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tv   News 4 New York at 6  NBC  September 27, 2015 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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thank you very much for the hard work. >> and all the while outside, the crowd size just kept growing. >> i have been following him on the news and i am falling in love with the pope because he seems so giving and loving and unique. >> reporter: so again, the biggest crowd of his visit, biggest test for security and police and secret service report no major incidents so far as the crowd begins to leave. there was a festive move. let's check in with ray villeda on the ground among those who gathered here today. >> reporter: it indeed was a festive mood with a lot of people who waited in line. folks waited as long as two to four hours just to get into this mass. for many it was worth the wait. the mass wrapped up about ten minutes ago. the pope said pray for me and
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a lot of laughs from the crowd. he spoke to a couple from south texas who told us what they were expecting to get out of the mass. >> become a better catholic and help people more because that's what he wants us to do. help the poor and the needy. the homeless. we are so tired of hearing politicians. we are so grateful to see the pope on tv. it's been wonderful all week long. >> what do you want to get out of the mass? >> helping the home skpls the poor, extending our hands out. >> reporter: and you know that was the whole theme of this mass. we kept hearing that people need to love each other regardless of borders and where they're from. that's the been the theme all week. immigration and spreading the love. i have to tell you a lot of the folks we spoke to after this mass tell us this was quite by far the best moment they have had in their lives which is
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folks from all over the country. >> reporter: you're entirely right. that was the message of his last sermon here is that the way to protect the home is to unite the entire human family. there will be a ceremony including comments with the world meeting of families and then as the security services say and as the media says he will be wheels up just after 8:00. for now, back to you at 30 rock. >> bet the pope's sleeping on that plane. thanks so much. pope francis vows to hold clergymen accountable for covering up sex abuse but many feel the church shold do more to protect the victims. >> i think the catholic church and the hire arky needs to change systematically. and whether that's civil authorities or other secular authorities investigating, but certainly laws need to be
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>> pope francis has agreed to a new vatican try ibunal. for more, head to nbc new or check out the news 4 app. back here in new york, president obama is back in town for three days of meetings. the president told world leaders they must do more to help the poor and vulnerable. tonight held remarks, and tomorrow he will again address the u.n. general assembly. he is set to meet with castro and discuss the new emerging relationship between u.s. and cuba. you near the u.n., the nypd is
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and use public transit. >> tragedy for one family looking for answers into the death of their brother. it appears that john was shot and killed and somebody tried to rob him. he left for costa rica and went to colombia when somebody tried to shoot him. >> reporter: john was visiting a city in colombia which is no longer ruled by drug cartels as once before. but it proved dangerous on friday night when he was shot and killed. we spoke to his brother here this afternoon who is still trying to make sense of it all. warren got the disturbing news that his brother, john, was murdered. >> our families are shocked. i don't know what else to tell you. >> john was traveling with a
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lifelong friend also from long island. the two were in a taxi in a wealthy vibrant section of town. they were exiting the cab when men with guns appeared. >> when he came out of the cab, . >> police told the associated press that the gunman tried to rob him and he resisted. they shot him and took off. his brother is angry by that depiction saying that his brother would never resist. >> my brother is very polite person, decent man. and this should have never happened. >> warren says he is now working with the embassy to try to bring his brother's body home. meanwhile the police were
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any information that leads to an arrest. reporting live from floral park, news 4 new york city. >> i feel for that family there. coming up, a billy joel concert ended up with more than a new york state of mind for that concert goer. what landed her in handcuffs. >> and hundreds pound the pavement for a good cause. and not as nice today, right dave? >> no. but we do have changes in the forecast that we need. we'll tell you, several chances for measurable rain.
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some information coming in, an alert was just sent out about a sex assault. a student says she left campus last night around 10:00 p.m. she was grabbed and said the men took her into an alley and she was groped. someone walking by scared the men away. police are looking at video now. a new jersey woman who just left a billy joel concert is charged with driving drunk and leaving the scene of the accident. she rear ended a car. offices say she got out of her car, assessed the damage and got in and drove off towards jersey. police caught up with her where she failed a field sobriety and
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>> and steven silver would be proud. more than 30,000 people participated in the tunnel for towers race. the 5k run and walk went through the brooklyn battery tunnel. the rout taken september 11, 2001. he died when the south tower collapsed. >> i lost a bunch of guys that i know, some guys that worked right here. and just to come out means a lot. >> we're here to remember the sacrifices that everybody made on september 11. we're here to remind our families that we haven't forgotten them. >> news 4 new york rob ran the race out of respect for first responders, there he is now with what looks like a selfie stick. 343 firefighters died during those terror attacks.
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coming up next here, it finally looks like some rain is moving in for the start of the workweek. it's been a while since i saw rain.
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the peace of the lord be with all of you. >> and peace be with you. >> a beautiful mass just wrapped up here in philadelphia. pope francis leading the community of hundreds of thousands of faithful. many were on foot because there was a lot of concern about traffic and gridlock. >> reporter: their pilgrimage brought them here to the city of brotherly love. they came from many places seeking the pope's message.
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hearts. >> the country at large have compassion. >> as i watched on television, i could not get over the feeling that he sends of love. >> some have followed him throughout his journey in the united states and that trip has been life-changing. >> his true message which is love thy neighbor as thyself. if we live by that rule, the whole world would be a better place. >> reporter: that message of love and inclusion is a lesson
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they say our country can learn as well. nbc 4 news. >> one family from argentina made the pilgrim imagine age to meet the pope. they quit their jobs to make the 19 4 day journey. clearly they stopped quite a bit thong the way in an old vw van with their four kids with them. they were called and told that the pope wanted to meet with them. the pontiff asked them are you the family who traveled from buenes ares? you're crazy? they could have walked in 194 days. they must have done some sightseeing as well. >> and in just a little while the pope is wheels up leaving philadelphia. the rain will hold off.
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and we will be seeing changes there. we're not going to see it. i don't think with the conditions outside you can see behind the anchor desk,ite esnot going to be optimal at all. let's get to business right now. it's 18 minutes after the hour. we have cloudy skies, overcast is what we call knit it in the business and the temperature is just about 69 degrees, relatively uniform. the headlines are as follows. nothing stays the same. and that's the case weather-wise. it was a good run while it lasted. if you like the sunny skies, you have plenty of it and nothing to complain about. you're seeing the clouds above skpus us and we have not one but several chances of measurable rain throughout the week.
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ound. all right. live radar picture. we don't see precipitation yet. it's not going to come tonight. most likely we will see big changes tomorrow. i want to show you a wide picture. we have one batch of moisture out in the atlantic. another batch that will spin around from the west. i think the most likely scenario is this is the rainmaker for us. this is the most patchy and widely scattered. we see how things really begin to thicken up as far as cloud cover goes. here we go. one batch rolls through. but here as we head into tuesday, better chance of measurable precipitation. i think tuesday night into wednesday is where we're going to see it most likely anywhere from half to three quarters of an inch tuesday night. we need that. we have moderate drought conditions throughout the area. for tonight, nothing significant. 63 should be our low
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temperature. winds out of the northeast 5 to 10. a chance of precipitation about 20%. we top it off at 79 degrees and as we look ahead, there is where the rain rolls through. here is the forecast over the next seven days. check it out. tuesday night that's when i think we will see more rain. wednesday some thundershowers possible. thursday, friday, and saturday, a secondary change where we say good-bye to the precipitation and hello to much cooler weather and we could see another batch of rain as we head into the weekend, a little early to pinpoint that but we're tracking it. >> and there's fall. >> it will go down. >> we're talking about jordan speith. >> we will get to him. an impressive start to the season, the jets ran into some
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>> would the jets go 3-0 or would they go crashing back down to earth? those were the questions we asked this morning. it was 3-0 philly early in the second quarter but darren makes the play of the game. he fields the punt, makes a bunch of would-be tacklers miss and then takes off.
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it was eagles at halftime. is one went through the hands of wide out brandon marshal. >> it's a long season. we played hard. played smart at times. it's a long season. not get too high. not going to lose one ga yome and not get too low. >> the yankees are in the driver's seat to host the wild card game. the school pitched tha jot one game which has so much on the line. this rookie could factor into e decision. deuces at cabrera into a double
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the 21-year-old was hopped up. the mets kept things rolling today against the reds. jacob made it stand up, striking out the side of the second. . in the wnba play offs the liberty tried to close out the fever. indiana trailed by as many as 15 in the second half, but stormed back. she had a game high 25. a winner take all game three. eastern conference finals is tuesday night at the garden. as we saw here just a little while ago, jordan wins the tour
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championship and the play offs and is only 22.
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>> when he came in it felt like the holy spirit. it came and blessed all of us. >> she was talking about meeting pope francis when he stopped by on friday. >> and the pontiff talked to the kids and faculty and got a lesson on how to work their smart board. >> nightly news is next. tonight, god waits. the apology by pope francis, as he meets with victims of sexual abuse by the clergy and others. a day of painful realities and joyous moments as hundreds of thousands come to see and hear the pope on his final day in america. heating up. tough questions and changing fortus as hillary clinton once again defense her e-mail use, and carly fiorina comes on strong. tonight the new number in our latest nbc news poll.
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lifesaver. it reverses overdoses of heroin and other drugs. one big pharmacy chain is making it much more available over the counter, but not everyone thinking that's a good idea. and the francis effect, how he is energizing the church, prompting more people to answer his call to serve. "nightly news" begins right now. pope francis in america. this is "nbc nightly news with lester holt." reporting tonight from philadelphia. good evening. within the next hour or so, pope francis is expected to board a plane and fly back to rome. his extraordinary six-day three-city journey to america concluding with a huge outdoor mass that wrapped up a short time ago here on philadelphia's benjamin franklin parkway. the pageantry of the moment in sharp contrast to a painful meeting the pope had earlier today in which he sat down with
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abuse at the hands of priests and others in positions of trust, expressing to them his pain and shame, with victims advocate groups urging the pope to follow up his kind words with action. anne thompson starts us off tonight. >> reporter: philadelphia reveling in the francis effect. at the pope's final day of his first-ever trip to the u.s., a mixture of the joy of faith and the still painful business of the church. francis telling the bishops he met with five sexual abuse victims this morning, harmed by priests, teachers or family members. francis says he's overwhelmed with shame by the actions of some priests. >> translator: god weeps. >> reporter: promising all would be held accountable. does this close the door on the sex abuse scandal here in the u.s.?
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this scandal is a long way from being closed. there's so much healing that has to happen. >> reporter: a pope went to a prison, telling some 100 inmates he comes as a pastor and brother, greeten each one personally, encouraging them to get back on the right road. for thousands attending mass, today patience is a virtue. >> those items cannot go. >> reporter: to survive the epic security lines or epic road trips. was it worth it? >> oh, yeah. >> 500 students from notre dame endured a 13-hour bus ride. >> reporter: what do you want most out of this experience? >> i feel like getting to know mo are about him, getting to know more about what he wants from us. >> reporter: ought on the 80-plus acre site in the middle of the city. the jumbotron is the way many will sigh, and for some that's just fine. being here is the
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important thing,
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