lurches is a part of the back to school routine for many parents. so how to make sure even the pickiest of eaters gets a healthy meal during the school day. we're going to talk about that. healthy and tasty, that's always good.
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well, we all know the kids are get back into that back-to-school rhythm. a big frustration for parents is when you find your kids aren't them. here to help us is owner of johnny juice and her daughter. how are you? >> good. how are you? >> i'm terrific. thanks.
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how is school going so far? >> it's amazing. >> amazing. that's what i like to hear. how are you? >> i am great. thank you. >> great. well, i have kids too, and i know there's nothing more frustrating than opening your kids' backpack at the end of the day or maybe the week and seeing all your lunches in there. you want to present us with some nice healthy and delicious options here. so what are we doing? >> it's important to have a healthy, balanced meal from different varieties of different food groups, meaning we want a carb, a healthy fat, a lean protein. i have four different examples here, four different varieties that i created. we can start with this one, ariel's favorite. >> were you a picky eater? >> i used to be. now i'm more into all this healthy food. >> that's excellent. what was your favorite lunch before you got into the healthy food? >> i -- before i got into the
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healthy foods, i loved the bars. >> and this is all you'd eat. leave the sandwich or whatever. >> eat a little bit of the sandwich. >> well, i understand. so what have you packed here for her today, mom? >> instead of the typical sandwich with turkey, these are fun kabobs that we put together. we actually picked out the little toothpicks. we've got protein. we've got the veggies. >> a cherry tomato and slice of cucumber with the turkey sandwich in between. >> right. then we have a dip here that's a veggie dip. she has crackers. she could dip the peppers in there. >> and color. kids love color. you have yellow, red, and orange peppers sliced up in there as well. >> right. so she's getting an asortment of color, protein, carbs. we have brown rice crackers she could dip in, instead of the bread. >> and she says this is her favorite lunch.
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i thought he was going to say it was the next one, which is the pasta. but that's her second favorite. what do we have here? >> so here we have instead of a regular white flour pasta a quinoa whole wheat pasta which i add hemp seeds to for healthy brain growth. we have the protein source from grilled chicken. we have broccoli. it's a real complete, balanced meal. they're getting the healthy protein. they're getting the healthy carbs. they're getting the healthy fats in one bowl here. >> is there a dressing on there? to just encourage us to finish, not just take the first couple bites? >> right. so this is a cute little container where this inserts inside of this. >> look at that. okay. >> it has a little dip. again, i love variety and color. >> clever. really clever. then put an to
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top on it, you're good to go. of course, this looks like a little quinoa and red beans. >> yes, that's a quinoa with beans and walk guacamole. you might be saying what kid is going to eat quinoa and beans? >> my kid. >> well, great. so the kid who will not eat quinoa, you can combine half and half of regular rice to start out with and gradually get them into whether it's whole wheat pasta. the key is to combine it so they develop a taste for it. and you'll be surprised. they eventually learn to like certain foods. >> so you prefer this over pbj now? >> yeah. >> how about that. if mom was to pack you the perfect lunch, what would be in it? >> probably these are my favorite fruits and vegetables. peppers and oranges. then i think i would probably
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want maybe this, the turkey, and also i love the pasta. >> and you got to have -- >> yeah, that's my favorite bar. >> your friends are sitting next to you saying, can i have a bite of that? >> yeah, we share sometimes. >> that's a good thing when you're sharing healthy foods. maybe we'll get them all into the spirit of eating healthier. you better pack a bigger lunch. thank you so much. some healthy alternatives, folks. and you can find out more on our website. we're going to take you back to
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have a tip for new york's biggest i-team? call 866-news-244. and we want to go back now to our coverage of the pope's visit to the u.s. right now he's on the way to visit inmates at a jail in philadelphia. >> that visit after some ground breaking remarks about church sex abuse. let's go to ray villeda live for us.
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>> reporter: gus, pat, groundbreaking indeed. the pope making national headlines was a meeting with sex abuse victims. victims who were sexually abused at the hands of priests. this morning he told them those that did the abuse will be held accountable. he even went as far as saying god cries over what took place. ese comments were done so in private. this was on his private schedule. he was planning to do so when he got to philadelphia. now, after that, he had some moments, private meeting with the bishops inside a seminary. we also know that he's headed to a prison. that's why you see a chair, a wooden chair that's been carved out by inmates. this is in the largest prison of this area. 's headed there and is expected to get there within the next half hour. after that, he'll be headed to a public mass on ben franklin parkway here. bevefore he was at the prison, he was at a bistops chapel and me eting with those bishops in private. that was a big moment this morning. they were preparing for that
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early this morning around 8:00. he didn't get there until around 9:15. again, he's having a big public mass this afternoon, 4:00 here on ben franklin parkway in front of the museum of art. expected to draw a million people. but of course, we have to say that what's making the big groundbreaking headlines this morning is the fact that he met with these sex abuse victims, told them the church will hold those priests accountable. we're live in centre city, >> all right, riy. thank you. a lot of people tuning in to see how that progresses. dave price joining us now with a look at the weather forecast. today. we're going to cloud up, see monday into tuesday. clearing out for the rest of the >> all right. thank you, dave, for joining us. >> my pleasure. >> thank you for joining us on this sunday morning. we'll see you next weekend beginning saturday at 6:00. >> sounds good. thank you for having us for news.
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carly fiorina joins me live. also our latest presidential ll numbers for both parties. where do the races stand this morning? plus, who saw this coming? i'd say they were shocked. >> john boehner's stunning resignation may be the latest sign of the civil war that's raging inside the gop. and the pope does politics. >> god bless america. >> why this visit to the united states was like no other. joining me for insight and analysis are david brooks of the "new york times." andrea mitchell of nbc news. cnbc's andrew ross sorkin and eugene robinson of the "washington post." welcome to sunday. it's "meet the press." good sunday morning and what a show we have for you today. hillary clinton, carly fiorina, the speaker of the house resigning, scott walker dropped ou at, by the way, and we have our latest poll and, oh, yes, the pope's in america.
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great movie "almost famous," it's all happening. let's start with our new poll, among democrats, hillary clinton's lead over bernie sanders is down to seven points, 42% to 35%. that includes joe biden in the race at 17%. if youjuake him out of the mix, her lead stretches to 15 points. so you can see biden takes more from secretary clinton than sanders. but look at this. back in june, clinton's lead over anders was 60 points. quite dramatic change. we'll have the republican numbers later in the show but let's get to our first guest in our meet the candidate interview with our democratic front-runner. hillary clinton, madam secretary, thank you for joining us. >> thank you very much. >> and a reminder, i know there's all conspiracy theories out there, there are no limitations to this interview. >> as far as i know that's true. >> so let' get that out of the way. le metart with a piece of sound, it's "meet the press," this is what you said on "meet the press" seven years ago about transparency.
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>> i want to have a much more transparent government and i think we have the tools to make that happen. i want to have as much information about the way our government operates on the internet. so the people who pay for it, e taxpayers of america, can see that. >> a year later, clintone-mail, this government server. had every agency did what you did at the state department there would be a lot of information that wasn't in the public. do o you see that now as a problem as far as the public is co cerned? >> well, chuck, let me make a couple first of all, as i have said very often, all of the e-mails that i sent were intended to be in the government systems if they were work related. that's why i sent them people at their worked a dresses. the vast majority of them ended up there: so i have said also that if i had to do it all over again i would have used a separate e-mail account. i did it for convenience and it
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turned out not to be that at
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