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tv   Today in New York  NBC  September 29, 2015 5:00am-7:00am EDT

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yogi berra and his late wife carmen lived there. he died last tuesday. he was 90 years old. today flags across the state are flying at half staff. that's in his honor. public memorial planned for sunday at the yogi berra museum and learning center in little falls as we remember yogi berra. so much to remember. >> so very much. he will be missed. almost 5:04. time for weather and traffic on the 4s. checking in with chris cimino. >> a few scattered around, mainly light, mainly spotty. that picture will change as we go through time later on tonight and tomorrow morning. you can see on our storm tracker, a few specless of green here and there. some going up to the hudson valley, long island, heavier showers off shore. in a bit of a holding. atmosphere is right to produce rain. school day forecast, early on in the bus ops. cloudy sky. by recess time, could be a couple of showers around. upper 70s.
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by dismissal time talking maybe scattered showers. post activities, sports games. uncould be rain in some spots. mperatures in the mid 70ed. s. a storm that could threaten us. here's lauren. if you're heading out the door, how's it looking? >> looking pretty good. we have a few detaurs on the buses, b 48, qm 6, q 46, q 27, q 85 and q 88. local and express buses could have delays because of the local u.n. general. and alter >>nate side of the street parking rules are suspeed today. we'll have more weather and traffic ahead on the 4s. retired new york city firefighter facing charges for allegedly trying to get too close to the pope. chris cinella accused of following a security motorcade flashing what looked like a badge in order to get onto the tarmac at kennedy airport. that was saturday night. he allegedly had a knife,
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ammunition and marijuana in his car. prosecutors say cinella told them he wanted to give the pope his business card. the pontiff had left hours earlier. this morning we're hearing communications from a plane that made an emergency landing at jfk airport. it sparked a fire on the ground. today kerry barrett listened to the traffic control. >> there were no injuries reported. this could have been worse than it was. this was an air lingus plane. it had to be pulled back to the hanger. this boeing 757, it had just taken off for shannon, ireland. it was a little after 7:00 when the pilots reported a problem with one of the hydraulics on one of its brakes. here's that radio call you were talking about. >> sir, we do have a technical issue here. we've lost our hydraulic system, one hydraulic system. so we're going to have to return
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we'd like you to inform kennedy please that we have lost hydraulic fluid and it may well be dumped on the runway. >> he sounds so calm. the plane came in a little bit faster than expected perhaps partly because there were also problems with the landing gear door and they had no flaps either. so the brakes overheated, likely sparked a fire. that fire extinguished by emergency responders. the passengers taken back to the terminal and then the plane had to be connected to a tug and actually pulled back to the hanger. not clear at this point how many passengers were on board, whether they've been able to leave at this point, but fortunately no injuries reported, darlen >> kerry, thank you. right now at 5:07, police are searching for a man they say tried to kidnap a 13-year-old girl in the bronx. they've issued a bulletin fora for raheem bryce. witnesses were trying to help the girl.
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apparently with a knife. that girl kicked bryce in the groin and got away. police warn he is armed and dangerous. we do have an update to a story we told you about yesterday morning. the two missing toddlers are safe. 2-year-old ty macon and destiny mccoy, 3-year-old sister, were reported missing saturday morning. the foster parents called police when they were not returned at the right time. they were found in mississippi. 5:08. later this morning a former nypd officer heads to prison for attempted murder. brendan crone an is expected to appear in court. he shot at a car stopped at a red light 14 times. he hit one person in the car 6 times. they eventually recovered. cronan pleaded guilty to the shooting last week. he is expected to be formally sentenced to nine years on december 2nd. happened today, a woman
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scheduled to appear back in a bronx court today. prosecutors claim she has walked the aisle with ten different men from several foreign countries. they say she's currently married to four of them. she faces a felony charge of offering a false instrument, for lying on a marriage certificate saying she's not been married before. >> 5:09 now. topping day's money report. widening problem with takata airbags. seven more automakers saying they could be facing recalls. they sent letters to mercedes-benz, tesla motors. 11 other companies have been ordered to replace the bags. eight people have been killed by shrapnel when the bags explode jood 1500 workers at whole food stores are going to be laid off. they want to use the savings to cut prices and focus on upgrading their technology. the pink slips will go out over the next two months. whole food hopes many of the workers will be hired back to
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fill positions in 100 new stores that they are set to open. 5:09. the list that jay z and betty white landed on. on the heels of one intense meeting, president obama has another important meeting. your weather and traffic on the 4s coming up.
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it's 5:13. here are four things to know this morning. nbc news has learned a man is facing charges for breaching security at jfk airport hours after pope francis departed from philadelphia. the suspect who's not in the video is chris cinella. police say he made it onto the tarmac and told them he wanted to give the pope his business card. government safety regulators are investigating now bmw's mini brand. they'll say the company may have been slow to fix cars and failed federal crash tests. the city's department of
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riders to weigh in on where they sit. they're considering three options to replace the seats on the staten island ferry. they're on display. they're on display at the ferry terminal in lower manhattan. >> it is national coffee day so they're offering free cups of coffee to celebrate. dunkin donuts giving away free dark roast cups. krispy kreme giving away free coffee and donuts. all-american breakfast. >> then we'll tell you how bad that is for you. >> the old-fashioned donuts. >> no glaze? >> no glaze. a residential reese's square. >> i'm like you, i love the old-fashioned. >> i like the sugared donuts that has the little sugar on top of it. >> did you ever see the manager's specials in they always have tons of something. >> the everything donut? >> all the different colors. >> yes. enjoy!
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heading out this morning into warm temperatures. hot coffee, throw a few ice cubes in t. temperatures heading towards 80 this afternoon. also headed our way, couple of spotty showers and heavy rain and storms into tomorrow morning as well. then we're tracking tropical storm joakim. potentially getting into our neck of the woods by the weekend. in the meantime, 4:00 this afternoon, sullivan, ulster, duchess county we have a flood watch in effect. the first system is coming our way right around 70 in the city. 71 hoboken. statin en island, in the 60s. down the jersey shore, 66. muggy and the air is very sweet out there. there's a lot of moisture. plenty of moisture opening up and moving into our direction. yes, we don't have a lot of rain nearby, it takes a few sprinkles. the pop-up shower threat will be on the increase as we go through time. it all starts to come together
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tonight. this is joakim with winds of 40 miles an hour expected to intensify. may not get to a hurricane strength. 65-mile-an-hour winds expected saturday and sunday as it moves near and along the coast. it may make a turn somewhere here, somewhere down the line probably early half of the weekend. we'll have to watch it very closely for us. for today notice just scattered showers, light for 1:00 this afternoon. not too bad. go into the evening hours, see a couple of heavier thunderstorms popping up here and there. overnight tonight look what happens. large area of heavy downpours. pushes on through. exactly where that lines up and sits here will determine where we get a greater chance. it looks like a storm sitting onto the north and east where the heavy stuff happens. it starts to taper down but still leftover showers. lighter in nature. in the meantime, temperatures this afternoon will climb back probably up near 80 degrees before all is said and done. that could easily help us to being the warmest september on record.
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80 the expected high. well beyond normal. heavy showers and storms overnight tonight. 70 degrees the overnight low. get a reaction. looking at temperatures in the low 70s on wednesday. much, much cooler thursday and friday. look at saturday. the chance of rain is in each and every day at some time. we'll have to watch what joakim does. we stay in the 50s and 60s for high. october will be a little damp and chilly at the outset, lauren. >> the commute is behaving pretty nicely today. we do have an update for airports. laguardia just reported 30 minute delays on arrival. newark and jfk have no reported delays as of yet. speaking of laguardia airport, we take a live look at the grand central park way. queens is in very good shape. we will head over to napa county. here's the expressway by exit 40, jericho turnpike. smooth sailing there as the northern state parkway.
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alternate side of the street parking rules remain the same. we'll have your next weather and traffic updates on the 4s. 5:17. this morning president obama plans a high profile meeting with cuban leader raul castro here in manhattan. it will be their second face to face talks. both leaders have called for an end to america's embargo against cuba. that happens to monday's speeches before the u.n. general assembly. president obama says he's confident president obama will eventually end the embargo. the private conversation with putin followed a public clash over the situation in syria. nbc's tracie potts is in washington with more. tracie, good morning. >> reporter: hey, darlene. good morning. we're getting reaction this morning from putin on that meeting with president obama. he's describing it as constructive, surprisingly open. they've got some solid ground to work here, but make no mistake, there are some major differences. they shook hands but after sitting down together for an
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hour and a half, there's still no agreement between the united states and russia on how to drive isis out of syria. >> united states is prepared to work with any nation, including russia and iran, to resolve the conflict. >> reporter: here's the problem, the u.s. wants syria's president out. president obama calls bashar al assad a tyrant who bombs his own people. russia insists helping assad is the only way to defeat isis. >> translator: we think it is an enormous mistake to refuse to cooperate with the syrian government and its armed forces. >> he thinks we are an out of control arrogant super power. he likes to take us down a peg. doesn't mean he won't cooperate on certain issues. >> reporter: they did agree the u.s. and russia should talk to avoid conflict. on capitol hill lawmakers disagree on the president's strategy. >> we have no strategy to pursue so therefore we are surprised when vladimir putin exercises
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what is a very clear strategy. >> assad is the islamic state's evil twin. to say that somehow you can fight isol and leave assad, i just -- that just doesn't pass the straight face test. >> reporter: what those lawmakers think here, it's important. they are funding the bombing campaign in iraq and syria. from washington, i'm tracie potts. back to you. >> tracy, thank you very much. new this morning, be careful what you type. intell security released its annual list of the most dangerous celebrities to search for online. at the top of the list armin van buuren. it will take you to a risky website. chris goingless this guy all the time. the list is filled with musicians, usher, luke bryan, britney spears. jay z and it includes betty white. hackers pick people who are very popular, they know people will go to them and they'll take you someplace that can destroy your
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computer, phone. >> armin van buurin. army chris calls him. constantly googling him. he's big. >> 5:20 right now. still ahead, a showdown in the streets. why a police officer in connecticut said he challenged a man to a danceoff. >> another police department, when they get a call, they're not expecting a monkey on the run. >> follow the today in new york team on facebook and twitter.
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welcome back. 5:23 on this tuesday morning. 72 degrees out right now. well, in florida it's not uncommon to come across a gator, right, o are a snake? but in the city of stand anford, this is zeke. a monkey. zeke has escaped before and here he is. he did it again. he climbed a mailbox. he damaged a police car. swung from a street sign. wreaking havoc. police eventually -- >> i love that. >> -- they distracted him with a water bottle until his owner arrived. he was sitting on the curb waiting for his ride. it's like a trouble making little toddler. >> pesky little bit of energy.
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he just wanted a little poland springs. >> chill. >> hot in florida. pretty warm here today. temperatures as warm as 72 degrees at 5:25 in the morning, that's warm stuff. and it's muggy. that combined with a couple of disturbances will spark a few showers. take along the up mbrella umbrella. it will be cloudy and muggy. 80 degrees. a pop of shower and thunderstorm by the end of the day. tonight, especially later tonight, heavy rain could push across the area. that could lead to street flooding especially overnight and into tomorrow morning. temperature still not very low at 70. it will get cooler but stay wetter in the seven day forecast. check in with lauren. how's it going, lauren. >> roads look pretty good. we have a bunch of bus detours today. for our new york city commuters, bus detours on the b 48, qm 6, q 46, q 27, q 88. no delays or detours on the
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trains. metro-north, lir, nj and so far tuesday morning commute still doing pretty well. >> thanks, lauren joompt in new brittain connecticut one police officer stunned a crowd when he showed off some serious dance moves. >> oh! >> that's officer mat sulek. he saw tyler robert johnson dancing. he was inspired to join in so he challenged johnson to a danceoff. >> he came over and he was like, you want to have a danceoff? i was like, yeah, no problem. he was really nonchalant about it. very chill guy. >> i was stunned by his moves. i thought what he did was phenomenal. i had to show him some type of moves to show him what i was capable of. >> saw it there. officer sulek says there's a point to t. he wants to show people they don't have to fear the police. the moves go a long way. >> they do. police officers, they have talent. >> they do. seen some good dance moves. >> absolutely.
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good for him. it's 5:26. still ahead, the glam mer rouse event that brings the first lady to harlem. >> the investigation launched when a crane tips over on a police van. if you're about to head out the door, take us with us. keep watching "today in new york."
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we have a technical issue here. we've lost our hydraulic system. one hydraulic system. >> this morning we're hearing a plane making an emergency landing sparking a fire on jfk airport. plus, a horrible scene. a newborn tossed from a window. what we learned overnight. and a sendoff for a legend. today is the funeral for yogi berra. "today in new york" starts now. good morning, everyone. it's tuesday morning. it is september 29thth . >> will we be rain free today or tonight? >> spotty. the main emphasis is tonight into tomorrow morning. because of that we've given rise to flood watches in sullivan, ulster, duchess counties and north. the heaviest bands will be north. we'll get into heavier rain
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later tonight. today, again, spotty showers. a lot of clouds, muggy start. 72 degrees right now. by noon climbing to the upper 70s. forecasting a high of 80. spot showers. isolated thunderstorms. more widespread heavy rain by tomorrow night. right now talk about the commute. here's lauren. >> we have our first accident of the morning. unfortunately it's on the verrazano bridge. it blocks a lane there. head to the lower level to completely avoid this. otherwise the roads look pretty good with the exception of manhattan. we do have the general assembly still in town. expect street closures throughout the day along the east side. we also have the ramps closed from the southbound fdr 53rd. we'll have more weather and traffic coming up on the 4s. lauren, thank you. police are investigating the death of a newborn baby in the bronx. someone threw the child out of a window. "today in new york's" katherine creag is there and she spoke with the police.
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kat, it's so hard to say what happened. >> reporter: right. it's hard to wrap your head around what that scene must have looked like. we talked with a sergeant. so far no one has been arrested. no one has been charged. you can imagine this is such a shock to the people who live here. some of the neighbors know the parents, the father and the mother. they have at least one other child, possibly a toddler, living in the home. they tell us that this is a normal couple. this happened on 183rd street where the parents of the baby live. police believe a newborn with an umbilical cord still attached was thrown out of a window from the seventh floor of the building here. the super's wife found the newborn on the ground at 2:30 in the afternoon. neighbors who saw police through the afternoon and into the night told us they were shocked by what happened. >> i can't explain the feeling. it's devastating. who would really do that, you know? >> reporter: and police have not charged anyone. the father was questioned at a local police precinct station
5:23 am
and later released. the mother remains in the hospital. darlene, investigators, though, we know are looking at surveillance video that may have captured what happened in those moments as the baby was falling out of that window. again, it was found in a courtyard here. back to you, darlene. >> katherine creag, kat, thank you. we're now hearing what was said between air traffic control and the pilots of a plane that had to make an emergency landing at kennedy. aer lingus flight circled back to jfk. >> sir, we do have a technical issue here. we have lost our hydraulic system, one hydraulic system so we're going to have to return to kennedy at some stage, not quite yet. we'd like you to inform kennedy please that we have a lot of hydraulic fluids and it might be dumped on the runway. >> they had problem with landing gears and flaps and it us kaed
5:24 am
the landing gear to spark and catch on fire. there were 110 people on board. everyone got off that plane safely. a giant drilling rig came toppling over in the garment district. the 25 ton rig fell on a police traffic van on west 30th street. the rig was being used by workers building a new high rise hotel. flint lock construction is the contractor on the job site. they looked into the company's safety records. they found several violations connected to an incident in 2013 along with $250,000 of fines. michelle obama is going to harlem this morning. she'll meet with more than 150,000 girls around the world. she'll speak about the importance of getting an education. it includes actor charlies charlies therron. there are countries around the world where young women are not allowed to go to school. >> not allowed. it's important to shine a light
5:25 am
on this issue. it's 5:34. time for weather and traffic on the 4s checking in with chris cimino. rain out there. temperatures not where they should be for this time of year. >> no, it's been a weird september. we probably will go into the records books as the warmest september on record as we approach 80 degrees today. possibility of showers in the course of the day. spotty light showers. nothing real heavy until we get to tonight. the humidity is running high. stepping out into a very, very muggy morning out there. temperatures this afternoon will approach 80. scattered shorms by the end of the day and towards the evening hours. later on tonight we'll expect heavy rain. right now starting out in the city at 72 degrees. suburbs, not all that much cooler. mid and upper 60s. 79 by noon, 80 by 3:00. spotty showers throughout the day. part of the time will be 80. tuesday morning how is the commute treating us, lauren?
5:26 am
>> we have the accident on the brooklyn bound upper level of the verrazano bridge. now we have an accident in marlboro. route 30 after wood cliff boulevard. if you're heading on the buses, we have detours on the b 48 and q 85. the rest in queens have all cleared. normal service has resumed. the major rail lines and your subways, no problems. alternate side of the street parking rules remain suspended. you still need to pay meters. more weather and traffic on the 4s. 5:36. today in new jersey those who knew him the best will gather to say good-bye to yankee legend yogi berra. tracie strahan is there. >> reporter: michael, we're coming to you from the church of the immaculate conception, a place where yogi berra and his late wife carmen were long-time members. the late slugger is being remembered as an all-star and pop icon. those were not things he was
5:27 am
most proud of. governor christie is now paying tribute to the slugger himself. he ordered flags at allstate buildings to be flown half staff. lawrence peter berra, a lot of people don't know that. he made his debut in 1946. he went on to win ten world championships, appeared in 15 all-star games and after he died last week, however, his granddaughter recalls what he said mattered to him most. >> he liked to talk about the game he won with his buddies, whitey, mickey, hank, moose, all the guys that he called his best friends until the end of their lives. they were a big group of buddies. i think that's what he was most proud of. doing that stuff but being able to do it with his friends. >> today's ceremony in montclair is private. the yogi berra museum in little falls, however, does plan to hold a public memorial tribute
5:28 am
sunday, october 4th for yogi berra. you're hearing a little bit of the tribute for him last week. they had to move the tribute because there's been such an outpouring. a lot of yogiisms remembered by fans. >> no surprise there that they wanted to have extra time to pay tribute to yogi berra. thanks so much, tracie. >> absolutely. presidential politics now, donald trump, new plans to lower taxes is drawing some skepticism. trump wants people earning up to $25,000 a year and couples making 50,000 to pay no federal income taxes. he also wants the rich to pay a lower tax rate. trump says wealthy americans like himself will end up paying more because they will lose deductions and loopholes. >> you it'll simplify the tax code. it'll grow the american economy at a level that it hasn't seen for decades.
5:29 am
>> well, trump also wants to ease the tax burden on businesses. critics say his plan is similar to jeb bush's plan. others fear trump's tax plan will hurt the federal budget. this morning trump will talk about the plan and the new poll numbers that show his lead shrinking. tune in to the "today" show at 7:00 when he will be live. 5:39. turning to candidate chris christie. he wants state lawmakers to make a trade joof if they intend to raise the gas tax. any hike would have to be offset by lowering other taxes. governor christie hinting monday. he stated inheritance taxes should be cut. right now lawmakers are struggling with a way to keep the transportation trust fund from going broke. that's the fund that fixes roads and bridges. a bit of relief this morning for senator bob menendez. a federal judge threw out four bribery counts against the new jersey senator. 12 other bribery charges remain. they accuse him of accepting free plane trips and vacations
5:30 am
in exchange for doing favors for a florida eye doctor. menendez's attorney says his client will be exonerated. the 16-year-old daughter of actor paul walker has filed a wrongful death lawsuit against porsche. he died when his porsche carrera flames. it was speeding at close to 90 miles an hour. a new lawsuit accuses porsche of failing to keep the car with important safety features. the owner of grand central terminal is bringing a lawsuit that highlights the battle over valuable air rights. he's suing the city for a billion dollars. he claims they robbed him of the right to sell space over the station. the tower next door will be called one vanderbilt.
5:31 am
could make it easier to get the tickets for the concerts you want to see without breaking the bank. also warning for parents this morning, a danger in the living room. falling televisions. why experts say it's getting worse. and it is a warm start to the day. we've got some rain on the way as well. the weather and traffic on the 4s coming up. grand central park way by laguardia. you're watching "today in new
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welcome back. 72 degrees. it is 5:44 on this tuesday morning. well, this morning we're closer to answering the question whether there's life on mars. >> nasa plans to announce a major discovery. discovery came from analyzing high resolution images from the mars reconnaissance orbiter. >> liquid water has been found on mars. >> it means that there's the potential for life on mars. >> nasa scientists say these streaks down, you see them there, down that martian mountain.
5:34 am
water flowing down the slopes. with the water makes human colonization more viable. i think people are more interested if finding falling water means there's some sort of life there right now. >> yes. we will see, huh? i think we'll find out at some point. maybe not in our lifetime. >> i heard they saw some golden arches too? >> did they? weather people. >> and the cross mars expressway. >> traffic all the time. >> you never want to be in the cross mars on a tuesday morning. >> tough. rush hour goes on for days there. much longer day for them. meantime, for us, our day will feature everything. warmer temperatures. unlike the whole month has been. 72 and cloudy. not much in the way of sunshine but i think the rain threat during the day today will tend to be fairly spotty in nature. on again and off again showers. may not be raining. later in the day we have to
5:35 am
really tonight with heavy rain and thunderstorms could lead to local street flooding. joakim thinks the track of that storm will be close to the tri state area by the end of this week or this weekend. >> 70 in middleville, 70 valley stream. not a big spread in temperature. mid and upper 60s. upper 60s and a muggy feel to the air. this is one of the computer models that projects rainfall ahead. this is what we look like through 7:00 this evening. not too bad. a trace to a quarter of an inch in most spots. you see the localized higher amount. the potential for thunderstorms. watch what happens overnight. the number in the city climbs closer to 4 inches. higher north and west. this may be overdoing it a bit, maybe. this is one computer model. the gist of it is anticipate heavy rain overnight tonight into tomorrow morning and then during the day tomorrow some additional lighter showers. let's get to future track.
5:36 am
morning, spotty showers in nature. same thing through the afternoon. light rain meaning light rain. that means the heavier stuff. you start to see the heavier showers and stuff pop up by 7:00 especially north and west of the city. this is the area we're most concerned with for the potential for heavy rain. you can see it does come through the city overnight with locally heavy downpours. this is 4:00, 5:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. the heavy stuff shifts up into new england. then we move ahead. cloudy and showers thursday. that could be the leading edge of what could be joakim heading in our direction. the storm is 40-mile-an-hour winds. drifting off towards the west. in is the projected pathogen. the cone of uncertainty from the hurricane center takes it east of north carolina, east of the virginia coast. sometimes early part of the weekend. the models are making it with a little bit of a left hook. if that happens, that's not good
5:37 am
news. that could bring the heavy rain and wind towards our area. for today, up around 80. very muggy. a couple of spotty showers. take the umbrella to make it safe. heavy downpours likely into tomorrow morning. 73 tomorrow morning showers and storms taper to lighter showers in the afternoon. not as wet on thursday. upper 50s, friday. same thing. we'll have to watch the track of joakim. friday and saturday stay in the 60s with a few more showers come sunday and monday of next week. things are getting stormy. hopefully quiet for the commute. >> mostly quiet. we do have a new accident on the cross bronx expressway. westbound by west chester avenue. two lanes and starting to build here. head over to the bruckner. things moving along pretty nicely there. then moving further west. harlem river drive northbound the ramp is closed at 95 here. all due to road work.
5:38 am
take the henry hudson instead today coming up through manhattan. we'll head over to the general assembly in town. expect plenty of street closures and delays. we still have an accident out there on the verrazano bridge. brooklyn bound upper level. blocks the lane. delays are building. that's the worst of it on the roads. alternate side of the parking rules are suspended. more weather and traffic coming up on the 4s. an autopsy has revealed what caused the death of a popular new jersey high school football player. 17-year-old devin murray died of massive internal bleeding from a lacerated spleen. the warren hills high school quarterback was injured friday night during a game but walked off the field with the help of some teammates. he later collapsed and then died after he was taken to a hospital. >> we were in total shock, just not something you expect from somebody so young.
5:39 am
football players on the field when they go down. i'm a first responder out on the field so i can relate to what they had to go through. >> the medical examiner says murray's spleen was abnormally enlarged making it more susceptible to injury. his death has been ruled an accident. murray's wake is tomorrow and he will be laid to rest on thursday. coming up on 5:50 now. former prison worker joyce mitchell has been sentenced to up to seven years behind bars. mitchell sobbed through her hearing. she asked the judge for forgiveness for giving sweat and matt an escape route in upstate prison. they want mitchell to pay for the search for them. chuck schumer is hoping to stop cyber skal percent. they want to close down on bots that sweep up tickets selling out shows in a matter of minutes.
5:40 am
cyber scalping leaves the rest of us to pay big bucks for tickets sold online. >> go online, i know i'm not going to get tickets because it will be sold out. >> it is not how it should be. it is not the american way. these people are cheating. >> senator schumer wants to outlaw those bots and fine those who use them. we have a new warning for parents on the danger of falling televisions. toddlers suffer severe and fatal head and neck injuries all caused by falling tvs. the biggest risks are for children between 1 and 3 years old. they tend to climb on furniture or bump into unstable tv bases. experts say all tvs should be safely secured to a wall or to a base. tvs are getting larger. >> they are. >> even though they're getting lighter, they're still heavy and can hurt kids. 5:51. just ahead at 6:00 in the morning. it could change your lunch plan. the popular lunch item returning to chipotle. >> score!
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a double take on the skies in las vegas. they thought the balloon was in trouble. there's a small basket at the bottom. it's a fake. it's a promotional thing. it wasn't in trouble. nobody knew. they were trying to do the right thing and call 911. they thought people were in trouble. >> i'm not a fan of those pranks that means somebody's life is in danger. >> building a car with wheels on the hood of the car. something's not right there. >> yeah, exactly. people have a lot of time on their hands, darlene. >> we don't have the chance. >> or the brain. >> well, you know. >> other story. central park so far this september we've averaged 74.5 degrees. that is one degree above on average the next closest warmest one which was in 1961, happened to be a very good year. looks like we're going to make it, as a matter of fact. i see temperatures above probably close to 80 today above normal.
5:44 am
tomorrow close to normal. that should get us in the books. 80 today. a lot of clouds. it's warm, it's muggy. a spotty shower or two around. maybe a thunderstorm later in the day. not continuous rain. tonight is when we get the heaviest rain. low temperature of 70. getting into a much wetter pattern. party has to end at some point. we do need the rain. >> we do. >> we'll get it. >> let's check the commute, lauren. the party ended on the cross bronx expressway already this morning. we have an accident out there westbound. we can get to that in a moment. we can start with the staten island expressway. we like good news. it's moving along nicely. we had an accident shutting down many lanes of the brooklyn bridge at the verrazano. that's cleared. out by castle hill avenue you do have an accident that shuts down two lanes there. delays are building. head to the bruckner instead. lauren, thank you. 5:56 right now. pick your seat. new york city's department of
5:45 am
new seat for the staten island ferry. here they are. three options that would be used on the next generation of ferry boats. those are set to hit the water in 2018. so you can test them out, have a little seat there, then vote. they're on display at the ferry terminal in lower manhattan. the texas teenager who was arrested after bringing his homemade clock to school is getting the star treatment here in new york city. ahmed muhammad met with mayor de blasio. the mayor said keep doing what you're doing. he tweet that had this young inventor started a movement. got to sit in the public advocate's seat in city council chambers. 5:57. coming up next. customize your ride and take the settings where you go. why you may not ever have to adjust your seat and car mirrors again. 6:00 a.m., new cases of legionnaires disease in the bronx. what we're learning about the latest cluster. in you're heading out the door, take us with you, download the news 4 app on your mobile
5:46 am
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5:48 am
now a fiery landing at new york's kennedy airport as the pilot realized something was very wrong. >> a man determined to meet pope francis breaches airport security. how the retired firefighter managed to reach the tarmac. not seen here but he got close hours after the papal visit. new health concerns in the bronx after officials fdg a new cluster of legionnaires disease. "today in new york" starts now. it is tuesday morning, september 29th. i'm darlene rodriguez. >> let's check in with chris cimino. >> this is close to where the normal high temperature should be and where they are. we have potentially heavy rain heading in our direction.
5:49 am
the national weather system has put sullivan, ulster and duchess county in a warning. a good swath of 2 to 4 inches of rain possible. right now nothing heavy going on. you see a few specless here and there. some showers. the atmosphere is right to produce some rain. tonight the heavy rain moves in. right now we're looking at 72. a spot shower or two around. early on in the morning. by noon, in the upper 70s. by the end of the day could be a couple of scattered thunderstorms. that's when the rain could get a little bit heavy. i think the heavy stuff is overnight tonight into tomorrow morning. we'll talk more about that. a little after 6:00 a.m. what kind of commute do we have? >> if you accidents causing delays. head over to 495. if you would be heading to the lincoln tunnel right now, this is what 495 looks like eastbound. pretty much like a parking lot. delays back almost to the new jersey turnpike. there is an accident in the eastbound lanes past kennedy boulevard. if you can head to the local
5:50 am
streets and get a little closer to the tolls there, that might be a better idea so you don't have to sit in the jam. the holland tunnel and george washington b dge are doing fine. here's the cross bronx expressway where westbound two lanes are shut down. that's by west chester avenue. delays are building through here. you'll want to head to the brick bruckner instead. 6:01. to a case that's left a bronx community in shock. a newborn baby thrown to her death from an apartment window. katherine creag from the university heights section where it's all happening. kat, good morning. >> darlene, good morning to you. we've had so many neighbors telling us they would have taken this baby in. they would have taken care of the newborn and that there are also a lot of places around here, a fire house, a police station where that baby could have been left. this is 183rd street and this is where the parents of the newborn baby live in an apartment building here. police believe a newborn with an
5:51 am
was thrown out of a window from the top floor of the building here. the super's wife found the baby in the courtyard around 2:30 in the afternoon. no one has been charged. no one has been arrested. neighbors who saw them into the afternoon and night say they were shocked by what happened. >> i would have took the baby in. i would have brought the baby in the house. no excuse to throw a living baby out of a window. like that is just repulsive. >> reporter: as for the parents, the faer was questioned at a local police precinct station for many hours and later released. the mother remains in a hospital. investigators also, darlene, are taking a look at a surveillance video. there was a surveillance video that may have taken footage of what happened. >> katherine craig, thank you. right now city officials are investigating yet another cluster of legionnaires cases in the bronx. seven new cases surfaced last
5:52 am
officials say all of those patients spent time in the morris park area. it is the third time the legionnaires cluster surfaced in the bronx. people are concerned. they want answers. >> where's it come from? anybody know? >> reporter: they don't know the source at this time. >> i'm shocked and disappointed and surprised. >> health officials are testing the water towers in the area. trying to trace the source of the outbreak. this morning president obama will hold a high stakes meeting with cuba's leader at the u.n. it is only the second time president obama and raul castro are speaking face to face. they both told the general assembly monday that the united states must end its embargo against cuba. president obama said he's confident president obama will see that the embargo does not help cuba's people. on monday president obama is meeting with russian president vladimir putin got off to a frosty start. after 90 minutes putin called
5:53 am
their conversation, quote, very constructive and surprisingly open. both men gave opposing views of the crisis in syria when they addressed the u.n. the u.s. strongly opposes the leader bashar al assad. 6:04. time for weather and traffic on the 4s. chris, we want to congratulate you on the mets clinching. >> i did it and i'm very, very happy. >> you did to it. >> have this reality because it was wonderful to see. now you know what happens. the big stuff. playoffs. lofty territory for me. gets me dizzy. weather picture will get you feeling a little different as you step outside. temperatures in the upper 60s and low 70s. the humidity is very high. this does not feel like one of those cool, crisp autumn mornings, that's for sure. 72 in the city. northwest new jersey as well. it will stay very warm and muggy for late september standards, that's for sure. the school day forecast looking at a lot of clouds around.
5:54 am
a couple of spot showers early on. around recess time could be a scattered shower or two. dismissal time, about 79 degrees. warm and muggy. showers and rain. even after school a little bit later as temperatures settle to the mid 70s. heavy rain, flooding potential and travel the storm. lots to talk about. >> it would be hard to forget but just a reminder the u.n. general assembly is still in town. you can expect street closures on the east side of manhattan. southbound to 53rd street and northbound. that will cause delays on express and local buses in mid town. in addition we have detours on the b 48 and q 85 this morning. getting on the trains, that looks good. all running on or close to schedule. alternate side of the parking street rules are suspended today. we have an accident headed north of lincoln tunnel. 6:06. right now we're hearing a pilot's call for help as he
5:55 am
realizes his plane was experiencing a severe problem. the flight had just taken off. kerry barrett is monitoring the developments from our newsroom. kerry. >> darlene, good morning. yeah. we just learned there were 110 passengers on board. thankfully no injuries reported. it was a little after 7:00 last night. the boeing 787 took off. here's the radio call. >> we do have a technical issue here. we've lost our hydraulic system, one hydraulic system so we're going to have to return to kennedy at some stage, not quite yet. we'd like you to inform kennedy please that we have lost hydraulic fluid and it may well be dumped on the runway. >> so the plane returned to jfk. it landed at about 7:30 but as it landed it came in faster than expected and that is perhaps partly because there were also problems with the landing gear
5:56 am
help slow them down either. so the brakes overheated and that is what likely sparked a fire in the landing gear compartment. that fire thankfully extinguished by emergency responders pretty quickly. the passengers were taken back to the terminal. that plane, that's what you're looking at right there, was connected to a tug and it was pulled back to the hanger. the passengers, we learned, will be put on the next flight to ireland. thankfully no injuries. that was a scary half hour. >> thank you very much, kerry. 6:08 now. retired new york city firefighter faces charges for an alleged security breach during pope francis's visit. chris cinila is accused of following a security motorcade into kennedy saturday night by flashing what looked like a badge. he had a knife, marijuana, in his suv. he wanted to give the pope his business card. the pontiff had left the city hours before. cinella was, instead, following
5:57 am
the united nations instead. we have an update to the story we told you about yesterday morning. we why have just found out the two toddlers that went missing were found safe in mississippi. the 2 and 3-year-old were reported missing on saturday morning. their foster parents called police when their mother failed to return them at the scheduled time. there's no word yet as to whether the biological mother will face charges. senator bob menendez has a little less to worry about this morning. a federal judge threw out four bribery counts against the new jersey senator. 12 other bribery related charges remain. prosecutors accuse menendez of accepting free plane trips and vacations in exchange for doing favors for a florida eye doctor. menendez's attorney says his client will be exonerated. new this morning, cnbc money reports, global markets are down as investors brace for what could be a ruhf day on wall
5:58 am
cnbc's landon dowdy reports. >> wall street looks to rebuild from monday's big selloff. futures are pointing to a higher open. stocks opened sharply with the nasdaq being the worst performing index. it continues to climb as biotech and health care stocks. investors have been unnerved about china's slowing economy and a mixed bag of u.s. economic data. reports on home prices and consumer confidence. >> gm ceo says they plan to add more self-driving features and enable services through smartphone apps. you could import preferences such as seat positions and mirrors into any gm car you're driving. you're driving along and you can't get those side mirrors right. >> or somebody else drove your car and now they've missed everything all up. >> wow. >> little bit annoying. >> wow, stay away from any car you guys drive. >> darlene, we're on the same level. michael doesn't get it.
5:59 am
>> thank you, landon. >> see you soon. 6:10. still ahead, it was dubbed the chipotle crisis on social media. the popular item that will soon be back on the menu following a surprise disappearance. also had a cyber attack at rutgers university. what we're learning now about the latest hacking incident. plus, your weather and traffic on the 4s is coming up. you're watching "today in new
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6:14 right now. here are four things to know this morning. seven more companies should be facing recalls due to takata airbag inflators. more than 23 million takata airbag inflators have been recalled on 19 million vehicles in the u.s. oyster creek nuclear power plant will be conducting a drill this afternoon.
6:03 am
the warning sirens will not be activated. they will see emergency vehicles racing to the scene. oyster creek is the nation's oldest nuclear power plant. this is a drill. the port authority has finished a $400 million modernization project on one of kennedy airport's major run ways. a spokesperson says it has a high speed taxi way designed to reduce delays. >> that will be good. it is national coffee day. dozens of coffee shops around freebies. among them, dunkin donuts has one and krispy kreme. >> and somebody's giving along the donut alongside the free coffee. >> there you go. >> there you go. 6:15. time for weather and traffic right now. >> we've got stuff to do! >> what, no bagel? come on. up the ante a little bit. our weather picture changing dramatically. the beautiful weather run is about to come to an end.
6:04 am
things will get sloppy. muggy. stepping out into the 70s. a shower around from time to time. the heavy rain is tonight and some thunderstorms, too, could lead to local street and highway flooding. end of the week and start of the weekend tracking tropical storm joakim to find out the impact on our weather if at all. stanford, 64. most folks outside of the city are mid and upper 60s. in the five boroughs generally in the lower 70s. even the 60s feel a little sticky when you step outside this early on. future tracker, lots of clouds out there. watch what happens to the showers. widely scattered and light at noontime. then they start to percolate a little bit. 3:00, 4:00 in the afternoon, heavier showers. this could indicate heavier showers especially the northern half of new jersey from the city north and west. then we start to light it up, 10:00, one band of showers coming through. look at this. 2:00 in the morning when you start to see colors like pink
6:05 am
and magenta, that means heavy downpours and potentially heavy thunderstorms. this pushes through from south to north as we go through the early morning hours. leftover showers linger tomorrow morning and evening as well. very muggy. shower. isolated storm. 80 degrees. well above normal with the humidity high. very uncomfortable. soaking showers and thunderstorms tonight. flooding possible. sullivan, ulster, duchess county already in a watch that may get extended further south. we'll find out where they line up later this evening. heavy rain possible later tomorrow morning. showers at 73 degrees. about joakim, right now tropical storm. 40-mile-an-hour winds. 385 miles northeast of the central bahamas taking a track towards the west and towards the north and perhaps towards the northwest a little bit as we get towards the weekend here. that point could see winds 60 to 65 miles an hour. the potential for rain, strong wind and rough surf. beach erosion, et cetera, et cetera. possible later friday into the
6:06 am
first round is tonight into tomorrow morning. 73 tomorrow, showers in the afternoon. not as wet thursday. a little lull. upper 50s. same thing for friday. depending on the exact track of joakim, late friday, saturday, into sunday with temperatures back into the upper 6 0 0s60s. let's see if the commute looks a little bit by the etter than that. >> trouble spots out there. we will head to the lincoln tunnel where you have an accident eastbound on 495 after kennedy boulevard. that shuts down two lanes. 45 minute delay between the turnpike and the tolls at the lincoln. live look outside. we'll show you what 495 looks like. looks more like a parking lot. nothing moving through here because one lane is getting by. take the local streets to get to the lincoln tunnel. that's the best option. george washington bridge, a five-minute wait. this is the spot to avoid. bqe in queens eastbound. disabled vehicle out there in the right lane.
6:07 am
then heading over to the long island expressway, grand central parkway, very slow ride. that's due to congestion. >> we had an accident out there for a while. westbound by west chester avenue. that accident has cleared. you can see residual delays. heavier on the bruckner. people were headed that way to avoid the zoernlt accident. alternate side of the street parking rules are suspended. we'll have more weather and traffic ahead on the 4s. 6:19. today the president of planned parenthood will be on the hot seat on capitol hill as the federal budget hangs in the balance. a battle over that. planned parenthood's leader will talk about a controversial video. she says the donation of feet tall tissue is minuscule. congress will work to prepare to extend the federal budget before wednesday's deadline. it will be a continuing resolution as it's known. this is despite a fight over funding for planned parenthood.
6:08 am
a judge has sentenced former prison worker joyce mitchell to up to seven years behind bars. mitchell sobbed throughout her hearing. she asked the judge for forgiveness for helping david sweat and richard matt escape an upstate prison. prosecutors also want mitchell to pay for the cost of the man hunt to find the men. a hearing to see how much she will pay is scheduled for november. there's some bad news unfortunately for 1500 workers at whole food stores. they're going to be out of a job soon. the upscale supermarket change wants to have the savings on manpower to save cost on the prices. whole foods hopes to rehire many workers. they're planning to open 100 new stores. 6:20 right now. just ahead, the most dangerous celebrities online. why searching for your favorite star could open you up -- your computer up for more hackers. don't forget to follow the entire "today in new york" team
6:09 am
the great beauty of owning a property is that you can create wealth through capital appreciation, and this has been denied to many south africans for generations. this is an opportunity to right that wrong. the idea was to bring capital into the affordable housing
6:10 am
with a fund that offers families of modest income safe and good accommodation. citi got involved very early on and showed an enormous commitment. and that gave other investors confidence. citi's really unique, because they bring deep understanding of what's happening in africa. i really believe we only live once, and so you need to take an idea that you have and go for it. you have the opportunity to say, "i've been part of the creation of over 27,000 units of housing," and to replicate this across
6:11 am
welcome back. fans of chipotle gorditas are in hog heaven. pork is back in 90% of its outlets. we're told the popular menu items should be back at all of the restaurants by november. chipotle stopped serving pork in january after complaints about animal welfare standards of one of its suppliers. the company says it's working with other suppliers so they're back. >> i like the carnitas. i feel like it's different from the chicken or the beef that i might typically get. >> right. i had it friday. >> how was it? >> the bowl or the thing, the wrap?
6:12 am
i did the bowl. i had sofritas. i doubled down, baby. >> you went all out. >> it's hot and spicy. good stuff. it was good. it was more than just a meal. >> all right. >> more than a meal. >> i've got to go to lunch. >> wow. lots of clouds, warm, muggy, 80 this afternoon. well above normal temperatures. watch for a couple of scattered showers from time to time. won't be raining all the time. could be a thunderstorm late afternoon and evening. tonight, that's when you'll need the caritas. heavy rain, street flooding is possible tonight with a low about 70 in the city. really setting the stage for what's going to be a pretty damp pattern. we will get cooler temperatures by the middle of the week. >> lauren, i know we have things going on in the commute world. >> that's right. we had an accident heading to the lincoln tunnel on 495 eastbound that just cleared. delays pretty heavy. watching delays build on the grand central parkway. outside of laguardia or just past. we're waiting for confirmation on an accident.
6:13 am
based on the look of this, something is out there. i will continue to keep you updated on that. quickly we will look at your commuter checklist. all good news for mass transit. all of the trains and subways running without delays or service changes. 6:25. coming up. we're going to have an update on a shocking case that we've been talking about in the bronx. >> reporter: i'm katherine creag live in the university heights section where neighbors want answers. a newborn is thrown out of the window, the seventh floor, and dies. we'll tell you where investigators stand on this case. also, who's been questioned coming up. and if you're about to head out the door, take us with you. keep watching "today in new york." download the app right now. we'll be right back. back to school? how about...back to blinds! during blinds to go's early fall savings sale, save 20 to 30% on all the season's latest looks in cellular shades and cascade double shades.
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back to school? how about...back to blinds! during blinds to go's early fall savings sale, save 20 to 30% on all the season's latest looks in cellular shades and cascade double shades. that'll really make you look smart. blinds to go. blinds for life. now at 6:30. a young girl nearly snatched off the streets. >> an emergency landing ends with flames at kennedy airport. this morning we're hearing the calls from the cockpit as the pilot realized something was wrong. also ahead, honoring one of baseball's greatest stars as
6:16 am
family and friends give their final farewells to yogi berra. "today in new york" starts now. >> 6:30 on tuesday, september 29th. i'm michael gargiulo. >> i'm darlene rodriguez. let's check in with chris cimino. >> still pretty warm out there this morning. temperatures, still pretty warm, secaucus, 71. the city at 72 degrees. a lot of mid and upper 60s mid and northwest. no 40ed s and 50s. very warm, sticky, humid air. ready to produce rain. we have light scattered showers early on this morning. i think that's the way it plays out through the first half of the day. spotty will be the showers. stays warm and muggy with a lot of clouds. upper 70s, forecasting a high of 80. showers and storms rolling in our direction. i'll talk more about that in a little bit. the commute, hopefully not too rough. >> we have a new accident to report on for our tom's river commuters.
6:17 am
out before exit 81, there's an accident out there blocking two lanes. you can see delays building already. then we'll take a live look at the in bound side look at the lincoln tunnel. a 45 minute wait getting into the tolls here. we had an earlier accident on 495 eastbound by park avenue. that has since cleared. you have a 20-minute wait at the who will lands, 15 at the george washington bridge. we will have more weather and traffic coming up on the 4s. a disturbing story at the bronx. a newborn baby thrown to her death from a new york window. katherine creag is here. police have done some interviews, kat. still, no resolution to what may have been behind this. >> reporter: right. no one charged. neighbors want answers. a lot of them are telling us they know the parents. this is where they live, 183rd street inside this apartment building.
6:18 am
thrown out of a window. police tell us a newborn with the umbilical cord still attached was thrown from the seventh floor of the building here. the building super's wife found the newborn on the ground in a courtyard area at 2:30 yesterday in the afternoon. no one has been charged. no arrests yesterday. neighbors who saw police into the afternoon and night told us they were shocked by what happened. >> especially with infants. everybody and here, we are all about the kids. this is very shocking for us to have an infant thrown out the window. >> the investigation though still goes on. the father was questioned for many hours at a local police precinct station house and later released. the mother is in the hospital and investigators are looking at surveillance video. there was a camera nearby that may have reported what happened. neighbors are shocked by what happened, michael. just an awful scene here in the bronx. back to you, michael. >> absolutely, kat. thank you very much.
6:19 am
police are searching for the suspect in an attempted kidnapping in the bronx. they issued this bulletin fora heem bryce. he jumped out of the car and tried to grab the girl. a witness tried to help her but a second man got out of the car with a knife. the girl kicked bryce in the groin and got away. bryce is considered armed and dangerous. we're now hearing what was said in the cockpit of the aer lingus flight that made the emergency landing to kennedy airport. the plane had taken off from j.f.k. it was bound for ireland where the pilots realized there was a problem. it left them know choice but to radio air traffic control and circle back. >> sir, we do have a technical issue here. we have lost our hydraulic system, one hydraulic system. so we're going to have to return to kennedy at some stage, not quite yet. we'd like you to inform kennedy we have lost hydraulic and it
6:20 am
>> the door and flaps had a problem. they came in faster and it caused the brakes to overheat. that sparked a fire. the planes passengers were taken back by bus to the terminal. fortunately, no word of any injuries. governor chris christie has a warning for new jersey lawmakers who want to raise the gas tax. christie said any hype would be offset by lowering other taxes. the state and inheritance taxes should be cut. they want to keep new jersey transportation's trust fund afloat. 6:34 right now. time for weather and traffic on the 4s. chris, not typical that we approach october in the mid 70s in the morning. >> in the morning hours, nonetheless. we're probably heading close to 80 degrees today even with a lot of cloud cover and even with a couple of showers around from time to time. this has been a month that is probably going to be one for the records. perhaps the warmest september ever in central park's history.
6:21 am
showers possible. a lot of the moments today it will not be rape be ining. highs approaching 80. scattered thunderstorms later in the day. you get past 3:00, 4:00, increasing threat for seeing heavy rain. parts of the area, a spot shower at 72 degrees we slowly climb through the upper 70s. a lot of clouds. watch for increasing chance of scattered thunderstorms and showers. heavy duty rain push number one. we'll talk about that and the rest of the seven day forecast ahead. lebt's find out the latest on the commute. thank you, chris. the roads are very congested today. a lot of people back to work. let's see, we have this stable vehicle on the bqe out by the long island expressway. that's in the right lane. hopefully they'll get that cleared out soon. we'll take a live look at the l.i.e. in queens to show you how slow that is. this is heading westbound after the grand central parkway. i've seen a lot of flashing lights come through. i don't know if this is a
6:22 am
routine thing for the cops. we don't have any accidents out there on the road. commuter checklist, all the trains look good. that includes the subways. everything running without delays or service. alternate side of the street parking are suspended today. more weather and traffic on the 4s. in just a few hours the life and legend of the life of the late yogi berra will be celebrated. tracie straw han is live. >> reporter: we've been pushed far back by montclair's police department. they have made it clear, this is a service, invitation only. he's so beloved. the tributes to yogi berra continue to pour in. the late yankees slugger died last tuesday of natural causes at the age of 90. he had those all-star catcher mitts about him. he was a well-known character as well. it's sayings like when you come
6:23 am
to a fork in the road, take it. d it ain't over until it's over that are some of the many famous yogiisms. there was much more to the hall-of-famer than the whitey one liners. >> i'm a grownup now and i've been around him long enough to know that he's famous but i say a lot that grampa and yogi berra don't often shake hands in my behind so it's kind of hard to rationalize that he is this iconic figure. this happened this week and we were all so sad but the love that we have received from everybody has been really incredible. >> now the yankees honored yogi berra in a pre-game ceremony including the moment of silence and the playing of "taps" by a navy bugler. he served in the navy during world war ii. the public will be able to pay their respects to yogi berra. that will take place at the yogi berra museum in little falls on sunday. so many people will be a part of it. people that warrant to be here today lined the street and tip
6:24 am
their hat to yogi berra, darleni. they moved the date. they want people to be part of this because he was so beloved. thank you. >> very special man. tracie strahan. thank you. this morning we know what caused the death of a popular new jersey high school football player. the moores county medical examiner said 17-year-old evan murray died from a massive internal bleeding from a lacerated spleen. he was injured during friday night's game. he walked off the field with the help of teammates but he later collapsed and died after he was taken to the hospital. >> we were in total shock. just not something you expect from somebody so young. >> as an emt i take care of football players on the field when they go down. i'm a first responder out on the field so i can relate to what they had to go through. the medical examiner says the teenager's spleen was abnormally enlarged making it more susceptible to injury. his death has been ruled an accident. evan's wake is set for tomorrow. he'll be laid to rest on thursday.
6:25 am
its computer network after falling victim to another apparent cyber attack. for several hours yesterday the university's website carried a message saying the network was experiencing technical difficulties. it was up and running again by mid afternoon. this marks the fifth cyber attack on the network in the past year. rutgers says significant upgrades have been made after the last one. on long island senator charles schumer is proposing new legislation to stop cyber skal percent. the proposed bill would outlaw bots or computer programmers to sweep up thousands of tickets in time. they sell out tickets in minutes. cyber scalping leads us to pay big bucks for the tickets resold online. >> if you go online, to i know i'm not going to get tickets because it will be sold out. >> it is not how it should be. it is not the american way. these people are cheating. >> senator schumer says he wants to outlaw the bots and find those who use them. >> the money doesn't go to the artists. >> no. >> it's going to the middle
6:26 am
people with the bots. >> you think you have to enter in those digits before you click, that that prote s agaihst that, but apparently it's still happening. 6:39. coming up next, an amazing find on mars. a new discovery that could change what we know about the red planet. plus, we're going to have weather and traffic on the 4s coming up as we look at the hamilton bridge area. you're watching "today in new
6:27 am
welcome back. this morning we're closer to answering question whether there's life on mars. nasa planned to announce a major discovery. this came from a alyzing high resolution images from the mars
6:28 am
reconnaissance orbiter. >> liquid water has been found on mars. >> it means that there is potential for lif on mars. >> nasa scientists say these streaks down the martian mountains are an indication that liquid water is flowing down the slopes. liquid water makes human colonization of mars more viable. the skiers are wondering how soon they can get out there. >> soon we'll see liquid water here on earth. >> oh, yes. we need some. i have a feeling it always seems to happen, you go through droughts. we need rain and you get too much of a good thing. the first one probably happens by tonight. right now it's okay out there. cloudy. kind of muggy. flags barely moving. you hope for a little breeze because the air is so heavy this morning. starting out in the low 70s with a cloudy sky. light showers in parts of the area. that would probably be the case in the first half today. i don't think we see anything particularly heavy. it gets rougher as we head on inigto the evening for heavy rain
6:29 am
and thunderstorms. we're tracking tropical storm joakim over the next several days. maybe a player by the end of the week or weekend. flood watch in effect for sullivan, ulster, duchess county. 2 to 4 inches of rain. we all are in that potential. we'll have to see the scenario unfold. it may be spread across a larger part of the viewing area. future cast rainfall totals through 8:00 tonight. not terribly impressive. qu roarter of an inch or so. heaviest amounts isolated with thunderstorms north and west. overnight once we get into the heavier rain, the projections are anywhere from as much as 3 to 5 to 6 inches of rain in par,rts of the area. whether or not it totally plays out exactly like this, a good swath of tdo to four inches of rain a good possibility by midday tomorrow as system number one moves on through. future tracker, you can see it. we've got light showers scattered around at 1:00 in the afternoon. nohething particularly heavy. ntwe get teeper into the afternoon. we start to pop some of these. showers and thunderstorms
6:30 am
dotting the area from the city north and west seems to be the main focal point. by tonight 10:00, city, long island, everybody is in the midst of this heavy rain. it spills in. look at that overnight. by 3:00 in the morning talking ve ry heavy rain nacthern half of new jersey up through the hudson valley, coastal areas ofiew jersey as well. that slowly slides north and eastward as we go through tomorrow. tallpers off into lighter showers tomorrow afternoon. very muggy. shower, thunderstorm possible, 80. heavy soaking rains tonight. 70 the overnight lows. flooding is possible. heavy rain early tapers to showeresin the afternoon. looking at 73 degrees. what about joakim. still harmless out at sea. 40-mile-an-hour sustained winds. moves to the west and north and the northwest again. this is, again, the huge cone of uncertainty we talk about. the track could fall anywhere in this path. some models are bringing it closer to the jersey coast line over the course of the weekend. more rai n and wind our way. on top o if the heavy rain we'll have for the next 24 to 36.
6:31 am
could be a problem. 80 today, 73 tomorrow. heav st rain tomorrow. only upper 50s for highs. a lot of clouds around. a bit of rain and more rain from joakim perhaps into the weekend and temperatures back into the 60s. back over to lauren scala. trouble spots out there? no new trouble spots. if you're headed to the june any perfect crossing, lincoln tunnel has a 40 minute in bound wait. the the bridge you have a 15 minute wait. 15 minutes from route 1 and 9. the u.n. general assembly is in town. you will continue to see street closures along the east side of manhattan as well as heavy delays. speaking of delays, a live look outside at the gowanas. that's heading through the belt merge up to industry city. and then heading over to the tappan zee bridge, very heavy
6:32 am
no problems to report in west chester or rockland counties. alternate side of the street parking suspended but meter rules apply. lots of local leaders praising the texas teenager who was arrested for bringing a clock, a project to school. ahmed muhammad met monday with mayor de blasio. the mayor told him keep doing what you're doing. the 14-year-old toured city hall and sat in a public advocate's chair in the city's chambers. mayor de blasio tweeted wetneed to nurture tech creativity. >> we'll tell you which celebrities are being called the most dangerous on the internet. don't forget, follow us on facebook and twitter, michaelg4ny, darlene4ny.
6:33 am
6:51. 72 degrees. a little warmer than expected on this september morning. well, we can now tell you the names of the most dangerous celebrities. >> searching their names online could lead you into a cyber mine field. they are electronic dance music producer armin van buuren. as we call him avb. he's followed by singers usher, luke brian, britney spears and jay z. a search for those celebrities will most likely get you to a website by hackers. we had two people come to the studio. i i'm like, who is avb. >> 6:52. the "today" show, absolutely. coming up in a few minutes we check in with matt and savannah. >> not dangerous. >> never dangerous. >> not have to worry about any of that. >> you can safely google us. >> absolutely.
6:34 am
>> well, i don't -- coming up on a tuesday morning, republican front-runner donald trump will join us live. we're going to talk to him about the reaction that's come in overnight to his newly unveiled tax plan and results of a new poll. these results appear to be good news for his rivals. also ahead on rossen reports, the number of children injured by televisions tipping over on the rise. we'll tell you what you can to do to make you safe. plus, the settings you need to change to make sure your hacker isn't using yourself physician to track your every move. we get to see you on a tuesday morning in profile here on "today." >> don't take a selfie with avb. that's very dangerous. >> that looks like an emmy award. >> congratulations. >> congratulations, guys. >> thank you. >> very well deserved. we'll get an update from chris tracking stormy weather
6:35 am
jiet now we're waiting to learn if any charges will be filed in a troubling case involving a newborn girls in the bronx. >> katherine creag is in the area. >> reporter: police spent many, many hours questioning the father of the newborn. he was released from a local police station house here in the bronx. mother remains in the hospital.
6:36 am
so upsetting for the neighbors. the neighbors of the parents of the newborn. police tell us the baby with the umbilical cord still attached was thrown out of a window from the seventh floor of the building here. the building super's wife found the newborn on the ground in the courtyard area. this happened 2:30 yesterday in the afternoon. there is surveillance video that police are looking at in this case. back to you. >> that's a horrifying story. katherine, thank you. now to tracie strahan in montclair, new jersey. family and friends are getting ready to say good-bye to baseball great, yogi berra. tracie. >> reporter: preparations are already underway for the private ceremony set to begin at 10:00 this morning. it will be held at the church of the immaculate conception where he and his late wife carmen were long-time members. he died at the age of 90. last week he made his debut with the new york yankees back in 1946. governor christie ordered flags
6:37 am
at allstate buildings in new jersey to fly at half staff in his honor. the ceremony set to begin this morning at 10:00 a.m. back in montclair. we want to check in with lauren right now. we had a busier morning early on, lauren. it seems like things have wound down hopefully in a good way? >> that's right. accident on 495 heading into the lincoln tunnel. that's clear. there's a 40 minute wait into lincoln tunnel. on the garden state parkway, northbound, an accident by exit 148. it's now been moved by the shoulder. delays are still building out there. delays on route 3 heading towards the lincoln tunnel. heading over to the george washington bridge, 20 minute in bound wait there. late-running construction shutting the ramp to the george washington bridge and i-95. you might want to head over to the henry hudson. it's not a good situation up there. hopefully that will get cleared up. of course, we have the general
6:38 am
assembly in town. >> a lot of the closures are on the east side. i was going west and by some of the hotels where diplomats r staying -- >> that's right. at any time that a diplomat is on the move we'll see closures. the police can shut down the road at any time. one more week until friday and hopefully we'll be in the clear. >> thank you, lauren. >> that's the best about walking, it is a lot faster. >> manhattan for sure. >> if you are walking around today, make sure to take along the umbrella. we have the threat of heavy rain later tonight and tomorrow. flood watches into places like sullivan, ulster, duchess. that may get expanded. right now nothing heavy nearby. this morning a lull in the action. a couple of sprinkles or light showers. there's a lot of tropical moisture that will get together right overhead for us later on tonight into tomorrow morning. that's going produce very heavy rain. it's a warm, muggy day up around 80 this afternoon. 70 tonight. heaviest rain from late overnight into tomorrow early morning.
6:39 am
lower 70s with falling temperatures later tomorrow afternoon. thursday, friday cloudy in the 50s. on again and off again lighter rain. >> why? >> i'm sorry. there are always indoor activities. what kind of a reporter/news man are you? joakim, we're watching that. >> here comes the mall. the "today" show is next. >> that's what's happening "today in new york." yes. good morning. deep frost. president obama and vladimir putin all business moments before their first meeting in two years. >> thank you very much. >> but did those 90 minutes behind closed doors do anything to bridge their differences on how to take on isis. taxes and to. donald trump unveils his much anticipated plan to overhaul the tax system. >> just going to cost me a fortune. >> and makes a surprising admission about his attacks on
6:40 am
>> it's a little childish, but this is a campaign, and usually, and i think you know this better than anybody, i'm responding to them. >> this morning trump is with us live. emergency landing. >> we've lost our hydraulic system, one hydraulic system, so we're going to have to return to kennedy. >> an aer lingus flight from new york forced to turn back after mechanical failure. >> so we're touching down. >> the brakes overheating and catching fire. passengers shaken up but safe. and watching joaquin, a new tropical storm forms in the atlantic with much of the east coast in its potential path, while in florida a foot of rain leads to some major flooding overnight. could the two systems join forces for a massive soaker in the northeast, today, tuesday, september 29th, 2015. >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with matt lauer and savannah guthrie, live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza.
6:41 am
and good morning, everyone. welcome to "today" on a tuesday morning. you look at a map like we just saw and al goes all right, this is going to be a week. >> a big one-two punch. a cold fringe that will wring as much moisture out of atmosphere and bring a few inches of rain by tomorrow, and then we've got joaquin a real question mark. we could be looking at some areas up to a foot of rain by sunday. >> all right. a lot more on this in just a couple of minutes. al, thanks very much. let's start with our top story. presidents obama and putin face to face. the meeting behind closed doors ran longer than expected with putin calling it very constructive and surprisingly open, but this morning a wide gulf remains between the two leaders. nbc's chief foreign affairs correspondent andrea mitchell is at the u.n. andrea, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, matt. that's right. in their speeches the two leaders slammed each other over syria and ukraine, but afterwards, at least for the first time in two years, two of the world's most powerful men actually sat down and talked.
6:42 am
official meeting in two years, a brief handshake and barely 13 seconds later the photo session was over with no answer to shouts questions. >> how about a timeline, mr. president. >> reporter: but afterwards both sides called it constructive and business-like. american officials told nbc news putin was on his best behavior. putin told the kremlin press corps today's meeting was constructive, practical and surprisingly frank. he admitted ties between washington and moscow were at a low level but blamed that on what he called his american partners' position. in talks that covered ukraine and syria. earlier at lunch an awkward handshake and seated so close to each other no, way to avoid a toast. there were no agreements. in a hard-hitting u.n. speech putin argued to keep syria's president assad. obama said assad works has massacred his own people with barrel bombs,ed is the problem,
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